Wednesday, 10 June 2020


 As the day progresses his restlessness only increases, every hour that passes by is making his heart heavier. It's like with every minute a new bloke is placed on his heart. All he wants now is to rush back home as soon as possible and clear his heart out in front of her. But as it seems, destiny is planning against him. Today he has more duties than he has in months. He have three surgeries, and then there are the patients of a bus accident nearby that consist of almost ten seriously injured that needed immediate and best attention. And moreover the hospital is running short of doctors as many of them are out to attend some conference in Goa . So the entire responsibility is on the shoulders of Anjali, Atul and him.  And being the in charge he has additional duties as well. But as the time flows he finds it really difficult to concentrate on his work. And moreover, that he even not had his breakfast is adding to his exhaustion and mental turmoil. So at about 3pm after stitching the leg wound of his last accident patient he told Atul that he is going for a break. Atul just nodded before going to his next patient, he is also very busy but he knows that today the work pressure on that boy is too great and more over he looks so tired and exhausted. He remembers telling him to call home to tell her to join but he denied saying that she have just arrived from Delhi today morning and is really tired and when he tried to argue he cut him off saying he can handle it. But now it seems that he really needs a break very badly.

He walks in to his cabin and slumps himself on the chair, he places his hands on the table and puts his head on his palms, he has a slight headache but he does not seems to care, his mind is full of guilt , yes a guilt that is still hidden in his heart, that he still has not mended. Some secret that he still has not unraveled or rather say that he could not unravel, is now surfacing tenfold in the form of guilt and its making him weak. His headache is increasing by seconds, he shuffles through his drawer and finding an Aspirin gulps it down. He takes his cell phone out and dials home but then cuts it and instead he dials another no . "The no. that u are dialing is currently switched off" the machine told him tenth time for the day. He sighed in frustration " Why the hell r u not responding? Don't u know its getting very much difficult for me now. .Why r u doing this? pls response." he mumbled putting a hand through his hair .He remembers collecting this no from hospital register but every time he dialed the answer is same. He felt irritated and He knows there is only one person in the world who can calm his agitated mind for now so he again picked up his cell and dialed his home number.

"Hey' came her sweet voice.

"Hey Riddhima"

"Armaan r u alright" came her instant worried reply.

"Ye..yea..(shocked that she can gauge his state that readily) I am perfectly alright"

"You are not sounding like perfect, is something wrong ?." still worried.

"No ?.no ..nothing??.its just  I am some what tired?that's it" he fumbled

"Armaan u r not hiding something from me ,are u ?

Arman froze on phone "Does she know?" he thought ,then reprimanded himself "how would she?"

" Hellow???. Armaan?.. r u there?" and his trance broke.

"Yes? yes..Don't worry ??..i am alright?.its just that I am missing u Busket" And he heard a relived sigh from other end that some what lessened his tension.

"Thank god Armaan , I was sooo scared"  she said with a smile.

" Don't be ,Busket , u know na, nothing can harm me?because??." He paused deliberately.

"Because??????..." she asked with a hope that the answer will be " because u r with me" and that's exactly what Armaan thought but being Armaan  he cant get enough irritating her .so with a grin he replied.

"Because??.. I am superman?u silly??"

"Oh! ?" he can sense a bit of disappointment, and smiled

" And .because?. .there is someone?..  someone whose prayers will never let me be harmed" She shook her head. That's exactly like Armaan, he always knows how to make her feel special??


"Really?. By the way Busket what r u doing?"

" Just watching T.V???..Armaan ..Have u taken ur launch????


"Um?.ye?.yea ?.I hav???.." he fumbled

"ARMAAN!! u know, u can't lie to me. So don't ever try..why have u not taken ur launch?...u hav also skipped breakfast in morning???? this is soo not done." She said angrily??

" Busket  I am..I.. just busy?.u know??.." he gulps and tries to explain

" Armaan don't give me excuse?.either u having it or I am coming there???."she fumed

"What!!! No Busket ..u don't have to come ..I? .I am only going to canteen??.." and he just ran from his cabin being sure how much fuss she can make out of it.


After ordering some quick sandwiches he seats on a chair??.

"See? I have ordered?.." he said convincing her, she calms down.

"So , Mr. Armann Mallik what r u saying earlier?.that u r missing me ?????"

" A looot Busket?u know I hate my duties?..u came after whole three days I can't even talk to u properly???.."

She can imagine the cute pout from the phone too. And she smiled

" Amaan , duty comes first na?"

"How unromantic" she giggles "But I guess u r right.(sigh*)?."

"As always?.but Amaan?. .if u r missing me .them come home earlier na??"

" Hummm?( with a wide grin) somebody seems desperate??.but madam?. as lucrative as ur offer is, I don't think I can take it??there is too much of duty today??.."Only he knows how desperately he wants to go to her.

After sensing the sad pout at the other end?he said painfully,

" I am sorry.Busket??." but then with a evil grin "U know some one said, duty comes first"

"Armaan .you ??"

" Yes .me ??.me??."

" I hate u"

"But I love u"??.and she smiled?? "And listen Busket ,??.don't wait for me at dinner. I will be late?"

"U wish,. Mr. Mallik?.."

 "But Busk??"

" We will talk once u home" And he knows there is no point arguing.

"O.K. then?.see u ? u.."

"Love u too" and the phone get disconnected.

After cutting the call, he sighed and looked at the plate before him that was served a few minutes before??.he don't has any appetite left. Though after talking to her his nerves have been much calmed now .but the guilt is still eating him up. 'I would hav to do something.,. but what? If only I can tell her??.' And his reveries break at the sound of his pager .Its an emergency. He sighed and quickly gulping down two sandwiches he heeds ICU.


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