Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Part 1 : Filmy Love Story (ss)

 "Armaan papa won't agree...Main baat kar chuki hoon and he is not agreeing.."  Turning him around, Riddhima grabbed his collar and told him with worry lines on her forehead as she had not applied the anti- wrinkle cream today.

"Par Riddhima...bhagna is not an option...maine kitna mehnat se ghar renovate karvaya hai...dusra ghar kahan se milega...meri to naukri bhi chali gayi hai..All thanks to your PAPA...hum bhag kar kahan jayenge.." Armaan replied as she fumed in anger at his talks.

"GHAR...GHAR...GHAR... jab dekho GHAR...meri koi value hai ki nahin tumhare life mein.." she asked as he continued giving her a silent treatment.

"Riddhima aisi baat nahin hai par GHAR...yeh ghar meri Maa ki aakhri nishani hai..aur tumhe pata hai, the day she died she told me "Armaan beta chahe kucch bhi ho jaaye iss ghar ko sambhal kar rakhna  yeh tumhare dada ki nishani hai" main aise kaise..."

"Aur main...main kahan jao..tumhe yeh sab mujhse pyaar karne se pehle sochna chaiye tha Armaan.." crossing her hands she turned her back towards him. He shook his head, rubbing his temples not knowing what to do.

"Riddhima...Jaan" he kept his hands on her shoulder trying to talk to her... "Main baat karke dekhta hoon one more time...agar voh nahin mane to jo tum chahogi voh hi hoga...thik least let me try.." he asked and waited for her answer.

"fine...par agar..."

"hum bhag jayenge..." he said as a smile formed on her lips and she hugged him.

Same day at her house

Dressed up formally he entered and was sitting on the couch when he heard some footsteps. He looked up and there he was- Shashank Gupta standing at the start of staircase, fuming in anger.

"Tum...Tum yaha kya kar rahe hoo..." He said walking down the stairs as he got up from the couch.

"Mujhe aap se apne aur Riddhima..."

"KHAMOSH...Apne dirty tongue se meri beti ka naam mat le aur tumhari himmat kaise hui yaha aane ki..yaad nahin pichli baar kya hua tha...kaise dhakke maar maar ke iss ghar se bahar nikla tha..phir bhi vapis aa gaya...kucch sharam hai ki nahin..."

Shashank Gupta- A rich and prestigious business man and father of Riddhima Gupta. He never liked poor people and especially Armaan as he also came from not a rich background. After getting to know about the relationship between Riddhima and Armaan, he threw him out of his company making sure that no other company in the whole city appoints him.

"Sir..main Riddhima se bahut pyaar karta hoon aur voh bhi mujhse..."


Armaan touched his cheek where he slapped him. If he wanted, he would have replied right there but his morals and ethics stopped him.

"Riddhima aur tumse pyaar...tumne kabhi apne app to dekha hai...tumhari ek month se salary se zyada to meri beti har week spend karti hai...main apni beti ko tumse bhi acchi tarah se jaanta hoon; baap hoon uska...aur jise tum pyaar keh rahe ho, voh pyaar nahin hai...Main acchi tarah se jaanta hoon tum jaise logo ki neyat. Ek amir ladki to phasa kar uski property apni karna to tum jaise logon ka kaam hai...Riddhima abhi bacchii hai...usko acche bure ke bare main kucch nahin pata...par mujhe pata hai aur jab tak main zinda hoon Riddhima aur tum ek nahin hoge..."

"Bas Shashank Gupta ...Bas...Bahut bol chuke aap" * Thunderstorm sound- effect*.. "Main kucch nahin bol raha iska matlab yeh nahin ki aap jo bhi bolenge main sunta rahunga... Maine Riddhima se saccha pyaar kiya hai aur hamesha karta rahunga...voh amir ho ya garib mujhe isse koi farak nahin padta...aur rahi baat Riddhima ko samajhne aap use kabhi samajh hi nahin pye...agar samajh paye hote to aaj uske pyaar to aise badnaam na karte... Aapko lagta hai ki yeh paise hi sab kucch hai to thik hai  Ek vaada main bhi karta hoon Mr. Shashank Gupta..ek din aap khud apni beti ka haath mere haath main denge...yeh Vaada hai Armaan Malik ka..." Saying he turned to leave the house but not before looking at Riddhima with love as she was standing at the stairs with tears in her eyes.

"Armaan..." she whispered, bringing her hand to stop him but he stopped her.

With determination in his eyes, he left Gupta house and called his best friend "Rahul Grewal". He knew everything about him and Riddhima and always supported them.

"Rahul...Mujhe teri help chaiye..." He said and after this everything moves fast- forward as he tells him everything.

Now to the last dialogue of their conversation...

"Thik hai Rahul...I am ready..." He cut the call and started packing.

He had to do this, for his family, for his love and for the promise he gave to Shashank Gupta.

Again a fast forward and the story moved ahead approximately 1 year.

A car comes in a driveway and the door opens.  A man steps out and though we know who that person is- the features are shown one by one- First the eyes that are behind the shades, then the nose, lips and this is repeated two times.

"Riddhima Main wapis aa gaya hoon..aur ab hume koi alag nahin kar payega..." the man whispered with a smile on his lips and removed the shades. We as an audience have a big smile on our faces as we see our Hero coming back for his love.

In the past one year, quite a number of things happened, Armaan Malik- the poor guy is now a very famous businessman. How he transformed into a rich person- nobody knows but we are happy coz he is back. Rahul his best friend and the only person who knows how Armaan got rich is finally married to his childhood sweetheart ' Muskaan Chadha. About Riddhima- it's still a mystery waiting to be solved as no one heard about her, not even Rahul after the day Armaan left.

Without wasting any more time, Armaan reaches Gupta Mansion. The lights are off and there is darkness all around.

"Shashank Gupta..."  'Gupta' echoes in the mansion 4-5 times and when it is about to faint, the creaking of the door happens and a man- looking quite old than his age comes out.

Armaan walks towards that person and is shocked to see- Shashank Gupta standing in front of him. He is looking the complete opposite of what he was a year back. Dark circles are formed under his eyes, pale skin and looked like he lost a lot of weight. Shashank adjusts his spec to look at the person in front of him.

"Armaan..." Both are shocked looking at the other's state.


 Loads of love..


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