Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Part 1 : Pyar ke rang (TS)

She walked all alone towards the end of the street near the temple where everyone will come for the pooja done before holii and she start doing the pooja, as soon as her gaze fell on the newly wedded couple who was doing the pooja together, happily, with shine in their eyes, she can saw the happiness in girl's eyes, and a lone tear fell on her cheeks, seeing them, it may be her first holii after her wedding and she also come with her husband to do the pooja but all her dreams shattered, may be love and happiness is not in her destiny, or rather say it's her destiny which makes her life full of sadness, she quickly cleared her tears which were glistening in her eyes before anyone can see them and after performing the pooja she left from there, unaware of the fact one pair of eyes was looking at her intently, was confused why those pretty two green almond shaped eyes has sad, but he brushed his thoughts aside thinking why did it matter to him and start concentrating on his pooja, unaware only these two eyes was going to hold his life, his dreams, his hopes everything.
It was holii the festival of colors, the colors which brings joys in everyone's life, the colors which brings friends closer, the colors which makes everyone's life filled with its brightness and joyfulness but will these colors brings life to her life which was perfect for others but for her was nothing just a burden.

As usual she gets up in the morning yet from another painful, restless, impatient night, and got ready for her work, the place where she thinks she found some peace as she saved any one's life, the only time she feels some peace after that fateful thing, she is doctor and get ready to leave for hospital, it is holiday for everyone to celebrate the festival of colors with their loved ones, but what about her she has no loved ones, so no holiday for her off course, so she just leave towards hospital, observing the people who was playing holii with a loneliness in her eyes, she used to play holii before that fateful evening but now nothing because after that incident she was not allowed to play holii as she decides like this only, she was about to reach the hospital when she saw some boys were playing holii, they were not teenagers, they were about her age only may be one or two years older than her but not more, she silently start passing towards them her eyes were not leaving the ground, when their voices hit her ear drums
V:''boora naa maano holii hai''
And she looked the boys colored the people who were passing the road and the another people did not object either after all its holii no one objects for coloring anyone and only then she saw them approaching some of girls and colored them and they happily obliged by coloring them in answer and next they colored some kids who giggled and make boys wet with their color filled balloons, her eyes popped in shock when she saw them approaching her and she just wave her hand and just said to them not looking at them still looking at floor
G:''please nahin mai holii nahin khelti''
She said with her sweet voice and she turned to go thinking they obviously understand but she stopped when she heard one of them voice
B1:''but mam its holii''
He said and
G:''nahin please I am sorry I can't play holii''
And before she can turn to go she knows she was covered with colors she looked firstly herself, her whole white churridar colored with red color and then the boy who was smiling at her naughtily and winked to her she was shocked and then she heard
B:''boora naa maniye miss holii hai''
The one said smilingly who colored her and next moment he received a tight slap from her on his colorful cheek, and he was shocked,
this is so not he was expecting this a slap just for coloring her that too on holi, so he just shouted on top of his lungs
B:''what is your problem han?'' Y did u slap me han? R u out of ur mind han? Bolo?''
His voice was full of rage and she just looked at him with tears in her eyes and she gave him a blank look and ran away from her with lots of pain in her heart which was definitely coming in form of her tears and the boy gave a confused look he was angry but did not know y he could not saw those tears in her green almond eyes, she just ran from there and he was wondering y she was running like this and he turned only to saw a old man was calling her
Om:''areey riddhima bitiya suniye to''
He called her but she never listened and here the boy turned to the man and he looked towards the old man who was still calling her
Om:''riddhima bitiya aapki file''
But then he stopped knowing very well she leaves
Om:''bechari bitiya''
He said and the boy was confused with old man's saying, but he shrugged his shoulder and just turn to leave from there when he heard the same old man saying to him
Om:''aapko aisaa nahin karna chahiya tha sahib''
And he turned to him
B:''jii aapne mujhse kuchh kahaa kya?''
He asked with confusion
Om:''han sahib aapko riddhima bitiya ke saath aisaa nahin karna chahiye tha''
He said with small voice
B:''par sirff rangg lagane kee liyye koi itnaa naraz kaise ho sakta hai vo bhi holii ke din aur aap mujhse keh rahein hai kii merii galti hai''
He asked getting a little bit irritated here he was just slapped from a random girl and now this old man giving him lectures so
Om:''jii sahib holii ke din koi boora nahin manta jaanta hun aap sahii keh rahee ho par riddhima bitiya ka bhi koi kasoor nahin hai jab oonkii kismet meiin koi rangg hii nahin bacha''
He said and the boy was confused more
B:''kya matlab aapka?''
Om:''jii bas kuchh nahin kismet hotii hai sabki aapni aapni mai aapse bitiya kii taraf se maafi mangta hun( he joined his hands) aur aagar aapko kisii bat ka boora lga to maf kar dijiyega''
And he leaves from there leaving the boy more confused there, he just lose all interest in the festival he likes the most, and he just went from there moreover he has to join his duty next morning.
Whereas riddhima rushed to her hospital and immediately locked herself in her cabin and slumped on couch, start crying badly, why this happened to her, why her destiny is so cruel to her, what did she do that she deserved no happiness in her life.
Ri:''aakhir kyoon mere saath hii aisaa hua? Maine kya bigada hai kisii ka jo merii zindagi meiin koi khushi ane se pehle hii cheen jaati hai? Aakhir kyoon mere saath hii yeh hua kahan to yeh merii shaadi ke bad kii pehlii holii honee valli thi aur kahan mai badnaseeb jo aab holii hii nahin khell sakti merii zindagi se rang hii challe gayye pta nahin merii kismet aisii kyoon hai ya log sahii kehte hai mai hun hii aisii jiskii bhi zindagi meiin jaato hun ose siaye talleef ke kuchh nahin de paati tabhie to aaj bhi oos ladke kii bhi holii kharab kar dii maine I am sorry I am so sorry''
And she cried and cried over her fate and after few minutes when she heard knock on her door, she calmed herself and washed her face and then opened the door, it was umar bhaii
Ri:''jii umar bhaii''
Ub:''bitiya vo aapkii file reh gayyi thi''
He said handed her the file and riddhima smiled meekily and took the file
Ri:''thanks umar bhaii''
Ub:''bitiya aap aapna khyal rakhna hum chalte hai''
He said with a concern and riddhima nodded with a smile
And then Umar Bhaii left and riddhima changed her clothes as her clothes were filled with colors. After changing herself she went on rounds, this is the only thing that gets her peace, she so wants to forget the morning incidence. She was going back to her cabin after her rounds when she heard Dr.Mallika's call
Dr.M:''Dr. Riddhima''
And she turned to greet her senior Dr.Mallika
Ri:''yes mam''
Dr.M:''Happy Holii Dr.Riddhima''
She wished her and riddhima smiled back to her
Ri:''same to u mam''
Dr.M:''so riddhima aapko yad hai naa kal Mumbai Sanjeevani se Dr.Mallik aaa rahein hai, he is incharge of this project, so oonka cabin ready hai I hope''
Ri:''yea mam don't worry''
She replied with a small smile
Dr.M:''that's good riddhima chalie I will see u tomorrow''
Ri:''yea mam sure have a good day mam''
Dr.M:''u too Dr.Riddhima''
And both leaves after finishing her duty riddhima once again went to check cabin of Dr. Mallik, whether she fulfilled her task completely or not, and she saw everything was arranged properly so she turned to go when her gaze fell on the flowers which was placed in vase, they are not the fresh ones, she sighed and pulled them out
Ri:''areey yeh phool to murjhaye hue hai merii zindagii ke tarah par chalo koi bat nahin mai kal ate waqt naaye aur fresh phool le aaongi kam se kam is kam kissi kii zindagi to inkii khushboo se mehke merii zindagi meiin to koibadlav ane se rahaa''
She sighed and leaves from there with the un fresh floweres in her hands.
Next day
It was a bright morning, to start a new day, new life but for riddhima its not the new life, just the same old day for her it was, she just become a machine after that incidence who just run from here and there, works, like a machine, in short words day by day she is going far away from life.
After getting ready for hospital, she went to get some fresh flowers for Dr. Mallik's cabin, as soon as she reached the hospital, she was signing the register when she heard Dr Mallika's voice and she turned to her while wishing her and Dr. Mallika
Ri:''good morning mam''
Dr.M:''a very good morning to u too riddhima well riddhima aaj aap 5 minutes der se ayi aap to kabhie der nahin karti riddhima''
She asked knowing well efficient doctor of her hospital
Ri:''I am sorry mam''
She apologized and
Dr.M:''no no riddhima its fine achaa chaliye mai aapko Dr. Mallik se milvati hun, I must see very punctual person, tume se pehle hii aaa gayye vo''
Riddhima nodded and both the doctors lead to dean's cabin Dr. Aryan
Dr.M:''aabhie to vo Dr.Aryan ke cabin meiin as in humne soch aproject ke vaare meiin to aapke saath hii bat karenge aap hii iss project par kam kar rahii thi aur aapko hii yeh prject Dr.Mallik kesaath handle karna hai''
She said warmly
Ri:''I am sorry mam aapko wait karna pada merii vajah se''
Dr.M:''riddhima I said its okay vaise bhi aapkii koi galti nahin vo to hum hii jaldi aaa gayye hai u see especially Dr. Mallik''
She said and till then both doctors entered in Dr. Aryan's cabin.And seeing them Dr. Aryan stands up and started
Dr.A:''armaan insein millo she is Dr.Riddhima humare hospital kii sabse achii doctor aur sabse nice surgeon aur yeh tumhe iss project meiin assist karengi''
He said in one breath just seeing them as riddhima is very much lovable by them for her work despite of her quietness and reserved nature she was respected also for her hard work and admire her as a best doctor in their hospital as well proud also and hearing so much praise armaan immediately stood up clearing his confusion and riddhima has a smile on her face acknowledging her praise but her smile turned into shock as her eyes fell on that person or to be precise Dr.Mallik and as armaan's confused clear he stares at her and then he noticed the change of expressions on her face and he knows what he actually was thinking

and their chain of thoughts breaks with Dr.Mallika's voice
Dr.M:''kya ayaan let her come in naa tum bhi naa bas shuru ho jaate ho let her come inside please naa u r just too much darling''
She said complaining him (they are husband-wife also)
Dr.A:''so what koi bat nahin aab baith jaate hai vaise bhi ismein merii koi galti nahin hai kii riddhima itnii talented hai''
He replied with a pout
Dr.M:''okay my darling husband aab inhein formally introduce karen''
She said pointing to riddhima and armaan who was still standing one was having her head bowed and the latter one was staring at her intently
Dr.A:''yea off course armaan-riddhima please baithye merii darling biwii ka order hai bhaii''
He said while holding mallika's hands and she blushed
Dr.M:''Dr.Mallik Riddhima baithye inkaa to chalte rehta hai''
She said and both AR nodded and take their respective seats while armaan sat in between riddhima and mallika and Aryan on his chair
Dr.M:''so Dr.Mallik she is Dr.Riddhima our best and talented doctor and riddhima he is Dr.Armaan Mallik from Mumbai''
And armaan-riddhima again looked at each-other and armaan said an
Ar:''hello Dr.Riddhima pleasure meting u''
Ri:''hii same here''
She managed to whisper and
Dr.A:''so riddhima aap inhein inkaa cabin dikha dijiye aur project ke vaare meiin bhi discuss kar lijiye as in future u have to work together hope u won't mind''
He said and
Ri:''no sir''
She said and
Ar:''so Dr.Aryan I will take ur leave now''
Dr.A:''yea sure all the best guyss''
And they shook their hands and then
Dr.M:''riddhima show him hospital also''
Ri:''yes mam''
Dr.M:''ok then all the best guyss''
And after that both left with riddhima and armaan followed her and riddhima was in her thoughts what to do now, she somewhere very well knows she did little stupid by slapping her earlier and she did admitted it too but she was not in her usual self no one knows this, no one knows what was going with her and in her so called mechanical life but that too did not gave her right to hurt people after all if she is unlucky that does not means she has the right to make others unhappy also and here armaan was also going with same thoughts, he did act like a jerk the another day as she clearly told him that 'please did not color her' but he just acted stupid and colored after almost seeing that painful expressions in her eyes on holii day and on night of holii pooja also yes he was the one who saw her on that night of pooja though its holii and obviously no one mind being colored but the way she reacts and disagreed  him he must understand her but he just act like jerk and now he knows her has to make up with her he did hurt her a lot and the same thing was thinking riddhima after all they have to work together though it was only for few months yet they have to and armaan was also thinking about to start conversation when they ended with calling each-other at same time
And they looked surprisingly at each-other then armaan said to her
Ar:''jii kahiye Dr.Riddhima aap kuchh keh rahii thi naa''
And riddhima nodded till that time both reached to armaan's cabin
Ri:''jii vo actually''
But she is cut short with armaan's voice
Ar:''Dr.Riddhima if u won't mind hum baith kar aaram se bat Karen I can see this may be my cabin''
He said while seeing the name plate saying Dr.ARMAAN MALLIK laying on table and riddhima nodded and armaan gave her a smile which she returned with a small smile and both of them sat after riddhima sat in front of armaan's table he also sat on his chair and then seeing her quite he
Ar:''aap kuchh keh rahii thi''
And riddhima nodded while continued with her head a bowed
Ri:''actually mai aapse maafi mangna chahti hun aapne kal ke behave ke liyye I am so sorry mujhe aapko slap nahin karna chahiye tha''
She said and armaan looks at her she was still looking downwards
Ar:''please riddhima aap maafi maang kar mujhe aur sharminda naa karen''
He said looking towards her
Ri:''jii aap yeh kya keh rahein hai?''
Riddhima said in mere whisper surprise with his words
Ar:''jii riddhima please galti merii thi kal mujhe aapkii bat sunani chahiye thi jab aapne kahaa kii mai aapko color naa lagaon I am sorry riddhima it's completely my fault''
He completed and riddhima can feel guilt in his voice and honest keep visualizing in his voice and first time in the whole conversation she looked towards him, armaan has his eyes upon hers but seeing her looking towards him he lowered his eyes for hurting her
Ri:''nahin its fine aapne to bas festival ke naate lagaya tha, mujhe bhi samjhna chahiye tha aur aapko sabke saamne slap nahin karna chahiye tha I am so sorry''
She said as matter of fact feeling her mistake, he did not know her what is in her life, she does not have the right to slap him just for coloring her and armaan sense her guilt
Ar:''please riddhima aap guilt mat feel kijiye aapki jagah mai hotaa to shayad aisee hii react karta so please jo hua ose dill se nikal dijiye after all huemin saath saath meiin kam karna hai so naa aapkii galti thi naa merii what's say riddhima''
He said try to make her comfortable and riddhima looked at him with disbelief he was actually a sweet person she can see that completely and she nodded while saying to him
Ri:''yea and please aab aap bhi maafi mat mangiyega''
She said feeling little light after talking to him
Ar:''ohk riddhima''
Armaan said with a smile and riddhima nodded and finally the guilt which was in between both of them let go and
Ar:''riddhima as Dr. Aryan told me u is going to be my partner in this project''
Riddhima nodded and armaan continued
Ar:''so riddhima aap mujhe project ke details bta dengii so we can start work aur yea oos se pehle kya mai aapko riddhima boola sakta hun?''
He asked sheepishly as he was already calling her 'Riddhima' and now he was asking her permission to call her by her name 'Riddhima' and a small smile formed on riddhima's lips after so long hearing this and watched his antics he is really sweet and
Ri:''yea it is totally fine''
She said with a small smile after long times and armaan has the broad smile on his face showing his dimples hearing her angelic face don't know y this girl was pulling him towards herself with her magnificent persona making armaan's heart beat fasten, he was taken back to earth with riddhima's slow voice again and he looked at her
Ri:''aap yeh file dekhh lijiyega project se related saari information hai ismein aap study kar lijyega then we can start work hope its fine with u''
Armaan nodded and holds the file and cd which she passed him and
Ar:''thanks riddhima''
Riddhima nodded and
Ri:''aab mai chalti hun I have to report on my duty''
She said while standing up and armaan also stood up, he does not want to let her go he likes her company don't know y so he nodded and riddhima turned to go when someone knocked on the door and armaan hearing the knock
Ar:''come in''
He said and umar bhaii comes in with flowers in his hands which riddhima brought for placing in vase in armaan's cabin and
Ub:''riddhima bitiya yeh phool jo aap Dr.saheb ke cabin ke liyye layyi thi yeh lijiye''
He said while pointing to armaan and handling flowers to riddhima and riddhima take flowers from his hands by thanking him and she start placing the fresh flowers in the vase which was place on armaan's table, armaan observed her she has a smile though very small, she must be loving these colorful flowers, the flowers are of each different colors and after placing them riddhima turned to armaan who was looking at her intently seeing her lifting her gaze immediately shifted his gaze from her and
Ri:''mai chalti hun merii duty ka time ho gayya hai''
And she leaves and armaan keep looking at her retreating figure when his trace break with umar bhaii's voice
Ub:''kash riddhima bitiya kii zindagi meiin bhi inhein phoolon kii tarah tazgi aaa jayye''
And armaan looked at him with disbelief what umar bhaii was saying, why he was saying like this, and why she was so low and he can surely read her eyes which was full of pain and armaan just look at him and umar bhaii just wiped his lone tear which was rolling on his cheek
Ub:''achaa Dr. Saheb hum chalte hai aagar kisii cheej kii jarurat ho tou humein jarur kahiyega''
And armaan nodded with a smile and umar bhaii leaves from there leaving armaan in riddhima's thoughts about her behave her dullness y she was so far away from life. He wants to know this and wants to see her smile and happy as he does not know why seeing her painful eyes was causing so much pain to him as he does not know either, but this matter him least as he does not want to know anything he just do not want to see the pain in her eyes and this is all what matters him most. With these thoughts and determination he sighed and slumped down his chair and start concentrating on the project.
And the day passed with armaan and riddhima working in hospital while armaan was doing his work but riddhima was still in his mind and in his heart.
In night armaan was way back to his new house where he was staying for the time being he was in Panchgani and he was driving towards his new house when he saw riddhima was walking in small garden in front of some house which he thought must be hers, he did not when he slow the speed of his car and start looking at her, she was walking on grass with bare feted in a simple blue churridar but to him she was looking so beautiful in that moon light how he wished she has a smile on her face rather than that lonely look on her face which hurt him, only then he saw her hands coming into contact with her cheeks and he could make out she was wiping her tears, and armaan did not like this a bit, now he was more adamant to know what was with her, why she is so dull able towards life this is not her age to behave like this, she is around of his age and everyone of their age has so much fun and here she was not even smile as he watched from three times and this he did not know y pained him the most only then he saw her bending a little with painful expression on her face and he saw her pulling something out from her feet surely a thorn with tears in her eyes but that  tears were surely not for the pain which she must feel from the thorn but instead something else was there which was hurting her so much that she is almost numb to the pain which she was feeling physically, his sixth sense told him that what he was thinking was right and he come out from his thoughts when he saw riddhima was entering inside her house and armaan keep looking at her retreating figure unless she was out from his sight and he sighed and after few moments he leaves from there with confusion in his heart y he was so much thinking about her.
After sometime when armaan makes himself comfortable in his new house and he after talking to his family and friends in Mumbai was wondering about riddhima when he feels thirsty and picked the bottle of water and sipped it when he literally throw the water when he saw her standing right in front of his eyes and armaan was shocked how on the earth she comes in his house that too this time when his house was locked and seeing her looking at him words escaped from his mouth saying her name
In response he saw her nod and armaan feels happy and unknowingly he lifter his hand to touched her face when he saw her not in front of himself anymore and armaan looked here and there foolishly, what is happening to him, he was imagining her he rubbed his hand in his hairs and sighed
Ar:''armaan kya ho gayya hai tujhe, I guess safar kii thakan (tiredness) kuchh jyada ho gayyi hai mujhe 1 nap kii jarurat hai nahin to mai pta nahin kya hogaa meraa''
He said to himself and finally hit his newly settled bed after a long day with his heart not in peace because of riddhima or may be something else which was still unknown to him.
One week passed with just a blink of eyes and armaan was more and more impressed with riddhima, she is just awesome and fantastic when it comes to her work she was so much dedicated to her work, she is so much dedicated to her patients and armaan was completely impressed with her doctor skills, he just comes to know that she is the best when he read the report for project that she made for him and armaan could not find any cons in that report of project and he was just completely fan of his doctor skills. But there is her behave that was much more confusing and tensed with her behave, when she is so much dedicated and nice doctor even she is very nice with other persons never in this one week he heard her saying anything to anyone, she even never get easily angry on her interns yet explain them very easily and cutely, but she was not to herself, he was completely sure about this thing, she was just doing her work properly but never in this one week he saw her smile not even a small smile she was just living in a shell and moreover he always saw her in dull shades clothing like pale yellow, light blue not she did not look beautiful, she looks most beautiful girl for him in this whole world yet somewhere his heart believes that there is something behind her these selection of clothes and moreover he wants to be friends with her don't know y his heart wants to be close to her, but how he did not know anything about her and she never ever let anyone close to her as if his prayers were answered his chain of thoughts with the knock on door it was umar bhaii and seeing him armaan's eyes lit up and he has the feeling only umar bhaii can answer his questions
Um:''Dr.saheb aapkii coffee''
He said while forwarding him the tray in which his coffee cup was placed
Ar:''umm umar bhaii 1 minute''
He called him as he turned to go and umar bhaii turned towards him and
Ub:''kya hia dr. saheb kuchh kam hai kya''
He asked while armaan stand up from his chair and
Ar:''jii umar bhaii mai vo aapse riddhima ke vaare meiin kuchh bat karna chahta hun''
He said going straight to point and umar bhaii looked at him hearing riddhima's name somewhere he knows this young doctor feels something for her as he saw him often staring towards her and his experienced eyes can saw this and he knows he can trust him as he knows he is very good person but still he was thinking whether its right or not to share riddhima's life with this some stranger though not completely stranger yet they just knows him for a week so he was thinking when he come back from his thoughts to reality with armaan's voice
Ar:''kya hua umar bhaii?''
He asked again not getting any response from him
Ub:''jii kuchh nahin aap riddhima bitiya ke vaare meiin kya janna chahte hai dr. saheb''
He replied to him armaan just holds his hand
Ar:''sab kuchh umar bhaii sab kuchh kyoon riddhima itnii khoii khoii sii rehti hai aakhir kya karan hai ooski iss chupi kaa kii vo zindagi jeena hii bhull baithi hai rango se dur bhagti hai kyoon aakhir kya hua ose kii vo kisii se bat nahin karti faltu meiin kisii ko aapne kareeb nahin ane detii vo aakhir kyoon vo aapne aapko aisee rakhti hai sirff kam se matlab par kam bhi machine kii tarah karti hai kyoon vo pal pal zindagi se dur hotii jaa rahii hai aakhir kyoon kya kaaran hai ooska rangon se dur bhagne vo bhi is age meiin jab sab masti kii umar hotii kitni khwashien hotii hai man meiin kitnii ummedein har rang se khawab bharne ko man karta hai fir kyoon vo reserve nahin hai yeh dikhta hai fir kyoon ooska zindagi se itnii berukhi kaa kya kaaran hai?''
He asked and umar bhaii looked at him in pure disbelief how someone could understand another person just with their quietness with their face he truly has something deep for riddhima otherwise he could not have managed to know these things just by her behavior and that too in just one week's time its actually next to impossible but this boy did this so he must surely has something for her he now believe this and now he was not at all hesitated to tell him about riddhima as he was hesitated a minute before
Um:''kuchh dard aisee hotein hai dr.saheb jo samay ke saath nasor (unbearable) ban jaate hai aur insan ko zindagi se dur le jaate hai aur aisaa hii kuchh riddhima bitiya ke saath bhi hua''
He replied with so many emotions in his voice
Ar:''umar bhaii aisaa kya hua riddhima kii life meiin btayiye naa please''
He asked make him sit on couch and himself settled beside him
Ub:''dr.saheb riddhima bitiya iss duniya meiin bilkul akeli hai jab vo mushkil se 1-2 din kii hongii tou oonhe koi mandir kii sedhyion meein chodd gayya aur hum aur yahan ke panchagani sanjeevani orphanage kii caretaker ne dekha aur hum oonhe panchgani ke sanjeevani orphanage meiin lee gayye oonke maa baap kaa kuchh pta nahin chala aur riddhima bitiya yahin palne lagii par yeh nam oonke galee meiin locket par likha tha tou humne yehii nam de diyya par hum kyonki oonke maa-bap ko nahin dhundh paaye oonka koi sur name bhi nahin hai isliyye vo sirff Dr.Riddhima hai''
As umar bhaii said armaan comes to know y it's always Dr.Riddhima nothing behind her name and he feels bad for her and umar bhaii continued
Ub:''par iss sachh ne kabhie bhi riddhima bhi kamzor nahin padne diyya vo bachpan se hii bahut hii chulbulii aur zindadill thi shararti bhi thi riddhima bitiya par ootni hii masoom aur dill kii achii humesha se sabkii laadli rahii vo orphanage meiin padhai meiin bahut achii thi humesha se avval (first) ati thi aur sirff aapne dam aapnii padhai ke liyye oonhone bahut pehle part time job bahut pehle shuru kar diyya tha sabkii kuchh vo aisee hii sambhala padhai aur aapni job aur oonhone vo paaya jahan aaj vo hai sirff aapni mehnat par vo itnii badii doctor ban gayyi aur itnii successful hai par aaj bhi vo orphanage ko nahin bhulli humesha vahan jaati hai vo''
Armaan heard and respect for riddhima has grown in his heart so much she is self made person he can just thought how hardships she must going through in her life. And umar bhaii continued
Ub:''par jaise riddhima bitiya kii iss hansti-khelti zindagii ko jaise kisii kii nazar lag gayyi riddhima bitiya kii zindagi meiin vo din vo pal aaa gayya jisnein oonse oonki hansii cheen lii''
He said with small tears in his eyes
Ar:''aisaaa kya ho gayya umar bhaii''
He asked holding his hands
Ub:''vo riddhima bitiya kii zindagii meiin toofan ban ke aya aur sab kuchh bahaa ke lekar challa gayya aapne saath''
Ar:''kaunn aya umar bhaii''
He asked getting impatient and
Ub:''siddhant modii nam tha ooska aur oosnein riddhima bitiya kii zindagi kharab kar ke rakhh dii vo aya tha riddhima bitya kii zindagi meiin oonki mulakat yahin sanjeevani ke kisii kam ke liyye hui thi vo doctor nahin that aur oonki dosti ho gayyi thi kuchh samay ke bad oosnein riddhima bitiya se kahaa kii vo oos se pyaar karta hai par riddhima bitiya ke liyye vo 1 dostt se zyada badhh kar kuchh nahin tha isliyye oonhone kahaa kii vo aisaa kuchh feel nahin karti hai tou oos siddhant ne kahaa kii vo intezar karega riddhima bitiya ke pyaar ke liyye aur fir sabke samjhane par orphanage meiin riddhima bitiya iss ke liyye man gayyi sochaa kii dheere dheere vo bhi siddhant ko aapna legii aakhir vo dostt to the hii par shayad yehii hum sabkii sabse badii galti thi kii hum sab se oos dhokhebaz siddhant ko pechanne meiin galti ho gayyi oosnein riddhima bitiya se kabhie pyaar nahin kiyya ose tou bas 1 ladkii chahiye thi jo achaa khasa kamati thi par yeh bat bhi hum sabko bahut bad meiin pta challi''
He said with anger clearly visible in his voice
Ar:''kya matlab umar bhaii aap logon ko bad meiin pta challa''
He asked with equal anger in his voice for that certain siddhant modi and umar bhaii continued with heavy heart
Ub:''han dr.saheb yehii bat aagar pehle pta chall jaata tou oos din kii nobat hii nahin ati jisnein riddhima bitiya se sab kuchh cheen liyya zindagi jeene ka haq bhi''
He said with heaviness clearly visible in his voice whereas armaan was impatient by passing each second what was with her so
Ar:''kya hua tha umar bhaii aur aap kis din kii bat kar rahein hai aap aur kya hua tha oos din''
Ub:''riddhima bitiya ne han kar diyya tha oos siddhant ko tou oonki sagai ho gayyi thi aur riddhima bitiya bhi aab siddhant ke saath ko lekar khush rehne lagii thi sochne lagii thi shayad vahii hai oonke liyye par bilkul galat tha yeh oonki shaadi ko abhii bas 1 hafta reh gayya tha kii siddhant ka accident ho gayya jismein kii ooskii legs par asar pda aur doctors ne kahaa kii vo shayad hii aab kabhie chall paayega par riddhima bitiya ne janne ke bad bhi ooska saath nahin choda vo oon logone meiin se nahin hai jo dukhh ke samay saath chodd de par siddhant aur ooske gharr valon ne siddhant kii halat ka zimevar (responsible) bechari humari riddhima bitiya ko tehraya ooske sab gharr valee riddhima bitiya koo hii kos rahein the doshi tehra rahee the kii vo hai hii manhoos oonkee kaaran hii oonke betee (siddhant) ka yeh hal hua hai par riddhima bitiya ne kabhie kuchh nahin kahaa sochti thi yeh oonka gussa hai par 1 din tou siddhant kii maa ne had kar dii oos din riddhima bitiya oos se milne gayyi aur riddhima bitiya ne 1 sundar lal rang ka salwar kameez pehna hua tha tou ooskii (siddhant) maa ne kahaa kii ooskii (riddhima) kii vajah se oonke betee ka yeh hal hua aur oosee sajne sanwarne kii padii hai oos jaise ladkii ko tou sajne ka koi haq nahin hai riddhima bitiya ne humesha kii tarah oonki bat par koi dhayan nahin diyya aur siddhant kee pas jaane lagii par siddhant hii bahra aaa gayya aur oosee wheel chair par dekhh kar siddhant kii maa nee kahaa aab tou riddhima  bitiya ko chain pad gayya hogaa oonkee betee ko iss halat meiin pahuncha kar vo itnii manhoos hai tabhie tou oonke maa baap ne oonhe mandir kii sedhiyon par chodd diyya yeh sun kar riddhima bitiya jaise tut sii gayyi kabhie oonhone aisaa nahin kahaa tha par oonhein 1 ummed thi kii siddhant oonka saath degaa vo bhi tou yehii kehta tha kii vo oonsein pyaar karta hai par siddhant ne jab yeh kahaa naa kii oose bhi yehii lagta hai kii sirff vo (riddhima) hii iskaa kaaran hai ooski (siddhant) kii is halat kaa oosnein to socha tha kii ooske (riddhima) paise (money)  se vo aaram se zindagi kategi par riddhima bitiya kii manhusiyat ne oosee(siddhant) ko kahin nahin chodaa iss se achaa tou vo kabhie ooskee(riddhima) ke pas naa ata aur aab vo oonko riddhima bitiya ko aapni zinadgi meiin rakhh kar aur aapnii zindagi kharab nahin karna nahin chahta isilyye aab vo (riddhima) ose (siddhant) ko aapnii manhoos shakal bhi naa dikhayen ose khushiyon ka koi haq nahin ahi aur riddhima bitiya vahan se aaa gayyi par jaise vo sab kuchh vahin chodd ke ayi bas vo din aur aaj ka din humnein riddhima bitiya ko hanste nahin dekha naa hii rotee hue dekha bas kat rahii hai zindagi siddhant kii maa kaa aisaa asarr hua oon (riddhima) par kii oonhone aapnii zindagi se rangon ko bahar phenk diyya aur man liyya kii oonhein khush honein kaa koi haq nahin hai''
Umar bhaii completed with tears in his eyes as well armaan's he never ever in his dreams think she was receiving punishment for that crime she never ever did, now he understand y she reacted that way on holii when he forcibly colored her, y her clothes were so dull in shades when she loved colors, y she never ever smile, his heart clenched hearing her state and he literally want to gave a peace of mind to that so called siddhant modii and her family for hurting her so much for using her for their own purpose only
Ub:''bas yehii hai dr.saheb riddhima bitiya kii oodasi kaa kaaran kashh riddhima bitiya ko bhi vo sab khushiya mille jin par oonka haq hai kashh oonkii zindagi meiin bhi rang bharr jaaye pehle kii tarah kashh hum aapni riddhima bitiya ko pehle kii tarah hanste muskrate khilkhilate dekhh saken''
He said getting all emotional
Ar:''aisaa hii hogaa umar bhaii mai aapse vaada karta hun riddhima koo ooski hisee kii khushiyan zarur milengi aur vo pehle kii tarah hansegi muskrayegi aur khikhilayegi bhi aur ooskii zindagi meiin saare rang lautenge riddhima ko aapne rang meiin rangne ko''
He said while wiping umar bhaii's tears and umar bhaii looked at him somewhere he was sure now for sure riddhima will happy he has full faith in armaan and he sighed in relief and thinking these thoughts he put his hand over his head as if blessed him
Ub:''aab mujhe bhi yehii lagta hai dr.saheb bahut ro lii riddhima bitiya aab oonhein bhi jeena hogaa kisii aur ke liyye naa sahii aapne liyye''
And armaan nodded
Ar:''jii umar bhaii''
And umar bhaii get up to go
Ub:''achaa dr.saheb aab hum chalte hai bahut kam hai''
And armaan also get up
Ar:''jii bahut bahut shukriya muhhe sab batne ke liyye''
Umar bhaii nodded and leaves and armaan wiped his tears which were rolling on his cheeks remembering riddhima's face and
Ar:''nahin riddhima aab aur nahin aab tum aisee nahin jeeyogi tum hasna hogaa aur khush rehna hogaa sabke liyye aapne aap ke liyye aur shayad aab mere liyye bhi mai tumhe aab aur aisee nahin dekhh sakta pta nahin kyoon yeh mujhe bahut pain karta hai vo bhi direct heart par''
He said in determined voice and after that he called Mumbai to talk with his mom-dad only they can lessen his burden whenever he was tensed up fro something. After talking to them he was much relieved thinking about how to come closer to her if he wants to be her happy he has to get closer to her she needs to put out all her emotions only then she come back to life from the machine mode in which she was living so he was thinking to be friends with her after all friends are only persons whom a person can share their deepest fears, sorrows, secrets. The day passed like this only and armaan after seeing riddhima in her house's garden left for his house, he everday watched her in her house's garden completely lost, and he thought he has to think first he can not see her like this any more it hurts him as well, the whole night went like this he did not get any sleep thinking about her pain, after two days armaan come into cafeteria whole tired he has back to back surgeory from two days and project work he was hungry he ordered some coffee from himself and slumped on one chair, and was about to close his eyes when his fell on paranthas that too aloo's and  seeing them his mouth got watered from two weeks from the time he was in panchgani he did not ate proper food just eat breads, coffee, Maggie etc., he looked here and there to find the owner of tiffin, but he could not saw anyone, he knows its bad manners to eat someone's tiffin without asking not knowing the owner but he could not resist either the paranthas were looking so tempting so he immediately start eating them
Ar:''yummy man''
He has already ate 2 paranthas and was about to start 3rd one when he heard one soft voice and he knows whose voice was this after all its his favorite voice
Ri:''umm Dr. Mallik''
She called him and armaan turned to have a look on her
Ar:''yes Dr.Riddhima kuchh kam tha kya aapko''
He replied looking at her knowing very well if she called him there must be some work realted thing so he asked like this but to his surprise
Ri:''nahin actually mai vo yahan aapna tiffin bhull gayyi thi if u won't mind can I get it back''
She asked looking towards table and armaan was shocked its her tiffin and he almost eat all her tiffin and riddhima was waiting for an answer she was surprised but as her gaze fell on open tiffin he looked towards armaan
Ar:''I am sorry riddhima mujhe anhin pta tha yeh aapka tiffin hai aur mujhe bahut bhookh lagii thi aur oopar se yeh mere favorite aloo-paneer paranthas hai with butter to I can't resist maine kha liyye vo actually maine bahut din se proper gharr ka khana nahin khaya tha I ams so sorry''
He said while lowering her head riddhima first time smiled after so many days though it was a small one he was looking like a school kid who did a mistake
Ar:''sorry riddhima''
He said once again when he saw she did not say anything
Ri:''its ok Dr.Mallik''
She just said
Ar:''thanks riddhima''
Riddhima nodded and picked her tiffin which was almost finished by armaan
Ar:''umm riddhima maine aapka saara tiffin kha liyya please aap yahan caf meiin kuchh kha lijiye merii taraf se nahin tou I will feel guilty''
He said honestly
Ri:''nahin Dr.Mallik mujhe bhookh bhi nahin hai but thanks aur aap bhi guilty feel mat kijiye aapko bhookh lagii thi tou aapne kha liyya its as simple as that''
She replied slowly and armaan was touched with her words but he
Ar:''riddhima aisee kaise guilty feel mat karun par sahii meiin bataon tou yeh saara problem yahan ane ke bad se hii hua hai''
He said making a face and riddhima was surprised with his words so
Ri:''kya matlab mai kuchh samjhi nahin''
She asked him
Ar:''jii aur nahin tou kya mujhe yahan kii koi market nahin pta jahan se vegetables vagarah kuchh mille jab se ayah un tab se bas Maggie, bread butter jam kha kar kam challa rahaa hun aaj jab itnee ache gharr ke bane paranthe dekhe tou control hii nahin hua''
He said with a child like face and riddhima has smile appeared on her face as well surprised he was complaining for this thing and
Ri:''its fine Dr.Mallik seriously''
She replied and armaan noticed that small smile coming on her lips so he was trying again
Ar:''riddhima aap merii help karengi aap tou yahan par kabse hai tou kya aap mujhe local market dikhayengi so I will not end up eating your tiffin''
He said while giggling and riddhima was surprised with his demans she surely did not expect this she don't want to be closer to someone again
Ri:''umm Dr.Mallik mai naa umar bhaii ko bol doongi vo aapko le jaayenge''
Armaan was not at all surprised with her reply he was expecting something like this so he was not at all disappointed
Ar:''yea sure that's so nice of u''
He replied and riddhima nodded
Ri:''ohk Dr.Mallik I will take ur leave now I have to go on rounds''
Ar:''yea sure tanks once again''
He said and riddhima nodded and left with her tiffin not only with her tiffin but with more respect for this Dr.Mallik in his heart he was actually asking her for help not wanting to mess up like she saw other did by asking these kind of helps so she has the respect for him.
In evening riddhima was signing the register at Nurse Station when armaan comes and he passed her a smile which she replied with nod of her head and again start looking in her files and engrossed in them and armaan was also signing the register but his pen did not work and he was looking here and there for pen when he saw a pen in front of his eyes holding by one hand and he saw it was none other than riddhima's hand and armaan took the pen while this their hands brushed with each-other  and shiver ran in armaan's spine riddhima feels the same so she immediately pulled her hand back and armaan signed the register with confuse expressions y he feels like this nevertheless he signed the register and give riddhima her pen back while thanking her
Ar:''thanks riddhima''
Riddhima again nodded and he was about to go when riddhima's gaze fell on umar bhaii who was coming there and then she remembered her promise to armaan that she will tell umar bhaii to show him the local area market so that he can buy his necessary stuff so she called him
And hearing her calling himself he turned
Ar:''jii riddhima''
Ri:''vo aap 1 minute rukiye vo umar bhaii aaa rahein hai mai oonko bol detii hun vo aapko yahan kii local market meiin le jaayenge''
She said slowly and armaan just looked at her sweet behave and nodded till then umar bhaii reached near them
Ri:''umar bhaii aap meraa 1 kam karenge''
She asked and
Ub:''han riddhima bitiya kahiye naa aapko kab se poochne kii jarurat padne lagii''
He replied sweetly with affection in his voice which was clearly for her
Ri:''vo kya aap Dr. Mallik ko yahan kii local markets dikha denge aaj inhein kuchh saman lenaa hai vegetables fruits vagarah tou aagar aap dikha detee please''
She said and umar bhaii firstly looked at her then at armaan whose eyes were lowered but he was occasionally looking at her and when his eyes met with umar bhaii's armaan lowered his gaze and seeing him quitened
Ri:''kya hua umar bhaii?''
She asked once again and
Ub:''vo riddhima bitiya humein maf kar dijiyega hum aaj nahin jaa paayenge dr.saheb ko lekar vo humein humari biwii aur bachon ko oonke mayke se lane jaana hai maf kar dijiyega bitiya humein hum aapka yeh kam nahin kar paayenge bachon ke school hai oonhein laana jaruri hai nahin to hum dr. saheb ko pakka le jaate par aabkii bar maf kar dijiye''
He replied in low voice
Ri:''ohh koi bat nahin umar bhaii aap maafi mat mangiye''
Riddhima replied and
Ub:''vaise bitiya aagar itnaa hii jaruri hai tou aap kyoon nahin le jaati dr.saheb ko''
He suggested looking at armaan
Ri:''kaunn mai''
Riddhima was flabbergasted with suggestion then only armaan butted in
Ar:'' areey aap mere liyye takleef mat kijiye mai kaise bhi manage kar loonga jaise abhiie bread vagarah khata hun aagee bhi yehii kha kar kam challa loonga''
He said with low voice and riddhima feels bad hearing him
Ub:''par dr.saheb aap kab tak yeh sab khate rahenge yeh cheejein beemar kar detii hai aap tou doctor hai jaante hai samjhayiye riddhima bitiye inhein''
He said looking at her and riddhima knows he was saying right but
Ar:''nahin umar bhaii koi bat nahin aap log pareshann mat hoyiye mai manage kar loonga mai aab chalta hun bye Dr.riddhima achaa umar bhaii''
He said with a low face and turned to go when riddhima heard
Ub:''becahre dr.saheb kab tak bahar kaa kahyenge''
He said and riddhima immediately called him
Ri:''umm Dr. Mallik 1 minute''
And armaan turned
Ri:''aap please bahar ka aur mat khayiye aaj aap mere saath chaliyega mai aapko local markets vagarah dikha doongi''
She said looking at him and armaan smiled he was expecting this he can expect this from this kind of sweet person.
Ar:''riddhima seriously its fine aap chinta mat kijiye please''
Ri:''nahin its completely fine with me I will come please I insist''
She said and armaan nodded
Ar:''theek hai riddhima aagar aap itnaa keh rahii hai tou theek hai riddhima''
He said giving her a smile and then riddhima nodded
Ri:''tou theek hai hum bas thodi der meiin chalte hai mujhe bas yeh file check karni hai''
Ar:''never mind riddhima mai aapka tab tak wait karta hun caf meiin jab aap free hoo jaayen tou mujhe call kar dijiyega I will come ohk''

Riddhima nodded and they exchanged numbers and riddhima get back to her file which she was checking earlier and armaan after looking at her with a smile moved towards the caf thanking his start that atleast thing were start moving and that's it what he needs right now.
After few minutes riddhima called armaan and both reached outside with armaan following riddhima and armaan opened the car door for her like a perfect gemtleman and riddhima settled in and armaan himself settled on driving seat and strat driving he noticed how riddhima was sitting cuddling herself very conscious trying hard not her finger could touch him he sighed and knows y she was behaving like this, it really hurt him. And finally he asked riddhima to tell the way for going to market and riddhima replied him in her melodious voice armaan so loved hearing her voice if he has the chance he in his own life sit and just hear her but to his luck she does not speak that much but he knows he will surely bring back the Riddhima umar bhaii talking about. After few minutes both reached towards the market where riddhima told him to go. And then only riddhima slowly said to him
Ri:''umm Dr.Mallik''
Ar:''jii riddhima''
Armaan replied and
Ri:''aap car yahin lga dijiye humein yahan se aisee hii jaana hogaa I mean aagee raasta short hai aur rush bhi hotaa hai so''
She said and
Ar:''off course riddhima mai aabhie car park karta hun''
He said and after parking the car armaan-riddhima both come down from the car and armaan locked the car while riddhima leads him to market and armaan was following her she was looking so beautiful to him he keep on looking at her as the weather was very pleasant and wind was blowing some of her hairs were loosely falling on her face from her pony tail making her face more adorable armaan smiled and he just wished to play with her hair locks he has his dimpled smile thinking this but then he just remembers what was he thinking and that too about riddhima that was not right and he did not know why he thought about her like this only but nevertheless he pushed his thoughts aside and he mentally smacked himself for thinking about her like this. Only then he
Hearing her call armaan come back from his thoughts and looked at her she was stopped in front of General Store
Ar:''jii riddhima kahiye''
He replied back
Ri:''voo aap yahan se joo chahe daily use kaa saman lee sakte hai aap''
She said pointing to store and armaan nodded and
Ri:''if u don't mind kya mai kuchh saman lee sakti hun I come so u''
She asked geeting bit nervous
Ar:''off course riddhima ismein poochne kii kya bat hai aur even mai bhi aaj aapke saath aya hun tou thoda saa saman tou lee hii letaa hun baaki kaa bad meiin dekhh loonga aabhie joo yad hai at least vo tou le lun theeek hai naa?''
Riddhima nodded hearing him and both entered in the store and riddhima start purchasing the things like grains, spices etc.after greeting the shopekeepeer while armaan was just looking here and there not towards riddhima but he did not know what he has ti purchase he knows the spices and grains etc.but could not know how much quantity as he did not buy the things earlier he never need to buy the things though he is an awesome cook but he did not purchase the things ever but now he did not know what he could do so he ruffled his hairs and seeing him looking like this riddhima wonders what he was doing just looking here and there and seeing her he gave her a nervous smile and looked towards her then shopkeeper asked armaan what he wants then armaan replied
Ar:''vo naa mujhe ata, dal aur masale chahiye''
He replied while thinking and
S:''theek hai sab kitna kitna dun sab''
The shopekeeper asked and then armaan looked at him thinking what he will answer him then
S:''boliye naa kitna dun sab?''
Seeing him quited shopekeeper asked once again
Ar:''vo naa oosmein jitna hai de doo (he said pointing to sack of wheat)''
He said and hearing him shopkeeper was surprised
S:''kya sab poore sal kaa khana bnana hai kya?''
He asked and armaan did not know what to reply to him
Ar:''umm mai naa''
But he is cut short with riddhima's voice who was witnessing the whole scenario till now
Ri:''umm Dr.Mallik kya hua?''
He turned towards her and
Ar:''vo naa riddhima actually mujhe samajh nahin aaa rahaa kii mai kitna saman buy karun I mean quantity kabhie liyya nahin naa gharr meiin tou humesha mom hii letii hai yaa fir bhabhi mujhe kabhie jarurat nahin padii kabhie''
He replied and riddhia nodded understanding him moreover his face was looking so cute to her and seeing her quited armaan
Ar:''aap aisaa kijiye''
He said turning towards shopkeeper but he was vut short by her voice
Ri:''aap aisaa kijiye bhayiya ata 1 kg, sab tarah kii dal kg aur sab masalon kee chote packates dee dijiye aap''
S:''riddhima bitiya vahii sab joo aap har week letii hai naa''
Ri:''jii bhayiya''
S:''theek hai hum aabhi kar dete hai''
And then he turned and start packing their things and
Ar:''thanks riddhima''
He said while smiling to him and riddhima replied to him
Ri:''its fine''
And she gave him a small smile and armaan smiled at least she start smiling bit and this is more than enough for him for start and after getting their things and paying to shopkeeper both went outside where armaan asked riddhima to carry her thins but she denied saying she is habitual  and armaan did not force her knowing this may be goes unwell
Ri:''Dr.Mallik yahan se aapko saari fresh vegitables vagarh mill jaayengi''
She said while pointing to vegetable sellers
Ar:''thanks riddhima i owed u a lot aapne mere liyye bahut kiyya hai''
He said genuinely
Ri:''koi bat nahin Dr.Mallik its my duty u r our guest''
She replied slowly and armaan nodded and after getting knowing to everything riddhima said to armaan
Ri:''Dr.Mallik aab mai chalti hun''
She said and turned to go when armaan stopped her
Ar:''umm riddhima 1 minute please''
He called her and she turned to him and
Ri:''jii Dr.Mallik''
She asked while looking towards him
Ar:''riddhima aagar aap please boora nahin mane tou kya aap mere saath 1 coffee peeyengi please?''
He asked while crossing his fingers
Ri:''jii lekin I''
But she was cut short with armaan's voice
Ar:''please riddhima mna mat kijiye aapne mujhe bhookhe rehne se bachaya hai at least this can I do for u please riddhima aur nothing fancy yahan par joo bhi koi achii jagah coffee milti hai hum vahin coffee lete hai par please riddhima mna mat kijiye please''
He asked hopefully
Ri:''par mai coffee bahut pehle I meant mai nahin coffee peeti''
She said and armaan knows she was telling lie he can saw that in her eyes but armaan did not let her go so easily so he
Ar:''ohh that's fine riddhima aap joo bhi peeti hai hum aapke liyye vo order kar denge par please mna mat kijiye u can take it as thanks gift please riddhima''
He said so sweetly and he was saying so forcefully that riddhia did not know how to say '' no'' to him so she finally nodded and armaan agreed happily and
Ar:''thanks so much riddhima so where we could go yeh tou aapko hii btana padega?''
Riddhima nodded and then she
Ri:''vahan (points to one direction) par 1 caf hai vahan kii coffee bahut achii hotii hai''
She unknowingly said to him and armaan smiled he was right she was just lieing him before and armaan nodded
Ar:''yea off course chaliye''
And both lead to caf its indees a very beautiful place surrounding with beautiful water fountain and around chairs and tables were placed and both AR sat on one table and armaan saw riddhima was scanning the whole place she has an unknown happiness in her eyes and he was completely right she has unhappy happiness in her eyes lieing for the place and armaan thinks that this is going staright perfect as he just wants to see that happiness in her eyes but for permantely and his trance breaks with waiter's voice who was asking them what they wants but before they can speak anything one another wait answers
W1:''areey raju yeh riddhima didi hai yeh aapna favorite cappuchino hii lengii aur vaise riddhima didi aap itnee din bad aye kahin bahar gayyi thi kya aap didi?''
He asked seeing riddhima in caf afters o long time and riddhima's trace also breaks with his voice she firstly looked at armaan as he caught her red handed that she lied him that she did not drink coffee but here she was but he was smiling at him and riddhima just nodded towards waiter then waiter
W1:''theek hai didi mai aapke liyye aapka favorite cappuchino laata hun with extra cream aur sir aapke liyye?''
He said while
Ri:''nahin abdul aaj mai coffee nahin peeyongi mai kuchh bhi nahin loongi aap inkaa order lijiye (points towards armaan)''
And hearing her waiter nodded but he was surprised to hearing her that she did not drank coffee as he saw her for almost 4 years she is intense coffee lover
W1:"par didi aap''
But he is cut short by armaan's voice
Ar:''areey abdul aisaa nahin hogaa kii aapkii riddhima didii kuchh naa len hai aapki riddhima didi jarur coffee peeyengi (and ridddhima looked at him with shock as she heard this) aur humare liyye bhi aap aapni didi ki cappuchino hii layiye please but merii meiin no extra cream''
Waiter nodded and leaves to get their order with a smile on his face while armaan looked towards riddhima who was looking at her and in her green almond eyes lots of questions for him and armaan saw them and read them so he wants to answer and clear her questions
Ar:''well riddhima mai aapse nahin poochunga kii aap kyoon nahin peen achahti but still maine aapke liyye order karii aap aapne pas rakhe rakhiyega yaa pee lijiyega yeh aap par hai par meraa reason bas itnaa saa hai kii zindagi meiin kisii kee liyye aapni pasand nahin badlni chahiye kyonki aagar koi aapki pasand badalta hai tou vo aapko badlane kii koshish karen its not fine not atleast in my eyes aur kisii kee liyye aapni pasand bhi nahin chodni chahiye kyonki vo koi aapka nahin hoo sakta joo aapko aapne se dur kae den humari pasand, napasand, attitude yeh sab humari nature kaa humari personality kaa sabse bda part hotaa hai isliyye maine order kiyya baaki aagar aapko nahin peena tou its perfectly fine aap mujhe company dee sakti hai aur aagar aapko lagta hai maine kuchh zyada bol diyya tou I am sorry par kya karun jab mai bhookha hotaa hun tou thoda saa zyada bol detaa aur yahan tpu I am starving for almost 1 week I am really very sorry riddhima sorry''
He said with a smile and riddhima was looking at him with disbelief how he understands her questions and she has lots of  respect for him after hearing him as he did not force her to answer why she did not wants to drink the coffee and still trying her to make comfortable and she was still thinking about him then only waiter comes and placed their order and seeing her quited armaan sighed but in relief at least she start thinking about his words naa and he picked his cup of coffee and finally seeing her looking at him without breaking her trance and armaan
Ar:''riddhima coffee aaa gayyi hai vaise I must say it's favoulas aapki pasand sachi mein bahut achii hai''
He said while siping his coffee and riddhima looked at him without saying a word and armaan thinks soething and
Ar:''riddhima kya aapko merii bat kaa sachi meiin bahut boora lga tou I am really very sorry I did not meant to hurt u means''
He said but he was cut short by riddhima's voice
Ri:''Dr.Mallik please''
His words break her chain of thoughts and hearing him apologising she cut him in between and armaan quited hearing her voice
Ri:''please sorry mat boliye aap mujhe aapki kisii bhi bat kaa koi boora nahin lga tou please aap sorry mat boliye''
She said genuinely
Ar:''well if that so thanks aab mai aapni coffee enjoy karta hun vaise riddhima 1 bat poochni thi aapse''
Ri:''jii poochiye naa''
She said and
Ar:''actually project I mean dekhiye its perfect aur I guess humein oos par jaldi se kam shuru karna chahiye aab''
Ri:''jii bilkul vaise bhi aap tou yahan sirff 6 months kee liyye hai tou humein jaldi se yeh project shuru karna hai fir aapko vaapis bhi jaana hogaa naa Mumbai''
She said as a matter of fact and armaan did not know why he feels so bad hearing her words but nevertheless he
Ar:''jii bilkul vaise kal se kaisa rahega riddhima''
Ri:''jii bikul perfect''
She replied in this whole conversation armaan was siping his coffee while observing riddhima from corner of his eyes, she did not drink her coffee but keep on staring the surroundings while talking with armaan and armaan has a smile on his face it was mixture of happiness and sorrow, happiness that he did successful for just caressing her wounds a little bit and sorrow because as he saw the pian in her eyes but he was sure he will be able to make her ok by god's grace and seeing her untouched coffee whn he paid the waiter he thought in his heart
Ar:''koi bat nahin riddhima vo time bahut jaldi ayega kii tum aapni is favorite coffee se bilkul bhi dur nahin bhagogi ise fir se aapnaogi saath meiin aapni khushiyan bhi yeh mera vaada hai tumse bhi aur aapne aap se bhi riddhima''
And after that they both leave the caf and riddhima went towards her house with armaan's words keep on ringing in her ears while armaan let her go on her own he did not go with so rush with her as he knows he has to heal her wounds first knowing very well how deep she is hurt and he already taken first step for this and he smiled and leaves for his house.
Here riddhima reached her house and she just start looking outside opening the window as she did not feels like doing anything she was just thinking about armaan's words what he was saying was completely right few days back she was like him only but now what she made of herself but what could she do now she don't know why still it feels so hurt that badly but his words make her thinks about her condition and he life she sighed don't know what to do, she looked in sky with lonely eyes feeling alone and may be that hurts her more.
Next day in hospital riddhima was on rounds when she saw him entering in his cabin while giving her a smile which she returned but as usual her smile did not reached to her eyes and not reached to armaan's heart and this make armaan thinks what he should do now, did his words did nor affect her, or affect her too badly that she just went into shell more, little did he knows his words are the only thing that affects riddhima this tima for good or bad only god knows and time will tell. He sighed and entered in his cabin and start doing his work while riddhima went to her rounds.
It was almost one and half month from when armaan was in panchgani and right now he was very much frustrated with himself not because he did not talk with riddhima after that caf  talk of theirs, the did talk with each-other but only for project for which armaan was here at panchgani, like not he wants to talk to her its work pressure in hospital that was taking their time, one of the senior doctor went on leave due to some urgency so armaan himself volunteered for taken his place for some time so he himself was busy with hospital cases, in this the project works also slow beacsue both armaan and riddhima has only 1 or 2 hours to do the project work and right now armaan was worried for project also at this speed project would not complete he has only 4 and half months there and he has to complete both of his work though the thought of his leaving panchagani was always make him sad and he really did not know why so at this time he was thinking how to complete his both the projects one is  to do the panchgani project and another one is make riddhima smile to fill her life with colors and for this he
Ar:''aagar mujhe yeh project time par complete karna hai tou riddhima se mujhe aaj hii bat karni hogii hope vo mujhe galat tou nahin samjhegi''
He said and finally leaves for her cabin and after knocking her cabin door he entered only to saw riddhima was tensed and he was surprised what happen with her she was looking so much tensed that she did not even notice who walked in her cabin and armaan coughed for getting her attention and hearing the cough she removed her face from her palms and files and after seeing him in his cabin she quickly stands up noticing her presecnce and armaan gave her smile which she never returned not even her small one armaan was tensed seeing her behave
Ar:''riddhima kya hua koi problem hai kya aap pareshan lag rahii hai''
He could not help but to ask her not able to saw her in tension and riddhima
Ri:''nahin Dr.Mallik nothing I am fine aapko kuchh kam tha kya mujhse?''
She asked him while replied his question and he knows she was telling a lie
Ar:''han aya tou kisii kam se tha par please pehle aap mujhe btayiye kii kya problem hai joo aap pareshan hai I know personal nahin hai hospital se related hai so please btayiye naa riddhima''
He asked and he knows as he saw her dig her head in the files and riddhima was surprised hearing him and then armaan
Ar:''riddhima btayiye please''
But when she did not replied just passed him the file armaan firstly looked at her and then start reading the file, it was pregnancy case and the lady met with an accident right now she was unconscious and she was injured badly and she need an immediate segeron for her child but the thing is that she needs an immediate  surgeory for her internal bleeding as her head was damaged badly and armaan looked at riddhima she was looking totally worn out did not know what to do and
Ar:''riddhima aap sochh kya rahii hai jayiye jaaker oonka sougeron kijiye''
He said and
Ri:''nahin mujhse nahin hogaa yeh Mrs.Singh ka first baby hai itnii mushkil se oonke nine months complete hue hai mai kya karun is case meiin kisii 1 koo hii bacha paongi mai dono koo bachana chhati hun par kaise I mean oonke sar meiin bahut injury hai voo coma meiin bhi jaa sakti hai mujhe nahin samajh aaa rahaa mai oonki surgeory karun yaa delievery I don't know mai Mr.Singh koo kya kahungi vo sirff isliyye first aid lene gayye hai I said Mrs.Singh and his child will be ohk mai kya kahungi oonse oon par kya bettegi mai kya karun''
She said completely defeated and armaan knows how must be she feeling she was living the happy moments with the couple since 9 months but this is not the time to fell weak so
Ar:''I know riddhima par aap abhie har nahin man sakti aapko ladna hogaa Mrs.Singh kee liyye aur oonke bachee ke liyye riddhima aapko Mr.Singh ko kiyya vaada nibhana hai riddhima chaliye operation kii tayari karen riddhima''
He said and
Ri:''par kaise hogaa''
Ar:''hogaa riddhima aapse hii hogaa mai aapko is case meiin assist karunga aap delievery kijiye riddhima aur Mrs. Singh kii poori responsibility merii''
He said while putting his ahnd on her shoulder and riddhima looked at him yes he can do that after all he is faous Neouroligist Dr.Armaan Mallik and riddhima
Ri:''Dr.Mallik sab theek hogaa naa''
She asked still frightened for her patient and armaan smiled
Ar:''han riddhima sab sahii hogaa hum poori koshish karenge aur milkar sab theek kar denge chaliye riddhima''
He said and riddhima did not know why she feels so much relieved hearing his words and his words encouraged her so much and she nodded and
Ar:''tou fir chaliye riddhima 1 nayii zindagi iss duniya meiin ane kaa kabse wait kar rahii hai''
He said and both armaan and riddhima leaves for O.T. with determination and belief and in between their way to O.T. they assured Mr.Singh that they will do thir best.
Ar:''all the best riddhima''
Armaan wished riddhima while wearing his surgeory gloves and riddhima
Ri:''all the best to u too''
She wished him back wearing her surgeory gloves and both leave for surgeory and it was complicated one and after 3-4 hours's hard work finally O.T. was filled with crying of child and riddhima smiled and take the child in her arms and first she did look towards armaan as if asking how is Mrs.Singh and armaan assured her blinking his eyes that she is fine and at that moment armaan saw riddhima has tears in her eyes and smile on her face that reached to her eyes and that reached to armaan's heart which makes him happy and after stitching Mrs.Singh both went outside with riddhima the ne bundle of joy in her hands and she handled the child to Mr.Singh saying
Ri:''congrats Mr.Singh Betii hui hai''
Ms:''thanks Dr.Sahiba mujhe betii chahiye thi merii patni''
He asked while kissing his daughter's for head and asking riddhima about his wife while worrying for her and has love for her in his eyes and seeing that riddhima's eyes again moistened armaan
Ar:''Mrs.Singh bhi bilkul theek hai Mr.Singh aabhie behosh hai vo abhie thode time meiin hosh meiin aaa jaayengi''
He said and Mr.Singh smiled
Ms:''thanks Dr.Sahib aap dono humesha khush rahiye aapne aaj mujhe merii zidnagi dii hai thanks so much''
He said and leaves with his daughter giving his blessings to them and riddhima wiped her tears seeing him and then she turned towards armaan who was smiling
Ar:''dekha doctor u done it''
He said praising her and riddhima smiled and she said
Ri:''aapke binaa nahin hotaa yeh''
Ar:'' its ok riddhima jab bhi aapko erii jarurat hogii I s there for u''
He said and riddhima smiled unaware the meaning of his hidden words and
Ar:''riddhima mujhe aapse kuchh bat karni thi''
Ri:''jii kahiye naa''
She asked while facing him and armaan sighed and finally started that
Ar:''riddhima it's about the project''
Ri:''jii project kee vaare meiin kya?''
Ar:''riddhima as u see that kii humein hospital meiin bahut kam time mill rahaa hai project par kam karne ko is speed se project complete nahin hoo paaayega tou mai sochh rahaa tha if we can work on the project after hospital duties riddhima''
He finally said
Ri:''jii Dr.Mallik aap sahii keh rahein hai I know humein bilkul time nahin mill paa rahaa hai aur humein project bhi time par complete karna hai so jaissa aap theek samjhe kyonki humare pas time kam reh rahaa hai fir u have to went back to Mumbai naa so jaise aap kahen''
She said and armaan hate this words of his going back he did not why it feels so bad and why she keeps on reminding him this
Ar:''jii tou kahan par riddhima I guess hospital meiin?''
Ri:''nahin aap aur mai poora din yahan rahenge tou kaise kam kar paayenge I mean to say subhh bhi duty yeh kaafi hectic ho jaayega hum dono kee liyye aur theek se kam bhi nahin ho paayega kisii kii tabiyat kharab ho jaayegi tou aur problem ho jayegi Dr.Mallik''
She said as a matter of fact and armaan smiled knowing her so he nodded and
Ar:''tou fir riddhim aapke gharr par continue karen please yeh mat khiyeyga kii aap mere yahan aayengi sorry mai aisaa nahin karunga kyonki aagar rat koo der hoo gayyi tou mai aapko akele nahin jaane den sakunga aur rat koo you know itnaa tired honee par aapko chodne bhi nahin jaa paonga aur mai aapni sleep kisii kee liyye nahin chodd sakta sorry if I am sounding rude but I loved my sleep so sorry aapko hii mujhe aapne yahan jhelna padega jab tak kii yeh project finish nahin ho jataa aur jab tak mai vapis nahin jaata riddhima so please''
He said last words a bit slowly and riddhima was surprised hearing him he is like just vaoww does not make her feel bad that he did not a girl going alone in night without hurting her self-repect yet managed to make her agree on his words and condition and finally smiled and nodded
Ar:''so that's final aapke yahan tou btayiye kab se kam shuru karna hai?''
He asked and
Ri:''yea sure Dr.Mallik mai aaj se hii kam shuru karna pasand karungi aagar aapko koi problem nahin hai tou''
Ar:''nahin riddhima I am more than happy with this so don't worry I will pick u up and then we can go to your house and start doing the work on project''
He said and
Ri:''par aapko fresh vagarah I meant to say aagar aap bad meiin aayenge tab bhi not at all problem''
She said thinking he must needs to freshen himself after the long hectic day at hospital but armaan nodded in disagreement flashing his dimpled smile
Ar:''nahin riddhima aagar mai fresh hua tou I am off to sleep I am quite a lazy bum u see''
He said and riddhima smiled at his antics she did not know why his antics his words his thoughts always managed to bring a smile on her lips.
Ri:''theek hai fir hospital ke bad chalenge''
She said and armaan nodded
Ar:''fine then see you in evening and once again congrats to your successful surgeory riddhima''
He said and wished her once again
Ri:''to you too Dr.Mallik''
She said and after giving him a smile she leaves and armaan has a smiled seeing his plan working
Ar:''yes finally aab mai is project ko bahut successful bnaoga''
In evening both armaan and riddhima went to riddhima's home in armaan's car there is one thing did not changed riddhima still sitting at the corner of seat like previous time feeling she must did not touched armaan not ay be mistake and armaan smiled thiking it will change soon but into what he himself could not identified and after sometime they reached to riddhima's house and after locking his car armaan followed riddhima while she opened her house and let him come and herself went inside and armaan was scanning her place it was beautiful one this makes him feel she likes clean things and she saw riddhima's photo on wall with her graduation suit and cap and her degree in her hands and most of that what caught armaan's attention was riddhima's smile that's he called million dollar smile, she has a shine in her green almond eyes, a big smile adored her face and she get lost in that smile she was loking so beautiful in that smile and then his gaze fell on T.V. above it riddhima's one picture placed with something she has in her hands and she was looking so cute with that pony tail like  achild and then his gaze fell on a small mandir which was made in corner and after seeing her smile and photos to be precisely says original riddhima he silently prayed to god
Ar:''bhagwan jii mai riddhima kii yeh hansi aur yeh vaali riddhima vapis laana chahat hun mai yeh kam akela nahin kar sakta mom kehti hai hark am meiin aapka aashirwad lene se vo kam successful hoo jaata hai please bhagwan jii meriihelp kariyega riddhima kii smile vapis lane meiin please''
He prayed to god and once again adored riddhima's picture when his trance breaks with riddhima's voice
Ri:''Dr.Mallik paani''
And he turned to saw riddhima was standing there with a glass of water in tray in her hands and armaan take the glass
Ar:''thanks riddhima vaise riddhima I must say that beautiful house riddhima you have''
He said praising riddhima's house and riddhima smiled and
Ri:''thanks aap khade kyoon ho hain baithye naa''
She said and asked him to get seated and armaan obliged after that they start working on project and in between riddhima makes coffee for both of them and both was engrossed in their work armaan sometimes lost in riddhima also how she makes face doing her work when she did not do what she desired for and that innocent look make armaan more surprised with her and with her antics how she put pen or pencil whatever in her hands in her mouth or her messy bun while working and amking cute face and armaan watched she looks lika a kid completely with that cute face and how much he admired her the same he has desire to punish that sid for snatch her innocence from her face and he continue to look towards her with the corner of his eyes how she tucked her hairs behind her ear during work.
It's  Sunday and armaan was sitting in his house thinking about the last two weeks and it's almost two weeks armaan and riddhima was doing work together after hospital at riddhima's house and armaan was thinking about her in thses two weeks armaan come to know about riddhima how she is so much beautiful as he continues to stare at her while working and he could not  help to avert his gaze thse days and whenever their hands brushed with each-other while handling something pencil or paper he feels a shiver ran down in his spine, how he loved when he watched her when she tucked her pencil in her bun then founds that pencil and armaan smiled though sid snatched every happiness from her life her smile her innocence but still somethings she did not sacrificed yet that is her caring nature how she forced him for coffee and for dinner at her house when they worked for so long which showed how loving person she is and  as result armaan often takes dinner at her house with her noiticing she is favolus cook but she did not ate much but drinking coffee so much and armaan knows why this is but seeing her this caring behave armaan knows he must succeed in bringing back that lively riddhima who Omar Bhaii was talking that day when he narrated her story to him and he sometimes feels now days why he feels so much strange around her as if she was pulling him towards herself like a string and he was pulled like magnet and this makes him confuse but he knows may be he feels something so strong for her that it rose his heartbeats and he thought to conclude his feelings afteron now the time to go to market and saw the riddhima and her smile and try to talk with her in market, this is the thing he was trying since two weeks from the time when he start working with her at her house he was trying to get back her genuine smile feeling someday would be lucky day when he brings her back to normal little did he knows today is going to be his lucky day today he was going to have riddhima back.
In market asusual armaan was watching riddhima from a little far away as she was purchasing vegetables and armaan finally thought to talk to herand with so much courage he went towards her, her back was facing him so she did not able to see him, he reached almost closer to her when riddhima purchased her vegetables and turned to saw armaan was apooroching her he gave him a smile and armaan gave her smile back while keep on going towards her suddenly a scooter was passing so harshly towards her side that she almost fell and seeing this
He shouted and literally ran to her feeling very frightened for her and he right at time complete the difference between and caught riddhima's wrist preventing her to fall on ground and his one hand went around her pettiete waist holding her closely, securely, safely and riddhima has her eyes shut due to this sudden accident her bags already fell from her hands which she was carrying and when she feels someone's hands around her waist and she was not hot the ground she opened her eyes and saw he was holding her and the panicked expressions were on his face did she read he was worried for her and seeing her opening her eyes armaan immediately asked her
Ar:''riddhim aap theek hai naa lagii tou nahin kahin aapko?''
He asked still holding her and riddhima did notice the worriedness which was clearly visible in his voice and on his face for her she nodded in agreement stating she is fine
Ar:''sure naa riddhima''
He once again asked and
Ri:''jii Dr.Mallik mai theek hun aap please umm''
She said and try to say to him that leave her as everyone was watching more than that she is not comfortable but armaan did not understand as he was extreme panicked for her as he saw the scooter almost banged her and when he did not leaves her riddhima finally
Ri:"please Dr.Mallik mujhe chodiye naa''
She said and armaan finally understands her uncomfortess and make her stand on her feet
Ar:''I am sorry riddhima I did not menat to I am sorry if I hurt u I am sorry''
He apologized thinking what happen if she took him wrong but she is riddhima
Ri:''y nahin Dr.mallik thanks aap sorry kyoon bol rahein hai aapne tou mujeh bachaya thanks to you''
She said and starts collecting her things which wwhile armaan nodded and armaan saw the blood on her riddhima's wrist and he could not help but immediately holds riddhima's hand in his and riddhima was startled with his action before riddhima could aske anything
Ar:''riddhima aapko tou lagii hai chaliye aapko first aide kii zarurat hai dekhiye kitna khoon beh rahaa hai''
He said and gave riddhima's all questions and
Ri:''its fine Dr.Mallik choti sii kharonch hai''
Ar:''nahin riddhima bahut lagii hai vaise bhi abhii trat nahin kiyya tou bahut problem hoo jaayegi bad meiin so please''
He said not hearing her protest and picked her things himself and was going to led her to his car
Ri:''mai theek hun''
Ar:''nahin aap theek nahin hai riddhima''
But he was not listening at all just taking her with him wehen they stopped hearing some women's voices and armaan ignored but he feels riddhima stopped walking with him so he looked at her and then he looked at direction where she was watching there was a woman in her early thirties and a woman in her late fifties and man in her early thirties standing while the woman who was in her late fifties were start yelling on another woman
W1 (Woman in Her Late Fifties)
W2 (Woman in Her Early Thirties)
M1 (Man in His Early Thirties)
W1:''jab se tu mere bte kii zindagi meiin ayi hai iskii zidnagi kharab kar dii hai tumne tere ate hii ooski job chale gayyi aur aab tu oos par aapni naukri aur aapne sundar hone kaa rob marti hai kash kii tu mere beta kii zindagi meiin naa ayi hotii tou hum sabki zindagi shanty se bet rahii hotii par tune ate hii humari zindagi barbad karke rakhh dii aur abhie bhi tujhe aapne liyye nayii saree lene kii padii hai aisaa nahin aapne patii kii madad (help) karen vo poorane kapde aur tu naye kapde sharam kar''
She scolded her
M1:''maa yeh tum kya bole jaa rahii ho merii job jaane meiin ooski kya galti hai vo tou mera saath de rahii hai tum ose kuchh mat kahoo maa ooski galti nahin hai''
While the woman who was listening quietly
W2:''maaji aap chinta mat kariye inhein jaldi job mill jaayegi aur aap (to her husband) maaji se aisee bat mat kariye''
And armaan did not want to listen more so he grabbed riddhima's hands pulled her with him and took her away from there saying'
Ar:''aapko first aid chayiye is time''
And he makes riddhima sat in his car and drove to her house after reaching there he himself opened the house as she was not reacting at all and armaan knows why she was beahaving like this in those three people she saw her bitter past at that moment and he after opening the door makes her sit on couch and himself took ice-cubes and first aid box and cotton and he sat beside her knees and start cleaning her wound and after that he put ice cubes to ease her pain and after applying anticipated cream he put bandage all the time he blowed on her wounds to lessen her pain but as if she was not feeling that pain and after putting the first aid box aside he finally looked at her and then take her hand in his while saying to her
Ar:''riddhima kya hua aap kyoon itnii pareshan kya bat hai''
He asked as gently as he could manage and though he knows the answer of his question still he knows if she herself told him that is going to best for her and him
Ar:''riddhima aagar aap marketvaale incidence ko lekar pareshan hai to kyoon ho rahii hai aap pareshan after all riddhima hum oonhein jaaante bhi nahin hai riddhima''
He once again said seeing her quite and making riddhima looked at him
Ar:''riddhima mat sochiye''
He once again said and riddhima did not replied to his question
Ri:''kyoon koi humein itnaa hurt karta hai aur kyoon vo ladki aapni saas (mother-in-law) kii itnii batein sun rahii thi oosne kya galat kiyya tha kya galti thi ooski''
She asked and armaan sighed in relief finally she speak something and then armaan looked at her and then finally
Ri:''btayiye naa kyoon?''
She asked once again and
Ar:''kyonki vo aapne pati se pyaar karti hai riddhima''
He replied and
Ri:''pyaar karti hai''
She whispered just to audible to him only
Ar:''han riddhim pyaar karti hai tab tou sab soona naa oosnein nahin tou vo kabhie bhi nahin sun paati''
Ri:''par vo ladka vo kaise oos se pyaar kar sakti hai''
Armaan knows why she was asking these meaningless questions but he knows the unsaid meaning words hidden behind her words
Ar:''vo bhi riddhima oos se pyaar karta hai bahut zyada nahin tou vo ladki kabhie bhi itnaa anhin sun paati aagar ooska patii vo ladka hii ooske saath naa ho tou aura agar vo ladka ooske saath nahin hai ooski izat nahin karta ose samjh nahin sakta tou koi faida nahin hai ooske liyye kuchh karne kaa, ooske liyye kuchh bhi sunane kaa, ooska saath dene kaa, aagar vo ooske saath hii nahin kahde hona chahta tou mat soono oos se judee logon kii batein par jab vo tumhare saath hai tou koi farak nahin padta tumhe jab tak vo tumhare saath hai vaise bhi riddhima jab insan kisii koo aapna samjhta hai tou vo ookse liyye sab had par karta hai ooske liyye har gam har dukh jhelne ko tayar hai aur jab vo bhi oos se itna hii pyaar karta hoo tou yeh sab bahut achaa lagata hai oon dukhon (sorrows) meiin hansi (happiness) millti hai par jab vo aapse pyaar hii nahin karta tou kyoon ooske liyye aanason bahana kyoon kuchh sunana ooske liyye kyoon ooske liyye aapni zindagi koo narak (hell) bna lenaa kyoon ooske liyye aapne honthon se khushi dur karni kya vo ise deserve karta hai nahin kabhie bhi nahin (he says while shaking his head in negative manner) you fir kyoon kisii keee liyye bhi aapne wazod koo badlana, kyoon oos insan kee liyye aapni khushi badal dena, kyoon oos insan kee liyye aapna astitve (personality) chodd dena, kyoon ooske liyye hansna bolna bandd kar denaa, aakhir kyoon kisii bhi aisee insan kee liyye jiseninein aapko kabhie chhaha hii nahin aapni zindagi se dur hoo jaana, kyoon aapni zindagi koo rangon se dur le jaana,yeh kahan ka insaf hai oonke saath joo aapse sachh meiin pyaar karte hoo, riddhima doosron kii chodiye riddhima kya yeh aapne aap kee saath sahii karna hai aapni zindagi koo jeena nahin bas kaatna yhe tou galat hua aapne saath bhi aur oos bhagwan kee saath bhi jisnein yeh khoobsoorat zindagi aapko dii hai riddhima aapne aap koo oos galti kii saza denaa joo aapne kabhie kii hii nahin yeh tou galat hua naa isiliyye riddhima aagar vo ladki aagar ooska pati ooska saath naa detaa tab yeh sab soonti tou galat hotaa par aab jab vo hii ooska saath dene ose beinteha pyaar dene koo ooske saath khada hai tou vo galat nahin hai vo zindagi meiin humesha saath rahenge. Riddhima zindagi meiin aanson bhi ooske liyye bahane chahiye joo aapke inn khoobsoorat motiyon (pearls) kee laayak hoo nahin tou kisii kee liyye bhi rona nahin chahiye inhein kyoon waste karna zindagi waste karna tou bahut dur kii bat hai zindagi jeene koo dii hai bhagwan ne jisee bharpoor aur har rang khushi se bharkar jeena chahiye riddhima aapne aap se kabhie sur nahin jaana chahiye kisii kee liyye bhi riddhima''
He completed and looked at her she was looking at him from the start and armaan did not know what was in her mind so in order to distract her mind and heart he
Ar:''mai bahut achaa bolta hun par yeh sachh hai vaise riddhima ise naa hum 1 achee see joke par finish karte hai''
He said and saw riddhima was still looking at him
Ar:''1 bar naa 2 ants kahin jaa rahii thi oonehin raaste meiin 1 ant milli joo bahgga rahii pehle vaali 2 ants ne 3rd one se poocha vo bhagg kar kahan jaa rahii hai oosnein pta hai kya reply diyya bolii elephant kaa accident ho gayya hai ose blood dene jaa rahii hun''
He finished and laughed but to his suprprise riddhima start laughing with him at his foolish joke that too loudly and armaan was just looking at her laughing without blinking his eyes and riddhima continued to laugh and armaan just looked at her she was looking so beautiful with that laughing she was laughing and laughing does not know from how much time she was laughing and armaan saw her she was still laughing while holding her stomach armaan smiled seeing her laughing whole-heartdly but his smile vanished as next moment he saw riddhima was start crying that too very bitterly and this make armaan shocked and he immediately sat beside her and holds her completely panicked seeing her crying so bitterly and he asked her while holding her hands in his
Ar:''kya hua riddhima abhii to hans rahii thi achank se kyoon ronee lagii aap kya ho gayya riddhima aapko achanak se riddhima''
He asked seeing her crying very badly it clenched his heart in pain but riddhima never replied but she hugged him and armaan caressed her back with his palms he was taken back with her hug but he knows she needs him right now may be he was choosen by god or say destiny to be there for her at this time so he caressed her back

Ar:''riddhima kya ho gayya aapko kyoon ronein lagii aap hanste hanste riddhima"
He asked once again seeing her not answering then armaan just let her crying and she was sobbing on his chest and armaan just caressed her back knowing very well she needs to pour out her feelings in form of her crying only this will going to help her as she was just putting her emotions in her heart not let it out this is the only reason for her state sometime u really need to pour out your feelings otherwise it's just keep on hurting you and riddhima was in this phase only and armaan finally stopped to say her to not to cry knowing well her state
He called her name after letting her cry for few minutes and she wasjust sobbing on his chest she really needs a friend a partner and he is the one for her
Ri:''kyoon hua mere saath aisaa maine kisii kaa kya bigada tha aakhir kyoon maine tou nahin kahaa tha oos se merii zindagi meiin ane koo vo hii kehta tha kii mujhse pyaar karta hai tou kaisa tha ooska pyaar jo bhi  ooski zindagi meiin hua ooska zimedar mujhe kyoon kaha oosnein maine tou ooska saath nahin choda fir kyoon voo hii meraa saath chodd gayya aagar aisaa hii tha tou vo aya hii kyoon tha merii zindagi meiin kya aisaa hotaa hai pyaar itnaa selfish ose kisnein haq diyya tha merii hansti-khelti zindagi meiin aakar ghamm bharne kaa aakhir kyoon kiyya oosnein mere saath aisaa aakhir kyoon kiyya oosnein mere saath itnaa bada khilvad merii zindaii kee saath vo kaun hotaa hai mere parents kee vaare meiin kuchh bhi bolne baala aakhir kyoon hua yeh''
Armaan's trance breaks with the chain of question which riddhima was asking him looking towards him in his eyes and seeing him not replying to her answers riddhima
Ri:''boliye naa kyoon''
And hearing her questions armaan come back to her from her thoughts and saw the questions in her eyes and she was looking at him with the hope in her eyes as if he was going to give the answers of all her questions little did dhe knows he is the answer of all her questions and armaan finally averted her gaze and then once looked at her and then he started
Ar:''riddhima mai aapse nahin poochunga kii vo kaun tha jisnein aapke saath yeh sab kiyya nahin janana chahata mai''
But he was cut short by riddhima's anger filled words
Ri:'' Sid Siddhant Modi tha vo''
And armaan looked at her she has the mixture of pain, grief and anger for that jerk sid he sighed and holds her shoulder while saying
Ar:''riddhima aap kya''
But he was cut short with riddhima's voice once again
Ri:''he used me''
She said and then narrated the whole story of hers which she faced because of that sid that armaan earlier come to know from umar bhaii and when she completed armaan
Ar:''hmm riddhima vo joo bhi tha I mean sid tha pta hai mujhe lagta hai oosnein joo bhi kiyya aapke saath galat kiyya par riddhima oos se jyada galti aapki hai''
He said and saw riddhima was looking intently at him and he continued
Ar:''han riddhima janana chahti hai aapki galti (she nods her haed in''yes'') tou suniye jab oosnein aapka saath denaa bandd kar diyya tab aapnein ooski kyoon sunni yeh thi aapki galti jab tak vo aapke saath tha chahe aapko dhoka dee rahaa tha tab tak aapki ooski maa kii bat sun rahii thi theek tha kyonki aap kii tab galti nahin thi you trust him par jab oosnein aapni maa kee saamne hii sab btaya ooske bad bhi aapne joo sunaa voo aapki galati thi kyoon soona aapnein oos time koi haq nahin tha aapko ooski bakwas sunane kaa bas yeh thi aapki galti aur aapki oos se badii galti kyat ha janana chahengi aap?''
He asked and riddhima looked at him in disbelief but what he was saying was right 100% right and then she nodded
She said in mere whisper and armaan stands up and holds her hand and slowly he makes her stand in front of mirror and himself stand behind her that his face she can saw through mirror and when she looked at him with question in her eyes armaan points towards mirror with his finger without saying a word and riddhima saw her reflection in mirror but she did not understands anything then looked at armaan who finally spoke looking at her in mirror
Ar:''yeh galti thi aapki riddhima sabsi badii kii aapnein ooske liyye aapne aapko badal liyya kya bana liyye aapne aapna riddhima vo bhi oon logon kee liyye jinka aapki zindagi meiin  koi wazood nahin joo sirff 1 boora khawab ban kar aye the aapki zindagi meiin aur aap oos boore khawab koo bhulne kee alava aapni zindagi meiin lekar baith gayyi aapne dill meiin basa liyye itnii gehrai se kii hansana muskrana bhull gayyi aapni pasand chodd dii aapnein rangon se hii dur hoo gayii aap vo bhi oon logon kee liyye tou aap tou ban gayyi joo aapko itnii boori batein soona vo aapko bnana chahte the aur yehii thi aapki sabse badii galti jisenin aapko jeena bhulla diyya hai riddhima''
And riddhima looked at armaan through mirror his eyes were stating the facts what he was saying and then she looked at herself off course he is right who is she the girl who was picturaising in mirror was not her this is not riddhima she is someone else surely what she has made of herself, the actual riddhima was not seeing anywhere and for whom she did this for that jerk sid whom she never loved yes she never loved him tried but never can yet she performed her reponsiblity as a friend which he never deserves her pure friendship infact he never cares he just used her and here she just pushed herself to living hell for that jerk who never deserves her tear, Dr.Mallik is so right he never deserves her tears here she wastes her life's so precious days feeling that she is not suitable for happiness, thinking may be she is the reason of destroying everyone's happiness but this is not right, how could she think about herself like that and in her foolisheness she bears all that punishment for the crime she never commits but not now, now she will not do anymore to make her life living hell, it was just amy be she understand this a while ago so that she did not do this injustice to herself, she thanked Dr.Mallik that he again introduced her to life that life which was hers only and she just wants to thanked him for this, what he has done  for her she owed him so much she never will be able to reapay it because he is the one who let her come out from that shell which she creats for herself if today he will leave her she will never be able to come from her shell infact may be she will went into more fuss and create another wall around her and she thanked him silently in her heart and seeing her looking at himself armaan was confused what happened to her why she was looking towards him without blinking her eyes but next moment he got all answers of his questions when she finally
Ri:''thanks Dr.Mallik aapne joo aaj kiyya ooska shukriya mai zindagi meiin kabhi bhi nahin chukka paongi, aaj aapne mujhe vaapis mujhse milla diyya hai thanks so much, aapne biklul sahii kaha hai mujhe ooske liyye aapne aanson bahane nahin hai zabki voo mera kuch nahin hai pyaar tou dur kii bat hai vo merii dosti bhi deserve nahin karta aaj mai iss bat koo manti hun kii oosneine mujhe dukh diyya kyonki maine ose mujhe dukh dene diyya par aab nahin, aap sahii keh rahein hai kisii ke liyye tabhie aapnein aanson bahane chahiye jab voo aapke aanson deserve karta ho nahin tou nahin''
She said turning to him and armaan smiled hearing her he is successful riddhima is back and what else he could ask from his god not knowing still he needs someone special
Ar:''biklul sahii aab aap ose bilkul bhi yad nahin karengi aur royengi tou bikul bhi nahin ooske liyye naa''
He said while wiping the tear from corner of her eyes and riddhima smiled and nodded
Ri:''bilkul sahii kahaa nahin royungi mai vo bhi ooske liyye kabhii nahin jis se maine kabhie pyaar bhi nahin kiyya''
She said smiling and armaan has a smile that too million dollar smile though umar bhaii did told her she never loved that jerk sid but after hearing from her mouth that she never loved him armaan's heart filled with unknown happiness that was clearly visble through her dimples
Ri:''aur yeh sab sirff aapke kaaran Dr.Mallik really aaagar aaj aap chale jaate tou naa shayad mai iss bat se kabhie bhi bahar nahin aaa paati thanks so much''
She once again thanked him and armaan finally said to her
Ar:''please riddhima aab aur thanks mat kahiyega please''
He said and riddhima smiled
Ri:''jii nahin kahungi par this one is just thanks for everything Dr.Mallik aur is eaapko accept karna hii hogaa''
Ar:''ohk I will accept but only on one condition''
He said and
Ri:''kya condition?''
She said getting a bit nervous armaan knows though she is get over from her sorrow yet she needs time to get for complete normal and
Ar:''well bas yehii kii please aap mujeh armaan kahiye naa Dr.Mallik sounds so much old and professional''
He said and
Ri:''hmm but hum professionals hii hai naa''
She said getting a bit confused and armaan said
Ar:''well right par riddhima hum colleagues keee saath friends bhi tou ban sakte hai naa please riddhima will you be my friend I have no one friend here and I really missed my friends and I can see u can become my good friend so please''
He said as cutely as possible and riddhima could not help but to admire his sweet cute pouted face he was looking so sweet and cute and she was bit nervous but then she realized she is riddhima who never take time to get friendly with anyone and somewhere deep she knows she can trust Dr.Mallik after all what he has done for you not anyone could do this for anyone so she smiled and nodded her in ''yes'' accepting the friendship not knowing that thus friendship was just a start for the deep and scared relation and saw her nod armaan smiled widely and
Ar:''thanks riddhima I assure u I will follow every rule of friendship and I will always there for my friend''
Riddhima nodded and after few minutes armaan finally looked at her she was standing in front of him while fidgeting with her duppataa and armaan loved this sight
Ar:''achaa tou riddhima aab mai chalta hun aap bhi aaram kijiya aaj aapke hand ko strain nahin karna ahi tou we can skip our project work for today''
Ri:''par project means humein ose bhi poora karna hai humare pas sirff 4 months bachee hai''
She said and armaan smiled knowing this is coming
Ar:''yes riddhima I know par don't worry it will not cost anything and aagar kuchh hua tou don't worry mai extra duty karunga aapse nahin karaonga trust me''
He said making her smile and armaan loved her smile and then riddhima nooded and finally armaan leaves after bidding bye to riddhima it was so exciting for him and feels so contended from his heart finally what promise he did to himself and umar bhaii he fulfilled it and he immediately rushed to his house so that he can share his happiness with his family and his friends in Mumbai and here riddhima was just standing in balcong after armaan leaves she is smiling and she knows this time nothing will make her weakness she just closed the chapter of her sorrows and she makes sure that it will never haunted her present and she knows she can do this and right now she does not why she feels so light after almost six months, those six months were the horrible days of her life and she feels like what she did to herself she never broke when she was all alone in the world yet she stands on her feet but one incindent broke her but no she knows she is at fault but what could she do one person comes and says he loved you truly and dearly from his heart, all your loved ones was in his favor how will you react you just flows with the things but not now this time she will not let anyone hurt her by coming closer to herself. She determined that she is all the way back to the bubbly riddhima where she was determining her coming life armaan was busy sharing her happiness with his family his mom and hearing hia extra happy voice her mother did understands something and she did ask him about the reason but simply he says that he is just happy that he manages to bring the smile on her face to her original self but deep there he knows there is something more to it and his mom knows this but let go of it as she knows whatever the thing is he must tell her after all she shares the friendship realtion with her son also and after talking at his home armaan hung up and sleeps thinking about her only finally after so many days precisely the day from he met riddhima he slep peacefully today only and riddhima also has the peaceful sleep and she thanked armaan for this in her heart and thanked her god for sending him in her life as her angel in disguise.
Next morning
Armaan reached sanjeevani and saw riddhima in his cabin placing flowers in his cabin and he smiled seeing her today he feels the freshenes of hers in the flowers only and hearing the dorr knob riddhima turned and saw him entering the cabin and she gave him smile after wishing him and he wished her back and then he
Ar:''areey vah aaj kee flowers tou bahut sundar hai riddhima''
He said looking towards the flowers and riddhima looked at flowers also but armaan was actually admiring her
Ri:''jii bilkul flowers tou humesha se hii sabkii zindagi meiin khushi aur freshness lekar ate hai ''
She said caressing the flowers and armaan smiled seeing her and saw her she was placing few tendrils of her hair behind her hair then he noticed riddhima's hairs were left open and he loved this sight in front of his eyes and then riddhima placed rubberband in her hairs which she was in her wrist earlier as it was disturbing her armaan has the strong urge to hold her hand and to say her let her hairs open but he did not as he knows his limits and he can not believe he was thinking like this to say her she was looking beautiful with her hairs open
Ri:''hello u there?''
She asked seeing him looking at her and snapped her fingers in front of his eyes and armaan come back from his thoughts and
Ar:''umm hai aapne kuchh kahaa riddhima''
Ri:''yes mai keh rahii thi kii aapko friendship kee vaare meiin kuchh nahin pta hai''
He asked totally confused and
Ri:''jii kehte hai kii dost hai tou dost kya 'aap' keh kar bat karte hai vo tou 'tum' keh kar bat karte hai yaa fir koi bhi 'nicknames' lekar naa''
She said leaving armaan smiling as he saw how much she was beahaving normal to herself and he loved this
Ri:''areey aap fir kahin kho gayye?''
She said once again seeing him not responding just looking at her without blinking his eyes
Ar:''umm yea sorry anyways right hai bikul aab mai aapko sorry (biting his lips) bilkul bhi nahin kahunga tum kahunga aur tum bhi mujhe tum hii kahogi''
Ri:''yes off course yeh bhi koi kehne kii bat hai''
Ar:''alright then riddhima vaise riddhima aaj friendship ki class zyada hoo gayyi baaki bad meiin continue karte hai aabhie I guess kam kar len bahut kam hai''
Ri:''hmm bilkul mujhe bhi bahut kam hai aur tumne mujhe bas baton meiin lga liyya seriously tum bahut batein karte hoo chalo bye abhie kee liyye''
She said putting all blame on him and then leaves from there and armaan smiled seeing the actual riddhima and her childlike behavior.


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