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PART 12 : MY prediction for AR rest story

"Laye hum Hasi laye hum Khushi jee le phir se zindagi…
Taaron se aage hum jaayenge cheen le ayenge roshni …
Dil ho jahaan dost ho vahaan aisa manzar hain yahan…
Manzil nayi,rasthe naye …
Phir bhi chale,hum saath mein…
Hum toh chale the dost banke…
Jaane kahan dill mill gayye!!!!"


At fire escape…

ARMAAN:What the???????????????????????????

Armaan saw who it was and was shocked………..his shocked face turned to confusion and then back normal…he knew who was the person..he was..

ARMAAN:Tum yahan kya kar rahe ho..
ABHI:Woh mujhe tumse kuch zaroori baat karni thi…
ARMAAN:Hum meri cabin main baat karenge…

He starts to go out of fire–escape when abhi stops him..

ABHI:Par tumne hi toh kahan hain..
ABHI:Ki kisiko is bare mein pata nehi chalna chahiye…
ARMAAN:Kis bare mein?
ABHI:Meri aur nikki ke bare mein..nikki ko bhi nehi..
ARMAAN:Haan par……….kya?tumhara aur nikki ka kya?
ABHI:Wooh mein yahan nehi bata saktha tum mere saath chalo..

He tries to drag him out but now armaan stops him..

ABHI:Tum chalo toh sahi..
ARMAAN:Par mujhe ..mujhe ek bahut hi zaroori kaam hain..
ABHI:Please armaan..
ARMAAN:Theek hain…hmm..,, Thodi deer mein meri cabin mein milthe hain…par abhi mujhe jaana hain..

Thinking he might have some work abhi agrees..

ARMAAN:Lets go…then..

They both go out of fire-escape…

ABHI:Ahh....tum miloge na?

Armaan sends away abhi almost pushing him and smiles to himself..

ARMAAN:Pata nehi yeh abhi kya soch raha hain..main kahan jaa raha tha..oh god!!!file!!!!

He leaves,,,,

But not so far away a pair of eyes sees "both men" coming out of fire-escape…. Murmuring to self "no way!!!yeh nehi ho saktha!!"

Armaan was going to locker-room to get the file when he sees atul,he thinks its good to go with him as he now doesn't go to locker-room as he has his own-cabin..And this way no one will doubt him too..

ATUL:Hey armaan..(hugs him)tum abhi tak nehi gaye..duty hours toh khatam ho gaye..
ARMAAN:Mein..mein..(finding a reason)tumhare liye wait kar raha ..
ATUL:Armaan… mere bhaiye….thanks ..tum mere liye kitna sochthe ho..

Atul walks towards locker room..

ARMAAN:Tum kahan jaa rahe ho,..(asking innocenlty)
ATUL:Mein bas locker room se saman leke aata hoon…
ARMAAN:Champ!!!mein bhi aata hoon..bahut dino ho gaye hain locker-room mein jaa kar,,,,

They both walk..

ARMAAN:(To himself)Ab toh mujhe wooh file kisi bhi halat mein chahiye!!!

At locker room:

Yuvi was seeing his locker and taking his stuff…he saw a file which was definetly not his..

YUVRAJ:(To himself)Yeh kiski file hain…

He was catching it opposite side and he couldn't see the name,he was about to turn it when..

Naina entered…yuvi was blocking her way and she don't want to take the other way…


He didn't turned…

NAINA:Tum behre ho..sunayi nehi deta..hato mere raaste se....

Yuvi was irritated and turned to naina..

YUVRAJ:Tum wahan se nehi jaa sakthi ho?

When yuvi turned to naina the file in his hand dropped near table and he didnt noticed it and yes it was ridhimas file..


Naina was in mood to pick-up fight with yuvi after what she heard,she was searching for yuvi or say was following him when she heard the conversation between him and Dr.Shashank at OT and was sure that yuvi was upto something and now she will do anything to find that out…

SHASHANK: Waise mujhe aapki dedication ussi din pata chal gaya jab aapne mujhe party ke baare mein inform kiya…

How could he just risk sanjeevnis staff and armaan's career for impressing shashank and leak information about party..he only thinks of himself And no one!!

NAINA:(To herself)Armaan..haaye haaye…kitna handsome hain…

She comes back to senses and saw yuvi staring at her..

NAINA:(To herself)kitne bada dafod he yeh..pata nehi iske dimag mein kya chaltha hoga!!!!

She was about to start,but before anything could go further J.P pulled naina and talked to her..

J.P:Nainaji..kaisa tha aapka din?
NAINA:Hmm…bahut achcha tha J.P..(seeing Yuvi from corner of her eyes)

Sid and tamanna enters..

SIDHANT:Hye guys!!!
NAINA:Hye sid,,,hye tamana..
TAMANNA:Hye..(slowly..she was a bit upset with what happened a bit ago and it was noticed by all)
NAINA:Kya hua aise kyun ho..
TAMANNA:Kuch nehi..
J.P:Kuch toh baat hain flowerji..kahiye na kya hua?
NAINA:Sid!!!kya kiya tumne..
SIDHANT:Maine kuch nehi kiya..
NAINA:Zaroor tumne kiya hoga..
J.P:Sid bhaiya aapi ne kuch kaha hoga..
SIDHANT:Dekho..J.P..tum ismein involve mat ho…
TAMANNA:Usne sahi kahan hain…
TAMANNA:Haan..tum kuch bhi kar sakthe ho..kya zaroorat thi bab…umar bhai se aise baat karne ki,,
SIDHANT:Maine…maine toh kuch nehi kahan…
TAMANNA:Tumhe toh bado ki izaat karna nehi aata…
TAMANNA:Tum sirf apne baare mein sochthe ho…

Naina just remembered what she thought a bit ago..

NAINA:Haan..tamana yeh ladke sab aise hi hain..selfish…ek number ke dafod!!!(seeing yuvi)

Yuvi who was standing a bit far came near them..

YUVRAJ:Tum mujhe kyun beech mein laa rahi ho..
NAINA:Kyun na lao…tum sab ke sab ek jaise hoo…

SIDHANT:Hello.. tum sab ladkiyan ek jaise ho.."stupid"!!!

J.P:Par flowerji…
NAINA:Shut up J.P…..


SIDHANT:Hum ladke toh bahut achche hain..tum ladkiyon jaisa nehi..har baat par gussa hoti ho ya phir roti hoon…boo…hoo..


Tamanna knew he was talking about her..and gave a look to him..

NAINA:Toh tum ladke bade aaye…ladkiyon se baat karne ki tameez hain…


Seeing yuvi he just didn't talk to her nicely nor did gave her way,,

SIDHANT:Tameez…??oh ohk that..hum tameez se baat karthe hain isliye toh tum itna bhaav khati ho…


SIDHANT:Shut up J.P…

NAINA:Hum bhaav khate hain..toh tum kya khate ho..ghaas?


SIDHANT: Kya kahan tumne..
NAINA:Maine kahan tum g-h-a-a-s,ghaas khate ho…bakre kahin ke..

J.P was about to say something but before he could say.. ..


Yuvi was back of sid and tamanaa was back of naina…both naina and sid were fighting for "no" reason..

J.P was seeing here and there like a ball which was being hit by players in tennis match..and naina-sid wouldn't JUST stop!!!
J.P was confused and looked here and there…his eyes rolled over a file which was laying down on floor near table he picked it up and yes it was opposite side and he couldn't see the name on it..
He went near the two people who were fighting..little did he know whats coming for him..

J.P:Naina ji…(seeing naina)
J.P:Sid bhaiya..(seeing sid)
No one responded…they were busy accusing and blaming…for no reason..

J.P:Yeh kisika file hain…

J.P:Arrey humne kya kiya…humne bas pooncha ki yeh kiska file hain..

Sid took the file from J.P's hand …

NAINA: Chodo isse…
NAINA:Yeh mera file hain,,
SIDHANT: Ispe tumhara naam toh nehi hain..,dekhu toh(he was about to see)
NAINA:Par pehle maine dekha hain…(she took the file from his hand)
SIDHANT: Nehi maine dekha hain…(sid took it back)

J.P:Par hume toh laga ki humne dekha hain..naina ji..Sid bhaiya..

Naina and sid hit poor J.P with their hands who was in trying to get into middle of them..and he landed on locker..

J.P:Arrey..maar gaye..

Now file was in between two hands..

NAINA:Mera hain..
SIDHANT:Maine kahan yeh mera hain..

They both were trying to pull file to their side..

NAINA:Chodo isse…tum tum ladke ne narak mein jaoyge..

Pulling file harder towards her..and hitting back J.P who was regaining..

SIDHANT:Jaise tum sab ladkiyan heaven ki princess ho..!!!!

Pulling file harder towards him,,and hitting back J.P who was again..regaining..

NAINA:U idiot…
SIDHANT:U u.. stupid…

Naina was fed up..she looked around..

NAINA:Wahan kya khade ho aake help karo..(to yuvi,still catching file with both her hands and trying to pull her side)

J.P who regained was asking naina to let him join but she didn't care and hit him back..

NAINA:Aur kaun…
YUVRAJ:Par main bhi toh ladka hoon..
NAINA:Toh kya hua..(slowly and sweetly)please..Aaaoo,,,!!!
He joins her..

On the other side…
Sid looked around….J.P was trying to hold his attention by standing near him,he pushed him aside..he landed again on locker his back hurt ..

J.P:Arreyy babree..

SIDHANT:Tamanna ..mera help karo..
TAMANNA:Main Kyun karo.…main bhi toh ladki hoon..
SIDHANT:Tamanna please……..
TAMANNA:Par meri ek shart hain..
SIDHANT:Tumhara har shart mannonga..please…(pleading)
TAMANNA:Theek hain..
She joins him..

Naina-yuvi Vs sid-tamanna..

Both were fighting for????


Each team was trying to get that file and were pulling it their side..

And J.P was still seeing both teams..he didn't want to get into them now,,he got enough..his back was paining badly..

Yuvi held nainas hands and was trying to pull slowly..

NAINA:Tum kya bail gadi chalthe the pehle..
NAINA:Zor se kheencho na…

Tamanna was still not sure to help or not and was hesitating to catch him..

SIDHANT:Kya hua…(trying to pull alone)
TAMANNA:Wooh main..
SIDHANT:Main.main kya padko mujhe..(he took her hand and kept around his waist)kheencho..

Both were trying to pull towards each other..

Nainas hair waved back on yuvis face and he stared at her,,,naina saw him by turning back and they both were lost in themselves..
{background theme playing}

Tamanna was trying hard to pull and sid saw her trying so hard and stared at her…she also saw him and they both were also lost in themselves…
{background theme playing}

J.P was looking both of them and file which was now in loose grip..he was trying to take it from them slowly..

Armaan and atul entered…

Atul was confused seeing all of them..and so was armaan but his attention went back to the "file" which they were holding..
He could see its other side on which the name of "ridhima" was written..
He was shocked..and tried to think to get that file…

ATUL:Guys kya ho raha hainn..

All of them came out of senses and tried to pull again..

SIDHANT:AJ tum mere team mein aao..
NAINA:Nehi mere….

Armaan came closer to them and was trying to get file while they were busy talking to atul..

ATUL:Yeh..sab kya ho raha hain..

NAINA:Sawal mat pooncho yaar..
SIDHANT:Tum meri help karo..
NAINA:Nehi ,,mera..



All stopped fighting..but still holding file..

ATUL:Tum sab kyun lad rahe ho..

All were confused especially sid and naina..why were they fighting?

NAINA:Haan baat toh sahi hain..
SIDHANT:Hum dono kyun lad rahe the..
NAINA:Hum kis baat pe lad rahe the..do u remember..
NAINA:sorry sid,,
SIDHANT:Ya ..sorry naina..

They all leave the file at one time forgetting that they have been holding it for a long time with force and all of them fall back ..

Naina falls on yuvi on left side and sid falls on tamanna on the right and J.P who was trying to get the file again falls back on the locker …

Armaan takes the opportunity and atlast gets file into his hand which was about to fall in true filmy style..

Atul is still confused!!!

Armaan goes out of room unnoticed by anyone…

Naina was on yuvi her head on his chest and was trying to get up..but falls down..he removes locks of her hair and keeps behind her ear!!
{background theme playing}

YUVRAJ:Poora din aise rehna chahthi ho..
YUVRAJ:Toh utho…
NAINA:Uth rahi hoon..

Sid is on tamanna who is trying to get up but cant as sid is busy seeing /staring her…and thinks how beautiful is she..
{background theme playing}

SIDHANT:Tumko chot toh nehi aaya na..

Tamanna nods in no direction….
All get up,J.P was still recovering….

ATUL:Yeh tum sab kya kar rahe the,,

SIDHANT:Wooh…kuch nehi AJ..
NAINA:Bas aise hi…

ATUL:Aise hi..main andha hoon kya..tum lad kyun rahe the..

J.P was just recovering from the pain..

J.P:Main kahan hoon..

Both were trying to get out when they saw J.P in middle of them..
NAINA:J.P ne kiya..
SIDHANT:Haan sab kuch J.P ne kiya hain..

They both push J.P who was trying to get up and he gets again hurt to locker…now not in a position to even get up..

Atul looks at naina and sid with confused look and both give him a big smile and moves away..and so does atul to his locker..

SIDHANT:Tamanna I am sorry wooh maine kuch zyaada hi bol diya tha…main tumhe drop kar do..
TAMANNA:Its ok.. sid mein chali jaungi..
SIDHANT:Tum mujse naraz toh nehi ho na..hum ab bhi dost hain na…
TAMANNA:Haan,,(she smiles)ab mujhe jaana hain..bye..

NAINA:Hello…jiggy kahan ho tum..ok main aa rahi hoon,,
YUVRAJ:Mujhe lagtha hain kisiko thanks kehna tha..
NAINA:Kisko..not me,,bye

Waving her hand,yuvi is irritated yet againand then he too leaves..

Atul gets his stuff….and searches for armaan..

ATUL:Yeh armaan kahan chala gaya..abhi toh yehi tha..

J.P was recovering again!!!

J.P:Main kahan hoon…wooh file kahan hain??

Back in corridor ..
Armaan has the "file" at last and he was happy very happy .. He was about to open it,…when his cell rang..he picked it..

ABHI:Armaan kahan ho tum..
ABHI:Haan aur kaun tumne kahan mujhse miloge …
ARMAAN:Achcha theek hain mere ghar mein,,
ABHI:Main tumhara intezar kar raha hoon parking mein jaldi aao..
ARMAAN:Par mujhe kaam..
ABHI:Armaan please…
ARMAAN:Hmm..theek hain..
ABHI:Issi waqt main wait kar raha hoon..
ARMAAN:Achcha baba aa raha hoon…

Armaan goes to his cabin and keeps his file in locker.he thinks to read it tomorrow
and goes to meet abhi in parking..unwantedly..

He gets out of cabin when his cell rings again..

ARMAAN:Abhi..main bas aa raha hoon….
ABHI:Jaldi aaoo…
ARMAAN:Tum bhi na,,uff!!!

Someone hears this conversation …

VOICE:Abhi Aur Armaan?kahan jaa rahe hain?

Back at parking…

Armaan and abhi:

ARMAAN:Abhi…kya kar rahe ho..
ABHI:Jaldi gaadi mein baitho…
ARMAAN:Theek hain…

Armaan sits and Abhi speeds up the car…they go to a pub…

ABHI:Haan..yahan koi nehi dekhega..Chalo mere saath…

They both enter the pub..little did they know they were being followed by someone…

They made themselves comfartable in a table..and began talking after ordering soft drinks..the pub was busy with crowd dancing on loud music..

Armaan who was drinking spit out his drink listening abhis words..

ABHI:Kya kya?
ARMAAN:Tumhara matlab nikki aur tumhare beech sab theek hain..
ARMAAN:Tumne mujhe bataya nehi..
ABHI:Ab kya kar raha hoon..
ARMAAN:Yeh sab kaise hua ..kab hua…
ABHI:Uss din jab tumhara sanjeevni se jaana ke program ho raha tha..
ARMAAN:Hoo....us din,., Par kab..
ABHI:Wooh nikki aayi thi mere kamre mein,,,wooh chahthi thi ki main tumhara madad karu,ussi samay maine usse samjhaya aur ..
ARMAAN:Wooh samajh gayi itni aasani se..
ABHI:Kya matlab hain tumhara..main nikki ko mana nehi saktha..afterall wooh bhi mujhse pyaar karthi hain..
ARMAAN:Hmm!!Par Jiah!!!nikki ne uske baare mein kya kaha..
ABHI:Maine usse kahan ki main usse samjhana ki koshish karoonga,,,

Someone was trying to listen to this conversation for a long time…but couldn't due to the disturbances – songs playing in background, people dancing around,many people pushing,..but now the person was really close to them and could hear the conversation..

ARMAAN:Tumhe lagtha hain jiah maan jayengi…
ABHI:Pata nehi…par koshish toh karna padega..
ARMAAN:Itna pyaar karthe ho…
ABHI:Bahut bahut bahut…
ARMAAN:Yeh mera dialogue hain..
ABHI:Sorry..main bahut pyaar kartha hoon..khud se bhi zyaada..
ARMAAN:I know…par shayad ismein legal formalities hogi…(he meant divorce with jiah)
ARMAAN:Tumhe ek lawyer se consult kyun nehi karthe..

The person was on side table of armaan and abhis ans was listening keeping the menu card to face so that they don't see..

VOICE:Legal !!! lawyer!!!nehi!!!

ABHI:Dekhthe hain…
ARMAAN:Achcha toh Propose kab karne wale ho…
ABHI:Tumhe kyun batao..yeh surprise hoga..
ARMAAN:Surprise aur mere liye..

The person was shocked and almost jumped from sear but sat back..
VOICE:Propose aur Surprise..!!!!!!!!

ARMAAN:Aur Marriage ke plans bhi soch rahe hoon kya..?
ABHI:Hmm..sochna toh padega..
ARMAAN:Haan waise ab yeh sab toh "legal" hain..
ARMAAN:Kuch nehi,,
ABHI:Armaan tumhe pata hain….mein jiah se kabhi pyaar nehi kartha tha..but .i love ..i really really love ni…
ARMAAN:I know…yaar chill main hoon na..we will handle..
ABHI:Thanks armaan..u really are a true friend…(abhi hugs him)
ARMAAN:I love u abhi I love u …so much mujhe chod ke kabhi mat jaana..mujhse jald se jald shaadi karna..i love u!!!(hugging him tightly)

They both smile..

ARMAAN:Ok ok..,,Toh mujhe party kab dee rahe ho..
ARMAAN:Arre mere wajah se toh tum dono wapas mil gaye..
ABHI:Wooh kaise,,
ARMAAN:Party maine rakha.sanjeevni se mein jaa raha tha,mere liye nikki tumhare paas aayi..aur tum dono mein sulah ho gaya..so maine hi tum dono ko milaya na..
ARMAAN:Ab toh party milegi na..
ABHI:Haan ..Bahut jald..bas kisi bhi taraj jiah maan jaye..
ARMAAN:Jahan tak main jantha hoon wooh bhi bahut jaldi ho jayega..(looking around)
ARMAAN:Kuch nehi chalo…

They both leave..

VOICE:Abhi!!!main aise kabhi nehi hone doongi..

Armaans cabin:

The room was dark..it was almost midnight it was filled with little light of torch carried by a person wearing a long black leather jacket and black pant..he was seeing around to confirm that nobody is seeing him…he proceeded towards the armaans table and started searching for something with torch…
He couldn't find it,he searched all around…the person was tired of searching after sometime..when his eyes rolled over locker and he opened it..it wasn't locked!!!

He searched and got what he wants – file!!!!!but he didn't took out and left..
He took out the another file from his jacket and replaced it with the one in locker,locked it..and smiled to himself!!!and went away…
The room was back to dark…..



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