Monday, 22 June 2020


Dinner is a silent affair. There is only the clattering sound of plates and spoons. Suddenly Riddhima broke the silence."Armaan ?"  Armaan looks at her from plate "Will u mind if I sleep tonight with Shilpa?." She asks out of blue.

Shilpa looks up startled and her eyes darted from Riddhima to Armaan. It is surely Is a dream come true for her .she has only thought about a thing like this in her imagination .When ever she saw Anjali and Riddhima together she has craved for this sisterly love . But today the situation has changed. Having a whole night with her sister will mean talking and talking will mean arousal of some unwanted questions that she does not want to face. Not today at least. " Umm . . .Di . ..u don't have to. . . u know . .umm . ." She fumbles uttering each word. One part of her heart is jumping in joy while the other part is warning her.

" I don't have to Shilpa, but I want to. . .But if u have any problem then. . ." she keeps the words hanging to hear from her. She has very meticulously used her words so that the end result would come positive.  She remembered her talk and decision with Armaan that they will help her to unleash her pain. And as she is adamant on avoiding them she thought to use some other ways.

" No. . .um. . .no Di. . .But may be Armaan would hav. ."She is really caught into a tricky situation and can not find any way out so she tries to use Armaan as an excuse and she looks up at Armaan hoping against hope that he would say a no .

 "  Me !!Why should I have any?. . " Armaan looks at her innocently totally disregarding the hints that she is giving him through her eyes. Armaan very well knows What Riddhima trying to do and he will going to support her. Shilpa has to talk. if not with him then with Riddhima. .

" Thanks Armaan. .." Riddhima blinks her eyes at Armaan showing her appreciation and he smiles.

Shilpa looks at the transaction between then and knows that she is up for something. But she can not do anything so she looks back at her plate defeated and starts to eat slowly lost in her thought and fear about the upcoming night.

At night in Shilpa's room:

Both sisters are in bed while Riddhima is half laying in the bed with her back against the bedpost, Shilpa is sleeping on the bed with her head on Riddhima's lap and Riddhima is slowly caressing her hair. After some blissful moment Shilpa broke the silence,"Di?. . ."

" Hmmm. . ." Riddhima was staring at the Shilpa while she kept her eyes closed. It seems like she is having the most peaceful time of her life. Riddhima looks at the innocence that is pouring out of her calm face and smile at her.

" I missed u. . ."she pours her heart out. How she craved for this sisterly love. Though she is fearing of the night ahead but as of now she is feeling blissful sleeping on Riddhima's lap. She never expected that she is gonna hav so much happiness in her life. But for now she thanked her god for sending Riddhima to her.

" Really?. . ." Riddhima asks her.

" Yes Di. . .A looottt. . ."She answers still keeping her eyes closed. But the genuineness of her tone touched Riddhima's heart.

Riddhima smiles heartily. She is already feeling so close and so affectionate towards her that she wonders how once she is so rude to her. After some time she questioned. "Uhh. . .Shilpa?"

" Yes di?. ." she asks noticing Riddhima's curious tone.

" When did he. .ummm. . .I mean. . .when did he. . .  died?. ."she asked  hesitantly. Though at first Riddhima had thougt that through Shilpa

She can get her hands to that dirty man, her so called father. But later it had  stroked her, that if Shilpa lived in a Orphanage that only means that  that man is no more , the fact made her disappointed but she could not held grudge against a dead man. Can she?

" U mean .papa. . ?." Shilpa asks with a sigh. She knows that this question will pop up and she hav no hesitation to tell Riddhima everything. After all she has the right to know about her father.

' Umm. . .yea. . ." though she have no affection or soft corner for that  pathetic person who betrayed her mother ,Still she could not hid her curiosity . She is entitled to know everything. And moreover she wanted to know Shilpa more better.

" I don't know. . ." Shilpa gets up and looks at Riddhima's eyes.

" What ?"she asked shocked.

" it's a long story. . ."

" I have time. . ." Riddhima is quite eager now to know what happened with Shilpa.

" Ok. . .".Shilpa looks at the ceiling and starts to describe her past. The past which no one knows, except her and Bua. And she had never told anyone. It is very painful for her to go back to those days but still she feels an urge to tell Riddhima everything. As if she wants to get rid of it by sharing it with Riddhima, " I was born in London. . . and from the time I gain my senses , I have only seen my mom and dad fighting. . .It was a daily routine. I was not big enough to understand the reason. . I used to be scared all the time. I always hid myself under table while I heard them shouting on each other. I craved for them to love me and tell me nothing happened but they didn't hav any time for me. . It is as if I never existed for them. . .  Then when I am about 7years of age, one day my mom took me from there came to India I was actually quite happy that I don't hav to see my angry father again and will hav the attention of my mother. But none of that happened. Mom used to leave out of the house most of the time and I hav to live in that big house all alone. About a year later my mom take me to this orphanage and left me here and never came back.. . .( her eyes welled up) From then I lived here. At my 10th birthday Bua gave me a letter from my mom where she had apologized me for leaving me and told me that she had divorced dad and the reason is being my dad having a illegitimate affair and a child from it. In her letter she gave me ur address and told me of u being adopted by Dr. Shasank , the dean of Sanjeevani. .  From her letter I also came to know that my dad has died of a car accident. He was drunk and was driving, he lost control and collided with a truck and declared spot dead." she finished and take out a breath. She felt a kind of relief engulfs her after blurting out all that was kept in her heart for so long.

 Riddhima hugged her  "I am sorry. . ." She is feeling utterly sad thinking how her little sister had gone through all this hardship in such a tender age. She also realized that how kind God is to give her a family. She can not even think of doing all this at such age. She was an out an out pampered girl away from every kind of misery. She admires the strength and spirit of Shilpa that after going through all this she managed to became what she is. She used to spread light on others life while she herself was in darkness and she is still doing that.

" No Di, its ok. . . I don't even remember him properly. Infact the news of his death does not even have any effect on me. . . But From then on my only aim of life became u, the only family I have. I studied medicine just to be in Sanjeevani. To get to u.. And when I get in Sanjeevani, my happiness knew no bound. . .I just wanted to be close to u, to tell u that I am ur sister .To get the love of a family that I always craved for." she said looking in Rddima's eyes .

Riddhima is amazed hearing all this. The extent this girl went just to be with her. And she feels all the more guilty that she was unable to provide her that love. So, she lowers her eyes uttring a low whisper . "I am sorry. . ."

She don't want Riddhima to feel low about herself. She doesn't want to feel sad now. After all she got her Di after so many days. She hold up Rddhima's chin and smiles at her. "Don't be sad Di. . .see we are togther now. . . .After all its all that mattered. . ."

" But then, why did you left Sanjeevani. . . .were u angry with me?. Shilpa, I know , I was very much rude and. . ." She holds her hand in her asking the question she wants to know from beginning.

" No Di .don't say that. . .I can never be angry with u. . .U are the only family that I has. .. Infact when ever u scolded me I felt good .its like as if my sister is scolding me. .." She said clasping Riddhima's hand.

" Then what it is Shilpa?. . .why did u left without letting me know?. . ." She searches her eyes for the answer. She knows the reason, but she wants to hear it from her mouth. She wants her to talk, to share, to let it all out in open. Though see feels very  to probe her to say something so painful but it's the only way to make her come out of it.

" Wo . . .I have some reasons Di. . ." she fumbles. That is the thing she has been fearing all along .she does not know what to say. How to come out of it?

" What reasons.?" Riddhima probes further.

" Its. . .its. . . something personal. . ."still fumbling. She avoids her gaze and turns around getting up from bed.

 " Tell me . . . I am ur sister. ..I can help u. . ." Riddhima knows she is at the verge of breaking. She can not let this chance go. Today she is going to stop all this running around business. And if the situation demands her to be strict, she will be.

" Ummm . . . wo . . . Di. . .wo. . ." She found herself short of words. It's not going good at all , she thought. She is failing to make any kind of excuse now. It all seems blank.

" Is it. . .Armaan?. . ."  Riddhima comes strait to point. She is not going to bit around bush now and neither going to give her any chance to make any lame excuse and run away. . . .


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