Thursday, 18 June 2020

PART 14 : MY prediction for AR rest story

"Laye hum Hasi laye hum Khushi jee le phir se zindagi…

Taaron se aage hum jaayenge cheen le ayenge roshni …

Dil ho jahaan dost ho vahaan aisa manzar hain yahan…

Manzil nayi,rasthe naye …

Phir bhi chale,hum saath mein…

Hum toh chale the dost banke…

Jaane kahan dill mill gayye!!!!"

 Armaans cabin:

ARMAAN:Aisa ..aisa nehi ho saktha!!!Ridhima...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was tensed,he kept the file down on table and put his hands to his head.. he took the glass of water and drank it in one go..he took a long breathe and started seeing the file again....

ARMAAN:Shayad kuch ho sake!!

He took his cell and called to some of the doctors he knew and talked to them for a long time..but at the end of every call his face was showing sad expression..he started walking in his cabin and tried  some of his friends again....but still he didnt got the answer he was looking for...

ARMAAN:iska matlab ridhima kabhi bhi nehi theek ho sakthi..kabhi bhi nehi.....ab main..main kya karoon ..koi bhi raastha nehi..koi treatment nehi..kuch bhi nehi...,,kya ridhima kabhi bhi hosh mein nehi aa sakthi?.....

sab se toh baat karliya hain..aur kisi ke pass bhi koi bhi jawaab nehi...kuch nehi ho saktha kuch nehi........(he was tensed,frustated and angry) damn u armaan tum ek looser ho..tum ridhima ke liye kuch nehi kar sakthe kuch nehi....(he was broken,he sat on the chair again covering his face and tears started falling from his eyes)..main aise nehi hone doonga..mujhe kuch karna hoga mujhe ridhima ko bachana hoga....main aise  nehi hone doonga basket ..main tumhe bacha loonga..main ...

He takes out his phone n sees it for a long time,he then remembers one of his friends who can help him..he searches for his number..

ARMAAN:Hello..hello…karan…… (sorry couldn't find more suitable name than this,, :) )

KARAN:Armaan..???yaar kaisa hain tu,,,kitne dino baad yaad kiya hume..kya chal raha hain..

ARMAAN:Karan..main theek hoon,,wooh mujhe tujhse kuch help chahiye tha,,

KARAN:Kya hua armaan sab theek hain na..(hearing him tensed)

ARMAAN:Wooh.karan main (he explains all the reports to him).

KARAN: (After listening wholly)Oh!!hmm..armaan mujhe tu yeh reports ka copy bhej,main abhi kuch nehi keh saktha..mujhe thoda waqt chahiye…main aur kuch doctors se bhi discuss karna chahtha hoon..

ARMAAN:Karan..yeh bahut hi important hain..yeh meri..bask.tu bas jaldi se kuch kar yaar,,

KARAN: Haan....haan main kartha hoon..tu aisa sound kar raha hain ki tumhari zindagi ka sab kuch choot gaya ho..

ARMAAN: choot toh gaya hain… (slowly)

KARAN:kya .??anyways..main tumse baad mein baat kartha hoon..haan mujhe reports ki copy bhejna mat bholna,, bas tu himmat mat har yaar..ok bye..

ARMAAN:Main abhi bhejtha hoon,,bye karan..

Armaan sends the reports,,,karans word ring in his head.. ."tu aisa sound kar raha hain ki tumhari zindagi ka sab kuch choot gaya ho.." n then "bas tu himmat mat har yaar:,,

ARMAAN:Shayad kuch ho,,main haar nehi man saktha..

He came here to get ridhima back n his only hope of ray was vanished..he went ot ridhimas room and saw her from door ,he didn't dare to go inside …he looked her from glass n walked by corridor thinking of all the moments between him n ridhima and then the day of shoot-out  n report,,..(DMG sad tune playing)


All interns were gathered and talking …

J.P:Naina flowerji aap theek toh hain na..


NAINA:(was thinking of the small encounter between her n yuvi,she suddenly comes out hearing sids voice)Haan main theek hoon..

ATUL:(seeing her hand on table)Yeh tumhara haath ko kya hua..

NAINA:Kuch..kuch nehi..(backs her hand)

SIDHANT:Dikhao toh..kaise lag gaya..,,(taking her hand)tum dekh ke nehi chal sakthi?

NAINA:Yeh meri galti nehi hain,,

TAMANNA:Toh..phir kis ki hain..

NAINA:kuch logon ki  jinko sach sunna achcha nehi lagtha….(seeing yuvi)

YUVRAAJ:(coming from other table to where the others were sitting) jhoot ke alawa aur kuch boltha hi nehi usse sach ke baare mein kya pata?..

J.P:Tum log kya bol rahe ho..main samjha nehi,,

NAINA: (diverting)Yeh chodo….aur wooh dekho …


NAINA:Arre tumko nehi sid..AJ..Lagta hain aapka koi intezar kar rahan hain..


ALL: (in chorus seeing back of atul)Dr.Anjali…

Atul sees back and sees anjali waiting for him..

ATUL:Guys main abhi ..abhi aata hoon..(atul goes shyly)

SIDHANT:Jaldi nehi hain AJ poora time lo..hum kahin nehi jayenge..u have fun dude..(atul smiles seeing back)

TAMANNA:Sid..kyun pareshan kar rahe ho atul ko..


TAMANNA:Sid..kyun ka kya matlab… usse bura lagega..

SIDHANT:Tohh..(tam gives a serious look)..main tho bas mazak kar raha tha..chill ok..

TAMANNA:Sid mazaak ka bhi ek had hota hain..

SIDHANT:Oh phleasee..ab tum shuru mat ho jana..

TAMANNA:Par sid yeh sach hain..


TAMANNA:Yehi Ki zindagi ek mazak nehi hain,hame usse seriously lena hain..

SIDHANT:Tamanna yeh batao ki tum hamesha aisi hi ho….


SIDHANT:Yehi zindagi..serious..(he laughs)comeon yaar zindagi ek baar milthi hain..,,toh hame usse enjoy karna hain,,jo beet gaya usse bhool jao..sirf aaj..aaj mein jiyo..,,kya pata kal ho na ho,,(in true filmy style)

J.P:Sid bhaiya kya baat kaha hain aapne..waah waah!!(clapping)

YUVRAAJ:Par kabhi kabhi beethi hui kal ko bhulna itna asaan nehi hotha….

Yuvi gets up n one hears it except naina..she follows him while J.P n sid gives hi-fi..n enjoy singing "kal ho na ho"song....



TAMANNA:Jo sochna hain sochao..Humaari aaj night duty bhi hain,,chale,,bahut kaam hain,,

SIDHANT:Arre yaar abhi toh kahan hain,,yeh phir se shuru ho gayi..miss,gayab puppy chaliye.. bye naina..kahan hain.. ok..bye J.P..

J.P:Bye sid bhaiya, kal ho na ho,, bye tamanna flowerji…(singing)

Sid and tamanna leaves..while J,P enjoys his food…


ATUL:Anjali tum yahan…

ANJALI:Wooh atul aaj meri duty jaldi khatam ho gayi toh main ne socha ki main..tum..mera matlab hain hum kuch time spend kare…

ATUL:Haan..chalo..hum baithe hain..

ANJALI:Atul…yahan nehi..

Atul sees anjali with confused expression..

ANJALI:(Knowing he still didn't get it)Mera matlab hain hum kahin "bahar" chale…. "date pe" …

ATUL: "Date pe" ..?

ANJALI:Kyun tum nehi jana chahthe ho..toh theek hain..(she turns around)

ATUL:Nehi nehi.anjali chalenge na….aaj raat ko..duty ke baad,,

ANJALI:Bye atul..i will be waiting for u ..

ATUL:Bye anjali..

Anjali leaves…

ATUL:Atul…teri toh nikal padi ..

Hes very happy as its their first official date after anjali accepted her love for him,he does a happy dance n checks out if no ones looking and go back to duty.

But armaan who comes there to share his sadness sees it n hears it..

ARMAAN:Oh !!!main atul aur anjali ko disturb nehi kar saktha..bahut dino ke baad toh wooh akhir bahar jaa rahe hain apni pehlr date par (he laughs remembering their last date which was diastrous),,,Good luck champ…

 -------- --------------- ----------

J.P:Yeh naina flowerji kahan hain,yuvi bhaiyaa bhi nehi dikh raha hain,, ,

Searching in canteen..

J.P:Naina flowerji…naina flowerji,,

He doesn't see armaan standing at back of canteens door n armaan just turns around after listening to atul-anjalis conversation both bump into eachother n the juice glass in J.P's hand spills over armaan…both look at eachother..,,armaan is really irritated,,

ARMAAN:Abey yaar,,

J.P:Sorry Dr.armaan..wooh maine nehi dekha hume maaf keejiye ..hum isse ponch lege ..

He takes a napkin to clean but accidently spills more juice..

ARMAAN:Stop,,main,,main kar loonga..Oh god..

Armaan goes away angrily,,where as J.P is confused n drinks his remaining juice n is on way to search naina..

J.P:Naina flowerji…naina flowerji,,(singing)

Armaan goes to locker room n cleans his stain..he removes his shirt….he sees that it cant be cleaned..

ARMAAN:Oh god..yeh J.P bhi..ab kya karo..shirt badalna padega….

He starts searching for some spare shirts at changing room..

ARMAAN:Arre yeh kya koi bhi shirt nehi hain,,,(he finds out some shirt)yeh mil shirt..kuch bhi pehloo armaan..

He wears it and buttons it and goes away,,,

Abhimanyus cabin:

Abhi calls nikki,he seems to excited n nervous too..

ABHI:Hello..Nikki main abhi bol raha hoon..

NIKKI:Haan abhi main tayar hoon.

ABHI:Good tum hotel starlight..pahunch jana..

NIKKI:Par abhi..tum mujhe pick nehi karoge..

ABHI:Please nikki..tum jao main abhi pohunchtha hoon..wooh ,,wooh mujhe kuch kaam agaya hain..

NIKKI:Theek hain..bye,,


He goes out of his cabin,on his way he calls another number..,,of hotel where he booked for nikki,,

ABHI:Hello main Dr.Abhimanyu modi bol raha hoon..maine book kiya tha kya sab kuch tayaar hain..

MANAGER:Jee sir sab tayaar hain,,


Abhi smiles widely,,

ABHI: (To himself)Aaj mere aur nikki ke liye sab se yaadgaar din rahega,,

Hes about to go when he sees armaan going out of hopital,,,near parking,


Armaan feels happy seeing someone to share his sadness,,

ARMAAN:Abhi mujhe tumse kuch zaroori baar kari hain,,wooh ridh..

ABHI:Yeh "red" shirt tumpe bahut achcha lag raha hain..tum bahut hansome lag rahe hoo,,

We hear someone voice from near.. "red"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARMAAN:Abhi..meri baat..

ABHI:Yeh sab chodo..Mujhe tumhe kuch dikahna hain..surprise hain..bahut bada surprise mere saath chalo…

ARMAAN:Par kahan..

ABHI:Hotel starlight..


ABHI:Oho..tum sawal bahut poonchthe hoo….ab chalo bhi,,(he drags him to his car)

We see someone watching this conversation from back of car…

VOICE:Red dress !!!Hotel starlight!!!

Atul n anjali are on way to their date..

Atul sees abhi dragging armaan…

ATUL:Armaan aur abhi ke saath…

ANJALI:Atul kya hua,,,,wahan kahan dekh rahe ho..waise tumne kya socha hum kahan jayenge,,kis hotel mein..

ATUL:Haan.. haan ..anjali..mere saath chalo…

He takes anjali to car n drives himself following armaan n abhi,,

Armaan is really not in a mood to go anywhere ,all way he thinks of about his moments with ridhima n how all doctors said that theres no way ridhima can be cured,,but he still doesn't lose hope after listening to karans words n he got some motivation..

Abhi is too excited,hes driving happily..he remembers all moments with nikki how they met,their confession,jiah entered into their life,nikki accepted him back n how to make this day most special..

Anjali is very happy to go to their first date,she smiles all the way seeing at atul n remembers all their moments till now..

Atul is happy seeing anjali smile n remembers how she confessed her love..but as he sees the car infront of them his thoughts get distracted n he follows their car,n  tries to hide himself that armaan or abhi doesn't see from cars mirror....

They reach the hotel..

At hotel star light..

Abhi n armaan get down the car,abhi is very excited n armaan sad,but he still smiles fakely to abhi.. 

Atul who follows them stops their car near their car but where they cant see them….!!mujhe yeh place bahut pasand hain..chalo..


Atul gets down n tries to see where abhi n armaan are going,but anjali drags him n they go inside from other side..

Abhi takes armaan to a large room fully decorated with red-white ballons and flowers,

ARMAAN:Yeh sab kya hain..kiske liye hain..

ABHI:Aur kiske liye..tumhe pata toh hain…main aaj ke din hum dono ki life ki bahut special din bananna chahtha hoon….

He goes near the manager and tells him some more instructions..armaan sees around to find a cake on the table and "I love u" written on it,a greeting card and rose,a champane bottle,a music band ready to play whom abhi were giving instructions,,, armaan sees it and remembers his moments with ridhima..

On the other hand atul is very curious whats happening between armaan n abhi n where did they go..the waiter waits for order to be placed..

ANJALI:Atull,,kya soch rahe ho,,khana order karo..

They order some food for them,,anjali is very happy,,atul a bit confused,

Sid –tam:

Sid and tamanna were in general ward doing the check-ups….


TAMANNA:Haan..oo aap.. kahiye..

PATIENTS WIFE:Jee wooh hamare bete ke kidney match ho gaya hain..humne test kiya..wooh is operation ke liye tayaar hain..

TAMANNA:Yeh toh bahut hi achchi baat hain,hum kal hi operation ki tayari karenge..

PATIENTS WIFE:Sab kuch theek ho jayega na..

TAMANNA: (she remembers how she nearly blasted his husband on other day n now shes asking about his health so nicely n caringly but still tamanna talks normally)Aap chintha mat keejiye,hum sab sambhal lenge,app pehle kuch formalities puri keejiye,nurse(she calls nurse) yeh aap ko sab bata degi..

PATIENTS WIFE:Dhanyawad doctorji..

Nurse takes her to fill some forms n fee payment etc..

Sid was sitting with the patient and checking him..

PATIENT:Dekha humne kahan na doctor sahab..

SIDHANT:Kya,,(removing his stethescope)

PATIENT:Yehi ki hamare beta sabse achcha hain,waise duniya ke saare bete achche hothe hain,aap bhi,betiyon ki tarah nehi,wooh mujhe bachane ke liye apna kidney dene ke liye tayaar hain,,mera sar uncha kar diya usne..aaj mein garv se keh saktha hoon ki wooh mera "beta" hain,beta..

All sid can do was smile as tamanna was listening to his stupid non-sense..n if sid supported him again,he knew that means another fight with tamanna and he don't want to fight with her,why ,he too didn't know..

PATIENT:Waise doctor sahab kal operation achcha hoga na..

SIDHANT:ya dude chill..sab theek ho jayega...

PATIENT:Haan wooh toh hoga,,waise wooh ladki toh nehi karegi na.,,mujhe usse dekhna bhi achcha nehi lagtha..

SIDHANT:Kaun ,miss.puppy gayab..Dekhiye aap samajh nehi rahe hain,,agar wooh sunlegi toh..

PATIENT:Kya karegi haan..ladki hi hain na..yeh ladkiya kuch nehi karsakthi bas hamesha roti rehthi yeh khadoos doctorni toh..

Sid sees tamanna coming near them,


PATIENT:Haan wahi..khadoos kahin ki,,

SIDHANT:Wooh dekho..Dr.Tamanna..,,

But the patient doesn't listen to him..

PATIENT:Main keh deta hoon..main uss kahdoos se operation nehi karvaounga..

SIDHANT: (To himself)Yeh toh gaya kaam se..

Tamanna comes angrily and talks..

TAMANNA: Kyun ab aap ladkiyon se operation bhi nehi karayenge..

PATIENT: (seeing her he gets up)Dekho ladki maine pehle hi kahan ab phir se keh raha hoon,main tum ya phir kisi ladki se operation karne wala,

Sid was about to say something but stops n gets ready for lecture keeping his hands in his ears....

TAMANNA: (loudly)Main aapko kab se dekh rahi hoo..Aap apne aap ko kya samjthe hain,aap ladkiyon ke baare mein aise anab sharab bake jayenge aur main sunthi rahoongi,dekhiye yeh ek hospital yahan aapka operation kaun karega kaun nehi yeh hum decide karenge aap nehi,agar phir se aapne kabhi bhi ladkiyon ke baare mein bura bolenge toh mujhse bura koi bhi nehi hoga,samjhe…(pointing her fingers almost on his face)

The patient was dumdstruck,he didn't say anything,he just kept staring at her,

He didn't expect it from her,sid removed his hands from his ears and saw the patient looking at tam with his mouth open..

SIDHANT: Maine kahan tha na…

The patient see sid and nods his head at him while sid tries to go away from there..

TAMANNA:Sid tum yahi raho aur inka(pointing the patient)…achca sa,,nehi bahut achcha sa khayal rakhna theek hainaur aap (pointing the patient with finger) agar phir se apne kuch kahan toh …..(she left the sentence hanging)

She warned him n left…sid n patient looked at them selves and shrugged shoulders..

PATIENT: Waise doctor sahab aapko pata hain..he started telling stories of all sorts.,,

Sid saw at tamanna who was laughing seeing sid..

He tried to call her so that he can get out from this guy,but tamanna waved him bye n gave a "u-enjoy-this-nonsense" look,

Sid was smiling widely seeing at patient ,,,his smile kept decreasing,,tamanna went away from there,,,and sid remained silent and kept his hands to head,while the patient  kept talking non-sense of his "sons achievements" like how much he have struggled to copy from his friend in his childhood,and how he was first at running when ever he used to steal anything from their neighbours


Locker room:

Sid,tamanna n j.p had night duty ..

Yuvi was keeping his lab coat n files in locker,he takes out his helmet n cellphone,it starts ringing..


VOICE:Yuvraaj,main aslyum se baat kar raha hoon..

YUVRAAJ:Kahiye doctor..

DOCTOR:Wooh,kal ek baar tumhe aana padega,kuch files pe sign karna hoga aur aap apne bhai ko bhi dekh sakhthe hain..

YUVRAAJ:Theek hain doctor kal mein shyaam ko milne aaounga,aap unka khayal raheye..

DOCTOR:Jee yeh bhi kehne ki baat hain,itne saalon se hum unhe treat kar rahe hain..ok then..bye yuvraaj..

He keeps the phone and is lost in thinking….he locks the locker n comes out of locker-room,..he doesn't see naina behind the door who has heard his conversation..

NAINA:Doctor..pata nehi ab kya plan kar raha hain…ouch(touching her wrist where yuvi twisted)..ab toh iska peecha karna hi padega,,

Back at hotel starlight..


Anjali is enjoying her dinner date and is talking about their moments,atul is very less interested in her conversation..

ANJALI"Atul..atul..atul..(he at last hears her n sees her) main yahan bak bak bole jaa rahi hoon aur tum meri baat sun hi nehi rahe the..

ATUL:Wooh anjali mujhe kahin jana hain..


ATUL:Wooh..haan..bathroom..main abhi aata hoon,,(he gets up fastly n goes)

ANJALI:Yeh atul bhi na,,(she smiles at his innocence n sweetness)


ABHI:So armaan kaisa laga yeh sab..(armaan just smiles and doesn't say anything..)

ABHI:Arre kahan no yaar,,achcha agar main kahu ki maine yeh sab toh tumhare liye hi kiya hain toh..,

We hear a squeal from somewhere near..

Abhi sees here n there but can find anyone..he sees at armaan asking again with his eyes...

ARMAAN:Bahut bahut achcha hain..

ABHI:Hain na mujhe pata hain..bas ab ek cheez baaki hain..

ARMAAN:Wooh kya…

ABHI: (He comes close to armaan)Armaan…tum mere sab se achche dost ho aur agar aaj main apni zindagi mein khush hoon toh bas tumhari wajah se,,toh..


ABHI:Main tumhe kuch dena chahtha hoon..


ABHI:Yeh …

He takes out a box from his pocket and gives to armaan.Armaan takes it.

ABHI:Armaan thanks a lot,really tum mere zindagi ke sabse achche dost ho..i love u..(not in other sense

He hugs him and armaan feels happy and hugs him back,say it coincidence or whatever,the band plays the music(just for reharsal though),and the manager to check out the lights.. off them.. spot light pointing on both of them.

Armaan tries to check out what abhi gave him (still hugging),we see a "ring" in it,armaan is shocked.!!

To add more to this..we see two figures utterly shocked seeing this,

One- (yes yes I know u all guessed it) jiah..who was following them all these days and spying them,in sanjeevni,on their way to pub,everywhere,,she was still in her doubts n want to give him a chance(who cares u babe?,,lol)she heard the conversation saying abhi to wear red dress to someone and she sees armaan in "red" shirt(thanks to J.P) n was half confirmed.. but after seeing this she was shocked,her eyes wide open seeing the diamond in the ring twinkling in the box armaan was holding n also hugging him and saying "I love u" ,she now knew what all she was true and abhi is not "the type" she thought..she really was irritated n angry ,so she left in disguist crying .

And the other -our own atul who has excused himself from anjali and atlast got to the place where abhi n armaan were,he was seeing it from the glass door connecting to the room with his mouth open widely..he saw the both figures hugging(lol..)in middle of spotlight n what made him more shocked was ring in armaans hand n how they were hugging n music that was playing behind(though he cant hear almost got fainted seeing it,he was just contiuosly staring at them n was too lost until anjali came to him searching and called him n when he didn't respond she dragged him to their table not seeing where he was seeing..(oh lady u missed

This all happened in a just some minutes but for us it was like a longgg

Armaan and abhi got separated n the music was off,and lights were on at same time(how don't ask was quite shocked n confused seeing the ring..

ARMAAN:Abhi,,yeh ring mere liye hain..(he asked scratching his head)

ABHI:Kya..o..nehi yeh to nikki ke liye hain..sorry

He removed another box from his other pocket and gave has a bracelet with words "friends forever"..armaan saw it and was happy seeing it..he and abhi became friends in such a little time..

ABHI:Kaisa hain..

ARMAAN:Very nice….thanks..

Abhi sees outside casually n he finds nikki coming from distance..

ABHI:Oh god nikki aa rahi hain..armaan hope u wont mind,..par tum yahan..

ARMAAN:Arre koi baat nehi main chaltha hoon..(he turns to go )par haan baad mein mujhe details bata dena(he said winking his eye)

Abhi went near nikki..

Nikki was cursing the stupid traffic jam due to which she was late,but she didn't notice that jiah who was crying has just passed by her,she turned around to see her again,but abhi came facing her,she was surprised N happy seeing him,she was wearing a gorgeous "red" short dress till her knees and was looking just lovely n beautiful that abhi was too lost seeing her.

NIKKI:Abhi..abhi..(waving hand)

ABHI:Haan..nikki tum aaj bahut achchi lag rahi ho,



They keep walking till entrance of the door..abhi too lost in seeing nikki,suddenly he realises and asks nikki to stop and closes her eyes with his hands..and takes her inside a dark room..

NIKKI:Abhi yeh sab kya hain..

ABHI:Abhi pata chal jayega nikki..

He removes his hands..nikki sees around,the lights gets on,she sees the room beautifully decorated with balloons of red n white,flowers,and then she sees the cake written "I love u" on it..she goes near it,music starts playing,abhi comes near her and gives her rose n greeting,she takes the rose and sees the card ..

"I love u and will be forever with u" written on it at end..

Her eyes start getting wet,abhi cuts the cake with her and they feed each other…and they hug each other but abhi breaks the hug and kneels down,nikki sees him with surprise ,he takes out the box from his pocket(thank god he just has this one and takes out ring from it….

Nikki is just so much surprised,she keeps her hand to her mouth in surprise..

Abhi starts talking …

ABHI:Nikki..mere zindagi mein agar maine kisiko sachche dil se chaha aur pyaar kiya,,toh who sirf aur sirf "tum" ho,main tumhare bina adhura hoon nikki,mujhe tumhara saath chahiye mere zindagi bhar ke liye,I love u nikki ,kya tum hamesha mere saath dogi..

Nikki just nodded her head n said a  yes slowly..

Abhi was more than happy,he was on cloud nine,he stood and kept the ring to her head n kissed her hand and they both hugged each other for a long time.


Armaan went away from there to parking,he forgot that he didn't got his car n came in abhis car..he thought to take a taxi..but none did stopped..he got fed up and stared walking on the  road which was lonely as it was night..

He remembered all the moments again..


Atul was almost shocked and was not talking to anjali,anjali kept shaking him and atlast he was out of his trance,,

ANJALI:Atul kya hua..aisa kyun dekh rahe the jaise koi bhoot dekh liya ho,,

ATUL:Wooh,,maine kuch ajeeb si baat dekhi bahut hi ajeeb..


ATUL:Haan anjali,,bahut ajeeb maine kuch deka tha,,bas mujhe kuch samjh nehi aa raha hain…ki maine kya dekha..

ANJALI:Atul tumhari tabiyat toh theek hain....chalo na ab khao…

Atul starts eating..

ANJALI:Waise mujhe tumse kuch baat karni thi atul..armaan ke baare mein,, wooh,,maine..

ATUL:Armaan ke baare mein..mujhe kuch nehi sunna aur kuch nehi dekhna…

pata nehi wooh aaj kal bahut ajeeb sa behave kar raha hain..

ANJALI:Kya ,,ajeeb.main samjhi nehi,,par atul mujhe tumse..

ATUL:Chodo anjali..agar ab maine phir se socha toh mera dimag kharab ho jayyega..please..please

ANJALI:Theek hain atul….(she listens to the tune palying)atul..mera favourite gaana play ho raha hain,chalo na dance karthe hain..(atul doesn't seem interested)chalo atul..please..

ATUL:Theek hain..chalo..

Abhi-nikki in the room band playing the song,atul-anjali dancing on the floor..

[Song starts playing,]

Shukran Allah wallah hamdul illah

Shukran Allah wallah hamdul illah


Nazron se nazarein mili… Toh

Jannat si mehki fizaayen


Lab ne jo lab chu liya…. Toh

Aasman se barsi duaayen


Aisi apni mohabbat


Aisi rooh e ibaadat


Hum pe meherban do jahaan

Shukran Allah wallah hamdul illah

Shukran Allah wallah hamdul illah

(nikki n abhi)

Teri baahon mein yeh jism khil gaya

Teri saanson mein chain mil gaya

Kaise rahe ab hum judaa

hoo hoo…

Tere pass hum itne hue

Tere khawab apne hue

Aise hue ab hum fidaa

Aisi uski inaayat

Mit gayi har shikaayat

Hum pe meherbaan do jahaan

Shukran Allah wallah hamdul illah

Shukran Allah wallah hamdul illah

(Armaan walking on the street thinking of memories of rids n him)

Wohh… Allahhhh… Shukran Allah

Ohh hooo Allahhh….hooo.. Shukran Allah

(atul-anjali )

Tere saaye mein mili har khushi

Tere marzi meri zindagi

Le chal tu chaahe jahaan

Ha haan

Meri aankhon mein nazar teri hai

Meri shaam o sher teri hai

Tu jo nahi to main kahaan

Khil gayi meri kismat

Paake teri yeh chaahat

Hum pe meherbaan do jahaan

We see atul-anjali hugging on left,abhi-nikki hugging on right who are very happy  and armaan in middle of them sad and walking aimlessly on road!!

Shukran Allah wallah hamdul illah

Shukran Allah wallah hamdul illah

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