Thursday, 11 June 2020


He enters the house at about 11.00p.m.  After taking off his shoes and lab coat he enters the living room with a beautiful sight waiting for him. He saw his Busket, sleeping on the couch in front of T.V. while it is still on, she have the remote loosely in her hand. He tiptoed towards her and sits on his knees before her.  He is seeing her this closely after three whole days and It's a sight that he can watch all his life. He smiles seeing the frown on her face which is causing by the diverse sound modulation in the add breaks at the channel. He slowly takes the remote from her hand without waking her up and switches off the T.V. The frown on her face disappeared. He does not have the heart to wake her up but he is sure she didn't has her dinner. It's a rule in their house to have the dinner with each other. Even if anyone of them had a night duty the other goes to hospital to have dinner with each other, whether it's for as short a time as 5 minutes. He at 1st protested but she said that after a whole day of work and tress seeing each other and chit chatting for some time, as little as it may be, gives a relief to the agitated nerves. And as always he had bowed down to her wish. Sighing he gets up and leaving her with her sweet sleep he goes to bath room to change and get fresh.

 After a quick 10 mines shower he came back to the living room. Seeing her still sleeping he goes near her and again kneels down. He leans and kisses her forehead slowly but lingering his lips there for some time. She opens her eyes slowly taking in his presence.

" Hey,  Pincess, . . .wake up. . ." he mumbled softly and she smiles sweetly, but the next moment she got up in a huff.

"Armaan, when did u came?.. why havn't u woke me up? . . .actually its my fault .I didn't realize when I dosed off. But. . . ." she was cut off by Armaan.

" Easy, . . . .Easy Busket, relax. . . .I just came in about 15 minuets earlier. . . .I saw u sleep so I thought to go and fresh up first . . . ."

She looked towards his tired eyes and said,  "U look so much tired , Armaan. . ."

"Yea I know, . . . .And I am starving too,  so can we pls. . . ." though he doesn't feel like eating but he have to, for his Busket.

"Oh,  I am sooo  sorry, pls.  Go to the dinning table,  I  will serve. . ."

"Busket can we go to the balcony, . . .I don't feel like eating here."he just needs some fresh air.

"Ok,  u go there,  I am coming with the food ,ok." she said caressing his cheek lovingly. He nodded and went to balcony and seated himself in the swing there.

When Riddhima came with the food she saw him lost somewhere so she placed the plate in side table and stood beside him. "Armaan , where r u lost?" she asked when he does not feel her presence. And that breaks his trance..


"What r u thinking?"

"Nothing,  Busket."

"But u looks so lost. ."

"Nothing, . . I am just thinking about a case . . ."

"Which one?"

"Umm, . . u don't know, . .it just came to day" then as if talking to himself " It really needs big time attention? otherwise anything can happen. But right now, I don't know what to do?"

"Don't worry Armaan, . .everything will be alright. . .u will not let any thing happen. . .I trust u?" she reassured him and he smiles at this.

"Yea. . .I have to do something, and that too  really fast"

"If u need my help, I am always there. ."

"I know Busket, . .I will surely ask u if I need u" then he thought, 'I will surely need u in this Riddhima, . . .I need Ur trust  and love. . .and something else too.'

" Ok then, . . . pls don't tress urself too much and now can we pls eat?" she pleaded innocently. He nodded with a smile and opens his mouth indicating Riddhima to feed him. Riddhima shakes her head smiling at his antics but anyways obliges to him.

It's a full moon night out there and the soft rays of moonlight touching their bodies.  The two people in love are snuggled with each other in there small swing and enjoying each other's warmth. Riddhima has her head on his shoulder while he had his hand around her waist encircling her tightly as if seeking the shield of her love.

"Armaan. . ."

"Humm. . ."

"U know,  I still can't believe that we are together, . .it's still like a dream to me. . ."

"For me too Busket, . .The difference is just that,  now I can touch my dream."He said pulling her even closer.

"Armaan time just flew na? . . .in two days we will hav our 2nd anniversary. . . . but I still feels like it was yesterday that we got married. . ."Armaan doesn't respond but kissed her forehead lovingly giving her silent approval.



"What r u going to gift me this year?" she asked with childish excitement.He chuckled at that and said,

"It's a surprise." and thought ' if God gets kind on me Busket ,I will give u the best gift ever.'

She pouted at his answer " Offo , . . Armaan. . .Tell na?"

"I said na , Busket. . .it's surprise. . . . so let it be. . .common tell me,  how was your surgery went in Delhi? "he know exactly how to divert her attention and he successfully do so as she forgets about everything and started to tell him how successful was the surgery and how much everyone appreciated her.

After some time when her eyes catch the time at the wall clock, her eyes gets wide,

"Armaan!!!!"she exclaimed.


" Its 2 o'clock, . . Lets go to sleep. . . .r u not tired now?"

"Yea, I am.  But I don't feel like sleeping. . ."

" So, what r u feeling like?"

"I am feeling like. . . .sitting here holding u like this the whole night. . ."

" Really? R u Mad!! Whole night!!. . .Armaan, Lets go to sleep, we have duties tomorrow."

"Wait a min, . . . "WE" have!!!!But u r off duty tomorrow na?" he sees his plan failing and gets worried. Only he knows how he managed this half day leave. But if Riddhima asked him to go with her he can not do anything.

"Yea I had,  but I called Dr. Kirty and said that I will join from tomorrow,  as I have some pending cases to look after and I thought this way I can be with u more time." she said huskily

" Ohho. . . someone missed me sooo much. ." he said cheekily and she slaps his arm to hid her blush. "O.k. fine, . . . from when ur duty starts?"


" Tchh, . .Busket ,tomorrow I have a half day. ." He said disappointedly.


"Yea. . . as I had handled too many cases today so Dr. Kirty released me for half day."

. " Armaaan " she whined "U  should have told me na?"

"U didn't told me either. ." And she made a sad look.

"Tchh, Busket, . .don't be sad. . .I will go. . .o.k? " he said very well knowing that she won't let him go after seeing his condition today and he is right

"No, . .  Its ok Armaan. Dr. Kirty is right , u need rest. . . u don't have to go"

" Seriously Busket,  I am alright. . . I will go." he said making his face look more tired.

"No u won't', look at urself  Armaan, . . . u look like a mess. . .And anyway u will be coming at afternoon. Isn't it? So I will manage"

"R u sure Busket??"

"Yea,  I am sure and now please get up and go to sleep" and she pulls him in the bed room.

'I am sorry Busket for doing this to u. . . . I hate myself for it, . . . but I don't have any other way. . . .I hope u will understand me and I promise I will tell u everything and make it up to u' he promised himself before going to bed with her.


Getting into bed Riddhima snuggles up to him Placing her head on his chest and warping her one hand around his waist where as Armaan placed his one hand on her shoulder and with other caressing her hair. After some minute Armaan spoke,


Riddhima Tilts her head to meet his eyes knowing something is serious as he Generally Calls her Riddhima when Something is wrong,

" Yes Armaan. . ."

"Thank u. . ."

"What for ?" she asked with confusion in her eyes.

"For being in my life. . .U don't know how much it means to me to be with u. . ."

 She looks in his eyes and saw something there, as if he is asking for some kind of assurance from her and she whispers softly, "Where else should I go Armaan? . . .This is my home. . . .U are my home. . . .I have to be here. . . ."

" Ridhhima,  I. . . ." He swallows the word that came to his mind and instead said "I love u. . . .".  His mind screams to tell her everything. But he can't ??he knows he is wrong. But he is bound. . .

Riddhima smiles, " I love u too Armaan, . . .I love u too and I will always be there. " and the purity in her eyes and the confident in her voice left him speechless and  he embraced her tight pulling her closer. Riddhima does not know what brings this talk but there is something that is worrying Armaan and she hardly believes that is related to some patient case in hospital, but she can see that Armaan is not ready to tell her now. But she knows he will tell her when it's time and she will be waiting for it .She trusts him completely and when he needs her she will be there with him until then how much assurance and love he needs from her, she will give it to him ,even if it is for whole of her lifetime. So she also hugs him tightly and once kissing his chest placed her head there and hearing his even heartbeat while enjoying his slow caressing on her hair, she drifts off to sleep.


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