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Part 2 : Filmy Love Story (ss)

"Armaan..." Both are shocked looking at the other's state.

"Sir..aap...yeh sab..kaise..." the anger was replaced by worry lines as he looked at him.

"Mujhe maaf kar do beta..main..meri wajah se..maine tum dono ko alag kar diya aur iski sazaa mujhe mil rahi hai.." With teary eyes, Shashank joined his hand for forgiveness. Armaan stood still, not knowing what to do. This was not what he had imagined when he came back. The arrogant man a year back was replaced by a weak person who was asking for forgiveness.

"Sir aap yeh..."

"Nahin beta..mujhe aaj mat roko...pichle ek saal se main yeh guilty feeling apne shoulders par le kar ghoom raha hoon. Maine tumhari zindagi barbaad kar di aur uski wajah se Riddhima..."

"Riddhima kya...kya hua Riddhima ko..." looking at his state, Armaan had completely forgotten about his love but hearing her name, he came back to earth...

"Riddhima..hum sabko chod kar...hume chodkar chali gayi..." Shashank whispered looking at the ground as fresh tears formed in his eyes.

"KYA..." Armaan looked at him in shock. The memories of the time they spend together are flashbacked in front of his eyes in backward slow motion. He felt everything revolving in front of his eyes. Riddhima...His Riddhima is no more. How is it possible... The girl for whom he did all this is no more.. Tears formed in his eyes as his lifeless body hit the ground.

"RIDDHIMAAA..." He screamed as tears poured out of his eyes. "KYUN RIDDHIMA KYUN...tumne mera intezaar kyun nahin kiya..tumne aapna vaada nahin nibhaya..tum mujhe akela chod ke kaise chali gayi..."

"Samhalo apne aap ko beta..." Shashank kept his hand on his shoulders in support. "Tumhare jaane ke baad ..Riddhima ekdum toot chuki thi...hamesha aapne kamre mein rehti..kissi se baat bhi nahin karti...maine bahut baar koshish ki...par main haar gaya..tumhara pyaar jeet gaya beta...tum sahi thy..maine kabhi apni beti ko nahin samajh paya."  Shashank Said. Armaan removed his hand and got up from the ground with his back towards him.

"phir achanak ek din..voh ghar chod ke chali gayi bina kissi ko bataye...maine dhoondne ki bahut koshish ki par Riddhima ka kucch pata nahin chala..phir third day police ne bataya ki..." he stopped as fresh sobs escaped his mouth. "third day, police ko ek body milli, investigation karne par pata chala ki voh body...voh body Riddhima ki hai..." he whispered the last few words and slumped on the couch.

Armaan, like a lifeless body left the mansion...everything once again turned into slow motion as he walked aimlessly. *sad background score starts* The only reason...Riddhima...his only reason of living was no more...what was he supposed to do now...only if he hadn't left her alone, she would have been alive. In some way, he blamed himself for her death. Tears were rolling down his eyes as he reached Rahul's house. Looking at his state, nobody knows how he reached the correct house- it's still a mystery.

Looking at his friend's state, Rahul jumped out of the couch and moved towards him.

"Armaan..kya hua..." he asked. This wasn't the reaction he had expected from him.

"Riddhima..Riddhima..mujhe chod kar chali gayi...usne aapne vaada tod diya..usne aapne vada tod diya Rahul..." he said, looking at his best friend and hugged him sobbing uncontrollably.

He told him everything that happened in Shashank's house. By the time they reached the end of the conversation Rahul was shocked out of his wits. The news of Riddhima not alive was something not digestible at all.

"I am sorry Armaan..." Rahul said sitting beside him. He had never seen his friend this broken, even when his mother left him. At that time, it was Riddhima who supported him but this time...

"Tu kyun sorry bol raha hai... galti to meri hai...agar main Riddhima ko aise door nahin karta to shayad aaj.."  a dry laugh escaped his mouth "Tu jaanta hai Rahul...mera yaha se jaane ke baad..Riddhima ne mujhe bahut baar contact karne ki bhi koshish ki par maine kasam khayi thi...jab tak kucch ban nahin jaata tab tak...aur bhagwan ne iski sazaa mujhe de di, Riddhima to mujh se alag kar diya..." he said covering his face.

Rahul continued looking at his friend and the story again moves forward to 6 months. In the last 6 months..again quite a number of things happened.. Armaan was no more the old Armaan... he transformed into a cold business having no emotion. He involved himself into work so that the old feelings, the time he spent with his love doesn't come and haunt him. He was known as a shrewd businessman who doesn't take no for anything. It was like he didn't have any feelings in him. Only Rahul and Muskaan knew the real 'Armaan'. Talking about Rahul and Muskaan, they were about to become the proud parents of a baby in few months.

Every night before going to bed was the only time he used to think and talk to her. Days were going on. Seeing his best friend like in this condition; only caused worry for Rahul.  He wanted him to move ahead, to give life a second chance but Armaan wasn't willing to move on, he wasn't letting go of Riddhima and her memories.

Destiny had planned something else and that uneasy feeling came to haunt him one day, the feeling that makes a person believe that something good or bad is about to happen...that feeling. Since morning, Armaan was feeling that way and surprise...surprise..Was he wrong? and the answer... a BIG NO.

 He was in his car, looking around waiting for the red light to turn green when he saw a glimpse of her- yes his love Riddhima. At first he couldn't believe his eyes.

"Riddhima..." escaped his lips as he looked at her. She was sitting in an auto few metres away. Armaan got down of the car and called her name but his bad luck. Ab sab kucch to ek din main nahin mil sakta... the moment he got down, the light turned to green. People behind his vehicle were screaming at him to move ahead and he had no other option left but to move.

He reached the office and ran towards Rahul's cabin. Without knocking he entered the room where a meeting was going on.

"Rahul ...Riddhima..." looking at his friend's state, he dismissed everyone from the room as Armaan entered and locked it.

"Rahul...Riddhima...maine aaj Riddhima to dekha..." Armaan said as tears of joy escaped his eyes.

"Riddhima..ko..par Riddhima to..."

"Ha rahul..voh zinda hai...maine..aaj dekha use..."

"Zinda hai..matlab..." Rahul asked getting confused.

"Aaj jab ke liye aa raha tha tab maine Riddhima ko...Rahul voh mujhe chood kar nahin gayi...usne aapna vaada nahin toda..voh..."

"tu kya bol raha hai..mujhe kucch samajh nahin aa raha...thik se bata..."

Armaan narrated the whole incident as a big smile formed on his lips.

"Dekha..maine kaha tha na..Riddhima kabhi mujhe chood ke nahin jayegi...Aur..voh..."


"Par tujhe pakka pata hai ki voh Riddhima hi thi..tera waham nahin..."

"Rahul..main sacch keh raha hoon...voh Riddhima hi hai...ab main Riddhima ko kabhi mujhse alag nahin rehne dunga... " He said with a determination. Now all he had to do – Find Riddhima.

And like destiny had planned... he started getting glimpse of her on a regular basis...but like destiny had planned more..Every time he tried reaching her, something or the other came in between.

But this time he wasn't going to give up so finally with the help of a detective, he got some information about her.

Without wasting any more time, he reached the address. He looked around and it was not the kind of place, he imagined her to be. The kind of lifestyle Riddhima had previously was complete opposite to where she was now.

She was living in a bad and poor society. But he wasn't sad coz he was going to see her.

He reached his destination and knocked on the door. The door opened with a creaking sound and the smile on his lips vanished when he looked at the person standing in front of him.

"Riddhima...?" he asked looking at the person.

"Ji voh to nahin hain..aap kaun?" the lady asked.

"par voh rehti to yahi hai na?"

"ji..par abhi voh ghar par nahin hain..shaam to ayengi 6 baje tak" she replied and was about to close the door when Armaan's eyes shifted to another person. It was a baby...a cute little baby in the lady arms trying to get out of her hold.


Armaan looked at the baby and *SHOCK* *SHOCK* *SHOCK*.  The baby was an exact replica of him- the same brown eyes like him and chubby cheeks. Just like how he used to look at that age.

"Yeh..." he looked at the baby as a wave of joy flashed through him. The lady closed the door on his face before he could say something more. He wanted to touch the baby but before that he had to confront her –as to why she didn't tell him about their baby, his blood.

With a new energy, he left the house and reached the office. He had to tell this news to Rahul. Like last time, Rahul was again in a meeting and looking at his friend's expression, he was left with no other option but to dismiss the meeting.

"Riddhima...Baby..." Armaan murmured moving towards his friend.  "Rahul...mera baby..Rahul aaj maine apne baby ko dekha..." 

"WHAT?" He couldn't believe it. First Riddhima and now a baby. Isn't this too fast.

"Ha Rahul...main aaj Riddhima ke ghar gaya tha...voh to ghar par nahin thi par mera baccha...Rahul, main tujhe bata nahin sakta...main kitna khush hoon..pehle Riddhima phir mera baby..mere apna khoon...Meri family phir se complete ho gayi..Rahul...meri family phir se..." He hugged his best friend; the joy of getting his whole family was something he couldn't express in words.

He was waiting for the evening to confront her and ask her- WHY? Why she is hiding? Why she has cut all ties with her dad..with him and why didn't tell them about the baby?  WHY? WHY? WHY?


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