Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Part 2 : Pyar ke rang (TS)

As he completed all of them looked at them in disbelief everyone and anjali is the first one who reacted at situation
An:''matalab dad ridzi hii merii khoyi hui behen hai''
As shashank and samriti nodded everyone needs a explanation how, what when but there is one person who is not at all interested in this, he is interested in just one thing that how his jaan was feeling with this sudden change in her life and as he expected she looked totally shocked and he start taking immediate steps towards her he knows she is the one who is affected much more than anyone else with the sudden arrival of this news as he took his steps towards her he saw her leaving from there running from there to upstairs while just shouting that
Ri:''no yeh nahin ho sakta hai nahin yeh sachh nahin hai''
And everyone looked at her  especially shashank and samriti as her voice echoed in their ears as anjali tried to stop him armaan looked at her as she heard her calling

Ar:''bhabhi please abhie nahin abhie riddhima se koi bat nahin karega vo iss situation meiin nahin hai bhabhi she is hurt ose merii jarurat hai so please I request you all''
He said and then without waiting for any one's answer he ran upstairs to his jaan who is now was broken he knows, he finally reached at terrace as he knows she will there only and he was right like always about her his jaan his riddhima as he found her there leaning on railing while her back is facing him,he immediately took went near her and placed his hand over her shoulder and as soon riddhima feels the familiar touch of his she could not control herself and throw herself in armaan's arms, her love the placed where she can find the solutions of all her problems, the place where he find all the solace of her heart and she was crying bitterly hugging him tightly her hands were around his neck hugging him sideways as her face was buried in his nape as she was crying uncontrollably, armaan's heart pierced in pieces seeing the condition of love of his life, he promised himself that never he will let her cry, cry that is something next he even not let a single tear come in her eyes but today as he feels her tears which was soaking his chest, he feels like thousand needles were piercing his heart at the same time, but here he could not do anything, if he has the slightest idea of this thing about shashank uncle and smariti aunty as her parents he will not let happen this, atleast not let the truth come out like in this way atleast, but its just if as he knows he could not do anything right now so he rubbed her back try to calm her down , soothen her with all the love that he has for her in his heart and he kept on caressing her back as his love did its magic indeed her sobs decreased and he finally get to hear something from her mouth in between her muffles as she says
Ri:''kyoon armaan kyoon''
These three words of her makes armaan's heart broke in pieces he was thinking about the same question yes why his riddhima did not she suffered already but he knows he has to make her calm and understand as he is only one who can handle her she is his baby who can handle by him and his love only so he slowly picked her ans settled on the swing placed there and pulled her in his lap as she cuddled him in his chest like a kid, she did stop crying but her face was wet with tears, traces of tears were there and red puffy eyes were stating his jaan's condition to him then he kissed both side of her eyes and then he
Ar:''shh jaan pehle tou ronaa bandd karoo merii jaan ho naa tum jaanti ho naa tumhara armaan tumse kitna pyaar karta hai aur tumhari aankhon meiin aanson nahin dekhaa sakta naa tumhara armaan tou bas please jaan chupp ho jao aapnein armaan kee liyye tumne aapnein armaan se prmise kiyya tha naa kii tum nahin royugi kabhie bhi, humesha aapne armaan kii riddhima ooski jaan ban kar hanste rahogi tou chupp ho jao bachaa I love you aur smile karoo aapne armaan kee liyye jaan''
He said while caressing her back and riddhima nodded and she looked at him as he saw a little tear in his eyes which was there seeing her hurt she wiped it and then
Ri:''par armaan mai hii kyoon naa dekho aab sab theek ho hii gayya tha merii life meiin sab tou mill gayya tha mujhe, aur jab mai oonhe bhull vhuki thi aapni life meiin se tou aaj kyoon aye vo vaapis? Tab kahan the jab oonhone mujhe yeh bhi batana nahin jaruri samjha kii vo mere parents nahin hai yahan tak kii mujhe aapna sur name bhi nahin pata tha armaan you know vahan orphanage meiin almost sabko yeh tou pata tha aur aab jab mujhe maa-papa mill gayye hai tou vo aa gayye hai aapna haq jatane armaan mujhe par kyoon armaan why''
She asked with lots of angerness clearly visible in her voice as he knows she is not at all wrong after all she suffers so much because of her parents, he knows she craves for their love the name which every child needs he knows that well and saw her emotions also he soothed her without saying anything just kee p on caressing her back after a while he slowly start whieprsing in her ear in his ever so soft voice as he has to make her understand that she gave atelast one chance to shashank uncle and samriti aunty to explain themselves and their actions, he knows they are not that kind of people who just throw their child out of their lives like this and moreover he always heard from anjie that she is craving for her another sibling which was not there with them from the college time so he needs to make riddhima understand to atleast hear them out but the end decision was only hers and he will not force her anything in anyway in any manner
Ar:''jaan mai samjhta hun kii tumne bahut bhgta hai mujhe pata hai kii binaa sur name kee bina kaisa lagta hogaa I know this is horrible pain, mai tou sirff andaza hii laga sakta hun par tumne tou oos dard ko aapne saath jaan zindagi ke 25 sal jeeya hai , mai samjhta hun isliyye jaan par jaan jahan tak mai shashank uncle aur samriti aunty ko jaanta hun vo kabhie aisii galti nahin karenge, vo bahut pyaar karte hai bhabhi se maine dekha hai han par aagar oonse aisii koi galti hui hai tou zarur koi badii bat hai riddhima iskee peeche, aur riddhima vaise bhi maine humesha anjie ko jab vo merii bhabhi bhi nahin banii thii bhaii se shaadi nahin hui thi, tab se maine ose humesha aapni sibling sister kee liyye dukhi hotee dekha hai jab bhi vo mujhe, atul bhaii aur nikki ko dekhti thi, vo humesha kehti kii oosnein ose kho diyya hai jab bhi hum poochte, tou riddhima mujhe lagta hai tumhe atleast uncle-aunty kii bat 1 dafa tou sunani hii chahiye, han joo bhi tumhara decision hogaa vo hii aakhiri hogaa par 1 bat yad rakhna tum joo bhi decide karogi humesha aapnein armaan koo aapne saath hii paogi mai humesha tumhare saath rahunga har hal meiin har dasha meiin jaan''
He said while pecking her forhead and riddhima looked at him some where she thinks what he was saying was right, if he says they will surely good persons and she herself seeing anjie bhabhi can say they are very pure from heart and moreover she herself needs to get all the answers she did not want to live in any guilt that she did not give them a chance to explain them and moreover if he was saying then must be right for her as he is akways right
Ri:''han armaan tum theek keh rahein ho aur vaise bhi mujhe bhi aapnein sawalon kee jawab chahiye, jo barson se bachpan se mere saath the aur mai koi guilt meiin nahin jeena chahti kii maine oonhein chance nahin diyya, koi regret nahin rakhna chahti aapnein man meiin kisii kee liyye bhi kisii rishte ko lekar bhi, aur vaise bhi tum tou mere saath ho naa aur tumhare saath meiin aab mujhe koi fark nahin padta hai armaan aab I love you''
She said dropping a kiss on his chest and armaan smiled
Ar:''love you too''
And after few minutes armaan finally asked from her
Ar:''chalein jaan''
He said while getting up from the swing knowing everyone must be waiting for them and riddhima also get up with a nod and then as she feels nervous armaan
Ar:''don't worry jaan mai humesha hun tumhare saath''
He said while clasping his hands with hers tightly and gave her a smile which riddhima returned instantly and both moved downstairs as everyone must be waiting for them and seeing them coming all looked towards them and seeing riddhima's hands in armaan's hands kashish understands armaan though makes her calm but still she needs armaan only as she knows that their love is so pure and she nodded at armaan who blinked his eyes and shashank-samriti saw their daughter with armaan has somewhere proud that atleast he is there to support her when she is feeling left out in front of her own parents and anjali who was actually waiting to take her sister in rib-crushing hug whom she missed a lot in all these years but atul holds her hand and nodded in disagreement as he knows this is not the right time and anjali nodded with heavy heart and then as armaan and riddhima settled in front of shashank and samriti armaan still at riddhima's side and after few minutes of silence, which was actually killing everyone especially riddhima sujal was the one
Su:''shashank yeh sab kaise kuchh samajh nahin aa rahaa hai kii riddhima bitiya terii aur bhabhi kii betii hai aur tune ose kaise pechana shashank yar hum samjhe hum''
As he broke the silence shashank start speaking taking sigh in relief and he looked all the time at riddhima with samriti's hands in his as it was tough for them also
Sh:''sujal tujhe yad hai naa jab tum sab America gayye the 2 years kee liyye osi years samriti expected thi once again after anjali ( he said with smile and sujal remembered and nodded his head in assent and shashank continued) tou oos year bhi humein pyaari sii time ane par betii hui thi mai aur samriti bahut khush the 1 parii koo fir se paakar  aur anjali aapni behen koo paakar iss bar vo samriti jaise thi par naa shayad bhagwan ko humari khsuhi manzoor nahin thi (he said with tears as anjali and samriti also has tears and shashank somehow continued) oos din naa samriti kyonki sugeron hua tha ooska she is in affect of deep anthesia aur vo akeli thi hospital meiin vaise bhi aapne hospital meiin kaisa dar mai surgeory meiin busy tha par pata nahin kaise vahan 2 kidnappers aa gayye aur merii bachii koo ootha le gaaye aapne saath jab samriti hosh meinn nahin thi  paison kee liyye (tears start flowing uncontrollably from his eyes as he reminds that day and riddhima was shocked with this) aur fir oonka phone bhi aya paison kee liyye rs 75 lakh kee liyye aagar mujhe merii bachii chahiye thi tou, aur mujhe merii bachii se zayada kuchh nahin aur pyaara tha tou mai maan gayya aur police ko bhi nahin bataya oonhone mana joo kiyya tha (he said as a father who will do who was in athat position till the time and everyone has tears in their eyes hearing his hurtful eyes including riddhima and she gripped armaan's hands more tightly as shashank continued) aur fir mai vahan gayya jahan oonhone mujeh paise lekar bulaya tha mere paise dene kee bad vo mujhe merii betii lautane hii vaale the kii vahan police aa gayyi par sach meiin maine oonhein inform nahin kiyya tha (he said looked at riddhima as if try to convince her and she nods her head in assent feeling the pain in his voice and shashank continues) aur vo bhagg gayye merii betii aut paise aur lekar bad meiin pata chala kii vo log bahut hii mashoor kidnappers the aur police oonka kaafi din se peecha kar rahii thi isliyye vahan  aa gayyi aur fir oonki madad se humne sabko pakad liyya par oonmein se 1 kabhie bhi pakda nahin gayya aur mujhe merii betii kee bare meiin kabhie pata nahin chala vo mujhse kho gayyi, maine bahut koshish kii sab jagah dhundha panchagani meiin bhi kyonki jis din vo merii betii ko lekar bhagge the hum panchagani kee pas hii the par nahin mujhe merii betii nahin mill mai har gayya sujal mai appni betii kii surakasha nahin kar paaya nahin bacha paaya ose aur kho diyya maine ose sujal(he said with lots of new tears in his eyes same with anjali and samriti and everyone else hearing the hard truth from him and shashank said) par shayad bhagwan ko mujh par daya aa gayyi aur oonhone merii saza poori kar dii merii betii riddhima mujhe lauta kar humein mujhe aur samriti ko humari khoyii hui parii lauta kar anjali koo ooski behen lauta kar''
He said while looking at his family with tears as well a smile was on his lips all nodded but then only kashish
Ka:''shashank  bhai sahib par aapko kaise pata chala kii riddhima hii aapki bo khoyi hui bachi hai matlab aap log itnein sure kaise hai bhaii sahib mujhe galat mat lena''
As she said this time samriti replied instead of shashank
Sa:''nahin kashish bilkul nahin hum jaante hai sabke man meiin yeh sawal hogaa hii khas kar riddhima kee dill meiin tou iskaa zawab yeh locket hai kashish (she pulled the locket in front of them which was in her hands till now) yeh dekho iss par joo Riddhima likha hai vo maine aur shashank nee hii aapni betii ko nam diyya tha aur ooske gale meiin pehnaya tha aur sabse badii baat yeh dekho iskee peeche 2S likha means shashank and samriti (she said and show them the back side of pendant as it describes the 2S in very small form and that clears everyone's doubt) bas isliyye humein pata chala kii yeh hii humari riddhima hai humari khoyi hui parii merii bachii jisee maine itnee salon se kho diyya tha kashish''
She said looking at riddhima who was now once again
crying and looked at armaan who embraced her in side hug and then as she looked at him he nodded while dropping a kiss on her hairs as everyone with shashanka and samriti's words were sure that riddhima is their daughter as no one will know these kind of secrets none other than her parents and riddhima alos knows that they are her parents and they did not seprated her  from themselves with their own will it was game of destiny and if she was suffering without them all these years they were also suffering without her and then as she saw armaan nods and his kiss she knows what she has to do, and his love always showed her right path and she looked at samriti and shashank who was looking at her with so much emotions and grief in their eyes, she slowly stand up and take her steps towards them and after reaching close to them samriti did not wait a moment as she engulfed her daughter in her arms and cried and then kissed her forhead and riddhima also found the warmth of mother's hug and she slowly de tangled herself from her and then wiped her mother's tears from her cheeks while samriti did the same with her daughter and planted a kiss on her forhead as riddhima saye to her
Ri:''nahin maa bas please naa maa mat royiye naa aap ''
She said and samriti was on cloud nine hearing ''maa'' from her daughter she once again hugged her followed by shashank who also took her daughter in his arms while
As she called him ''papa'' his happiness has no bounds finally he got his family back his family completed and seeing the mother-father-daughter union everyone has smile on their faces and seeing this anjali wiped her tears and then she said catching everyuone's attention saying
An:''so not fair aab aagar mai Anjali Mallik hun tou kya Gupta Family mere binaa complete hai so not fair dad''
She said with a cute face and everyone smiled and samriti forwards her one free arm to call her as she joined hug and then anjali hugged riddhima while saying to her
An:''I love you ridzi I am so happy to get you back''
Ri:''mai bhi dii aab aapko dii bulaon naa mai''
She asked with a smile on her face and anjali nodded
An:''bilkul aab bhabhi baad meiin pehle terii dii hun mai''

As she said Gupta family once again hugged and everyone smiled and happy for them the most happy person is armaan to saw his jaan happy and riddhima looked at him he is the one who is behind all this, if he did not get her back at here Mumbai she never get her Family, she never will able to met her own parents, her dii and now she has a name Riddhima Shashank Samriti Gupta and now she can say to all those persons who thinks her parents leave her, no her parents did not leave her alone they loved her and this she get only because of armaan his love who filled each and every thing in her life and she looked at him lovingly and he gave her smile.
At:''vaise ridzi maine tou tujhe behen banaya tha par aab tou tuu merii saali bhi ban gayyi hai so aab tou double rishta tere saath vo bhi chedd chadd vaala ridzi kyoon''
He said breaking his trance while coming to gupta family as riddhima nodded her head at his cheerful words and then seeing armaan anjali called him by saying that
An:''areey armaan tuu bhi aa naa aab tou tuu officially Gupta Family kaa hissa banana vaala hai mom-dad kaa small vaala son-in-law kyoon dad kyoon mom ridzi han?''
She teased him as armaan smiled and riddhima blushed and armaan come closer to them and after few minutes samriti made riddhima wear the chain of her then only pandit jii arrived whom was called for the discussion of maaraige ceremony of AR and then kashish said to samriti
Ka:''sorry samriti humein kuchh nahin pata tha riddhima kee aur aapke relation kee bare meiin tou humne pandit jii koo boola liyya shaadi kaa muhurat nikalne''
She apologized and samriti holds her hand with a smile
Sa:''nahin kashish achaa hii kiyya tune maafi kyoon maang rahii hai aur vaise bhi humein bhi tou riddhima kii khushi hii chahiye naa jo kii armaan kee saath hii hai humein saf saf dikhh rahaa hai iskii aankhon meiin tou tuu muhurat niklava koi baat nahin hai naa shashank''
Sh:''bilkul theek keh rahii hai samriti aur iss se badii aur kya baat hogii kii merii dono betiyan mere sabse ache dost kee gharr kii bahu hai aur dono merii betiyan humehsa saath rahengi kyoon sujal hai naa mere yar''
He said and sujal nodded with a smile and said
Su:''han yar off course aab tou mere gharr meiin 1 aur betii aa rahii hai vo bhi bilkul mere buddy ke liyye perfect
He said and armaan smiled hearing his dad's words looking at riddhima whose eyes and head were lowered feeling his intense gaze upon herself and as kashish
Ka:''han tou chaliye pandit jii jaldi se 1 achaa saa muhurat nikaliye shaadi kaa mere armaan aur riddhima kaa''
She said and hearing her marriage talk riddhima excused herself feeling very much shy sitting there and hearing her Maariage talks in front of family as she excused to have some work, armaan silently followed her when no one is looking at him, as everyone is busy in thinking about the marriage and talking and as he entered in her room he saw her sitting there with a smile with his photo in her friends, she was not at all aware of his presence so she slowly caressed his picture over frame with her delicate fingers and the love she has for and then pecked his photo graph over the frama and to his surprise she pecked near his lips making him smile wide with her actions and then he whispered making her jump with his sudden presence as she his words echoed in her ears
Ar:''mai bhi yahin hun jaan you can kiss me on my lips directly why the photograph baby see I am all yours''
And riddhima looked at him and was startled and armaan grinned seeing the expressions on her face and he closed the door and moved towards her and sat beside her while sneaking his hand around her waist saying
Ar:''I love you jaan so so very much jaan riddhima''
He said making riddhima trmbling under his touch as he placed a kiss there on the nook of her neck and riddhima
Ri:''thanks armaan tumhare pyaar ne sab lauta diyya''
She said and was cut short with armaan's lips over hers as he placed his hand behind her head pulling her closer while other hand was against her back rubbing it and kissing her slowly and riddhima did not waste any second and she too gave in the kiss feeling him, wants him, and both start kissing each-other nibbling on each-other's lips, making each-other tremble with desires as riddhima's hand went into his jet black hairs start ruffling them and that aroused armaan and as the kiss which start into soft ones turned into passionate one and both kissed each-oth hungrily and finally riddhima broke the kiss with the lack of oxygen but armaan buried his face in the crook of her nape and start nuzzling there and he pushed her on bed making her get her beneath himself and start nuzzling in her nape and as her duppataa was disturbing he pulled it out and throw it on floor and as he throw it he saw the purple mark of his teeth which he gave her in kitchen he grinned seeing her mark as his and he first nuzzled on bite and then kissed her there and loosened himself in the beauty of hers he did not know when he start pushing her sleeves aside from both her shoulder making them lose as much as it can and he caressed her bare shoulders and feeling his sensous and urgent kisses riddhima herself burned with desires and she start rubbing his back with the back of her palm and feeling her sensous touch armaan forgots everything and he start kissing her hungrily all over her throat, her slender neck and riddhima pushed her neck aside that gives nothing a better access to him and going downwards he pulled her shirt more and as expected it start tighten from her chest as if it was going to tore from there and armaan was not at all in his senses and he did that which was happen in this condition, the dress from her upper chest tore apart following the break of her zip at her back with armaan's pushes and grips and as soon armaan feels her naked flesh he start placing kisses all over her chest and riddhima two drowned in his sensous and soft kisses did not when her one hand moved on his front chest and start caressing it with her palm that makes armaan drowned in pleasure pleasure of love and armssn buried his head in between her cleavage and start nuzzling there not with his nose but with his lips and what he did with that he placed his finger in between riddhima's lips making her drowned in pleasure of having him and she actually start pushing his head in between her cleavage herself by placing her hand behind his head and that makes armaan grinned and he knows she is responding to his desires and wants the same what he wants from her so he kissed her in between her cleavage and even bite her there in between and riddhima's hands also opened his shirt's two more buttons in process of feeling his chsiled chest and now his shirt was just on his body because of his arms in his sleeves and one more nutton which was just closed for the name sake waiting for opened and as armaan leaned towards her face and start palcing kisses all over her face once again kissed her on he lips making her shivered with his sensous kiss and riddhima give in the kiss while scratching his chest with her nails as her one hand was on his chest while the another one was on his back under his shirt and armaan was kissing her while his one han was stroking her arms length and the other one was very much busy caressing her soft curves and finally armaan break the kiss and leaned over hewr practically crushing her under himself they were practically naked from upper portion and the things were getting out of control from their hands only then when armaan kissed in between her cleavage and bite her there they heard door knob which first was disturbing them in their love seesion but as door knocked once again riddhima opened her eyes in horror and looked at armaan who was still very much busy in exploring her upper chest and cleavage and she looked at herself and seeing her condition and his making her shocked and as the door knocked once again then followed with nikki's voice and armaan also heard it
Ni:''bhabhi aap aandar ho sab aapko boola rahein hai''
And she did not know what to answer her when armaan pinched her making her shocked and then he grinned and points to door and tell her with eyes to answer nikki
Ri:''han nikki tum chalo mai kapde badal kee ayi abhi''
She replied try to control her breaths and nikki leaves while saying that come fast and aske her about armaan and riddhima replied she does not know about him and as nikki leaves they heard foot steps she sighed in relief and try to push armaan and looked for her duppatta which was on floor forget about duppatta her shirt is almost tore in pieces and she tried to get out from his grip armaan grinned and placed a trial of kisses in her nape as she was about to say him that leave her but armaan said to her near her ear biting it and kissing it making her hissed in pain as well turned her in crimson red with
Ar:''mom-dad ko boolna padega jaldi shaadi karane ko kyonki iss rate par tou bahut boora hal ho jaayega yar aur next time aahar nikki nee door knock nahin kiyya tou pata nahin yeh kahan jaakar rookega so I have to tell them make it first jaan nahin tou its just not fine yar''
He said kissing her neck and riddhima just blushed and then she try to cover her self while pushing him a bit and saying
to him which makes him grinned as expected
Ri:''armaan please chodo naa mujhe sab wait kar rahien hai naa neeche humara aur nikki bhi boola kar gayyi''
Ar:''well jaan neeche humari hii shaadi kii bat chal rahii hai tou humara vahan kya kam oonhein decide karnedo naa kii kya karna hai kab karna hai tab tak we romance''
He said while wrapping his arms around her neck
Ri:''armaan tum naa bahut besharam hotein jaa rahien ho dekho kya kiyya hai tumne aab tou hat jao naa please''
She said but then bite her tongue what she blurted
Ar:''yea right maine akele nee hii nahin kiyya hai you are with me too merii chest tumhari wildness dikha rahii hai vaise aagar yehii hal rahaa naa tou shaadi kee bad mujhe permanent 1 ointment rakhni padegi humare room meiin that too right next to bed side merii jaan itnii wild jo hai''
And riddhima blushed hearing his words and she hide herself in his bare chest and after few minutes armaan let her go from himself while pecking her lips once again passionately and this is just perfect and then he leaves to let her change her tore dress, thank god they were in her room if they were in his room it will going too much problem for them, how riddhima walked in her room almost naked from upper part and then riddhima changed herself in new churridar while taking care of the previous one as she saw the broken zip and front tore she blushed remembering his passion for herself and then while properly covering her hickies which she gave them she walked downstairs to join everyone as everyone was waiting for her and seeing her changed suit when anjali enquired about why she changed her dress so suddenly
Ri:''dii vo vo naa mujhe oos net kee suit meiin garmi lag rahii thi tou bas maine isliyye change kar liyya dii''
She makes excused and anjali nodded and then as everyone was finding armaan as riddhima said she did ot know his where abouts and right then they saw him walking from main enterance with packets in his hands, she was surprised how he able to do that and seeing him
Ka:''armaan kahan tha tuu hum tujhe kabse dhundh rahein the beta yahan terii shaadi kii baat ho rahii hai''
She asked seeing him coming towards them and then
Mu:''huemin tou laga kii tuu ridzi kee saath hogaa par yeh tou oopar se aa rahii hai aur tuu bahar se hero''
Ar:''aab mai kya karun aagar tumhare dimag meiin kachra hii bhara hua hai tou mai tou sabka muh meetha karvane kee liyye samriti aunty kee favorite Bengali rasgulle lena gayya tha aur tum log mujhe riddhima kee saath sochh rahein the sharam ani chahiye tumhe yar''
He said dramatically and riddhima looked at him how he manipulated the things and he winked at her making her glare at himself and then anjali whispered to armaan
An:''sorry naa armaan humein laga kii tuu gayab hai tou honein vale dulha dulhan aapne liyye 1 moment chura rahein the yar''
She said making armaan smiled while riddhima blushed and then kashish comes for his rescue wile saying
Ka:''chalo bas aab aur kuchh nahin sab lnch karen vo vaise hii bahut thanda ho rahaa hogaa anjali beta''
Anjali nodded and tehn everyone moved towards dining table to have a tasty lunch in the joyus atmosphere with smiled adoring everyon's faces and as armaan purposively sat with riddhima, all the time he was holding riddhima's hands under table and was playing with her toes, riddhima all the time pleaded through her eyes not to do this but he never listened and kept on doing this while knowing she is enjoying too and they enjoyed the lunch like this only unaware by everyone and all were busy about talking their marriage preprations and all.    As time passed like a seasons 3 more months passed its now just one month left for Armaan-Riddhima's wedding, yes they are not married they are engaged with each-other actually the date did come out in next month from the day when everyone found riddhima is riddhima gupta but as shashank and samriti lose so many moments of their daughter's life almost 25 years, so they want to live with her those moments and as the another date was after four months, they requested for that date, so that till that date they can live with their daughter, though armaan never wants such a delayed in marriage but knowing riddhima and understanding shashnak uncle and samriti aunty 's feelings he happily agreed and after that day right next day riddhima got shifted in Gupta Mansion with her mom-dad even anjali went for some days to spend with her sister and armaan was having tough time to not to saw her wround himself in his house as well other Mallik Family as they did miss her as anjali tou back in her home, but armaan make it up while climbing in her balcony each and every night and in hospital he never leave a single chance to get cozy with her, and he go out with her whenever they get time after taking her parents permission, they actually start losing themselves very ofter like one day riddhima walked in his cabing wearing a white top with blue slim fit jeans as she was looking so much ravishing and on top of that since the morning both were very much busy in their respective duties, they did not even saw each-other's faces from the time armaan alked from her house in morning and as riddhima comes and as soon riddhima closed the door while entering inside she actually comes to ask something about a case but as soon armaan saw her he forgots everything that they were in hospital in his cabin, he literally ran towards her while taking her in a rib crushing hug and riddhima firstly was shocked with his sudden action but then gave in the hug as she knows he missed her like she did and it was just a moment's hug when armaan breaks the hug and looked in her eyes as she looked back in his eyes and without waiting for any more second armaan smacked his lips hard on hers making her eyes come out from her socket, she was still but when she feels armaan's hands pulling her more closer holding her from her petite waist and his anoth hand went back at her head messaging her scalp as if saying her to respond and as armaans tart nibbling on her lips hungrily and passionately riddhima  herself gave in the passion and start kissing him hungrily putting her desires in the kiss as her handa made their way in his hairs the file was thrown on table and as armaan deepened the kiss armaan did not know while kissing her hardly he made his way towards the couch and riddhima only comes to know about this thing when her back hit with couch that too single couch and armaan literally pounced on her while his legs were in between her legs rubbing them and he was still kissing her passionately not even ready to break the kiss they were kissing each-other from god knows hou much times when finally riddhima backed out by pulling armaan's hairs in her fist as he was not at all backing out and she was out of breath and armaan looked at her with passion first with anger why but as her chest which was going up and down heavily he knows the reason he smirked and kissed her in nape while biting her there making her gasp in pain and the licked tha bite hard and as his hands start moving their way inside her top, riddhima was shocked, she has to stop him otherwise she knows him, burning in pleasure he always forget everything, and today she can not afford the tearing of her dress so she pulled his face upto her face level while kissing his face and armaan looked at her while his hands were roaming on her waist as he saw her shaking her head in''no'' he smirked and kissed on her slendee neck and throat and then kissed her full mouth and pecking her forhead he whispered in her ear making her breaths getting sharp as ever and
Ar:''don't worry jaan I will not tear your dress today as I know we are in hospital not in our home jaana''
He said making her turn red and then pecked her lips once again and riddhima gave in the kiss, he clearly rembered the day and the other moments how always he kissed her fire escape, terrace, his cabin, her cabin even in changing room and now he knows its just one more month then she is his only in all senses, as it was very much difficult for both of them to maintain their control, riddhima herself forgets everything around him, and they many times give in their desire in night when he went to met riddhim ain her room by balcony secretely but everytime they come back in senses before crossing the limits, he smiled how he manged to get his good morning kisses before leaving from her room in morning before shashank papa woke up and in night his good night kiss when they cuddled in her bed, now he was standing at nurse station after assigning duties to interns and doctors and missing her as she has her off for the wedding's shopping and he so wants to see his baby, he was missing her badly as in today morning samriti mom knocked her door he could not get his good morning kiss properly and right then he saw her entering in hospital wearing a beautiful blue churridar first he thinks may be he was hallucanting her as he was missing her too much but when she comes and hugged him he knows she is here so he hugged her back tightly with a smile on his face
Ar:''riddhima jaan baby you know mai tumhe kitna miss kar rahaa tha abhii sochh rahaa tha merii jaan mere pas ho aur see you are here I loe you so so much jaan babyy''
He said making her smile while pecking in her hairs and
Ri:''I love you too baby vaise aaj aap humein kyoon miss
kar rahein the janab ko kisii ko daanta nahin hai kya''
She teased him making him smile as well frowned at the same time and then armaan wrapped his arms around her wait making her trembled with his touch as his fingers were caressing her waist directly through her net as  she shivered with his touch armaan smiled seeing that
Ar:''daantna tou hai par aapni jaan ko oonhone aaj merii good morning kiss bhi nahin dii mujhe sahii dhangg se''
He said while kissing her cheek and making riddhima blushed and she was conscious as they were standing at nusrse station of hospital and any one can saw them
Ri:''kya armaan chodo naa please yahan nahin please yeh Nurse Station hai armaan koi dekhh legee naa''
She said slowly making armaan smiled with her slow voice and blush crept on her cheeks he knows he has that effect on her and he loved that and after pecking her forhead he realized she is saying right so she let out from his grip but then whispered in her ear slowly saying
Ar:''theek hai lo chodd diyaa par jaan aaj raat ko mujhe merii good night kiss kee saath saath hii merii good morning kiss bhi chahiye bolo milegi naa promise''
He said making her turn crimson red and she nodded in ''yes'' and armaan smiled but just for fun he said that
Ar:''aisee nahin jab bol kar kahoo promise maa naa''
He said and riddhima looked in his eyes and then she
Ri:''prmoise armaan''
She said in slow voice making him smile as well and then
Ar:''yeh hui naa baat chalo aab mujhe batao tum tou shopping par gayyi thi naa bhabhi aur muskii kee saath tou yahan kaise aa gayyi hospital meiin jaan''
He asked her
Ri:''kyoon tumhe achaa nahin lagaa kii mai tumhe milne ayi''
She said making a face and to tease him and armaan
Ar:''naa jaan aisaa nahin hai fir bhi I was just wondering tum shopping chodd kar yahan kaise I mean paise finished?''
He asked teasing her and riddhima frowned and slowly while hitting on his chest playfully replied to him
Ri:''nahin aisaa kuchh nahin tumhara credit card hai par dii aur muskii mujhe naa humari shaadi kaa joda kharidne bol rahii thi mujhe vo tumhare saath lenaa hai armaan tou maine bola vo aapni shopping continue karen mai tumse paise lekar ayi mere pas credit card nahin hai so vo man gayyi aur mai yahan aa gayyi''
Ar:''aww my baby achaa hum saath meiin hii lenge tumharu wedding dress par abhi tum jao aur oonke bhabhi aur muskii kee saath bhi shopping karoo nahin oonhein boora lagega naa jaan tou tum jao naa baby''
He said try to make her understand and riddhima nods
Ri:"'han par baby mai jaakar buy kya karun sab kuchh tou mujeh tumhari pasand kaa hii lenaa hai naa babyy''
She said while putting his confusion in front of him
Ar:''hmm the tou hai let me think aisaa karoon go and buy your footwears vo tum aapni choice kee lo you know vo mujhe nahin ata shopping karna baaki hum saath meiin shopping karenge, theek hai naa all your sarees and accessories after all we have to match our clothes for all functions receptions and dinners and you know our honeymoon your dresses vo tou sab kii sab merii jaana kee liyye merii choice kii hongii naa so go jaan and I will join you in evening naa then we will shop together your hot dresses jaan''
He said huskily near her ear making her turning crimson red and she pushed him a bit and then scolded him saying
Ri:''bahut boore hotee jaa rahein ho tum armaan mai jaa rahii hun bye tum karoo aapni besharami vaali baatein''
She said and giving him a hug she rushed to door and
Ar:''bye jaan sambhal kee jaana and I love you so much''
He shouted at her making her turned and she said to him
Ri:''bye aur time par aa jaana tum sham kii shopping kee liyye baby I will be waiting for you bye take care''
She said and armaans smiled and blowed her a kiss
Ri:'' aur han I love you too sweetheart bye love you''
And she ran catching his kiss and armaan smiled
Ar:''pagal hai poori par I love her so so much''
And then he turn to leave from there when he saw one pair of eyes was looking at him with so much confusion but he neaver mind and he just spoke in cold voice
Ar:''don't worry Mr.Modii aapke treatment kee paise trust se zama ho chuke hai aur I think aab aap theek hai tou aaj aapko Dr.Rahul Grewal discharge de denge''
And he leaves from there leaving him in his thoughts what is happening here riddhima is getting married to this Dr.Mallik who is so much rich and in his greed and all he is just thinking this and as he saw her so much happy he feels a angerness in his heart, no she can not be happy, she has to be his, she is always his, she will makes her his and he smirked thinking this, she will be back in his life by hook or crook and he makes sure that thing and as she was looking so wealthy to him he is the only one to use her and her wealth in each and every manner, he makes sure this and thinking this he leaves from there with the plan of making riddhima back in his life but what he did not know was nos she is not alone she has her
Armaan and that was now the most special in her life and moreover she is in love with him what he did not know, and moreover when armaan will by her side she will never have a single scratch over herself, hurt is too way far know that his every plan will now going to unsuccessful.
After 3 days riddhima and armaan were in mall along with other gang shopping for armaan and riddhima's wedding as it was just coming closer, and both riddhima and armaan were too much excited about their wedding and now armaan was in some corner getting something exclusively for himself far away from everyone as it will be a surprise for riddhima on their Honey Moon to Paris as she wants to go Paris after visiting Panchgani after their wedding and here riddhima was finding armaan as she wants to show him her new top as she today was purchasing all the wetern dresses for herself but he is no where in sight so she was actually getting amd at him where is he leaving her here, he said that he will tell her which wetern dress to purchase as he wants her to weteren wear only on their Honey Moon as he thinks she can wear all the Indian Clothes and Dresses and Sarees and all in here at home naa as they will have to go to dinners and receptions parties and all so right now she was finding him with a top in her hand while mumbling
Ri:''yeh armaan bhi naa bas binaa bataye chala gayya''
She was finding him looking here and there in all the sections when one voice that she never want to hear stop her in her mid tracks and she looked at the source of voice
And as riddhima turned she saw him standing in front of his eyes and she did not wants to see him atleast not now when she was entering in her new phase of life but still she turned to him and as he saw her turning towards himself he took two three steps closer to her while riddhima took her steps back not wanting to close to this man
S:''kaise ho riddhima''
And when he asked this a silent riddhima just shook herself and she just did not want to reply him but she did not wants him to follow her unneceesarily and spoil her mood
Ri:''well Mr.Modi I am perfectly fine and I can see you are perfectly fine as well after all I am as you see the bad shadow was out from your life, so you are fine, any ways good to see you that you are fine and now please excuse me someone is waiting for me bye for forever Mr.Modii''
She tried to sound cool as much as she can and then she just turned to leave when he holds her hand in his grip and she fumed in her anger but trying hard to not to create scene in public as she has some reputation and she can not behave uncivilized person just because of this jerk
Ri:''leave my hand''
She said turning to him trying hard not to get angry
S:''no riddhima I would not after all main tumse pyaar karta hun aur tum bhi tou merii thi yad hai naa tumhari mere se engagement hui thi aur vaise bhi mujhse zyada tumhe kaun deserve karta hai after all tum tou ho hii aisii naa kii mai tumhe deserve karun vo Doctor nahin after all ooske pas tou bahut paisa hai naa mera treatment kee time dekha tha maine ose bahut ameer lag rahaa raha aur vaise bhi hum dono tou ek jaise hii hai naa tou tum merii hui naa riddhima aur vaise bhi oos doctor kaa kya hai sirff tumhe use kar rahaa hogaa ek bar man bharr jaayega chod degaa tumhe vo after all ose kya padii hai tumhari aur mere pas laut aaao tum mai tou tumhe you knows''
He said winking to her and riddhima was disgusted with his thoughts and she was so much in  her thoughts and came back in the world when sid once agin whipered
S:''so riddhim akb chodd rahii ho tum oos doctor ko han?''
He asked and that is it riddhima makes her hand free from his grip with a jerk and she looked at him anger visible in her eyes how dare he speak about her Armaan
Ri:''just shut your mouth Mr.Siddhant Modi and don't you dare speak a single word about my Armaan, who are you a loser aur tum kya jaano mere Armaan kee bare meiin aur shayan se soono he is my Fiance pyaar karti hun mai oos se joo maine tumse kabhie nahin kiyya tha, poojti hun mai aapnein armaan ko aur kaunsa pyaar tum mujhse pyaar karte the tab kahan gayya tha yeh pyaar jab aapni life kee har boore incident kaa dosh tum aur tumhari maa nee mujhe diyya tha, tou aab kya hua aab bhi tou mere ane se tumhara boora ho jaayega naa? So just leave me alone aur sachh tou yeh bhi hai kii tumne mujhse kabhie pyaa kiyya hii nahin kiyya tumne tou mere salary mere paison se pyaar tha humesha se yeh tumne khudd hii kahaa tha naa, aur han kya kaha tumne kii sirff tum mujhe deserve karte hoo, tou let me tell you bahut badii galat fehmi meiin jee rahein ho Mr.Modii, samjhe tum mujhe sirff mera Armaan deserve karta hai kyonki vo mujhe beinteha mohabbat karta hai bas yehii karan nahin hai sabse bada kaaran kii vo mere binaa jee nahin sakta aisee mohabbat hai ooski, mere chehere par hansi dekhne koo vo kuchh bhi kar jaayega aur tum ooske bare meiin kuchh bakwas kar rahein ho khabardar jo mere Armaan kee bare meiin kuchh bhi kahan tumne aab hatoo mere saamne se mujhe jaana hai mere pas waqt nahin hai kii mai ose tumhare jaise insan par waste karoo, hatoo mere raaste se aur mai dua karungi humari raaste zindagi meiin kabhie naa mille jis se tum khush reh sakoo mujhe binaa blame kiyya aapni zindagi meiin''
She gave him a disgusted look and tirned to go from there but Siddhant was not going to give up easily he blocked her way and she was giving him disgusted look when she feels one arm was sneaking around her petite waist and feeling that familiar touch she looked at him, off course it has to him only its only his touch which makes her shivered and his touch she can recoganize in lots of people, and as she looked at him he looked back at her lovingly, dropping a kiss on her forhead and she placed her head on his chest and he smiled his loved did his magic once again her all anger vanished feeling him so close to herself and when the two-lovers were in their love siddhant wad fuming in anger seeing this he could not let this happen and armaan the noticed his fuming glares but he is least bothered by this man as he knows his jaan loved him so much and never loved this jerk and he himself saw this hos his jaan was giving him peace of mind before he comes here but he is so much shameless
Ar:''ohh Mr.Modii aap yahan hai aapko tou aaj hii discharge milla hai naa so you should ne resting naa''
He said putting a fake smile on his face and siddhant grinned may be this man did not know about him and riddhima he can use this, his brain smiled wickedly
S:''well Dr.Mallik aisee hii you see mai aur riddhima''
As he put his name with riddhima, riddhima glared at him and was about to say something to him when she
Ar:''ohh yea Merii Riddhima jaan insein milye yeh hai Mr.Modii abhiie rahul nee inkaa operate kiyya hai kuchh din pehle aur Mr.Modi she is Dr.Riddhima Gupta aur soon to be Dr.Riddhima Armaan Mallik merii jaan merii fianc achaa soono jaan tumhe anjie bhabhi boola rahii hai food court meiin tum jao baby I will join you''
He said giving a kiss cheek on her while he was not looking at siddhant as he setressed on each and every word about his and his riddhima and riddhima blushed
Ri:''han baby mai jaa rahii hun dii kee pas aur soono baby merii yeh top aagar tumhe achiilagen tou packed it for me please naa baby theek hai naa aur tum bhi jaldi ana tab tak I will order for bot of us par baby jaldi ana I won't eat without you and baby I love you so much''
She said while pecking his cheek and armaan smiled
Ar:''yea jaan I love you too and will join you baby aur vaise bhi jaa tum par tou sab achaa lagta hai so I will get it pack for you and pay for it also only for my cutie jaan''
He said and riddhima leaves from there not even giving a single glance to Siddhant and armaan was looking at her lovingly and he too was about to leave when siddhant
S:''umm Dr.Mallik shayad aapko pata nahin hai kii mai aur riddhima I mean riddhima se merii engagement hui thi aur vo mujhse pyaar bhi you know karti thi par dekhiye naa shayad oosnein mujhe aapke liyye chodd diyya Dr.Mallik mai aap jaisa rich nahin hun aur jaise hii mere saath vo accident hua she left me par mai oos se abhii bhi pyaar karta hun ooske binaa reh nahin paonga vo chahe jaise bhi ho oosnein mere saath job hi kiyya ho mai tou aaj bhi osi se pyaar karta hun Dr.Mallik mai''
He said while putting a fake sad face and try to create the misunderstanding between them as he did not know armaan knows everything and he smiled hearing him
Ar:''well Mr.Modii sabse pehle tou mai aapko batana chahunga kii merii riddhima nee mujhe sab bataya hai kii aapke saath ooski engagement hui thi aur vo kyoon tooti mujhe ache se pata hai Mr.Modii. Aur mai tou aapko himmat kii dad detaa hun aap merii riddhima kee bare meiin mujhe batane chale aye. Very good mujhe ache se pata hai merii riddhima nee kabhie aapko dhokha nahin diyya samjhe aap vo tou aap the jinhone aapne accident kaa dosh merii riddhima kee sar par daala tou let me tell you aaj aap aapnein pairon par fir se khade hai tou vo bhi sirff Merii Riddhima kee kaaran se aapne operation kaa saara payment oosii nee kiyya hai koi trust se nahin hua, isliyye nahin kii she has some feeling for you no bas isliyye kii vo aisaa koi bhi saya aapni zindagi meiin nahin rakhna chahti jo ose oos galti kee bare meiin kahen joo oosnein kabhie karii hii nahin so just let it be samjhe aap. Aur aapnein kabhie merii jaan se pyaar nahin kiyya hai yeh aap mujhse behtar jaante hai mai aapko yeh yad nahin dilvana chahta hun so please chodiye inn sab baton koo, merii riddhima sirff mujhse pyaar karti hai aur aapne kabhie ose deserve nahin kiyya, so please aab yeh sab batein yahin chod dijiye. Aab aapke liyye bhi yehii achaa hogaa kii aap theek hoo gayye hai humari zindagi meiin koi dakhal naa den not that humein koi farak padega naa never we are more than enough for each-other and our family aapse isliyye keh rahaa hun kyonki aap humari zindagi meiin dhakhal dekar aapne time barbad karenge humare beech tou glatafehmiyan nahin create kar paayenge aap so bye take care have a nice life''
He said and leaves from there unaware that two pairs of eyes were seeing him and admiring him while siddhant leaves from there defeeatedly and anger in his eyes which was not any sense going to effect Armaan And Riddhima and their Love as they were always one so no siddhant.
After getting riddhima's top packed armaan joined everyone in food court and seeing him all questioned where he was and he managed to answer him as he sat beside her jaan, she immediately put her arm in between his and put her head on his shoulder, the gang does not teased them as thye were quite habitual seeing them like this as armaan would never leave a chance to romance with his riddhima in front of everyone and till now riddhima is also comfortable with his romance and as she out his head on his shoulder armaan clasped his hand with hers and then put his head over hers nuzzling his nse on her free hand as they looked in each-other's eyes they did not need to speak anything to each-other when riddhima
But her words in her mouth as armaab put his finger on her lips preventing her to speak anything and she nods.
Time passed and tomorrow is the day of armaan and riddhima's wedding, riddhima was sitting in armaan's lap in swing in the balcony as armaan's face was buried in her neck his nose was playing with her collar bone as his hands were holding riddhima's hands from her elbows he was very much careful as hius hands were filled with mehndi  of his name and her feet and legs were also covered with mehndi and her lehnga was wrapped around her knees, and as like all the other functions, stealing moments with his jaan and armaan come to met even at their mehndi night and right now was busy nuzzling his nose in her neck while placing kisses in between too making riddhima shivered under his touch, and as his fingers digged in her upper arms she called
Ar:''han jaan''
Ri:''armaan dekho naa kitni sundar rach rahii hai merii mehndi''
She said excitedly while showing him her hand where a little bit of mehndi was starting peeling off and armaan smiled and kissed her there as he saw the dark colour
Ar:''han jaan vo tou hogaa hii naa vaise bhi I love you''
Ri:''I love you too armaan kal naa merii zidnagi kaa sabse khoobsoorat din hogaa merii zindagi kaa rainbow poora ho jaayega armaan I love you so so much babyy''
She said while placing her head in between his nap and kissed him sideways near his chin making armaan smiled wide and then he did not wasted a second he hold her head in his hand and then placed his lips on hers and riddhima immediately gave in the kiss and they kissed each-other hungrily and passionately, nibbling each-other's lips, sucking each-other's lips and biting each-other's lips as their kiss was complete hungry one it leavs both of them completely breathless as armaan break the kiss after exploring her mouth and tongue he licked his tongue and then placed that wet kisses all over her mouth and then finally he looked at riddhima whose cheeks were completely flushed and she is looking so sexy under the moon light then he whispered huskily near her ear
Ar:''jaan aab tum aandar jaakar so jao vaise bhi kal raat tak kaa hii intezar hai aur fir vaise bhi kal mai tumhe poori raat nahin sonein doonga, mujhe poori raat tumhari chudiyon kee ghungron kii khankhat sunani hai jaan tou chalo aabhie tum so jao good night jaan''
He said while picking her up in his arms while very much careful about her Mehndi not to spoil it a bit though its dry and was peeling off but still he was careful and then he dropped her on her bed and kissed her lightly and was about to go leaving a very much smiling and blushing riddhima when he was pulled back and he saw confusingly towards riddhima but she giggled and points with her eyes to look at their hands and he saw and after looking at that his lips also curved into a smile as he saw the ''kangna'' which was tieing in both if his hands under the hanky was entagled from their bottom making both of them smiled and armaan bend down near her bed and sat on his knees and start detangling them while saying
Ar:''areey yar aaj khull jao bas kal se hum dono bilkul tumhare jaise pakki dor meiin bandh jaayenge naa jaan''
He  said and riddhima blushed ear to ear hearing him and kissed his cheek as his cheek were near her face and armaan finally dentagling the knagna leaves after dropping a kiss in her nape making her shiver  and reaching near the window of balcony he shouted that
Ar:''kal naa merii zindagi kee rainbow kaa ekk rangg complete honein jaa rahaa hai tou please sleep tight jaan mai koi mauka nahin chodunga ose special bnane koo''
He said making riddhima turned beetroot red with his comments as well happy she finally get what she deserves and armaan giving her flying kiss leaves from there.
As armaan's fingers touched her maang with that red colour filling her parted hairs with them and the red colour fell on her nose making them smile she looked at him finally her desire his rainbow completed and armaan looking at her makes her wear the black beaded thread the mangalsutra of their union around her neck and riddhima holds his arms a little to support him as her bangles makes a little sound because of this, armaan smiled as he heard that sound as it's riddhima's style to saying him that she loved him so much and armaan slightly caressed the back of her neck conveying her that he loved her too and finally the pheres were done, kanyadan was done and they were finally married.

 After the emotional, soulful bidaii riddhima once again stepped in Mallik Mansion this time as Riddhima Armaan Mallik finally holding his hand she fulfilled all the rituals and after lots of enjoyment riddhima makes sleep in Nikki's room once again as she can not be with Armaan before following morning's Pooja of Kul Devi and she looked at nikki who was sleeping peacefully where as riddhima though very much tired with the wedding and all rituals but still the sleep was far away from her eyes, she was missing Armaan very much, as her ahnds moved around her neck and her fingers start caressing her manglasutra, she smiled feeling his love and she smiled looking at full moon in the sky and then she caressed her vermilion over her maang and then she hide her face in her palms feeling armaan's intense gaze upon herself, she knows he must be watching the moon from their room's window and here armaan as actually standing in his room's window admiring the full moon like riddhima sleep was far away from his eyes all he wants to hold riddhima in his arms she was looking extremely gorgeous in her golden lehnga complementing his cream colour sherwani, all the time throughout in the wedding he was drowned in her and her beauty and same was with riddhima, she was blushing under his gaze but was occasionally looking at him admiring him as he holds her hgand she blushed very much he smiled remembering all the moments of their wedding and then winked at moon knowing well riddhima was surely in balcony watching moon too and then moved to bed for getting some sleep before they will be busy in next morning's rituals and same was with riddhima.
Next morning riddhima was ready in a very beautiful orange colour saree a heavy saree which waqs adorning her beauty more with all the matching accessories and armaan was coming downstairs after wearing a simple kurta-pajama for pooja, he slipped even a stair when he saw his wife yes his wife looking so miuch beautiful, and the name of his joined with his making her more beautiful with her Manglasutra and her parte hairs were fully filled with Vermilion and riddhima suddenly feels shivering, she did nit know why but then as her gaze turns here and there, she noticed his piercing gaze over herself, she lowered her eye-lids knowing that's why she was shivering his gaze did this and armaan come downs.
After that Armaan and Riddhima both called for pooja of Kul Devi and both offered their prayer for their wedding life and for thrir partners and after that riddhima went to her house for the pag fere rasam and armaan missed her so much but he was not actually as he was busy preparing something for their night and in evening he went to Gupta Mansion to bring riddhima back and after spending sometime with shashank papa and samriti mom he was all the way back to their home with his jaan.
Today even no one teased them as they come back in home, and even mom-dad informs them that they were off to Gupta Mansion and anjali and atul has plan with rahul muskaan and even nikki joined saying them that abhie will there too, armaan smiled he knows it was there way to leave them in all the hous all alone, while he was smiling at this idea riddhima understanding everything, just wishing everyone bye ran to her room blushing to herself and armaan smiled and then after locking the house properly he made his way to upstairs to his room as all the servants were already on holiday, as he opened the door of his room he saw a breath taking sight in front of his eyes, riddhima was standing in front mirror and was struggling with her necklace and as her back was completely bare just a string at her back holding her blouse and hearing the door knob riddhima turned though she knows it was going to him only but still as their eyes met, blue naughty orbs shows all the passion and naughtiness and green innocent orbs shows all the desire and need and both shows the longigness and the readiness of surrendering each-other to one-another, riddhima slowly lowered eye-lids understanding everything and right then armaan locked the door and made his way towards herself while riddhima take a step back only to be hitted by dressing chair and before she can handle hertself armaan was near her almost a inch away, his hot breaths were caressing her lips, as armaan holds her petite waist and pulled her closer to himself by clutching it and riddhima's hands herself landed on his chest and armaan caressed her face with his knuckles making her shiver in his hold and closing her eyes, armaan looked at her she was looking so much beautiful, he kissed her for head while whispering over he lips as
Ar:''I love you riddhima tum bahut sundar lag rahii ho''
(p.s. may be some content does not suitable for young readers especially under 16 so please don't read it if you are not comfortable and can skip until next note otherwise read at  your own liberty)
He said near her lips as well pecking her there making riddhima clutched his shirt and armaan without wasting a second placed his lips over hers taking her into slow kiss and right then as riddhima responds the kiss with equal fervour he took her lips in heated frenzy while nibbling on her lips slowly with his tongue this time and riddhima sucked his upper lips and armaan switched on to her upper lips allowing her to chewed his upper lips, both chewed each-other's lips frequently and kissed tightly and when armaan pushed his tongues inside her mouth after licking her lips and as his tongue inside her mouth riddhima rolled her tongue inside his mouth, both explored each-other's mouth completely, each and every corner, as their tongues met with each-other, they danced in pleasure and fought for dominance and all the time in between kiss armaan's hands were at her back caressing her bare back and in between the kiss only he opened the string of her blouse and riddhima's one hand was in his hairs arousing him to no extent and one was srapped around his neck and as armaan broke the kiss feeling riddhima was breathing very hardly and in a moment he picked her up in his arms and carried her to decorated bed and placed her on the bed very carefully and riddhima little bit moved to upwards as armaan come over her making her go beneath him as he caressed her face with his knuckles and he finally blowed the candles which was on the side table as riddhima wrapped her arms around his neck and armaan's hands went around her back holding her both lovers were slowly moving in the world of Love the world of unison of two souls. All the night armaan and riddhima makes love to each-other, and becoming one in each and every senses completely and indeed all the night riddhima's bangles produced the sound especially the ghunghroos of her bangles driving armaan insane in her love and he loved her like anything all over again all the night.   Next morning armaan wake up as he feels something was tickling his face as he slowly opened his eyes and he saw her his riddhima's hairs long scattered all over his face that was tickling his face he smiled seeing her cuddling in his arms her face was buried in his neck, their bare bodies were entangled with each-other completely, his arms were tightly wrapped around her petite waist, while her one hand was overlapping over his and the other one was on his chest hugging him, their legs were entangled with each-other too, he looked at her face, it showed tiredness but a satisfied smile also, he smiled as he kissed her forhead she snuggled more in his chest, and as she feels armaan's hold getting tighten around her waist as armaan pulled her more closer while holding her petite slender waist, she slowly opened her eyes and looked at him, she can not look at him properly as his face was covered with her long hairs, she smiled and moved her long hairs away from his face which was scattered and tickling on his face, and as she looked at him, both gave each-other a warming smile with loved filled in their eyes as armaan kissed her.

  Ar:"i love you"
Ri:"i love you"
As both said at the same time and their bodies joined in hug with each-other, and as riddhima feels their naked bodies joining each-other, her eyes lowered with shyness feeling his and her body in same comforter naked and a blush crept on her cheeks with shyness and then her gaze fell on her saree which was actually under armaan over the bed sheet stating the naughtiness of their night and her other clothes were laying on floor along with armaan's and she turned in deep shade of red and she come back to reality as armaan's kisses as armaan start kissing at her back of shoulder siding her hairs,she shivered with his touch, she knows she will give in soon but not the right time everyone must be on their way back to home, and though their bed room was just stating the newly wedded couple's roon but still it would be going to embarrassed her, and she did not want anyone see their bed room in such a state, so she cone out from the hug and armaan looked at her with a naughty smile and he buried his face in her bare nape and was giving kisses her there, and riddhima finally while caressing his jet black hairs she said that
Ri:"armaan please jaan chodo naa"
Ar:"kyoon jaan aab koi nahin aayega we are in our room koi aayega bhi tou koi farak nahin padta see we are married baby now"
He said still his face buried in her bare nape placing frevent kisses there making her shiver under his touch as he start licking the all bites which he gave her in night as the token of his passionate love
Ri:"i know armaan"
Ar:"han tou tabhie keh rahaa hun jaan don't disturb be let me romance with my one and only hawtt and sexxyy wifey"
He said still busy kissing her nape and now his hands were moving inside the comforter touching her body her perfect curves while tracing her body perfects all over again making her breaths heavy
Ri:"han tabhie tou keh rahii hun armaan chodo mujhe sab aa jaayenge"
She said trying hard to control her breath and armaan captured her softness
Ar:"tou aaa jaane do naa jaan we are newly weds sab sanjhte hai"
As his hand captured her softness and start playing with them she
Ri:"armaan please please jann chodo naa please armaan please please"
She pleaded him as her body was dejecting her resistence completely and completely responding direct to her darling husband making him grinned as he knows how she was melting yet resisting. Armaan smiled and he pulled the duvet over his head buring his face in between her clevage sucking her there making her moan in pleasure, she clutched the pillow tight in her fists as she feels his bare waist touching his sensitive spot as he dig his head in between her cleavage and now his sucking were changing into licking that actually throw all her resistence out of the window she pulled the comforter over her head as she slipped little inside making armaan frowned as his hands went to her nape instead of her softness because of her slipping and then he groaned as she pulled him upto her face level and smack her lips hard on his lips taking him into deep sensous kiss as armaan groaned in pleasure as her hands start rubbing his back pulling him closer and inviting him and as armaan feels her one hand in his jet black hairs he just forget everything as it is doing nothing just arousing him to no extent in her love and he takes the charge of the kiss while kissing her hungrily and passionately he rubbed his bare body with hers making her gasp hard against his lips, as he nibbled her lower lips as well he bite her hard there making her lips bleed a but and he sucked all the blood from her lips and then while kissing her passionately he as soon bite her, her lips parted a bit  and he take his chance and rolled his tongue inside his mouth and riddhima let him explore her mouth, as their tongues met they danced in pleasure, exchanging each-other's saliva, they swallowed each- other's juices sucking every drop of it and and their tongues entangled with each-other as riddhima finally for the need of oxygen broke the kiss and pushed armaan a bit as he was not at all ready for breaking the kiss and as riddhima breaks the kiss and pushed armaan, his face direct come in contact with her softness and he quickly without waiting for any second captured them in his mouth sucking them hard,making riddhima panting more hardly as she is panting already with their passionate  kiss and armaan rolled his thumb all over that while sucking them hard in his mouth and lips and riddhima feels more sensation in her body as his lips were wet because of saliva and she feels the wet sucking, wet licking and wet caressing of his lips on both of her bosoms while his one hands made his way around her nape while his another hand's fingers were busy caressing her swollen lips and in between the same hands fingers he put over her bossoms and licked them crazily and riddhima moaned in complete pleasure, and then finally enough to take it she just pushed armaan aside as he was not at all listening her which unknowingly made armaan's teeth which were on her bosoms bite her hard there and riddhima gasped in pain as it pained her as her bossoms and nipples were already swollen and as she cried in pain a moan whispered from her mouth
And as armaan was already pushed aside by her he looked at her face and her eyes were showing small tears, he holds her from her waist and prevent her to get up and he looked what happen he saw inside it was bleeding  a bit armaan sucked her blood while caressing it while whispering sorry to her seeing her in pain that was because of him as he
Ar:" sorry jaan galti se ho gayya maine intentionally nahin kiyya"
He said softly making riddhima smiled with his cute face and
Ri:" shh armaan mai jaanti hun aap mujhe kabhie hurt nahin kar sakte"
And she placed a kiss on his forhead making him smile
Ri:" chalo aab hatoo mujhe jaane do i have to get ready"
Ar:"nahin jaana rooko tum abhi i have to do something"
He said while moving a bit rolling a bit at the end of the bed and
Ri:" armaan kya naa tum bhi"
She called him as she did not know for what he is upto and
Ar:" don't worry riddhima abhi koi badmashi nahin karunga"
He winked at her making her blushed profusely with his wink and shameless comments and then he comes over her and start rubbing something over her softness and as she feels it was some ointment to soothe her pain and riddhima feels she fell in love with all him over again as he loved her so much and can not see a single tear in her eyes and she caressed his cheeks and armaan looked at her and after doing it
Ar:"ho gayya madam aab aap jaa sakti hai vaise jaane dene kee koi man nahin hai par fir bhi as you say kii aapko ready honaa hai so you can leave"
He said while sucking tear from the corner of her eye making her smile and then riddhima pecked his lips slowly and then she tried to get up holding the sheet around herself and as she placed her feet on floor
Ar:" vaise jaan you can take this sheet with yourself as you see i have my darling  hot and sexy wife's saree to get wrapped in it naa baby"
He said as he took hold of her saree the same orange saree which she was wearing in night and all the night it was under both of them in their sweet love making process and armaan actually in night did play with the gunghroos of saree which was at the corner of saree pallu and all the night he traced the ghungroos on her face making her moan in pleasure and he tinkled the ghungroos now again seeing riddhima and riddhima blushed hearing him and she ran inside washroom making armaan smiled and he looked at her and holding the saree playing with the ghnghroos of her saree pallu enjoying
Ar:" oye hoyee"
And riddhima comes wearing  beautiful saree and she literally pushed armaan in washroom to get ready before everyone come back home and that is really tough case as he is in no mood of leaving her wants to do romance with her and she smiled and in the mean time she get ready completely and settled the room chnaged the bed sheets and makes it looking fine and finally she moved towards the dressing table to fill her maamg with vermilion and she smiled and was about to pick up the box filled with vermilion when a hand comes on her way, she smiled and he picked up the box filled with vermilion and she stand up and faced him, she opened the box consisting vermilion and he while looking at her take a pinch of vermilion making her smile wide as some vermilion fell on her nose like their wedding day, she hugged him tightly while whispering i love you to him and
Ri:" i love you armaan thanks so much merii zindagi kaa rainbow poora ho gayya"
Armaan smiled hearing her and hugged her back as she placed her head on his chest while mumbling i love you too back to her
Ar:" i love you too jaan aur riddhima tumhare binaa merii zindagi kaa rainbow bhi adhoora hii rehta tou thanks to you"
He said while dropping akiss in her hairs making her smile. And then they fianlly moved downstairs as soon they went everyone back at home and seeing them ready they did not know how to tease them. So in and all they were saved from teasing especially Riddhima and she thanked for this otherwise she will not be able to take the teasing of anyone especially in front of Armaan who is so much shameless and keeps on looking at her with dreaming eyes and as passion filled in his eyes she feels so much weak under his gaze everytime and to tease her he never breaks his trance from her though she enjoys so much his gaze and she did not denied that fact but it makes goose bumps arises all over her skin as well naa.
It was almost three days of armaan and riddhima's wedding and after two days they were going to their HoneyMoon to Paris followed by their visit to Panchgani and today the gang took them out as for the dinner as they did not want that to host a dinner to armaan and riddhima at home so they were now roaming in mall as they will took their dinner on their only as the girls start to roam in mall the boys actually made faces and now was actually complaining
Ra:" yar this is so not fair hum log yahan par armaan-riddhima kii wedding treat meein onhein dinner par layen hai aur tum shopping par chal dii"
He said and
At:" han yar rahul sahii keh rahaa hai vaise anjie tum logono nee abhi tou itnii shopping karii hai armaan aur riddhima kii shaadi meiin fir aab kya reh gayya"
Ab:"chodd naa atul yeh girls hai inkaa shopping karke kabhie pet bhara hai kya? kyoon armaan?"
But before armaan can reply as he was busy looking at his riddhima while playing with his her hands which he was holding
An:"armaan mere pyaare devar jii soch kee inkaa saath dijiyega varna ridzi merii pyaari behen Honey Moon par jaane se pehle 2ono ratein pehle mere saath soyegii the girls night out you see"
Mu:"han bahut maza aayega anjie i will join you too"
Ni:" han aur bhaii meree room meiin abhie bhi bahut space hai you see"
As armaan heard all of them he looked at all of them who were grinning evilly looking at the shocked expressions on his face, and he glared at all the boys who was actually behaving the big villians in his love-story,he can not imagine his night without his jaan sleeping cuddling with him and his morning started only after seeing her face, so no ways he could not afford to take the risk so he started
Ar:"kisnein kaha bhabhi mai inn gadhon kaa saath doonga mujhe tou khudd aapnein liyye kuchh zaruri saman lenaa hai,sochh hii rahaa tha kab lun, aaj aayenn hii hai tou lagee haathon lekar jaonga, so aap log jayiye aapne girls section meiin mai zara men section meiin hokar aya don't worry muskii and nikki i am with you"
He said making all the boys shocked Armaan Mallik agreed for shopping but what he can do he can not take the risk from getting distance from his wife that too when they were just married and all the girls smiled hearing him hi-fived wih each-other knowing very well when armaan say "yes" to shopping their partners has to follow them and riddhima looked at him he was agreeing that is fine she knows he can't stay away from her like her but what she was thinking what he has to purchase from men section she was looking at him with confused expressions as if asking him 'what you are going  to purchase from men section? tell me naa' but her trance breaks with rahul's complaining voice as he reacted suddenly
Ra:"saala armaan besharam kahin kaa khudd ko tou shownk chadha hai nayii-nayii shaadi kaa aur humare bank balance kii ainvey hii band bajwa rahaa hai chalo aab tou jaana hii padeg yar"
He said and they follwed the smiling girls who were successful in their plan and boys were cursing armaan under their breaths for making them trapped for paying the shopping bills for girls.
Armaan and all the ither boys were in men section while armaan was busy purchasing his necessary so called confidential thing which he actually did not able to take before marriage so he was taking this right not and the other boys were glaring at him and most importantly looking at their partners who were no where at sight means that a huge shopping bill ahead for them and they were cursing armaan but he was least bither by this and keeps on doing what he was doing and here in girls section riddhima was getting scolded by all the three girls even nikki also they were actually scolded her for not getting the things which they were asked her to buys
An:"ridzi tera dimag kharab hai kya aab tujhe iss night wear meiin kya problem hai yaa tune aapne honeymoon par bhi sarees pehnanae kaa socha hai han bata had hai yar muskii bol ise"
She said geting fed up if riddhima and muskaan nodded saying
Mu:" han ridzi kya problem hai yar anjie sahii krh rahii hai tuu isnein bahut undar lagegi aur hero tujhe dekhte hii reh jaayega"
She said while making he hold of a very hot and sexy blue lingeria which was very much revealing and riddhima frowned seeing that
Ri:"par dii muskii mere pas itnein tou night wears hai humnein abhie shaadi se pehle bhi tou buy karen the naa new ones dii"
She said while trying to tell them she has enough of night wears but in reality actually she was trying to run from rhe situation wearing those night wears actually taht is for only name sake night wears actually lingeria in real senses and just the thought if wearing them in front of armaan giving her goose bumps all over her so she denied
An:"teraa kuchh nahin ho sakta hai ridzi vo naa night wear gharr kee liyye hai honey moon kee liyye nahin stupid tuu yeh dekhh naa yar tujh par bahut achaa lagega terii figure par bhi bahut suit
She said showing her a sexy and hot baby pink lingeria in name of night wear which was more revealing than the previous one and
Ri:"dii yeh kuchh zyada hii revealing bahin hai kya matlab"
But she is cut short by nikki's voice as she said to her
Ni:"offoo bhabzz kya revealing aap bhi naa bhaii kee saamne hii tou pehnana hai aapko aur kisii kee saamne thode naa sur sahii meiin you looked very much sexy in this bhaii aapko dekhte hii reh jaayenge"
She said handling her the wine color night gown a revealing deep cut from her cleavage not even reaching at mid thighs she gulped her saliva seeing that three pieces lingerias and she did not know what to say
Ri:"nikki par yeh bahut ajeeb lag rahaa mera matlab hai kii yeh"
As she tried to oppose once again this time an irritated anjali cutted her in between as she was pissed of seeing her behave so she just say
An:"fine ridzi tuu nahin lenaa chahti tou mat lee yar hum tujhe force nahin karenge bas mai aapnein experience se bol rahii thi jis tarah  1 Wife kii kuchh expectations hotii hai aapnein Husbans se kii vo ose pyaar karen, romantic surprises den vaise hii, Husbands jii bhi hotii hai kuchh aisii Fantasises and Desires joo vo aapni Wife se rakhte hai aur yeh sab oonsab meiin se ata hai oonhein aapni Sensual Wife achii lagti hai especially oonke Honey Moon par zindagi kaa behaf haseen time hota a hai yeh jab dono har tarah se judte hai, bas isiliyye hum keh rahein the baaki aagee terii marzi hai ridzi hum thode naa force karenge vo bhi ooske liyye jismein tuu comofortable naa ho paayen"
They said leaving riddhima in deep thoughts as she registered their words she knows what they were saying is so much right he was stil in thoughts when all the boys comes to call the girls excluding armaan and she noticed they were actually looking at dummies who were wearing the night dresses and a naughty smile on their lips and as asked the girls tocome riddhima madeup an excuse saying that
Ri:"dii aap sab log chaliyemai bas payment karke ayi abhie"
She said and all left giving her a smile and she was thinking trio's words and remebering boys expressions, she smiled how will armaan's reaction seeing these clothes that too on her and then she was thinking what to purchase as after all she can do anything for her armaan and she was still thinking and confused when she aaw armaan coming she instantly moved towards him as she did not wants him to see what she was purchasing, it will be surprise for him and seeing her coming towards himself armaan gave her a smile which she returned, she was still standing near that corner of dresses and as armaan comes near her while asked her
Ar:"oye kya hua tumhe aaj sahii meiin mall meiin rehna hai kya?"
He asked teasing her and riddhima gave him a warming smile and as well blush crept on her cheeks armaan was surprised why she was blushing
Ri:"nahin armaan mai bas aa hii rahii hun pay karke naa"
She said covering up and armaan nodded and riddhima is paying her bill when her gaze fell on Armaan who was looking at somewhere as riddhima follows his gaze she left surprise as he was gazing at a beautiful sensual pair of night wera that too in red color wearing by dummy, she blushed seeing his gaze the desired one as if he was looking at her, she now knows what her dii's meaning along with muski and nikki and now she knows what she has to done after all he is her husband,he has full rights over her and then she smiled as he after looking at that pair of night wear looked at her she can say by his face expressions as well by reading his eyes that he wants to buy that one for HER but stopping himself because of knowing her well and then as they holds the shoppers after paid the bill armaan and riddhima both raeched at the gate of shop when she
Ri:" umm armaan"
Armaan looked at her as she stoped in her mid ways and as armaan
Ar:" kya hua jaan."
Ri:"armaan vo actually naa i guess mai muskii kaa 1 top shayad se changing room meiin chod ayi hun mai naa check karke ayi tum chalo"
She said msking up an excuse and armaan said to her
Ar:"hmm koi bat nahin jaan i will accompany you naa"
He said sweetly giving her a big dmile and riddhima smiled back
Ri:"nahin jaan i think you join everyone achaa ahin lagta hum dono hui gayab ho jaayen tum chalo i will be there just in 1 minute"
She said hoping he will agree and armaan nodded thinking she is right
Ar:"hmm theek hai jaan mai jaata hun par tum jaldi ana ohk"
Ri:"bas jaan off course mau bas yun gayyi aur yun ayi"
She said giving him her best smile and armaan leaves from there after pecking her cheeks and riddhima smiled and made her way inside yhe shop once agin and she quickly purchased that red sauce vaala laal night wear which armaan was gazing intently and finally paid for that she joined others in the dining area of restaurant and seeing the bag in her hands as she saw muskaan was coming to ask her what is that she make up that it was something related to armaan's personal stuff and hearing that mukaan nods no one asks her anything and she sighed in relief snd before snyone or her Armaan can ask anythng about that she placed the bag with another shoppers and after enjoying a lots they comes back home with a smile on their lips enjoying to the bits of ther evening and thanked the gang for making it special by deciding to go out unlike the usual Dinners they were attending since three days of their wedding.
After two days armaan and riddhima were set to their Honey Moon period as armaan was driving to Panchgani as they wants to spend atleast one day there before going to Paris and riddhima planned her surprise for armaan their only as that place Panchgani holds so many memories of theirs and after all they met there only naa.

Riddhima is in her panchgani house waiting for armaan as he went to met with Dr.Aryan And Dr.Mallika, she herself went to met them but when armaan and Dr. Aryan induges in the case study if patient as Dr.Aryan needs help of armaan,riddhima quietly comes from there as she wants to do something special for him, she dimmed all the lights and lit up the candles in there living room, she did not applied any make-up as her armaan did not like her in that way, her long hairs falling on her shoulders, as armaan walked inside the house after few minutes, he is firstly surprised seeing the door opened now anyways after locking the door he walked inside and seeing the atmosphere in front of his blue greay eyes he is shocked beyond limits as all the living room lit up with candles, there is adjustment of candles in heart shape leaving enough space in between near the fire place and the place is covered with the soft red petals and the rug is placed there near the fire place and then he saw her love of his life claded in that red sauce vaala laal night wear that he saw the other day in mall when they were with gang for dinner looking damn hot and sexy that a gasp left from his mouth seeing her like this,emphazises her perfect curves completely and feels the intense gaze upon herself riddhima shivered what makes armaan more desirable is riddhima is laying on rose petals and he walked towards her and saw his breaths start getting abnormal seeing the sight, her night gown not even reaching till her knees, just ending below her upper thighs making him completely surprised and he slowly and swiftly makes riddhima stand on ground as he wants to have a proper look at his bride in his draem dress as he always desired to saw his riddhima in that one from the time he saw that dress in mall, and all the time riddhima has her closed tightly when she saw armaan is walking towards her with his passionate gaze and she feels she can burn under his passionate gaze so she closed her eyes tightly and as soon armaan makes her stand he saw she is looking so pretty, beautiful, adorable, passionate, desirable, sexy innocent, hot and charming at the same time, her milky skin which is showing a little from the net of that dress and the deep neck makes him gave her a perfect look of her cleavage as he can easily made his inside in her valley as he can see her bikini knot at her back and in front as well she is looking so much ravishing and beautiful that he wants to eat her alive and then he just whispered
Link to riddhima's night dress imagine this one she is wearing for her armaan
Ar:''aapni aakhein kholo riddhima tumhari yeh band aankhein mujhe tmhare liyye aur bhi pagal bana rahii please inehin kholo aur mera pagalpan samet lo aapni inn aankhon meiin nahin tou mujhe dar lag rahaa hai kahin aaj mai pyaar meiin tum meiin khokar sab kuchh bhull kar tumse pyaar karun''

He said huskily near her ear lobe while nibbling her there making riddhima opened her eyes as his words hit her ear drums and as soon she opened her eyes, they lock with each-other, blue naughty orbs locked with green innocent orbs she next moment engulfed in his arms that too tightly while she is little bit surprised as well but then she makes her hand behind his back and armaan

Ar:''mujeh dar hai kii kahin aaj tumhe merii hii nazar naa lag jaaye tum itnii sundar lag rahii hoo jaanti hoo mai humesha se tumhe ismein dekhna chahta tha aur tumhe har had par karke deewangi kii had tak pyaar karna chahta hun riddhima''

He said while kissing her at her shoulder bne sideing her long hairs with his nose and riddhima nodded hearing him yes she knows that's why she picked this one for him and seeing her nod armaan looked at her while detangling her from himself and then as riddhima saw the confuse look in his eyes she while fidgeting with his shirt buttons answered him saying

Ri:''han maine dekha tha tumhe ise dekhte hue tou i thought kii mai tumhare liyye pehnu''

She said while lowering her eye-lids and armaan smiled and placed a kiss on her forhead and he just said to him not in mood to tease her

Ar:''tabhie  merii jaan vaapis gayyi thi oos shop meiin muskii kii top kee bahane naa(she nodded still fidgeting with his shirt buttons) vaise jaan you know tum itnii pretty lag rahii hoo maine socha bhi nahi tha i love you''

He said while cupping her face in his palms making her look towards him

Ri:''love you too armaan tum mere jeene kii pehli aur aakhiri vajah hoo''

She said with a smile and as their eyes locked and when riddhima replied the next moment her lips is covered with his as he took her into heated frenzy making her respond immediately as she wants him that too. And making her hands pressed against his shirt buttons holding her that intensity that her slender waist is comepletely pressing in his hnads and here riddhima's both hands his on chest fingers on his chisled chest plams on his shirt buttons, and armaan is chewing her lips while licking at the same time arousing some sensations in her body as she responds back while licking his lips too, today he is kissing her more fiercely as his feeling is on burning level though they kissed each-other many times but today as if riddhima is kind off feeling tough to responds his needs,but she enjoed this hard and fierce kiss of his and she caressed his bare chest unknowingly and as she is still kissing him with his thoughts running in her heart and mind and she is come out from her thinking sensation when she she feels his bite over her lower lips making her moan in pleasure as he wants to open her mouth as she is so in kiss and moment she forgets that he demands for enterance and that makes armaan bite her lower lips to open her mouth and she now gladly did and armaan rolled his tongue inside her mouth while entangling his tongue with hers as their tingues met eath-other they danced in pleasure making both armaan and riddhima's heart bretah sharpen as ever and armaan bite her tongue even this cause riddhima scratched his chiseled chest as she opened his buttons actually he leaves her no chnace to move his chiseled chest is pressing in front that too hardly and as riddhima moaned his name with the pain of pleasure and the pain actually she feels with his harsh bite armaan looked at her and

Ri:''armaan aauch''

And armaan after meting her green almond eyes seeing the shine of water he licked her tongue comletely while his one hand's finger is wiped her litle water from her eyes while the another hand is busy making his way upto her  caressing her arms pulling her sleeves and his hands start moving on them sedutively making her moan in pleasure and with in no moment riddhima feels his hands abover her upper chest caressing her valley and armaan after tasted her buried his face in her nape while siding teh cloth of nighty with nuzzling of his nose and wheras his hands were busy in caressing the sides of her curves in between her cleavage and riddhima throw her head back goving him nothing more a better access to her flawless skin and nape completly drowned in pleasure and armaan while caressing her valley cupped her face once again and kissed her full mouth

Ar:''riddhima i want to love you har had par kar aaj armaan-riddhima jo do jism ek jaan aleready hai jaan meiin jaan samana chahta hun mai riddhima''

He said looking deep in green almond shaped eyes and riddhima while encircling her arms around his neck pulling him closer looking in his eyes relied back

Ri:''tou karoo naa kisnein rooka hai tumhe armaan i love you so much sirrff tumhara haq hai mujhe par mere pyaar kee rangon kee har rangg kaa wazoood sirff tumse hii tou hai armaan sirff tumse i love you i love you so much''

She said and armaan captured her lips once again for heated frenzy smiling at his jaan's innocent confession and he confessed back to his jaan saying

Ar:''i love you too jaan aagar mai tumhare pyaar kee rangon kaa wazood hun tou tum mere har rangg hoo jis kee binaa meree rangg hii naa ban paayen''

He said and taking in his arms hugging her leaning into kiss, kissing her madly he laied there only beneath his his riddhima on the rug near the fireplace and as he broke the kiss he picked some rose petals and placed it on her face making her closed her eyes and then he start kissing each and every roserose petals making her shiver ran in her spine and aroused her body to no extent and when riddhima did not take this sweet pleasure more she opened her eyes and cupped his face in her palms and kissed him hard making him going beneath herself and as she herself comes over her and while kissing him hard she makes him moan in pleasure while massaging his scalp and then armaan as she is kissing her fiercely he opened the knot of her upper gown in no time while kissing her back having equal passionate about her kiss and then as riddhima nuzzled her nose on his collar  bone making him crave for her more he instantly turned her making her go beaneath under him and he kissed her hard as ever sucking each and every drop of her juices, exploring each and every corner of her mouth and kissing her pasionately with riddhima responding his kisses equally sucking him harder as ever and with in no minute armaan after breaking the kiss buried his face in her nape taking her sleeves down from her shoulders and while placing wet kisses there the gown landed on couch with in no seconds and as soon he threw them a apart riddhima's hands traced his chest and he with help of riddhima throw his shirt too on couch leaving him bare chest and as soon he looked at her she is right there just in her lingerie he without wasted any second makes his way towards her cleavage placing wet and passionate kisses all along from her long throat to collar bones and cleavage bone, all the time riddhima is moaning in pleasure feeling his kisses with her hands involved deep in his jet black hairs that did nothing just aroused armaan's passion completely and as moved near her cleavage his gaze fell on her white creamy valley he while caressing her long bare arms try to buried his face in deep inside her valley that resulted in nothing just his nose nuzzled in her deep valley making her heard shot up in pleasure and armaan moved his nose while all the way nuzzling there and he saw her bikini top has a button in front of it he smirked seeing it and a naughty grin come across his face and he stroked her waist up and down leaving trial of kisses and riddhima's hands in pleasure moved around his chest scratching him with her nails and then she leaves all over his back and chest her nails marks and armaan moved near her belly button, he nibbled and caressed it with his tongue and licked it like he has his nectar making riddhima moaned in pleasure and she pulled his hairs and armaan grinned and while kissing her full mouth and placing a long and passionate kiss on her lips his lips went around her bikini bottom and with in a swift moment that button is broken with armaan's teeth leaving her buds covered with just that red thin material and armaan now easily buried his face in her valley sucking her hard there after nuzzling making her hard to do anything and she feesl her body getting stiffen under his touch but she relaxed t as he caressed the sides of her  curves which she feels grew even more and then armaan once again moved upwards and with his nose he pulled the straps of her bikini top away and that makes her bikini away from her body showing her perfect curves to him, she feels exposed though they done a lots times this but still she tried to cover them with her hands feeling exposed under his naked eyes and armaan smiled seeing the shyness she is already hi and even having marks of his but still feeling shy, he smiled with a deep smile curve on his lips and then slowly makes her hands losned from her chest and riddhima tightly closed her eyes as he feels his tongue rolling on her nipples with his one hand caressing the another bud of her while the another one is pressing all the another bud on which his tongue is already rolling one, he sprung her nipples out while kissing and licking her both  nipples time by time he gave the quality time to each one and he sucked them as hard as ever in his mouth leaving red marks and making them completely erect with his sucking and riddhima is restless all the time placed a few kisses on his shoulders and nape and armaan then made his way down kissing her belly all the way her flat stomach and then he sat on his knees playing with her toes kissing her all the way up to her stomach her milky, legs, her knees, making her restless and then as played with thread of panty and in no moment she is no longer on with her panty and it is far through in living room somewhere along with his jeans and boxers as he can not takes this torture anymore he need her now and eve now, and he once again pounced on her caressing her bare legs with his own as she clutched his neck tightly and kissed him hard taking him into heated frenzy all the time he is rubbing her there making her aware about his hardness how much he needs her and with that final kiss and with the look in her eyes and that made them realize they are always ready and meant for each-other armaan stroked her thighs and with in one swift push he entered her inside making her moan and clutched the rug in her fists and armaan kissed her all her again try to soothe her as he knows it will surely pain her as he knows she is not used to that harsh love-making between then its always slow a steady and as they moved in harmony armaan once again sucked her breasts and bite them leaving his marks all over her skin and after that both their body muscles went numb and they released at same time and
Ar:''thanks jaan mere liyye yeh pehnanane koo i love you so much''

He said whole panting near her face as their cheeks touched and

Ri:''i love you too aur i can do anything for you you are my world armaan''

She said while caressing her sweating cheeks and placed a kiss there.

then armaan makes love all the night with her not letting her resting even  a bit when in morning riddhima feels she can not take her husband's love more she finally threatened her she will not let him make love to her in Paris if he won' stop then only he stopped after all how can he survive without making her love in world's most romantic place, this is not fair. And then next day they moved to Paris and armaan when saw her walking slowly he knows it's hard but he could not control himself seeing her in his dream lingerie and riddhima herself never mind, she loved and can bear that sweet pain of his love all her life which makes her believe she is his only and all their Honey Moon they enjoyed each-other company, explored Paris by each-other side, getting cozy with each-other, she wore different kind of dresses for him and  armaan commented her how sexy her chest is looking and like many more comments and riddhim turned deep shade of red hearing him but she enjoyed too and buried her face in his chest and that always followed with long love making now even armaan purchased hot and sexy lingerie for his hot and sexy wife openly and tell his fantasises as they loved each-other and shared a deep and passionate relation now in each and every senses and they enjoyed to the core at their Honey Moon by each-other's side completely and enjoyed each and every moment there.

Now Its two month passed from armaan and riddhima's wedding and they comes back from their Honey Moon but still they are not enough of each-other especially armaan he never leaves a single chance to love with her getting cozy with her and seeing the hickies she has and as he also as always hickies as well riddhima is always teased by that thing especially the hickies he gave her on her collar bone, she zillionath time said to him not to gave there as it will be wuite visible but he never listened at all as he is always drowned in her love and passion riddhima also never mind as its his love only thats now her breaths and she always blushed seeing his love and seeing them nikki and anjali dii cum bhabhi always teased her to no extent says

Ni:"lagta hai kisii ka Honey Moon period abhie finish nahin hua hai"

And she said nothing to thrm just blushed profusely lowring her eyes lids and today she is getting ready for the holi poojan as its destiny that after wedding their festival together is HOLII the day she get her love and she is so happy and now as she almost ready for the Holii Poojan which is in garden and then she heard armaan's voice who walked out from the washroom wearing a beautiful white kurta pajama traditional style and as he called her while saying to her that

Ar:"riddhima yar yeh buttons laga do naa kurte kee please"

Riddhima shook her head at her dearest hubby who can't do anything without her and she turned to him from dressing table as she is combing her hair and she saw that his front buttons opened

Ri:"kya armaan tum bhi naa mere binaa itnaa saa kam bhi nahin karte"

As armaan heard her voice coming towards him near as she walked closer to him armaan looked at her and he is spell bounded seeing the beauty if hus darling wife,she is wearing a beautiful red net saree his favourite red sauce vaala laal the saree us emphazising on all over her perfect curves her long hairs left opened just the way he liked and mangalsutra around her neck he saw her in saree many times as she wore regularly saree after their wedding but he can't enough to see her in saree she looks so sexy and hawwt in that saree especially in his favorite colour one and today is the same situation as well and as riddhima feels his desirable gaze upon herself she shivered but she walks down and start buttoning his kurta as its open till his chest showing his perfect chiselled chest and as armaan feels her hand over his chest her fingers brushing with his chest's skin armaan immediately pulled her closer by encircling his arms around her waist as he feels her fingers which breaks his trance and as riddhima feels his hand on her waist she shivered under his touch armaan grinned as he has that effect on her after two months of their wedding she still shivered badly when he touched her as he touched her first time though she is already HIS completely,

Ri:"armaan please mat karoo naa jaan please naa jaan"

She said as she feels his fingers were making their way near her navel armaan smirked and shook his head in"no" and then he leaned forward and kissed near her collar bone making her blushed

Ar:"vaise tumhe nahin lagta jaan tum humari shaadi kee bad yeh armaan chodo vaala dialogue zyada nahin bolne lagii hoo jaan"

He said making her frown as she hit his chest playfully and then she


Ar:"jaaan aaj tumnein aapni maang nahin bhari jaaan kya hua jaan?''


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