Thursday, 25 June 2020

Part 21 : MY prediction for AR rest story

"Laye hum Hasi laye hum Khushi jee le phir se zindagi'

Taaron se aage hum jaayenge cheen le ayenge roshni '

Dil ho jahaan dost ho vahaan aisa manzar hain yahan'

Manzil nayi,rasthe naye '

Phir bhi chale,hum saath mein'

Hum toh chale the dost banke'

Jaane kahan dill mill gayye!!!!"

Next day'



Abhi is busy working  on the laptop when someone closes his eyes from back....

NIKKI:Batao kaun hain'(asks excitedly to knw if he will recognise)

ABHI:(thinking)Tina..(nikki gets angry)nehi..sheena..(more angry)nehi..haan pata chal gaya sumanlata''.(tempered)

NIKKI: (she removes hands n asks angrily)Sumanlata'abhi main hoon nikki'..

ABHI:Nikki tum'.(getting up n acting surprised)maine toh koi aur socha'(trying to tease her)

NIKKI:(almost crying)Haan tumhe toh main yaad hi nehi hoon,,,,tum,,(crying n going away)

ABHI:(catches her hand n pulls her by waist)Nikki main bas mazak kar raha tha,,,,,

NIKKI:(Turns around facing him)Sach mein'..

Abhi nods n wipes her tears.. n smiles'she too smiles..

NIKKI:Pata hain main toh darr hi gayi'


NIKKI:Kyun matlab ..phir se kahin wooh sumanlatha sach mein tumhari zindagi mein aa gayi toh''waise bhi ham bahut muskhilon ke baad mile hain abhi'main tumhe khona nehi chahthi'..(getting sad looks down)

ABHI:(cupping her face)Nikki..meri taraf dekho'(she sees him)Humdono ko ab koi bhi alag nehi kar jiah na ,, hi koi aur.samjhi'..

Nikki smiles'.

ABHI:Waise agar tum sach mein chaho toh mere paas ab bhi suman latha ka phone number hain'karu kya'..(teasing)

Nikki gets angry n beats him up n turns around folding hands'..abhi comes front and catches his ears n says,,

ABHI:Sorry,,ab no mazak'..

Nikki sees him n cant stop her smile seeing him so cutely apologising n smiles at him..

NIKKI:Abhi ..tum bhi na,,,,,,,,, main bhi mazak kar rahi thi,,,

Abhi gets surprised n both laugh'''he hugs her from back n asks'.

ABHI:Waise nikki tum yahan aayi kyun..kuch kaam tha kya..( kissing her hair)meri yaad aa rahi thi kya''.

NIKKI:(Gets out of hug)Aree main batana bhool gayi'.wooh kuch deer mein'trustees ke saath conference hain issi ke baare mein toh bolne aayi thi aur bhool gayi''.

ABHI:Koi baat nehi nikki mujhe pata hain'kai bhi ladki mujhe dekh kar sab kuch bhool jayegi'..

NIKKI:(smiles)Haan jaise tum shahrukh khan ho'..

ABHI:Kyun main shahrukh se kya 'shahid se bhi kam nehi hoon''..(showing his muscles)

Nikki sees him n shakes her head n 'goes near door laughing'

NIKKI:Jaldi se aa jaana'

Nikki laughs loudly again seeing him n goes away'..leaving abhi confused'

ABHI:Nikki'arre meri baat suno'.kyun meri body un dono se kam hain kya'nikki..(but she has already left .abhi sees himself n says)Lagtha hain gym phir se shuru karna padega..nehi toh yeh ladkiyan hume dekhthi hi nehi'..(getting back to work)


We see sid is trying to bath ..but he don't get water again,,,,he goes out n opens the door in anger thinking that its again those children who has done it'.

SID:Pata nehi kya samjthi hain wooh sweety aaj toh main usse chodoonga nehi'.(angrily)

Sid gets surprised seeing the gang of kids infront of door with bucket of water....

SWEETY:Humne kuch nehi kiya,,,wooh pipe sach mein kharab ho gayi,,issliye hum aapke  liye paani leke aaye'(showing bucket full of water)


Sid sees n takes the bucket n turns around but sweety catches his hand'

SWEETY:Kal ke liye Sorry bhaiya(with cute puppy face)'.aap humse ab bhi gussa ho,,,(sweetly)

Sid sees her innocent face n melts easily'

SID:(He kneels down near her)Nehi bilkul nehi'

Sweety smiles n kisses sid on his cheek n runs away with her friends'sid sees them n smiles to himself'hes about to turn when he see that tamanna giving thumpsup to sweety n she too smiles at her'.he understands its tamannas idea,,,n goes back smiling''.

In garden,,,,,,,

Everyone were busy ,vaccination was done yesterday n today they were treating children n checking them up n saying them precautions'n also giving some necessary medicines to the head n assistant in case of emergencies..etc'..

After checking everyone were playing with kids'''

Sid ' tam ,Yuvi-naina , Atul- anjali..!!!

Sid was playing with sweety n some other children with J.P n making funny faces n making children laugh''tamanna was seeing it n smiling'sid sees it n smiles'

Yuvi was seeing naina playing with ball with kids'he was lost in seeing her,,,she became a child again playing with them,suddenly naina notices him seeing n he turns his gaze,naina smiles at him'

Atul was sitting near the small pool side'and he sees anjalis face in water n turns around to see no one is there n anjali was talking to head of the orphange ,anjali sees atul seeing her n smiling n smiles back''

{Dream song ' atul ,sid n naina are imagining this'.so others cant see them though they can see all}


Sees back in pool n sees anjali again whos smiling at him..he brushes his hair thinking about his imagination n sings''..

Mere Maula Maula Mere Maula, Man Matwala Kyun Hua Hua Re

Man Maula Maula Mere Maula, Mere Maula..


Sid is seeing tamanna whos is playing with a small kid''..and moves near tamanna n kids.. and kneels down n sings''

Kis Taraf Hai Aaasmaan, Kis Taraf Zaameen

Khabar Nahi, Khabar Nahi

Tamanna gets up from there n goes away without seeing him..,,he sees her going..

Oo Oo, Jab Se Aaya Hai Sanam, Mujhko Khud Ki Bhi

Khabar Nahi, Khabar Nahi


Atul comes near anjali whos talking ,he goes near her n waves hand infront of her eyes..but she cant see him.,..

Oo Oo, Hosh Gul Sapno Ki Mein Bandhu Pull, Aankh Kab Khuli

Khabar Nahi, Khabar Nahi

Anjali goes away from there'seeing some files in her hand'.

Oo Oo, Kis Taraf Hai Aaasmaan, Kis Taraf Zaameen

Khabar Nahi, Khabar Nahi

Sid n atul sings seeing both tam n anjali go''.

SID:Mere Maula Maula Mere Maula, Man Matwala Kyun Hua Hua Re

ATUL:Man Maula Maula Mere Maula, Mere Maula..

All are playing Cricket'with kids,,,,,,,,,


Tamanna was playing the cricket n hits the ball with bat ,,,,sid is walking around her and points her singing.'.while shes waiting to see where the ball is going'.

Jaane Kab Kahan Kaise, Tere Ho Gaye Kaise

He kneels down and says to her..

Hum To Sochte Hi Reh Gaye, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya


Anjali is waiting to catch the ball..,,atul is moving around her'..while shes trying to catch the ball..

Mere Khawaab Dil Saaansein, Mil Ke Kho Gaye Aise

Anjali catches the ball and is jumping in joy while atul kneels down n sings,,

Tujko Dekh Ke Aisa To, Kai Baar Ho Gaya


Seeing tam ''..

Tu Kahe Dil Yeh Tera Hi Rahe, Aur Kya Kahun

Khabar Nahi, Khabar Nahi


Seeing anjali'

Oo Oo, Kis Taraf Hai Aaasmaan, Kis Taraf Zaameen

Khabar Nahi, Khabar Nahi

Anjali n tam comes n hugs and are again playing with kids..n laughingn sid 'atul seeing them n sings'''.

SID:Mere Maula Maula Mere Maula, Man Matwala Kyun Hua Hua Re

ATUL:Man Maula Maula Mere Maula, Mere Maula

Sid n atul are singing walking backwards and they both hit eachothers back n sees eachother n smiles n go opposite direction..when naina comes from between them n starts singing'''


Seeeing yuvi whos just standing near a tree'.and seeing kids playing'.and shes lost in him'

Aayega Woh Is Intezaar Mein

Ud Chala Dil Wahan Sapne Jahan Mein Janu

Naina goes near Yuvi n he sees her n lifts her n turns around'

Lagta Hai Woh Mere Kareeb Hai

Aisa Kyun Hai Magar Dhunde Nazar Beqabu

She gets hit by ball, n realises she was dreaming'n goes near yuvi n waves her hand infront of him..but he doesn't see her n goes away'.

Hosh Gul Sapno Ki Mein Bandhu Pull, Aankh Kab Khuli..

Khabar Nahi.. Oo Oo

Naina just brushes her hair shyly n goes'

We see sid singing '

SID:Kis Taraf Hai Aaasmaan, Kis Taraf Zaameen

Khabar Nahi, Khabar Nahi

Oo Oo, Jab Se Aaya Hai Sanam, Mujhko Khud Ki Bhi

Khabar Nahi, Khabar Nahi

We see atul singing''.

Oo Oo, Hosh Gul Sapno Ki Mein Bandhu Pull, Aankh Kab Khuli

Khabar Nahi, Khabar Nahi

Oo Oo, Kis Taraf Hai Aaasmaan, Kis Taraf Zaameen

Khabar Nahi, Khabar Nahi


Sid ,naina n atul are lost n dreaming dancing with tamanna ,yuvi n anjali respectively''..

Mere Maula Maula Mere Maula, Man Matwala Kyun Hua Hua Re

Man Maula Maula Mere Maula, Mere Maula...

{Dream song -End}

We see all three sitting on the steps naina in middle n atul n sid on other side imaging all the song till now..n comes out of senses n sees eachother n smiles n goes in three directions'..



All are seated n we see abhi entering the room n then armaan''.already shashank n others trustees are present''..

TRUSTEE:Dr.keerthi kahan hain'..(asking shashank)

SHASHANK:Wooh..Dr.Keerthi maternity leave pe gayi hain,,,,,

Trustee nods'.armaan sees around but doesn't find suresh n asks one of the trutess beside hi,,

ARMAAN:Suresh uncle,,,I mean suresh mehra ji kahan hain.,'.

TRUSTEE 1:Wooh australia gaye hain''..unke bete se milne'..

ARMAAN:Achcha ''..ohk'..(smiling at him n thinking to himself)uncle ne mujhe bataya nehi wooh'.k,~~

Armaans thoughts gets interupted as some foreigners who are financing sanjeevni enters the

room with nikki,,,,

NIKKI:Please be seated'..

All shakes hands with eachother n sits n then they talk for sometime regarding sanjeevni'.Lights get of n then we see that abhi gives a presentation of the sanjeevni n various equipments,services,staff etc details avaliable in sanjeevni'on screen'..all foreigners are really impressed..then we see armaans rare surgeries videos''and all are seeing with interest except shashank who tries to wait to get it over'the presentation gets finished n all lights get on n all clap'

Nikki smiles at abhi n sees armaan n smiles'..he too returns smiles to abhi n nikki'n sees shashank whos clapping too'..

1:(In american accent)we are very impressed Dr.Shashank,sanjeevni has all the best equipments and also the best doctors I have ever seen'..we are ready to be a part of it'

2:Yeah we will finance it'.it would be our pleasure'

1:So lets complete the formalities Dr.Shashank'.


They sign some papers ,takes pics..n we see that they give them a cheque ,shashank is very happy''and then all leave after the meeting''.armaan is about to go when one of them talk to him'''.

CHRISTOPHER:Dr.Armaan mallik'.

ARMAAN:(turning around)Yes''..

CHRIS:We are very impressed with your work'(armaan smiles)'I know sanjeevni is one of the best hospital in india'but let me guess your pay would definitely be not more here in rupees'(armaans expressions change).let me suggest u something..Dr.Mallik''(taking of his specs)ORCHIDS is a great hospital'.why don't you join it'.i will help you get more pay for u r work than u ever thought'..

ARMAAN:(smiling)Thanks but no thanks Mr.chris,, ..i do work for my satisfaction not for money'

CHRIS:But Dr.Mallik'.the opportunities you get here are very less when compared to abroad,,I think u are underestimating us'.

ARMAAN:Not at all Mr.Chris I have been a visiting doctor to ORCHIDS n have been a part of the faculty too..for sometime'I know it very well'..(chris gets surprised n shocked too)but I am better here in india n best serving sanjeevni'''.

(after a pause)

Its not about opportinities its about my feelings towards sanjeevni'I have done my internship here n have got the best from sanjeevni..and now I want to serve it..back'.i am really sorry'.i would be happy serving here' being with my friends,family of sanjeevni,,,,we may treat our patients with medicines Mr.Chris but along with it we also treat them with our love n they believe in us for that'..n I think that's what makes me happy '..this all is worth more than a million for me''..

CHRIS:Ok Dr.Mallik''.as you wish''.(keeping his specs b seriously).u know Dr.Mallik I used to think all indians are sentimental fools but after coming here n seeing you all I realise the importance of relations n their sentiments',,,ur right'..u treat ur patients as u r family with love 'ur emotionally bonded with them .and that's why they recover so soon'.i like it'.i really like it'..

ARMAAN:(smiles)Thanks a lot'Mr. Chris

CHRIS:Anyways Dr.Mallik 'can you do me a favour (armaan sees differently)oh no..not about that'I am going to bother u again with my suggestions..(laughing) can you please come with us today'.actually its our first visit to india..n want to see around'hope u wont mind'..

ARMAAN:Sure''it would be my pleasure'..have u seen that place.. ~~~

Armaan takes them while Shashank overhears the conversation n thinks of armaan reply to chris'he remembered the words of suresh once'''.


MEHRA: Arre Dr.Armaan aapko pata nehi wooh toh apko offer dene ke liye ready hain,bahut logon ne toh baat bhi kee hain mujhse,even from abroad'par maine keh diya'Dr.Armaan toh sanjeevni chod kar kahin nehi jayenge' (showing with hands)
MEHRA: Wooh toh sanjeevni ke amanat hain'kyun sahi kahan na Dr.Shashank..
SHASHANK:Yes yes'ofcourse'(smiling fakely)
ARMAAN:Aap chinta mat kee jiye Mr.mehra,ab agar koi chahe toh bhi mujhe sanjeevni se nehi nikaal payega'mera matlab hain ki''..mein nehi jaaunga'


He thought that armaan was saying it fakely but today he realised that he said it genuinely ..he smiled thinking about armaans dedication towards sanjeevni n may be for ridhima too but he still wasn't ready to agree,his smiles turns to frown n he leaves'''


It was already evening n everyone sitting n chatting''.

The head comes n talk to them''''.

HEAD:Jee aap sab ko koi takleef toh nehi hui na yahan rehne main''.

ANJY:arre nehi bilkul nehi..

TAM:Humhe toh bachcho ke saath mazaa kiya'.

SID:Bahut pyaare bachche hain'..(seeing tam n smiling)

J.P:Jee sab kuch theek hain (smiling)''.

NAINA:Par ab hum bore ho rahe hain''.kya kare'yahan dekhne ke liye koi jagah bhi nehi hain''(getting up)

HEAD:Ek jagah hain''.


HEAD:Yahan se kuch door.. '..maata ka mandir hain''.


HEAD:Haan bahut purani mandir hain'.kuch 500 saal purani..kehthe hain wahan jo bhi jaake mannat manghte hain unki ichcha puri hoti hain''.khaas kar jo ek doosre se pyaar karthe hain'.agar wooh dono saath saath jaakar matta ko chunari chadayenge toh unki pyaar hamesha ke liye unka ho jayega har janam janam tak''..

SID: (getting up)Yeh sab mein aap vishwaas karthe hain..yeh toh koi kahani lagthi hain,,,(laughing n all sees sid differently..)what'??

HEAD:Nehi..beta yeh kahani nehi'sach hain'.,,is gaav ke log toh is mandir mein bahut vishwaas karthe hain'aap shehar ke log ho..pata nehi in sab ko manenge ya nehi..kahir aapki ichcha'

He turns to go'..when he hears tam speak..

TAM:Yeh mandir kahan hain''.hum jaana chahthe hain'..

SID:Tamanna yeh sab ..

TAM:(cutting in)Sid ,,,agar tum vishwaas nehi karthe ho toh theek hain..par bas usse jaakar dekh toh sakthe hain''..

NAINA:Haan main bhi aaongi,(excitedly)

ATUL:Haan main bhi chaloonga''''..

J.P:Haan Atul bhaiya main bhi aapke saath aaonga'.

ANJY:Sab saath mein chalenge''.

Yuvi too nods'


The head says them instruction of the route'.n also send a worker for assiatance..n they all get ready to go''..but before going head says'..

HEAD:Par ek baat ka dhayaan rakhna..yeh mandir jungle ke beech mein hain''.raat hone se pehle aajayega'nehi toh aapko rastha doondhne mein muskhil ho jayega' jungle mein janwar hain''.(scared)

HEAD:Haan beta zyaada nehi..bas 4-5 sher,2-4 bhalloo,kuch sanph, geedadh,,aur kuch jugli janwar'basss,,,

NAINA:Bas!!!!! (scared)

Naina,sid n J.P sees eachother n gets damn scared thinking'..They all go following a worker who was send by the head to show them way''.

It was not a very deep forest but thick forest with long trees blocking the light of sunlight'.all carefully walked from jungle route.''.and reached the temple within half an hour'..all were tired walking as there was no otherway through vehicles to there'.but when they saw the temple they were excited to see it'it was a temple on a small height with few steps''..and a small pool aside ..there were some shops around it'selling puja items'.there were some people roaming around coming from different ways'..most of them looked like village people and dressed accordingly, they were seeing differently while our gang was coming'..

NAINA:(to worker)Yeh hame aise ghoor kyun rahe hain''..

SHAMBU:Arre kuch nehi memsahab yahan sab gaav ke loog hain issliye aapke kapde dekhkar wooh ajeeb se dekhrahe ayiye'.

They reach near mandirs steps'

Wooh raha mandir''.arre mahesh(someone calls him n he sees that its one his friend)'.hum abhi aate hain'.(saying to his friend n turning to out gang)..aap darshan karke aajayiye'hum yahi intezar karthe hain'..(all turn to go)haan jaldi aajayeyi'kuch deer mein mandir bandh ho jayega'''.

Everyone walks towards temple'''

Tamanna is stopped by an old lady selling puja items'.sid too stops with her'.

LADY:Arre yeh kya aap dono toh chunari leke nehi jaa rahe hain'..

She sees her differently not understanding'

LADY:Beta,,,pehli baar aayi ho,,,,(tamanna nods)'.issliye pata nehi hain''.yeh chunari agar pati-patni ,,ya phir pyaar karne wale (seeing sid)saath mein chayenge toh unki ichcha poori hogi''

TAM:Hum dono pati-patni nehi hain'..

LADY:Toh kya hua..aap dono ki shaadi jadi hi ho jayegi'.ye lo'

TAM:Nehi hume nehi chahiye'..

Tam goes away not taking'..chunari but takes puja items'..but sid sees tamanna leaving n asks aldy to give n takes chunari'

SID:Aap deejiye''.

Sid climbs the steps'while naina comes from back''..and asks for chunari'..

NAINA:Mujhe bhi ek deejiye''.

YUVI:(Coming from back)Tumhe kyun naina''.

NAINA: taking)Kyun main nehi chada sakthi''.

YUVI:(climbing)Par tumhare saath toh mere alawa yahan koi nehi hain,,,,,,,,mere saath chadaogi'..(seeing her eyes)

NAINA:(naina stops n sees him n says)Nehi''.main akeli hi chadoongi'.bye'''(goes away)

YUVI:(smiling)Wooh bhi dekhthe hain'''(he too goes)

Atul is taking items with chunari'..

ANJY:Atul''.yeh kyun le rahe ho''.main in sab mein vishwaas nehi karthi hoon atul''..

ATUL:Anjali'please mere liye''.


ATUL:Please anjali'''shayad bhagwan isse hume kuch ishara kar raha hain'


ATUL:Ki sab kuch ab theek ho jayega'..ab bas hume khushi hi khushi milegi''.

ANJY:(agreeing for his happiness)Theek hain atul'''''.

J.P asks in everyshop to give him too but they don't give him'as hes single'and he gets tired asking n leaves it n just go n prays'for asking a girl suitable for him to make her meet him soon''..


Tam is praying n when she opens eyes she sees sid beside him',n giving the priest /pandit puja items also chunari''..tam sees him surprised''the priest does puja'.

PANDIT:Aap dono apna haath badao'''

He keeps the chunari n it n asks to keep near the idol of godess,,,sid takes tams hand n drags n keeps it,,,,,near the idol..

PANDIT:Aap dono hamesha saath rahe aur aaka pyaar hamesha aapka saath rahe,'..

Tamanna sees sid in shock n leaves ther,,while sid follows her.

SID:Tamanna..tamanna suno'''.

But she goes'

Naina gives the items''n then takes the chunari n is about to keep near the idol alone''.when she feels someones hand on her she turns to see its yuvi,''..he smiles at him n he too smiles at her,,,,,,,,n they both pray'.yuvi sees at naina whos praying deeply n goes away'.she opens eyes not to find him n sees him going''.

NAINA:(calling him)Arre yuvi'.

PANDIT:Beta prashad..pehle ''baad mein jaana apne wooh ke paas..

NAINA:(surprised)Jee panditji'..(understands n smiles)jee panditji'

She takes prashad n smiles''..

Atul n anjali comes n prays both of them give the puja items n the pandit does puja..n ask both to keep chuanri ,both look into eachothers eyes n keep it near the maatas idol'..n prays'..

PANDIY:Hamesha dono saath rehna beta'har khushi mile..har buri nazar se bachche'

ATUL:Danhyawaad panditiji''.

PANDIT:Ismein mera kya hain beta'sab maata ki krupa hain''..waise bhi jo bhi ristha sach aur vishwaas ki buniyaad pe abni ho..wooh hamesha kush rehengi'.

Atul smiles n gives some dakshina to panditji..while anjali remembering panditjis words gets shocked a bit''.for hiding things from him,,,,,,,,


ANJY:(smiles seeing atul)Haan''.

Everyone are seated on the steps n chatting while J.P is sad,,,naina n yuvi and sid-tam are seated at some distance'

ATUL:Arre J.P kya hua itna dukhi kyun hain'..

J.P:Ab kya bataye atul bhaiya''.hame toh kisine chunari de hi nehi'

ATUL:Arre wooh toh sirf'.sirf'pyaar karne walon ko dete hain'.

All look at eachother'..,,

Naina sees a small pond near'

NAINA:Arre wooh dekha wahan toh ek talab hain'.(excited)

Yuvi whos seated next to naina see it..

YUVI:Toh'.(not interested)

NAINA:Chalo wahan chalthe hain yuvi'..(shaking him)

YUVI:Mujhe nehi jaana'.

NAINA:Please yuvi''.

Tamanna is not talking n she sees a tree where everyone are tying threads n she goes there'

TAM:Hum abhi aate hain'..


Sid goes back of her'

Tam 'sid n yuvi-naina goes from there while others are busy n they don't notice them going'''

Atul-anjali n j.p are still seated on steps when they see that the all people were gone n even temple is about to be shut'..worker 'shambu comes'..


All get up that's when they realise that sid-tam n yuvi-naina are not there''

ANJY:Par yuvi-naina aur sid-tamanna kahan hain''(looking around)

J.P:Hame lagtha hain wooh chale gaye hain...

They see around bu couldn't find them so decides to go..

ATUL:Haan ho sakthe hain'''wooh chale gaye'

SHAMBU:Achcha toh hum bhi nikalthe hain sahab,,,..warna andhere main kuch nehi dikhega'.

All leave'.

Sid -tam:

Tamanna was sitting near the tree shade after tying the thread to tree,,it was back of temple'already are all left'.n no ones there'sid was waiting for tamanna but she still didn't move,,he got fed up n went near'.n catched her hand,,,,

SID:Tamanna'meri baat suno''. Maine bas ..(sid tried to explain her)

TAM:Sid maine kahan na hame chodo'..(removing hand n walking to temple)


Sid follows'.but sees tamanna stopped walking n is seeing in surprise,,

SID:Kya hua'

He looks around to find it empty'even theres no proper light..except some diyas'.

TAM:Yeh sab log kahan chale gaye'.aur yahan toh koi nehi hain''.sid ab hum kya kare'..(scared)

SID:Tamanna dekho daro mat .,,main hoon na..,,shayad hum iss taraf se aayi the chalo..chalthe hain''.

They start walking back to jungle'tamanna is scared''..


Naina was seeing the pond'many were floating diyas in it..she too floated one n prayed..after some time..all left but they didn't notice,,,

YUVI:Naina'ab bahut deer ho rahi hain chalo''..

NAINA:Ruko na yuvi kitna pyaara hain na yahan'its so beautiful''.(seeing water and swans in was very beautiful with diyas floating)

YUVI:Naina'.aao..(dragging her)

NAINA:Theek hain''.

sid-tam just left from there n yuv-naina come back to temple..seeing theres no one n its empty,,,

NAINA:Yuvi yahan toh koi nehi hain''.sab kahan chale gaye'''ab kya kare..(scared sees him)

YUVI:Karna kya hain..chalthe hain'

They start walking back to jungle but opposite way,,..

Atul ,anjali n j.p have reached n realised that neither yuvi-naina nor sid-tam reached'.head gets tensed n so do all''.

ATUL:Pata nehi wooh kahan reh gaye'..

HEAD:Shambu humne kahan na..sabka dhyaan rakhna''..(scolding)

SHAMBU:Jee ..par hume laga wooh aa gaye hain''.

ANJY:Ab kya kare'raat bhi bahut ho gayi hain'..

HEAD:Itni andhera mein hum unhe dhoond nehi payenge'ab subah tak intezaar karna padega''.

J.P:Subah tak'agar unhe jugli janwar khaalenge toh'..(scared)

ATUL:J.p!!!(J.p sees opposite side)Bas wooh charon theek-thak ho'.

All see into jungle wondering where they are struck'''.


Sid tamanna are walking in jungle but they have lost their way in dark'.

TAM:Sid''.hume lagtha hain hum galat jagah jaa rahe hain'(tired of walking)

SID:Mujhe bhi''.yeh indian forests itne, gehre hothe hain mujhe toh pata hi nehi''.

Suddenly he gets scared seeing a owl'.n gets close to tam..tam sees hes seeing at owl..

TAM:Sid..wooh ullu hain'

SID:Mujhe pata hain'main thodi darr raha hoon''..(scared)

Sid just smiles widely trying to hide his fear'n showing tamanna hes not scared'..

They walk for sometime but get tired not finding a way out ''sid sees around to find someway'he walks around n when he turns back he realises that tamanna is not beside him'..he gets scared not to find her..n calls her name'


He walks forward but stops his track when he finds that there is a small valley down n he was about to fall..he turns around to find tam when he hears tamanna voice n turns around to see that shes fallen into it n was catching a tree branch..he gets scared seeing her'

SID:Tamanna'''(scared n tensed)


SID:Tamanna ruko..main aa raha hoon'''

Sid goes a bit down'walking carefully as its slippery'

SID:Tamanna'meri haath pakdo''.

He gives his hand but she a bit low n cant catch his hand'.n hes unable to give too',,tamannas grip gets loose'

SID:Tamanna''..tum..apni..dupatta..mujhe do..jaldi'..

Tamanna tries hard to take her dupatta n throws to sid..he tries to catch it but it falls..she throws again'.tamannas grip gets almost loose n she was about to fall'sid catches the dupatta n pulls her hardly'..she alast comes on land'.both sid n tam are panting''..they both see other 'n sid smiles at tamanna'.

SID:Tamanna tum theek toh ho'.

She nods'.sid tries to take dupatta but its torn'fully'''.suddenly he hears tamanna squeal'''

SID:Tamanna kya hua,,,,,,,,

He sees tamanna looking her back ,,,,,he sees that its sctarched with thorns'n rocks'.n is bleeding'.he removes the thorn slowly but her dress too  gets torn''..

SID:Wooh maine jaan bujke nehi kiya'.

They both walk again'.tamanna is feeling shy and tries to cover her back with hair..sid sees it n takes his jacket ,,but he has another one inside  guys {lol}tamanna sees him n smiles n covers with jacket'.n they walk'''

{ok guys I know this is like a DMG scene'hope u wont mind}


Yuvi 'naina are walking for long time but they lost their way,,,,,,,

NAINA:Maine kahan na yuvi..hame uss taraf jaana tha..(getting irritated)

YUVI:Tumne kahan'..maine kahan'''

NAINA:Haan wahin kissine bhi kahin ho'..,

Suddenly she hears some roar of a animal ''.she gets scared n comes near yuvi n catches his hand tightly''.

NAINA:Yuvi'wooh kaisi awaz thi''.(scared)

YUVI:Hoga koi sher ki'

NAINA:Sher!!!!!!!!!(dead scared)

YUVI:Kyun darr lag raha hain.,''..

NAINA:Nehi mujhe dar nehi lagthi'''..(removing hand from his hand)


They both walk while naina talks',,shes going ahead'

NAINA:Haan..tumhe pata hain..maine toh aise jungle akeli paar kar sakthi hoon',,aur sher ,bhallu sab ko ek minute mein yu bhaga sakthi hoon..aur pata hain yuvi''.

She turns around to find that yuvi is not there ,,


She gets damn scared'..she sees around'but all she could hear was withering voice of leaves,,,and some animals howling slowly she moves forward but she hears somevoice behind''.and turns around to hear somevoice from bush there,,,n she takes a stick n is about to beat it when she feels someones hand on her shoulder'..she turns around and screams loudly closing her eyes''''


She opens her voice listening to laugh'''it was yuvi laughing ''..she sees him n breathes out which she holded till now'.but seeing him laugh she gets angry'''..she beats him with stick'..

NAINA:Yuvi'..pata hain main kitna darr gayi thi''..

YUVI:Arre tum toh keh rahi thi tumhe darr nehi lagtha (laughing)chalo.ab''

Naina is damn angry with yuvi n is walking just behind him getting scared,,,,yuvi is still laughing'.he moves forward''and suddenly hears nainas squeal,,he turns around to see shes slipped 'he comes near her'..

YUVI:Naina kya hua,,

Naina slipped n her leg got hurt,,,,,

NAINA:Yuvi''.ahh!!mera pair'.(showing her leg)

YUVI:Naina mujhe dekhne do''..(he sees her leg which seems to be twisted)lagtha hain sprain ho gaya hain'..yahan dard ho raha hain'''


YUVI:Naina..uthne ki koshish karo'..

Naina tries to stand up but her foot is paining'..

NAINA:Yuvi bahut dard ho raha hain'..(catching hold of yuvi)

YUVI:Naina'..agar hum nehi chalegi..toh kabhi nehi pohunch payenge''.

NAINA:Yuvi''.ah..dard ho raha hain'ah,.main nehi chal sakthi''.

Yuvi suddenly lifts naina in his arms,naina gets surprised by sudden act but then keeps hands around his arm'n sees at him'..

YUVI:Ab dard nehi hoga''.

They both walk'.

Suddenly it starts raining ''.both sid tam n yuvi-naina are stuck in rain'.n are standing below trees but its starts raining heavily'..we see that atul,anjali ,j.p ,head all are tensed,,as it starts raining''''.


Sid is lost seeing tamanna when he hears her voice..

TAM:Ab kya kare sid''.

Sid sees a small cattle shed near by''.

SID:Tamanna wahan dekho'..chalo''.

Sid-tamanna both go there covering the jacket,,,they are very close to eachother,,,,sid sees tamanna while she just walks'.they reach the shed,,,,,it seems to be empty though''both come some inside n dries them selves''tamanna removes the jacket n tries to dry her hair'.n dress,,,,sid just stares a her,,,,,tamanna sees him staring n he looks other side'..

Sid gathers some sticks n lits fire'.and arranges some hay'.and keeps it'.

SID:Tamanna'..tum yahan so jao'..(pointing the hay he gatheres n arranged)

TAM:Aur tum sid'

SID:Main wahan kone mein so jaunga,,,,,

TAM:Nehi sid tumhe thand lagegi''.yahi so jao'.


TAM:Hume bura nehi lagega'

Tamanna comes n sits near sid n he moves aside n is sitting a bit far from her.,,,,,,they both see eachother'after sometime'tamanna sleeps''.n so does sid'almost side by side''.


Yuvi is still carrying  naina while naina is lost looking him'n never wants the rain to was the best moment for her'but her thoughts get distarcted by yuvis words,,,,,,,

YUVI:Naina'..wahan kissi ka ghar hain'dekho..

We see smoke coming from the chimney of a small house'yuvi n naina go there,,,yuvi still carrying naina'..naina knocks the door n after few minutes someone opens the door snd sees them''.

OLD MAN:Arre beta ..kaun hain aap'..(seeing them)

YUVI:Jee wooh hum mandir dekhne aaye the,,,aur aate waqt jungle mein kho gaye'

OLD MAN:Aao aao..andar aao'..

He takes them inside'n yuvi keeps naina down,they both are fully wet n she sits on a small table inside'it was a very small house with 2 rooms '.like a small hut..

OLD MAN:Arre sarla (his wife)suno tho'

HIS WIFE(sarla):Jee'(she comes out n sees)yeh kaun hain''.

OLD MAN:Yeh maata ke mandir dekhne aaye aur rastha bhool gaye'zara inhe kuch kapde dena'pure bheege lag rahe hain'..''..beta aap andar jaake kapde badlo nehi toh thandi ho jayegi'.(to naina)

SARLA:Aao beta'..

Naina sees yuvi n limping she slowly walks inside..

SARLA:Arre tumhe toh pair mein chot lagi hain..main davayi laga deti hoon..aao..

She takes naina inside supporting'..

OLD MAN:Yeh lo'tum bhi badlo'

YUVI:Arre iski koi zaroorat nehi'

OLD MAN:Koi baat nehi beta'..

Yuvi takes the clothes n changes,,,naina too comes at same time'.shes wearing a ghagra choli type thing with full of mirrors n work..'n looking beautiful'..and yuvi is wearing a long kurthi''.yuvi just stares at naina..getting lost in her ,,she looks so gorgeous in it'..but he comes out by the words of women'

SARLA:Yeh mere bete aur bahu ke hain'..

NAINA:Jee achce hain..dhanyawad'.

Both of them sit'''

OLD MAN:Aap yahan ke nehi lag rahe,,,

YUVI:Jee hum mumbai sanjeevni aspatal se aaye hain'.yahan ashram haina wahan'.

SARLA:Aap doctor ho'


SARLA:Humne suna tha..aap log aaye hain..bahut ahccha kar rahe hain beta aap'.hamesha khush rehna aur tum dono ki jodi ko kisiki nazar na lage''..

Yuvi n naina see eachother..

OLD MAN:Sarla kuch khane ko lao'

SARLA:Jee abhi lati hoon..

She brings some food n they all eat'..after sometime''..they arrange a small bed for sleeping to them'

OLD MAN:Aap dono yahan so sakthe hain'..


SARLA:Koi bhi takleef ho toh hume bulayiga'..

OLDMAN:Haan beta subah hoti hi..hum aap dono ko ashram chod aayenge,,,,,,,,

They both go inside'while yuvi n naina sleep on the ground opposite direction on a mattress laid for them''''.naina n yuvi sleeps thinking about eachother'..

We see sid n tam on one side n yuvi-naina on the other side'sleeping peacefully'but would tomorrow be the same for them'''..??


Thanks for the support guys..take care..

Keep smiling :)


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