Saturday, 27 June 2020

Part 23 : MY prediction for AR rest story

"Laye hum Hasi laye hum Khushi jee le phir se zindagi…

Taaron se aage hum jaayenge cheen le ayenge roshni …

Dil ho jahaan dost ho vahaan aisa manzar hain yahan…

Manzil nayi,rasthe naye …

Phir bhi chale,hum saath mein…

Hum toh chale the dost banke…

Jaane kahan dill mill gayye!!!!"

Nikki – Anjali - Atul:

NIKKI:Anjy yeh sab kya hain..(coming near)

ATUL:Anjali batao.. (demanding)


ATUL:Please anjali..saaf saaf kaho kya hua hain..(now pleading)

Anjali looks at atul n nikki and thinks that its high time she tells them..

ANJY:Maine yeh file armaan ke cabin se churaya hain..(unwantedly)

NIKKI:Armaan se..(shocked)

ATUL:Armaan ke pass yeh file kahan se aaya hain,,jahan tak mujhe yaad hain yeh file sirf Dr.Shashank ke pass hain..aur sir ne tumhe bhi nehi diya..toh usse kaise milla..(which he heard from anjali earlier)

ANJY:Armaan ne papa ke cabin se churaya..maine usse apne cabin mein rakhthe hue dekhi thi..

NIKKI:Par armaan ne kyun churaya hain..(confused)

ANJY:Wooh ridhima ke case ke baare mein janna chahtha tha taaki wooh usse jald se jald theek kar sake..

ATUL:Ho..wooh ridhima ki bahut fikar kartha hain na..wooh usse jaldi se theek karna chahtha hain..

NIKKI:Ek minute..Agar tumne armaan ke cabin se churaya toh usse pata nehi chala..aur agar armaan ne sir se churaya toh unhe pata nehi chala..(saying as a matter of fact)

ANJY:(tensed and thinking)Shayad papaa ne abhi tak dekha nehi .armaan…(she doesn't know how to tell but she sees atul and nikki staring at her and says)maine armaan ke file ke place mein ek aur file rakh diya hain..

NIKKI:Doosra file ,,?

Atul and nikki gets shocked,sees each other..

ANJY:Haan.. maine usmein se kuch reports nikalke baaki reports ke copy rakh diya hain..

She remembers the day she entered wearing a black coat into armaan's cabin so that no one would recognise her and she silently took the file from there replacing it with another one..atuls words made her come back to present..

ATUL:Par churane ki kya zaroorat thi..

ANJY:Zaroorat hain..agar usne reports dekh liya toh..(shouting tensedly)

NIKKI:Aisa kya hain uss reports main..

ANJY:Uss reports mein ..wooh..ridzy..

ATUL:Anjali batao..(forcing)

NIKKI:Haan anjy..please saaf saaf batao..

ANJY:Tum armaan ko toh nehi bataoge na..(sadly)

NIKKI:Anjy..please phir se koi promise nehi..(turns to her back)

ATUL:Haan anjali pehle hi tumhari promise ki wajah se hum armaan ko ridzy ke baare nehi baataya..ab yeh..

ANJY:Atul please,,samajhe ki koshish karo(pleading)

ATUL: (Saying loudly and confidently)Nehi anjali..main is baar tumhara saath nehi doonga..aur haan agar yeh file armaan ko chahiye toh main abhi jaa kar donga..aur main usse saari sachayi bhi bata doonga,, "ki ridhima ka ilaaj nehi ho saktha hain"..hum usse itna bada sach nehi chupa sakthe hain..(pause)waise bhi main armaan ko batane hi wala tha..

NIKKI:Haan atul main bhi saath chaloongi ..hume usse aur andhere mein nehi rakhna chahiye.. hum ridhima ko kisi aur tarah se bacha lenge.. hum usse kaise bhi sambhal lenge..

ATUL:Chalo hum usse abhi jaakar sachayi bata dete hain..

They both turn to leave the room ,but stops when anjali speaks up..

ANJY:Atul….agar tum yeh file dooge toh waise bhi usse sach ka pata chal jayega., very pale already she takes a sigh and says it atlast) "ridhima ke theek hone ka chance hain"..

Nikki and atul sees eachother..and gets shocked..

NIKKI:Anjy..yeh yeh..tum.k..ya. keh rahi hoo..

ATUL:Iska matlab ridhimaa theek ho sakthi hain..

NIKKI:Anjali tumne toh kahan ki ridhima theek nehi ho sakthi..issiliye toh hum yeh baat armaan se chupa rahe the na..

ATUL:Agar usse pata chal jaye ki ridhima kabhi theek nehi ho sakthi toh wooh tooth jayega..hain na(pause n coming near)phir yeh sab kya hain..tumne humse jhoot bola..ridhima theek ho sakthi hain..?

This is getting more and more complicated than they thought..

ANJY:(loudly)Nehi,,maine tumse jhoot nehi maine kahan hain wooh sach hain..(slowly) ridhima normal tareeke mein theek ho nehi sakthi..


ANJY:Matlab ridhima theek ho sakthi hain toh sirf ek surgery se.. agar armaan ne yeh reports pad liya toh toh usse pata chal jayenga ki ridhima ka surgery ho saktha hain..

NIKKI:Armaan ko pata bhi chal gaya toh kya hoga..

ANJY:(Louldy)Agar armaan ko pata chal jaayega ki ridhima surgery se theek ho sakthi hain toh wooh kisi bhi had tak jaayega usse bachane ke liye..

ATUL:(coming near her and keeping a hand on her shoulder)Agar ridhima theek ho sakthi hain..toh armaan ,armaan hi kyun hum sab usse bachane ke liye kisi bhi had tak jayenge,,

NIKKI:(coming near)Ismein chupani waali baat kya hain..ridhima is surgery se theek ho sakthi hain toh.. chahe jitna bhi khatra hoo,,hum sab poori koshish wooh theek ho jaaye..hain na atul..

ATUL:(nodding)Haan nikki aur yeh baat sunkar toh ek behen hone ke naate tumhe khush hona chahiye dukhi nehi..aur Dr.Shashank bhi toh sunkar..

ANJY:Papaa ko yeh baat pata hain..

Atul removes hand from her and moves back,,another shock for them..


ATUL:Sir ko pata hain ki ridhima theek ho sakthi hain..Toh unhone abhi tak kuch kyun nehi kiya..akhir yeh ridhima ki poori zindagi ka sawal hain..

Anjali sits down by near a chair..and atul – nikki gets near her..

ANJY:(seeing down)Issiliye nikki..issilye atul..kyunki yeh ridhima ki poori zindagi ka sawal hain.. (sees up)Baat itni simple nehi hain jitna aap samajh rahe hain..Hum yeh surgery karke,,(sighing)itna bada khatra mol nehi le sakthe..

NIKKI:Kaisa khatra..

ATUL:Anjali please hume poori baat batao..

Anjali gets up from chair and closes her eyes rememebering how this all happened..and starts saying while atul – nikki hears it hesitantly..

ANJY:Jab hum foreign gaye the ridhima ke ilaaj ke liye.. toh hum sab ne bahut koshish kiya ki ridhima theek hojaye....hum sabne bahut saare doctors se consult kiya..din raat hospitals ke chakar lagaye..bas yehi umeed main ki ridhima theek ho jaye.. but nothing happened aur sabka ek hi jawab tha.. – Theres no treatment for this..hum sabne haar maanliya..maa aur main toh tuth chuke thi yeh jaan kar ki ridzy kabhi theek nehi ho sakthi.. papaa itne bade doctor hone ke bawajud koi rastha nehi nikal paye..wooh kaafi pareshan the..par papaa ne haar nehi mana..issi time mein papaa ne ek doctor se consult kiya..wooh iss world ke hi one of the best and talented neuro surgeon the,papaa ne unke baare mein bahut suna aur kaafi din ke baad hume unka appointment mila..main bhi jaana chahthi thi par papaa ne mana kar diya..unhone ridzy ke case file dekhi..aur kuch tests kiya..unhone kahan ki ridzy ka ilaaj ho saktha hain..papaa bahut bahut khush the..unki toh khoyi hui umeed fir se mil gayi ho..wooh ridhima ko ek zinda laash ki tarah nehi dekh sakthe the..aur na hi hum..par…

Anjali stopped,atul – nikki waited but nothing came from anjali..

ATUL: (coming near her and placing a hand on her shoulder)Par kya anjy..

ANJY:Jo baat uss doctor ne uske baad kahan ..


We see shashank sitting in a chair,opposite to it is a person sitting seeing ridhimas medical reports– Dr.Franklin..Frank for of the worlds best neuro surgeon.

FRANK:See ri..dh.i..m..a's (he pronounced it with great difficulty) case she got shot by bullet in her spinal cord.. yeah,,its been an big advantage for us that the bullet has come out otherwise she would have never survived so long..thanks to those doctors who removed it in time..

Shashank thanks abhimanyu and nikki for it in his mind..

FRANK:Generally a person with a spinal cord injury could become paralyzed as we see it in most of the cases ..

Shashank imagines ridhima in a wheel chair forever in her life..and his heart almost drops..

FRANK:or they go into a coma very rare,,like ri..d.,'s..where the spinal cord's ability to send and receive messages from the brain is affected..generally people in coma can be recovered soon but here its due to the spinal cord injury which effected the nervous system and thereby her brain.. that's is why ridhima is this state..(trying to analyse more to himself)

SHASHANK:Isn't there any solution to this,,

FRANK:There is one solution..

Shashanks gets happy listening to it..its almost after such a long time he heard that ridhima can be recovered..he listened to frank with hope little did he know its not gonna last for much time..

FRANK:A surgery,,(pause) only way we have is to get her outta coma..and we need to do a brain surgery to drain out excess fluids in her brain..but

Frank became serious..and shashank got tensed..

SHASHANK:But what ..

FRANK:But it involes a lot of risk..

SHASHANK:What kind of risk..

FRANK:The surgery itself is very complicated and critical..but the main thing is will ridhimaa survive it..Dr.Sh.shnk..u too are a doctor and you know..that..


Frank gets up from his seat and sees shashank seriously..he feels that theres something wrong in it..

FRANK:If she will gets conscious with 12hours after the surgery,,than she will survive it and be back to normal..but if..she doesn't then


FRANK: (slowly)You will loose her forever..

Shashank gets up and shouts loudly..

SHASHANK:What do you mean loose her forever,,shes my daughter..she cant be like this..she need treatment ..she has to be cured..i will never loose her..u understood..never....Dr.Frank..never..i will not let her ..

Frank comes near him and gives him some water, and he drinks it..

FRANK:Cool down sir..please..

SHASHANK:I am ..s..sorry..

FRANK:Its ok..i can understand what you are going through,,(he keeps a hand on his shoulder and says again) Dr.Shashank..your daughter can be treated only by one way and its through a "Surgery"..but it involves risk and that is if she doesn't get conscious with 12 hours of operation she will be no longer alive..

SHASHANK: (keeping his hands to his head)That's insane Dr.Frank,,don't we have any other option..

FRANK:We have no other option sir..none..but believe me I think we should take this chance..

SHASHANK:Chance..shes my daughter for gods sake not a toy to do an experiment..

Frank doesn't say anything and waits for shashank to speak ..

SHASHANK:Will she never recover apart from this surgery..

FRANK:There are very very less chances of her to recover on normal basis.,almost NIL..(shashanks face almost looses its color. "NIL"..he comes back to reality with franks words) you have to agree for this sir,,

Shashank gets up and says..

SHASHANK:No I will never agree never..i will do anything and everything to get her back but not this surgery..

FRANK:But sir you are a doctor..

SHASHANK:I may be a doctor but i am a father too..i cant see my daughter dying infront of my eyes..i cant take this risk..risk to loose forever..never..i cant..

FRANK:We have no other option left..she can survive only if and only we operate her,,(saying as a matter of fact)

SHASHANK:If we didn't then?(asking nervously..though he knows the answer)

FRANK:Then…may be she will remain like this forever..and ever,,

Flashback end..

ANJY:Papaa..toh yeh baat sunkar shock ho gaye..itna bada risk..kaun le saktha hain..

She sees atul and nikki who are more than shocked..then suddenly something strikes to atul..

ATUL:Par tumhe yeh baat kaisa pata chala tum toh sir ke saath nehi gayi thi na anjali..

ANJY:Papaa ne mujhe baat abhi tak nehi bataya atul..wooh toh maine unki baatein sunliya tha jab wooh suresh uncle se keh rahe the,,

NIKKI:Suresh uncle..matlab suresh mehra..sanjeevni ke trustee..

ANJY:Haan..wooh papaa ke purane aur bahut achche dost hain..sirf unhi ko yeh baat pata hain..mamma ko bhi nehi..papaa sirf unhi pe bharosa kar sakthe the..mujhse apni beti se bhi zyaada..pehle main unse bahut naraz thi..par yeh sunne ke baad,,hmm..(pause)akhir wooh bhi toh ek pita hain na..wooh ham sab ko yeh baat bata kar dukhi nehi karna chahthe..

Atul and nikki nods..

NIKKI:Iska matlab..ridhima normal basis mein kabhi theek nehi ho sakthi hain..(coming near anjali)

ATUL:Aur agar humne surgery kiya toh uski jaan ko khatra hain..(coming near anjali)

Anjali is in middle and atul to her right and nikki to left..

ANJY:Haan atul issiliye main ridzy ko lekar itna pareshan hoti hoon..jab mujhe yeh baat pata chala toh main tuth gayi thi..ridzy ko hamesha ke liye aise bistar pe lete hue dekhna main seeh nehi sakthi hoon atul..par main kya karu..main usse khona nehi chahthi,,main apni behen ko khona nehi chahthi..issliye main armaan ko yeh baat nehi batana chahthi,,wooh yeh baat sunkar tuth jayega,,par sabse badi baat hain ki yeh baat sunkar kaisa react karega..wooh ridhima se bahut pyaar kartha hain,,agar usse pata chal gaya toh wooh ridhima ko paane ke liye kissi bhi had tak jayega..aur yeh wooh surgery karne ka kharta bhi mol lega..mujhe pata hain..maine jab usse foreign se aane ke baad phone pe baat kiya,main khud chahthi thi ki wooh kuch kare ..ridhimaa ko theek kare..kyunki sirf armaan hi ridhimaa ko bachcha saktha hain..par ab darr lagtha hain..(pause) wooh ridhima ko coma se bahar laane ke liye..kuch bhi karega..agar iss koshish mein ridhimaa ko kuch hogaya toh main ..aur agar papaa ko pata chalega toh..?

She said it faslty..getting tensed thinking how will armaan and shashank react to it..

NIKKI:Par anjy yeh galat hoga..armaan kya karega kya nehi..Dr.Shashank kya karenge kya nehi,, hume yeh nehi sochna chahiye..

Atul nods..

ATUL:Haan anjali hume armaan ko batana hi hoga yeh sab..

Anjali sees atul with shock..he continues..

ATUL:Armaan hamara dost hain usne hume kitni baar help kiya hain ,,khud ki jaan khatre main dalke usne hum sab ko kitni baar bachaya hain..uss party wale din ki baat hi le usne abhi aur nikki ko milane ke liye kiya..(slowly)aur hum dono ko bhi toh..(he stopped seeing nikki who didn't notice luckily)

NIKKI:Anjy ..armaan bahut samajhdaar hain..

ANJY:Nehi..main armaan ko janthi hoon..wooh apni jaan bhi de saktha hain ridhimaa ke liye..aur yeh toh bas ek surgery hain..wooh usse karke hi rahega..jab ridhima ke haath main ek second ke liye movement aaya toh main wahi thi..wooh ridhima ke liye bahut possesive wooh yeh surgery karega..itna bada risk..hum..

Anjali was getting hyper again thinking about it..atul tried to divert it..

ATUL:Yeh sab chodo..agar yeh surgery ke baad sach mein ridhima theek ho jaati hain toh..shayad hum jaise soch rehi hoon aisa hoga hi hum ridhima ko bacha lenge na..

NIKKI:Haan atul..agar ridhima surgery ke baad theek ho jayegi toh..anjy tum bekaar mein hi pareshan ho rahi ho..

Anjali sees both of them and thinks again..if ridhimaa gets back to normal then she would be the most happiest person..and there is chance of that too..

ANJY:Haan..shayad..aisa ho saktha hain..(suddenly she remembers that there are very less chances of recovery)nehi..nehi..ismein bahut bada risk hain..main janthi hoon..maine reports dekhi hain…bahut bada risk hain..sirf 5%chance hain ridzy ke bach pane ka..

ATUL:Par hume uss 5%  chance ko bhi miss nehi kar sakthe hain..

ANJY:Main apni behen ko khona nehi chahthi..wooh abhi zinda toh hain agar surgery karenge toh kahin wooh shayad usse..nehi main usse poori tarah se khona nehi chahthi..wooh shayad kuch dino mein theek ho jaye..(almost crying)

Atul gets irritated now,,and shouts..

ATUL:Zinda..zinda nehi..wooh ek zinda laash hain..aur haan din..theek ho jayegi?kitne din mein ha?..ya phir saal..ya phir kabhi bhi nehi..(anjali sees atul with tears in her eyes..atul feels sorry for shouting)please anjali baat ko samjho..hume yeh risk uthana hi hoga..ridhima ke liye aur armaan ke liye..

Anjali wipes her tears ..though some more comes again..

ANJY:Nehi mujhe kuch nehi samajhna hain atul..hum yeh baat armaan ko nehi batayenge..kabhi nehi..main ridzy ko hamesha ke liye khona nehi chahthi..main nehi khona chahthi ..main nehi..(she cries hardly)

Nikki comes near her and cools her down making her sit..atul is still irritated though he himself cant beileve he was talking with anjali like that before a minute..his anjali..his love anjali..but she was not behaving like a mad person..shes being over-protective to her always he thought again..

NIKKI:Anjy..please chup ho jao..theek hain anjali hum nehi batayenge..

ATUL:Nikki yeh tum kya keh rahi ho..(shocked but nikki asks him to stops with hand)

NIKKI:Agar..(pause) kisi aur ne bata diya toh..(slowly)

ANJY:Nehi..(seeing her)koi nehi batayega,,,


ANJY:Papaa..Papaa kabhi nehi batayenge kyunki wooh chahthe hi nehi ki yeh surgery ho..maine kahin baar suna hain suresh uncle se baat karthe hue..

She remembers one of the conversation…where she overheard,,


SHASHANK:Suresh please main ridhima ke jaan ko khatre mein nehi daal saktha..,agar wooh recover hogi toh normal basis surgery se usse humse door kar dega..

SURESH:Shashank par ridhima ko bachane ke liye sirf yehi tareka hain..

SHASHANK:Nehi main isske liye kabhi nehi mannonga..suresh please tum kissi aur doctor ko ridhima ke case ho handle kar sake..aur waise bhi sanjeevni mein kuch complicated cases hain..unhe solve karne ke liye bhi hame koi specialist chahiye..

SURESH:Theek hain shashank main dektha hoon..par tum fir se ek baar sochna..

SHASHANK:Haan aur ek baat tum yeh kisi aur se mat kaho..

SURESH:Jaise tum chaho..raktha hoon..(he cuts the call)


ANJY: (continuing)Aur na hi suresh uncle..toh aur kaun batayega,,

ATUL:Koi aur jisse yeh sab baate pata chala ho..(thinking for some time and saying)jaise tumhe pata chala hain..toh..

ANJY:Nehi aisa kabhi nehi ho saktha hain…koi armaan ko nehi batayega,,aisa nehi ho saktha..

NIKKI:Ho saktha hain anjy..aisa ho saktha hain..

She gets up fastly and goes near door..and turns around..

ANJY:Armaan..armaan kahan hain,?

Locker room…


Armaan doesn't respond back as hes busy with his file sitting on bench..

RIDHIMA:(coming near and sitting next to him)Armaan tum yahan ho pata hain main tumhe poora sanjeevni mein dhoondha…

ARMAAN:Kyun…..kuch kaam tha..(trying to tease her and seeing into file)

RIDHIMA: (getting irriatted)Armaan ..kya main sirf kaam se aati hoon....main tumhe poore sanjeevni mein doodhkar aayi hoon..aur tum mujhse poonch rahe ho .."kya kaaam hain"(imiating him).. main hi bewafook thi jisne socha chalo armaan se thoda baat karlu..hmf..(she turns her back to armaan)

Now armaan knows hes in trouble so he comes opposite to her keeping file aside..

ARMAAN:Basket ..tum itni choti si baat se gussa ho gayi..(she turns around again..)achcha babba sorry..(keeping his hands to ears)ab bolo..kya baat hain..(when she doesn't talk)lagtha hain Miss.Basket ko hamari yaad aa rahi thi..(mishceviously hitting her shoulder)

RIDHIMA:Nehi..wooh toh main bas..aise hi..(blushing hard and seeing down)

ARMAAN:Oyye Hoyye (lifting her chin)ab itna sharmaogi toh kaise chalega ,,thoda hamari shaadi ke liye bachake rakho..

RIDHIMA:Armaan ,,tumhe bhi na..bas..hamesha mazak soojtha rehtha hain,,

ARMAAN:Aree basket..issi andaz pe toh saari ladkiyan marthi hain..

RIDHIMA:Very funny..jao un ladkiyon ke pass..main toh jaa rahi hoon..

She gets up to leave the room,,but armaan is too quick for her he jumps the table and blocks her way..

ARMAAN:Itni bhi jaldi kya hain..(coming close to her and now she is jammed between locker and him)

RIDHIMA:(blushing)Armaan..yeh tum kya kar rahe ho..Koi dekh lega toh..

ARMAAN:Toh..uffo basket..ab toh hamara "rokka" bhi ho gaya hain..

RIDHIMA:Sirf rokka ho toh hua hain..shaadi thodi hui hain..(saying as a matter of fact)

ARMAAN:Lagtha hain kisiko shaadi ki bahut jaldi hain..(ridhimaa gets shy listening to it again..armaan lifts up her chin and sees deeply into her eyes..)abhi toh kahan tha na maine thoda hamari shaadi ke liye bachake rakho..

RIDHIMA:Armaan tum mujhe hamesha itne satate kyun ho..

ARMAAN:Theek hain main nehi sataunga..toh phir aur kya karoon..

RIDHIMA:Aur ka kya matlab..(asking innocently)

ARMAAN:Aur ka matlab hain..(getting near her)


Ridhimaa blushes while armaan comes very near to kiss her,ridhimaa closes her eyes.. but seeing her getting uncomforatble,he kisses her forhead,,ridhimaa opens her eyes realising he kissed on her forehead and tears come out of her eyes thinking how much does armaan love her and he didn't do anything against her wish..she smiles at him and hugs armaan and armaan too hugs her tightly never want to leave her..

ARMAAN:I love you ridhimaa..

RIDHIMA:Armaan. I love you too..tum mujhe kabhi chod kar nehi jaouge na..hamesha mere saath rahoge na..

ARMAAN:Hamesha hamesha ke liye..

Suddenly a stupid thought occurs her.. ka..all..muj..he k..uch y.a to.h..

ARMAAN:(getting out of hug and turning around)Basket yeh tum kaisi baatein kar rahe ho ..

RIDHIMA:(she comes face to him and has tears in her eyes)Bolo na armaan agar kal ko mujhe kuch ho gaya toh,,tum mere baigar kaise reh paouge..(that thought made both of them tremble with fear,,ridhima wipes her tears and says)armaan mujhse ek waada karoge..

ARMAAN:Kaisa wada..(hesitantly though he knows whats gonna come next)

RIDHIMAA:Agar kal ko mujhe ho jayega toh..tum mujhe bhool jaouge..aur tum apni zindagi mein aage badoge..tum ,,

ARMAAN:(cutting her)Nehi..Ridhima..main yeh wadaa nehi kar saktha..tumhe lagtha hain..(he holds her both hands)tumhare bina main jee paounga..


ARMAAN:Agar na..(seeing into her eyes and holding her hands tightly..promising)main tumhe kabhi kuch hone hi nehi doonga ridhimaa..main tumhe is duniyan ki har ek chot se har ek dard se bachaloonga..main tumhe har cheez se bachaloonga ridhima.,har ek ..

RIDHIMAA:(cutting him)Maut se ..kaise bachoge armaan..kaise..

ARMAAN:(he gets shocked listening to it and leaves her hand suddenly..but then holds again and says slowly looking into her wet eyes..)Agar maut aana hi toh wooh pehle mujhse guzar kar tumhare pass aayegi.. main tumhe bachane ke liye apni jaan de doonga ridhima..main tumhe kuch bhi ..kuch bhi nehi hone doonga.. kuch bhi nehi..

He hugs her tightly again..tears flow again from her eyes..

RIDHIMA:Armaan..(between her sobs)

ARMAAN:Basket main tumhare bina nehi jee paounga..kabhi nehi..hum hamesha ek saath rehenge..hamesha ..hamesha..chahe wooh zindagi ho ya phir(pause) maut..

Ridhimaa keeps her hand on her lips not to say anything futher..and hugs him again..

RIDHIMA:Armaan…I am sorry ..really sorry..

Armaan cant see ridhimaa cry so he tries to make the mood lighter..

ARMAAN:Waise basket agar mujhe kuch ho jayega toh tum kya karogi..

Ridhima gets outta hug suddenly and says..

RIDHIMA:Armaan please aisi baatein mat karo..

ARMAAN:Achcha toh jo tum keh rahi thi..(teasingly)

RIDHIMA:Wooh toh mazak tha..(smiling)

ARMAAN:Mazak..basket tumhe pata bhi hain..tumhari aise baatein sunkar toh mera heart fail ho jayega..

Ridhima gets sad and angry hearing such words..and she turns around..armaan catches her waist from back and pulls her closer..little did she mind this time..he goes near her ears and says slowly..

ARMAAN:Waise main agar mar bhi jaounga na (loudly almost shouting)toh bhoot ban kar tumhara peeche karoonga..tumhe satana kabhi nehi chodoonga..

RIDHIMA:Armaan.. (turning around and hits his shoulder)

ARMAAN:Ouch..Ok sorry..

And they both hug again..

RIDHIMA:(thinking)Main janthi hoon..armaan ki tum mere liye kuch bhi kar sakthe ho..apni jaan ke bhi parwaah nehi karoge..isika toh darr hain..kahin tum mujhe bachahte bachathe kuch hona jaye..aisa hoga toh main khud ko kabhi maaf nehi kar paongi..kabhi nehi,,

ARMAAN:Basket..kya soch rahi hoo..

RIDHIMA:Yehi ki tum bhoot ban kar mujhe kaise sataoge..

ARMAAN:Wooh..main toh tumhe assani se sata saktha hoon..


ARMAAN:Jaise.. (armaan suddenly sees at the door and gets shocked..)ridhima Dr.Keerthi..

Getting out of hug fastly..

RIDHIMA:Wooh mam..(llokign down)armaan ke ankh mein kuch chala gaya toh..

She sees at door and don't see anyone and she sees armaan whos laughing madly at her..she gets really angry..he runs and ridhimaa behind him..

RIDHIMA:Armaan..tum..ruko..armaan..(armaan runs away)


The voice becomes faded but armaan can still hear his name being called..

Hes sitting in the locker room on the bench facing his back to the door remembering some of the memories he had here with ridhimaa after their rokka..he suddenly hears his name being called again this time clear not faded..


ARMAAN:Ridhimaa..(he thinks)


Armaan turns around fastly and sees someone very dear to him who he met almost longg back its none other than –Karan mehra..son of suresh mehra,,a doctor by profession brought up in austarlia ..but not to forget he is a big flirt too..but never mind..hes a great friend too..

KARAN:Hey Armaan..

ARMAAN:Ka..karan..tum yahan..(getting shocked)

KARAN:(coming near as armaan didn't moved from his place in shock)Kyun bhai..hum yahan nehi aa sakthe apne dost se milne..lagtha hain tumhe mera surprise achcha nehi laga..(sadly though its fake)

ARMAAN:(getting all happy realising)Arre..aisi baat nehi hain karan..main toh..

KARAN:Yaar..hum itne mahine baad mil rahe hain..chal pehle ek jaadu ki jhaapi de..

They both hug and separate..

ARMAAN:Ab khush..(smiling)

KARAN:Bahut..(he turns around and looks here and there)waise sanjeevni ke baare mein bahut suna aaj dekh bi liya..(coming near)waise yahan ki ladkiyan kaafi hot hain..

ARMAAN: Karan..tum kabhi nehi badloge na..

KARAN:Main kyun badlo..waise yeh sab toh aapki hi sangat ka asar hain..ab badal main gaya hoon ya phir tum..(he says teasingly)

Armaan and karan sees eachother and laughs..sitting on the bench..

KARAN: Papaa australia aaye the mujhse milne..

ARMAAN:Haan maine suna suresh uncle tumhare pass aaye hain..kaise hain wooh..aur tum kaise ho?

KARAN: Theek hoon aur tum armaan sab theek hain na..

ARMAAN: Haan,,sab theek..hain ,,sab theek..(smiling fakely)

KARAN:(seriously) Nehi hain..mujhe pata hain..papaa ne mujhe bataya hain..Dr.Ridhimaa ke case ke baare mein..unhi ki wajah se toh main yahan aaya hoon..

ARMAAN:Suresh uncle ne..tumne unhe mere aur ridhima ke baare mein bata diya,,kyun..ek yeh baat thi jo main unse chupa raha tha,,main nehi chahtha tha ki unhe pata chale..

KARAN:Armaan yeh baat toh papaa ko kabhi na kabhi pata chalna hi tha,,chahe wooh mujhse ho ya phir kissi aur se,,wooh Dr.Shashank ke bhi dost hain..

ARMAAN:Sir kabhi nehi batayenge mujhe pata hain,,(knowing shashanks hatred for him,then remembering)tum ridhima ke baare mein bata rahe the,,tumhe reports dekhi hain na..kya hum ridhima ko bachane ke liye kuch kar sakthe hain,,main tumhare jawab ka kitne dino se intezar kar raha tha pata hain..(he asks it fastly and waits for answer but he becomes sad)

Karan gets up nervously..and armaan follows him..

KARAN: Armaan..wooh..

ARMAAN:(tensed)Bolo karan kya baat hain..please,,(seeing him sad)

KARAN:Armaan..jab papaa australia aaye the..toh maine generally ridhima ke reports unhe dikhaya tha..papaa unhe dekh kar shock ho gaye the..unhone pooncha ki iski baaki reports kahan hain..

ARMAAN:Baaki..matlab aur bhi reports the ..par maine tumhe saare reports bheje the..(he asked genuinely confused)

KARAN:Nehi armaan jo reports tumne mujhe bheje the wooh poora nehi tha..usmein kuch reports missing the jo iss case ke liye bahut important the..wooh.. Dr.Franklin ke reports the..unhone hi ridhima ki case ko handle kiya tha..jab treatment ke liye usse foreign lejaya gaya tha..

ARMAAN:Tumhe kaise pata..aur suresh uncle ko kaise pata hain ridhima ki case ke baare mein..(slowly)shayad Dr.Shashank ne bataya hoga hain na..par suresh uncle ne tumhe bataya..wooh toh kabhi nehi batate..

KARAN:Haan..papaa ne mujhe kabhi nehi bataya ,,par jab unhone mere pass reports dekhi toh unhone isse pehchan liya aur pooncha ki yeh mere pass kaise aaye..aur mujhe batana pada ki yeh kiske hain..(pause)tumhare aur ridhima ke baare mein bhi batana pada..i am sorry armaan..mujhe pata hain tum papaa ko pareshan nehi karna chahthe par main.sorry..

ARMAAN:Its ok..un baaki reports mein aisa kya tha..(now he wanted to know whats in it still wondering how could the file be changed or rather reports misplaced)

KARAN:Papaa ko Dr.Shashank ne bataya tha jab Dr.Frank se milne gaye is world ke hi one of the best neuro surgeon the.. unhone kahan ki ridhima ka treatment ho saktha hain (after a long pause he said)surgery se.. hum ridhima ka brain surgery se bachcha sakthe hain,,,(concluding)

Armaan gets happy more than happy..happier..happiest ..after hearing it..he actually jumped with joy..his heart was beating fast..atlast atlast he can see ridhima back to normal.. he wanted to shout to world..the promise he made to ridhimaa will be atlast fulfilled..

ARMAAN:Iska matlab ridhima theek ho sakthi hain..ridhima theek ho sakthi hain..i know ..i know..main bahut khush hoon..karan main bahut khush hoon..(hugging him)itne dino se main toh haar hi maan gaya tha..thanks a lot..thanks...

Getting outt hug..he turns around to see three people entering locker room who are shocked..little did he notice that they are shocked after hearing..armaans words..he just came near them and hugged all..

ARMAAN:Champ,anjy,nikki..guys main aaj bahut bahut bahut khush hoon..kyun..ridhimaa theek ho sakthi hain ek surgery se..thats great..i mean ab sab kuch theek ho jayega pehle jaise..ridhima wapas hamare saath baat karegi,hasegi,chalegi..main bahut khush..oh god..i am so so happy..(he turns to karan)karan thanks thanks a lot..


ANJY:Armaan meri baat suno..

Nikki and anjali tried to talk but armaan cuts them..atul was tensed and karan was confused..

ARMAAN:Oh ya main toh tum ko milana hi bhool gaya..guys yeh hain mera dost..karan Dr.karan mehra,,from australia..(showing him who smiled)aur yeh hain,,(karan comes near them.. all thinks to talk with armaan later and are still confused how did armaan knew about surgery and anjali shocked that as nikki n atul thought someone spilled the truth she has been hiding so long from armaan,now what)

Karan..coming near them and shaking hands with each..

KARAN:Anjali,atul aur nikita..right?hye..(pointing)


ATUL:Hye..tum humko janthe ho..(surprised)

KARAN:Armaan tum sabke baare mein itna boltha hain..itna boltha hain toh of course pata toh chalega two girls look beautiful..


Anjali was definetly not in a mood of compliments.. and she didn't respond..all she was worried is now of armaan and his reaction which she saw ..she has to convince him not to do anything which may lead to her dear sisters death..she gets out of her thoughts with armaans next words..

ARMAAN:(coming near him and dragging Karan back from anjali and nikki ,,laughing) Karan.. phulese phir se shuru mat ho jana..(going near anjy n nikki)for your kind information yeh dono already booked hain..

KARAN:Damn man ..(hitting his hand fakely)itni beautiful ladkiyan gayi meri haath se..pata nehi kaun hain wooh khush naseeb ladke jo inhe mille hain..

ARMAAN:Ek toh tumhare samne hi khada hain..(showing atul who blushes)par abhi bhi koshish mein hain..(sighing)

KARAN:Wow..that means abhi bhi chance hain..(getting excited and coming near)

ATUL:(blocking him by coming between anjali and him)Nehi bilkul nehi..anjali sirf meri hain..

KARAN:Oh off)possessive ah?i was just kidding anyways..

Atul gets shy thinking what he did just now..and thanked god that no one noticed much and just laughed away..

Armaan who was laughing till now got serious..

ARMAAN:Arre yaar tum sab logon ki baaton mein toh main bhool ho gaya..guys sab log chalo hume ridhimaa ke surgery ke baare mein discuss karna hain ..(seriously)main usse ab aise nehi dekh saktha..chahhe jo bhi ho jaye..kuch bhi karna pade..main usse bachake hi rahoonga...(coming near the gang)aur tum sab toh mere saath ho na..right?(happily)

No one responded..armaan was taken aback..

ARMAAN:Kya hua..chalo...(he dragged anjali and saw something in her hand and recognised it instantly)anjali yeh tumhare haath mein kya hain..

He sees it from her hand..

ARMAAN:Yeh toh wahi file hain..

ANJY:(completing the sentence for him)Jo tumne papaa ke cabin se churaya tha..

Armaan gets shocked first but then he was about to say them anyway so he cools down..though hes still confused how she got to know about it..

ARMAAN:Tumhe pata tha..anyways its ok..par yeh tumhare pass kaise aaya..yeh file toh mere pass tha na.. (confused)

Suddenly karans words strike armaan which he said moments before and he gets shocked realising..


Armaan..jab papaa australia aaye the..toh maine generally ridhima ke reports unhe dikhaya tha..papaa unhe dekh kar shock ho gaye the..unhone pooncha ki "iski baaki reports kahan hain.."


ARMAAN:Anjy..tumne file badli hain..par kyun..(realising and shocked)

ANJY:(gravely)Kyunki main yeh nehi chahthi ki tum jaano ki ridhima surgery se theek ho sakthi hain..

ARMAAN:Kyun..ridhimaa theek ho sakthi hain..tumhe toh yeh baat se khush hona chahiye na..(he sees all and realised they are not happy)hum sab ko bhi khush hona chahiye ..hain na..phir..kyun tumne aisa kyun kiya..

ANJY:Kyunki..(pause) surgery mein bahut..bahut..

ARMAAN:Batao anjy kyun..

But the words never came from anjalis mouth but from karan's which he wanted to say before but was interrupted by gangs entry..

KARAN:Kyunki iss surgery main bahut bada risk hain armaan..(all looked at him..that he knows it..may be karan only did said to armaan too..while armaan is confused)

ARMAAN:Matlab..(he still didn't read the reports so he had no idea)

Anjali handovered the file to armaan and he began reading some reports at last which he didn't read till was getting into his mind..and also there was a a final report written at end of it..

KARAN:Armaan..yeh surgery kaafi complicated hain,,papaa ke kehne ke baad..


They looked eachother with confusion..

KARAN:Main suresh ..i mean suresh mehra ka beta hoon..

ANJY:Ho..issliye tum sab janthe ho..

Everyone had doubts before how he knows and now it was cleared..

KARAN:Papaa ke kehne ke baad main phir se Dr.Franklin se milne gaya tha..unhone ne kahan ki Ridhimaa theek ho sakthi hain toh sirf ek surgery se warna kabhi bhi nehi..par yeh surgery kaafi critical hain agar ek bhi galthi hui toh..(pause,everyones expression changes,armaan scared)aur sabse badi baat toh yeh hain ki agar surgery ke 12 ghante ke andar ridhimaa ko hosh nehi aaya toh..


This time karan couldn't say it and anjy said it..

ANJY:Usse hum hamesha ke liye kho denge..(seeing him)

Armaan looked at all in shock… "kho denge"?


Thanks for the support guys..take care..

Keep smiling :)


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