Friday, 12 June 2020


But sleep was far away from Armaan's eyes. He lay down with eyes wide open.  Though he was very tired to say the least, but sleep does not oblige to come to him. Riddhima's even breathing on his chest confirmed she is in deep slumber. After kissing her forehead once ever so softly, he places his one hand under his head and started to recollect the day so far…


The day started with a sweet song. It is a song sang by his own Busket which he recorded and made his alarm… Armaan slowly opened his eyes and smiled wide. Today is the day. Today his Busket coming back from Delhi and he is going to receive her. He is very happy that Busket had wind up her case one day before and is now coming back. Though he has his duty today but seeing his Busket will just made his day .He does not knew if he can survive another day with out her. It is the first time that they are staying without each other that long. Before also they have stayed apart, but that would be only for a day or half day but never like this so it is really painful for them. So when Riddhima told him last night that she is coming back his happiness knew no bound. And today he is going to meet her.  He sat up and took his phone which has his Busket's picture as wallpaper, a quite funny one at that.  He had taken it when she is eating an ice-cream and the ice-cream stuck to her nose. He put off the alarm and smiled seeing the picture.

" Good morning busket. . . . . So , u r coming back. . . . Just wait and watch how I will take revenge for all that I had gone through in these days. . . .Muhahahah . . . .    I am coming Busket. . . To take you…. So just be aware. . . ." And he jumped off the bed to get ready. After taking a quick shower and getting fresh he looked. At the clock.

" Oh..crap. . . .I am late. . . . .Busket will get worried. . . ." and he ran from there and locking the home jumped into his car and drove off.

'The flight no 2453 from Delhi is delayed by 45 minutes"

the announcement sounded and his face fall. Only he knows how fast he drove to get here. If there are those people of Guinness world record they will give him an honor for the skill of speed driving through that much traffic. But, now all in vain. Now he has to wait more. He was just 5 minutes late and was praying that Busket's flight might come 10 minutes late but he had no idea that his prayers will be answered this way.

 " S*** . . . . . what will I do now?. . .  I can't wait to see her. . . .' And he started to walk back and forth impatiently and in every two minutes watching the clock.

" And why is this idiot clock is not moving?" He increases his speed of walking as if it will make the clock ran faster.  Then his eyes fall on a small girl through the glass door who is selling red roses outside the airport. He smiled and went to her and bought all of them. He looked at them and imagined how his Busket will smile seeing them.

With every minute his impatience increases and while he is thinking if he could broke the teeth of the boy in counter who is telling everyone sorry for the flight delay as some passengers gone to him to check . At that exact time the announcement of the flights arrival sounded. His heart jumped in joy and he peeped though the various faces that r coming out. And then his eyes fall on the only figure that he is waiting for.  There she is clad in a simple blue churider and a bag looking here and there for him. Relief washed over him and a smile took over the frown and worry on his face. And it only got bigger when she spotted him and waved at him with a big smile. He waved back at her. She rush as soon as possible to him and when she came face to face they stood there looking at each other for some time as if taking in each other's presence. The trance broken only when he came forward and took her in a warm embrace. She closed her eyes. She is back where she belonged to.  They stayed there confirming each other being. After some minutes Armaan broke the hug and presented her the flowers. Her smile became more wide as if that is possible. She took it and hugged him again conveying her joy. He reciprocated it gladly. He murmured

"Welcome Back Busket. . ."

 She smiles and said "Thank u. . .Armaan"

 He broke the hug and said.. "So. . . . .Lets go home." and she nodded.

 After collecting her bag from the conveyer belt they heeded towards there car with His one hand around Riddhima's waist protectively while the other hand holding the luggage.

Going to his car he dumped the bag in back seat   He opened the front get for her.. "Madam. . . ur husband is at ur service"

 She shook her head smiling at his antics and sat there . He went to the other side in the driver seat and seated there. After seating he took her hand in his and kissed it.

"I missed u. . ." he said looking strait to her. She looks at his eyes and could feel how much he meant it , how much he had missed him while from her side it's not otherwise  .She covered their joint hand with her other hand and said looking at his eyes

"Me too. . .." and blinked assuring that now their wait is over.  Then she placed her head on his shoulder and he, after kissing her forehead once started to drive, Smiling content. The whole drives goes in a blur as they talked about anything and everything and as if in a flicker of second there home came.

 He groaned at the sight of their home as he thought the road is not too long. He stopped his car before the house and got her bag from back. Then he got out and opened the door for her and stretched his hand for her to hold and she happily held it.  It is at that time that his eyes caught the time on her watch and his eyes got wide. He had only 20 minutes to report at the hospital and that meant he had to start in 5 mins . He cursed his luck and American Airlines When she got out off the car he gave the bag to her and said.

" Basket. . . .u go home. . .  I can't come".  She stared at him with confusion "What?. . ."

"I have to go. . . ."

" What???"

"What,  what?. . . I have duty  and I have to go there in 20 minutes. And that means I can not go home with u. . . . ." He said irritated more on his work schedule than her.

"Armaaan. . . . . " she whined

" What?? . . .Don't Armaan me. . . .instead tell Paaapaaa. . . . .its him  who made me in charge in absence of him and Dr. Kirty. . . . and what r u doing then. . .let me think. . .oh  yea. . . .u r jumping on the sofa thinking ur papa gave me such a big responsibility. . . .So sweetheart, now face it. . . . .Dr. Kirty won't come till evening." He said sarcastically.

" Shut up Armaan, . . . . Now what would I do alone?. . . .I came one day before just to be with u.  . . ."and she pouted.

He melted seeing her cute face… "Fine, I will try to come early . . . .once Dr. Kirty retunes, I will talk to her and manage. . .ok?" he said soothing her.

Suddenly she said, "I have a solution. . . ." he could see the glint in her eyes and he knew what exactly she is thinking,

" Busket. . . .don't even think about it."

" But. Why?. . . I can surely come there. . . ." she argued.

"No . . . ..u can't ." he retorted.

" But Armaan. . . ." she tried to convince her stubborn husband.

"No way Busket,  u have just come and u need rest. . . . I knew exactly how much u have worked there in Delhi .And u need a good rest. . . .and I said na,  I will come earlie. . . So,  no more arguiment. . . .' and he got in the car ending the conversation there. He would have loved to have her there but she certainly needs rest. He couldn't take chance with her health.

She made a big pout at that and stood before his window , " Oye,  don't pout that much. . . . U know na, I can't resist u. . . .by the way I just remembered that it's like ages that u have kissed me…"

She made a face at which he chuckled making her more angry"  I will not kiss u….." she replied.

"And what about those flowers that I gave u?? . . .u should at least give me a thank u kiss. . . ."

"Thank u, my foot." And she stomped her foot on the ground.

"Busket, . . .Spider." he suddenly spoke and she scream and started to jump up and down . "Spider. . . . where ?  Where? help me . . . ..shoo  shoo. . . .Armaan why r u laughing like idiot .Help me na. . . ."

"Oye, . . . come here "he said and  hinted her to bent down And she bent down closing her eyes tightly . He looked at her closed eyes and chuckled and then smacked his lips on her. At first she could not understand what was happening, but as the realization drowned upon her she started to hit him on shoulder and he leaves her.

" Ummm. . . .Yammmy. . . . ." he licked his lips.

 " Armaaan,  u idiot. . .stupid. . .moron. . .jungli…"she fumes and searches here and there  for some thing to beat him black and blue and at the mean time he started his car.

" Bye ,bye, Busket. . . ..see u soon. . . .love u. . ." and whooshed out his car waving his hand to her, leaving her huffing. But as soon as the car went out of her sight, she smiled. It is his these little acts, that keeps her alive .without him there is no life for her. Smiling she whispered

" Bye , Armaan . . u too" and enters her home.  . . .


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