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part 3 : Filmy Love Story (ss)

Armaan reached her house at exact 6:00 p.m. and pressed the doorbell. The door opened and a shocking look appeared on Riddhima's face as she looked at him. Multi- expression in the form of joy, tears, happiness all one by one came on her face and this was followed by the last expression of ANGER- as the flashback of what happened the last time they had a conversation flashed in front of her eyes. How he had sidelined her when she tried talking to him. How he wasn't even answering the call when she tried calling him and how he pushed her away from him when she needed him the most.   

Without waiting for him to speak, she tried closing the door as Armaan wasn't letting her to do so.

"Riddhima...meri baat... to...?" Armaan said and screamed in pain "AAAHHH..." when his hand came in between the door. With her back towards the door, she quickly turned to look at the door as she heard his scream.  A sorry feeling erupted inside her as she saw the blood coming out of his hand.

"Armaan... I am so sorry..." Riddhima said quickly opening the door.  Armaan, even though in pain smiled at her worried face. Without thinking, she did what none of us could have guessed. She tore the end of her dupatta and started wrapping it around his wound.

"tum aaj bhi mujhse pyaar karti ho.." he said looking at her as she was busy with his wound. Her hands stopped and she looked up to see him looking at her with love. She moved back and turned her back towards him.

"Main ab tumse pyaar nahin karti Armaan...Main.."

"Jhooth...tum jhooth bol rahi ho, tumhari aankhen tumhara saath nahin de rahi hain Riddhima"

"main jhooth nahin bol rahi Armaan, tum..tumhari aankhen sacchai nahin dekhna chahti. Main apni zindagi mein aage badh chuki hoon and humare liye accha yehi hoga ki ab tum bhi aage bado..."

" main kaise aage badh sakta hoon Riddhima yeh jaante hue ki tum aaj bhi mujhse pyaar karti hoo agar tum mujhse pyaar nahin karti to humare pyaa ke nishani...humara beta..."

"VOH SIRF MERA BETA HAI...MERA BETA" she screamed. All the pent up emotions that she had hidden inside all these months were slowly coming out. "Jis din tumne mujhe apni zindagi se alag kiya tha ussi din tum yeh haq kho baithe the Armaan..." she said crossing her arms, showing her back to him.

Armaan turned her around and pulled her towards himself "tum jaanti ho maine aisa kyun kiya tha...sirf tumhare liye Riddhima..sirf tumhare liye..."

"Ha jaanti hoon par main nahin jaanti thi ki daddy ki zid ke samne tum mujhe akela chod doge.. maine..maine tumhe kitni baar contact karne ki koshish ki..par tum..." she chuckled releasing herself from his hold. "tum paise kamane main itne ghum ho gaye they ki ek baar...ek baar bhi mujhse baat nahin ki...chod diya mujhe jab mujhe tumhari sabse jyada zaroorat thi"

"Riddhima main..."

"nahin Armaan...aaj main bolungi aur tumhe sunna padega...tumhe jo karna tha, tum kar chuke hoo ab vohi hoga jo main chahungi...tumhe ek bahut bada aadmi banna tha na..tumhe mere daddy to dikhana tha ki tum unse kam nahin ho to jao dikhao unhe. Aur bhagwan ke liye mujhe aur mere beta ko akela chod do. Hum jaise bhi hain khush hain. Mere beta ne apne papa ke bina jeena seekh liya hai Armaan" saying she locked herself in the bedroom and as much as he tried to talk to her, she didn't open the door.

"RIDDHIMA... RIDDHIMA...main jaanta hoon ki main galat hoon par bas ek baar...main sirf ek mauka chahta hoon Riddhima..sirf ek mauka.." He said whispering the last words as all the hope he had inside him before coming to her house was slowly fading away. Inside the room wasn't much different, Riddhima was standing beside the door and crying without making any sound i.e. silent cry.

Finally Armaan spoke the last dialogue before leaving the house "Riddhima main jaa raha hoon par ek vaade ke saath...main vapis aaunga aur hum phir se ek saath honge..yeh mera vaada hai..."

Riddhima waited to make sure he left and reached the window. She saw him leaving and finally the silent cry wasn't silent anymore as she screamed in between her cries.

Armaan sitting in the car drove like a maniac and reached the office. He entered Rahul's room where once again a meeting was taking place. Rahul looking at his friend's condition had no other option left but to cancel it.

After everyone left, Rahul looked at his best friend and this time there was no concern look. This time Rahul was pissed off, like seriously pissed.

"Like seriously Dude...tu mujhe road par lana chahta hai kya?" Rahul asked before Armaan could even open his mouth.

"tu kya bol raha hai.."

"vohi jo mujhe bahut pehle bol dena chaiye tha...tere chakkar se maine apni saari meetings evening mein rakhi kyunki morning main jab bhi meeting hoti tu aa jaata tha par aaj tu evening main bhi aa gaya...aakhir chahta kya hai ..."

"Rahul..tu aise kyun bol raha hai...main to tujhe apna samajh kar.."

"main bhi tujhe aapna samajhta hoon mere bhai par hume business bhi to chalana hai aur agar aise hi har meeting main cancel karta gaya to ho gaya business...Be practical Armaan..."

Armaan couldn't believe his words at first. Is this the same Rahul who was ready to do anything for him? Is this the same Rahul who valued relations above money or business and is this the same Rahul who always used to sing "yeh dosti hum nahin todenge.."

With hurt in his eyes, he said the last dialogue before leaving "I am sorry Rahul...mujhe nahin pata tha ki apne yaar se milne ke liye bhi mujhe appointement lena padega. AAj ke baad tujhe kabhi meri wajah se koi pareshaani nahin hogi.."

"Armaan mera matlab..." Rahul tried, now feeling sorry.

"It's okay Rahul..." saying he turned and left the office as Rahul stood at the same spot looking at his back.

A thunderstorm came out of nowhere followed by rain but our HERO didn't care. He was walking aimlessly on the road as the hurt was too much too handle. First Riddhima and now Rahul...

Chan Se jo tute koi sapna
JAg suna suna lage Jag suna suna lage
Koi rahe na jab apna
JAg suna suna lage Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna
Hai to yeh kyun hota hai
Jab yeh dil rota hai
Roye sisak sisak ki hawayein
Jag suna lage

He had no idea where he was going. He was walking and getting hit by people who were looking at him weirdly. After some time when he was fully wet he heard some familiar noise coming from somewhere close. He tried looking at the source of the sound and was in shock when he saw some masked people trying to pull Shashank inside a van. What's so cool is the fact that even in a usually crowded place there is no one except our HERO to hear him.

Armaan tried reaching the van but it was too late. They had already left. Getting frustrated, he didn't know what to do.  Should he call police? Or wait for some more time? He was still thinking when Riddhima and his baby face flashed in front of him.

"Riddhima..." he whispered and the next moment he was in front of her house. He pushed open the door and was shocked when he saw the whole house upside down. There was no sight of Riddhima or even their baby.

"Riddhima.." he screamed but no response. He moved his hand in his hair looking around for any clue.  Who were those people and what do they want from them? He was still looking around when the home telephone rang. Reaching to it within seconds, he kept the receiver on his ear and another shocking voice reached his ear.

"Pehchana..." the receiver was about to hit the ground when Riddhima's shaking voice was heard in the background.


"MOGAMBO KHUSH HUA..." Armaan heard from the other side.


Loads of love..


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