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PART 3 : MY prediction for AR rest story

"Laye hum Hasi laye hum Khushi jee le phir se zindagi…
Taaron se aage hum jaayenge cheen le ayenge roshni …
Dil ho jahaan dost ho vahaan aisa manzar hain yahan…
Manzil nayi,rasthe naye …
Phir bhi chale,hum saath mein…
Hum toh chale the dost banke…
Jaane kahan dill mill gayye!!!!"

Shashanks cabin….

VOICE:Aap..yahan kya kar rahe hain???

Armaan is shocked listening to voice,,,he keeps file back on table…he turns around….

He starts sweating..and sees the person..his tensed face turns to normal and he heaved a sigh of relief..

ARMAAN:Yuvraaj…………..tum yahan kya kar rahe ho..
YUVRAAJ:Woooh..main Dr.Shashank se milne aya tha..par aap yahan kya kar rahe hain..??
ARMAAN:Good question..main bhi wahi karne aaye hoon jo aap karne aaye hain..
YUVRAAJ: (He was a bit tensed)Main ..main kya karne aaya tha….
ARMAAN:Dr.Shashank se milne..
YUVRAAJ:Oh!!par wooh toh yahan nehi hain..
ARMAAN:Yeh toh mujhe bhi dikh raha hain..
YUVRAAJ: shayad wooh ab tak nehi aaye…


ARMAAN:Shayad aapko kahi report karna hain..
YUVRAAJ:yes!!!(he turns to leave)
Just then armaans pager rings asking him to come to nurse station,..
YUVRAAJ:Aap nehi chal rahe……
ARMAAN: (to himself,)Shit!!ab main kya karoon!!!
ARMAAN: Haan chalo!!!(to himself)yeh toh mere pecha hi nehi chod raha..

Armaan sees the file on table,want to take it, but unwantedly goes out of room and yuvi follows him..


Every one comes fastly and stands ,.
Sid still didn't came …

NAINA:Yeh sid kahan hain..(asking tamanna and wearing her lab coat)
TAMANNA:Mujhe pata nehi..
NAINA:Arre jaldi nehi ayye toh maar padegi….
ATUL:Aur haan rectals bhi..

Just then..Armaan and yuvi comes
Yuvi joins them,hes standing beside naina..

Sid comes running and pushes yuvi and stands beside naina..
J.P: sidhant ji…aap late ho gaye..
SIDDANTH: (wearing his lab coat)Ya I knw..traffic jam..miss.kahdoos toh nehi ayi na..
NAINA:Nehi!!!yaaar ..chill..

Armaan sees atul and usually talks to him….
ARMAAN: Hye champ!!!kaise ho tum!!!
J.P: Aap ek doosre ko pehle se janthe he…
SIDDANTH:AJ toh kal armaan se baat bhi nehi ki.. (atul is tensed now)
Everyone are seeing armaan and atul with questioning look…yuvi too with his eyebrows raised..
ATUL:Wooh…Hum aaj …..
ARMAAN: (armaan realises what he said and tries to handle the situation)Aaj …..aaj subah parking par mile..wahin hamari dosti hui..
SIDDANTH:Aur "champ"!!!
ARMAAN:Wooh..……………..yeh bilkul champion ki sunny deol lagtha hain ,iss liye maine isko champ naam diya..haina champ!!!
ATUL:Haan !!!!haan…(laughing artificially)

J.P: Sunny deol!!


Atul as sunny deol and all interns staff are back of him cheering and shouting with "A.J" wriiten on cards in boxing ground…
J.P is his competitor…armaan is refree and he whistles indicating to start the fight..…
Atul came towards J.P and caught his collar
ATUL: "yeh dhai kilo ka haath agar kissi pe pad jaye toh,aadmi gir nehi uth jata hain…"
Atul beat him hard and we can see black circles around his eyes..
Armaan and atul were laughing in a very horror style..(we can see there closeup faces while laughing..)
Atul started beating him more and more ,armaan encouarging by shouting..
"Champ …cahamp!!!!",,
After getting beaten by Atul ,J.P heads spins and he is fainted…


(Out of his dream-he is still confused and is scratching his hair..)

Dr.Keerthi enters..

KEERTHI:Hello Dr.armaan..
ARMAAN:Hye maam…
(facing inerns)Interns !!!
KEERTHI:Dr.Tamanna and Dr.sidhant aaj se aap dono Dr.Armaan ko unki case mein asssit karenge..
Dr.Atul-aids ward, Dr.Yuvraaj and Dr.naina-general ward, Dr.prasad-path lab phir aap children ward mein jayenge..
Now go to u r duties..

Keerthi leaves..
Armaan thinks to talk to atul but thinks its wud be problematic for atul to talk infront of interns..he smiles at him..atul nods…
Atul and J.P leaves for their duties…yuvi following them,,,he sees seriously towards armaan..
Armaan notices yuvi seeing at him..and feels that there is something mysterious about him…
Naina is watching armaan and has not moved from her place..

SIDDANTH:Uff!!!yeh miss.khadoos bhi na..
SIDDANTH:Hello kya dekh rahi ho…(he shakes naina)
SIDDANTH:Chalo…tumhe general ward mein duty hain…
NAINA: Arre yaar haan us dafod ke saath…ok..bye!!!
She leaves staring back at armaan again..

ARMAAN:Aap dono mere cabin mein aayiye..
SIDDANTH:Miss.gayab chalo..
ARMAAN:So Dr.sidhant,…………….abhimanyu….i mean Dr.Modi aapke bhai hain..
SIDDANTH: (he starts talking nonstop…)oh yes..mera cousin hain,,papa ne aur bhayi ne zid kareke mujhe sanjeevni mein internship ke liye join kiya,,nehi toh mera man to bilkul hi nehi tha,,aur wooh bhi india mein..oh god..aur koi jagah hi nehi millli..
ARMAAN: (Armaan cutting his words) Dr.Modi ki shaadi kab hui..
SIDDANTH:Bhai ki shaadi..nearly 1saal ho gaye hain..
ARMAAN: (he stops walking)1 saal (to himself) Matlab jab Dr.Modi yahaan aaya tha,uski shaadi ho chuki thi,phir bhi usne nikki se pyaar kiya,………..usse dokha de raha tha…aur nikki bhi..,,,mujhe Dr.Modi se baat karna hoga..oh god!!!
SIDDANTH:Kyun armaan..kya baat hain..
ARMAAN: Nehi kuch nehi..chalo.. (walking again)

They enter armaans cabin..armaan sits in his seat and sid and tamanna sits opposite to him..
Sid is as usual cool,but tamanna is afraid thinking how she will handle the case,,
Armaan takes out some files..and takes one out of them..sees and gives to sid and tamanna..

ARMAAN: Yeh case file hain.. Mr.Avinash ki,inhe brain tumor hain,,….case kaafi complicated hain….
(he gets up from seat and starts explaining) iska illaj sirf operation hain,par Mr.Avinash iss state mein nehi hain ki hum unhe operate kare..woh ek diabetic hain..aur sugar levels kaafi high hain..
Pehle humme unki sugar levels ko kam karna hoga,phir operate karna hoga..hamare paas time zyada nehi hain..,,so hume jald se jald yeh karna hoga..u both need to attend this case with full concentration and yes u will be helping me in operation file mein unki sari reports hain and yes agar aapko koi doubt hain toh u can ask me..
Tamana was fully concentrating and taking notes,,,sid was playing with a pen nearby..

ARMAAN: Sid aur tamana aapko samajh mein aaya maine kya kaha..
Tamanna nods her head..
SIDDANTH:Haan !!armaan don't worry we will handle..haina miss.gayab..
ARMAAN:Main aapki help kartha rahunga..but u two have to handle its team it..
ARMAAN: Ok then main ab chaltha hoon.. page me agar kuch problem hain…
Tamana was already scared with her first case and sid being a part of it made her more worried as he never used to be serious in any thing….we see her tensed face…

Armaan thinks before shashank comes he has to take the file which is on table…
He goes towards shashanks cabin..but he stops when he sees shashank entering ..

He hides behind wall…and sees inside from corner of door…

Shashank sits and is checking all files,,when he sees ridhimas file…

SHASHANK:Yeh file yahan kaisa aya hain..

He sees here and there and towards door..armaan quickly backs off from door..and sees again after shashank is seeing towards file..
Shashank takes the file and keeps in locker ,but locks it and takes keys with him and keeps in his coat and gets up…
Armaan again hides behind wall,shashank leaves not noticing armaan..
Armaan seeing inside towards locker..

ARMAAN: Shit!!!!ab mein kya karu..ek achcha mauka mila tha..wooh bhi haat se chala gaya…

Everyone was tired after the long day full of work..

J.P was still in childrens ward and was trying hard to get away from there but the children were not letting him go…and one was pulling his right hand and other his left..and other children rounded him..

J.P: Arre..chodo..chodo mujhe,,kya kar rahe hoo..mujhe jana hain..
1st child: Pehle hume kahani sunao..
2nd child: Mujhe chocolate laake do..
ALL:Mujhe bhi….Mujhe bhi..
J.P: Aree koi..bachao….mujhe…

Tamanna ,sid ,yuvi and naina who were leaving to their homes stopped by his shouts…

J.P: Naina ji….tamanaji..bachao..mujhe..yeh bach..(before he could complete sentence children made him sit down and were beating him)
SIDDANTH:Hahaha!!!wow india ke bache toh bahut strong hain..
TAMANNA:Tum india ke nehi ho kya..
J.P: Bachao…
NAINA:Guys chalo…

Sid and naina helped J.P stand and were trying to control children,,,,but they couldn't and children were shouting more and more..yuvi was enjoying all this without saying a word and then left.. ..
Tamanna tried to sort out the situation..

TAMANNA:Bacho…kisko kahani sunni hain,..wooh yahan aa jaye,,,

All children who were around J.P,sid and naina left and gathered around tamanna who was standing near a bed ,shouting and screaming with joy..

SIDDANTH:Yeh kahani sunayegi toh sab bachche darr jayenge..hahaaha..
J.P: Tum kuch karthe toh nehi ho,,,,jo karthe hain,,ussse kyun pareshan kar rahe ho..
SIDDANTH:Come on ….ab tum mat shuru ho jana…

1st child: Kahani,,,,!!!
2nd child: Kaunsi kahani.??
3rd child: Pariyon wali..
pinky:Nehi rajkumari wali…
ALL:Batao na didi????
TAMANNA:Pehle sab chup chap apne bed par jao…

All children went to their beds fastly and covered with blankets,,,

ALL:Sab log chup chap sunenge…pinky..shaitani nehi chalo bed par jao..(the little girl goes back to bed)
(tamanaa starts telling story)Ek baar ek sundar si ladki thi….
pinky:App se bhi sundar..
TAMANNA: (She blushes,)haan mujhse se bhi bahut sundar..uska naam the "cindrella"..

Sid,naina,J.P were also listening to her,,

NAINA:Arre yeh kahani toh mujhe pata hain…
J.P: Mujhe bhi ji,mujhe sab kahaniyan paata hain..panchatantra ke bhi,,,main hamesha story writing mein first aata tha,,,…main bhi batata hoon tamana ji..
Naina smiles at him artificially..

Naina and J.P joins tamanna telling the next part of story and all are enacting it ..

J.P: Uski ek sauteli maa thi ,,bahut buri…HAHAHA!!(showing his hands in air,children were afraid..)
NAINA:Aur haan uski do sauteli behen bhi the,bahut tang karthe the usse,saare kaam karathe the….satathe the..

1st child: Bahut bure the wohh….bechari cindrella…
2nd child: Usske paas koi nehi tha..
TAMANNA:Hain na..usske friends the..
pinky:Friends ..kaun kaun the..

Tamanna started telling the story again..J.P and naina helping her in between….

Sid was seeing tamana ,actually staring,not even blinking his eyes,,,the way she talked ,her hair moving with wind ,how she moved her hair back to her ears…the way she was enacting,the way she was going to children and helping them cover blankets….he could only see her and nothing else…

Someone else who was seeing her was……. Atul…Who was passing by and stopped seeing her…

He remembered all his old days he and his friends has spent in that ward…

How Armaan planned and surprised ridhima..
How they all danced to make dhruv back to normal….
Mini,gappu,nana…how they all enjoyed with them..
All those beautiful moments…
Tears start flowing from his eyes remembering those moments…

A hand was kept on his shoulder,……..he quickly wiped his eyes and turned back to see ..
ATUL:Armaan…who mein bas..
ARMAAN: Apne bhai se ansoon chupa rahe ho….
Atul cant control himself,he was waiting for this moment for 6 months…he hugged him tightly and so did armaan..
ATUL:Armaan..mere bhai..kahan chala gaya tha tu..apne champ ko akela chod kar kaha chala gaya..
Armaan also couldn't control his tears..They both come back to positions..and started walking ..
ARMAAN:Champ!!i am sorry main tumhare saath us waqt nehi de paya jab tumhe meri bahut zaroorat thi..mujhe maaf.. (he felt bad that he couldn't be there at time he failed)
ATUL:Yeh kaisi baatein kar rahe ho….bhala apne bhai ko koi sorry botha hain kya…
Armaan smiled…
ARMAAN:Pata nehi yaar….kitna badal gaya hain sab kuch..pehle kya tha..aur ab kya hain..
ATUL:Hum kitne masthi karthe the…,kitne shaitaniya karthe the,,
ARMAAN:Ladkiyon se kitna jhagdthe the ..
They remembered all those moments starting from joining sanjeevni..
ATUL:Arre haan yaar…wooh basket ball match..yaad hain..
ATUL:Aur lonavla ka trip..truth aur dare…
ARMAAN:Jab humne girls banke gaye,tum-shobha tai..
ATUL:Aur tum-gurpreet.. 
ARMAAN:Aur rahul-stella…kitna hot lag raha tha…
ATUL:Pub mein party.. 
ARMAAN:Haan humne ladayi ki aur jail bhi gaye the yaar..
ATUL:Agar Dr.shasahnk nehi aaate toh ..
ATUL:Padma aunty ke shaadi mein kitni masti kee thi humne..

Armaan was feeling sad remembering all those days he spent with ridhima and his friends and shashanks name made him more sad…making him remember the day he asked to break his relation with ridhima..
Atul noticed and changed the topic..

ATUL:Aur jab hum picnic ke liye gaye the….
ARMAAN:Aur ladkiya hume chod kar akele hi chali gayi lorry mein..(he was smiling again).
ATUL:Anajli kitni hot lag rahi thi na swim wear mein…
ATUL:Aur Valentines day party…..
ARMAAN:Sanjeevni ka concert….. hum sab ne kitna mehnat kiya..
ATUL:Doctor modi ko kitna sataya…..…
ARMAAN:Jab hum mere summer house gaye…aur wooh kabaddi match…..
ATUL:Arre yaad mat dilla,pata nehi sukeerthi ko bachanae ke chakar men mujhe aur rahul ko paat nehi kya kya jhelna pada….uske baad toh padma aunty aur anjali mujhe kuch aur hi samajhne lagi….
Atul face was sad..
Armaan was laughing out ,,,,after few seconds atul too joined him…
ATUL:Shubankar sir aur keerthi madam ki shaadi…..kitna achcha hua tha..
ARMAAN:Kya din the yaar….
ATUL:Armaan…………rahul aur muski ki bahut yaad aathi hain….
ARMAAN:Pata nehi wooh kaise hain….
ATUL:Sab milkar kitna masti karthe the na.
ARMAAN:Khair chodna yeh sab..ab main aa gaya hoon…phir se hum milkar sab theek kardenge..aur haan deklena rahool aur muskaan bhi jaldi hi hamare saath honge…
Atul noded..
ARMAAN:Atul……(after a long pause….atul was also worried what armaan would ask as he said "atul" and not "champ")kya tum anjali ko apne pyaar..
ATUL: (Atul understood what armaan was upto and tried to divert the topic)Chodo na Armaan in baaton ko..
ARMAAN:Champ…ab tu mujhse bhi baatein chupayega..,,apne bhai se??
ATUL: Armaan …………Anjali ab ek badi doctor ban gayi hain..aur main abhi bhi intern hi hoon………..wooh sahi kehthi thi…………….main kisi kaam ke layak hi nehi………
ARMAAN:Champ!!aisa mat kaho yaar….
ATUL:Kya fark padtha hain….pata nehi wooh mujhse..
ARMAAN:Padtha hain ,,,,,,bahut farak padtha hain..champ..,..tum agar koshish nehi karoge,,to kaise pata chalega…
ARMAAN:Par war kuch bhi nehi…..
ATUL:Main yeh sab..
ARMAAN:Main hoon na..akhir tumhara bhai kuch toh kaam ayega..
ATUL:Armaan ...(he hugged him) thanks yaar..
ARMAAN:Bas bas…. ..bahut din ho gaye..chalo saath chalthe hain..mere ghar…??
ARMAAN:Champ..tum chalo mein bas abhi aata hoon..
ATUL:Kahan jaa rahe hoo??
ARMAAN:Basket….. se milne..
(Atul smiled…he definetly has changed..if he would be same atul he would have asked that he too will come with him….but ..)
ATUL:Mein wait kartha hoon..   
Armaan smiled,,,,

Armaan in ridhimas cabin….

ARMAAN:Ridhima…main har koshish kar raha hoon tumhe jaldi se theek karne ki…humare doston ko saath lane ki,,,,,,bas tumhe ab theek hona hoga….tab hum sab milkar party karenge….ladke vs ladkiyan..aur hamesha ki tarah tum hi jeet jana…
He starts crying…
A tear drop fells on ridhimas hand….
Armaan kisses on her forehead…
ARMAAN:I love u ….ridhima…
He gets up ..
ARMAAN:Goodnite basket….. leaves the room shutting the door..

Ridhimas hand moves a bit and stops..(its same place where armaans tears fell)

Kya ridhima theek ho payegi???
Kya hain armaan ka agla kadam???
Kya wooh apne maksad mein kamyab hoga???


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