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  Riddhima stirs in sleep. He looks at her and sighs. It was a perfect morning. It started with fun, Happiness and love. Every thing was perfect. . . .   Perfect, till the Phone came….. he again drifts back to memory lane.


  He entered Sanjeevani with bright mood and an equally wide smile. He greeted everyone on his way to nurse station. Though he did it every day but today it feels like a renewed energy filed him. 'Why not? . . .my Busket is back' he thought smiling. At nurse station he found Anjali engrossed in some file. He went to her back and tug at her ponytail. She startled looked back and he hugged her tight.

" Good Morning,  Anjee." He almost shouted in her ear. Anjali became socked at first at this sudden attack then recognizing the attacker she hit his head with her file.

"Aww. . . .what was that for. . . nice way to greet ur brother-in-law good morning. ." he complained rubbing his head.

 "Well every action has an equal and opposite reaction….my dear brother-in- law."

 "Wow Anjee. . . did  Atul knew about ur latest crush on this Newton guy? . .poor Atul. . ." And she hit his arm again.

"Crush? . .Who crushed on whom?." Came a voice from behind and they looked back. Armaan went and hugged the man who equally returned the favor,

"Good morning, Champ. . .U didn't know?"  when He shook his head he said with wide eyes, " Seriously u don't know about Anjee's new crush?." And Atul went pale

"Anjali ? . . .crush? ." He went and hold Anjali's Hand,  " Anjali. . . what is this?. why didn't u told me?" While he panicked and Anjali glared, Armaan tried to hid his laugh. Anjee jerked Atul's hands off. 

"Shut up Atul. . . .Why are u listening to him? . . He has gone crazy. . . he is making u fool and as far I can see,  he didn't have to work hard to do so."

 And Atul glared back at him and hit him on his stomach. " Aauchh!!!! why are u guys hitting me? . .I was just kidding. . . nobody has a sense of humor here. . .what a shame!!" he said dramatically.

"Dramebaz" Atul and Anjee both said together.

 "Well Armaaan?" Anjali asked placing her hand on his shoulder, "Tell me,   what's the matter?" when he raised his brow questioning , "I mean. . .U look really happy today. . .any thing special?."

 "I am always happy, Anjee" he retorted.

 " Yea,yea, . . I know but today there must be something special." But Atul gave her the answer.

"Why won't he be? His Riddhima is back na?. . . I just talked to her on phone " he added seeing Armaan's how-do-u-know look but Anjali got shocked.

 "Really?  But isn't she early? I mean. . . ."

"Yea .u r right. . .but she has wind up the case one day earlier.. .so she is now back.." this time Armaan answered.

 "Oh .I see. . . . so,  that's why ur smiling like a fool. . .but hey,  it's great. . .I will go and bring her home today. We have not mate for long. . " And Armaan got shocked and his smile blown off.

" No way Anjee. . . she just came today  . ..and I am not going to let her go. . . . .anywhere . . . .Today is My day. . ."and he winked at her meaningfully.

 " Arggg. . . .U r such a shameless person." Anjali replied angrily.

" That's I am. . .and why not , . .she is MY wife yaar?" and Anjali shook her head defeated . "And now. . .we should resume our duties." he stated.

 "Yes boss." And they all broke in laughter and went for their respective work.

Armaan went to his cabin whistling and making plans for tonight. As soon as he sat the phone rang .He picked it up.

"Goodmorning   Dr. armaan speaking. . . "

"Ohji Dr. Armaanji, this is sister lovely speaking. . ."

"Yes Lovelyji,  what can I do for u. . ."

" Ohji,  there is a call from California Medical Institute. And they are looking for Dr. Kirty. As I said she is not at town they wanted to talk to the person in charge. . ."

 He got confused for a moment. California Medical Institute!!! What they want? But then he said " Ok . sister Lovely. put me on line."

" Ok,  ji. . ."and she put him in conversation.

"Hellow" came a ladies voice "May I know whom I am speaking to?"

"Good morning. . . .I am Dr. Armaan. I am in charge here now in the absence of Dr. Kirty. . . .How may I help u?"

"Good morning, Sir.  actuallyWe have called for checking about Dr. Shilpa Malhotra. . . ." And a silence prevailed on the other end. . . . . .

                   Armaan froze at the spot. 'Shilpa Malhotra'. . . This name, though never forgotten, but also haven't been uttered loudly for many days. The name itself brings some memories that are not really pleasant Infact it only gives a ting of pain. He cleared his throat and asked again to confirm.. "Shilpa Malhotra? . .

" Yes sir. . ."the lady confirmed.

" May I know what it is all about?" he is still confused. What Shilpa has to do with California Medical Institute?? A frown adorned his face.

" Certainly sir. . . She has applied for a post here at our institute  and she got selected . . .so we are just doing a regular reference checking . . . .so can I ask u some question? she replied

And it is the next shock for him. 'Shilpa applied for a job in California?  She is going?  But. . . .' Some thoughts occurred to him  and his frown deepened. He didn't know why did he was feeling a negative vibe.Its like something big is going to happen. His chain of thoughts got broke by the voice of the lady on the other end.

 " Dr. Armaan. . . .Are u there?"

 He stabled himself, " Hmmm. . .Yes ,Yes . . .Tell me,What do u want to know?"  and the lady started with her regular cross checking.. At the end of call he asked her not eble to hold his impatience " If u do not mind can I ask u what is her joining date?" .

" Yea,  certainly Sir, . . .she is to report on 8th  June. ."

 '8th june . . .today is 1st june , so there is only 7 days left', he did a quick calculation in his mind  ' or may be less than that'

"Thank u. . .do u need to know anything more .?" he asked still not in is full concentration.

" No Sir . . .That will be enough. Thank u for cooperating with u. . .hope u have a good day."

"Thank u. .  .and same to u. . . " he kept the receiver down and sat there for sometime without any movement.  Then he slumped back at his chair and closed his eyes. Her face flashed. He has so many memories with her .Some are bad, some are good but at the end it all became painful. She left leaving him in a pool of guilt and also with a secret which is still weighting down his heart.

The flash back ends and he comes back to present. The clock shows it's almost 4:30 am .He looked at his sleeping Busket and rubbed his finger softly at her cheek. ' I promise u Busket . . . .I will not let her go without telling u the truth this time.. It's ur right to know everything . . . And I will not let her run away this time. . . .not for some unwanted reason at least. . . . .' He promised himself and his Busket and closes his eyes exhausted and after some time he drifted off to sleep.

 Next morning his sleep breaks feeling a soft touch on his lips. He can recognize this touch without even his eyes opening. His lips start to respond at it's own accord. After few seconds he can not feel the touch anymore. He frowned and opens his eyes. He saw his Busket bending towards his face with a beautiful and shy smile on her face. What a morning! He sighed.

 " Good morning Armaan. . . ." She murmured.

 " A very good morning indeed. . ." He smiled dazed at which she laughed.

 "Armaan. . . .I am going . . . . pls do have ur breakfast. . .ok?" she said caressing his hair.

Suddenly he realizes that Riddhima is all ready to go for duty. He jumps up at saw the clock. It's about 8:00 am .He tries to get up from the bed in hurry, "Riddhima, why didn't u wake me up . . . .just wait a minute. . . . I will get ready fast and drop u. . . . " only to be pulled down by Riddhima.

 "No armaan. . . . .I don't want u to come with me" at which he raised his brow, " I mean. . .u need rest. . . .see urself, u look so tired. . . .and I am not a kid. I can go by myself. . . u be at home and take rest. . .I just woke u up to say that I have made ur breakfast and kept it on table , So ,pls have it on time. . . . "she explained.

"But Riddhima. . . ." he tried to argue

" No more argument. . . .Just sleep. I will call and check if u had break fast or not. . .ok. . .I am getting late and now have to run." and with that she again pecked his lips, said a soft bye and almost ran out of the room.

 He said a soft "Bye" almost in a daze. But as soon as Rddhima banges the room door shut and gets out, reality hits him. Every thing come flooding by and he knows what he has to do now. So,as he hears the sound of Riddhima's car fades away he jumps up from the bed and goes to the wash room and after a quick shower he gets ready. Gulping a toast and taking his cars key he runs out of the house. He seats in the driver seat and takes a long breath. "I am coming Shilpa. . . ."and he drives the car away.

love and luck for all,

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