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PART 4 : MY prediction for AR rest story

"Laye hum Hasi laye hum Khushi jee le phir se zindagi…
Taaron se aage hum jaayenge cheen le ayenge roshni '
Dil ho jahaan dost ho vahaan aisa manzar hain yahan'
Manzil nayi,rasthe naye '
Phir bhi chale,hum saath mein'
Hum toh chale the dost banke'
Jaane kahan dill mill gayye!!!!"

Back in childrens ward'..

Tamanna completed her story..
TAMANNA:Rajkumar ne cindrella ko apne mahal le gaye aur wooh khushi khushi rehne lage..
All clapped after her story'
1st child: Rajkumar toh bahut achcha hain..
2nd child:Apko rajkumar kab le jayega..
Tamana blushed at the question..

TAMANNA:Kahani khatm'ab chalo sab achche bachon ki tarah so jau..chalo'
She off the lights and asked all to move out'
J.P and naina smiled at her and left..

Tamana was also leaving when a little girl catches her hand and asks again..
pinky:Baato na didi ,,aapko le jane kab aayega rajkumar..

SIDDANTH:Bahut jald'
Tamanna turns and finds sid..
SIDDANTH:Kuch nehi chale..
Tamanna leaves,sid blinks his one eye to that little girl and leaves..the girl smiles and sleeps..

Outside in corridor..
SIDDANTH:Wow!!!tum toh bahut achacha story suanti ho..training lee hain kahi'.jab mere kids honge na tab mein tumhe hi bualunga story sunane'hahaaha!!
Tamana sees him with her one eyebrow raised..
SIDDANTH:Sorry!!!.....achacha toh miss gayab ,itni achchi story sunane ke liye tumhe ek gift milthi hain..
SIDDANTH:Haan main tumhe ghar drop kar doonga..
TAMANNA:Nehi main chali jaungi..
SIDDANTH: "Nehi main chali jaungi.."(imitating her)dekho mere paas gadi hain,aur tumhara ghar rasthe mein padtha hain..toh chalo..
SIDDANTH:Tum itni jaldi maan gayi..!!!!maine toh''.
TAMANNA:Sidhant.. ..
He moves his hand from left to right on lips like zipping it..
Tamana smiles'

Outside sanjeevni''..

Naina is waiting for her friend JIGNESH to come and pick her up,,but he hasn't come and its really late as they were busy in childrens ward all this time..
She tries to call him,,but its not reachable..

NAINA:Arre'.. yeh jigni kaha chala gaya..ab mein kya karu..

She starts walking for sometime to find a taxi..but she didn't got any one..
She thght to ask someone lift..,sees a byke and asks lift..
The byke stops ,,and the person removes helmet..
He sees at her,,,and asks..
YUVRAAJ:Lift chahiye.?
NAINA:Tumse bilkul nehi..main akeli chali jaungi..
NAINA:Soch liya..main tum jaise dafod ke saath nehi jaungi''

Just then a jeep comes making lots of noise,,,,,naina asks lift from it..,,the jeep goes passing her and comes back'.

There were 4-5 guys in it'
1ST GUY: (One of the guy asking others to be silent..and facing naina..)Lift chahiye'(asking nicely)
2ND GUY:Chalo..hum tumhe drop kar denge..

Naina sees yuvraaj who is still waiting'she doesn't want to go with those guys as shes a bit afraid but to show yuvarj that she can do anything alone..she goes with them'

YUVRAAJ:Mat jao'
NAINA:Tumhe kya'main jahan bhi jau'(facing the guys)..chalo guys..
They go with full speed'naina looking back at yuvi'and giving him a smile..

After covering some distance..

NAINA:Yahan roko'.(but they did't listen and go more fastly.).
NAINA:Maine kahan roko'mujhe jana hain..
1ST GUY: Hey baby!!!humne tumhe jaane ke liye thooda lift diya hain'kyun??
They stop the car near a deserted place..and tries to take naina out of jeep forcefully..
NAINA: Chodo mujhe..tumhe nehi pata ,,mujhe..mujhe ..karate mein black belt hain..
3RD GUY:Achcha toh hume bhi toh sikha'hahaha!!!

They take her out of jeep,3 guys are catching her and shes trying to free herself'

1ST GUY: Dekho babes..agar tum cooperate karogi toh'.tumhe no problem..aur na hume..
NAINA:Achcha (in sweet voice)..toh pehle chodo mujhe..
1ST GUY: Hey!!!!yeh toh humari type ki lag rahi hain..chodo usse..
All left her and the main guy is coming close to her'
1ST GUY: Agar sab ladkiyan tumhari jaisi hogi toh humari toh koi problem hi nehi hogi..(touching her cheek)

Naina hits hard in his stomach and runs away,,some are trying to handle the guy who fell on ground with pain..
1ST GUY: Pakdo usse'pakdo'
All go back of naina leaving him'

Naina runs and runs and bumps ito someones byke ..
NAINA:Please help me..please'..

The 4 guys stand infront of the person in byke a little far..Naina is standing beside him..
The byke guy gets down and stands opposite them and naina back of him helding his arm..

2ND GUY:Hey ladki ko hamre pass bhej do,,,..
He removes the helmet and shakes his head,,,,naina sees him,,,Its yuvraaj'.
3RD GUY:Zyada hero mat ban!!!chal ladki ko bhej..

YUVRAAJ:Maine thodi roka hain tumko'lejana hain toh le jau'mujhe kya?
Naina leaves his arm and moves back..
NAINA:Tum '.

2ND GUY:Hahahaah!!!yeh toh bahut darpok hain re'
3RD GUY:Ismein toh bilkul himmat nehi..
4TH GUY:Chal bachcha jaa,''..apne mamma ke pass'''.,raat bahut ho gayi hain''..hahaha!!!
Saying this they all come towards naina who is Still looking at yuvi with hope'

One of the guy tries to catch naina with his hand..but..

*** *** ***

We see the guy on ground growling with pain'

The other 3 guys come and attack yuvi'surrounding from all sides..
He see them from corner of eyes'.
One of them try to attack him,but he was acting fast and punched him hard in his chest..which made him tremble'and fell down..
The other two guys came together,but yuvi was prepared..
He kicked one of them with his right leg and punched other'both were growling with pain'
The two who fell regained and took positions to beat him..
4TH GUY:Tumne toh kaha tha,,tum hume nehi rokoge'
5th GUY: Lejana hain toh le jaou ..

YUVRAAJ:Kahan tha..,,,par yeh nehi kahan ki tum meri mazak udao'

Naina who was happy that yuvi was helping out,,,got furious to know that he had beaten them not for her but because they have insulted him..
NAINA:U '(She started coming toward him')
Suddenly yuvi pulls her toward her and she is jammed on his chest,,they both gets lost in eachothers eyes ..but ..
YUVRAAJ: Awwa!!!
Yuvi arm was hurting as the main guy has come back and has hit him with KNIFE'he has pulled naina to protect from knife'
He moves naina back and takes out knife,blood started flowing..naina was shocked to see'

All 5 guys are ready to attack him'yuvi beats all of them to black and blue'.they left him running ..
But still yelling..

1ST GUY: Main tum dodno ko chodunga nehi..awwww!!!

Naina comes close to yuvi'yuvi is keeping his hand on his arm which was bleeding'
Naina tries to see his wound,,but he moves back..
NAINA:Tumhe toh bahut chot lagi hain'.
She takes out her scarf from her neck and bandages it on his arm,,, He sees into her eyes'
YUVRAAJ: Chalo main tumhe drop kardunga..
Naina didn't say a word all way and he dropped her home,,,
She got down and saw him '.

NAINA:Thanks..Agar aaj tum nehi aate toh'.pata nehi ..woh log..
YUVRAAJ: Pata nehi tum un logon ka kya karthi'..becahre' bach gayye..
NAINA:Kya?kya kahan tumne'wooh bechare aur main..
YUVRAAJ: Nautanki'.
NAINA:Tumhari to main'..
YUVRAAJ: Maine kahan na mujhe tumme koi interest nehi hain'
NAINA:Mujhe bhi nehi hain'.. 'good night'.

She leaves banging her foot om ground'.

He sees her going safely to home and smiles,goes away'''
She goes into home'and bumps into someone'.
NAINA: (who was lost in her world till now ..gets angry seeing him..)jigni tum'tum kahan the..mein tumhari wait kar rahi thi,,
JIGNI:Wooh naina,soory che'main apni friend se milne gaya,,,,
NAINA:Pata nehi aaj wooh dafod nehi aaya hota toh kya ho jata..tum na,'
JIGNI:Kya hua,,tum theek to ho'.
NAINA:Haan mein theek hoon,,par kal se time pe aajana',,main bahut thak gayi hoon,,,sone jaa rahi hoon'bye'.

Sidhant and tamanna

Sid drops tamanna'
TAMANNA:Yahan roko,,
SIDDANTH:Mein ghar tak drop kar doonga,,
TAMANNA:Nehi main chali jaungi' (To herself) agar baba ne dekh liya toh'.(to sid) thanks'
She gets down the car,,,but her duppata stucks in car when she tries to close door....she is trying hard to remove it,, she tries to open door '. but its jammed'
Sid was sitting in back seat and was seeing her struggling with dupatta and is laughing loud'
TAMANNA:Has kyun rahe ho'help karo na'
SIDDANTH:Main kyun karu'jaake ke tum apne gaayab puppy se pooch lo'..help!!!!jaise us din tume uske liye kiya tha..,,
She was still trying with as serious face after hearing sid's words..
Tears started flowing from her eyes'
He sees her and is lost in her again'.but as soon as he sees her tears'
SIDDANTH:Rukoo..main madad kartha hoon..
He comes and pushes the door hardly 2 times and it comes out,,,
TAMANNA:Thanks(she takes out dupatta)
TAMANNA:Ab ronna band karo..pata nehi hamesha roti kyun ho,,,,,,bye!!!!
He sits back in car seat,,tamana too leaves'he stares her going for sometime'..

SIDDANTH:Pata nehi jab bhi iss tamanna ko dektha hoon'kuch ajeeb si feeling aati hain..
Sid yeh tu kya soch raha hain..'stop it dude..!!!

Nainas place'

Back in her room,she changed her clothes and was thinking about what happened laying on bed'.
How he helped her,how he fought,how he got hurt because of her..

NAINA:Waise jitna socha tha yeh dafod itna bura bhi nehi hain'naina..kya soch rehi hain..soo ja'!!

Next day'


Tamana and sid
Tamanna is busy seeing patients reports which armaan handled them and talking to nurse..

TAMANNA:Sister,,inki sugar reports leke aayeye..
SISTER:Ji Dr.Tamanna'
She sees here and there'sid is busy chatting with a girl in side ward and flirting with her'

SIDDANTH: Ek minute'(Saying to girl..who nods..he comes near tamana ..)
kya hain aise chilla kyun rahi hoon,,,mein gayab nehi hua hoon uss puppy ki tarah..saamne toh baitha hoon..
TAMANNA:Kya kar rahe the..
TAMANNA:Kausa kaam..
SIDDANTH:Bahut important..tumhe kya..
TAMANNA:Sidhant..yeh case hum dono ko handle karna hain..aur tum meri madad bhi nehi kar rahe ho'
SIDDANTH:Oh please'aise chote mote kaam tum akele handle karu,,,mein sirf complicated case hi kartha hoon..(raising his collar')
SIDDANTH:Matlab..koi badi si surgery'wooh bhi Dr.Shashank ke saath '..
TAMANNA:Aur Dr.Armaan..
SIDDANTH:Main aise chote mote doctors ke saath kaam nehi kartha u see..
Tamanna sees towards door and suddenly..
TAMANNA:Good morning Dr.Armaan..
SIDDANTH: (sid hearing armaans name stands still)Hello Dr.Armaan'mein wooh bas mazak'
He sees back and finds no one'tamanna and others are laughing..
SIDDANTH:Tumko toh mein'
TAMANNA:Kya karoge Mr.Sidhant'.
SIDDANTH:Its sid ..not sidhant'
They both are fighting with there voices on top'all are seeing them suddenly'
The patient who has been enjoying seeing both of them fight..has sudden pain in his head'he keeps his hand on his head'and is crying and shouting,,,

TAMANNA:Oh god!!!kya ho gaya hain..sidhant..
Tamana gives a killing look'
He starts checking the patients pulse and his condition'he laid down on bed'
TAMANNA:Lagtha hain inki condition kaafi serious hain..(suddenly it strikes to tamanna) Dr.Armaan'.(facing nurse)sister..aap Dr.Armaan ko please jaldi bulayiye..
SISTER:Yes doctor..(she leaves)
Tamanna is sweating with fearing and tears coming out from eyes..sid sees it,,
SIDDANTH:Its ok!!!sab theek ho jayega..dont worry..
She nods'

Armaan comes just in time..
ARMAAN:Kya hua hain'what happened'he starts checking patients pulse and heart beat'
TAMANNA:Sir'achanak inki sar mein pain hone laga'
SIDDANTH:Inhi pulse bhi kaafi low hain'
ARMAAN:Hume jald se jald inki operation karni hogi'abhi issi waqt..tamana and sid ,,get ready..sister aap operation threater ready kijeeye'fast'patient ko shift keejiye..
SISTER:Yes sir'
ARMAAN: sister inke report leke aayiye'. Sid tum mere saath aaoo'.we need to do some tests'..(he goes with armaan..)

TAMANNA:Operation!!! '.
Tamana was scared ,she was trembling with fear,,,,she saw the patient who was being taken in stretcher'who was in critical condition '
TAMANNA:Main kaise kar paungi'..mujhe bahut dar lag raha hain..

After sometime'
At operation threater..

Outside patients relatives are standing'.they stop tamanna who is going inside..it was the patients wife'
PATIENTS WIFE:Meri pati ko bacha leejiye'(she starts crying.)
Theres also a small girl..
PATIENTS DAUGHTER:Meri papa ko kuch nehi hoga na..
Sid and armaan sees it'
Armaan tried to console the patients wife..and sid the little girl..tamana was still tensed.seeing them'.
SIDDANTH:Kuch nehi hoga aapke papa ko'
ARMAAN:Bharosa rakhiye'..

They enter the O/T'
ARMAAN:Dr.Tamanna and Dr.Sidhant '..are u ready,,
Both nod while getting dressed in surgical gowns'
ARMAAN:Dr.tamanna ,'aap patient ki pulse track karthe rahiye'aur kuch bhi ho toh inform keejiye,,,
She nodded'
ARMAAN:Dr.sidhant..(armaan noded'and sid too..)
They started the surgery'.it was a very long one and took a lot of time'

Outside ..
The patients family were worried'

At shashanks cabin'''

SHASHANK:Yeh sab kya ho raha hain'meri permission ke bagair..wooh aise kisi ka operation kaise kar saktha hain'.
KEERTHI:Dr.Armaan ne mujhe inform kiya tha.. Dr.Shashank'maine aap se contact karne ki koshish kii..par aapka phone nehi lag raha tha'.case kaafi complicated hain'.agar waqt par operate nehi kiya gaya toh'.patient ki jaan ko khatara hain'
SHASHANK:I don't understand..kissi senior doctor ki help ke bagair..how could he do this all alone'.
KEERTHI:Dr.Sidhant aur Dr.Tamanna unko assist kar rahe hain sir..
SHASHANK:Wooh abhi interns hain''.wooh aise kisi patient ke zindagi ke saath khel nehi saktha..,,,,,,,,,,pehle hi usne meri beti ke saath jo kiya hain..wooh kum hain kya??
He couldn't talk further,he gets frustated and leaves the place..

Operation threater..

ARMAAN:Dr.tamanna'.(asking abt pulse)
TAMANNA:Its fine sir'.
Armaan removed the tumour'.the operation was in last stage ans crucial to know if patient has capacity to handle and survive..'
Sid was helping and tamana was still tensed that she couldn't concentrate for some time now and was sweating'suddenly..
TAMANNA: (she sees towards monitor)Dr.Armaan pulse gir raha hain'..

All are very tensed,the patients condition is dropping ,armaan,sid and others are trying hard to save him,,,
Armaan gives a look to tamanna'all are seeing her..

TAMANNA: Maine yeh kya kar diya'.

Kya patient bach payega???
Kya hoga aage???

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