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Part 53& 54 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 55 

*Locker Room*

The next day most of the interns were in the locker room bright and early waiting around for an announcement. All busy with their own thoughts. Armaan stood leaning back again his locker thinking about Ridz, where did she disappear yesterday, she said she would come to the terrace but she wasn't even in the hospital. Armaan had searched high and low all over the hospital looking for her, asking any and everyone if they had seen her but no one had any idea where she was.

The other interns were also missing Rahul, some didn't care but Atul and Muskaan also searched the hospital looking for him. Atul was worried about him and after thinking over it a million times Muskaan finally thought that she should speak to him, after all it was not his fault that he Mayank's son, and even if he was he was nothing like his father so why should he be blamed for the things his father did. But one thing that bothered her was the reason that Rahul had kept this a secret for a very long time. What worried her the most was that he was missing for a long time, he hadn't even come back to the apartment last night and he wouldn't answer her calls…where was he? Her thoughts were distracted when Atul spoke out loud making everyone look up…

Atul: Rahul would at least tell me where he had gone…I just hope he's ok…

Abhi: Please Atul…we don't care about the son of Mayank…we just want to know where Ridz is...

Atul: Rahul is our friend how can you even think like that about him…?

Armaan: Guys just chill…there's no point in arguing… - to himself – Where are you Ridz?

Just as Armaan said that Rahul and Ridz walked through the Locker Room doors both looking very tired. Everyone looked up at them, before anyone could say anything they ran towards them, Armaan gave Ridz a hug leaving her speechless but this went unnoticed by the others as they started to question them instantly. Muskaan stared at Rahul who stared back at her silently. She wanted to talk to him so badly, to apologise, to find out where he was, how he was…and just be with him but this wasn't the time. Sapna on the other hand plainly avoided him and looked at Ridz.

Nikki: Where were you…we were so worried? – to Ridz

Ridz: Umm actually we were… - she was cut off by Abhi

Abhi: You mean…you two were together? – looking closely at Ridz

Armaan's head snapped up at what Abhi said and looked from Rahul to Ridz who seemed a little confused.

Rahul: Yes we were…

Armaan: - butting in - Where were you guys?

Ridz: We need to tell you guys something? – finding her confidence

Armaan prepared himself for the worst; he crossed his arms and breathed in waiting to hear what she had to say. Muskaan was also confused, her mind working over time now.

Sapna: What wrong Ridz? - slowly

Ridz: Nothing is wrong…actually me and Rahul are…

Everyone froze waiting for someone to end the sentence but Ridz couldn't get the last words out. She wasn't sure of what the outcome was going to be so she waited but Rahul decided to get it over and done with.

Rahul: We're cousins!! - calmly

Everyone: What??!!! - shocked

Anjali: What?

Everyone turned around and saw Anjali standing by the locker room door with Sachin, they wanted to welcome her back but at the moment they were more interested in hearing the whole truth.

Ridz: Yeah

She smiled and told everyone about the scene that had taken place yesterday at the Gupta House. When she had finished everyone stood in shock, the room was filled with silence as they all looked at each other and back to Ridz and Rahul. Then suddenly Muskaan let out a high pitched laugh and everyone was left staring at her amused and confused.

Abhi: Why are you laughing dumbo?

Muskaan: - stopped laughing instantly and rounded on him - Hey what did you call me?

Nikki: Muskaan… - trying to stop the two from fighting - Why are you laughing?

Muskaan: - blushing - Umm nothing I…I was thinking something else but its great to hear that you two are cousins…congrats!

Armaan also saw the joke and sniggered to himself before saying sorry to Rahul. Everyone else knew that Rahul wasn't the one to be blame and they all said sorry apart from Sapna who stood back.

Anjali: Umm guys…can someone please fill me in…I've only been gone a couple of days and so much has happened…why hasn't anyone told me anything?

Ridz: Aww…dii we didn't want to spoil your honeymoon… - smiling

Anji blushed and looked at Sachin who had his arm around her; he quickly removed it now noticing that they were attracting a lot of attention. Everyone gathered around them to welcome them back.

No one saw Sapna slip out. She needed time to think, not that she wasn't happy that Anjali was back but she needed to think about what Ridz just said about Rahul and his family.

Sapna thought back to the beginning of Sanjivani where her best friend was Rahul only because she thought he was just like her; a poor girl who felt let out and was always picked on by other people. That time Rahul was her only friend but he turned out to be the biggest cheat. She felt upset to know that she trusted him more than any of the other interns and he was the one who had lied to her. Now they had nothing in common, they were poles apart, her being a poor middle class girl and him being the son of the richest snobbiest person alive and she hated him.

*Nurse Station*

Dr Keerti: Your duties for today are the following…Dr Abhimanu and Dr Nikita General Ward

The couple were standing next to each other, they chorused yes maam and Abhi grabbed hold of her hand making her blush crimson.

Dr Keerti: Dr Rahul and Dr Muskaan Cancer Ward

Both: Yes Maam – they stole glances at each other and looked down quickly

Dr Keerti: Dr Armaan and Dr Riddhima Paediatric Ward

They chorus yes maam, Ridz smiled silently while Armaan wore a big grin on his face; he finally got to spend some time with her.

Dr Keerti: And finally Dr Anjali…welcome back… - smiling

Anjali: Thank you maam

Dr Keerti: Path Lab then you will be working with your mentor discussing several new cases…

Anjali: Yes Maam… - blushing slightly, noticed by all the interns

Dr Keerti: Let's get to work… - she walked away

Abhi: Wow Hitler's in a good mood today…couple's day… - still holding onto Nikki's hand – have fun Anji… - winking at her

Anji slapped him on the arm at the same time as Nikki which made everyone laugh. Sapna turned around and walked away to her duty, Atul saw her go and followed her. The other interns also walked away in couples leaving Armaan and Ridz standing there, Armaan collected a file from the desk and then they walked to the Children's Ward together in silence.

A few minutes later Ridz noticed that he seemed tensed, he didn't utter a word and he kept sneaking glances at her.

Ridz: What's wrong? – looking at him

Armaan: Huh? – looking up – Umm…nothing…kuch nahi

Ridz: Really…

Armaan: Yeah…

Ridz: Armaan…umm I'm sorry about yesterday…I know what I did was wrong…I should have informed you but…

Armaan: Hey…it's ok…family comes first…and I'm happy to see that you chose family over friendship… - smiling at her

There was silence for a few minutes. Then they both started to speak at once…

Armaan/Ridz: I was thin… - they both stopped and laughed

Ridz: Go on… - smiling

Armaan: Nah you first…

Ridz: C'mon Armaan…

Armaan: Ok…I wanted to ask if we can meet up… - he was cut off by Ridz

Ridz: Hey…I was thinking the same thing…I mean after all it was my fault our last meeting was cancelled… - smiling sweetly

Armaan: Cool…

Ridz: But…

Armaan: But?

Ridz: I promise that I'll make it this time if you promise to tell me everything about yourself… - walking into the ward backwards facing him with a smile on her face

Armaan stopped walking and looked at her… "I promise…if you promise?" Did she really say that…?


Riddhima: Armaan…

Armaan: No Riddhima…promise me…promise me that you won't ever leave me again…

Riddhima: Ok Armaan…I promise… - silently cursing herself for the big lie she had just told him – I promise that I won't ever leave you alone… - she holds his hand with one hand and she puts her other hand on his cheeks – but Armaan you also have to promise me something…

Armaan: If you promise never to leave me I promise I will do anything for you…anything

Riddhima: Will you promise me that you will go ahead and complete your dreams?

Armaan: You are my dream Riddhima…you are my dream…

*End of Flashback*

He blinked several times as he saw a hand being waved in front of his eyes. Ridz stood there trying to get his attention for the past several minutes but he was too lost in the past to notice her. But when he did he finally smiled at her…

Armaan: I promise…

Ridz: That's better… - smiling – c'mon let's get to work before Hitler's mood changes and we have to do rectal…

They both laughed and get straight to work.


At lunch everyone crammed onto one table after a long time. They were all having lunch and chatting generally when Sachin walked into the cafeteria and towards their table.

Sachin: Hey everyone…

Everyone answered back with a simple hi except Abhi who got up and gave him a hug as a welcome back surprise to which everyone looked at him weirdly.

Abhi: What? – confused

Everyone laughed at Abhi, Sachin looked at him like he was a weirdo before sitting down next to Anji who blushed madly. Sachin whispered something into Anjali's ear and Abhi leaned over to listen to them. Nikki slapped him on the arm and he sat back in his chair with a grumpy look.

Abhi: Ouch! – rubbing his arm

Muskaan: Honeymoon's still not over – giggled silently

Atul: Umm sir…we're still here – hiding his laughter

Sachin and Anjali blushed.

Sachin: Ha, ha, ha…actually…we have a surprised for you guys but…if you guys don't want to hear then its ok… - turning back to Anjali

Ridz and Muskaan: Nonono…please tell us please - eagerly

Sachin: Ok…Anjali… - telling her to spill the beans

Anjali: Umm…we were thinking of having a house warming party…and you're all invited… - smiling widely

Atul: Wow party! I so need one!

Abhi: Same here - they slapped hi5 with each other

Nikki rolled her eyes at Abhi while everyone else agreed and thanked the newly weds for the invite.

Anjali: So done…tomorrow evening…everyone at my place ok?

They all agreed. After some time they all got up dragging themselves back to work...

part 56

*Outside Hospital*

Anjali and Sachin were waiting for Ridz outside the Hospital so they could go to their new house together to get ready for the party before the others arrived. Sachin was just about to hold Anjali's hand when Ridz ran out of the hospital putting her bag over her shoulder. Anjali blushed crimson and moved her hand away making Sachin smile at her.

Ridz: Hey guys…I am so sorry…I kind of got kept back sorry – huffing

Sachin: No problem…calm down… - smiling at her – breathe…then we will go

Ridz: Thanks – calming down

Anjali: Come let's go…

They reached the house about ten minutes later and started getting everything ready for the party. When they were sure that everything was set Anjali took Ridz around the house for a tour which she fell in love with. Some time later they relaxed in the living room both the sisters taking the time to catch up since the wedding while Sachin was getting everything ready for the barbeque. An hour later the doorbell rang, Anji got up and let the interns in.

Anji: Hey guys…come in

Nikki: Wow Anji you have a beautiful house… - looking around

Anji: Thanks Nikki… - hugging her

They all made their way outside but Abhi held Nikki back…

Nikki: What's wrong? – looking at him

Abhi: Just say yes…then you'll also have a big beautiful house like this… - holding her in his arms

Nikki: - blushing – Abhi… - shyly she hugged him

They stood like this for a few minutes until there was a noise outside which made them aware of their position, Nikki moved back and blushed then she ran out into the garden. Abhi smiled then walked slowly behind her.

As they walked out they noticed the other interns standing there admiring the place, there was a massive swimming pool in the centre of the garden, a barbeque grill in one corner, nearby there was small table laid with a beautiful 12 piece dinner set, on the other end of the garden was a small shaded area, underneath there was a small sofa set and on the ground a soft cushion area which looked amazingly comforting. They stood there completely amazed, all their mouths left hanging open until Abhi finally spoke.

Abhi: Wow barbeque!!

They were all brought out of their dreams and looked at him.

Muskaan: Is that all you think about? Food?

Abhi: Of course…I live for food!

Nikki: Huh? - angrily

Abhi: Uh…I mean…I live for you… - giving her a side hug

They all laugh at him while Nikki scolded him.

Anjali: C'mon guys…make yourself comfortable…

They all took a tour around the garden and stopped by the barbeque.

Atul: So…whose idea was the barbeque?

Sachin: Anji didn't feel like cooking so we got and expert cook to make the food…

Ridz started to laugh and Anji was staring at Sachin who instantly became quiet.

Nikki: Awww – whispering to Abhi - why can't you be like him…he can do anything for Anji… - sulking

Abhi: But…

Atul: But who is the famous person who is going to do the barbeque?

Ridz: Jeej of course! He's not only a good doctor but he's the best cook in the world...that's why they're the best couple… - silently

Anjali slapped her on the arm while everyone laughed and joked around.

Some time later the elders arrived, Shashank, Padma, Nani, Mayank, Sarah, Puneet and Sonia. Everyone greeted each other, Mayank apologised to everyone who quickly forgave him apart from Sapna who stayed well away from the situation. They all made themselves comfortable and started to enjoy the party.

The elders sat under the shaded area using this time to talk generally about past and their memories of so many years ago while the younger ones where scattered around the garden and were chatting about here and now.

Near the dinning area stood Abhi, Atul, Sachin and Anjali.

Abhi: So Anji…is this it or any more invites?

Anjali: Uh yeh we invited Dr Keerti and Dr Shubhankar

Atul: What?? You invited Hitler??

Sachin: Hey!!

Atul: Oops sorry! I didn't mean to insult your first love!

Sachin: What??? – he looked at Anji and shook his head

Anjali: - laughed – Look…here they come

While Anjali went off to meet them Sachin slapped Atul across his head playfully and followed Anjali. Abhi and Atul gave each other a hi five and laughed.

Anjali: Hi sir…hi maam – welcoming them

Keerti: Hey Anjali…thanks for inviting us

Sachin: Hey man – hugging Shubhankar

Shubankar: Hi…so you've finally settled down...and I thought I would be the first… - looking at Keerti

Sachin: Yeh even I can't believe it…but I'm so happy – giving Anjali a side hug who again went very red which was very usual these days

They led the way outside and met everyone. Very soon the party was on the way, the music was blaring in the background while Sachin and the boys set up the barbeque, the three brothers were still sitting in the shaded area playing chess while the younger lot were dipping their feet in the water and gossiping.

*Barbeque Grill*

Sachin and Armaan were standing next to the BBQ grill while the food sizzled and smelled amazingly tasty while Rahul and Atul stood next to them complaining about work.

Sachin: Uh guys…we're doing the work here…and you guys are the ones complaining…

Atul: Uh umm – looking around to back himself up

Rahul: Yeh look…I'm tidying these plates – which was already tidy

Armaan: Yeah…you guys have done so much work…I'm surprise you still have the energy to stand… - laughing

Atul: Very funny…haha… - sarcastically

Sachin: Where is Abhi?

Rahul and Atul pointed towards the pool where Abhi sat flirting and chatting with the girls.

Armaan: I wonder what he's doing over there…

*Pool Side*

Sapna: Abhi… what are you doing here? Why don't you go and help the others…

Muskaan: This kamchor! And work? Not possible!

Abhi: What did you call me??

Muskaan: You heard…

Ridz: Don't you two ever stop fighting?

They both looked at each other and shook their heads.

Both: Nah!

Sapna: You two would make a great couple!!

Both: Eww! Never!! – in disgust

Abhi held onto Nikki who blushed, Muskaan slapped him on the arm and the others sat there laughing at them.

*Shaded Area*

The three brothers sat under the shaded area playing chess. They were in deep concentration waiting for Mayank to make the next move. He picked up a piece and moved it one place up knocking off the other player.

Mayank: Now you're gone… - he cleared the board as he had won the game

Shashank: So this is the only game you have ever beaten me in…- giving up

Puneet: By the way Mayank bhaiya cheated… - leaning back on a cushion

Mayank: What? I didn't cheat!

Shashank: - laughing – You will never change will you…I know you cheated but…I let you win…

Mayank: What can I do? One of us has got to stay the same…now that both of you have changed…

Puneet: Huh? How have I changed?

Mayank: - laughed – Hmm…weren't you the one that said you were never going to get married?

Puneet: Uh umm…I'll just be back… - he got up and walked off leaving the other two laughing behind him


Nani: Padma this house is so lovely haina…

Padma: Bohot…our Anjali is very lucky to have found someone like Sachin…

Nani: Haan he'll keep her very happy…

They walked through the house and were just going into the kitchen when they saw Ridz coming in.

Ridz: What are you two doing here…come outside and have some fun…

Nani: Haan…we will come out soon…hum kuch bana ke ate hain…

Padma: Ma…hum chalte hain…hamare pyaari si Riddhima salad bane legi…haina Riddhima – sweetly

Ridz: Salad? Me?

Padma and Nani laughed then walked out leaving Ridz looking confused. She walked into the kitchen thinking of how to make the salad. Just as they walked out into the garden they met Sapna and Muskaan.

Sapna: Nani…Padma aunty…we have a special surprise for you two…aye hamare saath…

Nani: Par kahan? – being dragged away

They took them over to the shaded area and made them comfortable with the three brothers, Sonia, Sarah and Keerti.

Muskaan: Aap log yahan betiye…aaj ke sara kaam hum karenge…

Sonia: Oh…interesting…we'll relax while you work?

Sapna: Yep!

Nani: Theek hain…

Sapna and Muskaan went off to help Anji ready the food and set out the table for dinner while the guys took off the last set of meat from the grill.

*Barbeque Grill*

Sachin: Can someone please get a plate from the kitchen?

Armaan: I'll get it…

Armaan walked into the house and headed for the kitchen. He stepped in to find a really cute scene in front of his eyes. There was a mess of the vegetables scattered over the counter top, a bowl was full of salad dressing and knives and spoons left around here and there, on the far end of the counter top sat Ridz, her face was sullen and she chewed on a piece of cucumber. He leaned against the door frame and watched her sigh once more.

Armaan: Looking at it like that won't make the vegetables make itself into a salad… - laughed

Ridz looked up and saw him standing there laughing at her. She jumped off of the counter and he walked into the kitchen.

Ridz: To main kya karoon? I dunno how to make a salad… - sulking

Armaan: Bas? Itni si problem? – making a small amount with his finger and thumb

Ridz: Itni si? – copying him

Armaan: Haan… - smiling he picked up the knife and started to slice the fruits

Ridz: That's such a big problem…I dunno how to make anything… - making a face

Armaan: Don't worry…you'll learn

Ridz: Will you teach me? – looking at him sideways

Armaan: If you said that a little earlier then maybe…

Ridz: Huh? – confused

Armaan held up a plate of fruit salad, it was beautifully presented, too good to eat. Her mouth fell open and she looked at him in surprise.

Ridz: Did you make that? - shocked

Armaan: Yeah…right here…in front of you…

Ridz: Kab? I mean…I didn't see you…when…huh? – confused

Armaan picked up a strawberry from the plate and placed it into her open mouth.

Armaan: Are madam…when you were rambling away I made it…

Ridz: Hey…I don't ramble on!

Armaan: Theek hain baba…you don't… - pressing her nose

Ridz smiled at him, and then followed an eye lock session. They were disrupted a few minutes later when Anjali walked into the kitchen to get the plate which Armaan was meant to bring out. They looked away embarrassed and Armaan quickly walked out carrying the plate with him and leaving the two sisters behind. Anji smiled knowingly then they walked out together, Ridz carrying the plate of fruit salad with her.

*Dinner Table*

All of the guests were huddled around the dinning table collecting their food and drink then they settled around the garden enjoying their food in groups.

The Gupta Family sat together, Nani, Padma, Shashank, Ridz, Anjali and Sachin sat together at the dinner table. Under the shaded area sat Mayank, Sarah and Rahul. Nearby sat Sonia, Puneet, Nikki and Abhi. Armaan, Muskaan, Atul, Sapna, Shubhankar and Keerti made themselves comfortable near the pool and enjoyed their dinner with lots of jokes.

Anjali glanced around at her guests, she was very happy; it felt like the best day of her life, all her loved ones were near and this made her feel great. She saw her mom and dad and her family looking very happy and enjoying themselves and her friends also looked like they where all having a great time. Lastly she knew that she found the best guy for herself, she sat right next to him. She slid her hand under the table and held onto his giving it a light squeeze just to say thanks; he looked at her and gave her a warm smile understanding what she meant.

When everyone had finished eating Anjali and the girls sent the elders inside and started to clean up, everyone pitched in and worked together. When everything was sorted Dr Keerti and Dr Shubhankar decided to leave.

Keerti: Anjali…

Anjali: Yes maam… - turning around

Keerti: We're going to go now…

Shubankar: Yeh we should go…it's quite late but…thanks for the dinner it was very nice…Sachin is quiet a good cook…we never knew…

They laughed.

Anjali: Ok…thanks for coming… - hugging Dr Keerti

Keerti and Shubhankar left. Some time later the elders left after thanking Sachin and Anjali for a lovely dinner. While the couple were busy seeing off their guests the interns had gathered under the shaded area making themselves comfortable with the cushions and chatting.

Anjali and Sachin made their way around the pool and towards the gang hand in hand and having their own romantic conversation until they reached them. Just as they reached them Anjali quickly moved away from him and went to sit next to Ridz. He felt upset but understood why she did that, he winked at her and smiled then sat down next to Rahul.

Sachin: So…what's happening…?

Muskaan: Kuch nahi…we're bored…

Abhi: You're always bored… - throwing a cushion at her - she caught it and threw it back

Nikki: Let's do something fun…

Atul: I have an idea…why don't we play a game?

Ridz: Hmm…but what game?

Abhi: I know…what about…THRUTH OR DARE?

Sachin: That's a great idea…and I can get to know more about you guys…

Muskaan: So done…It's truth…or dare…

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