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Part 55& 56 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 55

Everyone sat under the shaded area, spaced out in a neat circle, they grabbed a bottle from inside and made themselves comfortable waiting for the game to beginning. Abhi spun the bottle then sat back and watched along with everyone else as it stopped at Sachin.

Ridz: Truth or dare Jeej? – who sat opposite him with a cute smile

Sachin: Hmm…dare – challengingly

Everyone: Oooh!

Ridz: Ok Jeej…umm lets see – she glanced at Anji then back at him - When you look a dii what song do you feel like singing?

Sachin: – he looked over at Anji and smiled then started to sing…

"Tera mujhse hai pehle ka nata koi,
Yunhe nahi dil lupata koi
Jaane tu…ya jaane na
Maane tu ya maane na"

Everyone clapped the minute he stopped singing, they were very impressed with his singing. Anjali blushed as he winked at her then blew her a kiss.

Abhi: Ok whose next?

He spun the bottle which stopped at himself. Muskaan sat opposite him grinned widely…

Abhi: I'm dead… - burying his face in his hands

Muskaan: - smiling - Not yet…truth…or dare? - slyly

Abhi: Hmm…dare - confidently

Muskaan: - smiling evilly - Ok you see that plate of chillies over there… - pointing to the plate on the dinning table - you have to eat ten…

Abhi: Is that it? – shrugging - wow I got off easily…

Muskaan: Sure…

Abhi got up and walked over to the table and brought the plate back with him.

Nikki: Abhi…you don't have to…Muskaan give him another chance – scared

Abhi: It's ok Nikki…

He picked up one of the chillies and ate it slowly. He took one after the next and another and another. There were three chillies left on the plate when he began to choke. Nikki began to panic, she got up and ran inside to get him a glass of water, by the time she got back he had almost finished the whole set, he was about to put the last half of the chilli into his mouth when Nikki took it from him and chucked it away handing him the glass of water. He took it from her hand but did not drink it, instead he kept looking at her, his eyes were red and tears fell down his cheeks, she brought the glass to his mouth and he took a small sip. He looked slightly better…

Abhi: Bas Muskaan…woh to kuch bhi nahi ta – smiling at Nikki

She cried through tears and smacked him on his arm and everyone else started to laugh. They settled back down and Armaan spun the bottle. It stopped on Sapna and Sachin who sat opposite her decided to ask her…

Sachin: Truth or dare?

Sapna: Dare

Sachin: Hmm ok…sing a song that sums up you and your friends…

Sapna: Ok that's easy - she cleared her throat and started to sing

"Hum se hasse, hum se khushi
Hain humiese zindagi, taare hum zameen par le aye
Hum laye hain roshani,
Dil jaha dost vaha aisa manzar hai kaha

Everyone: Hum toh chale te dost banke jane kha
Dill mill gayye

This time Atul spun the bottle and it stopped on Rahul.

Abhi: Rahul…! Anndd…Sapna!

Sapna: Truth or Dare? - seriously

Rahul: Truth – with confidence

Sapna: Ok…if you have to say anything to anyone sitting right here right now…go ahead…

Rahul: Done…there are two things…I would like to say something to…you… - looking straight at Sapna

Muskaan looked down sadly.

Rahul: Sapna… - standing up and walking over to her, he crouched down in front of her – I want to say…sorry…to you and to everyone else…I know I was wrong for keeping this secret from you guys…I should have told you all before that he's my dad…will you forgive me?

There was a moments silence…

Atul: Come on Sapna…forgive him

Muskaan: Yeh Sapna…

Everyone looked at her waiting for her to say something…

Sapna: Ok…forgiven – smiling

Abhi: And the second thing? – looking at Rahul

Rahul smiled and got up from in front of Sapna and walked towards Muskaan. He crouched down in front of her on his knees and gently took her hand…

Rahul: Would you like to go out with me? – looking into her eyes

Everyone was stunned by this one question, of all things this was the last thing they expected to hear, especially Muskaan. Her mouth dropped open and she stared at him, everyone around smiled at them.

Abhi: Mu to band kar!! – throwing a pillow at her

Muskaan came back to reality and threw the pillow back at him.

Muskaan: Me? – looking around then at him

Rahul tilted his head to a side and winked at her.

Muskaan: Yeh…ok – blushing

Everyone applauded them and the guys slapped Rahul on the back to congratulate him.

Abhi: Wow dude two in one you're the winner!!

Everyone laughed and they carried on with the game.

Abhi: Cool next is…

He spun the bottle and it stopped on Ridz.

Abhi: Atul take it away…

Atul: - to Ridz - Truth or Dare? - challengingly

Ridz: Dare! – with confidence

Everyone: Ooohhh

Atul: Ok Miss Riddhima Gupta…let's see

Ridz: It's Ridz…Dr Atul Joshi…just Ridz

Atul: Ok Ridz…lets have a little fun right guys…

Armaan looked at him and waited to hear what he was planning for her.

Atul: I dare you to do a little dance for us on the song…Biddi

Ridz: No music? – as a matter of factly

Atul: No problem - he took out his IPod out and plugged it into the stereo - No excuses

Ridz got up slowly and started to sway to the music then a few seconds later she was in full swing. She danced amazingly well she had left everyone with their mouths open is surprise especially Armaan who had to cover his eyes to stop himself from staring at her. When she had finished she bowed down and everyone applauded…

Atul: Wow Ridz…

Abhi: Close your mouth… - to Atul

Muskaan: Next… - spinning the bottle

It stopped on Armaan who groaned loudly and looked down. Everyone applauded and waited for Anji to ask him the question.

Anji: Ok Armaan…truth or dare? - cheerfully

Armaan: Truth? – unsure of what he was getting himself into

Anji: Ok…Mr Armaan secretive Malik… - smiling – ever since you arrived here you've been silent…you've never even told us where you're from…now is the time for you to tell us the truth about yourself…your life…your love and…the rest of it...

part 56

Everyone agreed and looked at him.

Armaan looked over at Ridz. As much as he didn't want to talk about this right now he did promise her that he would tell her, what could be a better time than this; he closed his eyes, a picture of his Riddhima flashed in front of his eyes; she smiled knowingly at him and nodded her head urging him on, urging him to talk about his life, to let it all out. He felt touched, like she was around him, right here, he breathed in feeling her presence then opened his eyes to see Ridz sitting in front of him. He smiled and started to speak…

Armaan: My life… - slowly - my love…my Ri…

Abhi: C'mon yaar…we ain't got all night…slow motion main kyon bhol raha hain

Anji: Shut up Abhi…let him speak – throwing a pillow at him

Everyone smiled and looked back at Armaan for him to carry on.

Armaan: Ok fine…you guys ask me the questions and I'll answer… - leaning back

Anji: Theek hain…where are you from?

Armaan: Summerpur…

Atul: Huh? I'v never heard of that place…

Anji: Wow…that's meant to be a really beautiful place right? – ignoring him

Armaan: Yeah…it's very beautiful…Atul it's a hill station, it's an amazing place to be…there's one mountain, if your there at a certain time in a day your actually able to see seven rainbows at a time…it's just a marvellous site…

Rahul: That's really cool…ok next…tell us something about your life…ok we know what you are like now…but were you always like that?

Armaan: - smiled remembering his old self– I was…nothing like I am now…I was a stud…very sporty, very popular with the girls, intelligent…well I never did my homework – thinking of Riddhima

Everyone laughed at the way he described himself, they just couldn't believe Armaan was like that.

Nikki: Who is the most closest to you…who do you really care about…

Armaan looked over at Riddhima, up till now she hadn't uttered a word; she sat silently listening to the whole conversation like she had heard it before with a small smile playing on her lips.

Armaan: There's two very special people in my life…one…you guys know Sohan…he came a few months ago

Abhi: Yeah…he's a cool dude

Armaan: - smiled – he's everything for me…my friend, my brother, my guardian…dunno what I'd do without him…

Ridz: And the next special person? – looking up and speaking for the first time

Armaan looked at her, this was it…time to tell her the truth, and he wanted to do this for a very long time and now was his chance. He slowly braced himself and started to speak.

Armaan: Riddhima… - quietly

Everyone's mouth dropped open and they looked from Armaan to Ridz and back. Armaan smiled knowingly then shook his head.

Abhi: What?? You and Ridz?? How? When? Huh? – confused

Armaan: - laughed – Nahi Abhi…not this Ridz…My Riddhima…My love…where do I start… - looking around at everyone whose faces had shock written all over them – umm…ok…I grew up with this girl…her name was Riddhima…Riddhima Sharma…we were best friends…we did everything together…we were never seen without each other… - laughed – then…as we grew up feelings grew from both sides…even though it did take a long time for us to realise this…but everyone around us knew about our feelings before we did…friends, enemies, teachers, parents, relatives, even our local shop keepers, postmen, fruit sellers and ice cream men…EVERYONE! – everyone laughed – We were known as "love birds" in the community and to make things even more perfect we were accepted by everyone…

Nikki and Muskaan: Aww…that's so sweet

Atul: Then what happened? I mean…if you guys love each other so much…why don't you ever talk about her? Are you still together?

Armaan: - smile disappeared – I still love her…and she's still with me…but…

Sapna: But?

Armaan: She's no more… - sadly

Everyone straightened up in shock and looked at him sadly waiting for him to carry on.

Armaan: She had brain tumour… - tears welling up in his eyes - it was diagnosed when she was seventeen…but she never told me…she knew she was going to go…she didn't want me to know…she knew I would have broken down… - a tear trickled down his cheek slowly - it was in the final stage…and it ended very suddenly…I found out after she left me…I was shattered… - slowly

Rahul: When did this happen?

Muskaan: Rahul please…Armaan it's ok if you don't want to talk about it…you don't have to…

Armaan: Its ok Muskaan… - smiling sadly at her– this all happened just before I came here… - stopping, not knowing what to say next

Ridz: And that's when you saw me…right? – staring at him

Armaan looked up at her for the first time and so did everyone else wondering what she was talking about.

Armaan: Yeah… - talking directly to her now – I'm sorry Ridz…it's just that every time I saw you…I just kept remembering her…all those painful memories came flooding back…but it wasn't your fault…it isn't your fault that you both have the same feaut…

Abhi: What? – cutting him off– You mean…your Riddhima and Ridz…not only have the same name but they share the same face? – shocked

Armaan nodded and everyone started speaking at once. Ridz looked down not knowing what to say or do. A few seconds later they calmed down.

Atul: Oh my god!

Muskaan: That's so…

Armaan: Weird – finishing off for her with a smile – I know…but now I've come to terms with my feelings and all I really want to say is…sorry Ridz…sorry for all those times I was rude to you

Ridz: Its ok Armaan…we've put it behind us now…let's jus move on – sweetly

Armaan: You're right…thanks…

Rahul: That's some story dude…you've really seen a lot in life…I'm really surprised…and you've made it all the way to here…I salute you dude – saluting him

Armaan smiled and thanked him then they got back to the game with Armaan spinning the bottle. It stopped directly on Muskaan who made a face.

Muskaan: Oh no…Armaan?

Armaan: - smiled at her - Truth or Dare?

Muskaan: Dare…

Armaan: Ok… - thinking a bit – take a pick from any three of us sitting here in the circle and…imitate us…

Muskaan: Ooohhh…that's really cool…thanks yaar…ok…who's first?

Muskaan got up and looked around at everyone then she pulled up her pretend collar.

Muskaan: - changing her voice - "I'm the best…do you know who my dad is?...Mr Omi Jhoshi…the biggest business man in London…don't even try to mess with me…you got that!" - clicking her finger and poitning at no one in particular

Everyone started laughing, Atul laughed the most until everyone had stopped and were now looking at him weirdly. He stopped and thought for a moment…

Atul: Hey…wait a minute…my dad is Omi Jhoshi! I don't speak like that!

Every laughed at him then Muskaan carried on.

Muskaan: Ok - she did a little strut and flicked her hair behind her – "Whatever…I don't really care…I'm just here to pass my internship and be the best doctor in the whole of Mumbai…coz I'm the best" - she flicked her hair again

Everyone started laughing and pointed at Ridz.

Ridz: I do not act like that - shocked

Anji: - laughing - Ridz you do…

Ridz: Oh whatever… – flicked her hair again and everyone started laughing - Oh shut up…

Muskaan: And finally… - she crossed her arms and leaned back against the pillar of the hut and looked at everyone

Everyone sat waiting while Muskaan just stood there silently.

Rahul: Umm Muskaan…we're waiting

Abhi: You look like Armaan - suddenly

Muskaan clapped and bowed down making everyone laugh and look over at Armaan.

Armaan: Hey…that's how you repay me?

Muskaan: Sorry Armaan – she joined in with the laughter

Ridz: Armaan…that's really you… - laughing

He gave her a fake smile but couldn't help staring at her.

Atul: Ok next… - he spun the bottle and it stopped on himself

Nikki: Ok Atul Truth or Dare?

Atul: Truth…

Nikki: Umm ok what are you mostly attached to…Mr Cool Dude?

Atul: - looked around at his friends his eyes stopped at Armaan - If Armaan can tell his biggest secret then so will I…my mum…she's not with me any more…but my day begins and ends with looking at a picture of my mum…

Nikki: I'm sorry Atul… - sadly

Atul: It's ok Nikki…- sweetly, knowing that she was upset that she had asked that question

Muskaan: Umm ok…next – she spun the bottle and it stopped on Nikki this time

Nikki closed her eyes and covered her face.

Atul: Truth…or dare? - slyly

Nikki: Dare

Atul got up and walked over to Nikki while everyone else watched him closely. He had serious look on his face as he put his arms around her neck. Abhi stood up and one by one everyone else followed him but Atul had now removed his hands from Nikki's neck and walked towards the pool. As he reached the poolside he turned back and looked at everyone holding up Nikki's necklace over the pool. Nikki who was in shock did not realise that Atul had taken her necklace, she looked at her neck and then back at Atul. He dropped it into the pool…

Atul: Your dare…is to go into the pool and get it

Muskaan: How can she go?

Anjali: This is not fair Atul…

Abhi walked up to Atul and stared at him, he looked like he was about to kill Atul but all of a sudden he took off his shirt and dived into the pool in search of the necklace. Everyone ran to the poolside Nikki in the lead. Abhi found the necklace and made his way out of the pool completely soaked. Nikki ran towards him, just as she reached him she slipped and fell into his arms and they stared into each other's eyes.

Everyone: Ahem – smiling

Nikki got up and looked down shyly and Abhi who was drenched blushed madly. Abhi put the necklace back around Nikki's neck while Nikki hugged him.

Abhi: - whispered into her ear - Don't ever say I don't do anything for you

Nikki: - blushing she moved back – I'll be right back - she ran inside

Everyone huddled around Abhi congratulating him.

Atul: Hey sorry man…it was just a dare

Abhi: No problem…you help me prove to her how much I love her

Muskaan: Aww – pinching his cheek

Ridz: That was so heroic…

Sapna: Yeh Nikki is so lucky

Anji: That was sooo sweet Abhi

While the girls praised Abhi the boys ganged up on Atul for making Abhi look like a hero. A few minutes later Nikki came back out with a towel and helped him to dry up while the others settle down again.

Abhi: Ok let's get back to the game… - he spun to bottle and it stopped on Anji

Abhi: Ok Anji truth or dare?

Anji: Truth…don't think you get me to do anything stupid…

Muskaan: Don't worry…Sachin wont let anything happen to you – nudging her in the side making her blush

Abhi: Ok truth…umm what's your biggest secret

Ridz: Ooohh…yeh dii what's your biggest secret - knowingly

Anjali: - blushing – Umm…secret? Umm…main…uh – looking at Sachin who smiled at her – theek hain…I still sleep with my teddy bear…Boo – covering her face with her hands

Everyone laughed at her childishness and Sachin hugged her making her blush even more. The gang had enjoyed the rest of the evening then they made their way home completely unknown to the fact that the very next day their world was going to be turned upside down…

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