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Part 57& 58 : Anjaan Rishtey

part 57


Ridz walked into Sanjeevani early the next morning feeling a little weird. She looked around as everyone carried on with their usual day to day activities; she walked through the corridors towards the locker room and stopped by Umar Bhai and Sister Lovely.

Ridz: Good morning… - smiling

Sister Lovely: Oh good morning Riddhima Ji

Umar bhai: Have you heard…there's been lots of confusion about Mr Mayank…lot's of people are talking…no one likes him living here…

Ridz: Yeh we've heard about that…but don't worry everything will be ok

Sister lovely: That's what I've been trying to say…

Ridz smiled and walked off wishing them a good day. She had watched the news this morning and heard about the confusion of the locals. No one knew that Mayank Uncle was staying at their house but she still felt scared. She went straight to the locker room and saw the other interns had already arrived and was very quiet.

Ridz: Hey guys…

Everyone replied with a very dull hi.

Ridz: What's up?

Abhi: Nothing…just tired… - yawning

Muskaan: Me too

Ridz rolled her eyes and carried on towards her locker. She took out her lab coat and put it on looking over at Armaan who stared back with a small smile. She was just about to say Hi when…

Speaker: Interns to nurse station…

They all gathered their things and went to the nurse station dragging their feet along.

Keerti: Good morning interns…

They all mumbled good morning and looked up at her.

Keerti: Dr Armaan and Dr Riddhima Cancer ward…

They looked over at each other and smiled.

Keerti: Dr Abhi and Dr Nikkita General ward…

They chorused yes maam both grinning from ear to ear.

Keerti: Dr Sapna and Dr Atul Aids ward…

Both: Yes Maam

Keerti: Dr Rahul and Dr Muskaan Special ward…

Both: Yes Maam – Muskaan looked down shyly

Keerti: And Dr Anjali Path lab…now get to work…

They all made a move at once.

*Gupta House*

Nani: Where is everyone going? – coming from the kitchen

Mayank: Ma…we're going to Sanjeevani…

Nani: Theek hain…samaal ke jaana…

Shashank: Ma…hum bache nahi hain… - smiling, looking around – Where's Puneet?

Mayank: He's still in his room…

At the same time Puneet walked down the stairs hand in hand with Sonia, he was whispering something into her ears which made her giggle.

Mayank: He's worst than a teenager – to Shashank who sniggered

As they reached the bottom if the stairs Sonia let go of Puneet's hand and stood next to Nani sticking her tongue out at Puneet who stood there shocked then he made his way towards Nani and gave her a hug.

Shashank: Any time today Puneet?

Puneet: Huh?...Oh…ok…let's go…

Shashank and Mayank said bye then walked out of the house with Puneet. They got to the car and Puneet made an excuse to go back in, he made it to the top step and saw that his ma, his two bhabis and his wife was standing there.

Nani: Kya huwa?

He was shocked, not knowing what to say. He quickly gave Sonia a peck on the cheek then ran down the stairs and into the car. Sonia stood there in disbelief her cheeks going rosy and her two bhabi's smiling at her teasingly. They stood there and watched till the car zoomed out of sight.


Cancer ward

Armaan looked around the ward, for some unknown reason he felt weird, he had a depressing feeling in his chest, what was going on? He looked at each patient in detail, they all knew that their time was coming to an end sooner or later but still for the world they kept on smiling. They all looked happy, aware of their illness but completely clueless to what was happening to their inner body, but still they kept that smile on their face. Armaan admired them; he truly admired each an every one of them for their strength to stay alive for a while longer. Armaan finally came back to his senses as his patient called his name a few times. He looked down at him and smiled, finished his report then walked away to the next patient.

However, his mind still wondered away from his work. Everything was fine yesterday but today the wind seemed to be blowing in another direction and he was scared of the consequences.

Ridz looked over at Armaan, after last night she seemed much closer to him, she thought back to when she met him and how confused she was with his actions and reactions. He looked very macho but after listening to his story last night she felt as though she knew the timid Armaan hiding inside of that big built body. She looked closely at him as he sat and talked with an elderly patient making him smile and express his feelings and she suddenly felt as though she was afraid of loosing him. She jerked her head up and shook that thought out of her mind.

Armaan suddenly looked up and saw her reaction, their eyes met and Armaan questioned her, she shook her head and smiled, he smiled back at her and they carried on with their work, both lost in their own thoughts.

*Outside Sanjeevani*

Shashank, Mayank and Puneet arrived at Sanjeevani half an hour later; they got out of the car and were making their way towards the hospital with Shashank leading. Just as Mayank came into view they heard a gunshot. They turned their heads in panic to see if anyone was hurt but all seem to be fine.

Shashank: Are you ok? – to Mayank

Mayank shook his head but he seemed alarmed at the sudden event. Just as they were about to carry on into the hospital seven masked men carrying weapons surrounded them…

*Nurse Station*

Next to the nurse station stood Atul and Anjali with Dr Keerti in conversation. They were disrupted as a ward boy ran into Sanjeevani and straight for the main desk. Dr Keerti noticed and walked over to him with the interns at her heels. She stopped him to ask what was wrong; he gasped for air but gave her the shocking news. She instantly made an announcement on the speaker.

Without wasting any time everyone made their way outside in panic, interns in the lead. As they ran outside of the building they came to a halt watching the shocking scene in front of them, the Gupta brothers were surrounded by masked men, each carrying weapons and ready to attack. At once the doctors and hospital staff made their way towards them hurriedly forming a barrier with the brothers. Pedestrians and other passer bys were now forming a team with the masked men after realising who was on the opposition team.

At once the riot began, there was gun shots echoing around the place, any and everyone in the area was being attacked, some tried to get away, some joined in the fight and some defending themselves.

There were lots of people rushing around here and there, people were being trampled on, and some were badly injured and were being taken into the hospital to be treated by ward boys and doctors.

Armaan pulled Ridz away just in time as one of the masked men refilled his gun and shot aimlessly around the scene not caring at all about who was going to get hurt. Anjali and Sachin tried hard to stop people from getting involved but before they realised it was all getting out of hand.

A little while later the press arrived and started broadcasting the whole riot while the police were as usual no where to be seen.

Armaan was separated from Ridz as more people came pushing through the crowd. He had lost contact with her and a sudden fear entered his mind, his eyes scanned the scene, just one glimpse was all he needed but she was completely out of sight then he began to call her name. It soon turned into a mad search as he ran through the crowd screaming her name.

When the shooting had begun Abhi held onto Nikki tightly, she was petrified and he made sure he didn't let go of her but out of no where he was shot in the arm and he fell to the ground, Nikki cried for him but she was pushed out of the way.

Atul and Muskaan stood side by side next to the brothers who were being attacked the most, shoving people away and also fighting back at the same time. Muskaan and Atul both noticed that Rahul was surrounded; they made eye contact and decided that Atul would go and help him.

Ridz was confused she didn't understand what was going, she was being pushed from side to side. This wasn't the strong Ridz who would stand up for herself, right now she just wanted to curl up into a ball and hide away from all of this. Her thoughts were broken as she was pushed roughly to the ground. Her head smashed onto the floor and instantly she began to bleed. She held onto her head and her eyes began to close down. People up ahead were still running around and did not notice her, someone trampled on her leg and it snapped, she winced in pain but she couldn't move, her vision was becoming blurry.

Abhi got up and began to look around for Nikki. He searched the place and saw Sapna being pushed around; he ran to help her and got the people away from her. He carried her towards the hospital; he took her inside and placed her on the bench calling to a nurse to tend to her before running back outside to carry on his search.

Atul made physical action with any one that came in his way but sooner than he realised he was being ambushed by a group of masked men and he tried his best to handle them on his own.

Armaan carried on searching for Ridz, now he panicked even more as she was no where to be seen. He skimmed every direction looking for her; unwillingly he began to look at the ground in search of her. He suddenly stopped, his eyes fell onto a limped body in the middle of the scene.

Armaan: Ridz…was wearing the same colour top – whispered to himself

Not thinking twice he ran towards the body, he tried to dodge everything that came in his way, he almost tripped over a fallen body but his eyes stayed focus on her. He reached the body, the face was turned the other way and was covered with blood, and the body was lifeless. He fell to his knees and slowly moved his hand towards the face turning it in his direction…

Armaan: RIDDHIMA!!!!!!!!!

part 58

*Gupta House*

News Reporter: BREAKING NEWS!! A riot has broken out outside of Sanjeevani Hospital…We have been told that Mr Mayank was on his way into the hospital when he was nearly shot…our reporter Saima is at the scene with more information…

Saima: …As you can see there is a lot going on right here…people are getting hurt and being shot…some people are being trampled… – image of Ridz and Armaan flashed on the screen - and some people are fighting back… – image of Atul, Rahul and Abhi

Padma who was about to set the table for lunch looked up at the screen at the sound of Sanjeevani Hospital, she stood in shock listening to the news reporter, her hand slipped and the plates that she was holding fell to the ground, glass smashed and was spilled all over the floor. The other ladies came out of the kitchen wondering what had happened but before they could ask or say anything they saw Padma's eyes glued to the television screen which repeated the same images. They all stood horror struck looking at all the familiar faces.

Sonia saw Nikki crouching down crying and Padma saw Riddhima who laid lifelessly on the ground while Armaan crouched over her. As the images changed they all watched as the three brothers fought for dear life. Sarah watched motionless as Mayank was shot in the upper arm. She sunk to the ground; a single tear fell from her eye.

Sonia and Padma put their hands on either side of her shoulder…

*Inside of Sanjeevani*Main Corridor*

Sachin: Ward boy…take these patients in…they need to be taken into intensive care…Anjali tum… - looking from the patient's wounds to Anjali

Anjali stood by his shoulder, she looked terrified. Sachin gestured to the ward boy to carry on; the ward boy placed the patient onto a stretcher and wheeled him away. Sachin moved closer to Anjali and held onto her shoulders, making her look up into his eyes. They had a minor silent conversation through their eyes, a conversation full of love, trust and security but with a little bit of fear. A tear fell from Anjali's eyes and Sachin caught it in his hand. She closed her eyes letting more tears fall from them, Sachin placed his arms around her securely holding her tight. She held onto him like she was never going to let go.

Sachin: I love you… - whispered into her ear

Anjali: I love you too… - through tears

A few moments later she moved back. He cleared her tears and smiled at her, she had never looked so vulnerable.

Sharma: It will be ok…

Anjali: - wiping her tears away – I hope so…

He smiled at her and she smiled back at him.

Anjali: I'll go and check on the patients…

Sachin nodded and turned around to go back outside for the injured but Anjali held onto his hand. He stopped and turned around, questioning her with his eyes.

Anjali: Be careful…

Sachin: I will…tumhare liye… - with a smile

They continued taking patients in and taking care of them.


Armaan stared at her face in shock.

Flash back

Ridz: Armaan….

Riddhima is very fidgety and begins to go pale. She begins to twist her hands in each other quickly trying not to look at Armaan. He urges her one more time to speak up, now very concerned. She opens her mouth to speak but suddenly moves her hand up to hold her head and tries to stand up but she falls to the floor.

Armaan: RIDDIMA!! - runs to her and holds her head up from the floor

Doctor: I'm sorry she is no more…her situation was getting worse…

Armaan: What…do…you…mean… - barely able to speak

Doctor: Didn't you know? She had a brain tumor and it was at its last stage…

Armaan drops to the floor covering his ears. He wasn't able to hear anymore…there was a blur of voices around him he didn't know what to do. It felt like someone was pulling him away from it all. He didn't know who it was or where they were taking him he didn't care.

Armaan: Riddhima…….. – he cried out loud

Flashback End

Armaan slowly lifted her head from the floor and placed it in his lap, slowly caressing her hair.

Armaan: - tears welled up in his eyes - Don't do this to me…please get up...not you as well...please Ridz please get up...

He let the tears flow uncontrollably from his eyes and down his cheeks as he lifted her head towards his chest and hugged her tightly.

While fighting off a person from the opposition side Rahul noticed his dad was injured and doubled over with pain. Rahul punched the guy roughly in the face then ran to his father's side. He noticed that his dad was badly injured, there was gashes all over his body an he was bruised in many places. Rahul who was also hurt knelt down next to his father.

Rahul: Dad…

Mayank: Rahul… - winced in pain – Rahul…I don't know what's going to happen today…but promise me…promise me that you will take care of your mother…

Rahul: Dad…please…nothing of the sort is going to happen…we will get through this together…

Mayank: Rahul…I know I've never said this to you…but…I…I love you…son – slowly in pain

Rahul: I love you too Dad… - crouching down and hugging his father

Muskaan looked over at Rahul just in time, she pulled him out of the way as a guy with a stick was about to hit him in the head. Rahul glance back at the man and took the stick and fought back with the man.

Muskaan on the other hand was being pushed away by some guys who was trying to get at Mayank. He was in too much pain to fight for himself. While Muskaan tried to fight them off Rahul carried his father towards a doctor who could help him. He took him to the entrance of the hospital and made sure that he was being tend to.

Mayank: Rahul…you go…help her…she needs you… - referring to Muskaan – she's a really nice girl…

Rahul looked back at him a small smile playing on his lips. Mayank closed his eyes slowly then opened them back up saying that he understood. Rahul turned around and ran back to find her. Muskaan was pushed to the ground as Rahul came back to help. Rahul looked over at Muskaan who was also really hurt but didn't care, she fought back with strength. Rahul watched her and smiled to himself, she really was brave. He noticed a gun was being pointed at her, he ran towards her and pushed her out of the way just in time but the bullet flew straight into his arm piercing the flesh on his arms splashing blood everywhere as he fell to the ground.

Muskaan: RAHULLL!! – she ran towards him and held him in her arms - Rahul please get up…

Rahul: Musk…Muskaan I…just want…to…say that…I love you - slowly

Muskaan: Oi get up…you owe me a date… - smiling through tears

Rahul: Yeah… - smiling

Anjali rushed towards them.

Anjali: Rahul…

Anjali got straight to work, she got the bullet out right there and tried to heal Rahul.

Anjali: He is loosing a lot of blood…we need to take him inside…

Muskaan grabbed his hands and held on tightly.

Muskaan: Oi tu fikar mat kart…tu theek ho jayega

Abhi found Nikki huddled up in a small corner. She hugged her legs tightly as tears rolled down her cheeks. He ran towards her, he pulled her into a tight embrace the second he reached her. Nikki held on tightly letting her tears roll down her face.

Abhi: Nikki…are you ok? Your not hurt…are you? - worried

Nikki: I'm fine…Abhi…Abhi you're ok? – scared and searching his body for injuries

Abhi: Nikki…of course I'm ok…don't worry

Nikki: I thought…I thought… - fresh tears rolled down her cheeks

At the same time Puneet walked into the shaded area in which Abhi and Nikki were to witness the sweet scene but he was frustrated as well as injured.

Puneet: Nikki…Nikki tum theek to ho na…Abhi?

Nikki: Papa… - letting go of Abhi and hugging Puneet – Papa…I'm fine…are you ok? Please let's go from here…let's go home…to Mama…let's just go from here

Puneet: Nikki…it's ok – caressing her hair – Nikki…it's ok…you'll be fine…kuch nahi hoga…

Nikki: Papa…please…let's go…

Puneet: Nikki…listen – holding her back and looking into her eyes – I have to stay here…I need to be at my brother's side…he needs me the most…don't worry…Abhi – looking at him – take Nikki home…take care of her…and Sonia… - silently

Abhi: I will…

Puneet: I gotta go…you guys leave now…

Nikki: Ok Papa…please take care of yourself…Mama ke liye… - hugging him tightly

Puneet: I will… - he kissed her forehead then left

Nikki: Abhi…I'm scared…

Abhi: Main hoon na…don't worry – hugging her closely

Nikki: Why is this happening?

Abhi: I don't know…I really don't know… - slowly

Nikki: Please Abhi…take me away from here…I don't want to stay here…I want to go back…

Abhi: We will…let's just get through this first…ok?

Nikki: Promise? Promise you won't leave like last time? – still hugging him she looked up at his face

Abhi: - looked down at Nikki and smiled - I promise…

Nikki hugged Abhi and wanted to stay like this forever; she felt safe.

Mayank sat just inside of the hospital as Anjali tended to his wounds. He fidgeted looking here and there, his mind working madly.

Anjali: Kya huwa uncle?

Mayank: Anjali beta please jaldi karo…I have to go back out… - looking at the door as more of the injured were brought it

Anjali: Par uncle…you can't go back out like this…

Mayank: I need to Anjali…I need to be out there with them

Anjali: But uncle I can't let you go out…

Mayank: Please try to understand beta…all these people – he winced – all these people out there are fighting for me…and I'm just sitting here…I can't leave them…

Anjali: Uncle…

Mayank: Please Anjali… - standing up – Let me go…

He walked out and left her standing there speechless. She waited several seconds then decided to follow him.

The crowd was getting much bigger now and the situation was now out of hand. There was no place to move but still everyone was being pushed to the ground. Atul and Sapna were both bruised but they were now helping Anjali and Sachin with the injured. They bumped into each other as Atul walked out of the hospital and Sapna was going in.

Atul: Sapna…are you ok?

Sapna: Yeah I'm ok but…your not… - holding his arm

Atul: I'll be fine…but are you sure your ok?

Sapna: Yes Atul I'm ok

Atul saw Anjali carrying a little child in her arm who was badly hurt. They both ran to help her.

Anjali: We have to take her to ICU…she is very serious

Atul: Where are all the stretchers? – looking around

Anjali: All in use - quickly

Atul: I'll take her

Sapna: Are you sure?

Atul: Yeh I'm sure

He took the little girl from Anjali's arm, taking her in and Sapna went with him while Anjali went back out.

Muskaan was rushing around when she noticed Rahul back outside, she ran towards him and started shouting.

Muskaan: Rahul? What is this? I told you to go inside…

Rahul: But Muskaan…

Muskaan: No Rahul…you're injured…

Rahul: Muskaan…will you stop…?

Muskaan stopped and looked at him.

Muskaan: Are you ok?

Rahul: I've been better – he smirked

Muskaan: Shut up – she smiled

Rahul: Muskaan…I need to be here for my family…

Armaan still had Riddhima in his arms, hugging her tightly towards his chest until she made a sudden jerk.

Ridz: Arm…Armaan? – trying to open her eyes

Armaan: Yeah…I'm here Riddhima…I'm here – looking down at her

Ridz: It's…Ridz – smiling slightly

Armaan: - smiled – I'm here… - silently whispering into her ears and thanking God that she was fine

Ridz: Armaan I…can't…I can't feel…my legs… - wincing in pain

Armaan: Try not to move will be ok

He looked around for help but he couldn't see anyone that could help him. He looked back at Ridz, she looked really pale.

Armaan: Ridz…I need to tell you something…

Ridz: I know…

Armaan looked at her quizzically.

Ridz: I…love you Armaan

Armaan couldn't believe his ears.

Ridz: I love you Armaan…I want to be with you…now…and…forever… - gulping after every word

Armaan: Ridz…

Ridz: Armaan…please tell me…that you love me too… - wincing – please…Ouch! – closing her eyes as she got a splitting pain in her head

Armaan: Ridz…I…I lo…I need to take you in…

Ridz: Please Armaan…just once… - grabbing his hand tightly

Armaan: Ridz I…I love you too – silently

Ridz smiled and winced with pain once more. He couldn't leave her here in this condition. He picked her up slowly but that just made her turn even paler. He was afraid she was running out of time, he couldn't waste any more time. He held her securely in his arms and ran towards the hospital. Just as he reached the entrance he heard…


Armaan froze in mid step…
Ridz's eyes flew open…
Rahul's head snapped towards the sound…
Muskaan's heartbeat stopped…
Nikki jumped…
Abhi held her and closed his eyes…
Atul looked back to where the sound came from…
Sapna sat down slowly fear written on her face…
Anjali's hands froze…
And someone dropped to the ground…

News Report: We are very upset to break the news that Mr. Mayank is no more…We are also very disappointed to inform you all that classified information of Mr. Mayank has been leaked…And we are very sorry that he has died in this way…We give our respect to Mr. Mayank and his family...

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