Thursday, 18 June 2020


Riddhima opens her eyes as the morning rays hit her face. It feels so strainful even to open the lashes. With much effort she opened her eyes but every thing is too bright to look up. Slowly her eyes adjusted to the light. She tries to get up but feels something weighting on her stomach. She looks down and finds Armaan's hand securely resting there clutching her by waist very protectively. An involuntary smile spreads through her face but then it vanishes almost instantly when all the happenings of last night comes flooding by in her memory. The Revelation last night had shaken her from within, the fact that Shilpa is her own sister, is like a shocking blow to her. Now she can remember all the time she was so rude to her and even insulted her but she never complained. The fact that she had even insulted Shilpa for Armaan also added to her immense pain. Last night from Armaan's mouth she came to know what actually Shilpa done for Armaan. She was been there for him when no one, even his love is not there to support him. The fact that She has taken care of Armaan , makes Riddhima immensely grateful , to her. She knew Shilpa loved Armaan . She had
seen that in her eyes then but now she found herself guilty for her. May be she herself had come between them .Other wise may be. . . She looks at Armaan's face and a shudder runs through her body thinking of what would have happened otherwise. Even the thought of her Armaan with someone else is like a death to her. She is alive just for and because of him and she knows it's true for Armaan also. If only he can be truly happy with some one else other than her, she may have tried to leave him, Though it would be like sucking the living light out of her. But all she knew is that, it is not true. He can never be happy without her .Had she not tried before?  Tried to leave him and go for so called 'his happiness'. The consequence is still so fresh in her mind. His broken frame and empty bloodshot eyes at the basketball court still hunt her in dreams. She could hav never forgiven herself for that if she had not decided to back out from leaving. And for that she had thanked Sid in her heart a million times and still do.  If it not  been for him she may be still at Havard carrying a lifeless and soulless body living in a delusion that she had done the best for Armaan.. Yes a best. . . .which would may be more worse than hell.  She still remembered how on that day , on her way back to home Sid stopped her car and almost dragged her near Basketball court to show her the result of her brilliant idea . Apparently Sid came to the party and heard everything from their friends and decided its time to stop the running around. He left her at the basketball court in silence to view the most heart-wrenching sight ever. The sight itself made her realize what a fool she had been all the time. She had actually tried to make Armaan live after snatching away his life itself. That is not what she bargained for. She just wanted to see him happy but forgot that his happiness lies with her and then it had not taken her a moment to decide what she had to do. She hadn't hesitated even once before bowing down to the love that this man has for her. She has realized what she actually meant to him in all these years. Now she knows what he tried to say when he said that he had actually forgot how to live without her.('tumhare bina jina nahi ata')  She is the world for him.  The world where he dreams, lives, breaths, laughs, cries and loves. And she can't snatch that away from him .Not again .Not in her lifetime. It's because of his love, that she has to be with him and she will be.

 She picked her hand up and softly brushes away the hairs that are falling on his forehead. He looks so innocent while sleeping but the dark circle under his eyes and the mild stable on his face shows the tress he is in. She found herself responsible for this. She again remembered the harsh words that she said to him .A tear trickles down her eyes. She slowly gets up halfway and bending over him places a soft kiss on his forehead lingering her lips there. Feeling the familiar touch he slowly opens his eyes and found his Busket staring at him intently.. "Good morning Armaan. . ." She said softly.

He smiles brightly " Morning Busket. . .And. . .Happy Anniversary sweetheart" he said rubbing his thumb on her cheek lovingly.

She looks up startled .How could she forgot?  Is there any more way that she can hurt him? She just wants to kick herself. Her eyes show the guilt and a tear comes down.

He notices the guilt in her eyes and decided that he had enough of this guilt thing last night. He didn't want it to affect this new morning of their life. " Hey . . .what happened?. . .Why my princess is crying? . . .Wait. . .r u crying because u r getting old and I may dump u?.. .Yea.. I can understand ur situation.. .u know . .Me still so handsome and young and u. . ." he says in a mock seriousness though there is a grin playing on his lips.

  She smiles through the tears. He can make her smile anytime and in any situation. She play fully scowls and hits his chest and he chuckles. " Don't even dare to think that Mister. . .I am not going to leave u soo soon. . ."

" What? So , that means I have to bear with u more?" He asked in mock horror and irritation.

" Yes my dearest hubby.  .I think ,u hav to. . ."

"  Really, . .How much more?" he asks as if he got scared at the prospect of bearing her anymore.

" Umm. . .let's see. . .how about a whole life. . ."She tells him holding the tip of his nose lovingly.

" Hmmm. . .So. . .u know. . if I have to spend my whole life with u. . . .as u said , why don't we make it some more interesting. . ."She looks into his eyes and sees the glittering mischief there.

" And how do u exactly plans to make it interesting…?" though she had the idea of what he is  thinking but she is more than willing to know it from him.

" U know. . . if I go to the theoretical part it will take long. . .So why not start with the practical. . .?" and with that he turns taking her beneath him.

" Arma. . ."even before her words fully come out, her lips are claimed. It was a sweet yet passionate kiss where he shows her all the love he has for her. She soon responds with equal zeal. In that one kiss they show each other their love; trust and the wish to take away each other's pain .The kiss only got deeper by time taking away even the last bit of insecurity that they had in their heart After a long time they came out of their kiss. Though they are craving to loose themselves in each other, but they know that they have much more important work at hand. It takes every bit of their will power to control their thudding heart bulging emotions. They waited silently closing their eyes touching their heads with each other then slowly slipped into each others arms.

" Armaan. . ." Riddhima breaks the silence after she thought that she is now in control.

" Hmmm. . ." He answers in almost whisper.

"I am sorry. . .for last night. . ." she murmurs against his chest placing a soft kiss there.

" Don't be Riddhima. . .may be I would have reacted the same. . .so ,don't think too much. . . . I have forgotten that and u should also. . .It's a new day and we have so much to do. . ."he tells soothingly stroking her hair gently. He does not want to look back. What happened last night was gone. Today is a new morning and he does not want to spoil it by bringing painful things back. Now when almost everything is shorted he just wants to look for a beautiful future along with her and want her also to see that with him.

 Riddhima also decides to let it go and she asks Armaan what she is thinking but still she has a doubt about Armaan's reaction. If he will agree to this after last night, coz she doesn't want to do anything that will hurt him in anyway, " Armaan. . . can I see her?. . ." she  tells almost in a whisper

Armaan stops caressing her hair and pulling up her chin looks at her eyes…… "Do u really want to go to her ?"

" Yes , I do Armaan. ."  she asks hopefully seeing there is no anger or hurt in his eyes. There is so many emotions that are now hurling through her heart. For the first time in her life she is so close to exploring her root. She is so close to the man whose blood is flowing through her vain. But that does not make her ecstatic. She does not know if she can hate any man like she does him .She just wants to go to him and grab his collar, shouting at the top of her lungs at that person to know why he had ditched her mother. Why he had abandoned her and her mother to bear the burn of the society all alone? What was her fault?  Though someway she feels that for that man she got the best father of the world but still, he is bound to answer her. And she will make him answer. But Shilpa,  what about her? Can she accept her knowing she is the daughter of the man who betrayed her mother and left her in the mud of shame? Will Shilpa has to suffer just because she hates her father. Shilpa's innocent face came to her mind. Her heart screams. 'No. . .I can't do that. . what was her fault.? . .just because she is the daughter of that bl***y cheater, I can't ignore the person Shilpa is and what she had done for me. . .' She remembers the time when she gifted her soft toy at her birthday, arranged the Teez festival for her and even when she was all broken she taken care of her and let her stay at her house. ' No , I will not judge her for her blood. .She is more than that. . .She is always there for me. . . like a true sister. .  now its my turn and I will be there if she needs me. . .I have to thank her for being there with me when I needed someone  and more than that I have to thank her for what she did for Armaan. . . I also have to apologize to her for the rude behavior and harsh words that I have stated to her..' at the thought of her behavior towards Shilpa a guiltiness captures her heart and her eyes got misty.

Armaan gets worried seeing her tearing up " Hey . .what's happened? R u alright?" he cups her face in his hand.

" Armaan. .I want to talk to her. .to my sister. . .to see her and apologize to her. . .  will u pls go with me ?" her eyes searching for the answer. She knows she can't do it without him. He is her pillar of strength. She can't face her without his support.

He smiles bright. This is his Busket. . "Of course, Busket. . .I will definitely go with u. . .don't worry, everything will be alright. . ." he assured her and she nodded.. 'Even I have to apologize to her..' he thought." So . . .what r u waiting for?. . .go and get fresh. . .We will leave soon. . ."

 "Ok. . ." She smiles brightly and placing a soft and quick peck on his lips runs towards the washroom but stops just at the door and turns back calling him , "Armaan? . . ."

" Yea. . ." He looks at her still dazed by her kiss.

" I love u. . "she quickly said and runs in the bathroom closing the door and his face breaks into the widest dimpled  smile .

" Oyee hoyeee" and he falls flat at the bed smiling. . . .

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