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PART:1 : MY prediction for AR rest story


It was a hospital room..there laid a girl on the bed.she had oxygen mask on her face and many wires were connected to her and the medical equipment beside her bed.The monitor was showing the pulse beat that shows the girl is alive..but she was laying there unconsious without any movement..shes in "COMMA"'

Some one entered from the door and took a seat next to her'

VOICE:Kyun ridzy..kyun???hamesha yeh sab tumhara saath hi kyun hota hain..
Her eyes startes to get wet..
VOICE:Meri choti si ridzy ko bhagwan ne itna dukh kyun diya hain..
Anjali was a very modern girl,,but she always loved her little sister and couldn't see her in this state..
ANJALI:Kaash tumhe us din kuch nehi hota'kaash tum wapas armaan ke paas jane ki zid na karthi'kaash???

All this thoughts made her remind the day which has changed their lives drastically'

Two unknown persons attacking sanjeevni..making ridhima their hostage'armaan going to ridhima'
Ridhima going back to armaan'gun man's firing'how the bullet hit ridhimas she and armaan fell their badly they wanted to just touch their hands..but couldn' everyone were shocked'.

She took ridhima's hand which was as cold as ice and which didn't had any movement'
ANJALI:Tum aur armaan ek doosre se kitna pyaar karthe ho..par armaan bhi tumhe nehi bacha paya' aur khud usse bhi itni badi saza milli..jiska woh zimedar bhi nehi hain,,,

ANJALI:Chehe(6) mahine..6 mahine ho gaye..par abhi tak kuch nehi badla..shayad badlega bhi nehi..
Her eyes began to wet again..

She took out her hand from ridhimas hand and folded and prayed to god,,

ANJALI:Hey bhagwan'please maine zindagi mein aapse kabhi bhi kuch bhi nehi manga hain..please meri ridzyy ko theek kardo'.please..

She never believed in god nor did she did prayer..but today she needed all good wishes to her sister who is struggling her life in this state from past 6 months '

She heard her phone ring and saw the name flashing on screen "ARMAAN", She wiped her stears'
She lifted the phone..

ANJALI:Hello '
ARMAAN:Hello anjy..
ANJALI:Armaan..kais..e ho tum'
ARMAAN:Anjy..ridhima kaisi hain'
She starts crying..
ARMAAN:Anjy..ridhima kaisi hain,,,please batao'anjy..please
(one cud see the curiosity in those words which were waiting for her answer)
ANJALI:Wooh..sob'sob'theek ..sob..sob..hain..armaan'par'sob'
ARMAAN:Par kya anjy..
ANJALI:Mujhe bahut dar lag raha armaan kahi usse kuch ho na jaye..
ARMAAN:Nehi.. anjy..usse kuch nehi hoga..MERI SAANSEIN AB BHI CHAL RAHI HAIN ANJY,AB BHI CHAL RAHI HAIN'jab thak main zinda hoon,meri basket ko kuch nehi hone doonga..
ANJALI:Par 'sob'armaan..
ARMAAN:Mujhpe vishwaas karo anjy..
ARMAAN:Tum log sanjeevni kab aaye ho'.
ANJALI:Hum 'kal aaye hain ,,,ridhima ka ilaaj ab yehi hoga'papa ko lagtha hain ki ridhima ka ilaaj yehi sakhi tareeke se ho saktha' unke ankhon ke saamne..unhone kisi doctor se bhi baat kee hain'
Armaan really wanted to see ridhimaa..he really missed her like hell..these 6 months were not less than torture to him..these 6 months were like 6 decades to him..
ARMAAN:Main 'main..basket se milna chahtha hoon anjy'
ANJALI:Nehi armaan..nehi..tum toh papa ke baare mein janthe ho na'
ARMAAN:He remembered some thing which made him tensed'
ANJALI:Wooh tumhe sanjeevni mein kabhi bhi nehi aane denge..wooh tumhe ridhima se kabhi bhi milne nehi denge'.tumhe toh yaad hain na us din unhone kya kaha tha'.


"RIDHIMAA'." Shanshank shouts'
"Ridzy,,,"anjali fell on her knees ,tears coming out from her eyes'
Abhi,nikki,atul,muskaan..everyone one shocked'.


Abhi-nikki were treating ridhima'
Shashank and anjy were waiting outside ,padma joined them..all were tensed'no one could talk anything..
Anjy was hugging padma and they were consoling each other..
Shashank was roaming from left to right..

ABHI:Bullet toh bahar aa gayi hain..par hume ridhima ko hosh mein laana hoga warna'
NIKKI:Warna kya abhi..
ABHI:Shayad hum ridhima ko bacha nehi payenge

Suddenly,as abhi thought ridhima was having difficulty in breathing..

ABHI:Nikki jadi se karo..ridhima ka pulse rate gir raha hain..nurse.. quick.. jadi se injection dijejiye..
Abhi is trying hard to save ridhima..
NIKKI:Abhi'mujhe bahut dar lag raha hain..
ABHI:Kuch nehi hoga nikki' hum ridhima ko bacha lenge..
Abhi gives injection to ridhima..she's back to normal..but still she didn't get consious..then''.

After some time,outside the O.T

Abhi and nikki comes out of O.T,
SHASHANK:Kaisi hain ridhima'.wooh 'wooh..theek tho hain na'
Padma and anjali are also waiting to hear the answer anxiously..
ABHI:Dr.shashank humne bahut koshish ki hain lekin'
SHASHANK:Lekin kya Mr.modi 'aap mujhe saaf saaf kahiye'
Padmas cries increased..

NIKKI:Wooh.. ridhima ..ridhima..
SHASHANK:For god sake batayiye..
ABHI: (Abhi came in between )..Dr.ridhima COMMA mein chali gayi hain..
Shashank was dumstruck..
Anjy and padma were shocked..padma couldn't bear the shock and fainted..

Some where near in another room at same time..

Muskaan and atul were assisting Keerthi to treat armaans wounds'

KEERTHI:Dr.muskaan jaldi se O+ blood ,blood bank se leke ayiye..inka bahut blood loss hua
MUSKAAN:Jee Dr.keerthi..(muskaan leaves)
ATUL:Dr.keerthi armaan theek tho ho jayega na..
KEERTHI:Dr.atul don't worry,,inhe zyada chot nehi aayi hain..but haan shayad glass pieces ke lagne se inke sar se bahut khoon bah gaya hain...maine inka head ka bandage kar diya hain.. .hume jald se jald inhe treat karna hoga'
MUSKAAN:Yeh lijeye mam,,blood..
KEERTHI:Sister aap yeh jaldi se Dr.armaan ko chada deejiye..aur haan yeh tablets/injections inhe waqt pe de dijeyega..inhe jald hi hosh aa jayega..
KEERTHI: (turning to muskan and atul)Dr.muskaan aur Dr.atul aap Dr.armaan ka khayl rakhiye..main bakki patients ko treat karthi hoon..
MUSKAAN/ ATUL:Jee Dr.keerthi..
ATUL:Armaan mere Bhai..tu jaldi se theek ho ja..

After some time..

Armaan gains consious..
ARMAAN:Awhh'Ridhima mujhe awhh.. maaf kardo..main tumse awh'kabhi bhi kuch bhi nehi chupaunga..ridhima please..ahhww'.ridhimaa'
Armaan opens his eyes..
ARMAAN:Champ.!!!muskaan!!!main yahaan kya kar raha hoon,,mein toh apni car mein tha..phir achanak'Accident'???mera sir'.
He keeps his hand to his head which was paining..
ATUL:Arre yaar lagtha hain tujhe apni memory wapas aa gayi..

He tries to remember'his head pains a lot..he tries to sit'
He keeps his hand on his head trying hard to recollect and yes he remembers every thing..

Accident..How police came to sanjeevni to drop he met she teased her as "TEACHER".the basket ball match..the day when ridhima was he got to knw abt his love ''basket".how he went to terrace to commit ridhima came.. he loved ridhima again..ridhimas replacing answersheets..ridhimas promise to shashank not to meet did she left him to airport..but he went to shashank and he was convinced'their engagement prepartions'then sanjeevni'attack by 2 he went to rescue ridhima'how ridhima came back to him 'and '''''

Ridhima was shot by bullet''''.

Armaan was shocked to remember his ridhima was shot 'this thought made him worried,tensed..
He was panicked.. 

ARMAAN:Ridhima ..ridhima..wooh'wo..oh kaisi hain..usse toh golli lagi thi..
MUSKAAN:Arre haan atul ridzyy.kaisi hain..hume usse milna chahiye'

Just then anjali enters.. 

ATUL:Anjali tujhe pata hain armaan ka memory wapas aa gaya hain..
MUSKAAN:Haan yaar..kitna acha hain na,,ridzy..kitni kush hogi'

ATUL:Anjy tu kuch bol kyun nehi rahi hain..
ARMAAN:Anjali..basket..kaisi hain..???????????

ANJALI:Ridhima COMMA mein chali gayi hain..

He tries to get up..
ATUL:Arman ruk yaar teri tabiyat theek nehi hain'ruk,,
But he doesn't listen..he takes out the needle on his hand..and runs out of room,,,limping,,,keeping hand on his head,,its paining a lot..but he didn't care..all he wants to see his ridhima..his basket..
Anjali fells on her kneels..atul supports her..tears flowing from both their eyes..
ATUL:Anjali..sab kuch' theek ho jayega..

Muskaan follows armaan and supports him'

Arman wanted to see ridhima he didn't know where he was going..untill he saw abhi-nikki talking to padma'
ARMAAN:Nikki'ridhima kaisi hain..mujhe..mujhe usse milna hain'
NIKKI:Nehi armaan tum usse nehi milsakthe wooh I.C.U mein hain..
ARMAAN:Mujhe milna hain'mujhe milna hain..please..nikki..
Armaan tries to go inside but abhi stops him..
ABHI:Please control Dr.armaan,,app abhi usse mil nahi sakte..
ARMAAN:Bas ek baar please main usse ek baar dekhna chahtha hoon..please..
SHASHANK: (coming from I.C.U)Kya dekhna chahte hain aap Dr.armaan,,yehi ki wooh abhi bhi mar chuki hain ya nehi..yehi dekhna chachte hain aap??
MUSKAAN:Yeh aap kya keh reha hain sir..
SHASHANK:Aap please chup rahiye Dr.muskaan,main aapse baat nehi kar raha hoon'
Atul and anjali enters'
SHASHANK:Batayiye kya dekhna chahte hain aap'ki kaise meri bachi waha apni zindagi aur maut ke beech lad rahi hain'
Armaan eyes filled with tears on hearing those words "zinadgi aur maut".he couldn't imagine his ridhima going through all this..
SHASHANK:Ya phir yeh dekhna chahte hain ki aapki galti ki saza usse kaise mil rahi hain..kya dekhna chahte hain aap..
Armaan got hurt with those words..he cudnt stand still'atul comes for his support
ANJALI:Par papa'ismein armaan ki kya galti hain..
SHASHANK:For gods sake anjali..tumhari behen waha I.C.U mein zindagi se jhooj rahi aur tum yahaan is insaan ke tarafaari kar rahi ho..jisne itni badi galthi kardi..agar isne usse roka nehi hota toh aaj..
ANJALI:Par papa' ridzy..khud wapas gayi thi armaan ke pass..aur'papa armaan ko bhi toh chot lagi hain na??
SHASHANK:BAS ANJALI!!!!mein aur kuch nehi sunna chahtha hoon..bas!!!Aaj jo bhi ridhima ki halat hain wooh sirf aur sirf armaan ki laparwahi ka nateja hain..iski bewakoofi se meri beti''.(facing armaan)tumhare pyaar se usse kabhi koi bhi khushi nehi mili aur na ni kabhi milegi'tum jaise insaan se pyaar karke usne apne zindagi barbad karlii hain.. ab mein aur nehi sahunga aur na hi apni beti ko sehne doonga'''..
tumne sanjeevni ko bhi kahi ka nehi choda'.tum jaise insaan se toh baat karna hi bekaar hain..

Tears starts rolling in his eyes..he turns to go ..but stops and talks again..

SHASHANK:Aaj se balki abhi se tumhara aur ridhima ka koi ristha nahi hain..main apni beti ka ristha tumse hamesha hamesha ke liye tod raha hoon'

Armaan head started rolling ..he remembered how happy ridhima was when he kept ring on her finger..

SHASHANK:Dr.armaan tum'''aap' yahan ek patient hain isi liye main aapko yahan rukne ke liye mana nehi kar raha hoon..par jaisi hi aap theek ho jayenge aapko SANJEEVNI chodni hogi.. hamesha ke liye..thats final!!!!
ANJALI:Par papa armaan ka intenship..please papa aap aisa mat keejiye..please..
MUSKAAN/ ATUL:Please sir..
KEERTHI:Haan sir..aap is galti ki saza iske career par nehi dal sakthe..after all yeh sanjeevni ke reputation ka sawal hain..
Armaan didn't care anything ,,,he was staring at the I.C.U..
SHASHANK:Ok!!!!one last week..aap sab log bhi prepare karleejiye..Dr.armaan aap ko us exams ke results bhej diye jayenge'uske baad aap ka aur SANJEEVNI ka koi ristha nehi rahega'
SHASHANK:Aur haan meri beti se iss zindagi mein kabhi milne ki koshish bhi mat karna ,,,nehi toh iska anzaam acha nehi hoga Dr.armaan mallik'.
SHASHANK:Padma aur Anjali chalo yahaan se..
Anjali left with shashank and padma'
Atul and muskaan were with armaan who was still staring at I.C.U door..
Armaan couldnt understand what was happening around,he walked towards the I.C.U.but'Dr.keerthi
Stopped him,,it was her duty not to allow him inside..but she allowed him to see from outside..she smiled and left..
He just came near the door and looked from the glass his "ridhima".laying there without any movement..
Tears started rolling again..he kept staring at her for long time..
Atul and muskaan came to him and took to his ward and he lied there without saying any word..

One week passed'
Armaan tried many times to meet ridhima,but always shashank used to be with her.
Atul,anjali,muskaan tried to support him,make him back to normal,,but he was just a body without life,his "life"was in I.C.U..his ridhima..

On day of locker room
Armaan was not all interested but
ANJALI:Armaan ..mujhe pata hain..tum kaise feel kar rahe ho,,
She tries to console himkeeping her hand on his shoulder,, ..he was fine now..
Armaan didn't talk these all days to anyone..he was like dumb..but today..
ARMAAN: (Shouting)Nehi anjy tum nehi samjh sakthi'kabhi nehi samajh sakthi'.meri ridhima wahaan I.C.U mein bejan si padi hain aur main..main kuch bhi nehi kar tab aur na hi ab!!(calmly)Tumhare papa sach kehthe hain 'sab meri galthi hain..sab meri galthi hain..mujhe usse bhejna chahiye tha'aaj wooh to bach jathi..par mein'shayad' mein.. mein ridhima ke layak hi nehi hoon..main uske pyaar ke layak hi nehi hoon..
He was crying with his hands on his head'
ARMAAN:Mujhe yeh exam,internship yeh sab nehi chahiye mujhe sirf meri ridhima chahiye..anjy..
mujhe sirf meri ridhima chahiye'
He started crying ,anjy hugged him,,

After this incident no one thought that anjali will support armaan as she was a girl who always pointed out defects in armaan..but anjali realised on the same day how much one can love'armaan and ridhima's love was as pure as pearl....their support for eachother at all times 'on that day armaan went to search ridhima and ridhima believed in armaan and went back for him without caring their lives'.
She realised their love is eternal..and she really felt that would she ever be able to get a love like that or atleast she will help in uniting armaan and ridhima..but she could never cross her limits and go against shashank and their family'

Atul and muskaan entered'

ANJALI:Armaan agar ridhima yahan hoti toh wooh yehi chahti ki tum yeh exam likho aur apna internship complete karo..taaki tum ek bahut achche doctor bano..
MUSKAAN:Haan armaan anjy sahi keh rahi hain..
ATUL:Haan mere bhai,,agar tu hi aise himmat haar jayega toh mera kya hoga..
ANJALI:Please armaan humare liye na sahi ridhima ke liye toh tu yeh karsaktha hain na..
Nikki enters'
NIKKI:Haan armaan ..please..
Armaan nods..

Armaan unwilling writes the exam..all others too write their exams'no one is in a mood'all are worried about ridhima and one could concentrate on their exam.
Dr.keerthi was invislator..
Armaan cudnt write anything,,,his mind was full of ridhimas thoughtd..
KEERTHI:Dr.armaan..please aap apne exam par concentrate keejiye..
He knows after this exam he will be not able to see sanjeevni again, may be his friends,and mainly his ridhima,,
After the exam'
Armaan goes to all places where he and ridhima used to meet in sanjeevni....
All his memories flashed in his mind..

--Hum Se Hasi Hum Se Khushi (walking in corridor)
How he first came to sanjeevni'how he met all his friends..then ridhima'

--Hai hum hi se zindagi ..(seeing childrens ward)
Basket ball match..their lonavla trip

--Taare hum zameen par le aaye(near fire escape)
How he proposed her'karvachaut 'he gave kangan to her,,,

--Hum laaye hain roshni (near reception)
How he left to casauli and ridhima came to bring him back

--Dil jahaan dost vahaan(near canteen)
All his friends..sapna,atul,anjali,muskaan,rahoool,nikki..everyone'

--Aisa manzar aur kahan(on terrace)
How they used to meet on terrace silently..

--Hum toh chale the dost banke(near I.C.U seeing ridhima for last time)
How happy were they on day before engagement'

--Jaane kahan dill mill gayye(near sanjeevnis entrance)
How he kept ring on her finger,,how happy were they'

--Jaane kahan dill mill gayye
He left sanjeevni once looking back at it'remembering all his life these years'..

ARMAAN:Main nehi jaan chahtha hoon ridhima ,main tumse ek pal bhi juda nehi hona chahtha hoon,par mein majboor hoon..mujhe maaf kardena..

After some days when he got his result-he was passed,he tried to contact with his friends but couldn't.
He tried to see ridhima,going to sanjeevni,but got to knw she was taken abroad for treatment by their family'

He was alone,,,no one with him,,he cried thinking of her day and night,,,,

But he realised that no one can take ridhima away from her and he will do anything to get back to ridhima'.
"Main humare pyaar ko itni asaani se haarne nehi doonga ridhima..main vaada katha hoon main tumhe jaldi hi theek kardonga'yeh ARMAAN MALLIK KA VAADA HAIN RIDHIMA GUPTA SE!!!"


Anjali had contacted armaan after they came from abroad'she knows how armaan wud be feeling all these days..and she always wanted armaan and ridhima to be back again,,

ANJALI:Wooh tumhe sanjeevni mein kabhi bhi nehi aane denge..wooh tumhe ridhima se kabhi bhi milne nehi denge'.tumhe toh yaad hain na us din unhone kya kaha tha'.

Armaan remembers those words..

"Main apni beti ka ristha aapse hamesha hamesha ke liye tod raha hoon'"

"Meri beti se iss zindagi mein kabhi milne ki koshish bhi mat karna ,,,nehi toh iska anzaam acha nehi hoga Dr.armaan mallik'."

ARMAAN:Mujhe pata hain anjy'par mein ridhima se milkar hi rahoonga..itne din tumhare papa ne usse mujhse door rakha 'main ab yeh nehi hoone doonga'
ANJALI:Armaan ..please..
ARMAAN:Nehi anjy'

Just then shashank enters the room..
ANJALI:Armaan.. papa aaye hain'mein tumhe baad mein phone karungi'
She cuts the call..

Shashank was talking on phone..

Hello mr.mehra,achcha kab aayenge wooh?
Aaj '11:00 baje ,,,main unse milne ke liye wait karunga..
Akhir yeh meri beti ki zindagi ka bhi sawal hain..
Jee zaroor ,,..main milke baat karunga..
Thanks again jee bye..

He cuts the call and hugs anjali..
ANJALI:Hello dad..
SHASHANK:Kaise ho beta..
ANJALI:Main theek hoon'aap ridhima ke paas bethiye main jaathi hoon,,,,
Anjali leaves'

He sits near ridhima and takes her hand'and talks to her..

SHASHANK: He stared her for a long time and talked to her thinking she might be listening to him ..

Tumhare liye kaha kaha nehi gaye ,,,itne saare doctors se iilaaj karvaya in 6 mahino mein
par kuch bhi nehi hua'kuch bhi nehi..
Ridhima beta'apne papa ko aur kitna tadpaoge'Jaldi se theek ho jau'
Tears starts rolling from his eyes..

Kaash us din tumne armaan ki baat nehi manti hoti toh yeh sab nehi hota..

Now his tears turned to anger,,,he remembered that day..

Main us insaan ko kabhi maaf nehi karoonga'kabhi bhi..
Meri beti ko itna dard deke wooh kabhi bhi kush nehi rah payega'

At sanjeevni's entrance..

Sanjeevni has changed a lot in these 6 months..the ambience,the colour,new staff was appointed except some old ones.. no one dared to talk about what happened on that day..before 6 months..
After that day minister blamed shashank for his daughters condtion..
Media was always at sanjeevni disturbing them..
Shashank felt it was good to leave sanjeevni for some days,for him and also ridhima,who cud be treated at abroad with nice medical facilties.
shashank before leaving with his family handed all responsilbilties to Dr.keerthi,Dr.abhimanyu modi and Dr.nikita malhotra'.

A byke came with zooming speed and stopped '
The guy was still wearing a helmet..he parked his byke and went inside ,,,he removed his helmet..
His hair was flowing with wind'
He was looking handsome..with his cool shades..
He was wearing a black jeans and a white shirt..with a jacket on it..
which cud make any girl mad..
All nurses were looking at him turning back,'..

At reception'

VOICE:Mujhe Dr.shashank se milna hain'
Staring at him and then regaining..
SISTER:Jee ..jee' wooh sir abhi apne cabin mein honge..
VOICE:Kahan hain unka cabin..
SISTER:Straight..and 2nd left..
VOICE:Thanks..and yes this is for u ..
The guy gives a rose to sister..
VOICE: A beautiful rose to beautiful lady..
He leaves the sister whos staring at his back and blushing..

He goes through children ward and sees lots of children playing and shouting..
He enters with a serious look..
All children look at him with fear..they thought he will complain to Dr.nikki'
But he keeps his hands in pocket..
Children sees eachother with annoying face and then to him..
He takes out lots of choclates and give to all? '
All children say "THANKS" to him..and he leaves saying bye to them

He's walking in corridor' where he sees an old lady who couldn't walk properly '
He helps her and makes her sit in wheel chair..
The old lady gives him blessing..
"Humesha kush raho'beta..tumhe jo chahiye wooh tumhe jaldi hi mil jaye"

VOICE: Wooh toh mujhe mil kar hi rahega'

At ridhimas room same time..

SHASHANK:Main usse kabhi bhi tumse milne nehi doonga..

VOICE: Main tumse mil kar hi rahunga..

SHASHANK:Main usse sanjeevni mein kabhi aane hi nehi doonga..

VOICE: Main sanjeevni aagaya hoon 'mujhe ab koi nehi rok saktha..

At reception'

SISTER:Dr.shashank aapse milne koi aaya hain'
SHASHANK:Ho yes shayad naye doctor honge..kahan hain..
SISTER:Aapke cabin ki taraf gaye hain..
Shashank goes towards his cabin..
He opens the door not noticing the person inside ,comes and talks to him..
SHASHANK:Hello doctor..aapke bare mein yahaan aake bahut suna hain'welcome to sanjeevni..toh kaisa laga aapko Doctor'.
He looks up to see him'
He removes his shades'.and we see him'
ARMAAN:Doctor armaan mallik sir'.
shashank was dumbstruk'many thoughts going through his mind..

SHASHANK:Armaan'Tumhari himaat kaise hui yahaan aane ki..
ARMAAN:Dr.shashank gupta,,,armaan nehi Dr.armaan mallik..aur haan yahan aane liye mujhe himmat ki nehi..bus mere paav ki zarrorat hain..
SHASHANK:Aapko yahaan aane ke liye kisne permission di,,
ARMAAN:Wooh naya doctor main hi hoon Dr.shashank gupta
SHASHANK:Yeh kaisa ho saktha hain..maine suna hain ki wooh bahut bade doctor hain aur kafi sare patients ko theek kar chuke hain'aur aap..
ARMAAN:Sir main sanjeevni se hi doctor bana hoon,,kya aapko lagtha hain sanjeevni itni buri training di hain mujhe ki main itna kamayab doctor nehi ban saktha..appko sanjeevni par shak hain..
SHASHANK:Mujhko sanjeevni par nehi aap par shak hain'
ARMAAN:Yeh toh aapko meri treatment ke baad ki pata chalega'
SHASHANK:Tab tak aap yahan rukenga kaha..aap abhi isi waqt jayeeya yahan se jayenge..
ARMAAN:Main yahaan aapke kehne par nehi balki Dr.mehra ke kehne par ayya hoon'jo sanjeevni ke trustees mein se hain..aur mujhe unhone jaane ko nehi kahan hain..
SHASHANK:Main abhi unse baat kartha hoon..
ARMAAN:Sochiyega bhi mat,,,trustees ne already yeh decision le liya hain..main apne cases solve karne ke baad hi jaunga..aur haan aap bhi mujhe rok nehi sakthe.. Dr.shashank gupta
Shashank is furious..he cant do anything..he has to bear with him...he has to follow the trustees,after he left to abroad,trustees have been taking all the he cant refuse them.. its a question on sanjeevnis reputation'
Shashank cools down..but..
SHASHANK:Aap yahan aa toh chuke hain Dr.armaan mallik par aap apni iradon mein kabhi kamayab nehi ho payenge..
ARMAAN:Yeh toh waqt hi batayega sir..
SHASHANK:All the best.. Dr.armaan mallik
ARMAAN:Thank u sir'.
Shashank leaves his cabin tensed'
ARMAAN:Main apne iradon mein kamyab ho kar hi rahunga.. Dr.shashank gupta..aap bas dekthe raheyega..

Armaan comes out of cabin..he looks all around..its been 6 months he came here,he missed every part of sanjeevni ..
Armaan seeing around didn't notice some one coming around..and bumps into him..

ARMAAN:Aap dekhke nehi chal sakthe..
He looks up and notices its none other than ATUL
ARMAAN:Champ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kaisa he tu'itne dinno baad mil raha hoon ..tune apne bhai ko ek phone bhi nehi kiya..yeh kya yaar..tu toh kuch baat bhi nehi kar raha..
ATUL:Armaan'oh' kaise ho..
ARMAAN:Main theek hoon yaar tu bata'
They start walking in corridor..
ARMAAN:Toh tu yahaan doctor ban gaya..wah yaar teri life toh settle ho gayi hogi anjy ke saath ..hain na??shashank sir ko kaise pataya tune..
Atul was looking down and couldn't meet armaans eyes'he was feeling very bad..
ARMAAN:Anjy ..kaise ho'
ANJALI:Armaan tum yahaan,,papa dekhenge toh humgama ho jayega jaao yahan se..
ARMAAN:Main unse milkar hi aa raha hoon..
ANJALI:Unhone kuch nehi kahan..(shocked)
ARMAAN:Arre yaar main hi naya doctor hoon jo Dr.mehra ne bheja hain kuch critical cases solve karne ke liye..
ANJALI:Papa man gaye..
ARMAAN:Manthe nehi toh kya karthe..armaan mallik ka jadu ka asar toh hoga hi..
ANJALI:I can't believe this armaan'I am so happy happy for u.. (she hugs him)


ATUL:Armaan mujhe jana hain..bye..(he leaves)
ARMAAN:Hey' atul ..isse kya ho gaya hain'oh,,wow..wait'usne tumhe "anjali" ko ignore kiya hain..whats happening. !!!
ANJALI:Armaan atul..atul..FAIL ho gaya hain..wooh apna internship dobara kar raha hain..
ARMAAN:Kya..????par kaise..
ANJALI: Ab chodo armaan..ab mujhe aadat ho gayi hain..woh badal gaya hain armaan..wooh muhjse bhi baat nehi kartha..sirf apne kaam kartha hain aur chala jata hain..


ANJALI:Armaan gotta u at lunch..bye
ARMAAN:Bye ..anjy'''atul fail ho gaya,,,hows that possible..shayad issi liye wooh kuch baat nehi kar pa raha tha,,,shit!!
He sees some one..
NIKKI:Armaan'.tum yahaan'kaise hoo..
ARMAAN:Main theek hoon par tumse naraz hoon tumne ek phone bhi nehi kiya,,arre abhi ke pyaar mein itna pagal ho gayi ki apne best friend ko hi bhool gayi tum....not fair nikki,,
NIKKI:Armaan aisi koi baat nehi hain,bas thodi sa busy thi..
ARMAAN:Modi ke saath..
NIKKI:Armaan ..please..
ARMAAN:Arre yaar..kya please wahaan champ aur yahaan tu..yeh sab kya ho raha hain..waise muskaan kaha hain..
NIKKI:Armaan muskaan bhatinda wapas chali gayi hain..
ARMAAN:Kya???oh shit yaar,par kyun???'

ABHI: Dr.armaan aap yahaan'
ARMAAN:Arre yaar subah se sab log yehi pooch rahe hain..mein Sanjeevni ka naya doc hoon ..lagtha hain meri aane ki khabar notice board par lagvana chahiye..hain na..nikki....(he starts laughing)
Just then jiah enters'
JIAH:That's funny!!!
ARMAAN:Ho..aap kaun hain,,yahan ka naya doc..
JIAH:Please main yahaan ki doc nehi hoon,,waise bhi yeh doctors humesha itne busy hote hain.
.hi!!I am jiah modi,abhi ki wife..
JIAH:Woah!!!maine kuch galat kaha jaanu..
She sees abhi..
ABHI:Haan !!! yeh meri wife hain Dr.armaan..
(he looks at nikki ..whose gaze is down)
NIKKI:Armaan mujhe jana hain..main tumhe lunch time par milungi..bye(she leaves)

JIAH:Hey'jaanu hum bhi chalthe hain..aaj tumne mujhe lunch promise kiya hain'bye doc!!
ABHI:Bye Dr.armaan,,main aapse baad mein miltha hoon..
Jiah holds abhi by hand and takes him away..
Armaan is very confused..
ARMAAN:Yeh sab yahaan kya ho raha hain..

Then he sees Dr.keerthi..
ARMAAN:Dr.keerthi'.kaise ho aap..
He sees her stomach ,shes pregnant..
KEERTHI:Dr.armaan good to see u,toh aap yahan ke naye doctor hain..aayeye main aapko apke cabin dikathi hoon..
They start walking towards armaans cabin..
ARMAAN:Congrats Dr.keerthi..
He looks at her stomach..
KEERTHI:Thank u'waise aapse milke khushi hui..aapke jane ke baad toh'
She stopped mid sentence..
KEERTHI:Yeh raha aapka cabin..aur haan agar koi zarorat hain mujhe call keejiyega..main aapse baad mein milungi..naye interns se mulaqat karane ke liye..
ARMAAN:Naye interns..???
KEERTHI:Haan bas kuch hi din hue hain 5 naye interns join hue,,they will help u in u r cases..ok then I will leave..
She turns around,but arman calls her..
ARMAAN:Dr.keerthi'ek minute..
She looks at him'
ARMAAN:Ridhima ka kamra kaun sa hain..
She tries to say some thing but armaan cuts in between..
ARMAAN:Please Dr.keerthi..
KEERTHI:She smiles..3rd floor ,308,I.C.U mein..
ARMAAN:Thnks '.
She leaves..

Armaan goes to 3rd floor as fast he can on steps..
He sees the room no.308..he thinks to enter,his heart beat beats fastly'he can see now his ridhima after such a long time..he missed her a lot..his eyes were filled with excitement..but he sees shashank inside and stops..

SHASHANK:Uski himmat kaise hui yahaan aane ki,,main usse chodunga nehi..
Main phir se usse tumhare saath koi bhi bewakoofi nehi karne doonga..tumhari zindagi barbad nehi karbe doonga..nehi karne doonga.. ridhima..kabh nehi..

He leaves the room not noticing armaan'

Armaan enters the room..
He sees ridhima lying down unconsious,without any movement.
Tears start flowing from his eyes'

He sat beside ridhima and took her hand..
ARMAAN:Basket..tumhe dekhne ke liye 6 mahino se meri ankhen taras gayi thi'
He kisses her hand..
ARMAAN:Main aa gaya hoon ridhima'main ab tumhe kabhi chod ke nehi jaunga,,.main tumhe jaldi hi theek kar doonga..tumhe theek hona hi hoge'mere liye'tumhare armaan ke liye..aur main iske liye kuch bhi karunga'is baar haar nehi galthi pichli baar ki thi wooh ab nehi karunga..main hamare pyaar ko haarna nehi doonga..basket.. promise. I love u basket..i love u ..

Ishq leta hai kaise imtahan''
Ishq me jiyun ''
Ishq me maru ''
Ishq hi mera bhagwan,
Haya raba tu he meri jaan tu he jahan'''
Tu hi meri manjil tere ishq me main qurban'

"I love too..armaan.."ridhimas voice echoed in his ears..
He stared at ridhima for some time,,
He felt like ridhima was talking to him..but it was his imagination..

Suddenly he remembered his meeting with his friends..

ARMAAN:Yeh sab kya ho raha hain ridhimaa...humare friends badal gaye hain ..sanjeevni badal gaya hain..yeh wooh sanjeevni nehi hain jo maine 6 mahine pehle dekhi hain..yeh sab kaise..

He remembers atul..whos changed..he remembers their past days..where atul used to be damn funny and silly but now'
Abhi and nikki both have changed,,,abhi is married to can he do that to nikki,,,,
Muskaan and Anjali''..Everyone in sanjeeevni changed'

ARMAAN:Yahan ke log badal gaye hain ridhima..bahut badal gaye hain..apna chehre pe koi dosre hi chehra pehen liya hain..yeh sab ek doosre se natak kar rahe hain'ek doosre se bhaag rahe hain..apni duniya mein kush nahi rah ke bhi khush rahneki natak kar rahe hain..mujhe inhe badalna hoga..ridhima..inhe phir se pyaar sekhana hoga.. jeena sikhana hoga..
Tumse door rahke hi toh main yeh sab seekha hoon..phir se kisiko dukhi mein dekh sakta..par..
main kya karoon 'ridhima,,,,, tumhare bina mein yeh sab akele kaise kar paunga..

"Main tumhare saath hoon armaan'hamesha..." ridhimas voice again echoed in his ears..
He felt that ridhima cud actually hear him..and is giving him answer and supporting him..

He kissed ridhimas hand and stood up and left to door..

He once last time ridhima and left the room..

He came out wiped his tears..

ARMAAN:Ab mujhe koi nehi rok payega sanjeevni mein phir se khushiya lane mein'
Main sanjeevni ko phir se pyaar sikhaunga..humare pyaar jaisa kabhi bhi nehi tooth saktha aur kabhi bhi choot nehi saktha'main vaada kartha hoon..basket..
Par mujhe ismein kisiki madat chahiye,,, kaun karega meri madat'kaun???....

Just then he sees Dr.keerthi coming with 5 new interns..

ARMAAN:Shayad mujhe pata hain mujhe kya karna hain..

But these interns were having different things in their mind'

Interns thinking in their minds'
SIDDANTH:Abbe yaar yeh papa aur abhi bhai ne mujhe kaha fasa diya hain..
NAINA:Ab do saalon ke liye no shaadi sirf azaadi'.
TAMANNA:Mujhe apne baba ke sapne aur chawl ka naam uncha karna hoga..
YUVRAAJ:Focus..yuvraaj..tumhe sanjeevni mein apne mission jald hi pura karna hoga..
JITENDER:Pata nehi mere maugal seray mein toh mein hi hero tha,,yahan toh mujhse bhi zyaada hero hain,aur main kya ,,,,,zero'!!!

Kya hoga aage???
Amaan ridhima ko theek karpayega???
Shashak kya karega???
Kya armaan aur naye interns mein dosthi hogi???
Armaan apne friends ko aur sanjeevni ko badal paayega???
Armaan aur ridhima mil sakenge???


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