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Intro & Part 1 : In My Heart


Armaan Mallik is the MD of Mallik Empire. His hard work,concentration, dedication and passion towards his work have earned him the title of "Most Successful Businessman" in India at the very young age of 26. He is gem of a person to be with. He is affectionate, caring and devoted towards
his family and friends. Armaan's deep blue eyes and a dimpled smile add charms to his enigmatic persona.

   Riddhima Garewal is 21 years old studying in 2nd year of MBA at the Leeds University. She is a soft spoken & kind hearted person. For her, her family and loved ones come before herself, as she adores and values them a lot. She is the perfect example of beauty with brains. She aspires to become a successful businesswoman. Her hazel eyes, beautiful smile, charming personality and innocence can cast a magic on anybody.

    Rahul Garewal, 26 years of age, is the MD of the "Garewal Group of Industries". He is very passionate about his work and career, has taken family business to new heights of fame in a span of 2 years and aims on expanding it further. He loves his family to bits, especially his Princess

    Muskaan Mallik is a brown eyed, curly hair and bubbly girl who spreads happiness all around her. She is 21 years old studying MBA in

    Anurag Mallik and Prerna Mallik:  Parents of Armaan and Muskaan. Both are very sweet natured and love their kids a lot. Anurag is the CEO of Mallik Empire and Prerna is a housewife.

    Sujal and Kashish Garewal: Parents of Rahul and Riddhima. They are caring, considerate and encouraging towards their family. Sujal is the owner of "Garewal Group of Inds" and Kashish is a housewife but does interior decoration as a hobby.

    Savita Garewal is Sujal's mother, who's running a kids care center in India.

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Part 1

On a cold winter morning the sky was covered with dark clouds, when a car came to halt in
the driveway of a huge chocolate brown and crme villa situated near the coastal side of Mumbai. The car's door opened and a beautiful girl, wearing black skinny jeans with red top and black stilettos, holding black jacket in her left hand and white leather handbag on her right shoulder, stepped out. Thanking the driver she moved towards the cottage through the huge Iron Gate which had "Shanti Nagar" engraved on it. Her grandmother was sitting on a swing in the lush green garden, reading newspaper. Tiptoeing towards her Dadi, she motioned the workers to remain silent and engulfed dadi in a hug from the back. Dadi immediately held the arms around her strongly and pulled her infront, "Riddhima, meri bachi, zara saamne to aa, main dekhun to tujhe." Dadi looked at her granddaughter with moist eyes "aray Dadi, ap ro rahi hain, ap ko mere anay ki khushi nahi hui" Riddhima said while pouting, dadi chuckled and cupped Riddhima's face in her palms, " yeh to khushi ke aanson hain, tujhe itne din baad jo dekh rahi hun, kitni bari or pyari ho gayi hai." Riddhima was introduced to the workers present there. After receiving a call from her family back in UK and satisfying them that she had reached safe and sound, she bid bye to them and moved in the villa.
The interiors of the villa were done in a simple yet amazing color combination with just the perfect furniture and accessories, in short the place provided warmth of a home to whoever stepped inside it. Riddhima's room was on the second floor, keeping in view her love for nature and the beach of course. The bedroom was painted in a shade of purple. It had a master bed in the center; a cupboard and dressing table were fixed in the left side of the room. A settee was placed near the window on the right such that it gave a clear view of the beach. She picked up the stuffed toys from her bed and smiled that her Dadi had remembered her love for these toys. She was in no mood to change, so she jumped directly on the bed and dozed off.
A beautiful lady clad in pink and white silk sari descended the stairs of "Mallik Mansion" towards the kitchen, when she saw her son in deep thoughts. She inquired how he had come home so early. The guy looked towards his mother and replied sighing,"kuch nahin maa, bus kaam jaldi khatam ho gaya to aa gaya." Prerna gestured him to put his head in her lap. She stroked his hair lovingly without pressing her son to speak about what had been bothering him. Armaan smiled contently, thinking how his mother made his worries vanish just by doing this. He closedhis eyes and spoke "maa, maine Muskaan ke certificates or academic history Leeds University fax kiye they and wahan se acceptance letter aa gaya hai." Prerna was surprised by this, firstly Armaan did not let her go, now when she had completed 1st year of MBA in India, he had applied on her behalf. "per tu to nahin chahta tha k wo jaye, phir ye kyun?" Armaan sighed "I still don't want her to go ma, but I have realized that she has dreams too and I cannot stop her from achieving them. I've requested the Principal to help her in completing her assignments and asked my friend to look for an accommodation for her too, because I know she won't like staying in the hostel. " Prerna was happy that God had given him as her son, who loved his family to the core, and who could do just anything for their happiness, even if it meant going against his wishes. She kissed his head. "I'm proud of you beta, and don't worry she'll do just fine over there." Armaan nodded.
Riddhima was brought out of her dreamland by the constant ring of her mobile. She shifted
uncomfortably in the bed, pulling the pillow over her head, but it seemed like the caller had decided to kill her sleep. She received the call, "why I am not surprised! Do you by any chance happen to know what time it is?" groaning she replied "what bhai, have u called me up to ask what time it is here, you could have checked it on your cell clock. Tch.. Now let me sleep." Rahul thought of this to be the best time to irritate his sister and he was successful in doing so. After ending the call with her family, Riddhima hit the shower for a nice hot bath to get rid of this jetlag. She met the kids in the arts room and gave away the gifts and chocolates she had brought along. During the snacks time in evening, Riddhima sat with dadi in the garden swing, sipping her coffee, listening to how much hard work had resulted in this kids care center. Dadi told that it was her late husband's wish to build a place where children who were orphans, disowned or tortured could stay in peace and safety, but he couldn't do much about it due to his health. So when Dadi was satisfied that there was someone who could look after her family, she had decided to move back to India to make this dream a reality.
Riddhima loved the kids and the workers too. The dinner had gone well in chatting and teasing
each other. They all bonded so well with her that it looked as if she had been a part of them since ever. It was now bed time, after a good 30 minutes of chaos in the room as to who would change first and who would sleep next to Riddhi di, the room had turned silent when she narrated the story of Cinderella. She tucked the kids in their comforters and moved to her room kissing everyone good night.
At 11.55pm, three figures entered a room in absolute silence. They moved to the figure sleeping on its stomach on the bed and sat near him. As the clock struck 12, the trio screamed in the persons ears "Happy B'day Armaan", making him scream and jump. Armaan sat on the bed with a hand on his heart. He saw his parents and sister around him smiling. He smiled back sweetly and was engulfed in a bear hug by his family. After a while, Muskaan asked " bhai ap ki tabiyat theek hai na?", Armaan raised his eyebrow, Muskaan quickly added, " nahin nahin, main to bus aise hi pooch rahi thi, wo kya haina, hum ne itna zor ka chilaya per ap ne kuch kaha nahin." Armaan smiled inwards but replied keeping a straight face " haan main is liye nahin kuch bola, kyunki har saal main tujhe mana karta hun, per tujh pe koi asar nahi parta, haina?", To which Muskaan shook her head in a no "haan to bus maine decide kia k tere liye jo gift laya tha woh cancel kar deta hun, phir tu ye harkat kabhi repeat nahi kare gi, rite?", Muskaan again nodded innocently, but as soon as her brain registered the meaning, she screamed" Nahin! i mean bhai plz you can't do this, i know", Now it was Armaan's turn to nod. Muskaan knew her sorry won't work this time, and she couldn't let go of her gift, so she thought of promising him to not do this again. She hugged him " bhai, promise ab ki baar dobara nahi karun gi." Their parents were surprised to see her like this, they thought she would do her emotional blackmailling again but Armaan knew her too well, he said "chal theek hai. per mujhe pata hai tu koi naya tareeka nikaal le gi mujhe tang karne ka." Muskaan smiled sheepishly. They cut the small cake that Prerna had baked and after spending some family time together, retired to their rooms.
The next morning began with commotion in "Shanti Nagar." Riddhima came down in a turquoise frock with light silver work on border and long sleeves, white churidaar pyjama and two toned dupatta. She had found out from Ananya maasi that it was Armaan's birthday today. Dadi was instructing the house helps to clear the mess from the dining room and sitting lounge, while checking the food in the kitchen. The toddlers were in the nursery, while the remaining kids were busy in arts room. They were all preparing B'day cards for their beloved Armaan bhaiyya as a present. Riddhima asked about who this guy was from dadi, "beta bohat hi acha baccha hai Armaan, pichle 3 saal se aa raha hai yahan. Apna har janam din ya koi bhi special occasion ho yahan celebrate karta hai. Bohat pyaar karta hai sab se. Bachon ke saath bacha ban jata hai or khoob masti karta hai,har koi yahan usey bohat chahta hai. Bachey to intezaar kartey hain ke kab wo aye ga." After listening to Dadi, Riddhima moved in the kitchen to help with food preparations. She had a sweet smile playing on her lips and was looking forward to meet this guy, Armaan.

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