Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Last Part : Dill Ki Baat

Ring Ring Ring Ring

Rubbing his eyes, Raj rolled over in bed reaching over to the side table to answer his cell "hello"

"HELLO KI BACHA, SAALA KAMINA, BANDAR KI BACHA, RIDZY KAHA HAI!" holding the phone at arms length away from his face Raj looked mortified as the voice kept cursing him, all in one breath, "yeh kaha se aa tapki abh" he murmured under his breath as he thought of a plan to escape his death


Shaking a little out of fear while daring to draw the phone back next to his ear Raj finally managed to stutter a reply "Kr' Kri' Krishna tu.. tu'"

Krishna: "YEH TU TU KYA LAGA RAHA HAI! Abh tere uss duffer mu se kuch  nikal nahi raha kya? Mein neeche hu, jaldi se aakar darwaza khol' ABHI!"

Falling over himself Raj managed to break everything in his path as he half ran, half died stumbling down the stairs to open the door. Gasping for air Raj stood at the door, his hands were shaking too much to dare to open it, "Bagwaan please mujhe aaj bacha lena" closing his eys Raj said a little prayer

As soon as the doors opened Krishna's hands lunged forward for Raj's neck, holding his arms up to his face in a desperate attempt to save himslef Raj scrunched his eyes closed expecting a ranting and raging mad woman Krishna beating the living daylights out of him. Hearing her screaming and shouting Raj waited for the next moment, her small fists would throw a punch any second now and knock him out he knew it' when the blow didn't come Raj slowly opened his eyes to see arms flapping in front of his face, Krishna's arms to be precise, but an invisible wall was keeping her away.

Thanking god quickly Raj let his arms down from his cowering position and looked at Krishna amazed at how she was hurling abuse at him yet not physically hitting him. Putting his hands forward to feel the invisible barrier Raj waved his hands about a little in front of him, but then immediately withdrew them as Krishna's nails just missed him by seconds. Walking around the mad woman Raj looked behind her, there was Shiv holding her back with all his might, his arms wrapped around her waist while he kept ducking behind her every now and again as she tried to hit him a few times trying to get herself free.

Raj's level of respect for Shiv at the moment grew mountain high as he imagined a little halo on top Shiv's head while Shiv bravely stopped the devil in disguise Krishna from killing him, 'My saviour' Raj heaved a sigh of relief as his saviour protected him.

Shiv: "Abhe dekh kya raha hai, baagh yaha se, yeh tujhe aaj nahi choregi"

Krishna: "Nahi Shiv, aaj toh mein isko mar kar hi rahungi, jitna baagna hai baagh le, par aaj tujhe koi nahi bacha sakhta mere haaton se" with one final elbow in Shiv's side Krishna managed to get free from Shiv's firm hold and once again lunged for Raj's neck. This time ensuring she didn't miss, her hands immediately wrapped themselves around his neck leaving a choking Raj gasping for air as he tried to rip her arms off him.

Shiv was still holding his side wincing in pain while with the other hand he tried to stop his beloved from murdering so soon after their wedding. Unable to get Krishna off himself, Raj looked around frantically looking for help, low on oxygen Raj was beginning to get light headed, in a desperate attempt to stay alive he grabbed the first thing his hands felt and hit Krishna with it.

Shiv: "You killed her!" dropping Krishna who he was cradling in his lap after Raj had knocked her out, Shiv now lunged for Raj to kill him and avenge Krishna's death.

Krishna: "Mein mari nahi hu duffer" Krishna sat up on the floor rubbing her head where Raj had a few moments ago hit her with the metal photo frame which ironically had a picture of her, Ridz and Raj standing in a huddle from when they were kids.

Shiv immediately let go of a rather blue looking Raj and swiftly bent down to help Krishna get off the floor and onto the sofa so he could inspect her head injury better.

Krishna: "Abh mere mu kya dekhrehe hai? Ja ja kar ice lekar aa aur doctor ko bula, mujhe agar brain hemoridge hogeyi toh mein tumpar murder ki charges lagaungi"

Raj: "hehe, Krishna tum agar margeye toh mujhpar murder charges kaise lagaoge?" laughing at his own little joke Raj stood there looking slightly smug

Krishna: "aek taraf se maarta hai, aur upar se back chatting bhi? Teri toh'" Krishna jumped up to kill Raj again "Ah" but then immediately sat back down again holding her head in pain and the ever growing lump that was now forming on her head.

Running into kitchen Raj stopped by the sink to wash his face, the cold sweat from nearly being murdered twice was still there, he had to admit he was scared of Krishna's anger, her love for Ridz made her the most dangerous person to be around when Ridz was upset. Gulping down his second glass of water Raj calmed down somewhat only to be bought back to reality when he heard krishna holler from the living room "MARGEYA KYA, YAH MEIN AAKHAR MARDU' MERA ICE KAHA HAI?" Raj immediately grabbed an ice bag from the fridge, wrapped it in a tea towel and ran back to the living room to join Krishna and Shiv again.

It was into the wee hours of the night before Krishna finally finished killing Raj and his generations to come before her anger finally subsided and Raj got a chance to say anything. Shiv on the other was way past trying to stop the inevitable murder of Raj and was snoring on the single couch nearby.

Krishna: "Aise mere chehre dekhta hi rahega yah phir kuch bolega bhi abhi?"

Raj: "tumhari katham hogeyi toh mein kuch keh pau na?" he mumbled under his breath

Krishna: "kya kaha?" she raised an eyebrow at him, challenging him to repeat his words so she got another excuse to curse him and his 'par dada's' now.

Looking bewildered at the thought of being caught back chatting again Raj stayed tight lipped as he kept his gaze on the floor looking like a little kid being told off for being naughty.

Melting at seeing the sight in front of her Krishna finally bit her tongue and gave Raj an opportunity to defend himself, it was true she loved Ridz more then a sister and couldn't bare to watch anything upset her, but she also cared for Raj as a little brother and couldn't remain mad at him for long either. "Toh bata, Ridzy toh yaha hai nahi, warna itna cheekne chilane ki baadh woh kabh ki aa chuki hoti tumhe bachane, toh who hai kaha?"

Raj: "Woh Beachside Holiday Inn par tehri hai, meine usse yaha aakhar rehne ko kaha bhi ta par woh maane hi nahi" feeling hurt at having lost his childhood best friend and sweetheart a lump formed in his throat, but adamant not to fall weak Raj held his emotions back as not to let them become apparent from his voice.

Krishna: "Raj mein agar tummhe aek bhaat poochu toh kya tum sach sach jawab doge mujhe?" Krishna softened her voice now, feeling guilty about hurting her little brother both physically and emotionally with her words

Raj looked up, unsure as to how to answer her, what could she possibly ask that she didn't already know he wondered, deciding there's only one way to find out Raj nodded his consent

Krishna: "Kya tum Ridzy se pyar karte ho?"

Raj had wondered the very same thing himself "do I love her?" was the ultimate question. "Pata hai Krish, jab tumne mujhe London mein Riddy ki shaadi ki baare mein kaha toh mujhe bohot chot pochi ki Riddy ne mujhe khud kyun nahi kaha' aek ajeeb si jalan jaise feeling honne lagi mujhe, ki usne tumhe bataya par mujhe nahi. You no I decided then that I'd come and meet the guy she was obviously smitten by who made her forget her childhood best friend" looking up Krishna Raj reassured himself that if anyone would understand his stance then it would be Krishna, she wouldn't judge him the way others had.

"You know when I got here I was so happy to see her again, it just bought back all those memories that we shared as kids, the only happy moments of my life were really spent wth Riddy after you left for London' I guess I just didn't want to loose that part of my life so I' I started feeling insecure about loosing her" Raj closed his eyes in disgust as he realised what just happened, what he had done

Raj: "I broke her wedding Krish" Raj covered his face with his hands to ashamed to look at Krishna, too ashamed to face himself.

Getting up from her seat Krishna went and sat next to Raj and affectionately hugged him as he cried silently.

Krishna: "mere kapre ki dry cleaning ki charges tumhe dene honge samjhe" she softly spoke as she wiped the remaining tears from his eyes. Raj looked at Krishna astonished, then they both burst out laughing as they said in unison "yeh kapre imported hai, dry cleaning karna padega". Raj laughed whole heartedly as he remebered the amount of times through out their childhood and then in London when he'd moved there they had used this dialogue on each other when one of them had been crying on the others shoulder.

After a few moment of laughter Krishna got down business again "Toh tum Ridzy se pyar karte ho ya nahi, mujhe abhi takh jawab nahi milla"

Raj: "Nahi, mein usse Armaan ki tarah pyar nahi karta, in fact I think jaise tum Riddy ko aur mujhe pyar karte ho, mein bhi waise Riddy ko pyar karta hu. Mujhe jab patta chala ki mein Riddy se pyar nahi karta tab takh bohot der hochuka ta' mere teer neeshaane takh poch geya ti aur mein kuch nahi kar paya"

Krishna: "Hmm, toh abh'"

Raj: "Krish abh kya, abh un dono ko milaa kar, maafi maang kar mein yaha se dhoor chala jaunga"

Krishna: "Woh sabh toh teekh hai, par kaise?"

Shiv: "Minnie"

Krishna and Raj both turned to look at Shiv confused

Krishna: "Tum kabh jaage?"

Shiv: "Yehi tori der pehle jab meine bahar ki paanchi ki awaaz suna"

Krishna and Raj looked out of the window to realise it was already morning, they had been up all night talking, fighting, crying and didn't realise when the moon went to sleep to let the sun awake.


Masti: "Mummy bhaiya ko bolo na jaldi karre, Minnie kab se phone karehi hai aur yeh hai ki"

Mehej: "Armaan, chalo beta jaldi khaana kaalo aur tayar hojao" Armaan looked up at his mum from the dining table, he hadnt touched his breakfast, hunger just didn't seem to come to him these days. Infact nothing seemed to affect him nowadays, he was like a robot just living life for the sake of it, if that's called living.

Masti: "Maya Di, hum abhi nikhelrehe hai" Masti whispered into the mobile as she got into the car waiting for Armaan to come out of the house to join them.


Minnie: "Mama, hum uss baara hotel mein rehenge na?" Minnie shouted from the front passengers seat next to Armaan back to her mother

Maya: "Nahi beta, hum apne beach house par rehenge, meine ghar par bataya ta na?" Maya kept a close eye on Armaan as she gave a quick wink of the eye and kiss to her adorable daughter couxing her on to say the next lines they had been practicing at home together all morning.

Smiling wickedly at her mother Minnie continued, "Nahi mama, mujhe uss hotel mein rehna hai, mujhe rehna ha, rehna hai, rehna hai" she started to cry really getting into the act of wanting things done her way

Maya: "Minnie chup! Meine kaha na nahi, hum apne beach house par rehenge"

Minnie: "Boyfriend mama ko kaho na please" Minnie had real tears coming out of her eyes now, forgetting she was acting but actualy wanting to go to this hotel she knew nothing about till this morning.

Being the loving uncle he was, Armaan could never stand to see Minnie upset about anything "Di come on, aek do din hotel mein sab reh jayenge, isme harch kya hai, baadh mein hum aapki nayi beach house par rehlenge, please abh iski dil maat toro, bachi hai jaane do na"

"Bullseye" grinning victoriously Maya finally gave in and allowed everyone to stay at the Beachside Hotel Inn.


Lying on her side Ridz stared out of the window at the glittering stars, winter was here but it was an unusually warm night, she had left her window open to let some air but the sound of waves crashing kept her senses alert. Shivering slightly in the gentle breeze Ridz bit her bottom lip as she hugged herself, protecting herself from the cold "inhe sirf mein choo sakhta hu' kabhar darr inkho chot pochaye" Armaan's words whispered in the back of her head bringing fresh tears to her eyes. It had been nearly a week since she left Armaan and everything to do with him behind in Mumbai and here she was still unable to get him out o her mind. Feeling restless and extremely annoyed with herself Ridz got dressed and walked out of the hotel to walk along the beach.

Standing by the window Armaan sighed, listening to the tick tock of the clock he drifted off into a world of his own once again. The sound of the waves bought back memories of their numerous moments at the beach, smiling remembering their first official date on the beach, he remembered how adorable she looked while he carried her to the tent that night, how she fought with him like a child and loved him with all her heart like a woman' fresh tears of bitterness and anger sprang to his eyes, he would be alone forever, never would he love another woman the way he loved Ridz with all his heart, the only comfort he could offer to himself was atleast she would be happy. Smiling at the thought of Ridz being happy Armaan decided he was willing to live the rest of his life alone then allow another woman come close to his heart and break him' he just wasn't sure if he was strong enough to take rejection again.

Walking along the beach Armaan stared out at the night sky, the cold air was rushing across the waves to greet him, the morning hot sand now felt cold on his heels as he walked quietly letting even for a moment his senses release themselves of any worldly tensions. Looking back at the beach Armaan decided to get back to the hotel when he noticed something lying on the beach. Rushing over thinking something had been washed up from the shores Armaan went to take a closer look, the doctor in him took over as he worried for a stranger who may need his help. Jogging closer Armaans fears were confirmed, it was a person, a woman to be exact, not being able to see her face clearly Armaan lifted the woman in one swift movement but froze as quickly as he had lifted her, their lying in his arms was none other then Ridz'


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