Saturday, 11 July 2020

Last Part : MY prediction for AR rest story

"Laye hum Hasi laye hum Khushi jee le phir se zindagi…

Taaron se aage hum jaayenge cheen le ayenge roshni …

Dil ho jahaan dost ho vahaan aisa manzar hain yahan…

Manzil nayi,rasthe naye …

Phir bhi chale,hum saath mein…

Hum toh chale the dost banke…

Jaane kahan dill mill gayye!!!!"

After bidaai..

Armaan and ridhimaa in Car..

Ridhimaa relaxes on armaan's shoulder,while he gets tensed thinking if ridhimaa is allright or not..she has left all her family behind and came for him..its not at all a easy thing to do..

ARMAAN:Ridhimaa tum theek hona....(ridhimaa gets upto see him and nods)main toh soch raha tha ki agar tum nehi aaugi na.. toh main bhi tumhare saath ghar jamayi ban kar reh jaunga..(ridhimaa giggled)sach mein ridhimaa ..(catching her hands and saying seriously)main tumhe dukhi nehi dekh saktha..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..tum na meri had se zyaada chinta karthe ho..(gripping his hand)haan mein thodi deer ke liye apne aap ko rok nehi paayi.,maine ab tak ki saari umar unke saath bitaya armaan, ,unhe chodthe hue dukh toh lagega..(she said as a matter of fact)

ARMAAN:I am sorry basket..(sadly)yeh sab tumhe meri wajah se karna pad raha hain na..mujhe pata hain apno ko chod kar jaane kaisa hota hain..(getting a weird idea)ridhimaa agar tum chaho toh tum kuch din unke saath reh sakthi ho..jab tak tumhe..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan,,please,,main theek hoon,,(she smiles at his concern for her)waise bhi main uss ghar se door nehi ho rahi hoon balki tumhare ghar ke aur kareeb aa rahi hoon bas..mujhe ab "humare" baare mein sochna hain .. "hamare ghar" ke baare mein..

Armaan hearing "hamare" feels too happy..he was really afraid how will ridhimaa react after bidaai but she is now happy and in form..

ARMAAN:Basket..(side hugging)mein tumhe apne ghar mein koi takleef nehi hone doonga..kabhi nehi..

RIDHIMAA:Mujhe pata hain armaan..(she thinks about his father's words)tumne mera bahut intezaar kar liya..ab aur nehi..main hamesha tumhare saath doongi..hamesha..(gripping his hands)

ARMAAN:Basket..I love you..(hugging her)

RIDHIMAA:I love you too armaan..(hugging him back)

They both sat hugging eachother throughout the journey till mumbai..both were very strained due to all the rituals,soon ridhimaa drifted into sleep on armaans arms..he saw at her smiling and hugged her more protectively making her comfortable in sleep..after few minutes he too drifted to sleep..

Armaan's house..

The car came to halt at armaan's house..armaan was already awake..but ridhimaa woke up by sudden halt and looked at armaan..who smiled assuringly..she smiles back..he got down and helped her get down slowly..

She looked at the house..which was beautifully decorated with lights and flowers on her arrival to the house..which was now..her house..she looked at armaan and changed it to..THEIR house and smiled..ananya,billy,aayi,umar bhai,tamanna and someother relatives already reached armaan's house and did the last minute preparations..their friends thought to stay back actually it was armaan's idea as he didn't want any interference between him and he sure knows with them around they sure are gonna make a mess..

Ananya escorted ridhimaa to come inside..the bowl filled with rice and the thaali with altha was placed before her..ridhimaa was about to enter when armaan stopped her ,,she was surprised..

ARMAAN:Ek minute ridhimaa..billy..(he called his father who was inside and told something in his ear and he nodded and went away)

RIDHIMA:Armaan yeh kya ho raha hain..(confused0

Armaan didn't answer and asked to wait,,billy came up with a plank on which there was probably cement spread over…He kept it infront of the entrance of the door..ridhimaa looked armaan confused..

ARMAAN:Ridhimaa..main chahtha tha ki shaadi ke baad iss ghar mein tumhara pehle kadam hamesha mujhe yaad rahe…(ridhimaa looks up to him with tears)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..ab yeh hamara ghar hain aur main chahthi hoon hum dono saath kadam rakhe iss naye risthey ki shuruwaat kare..(armaan nodded and smiled at her)

They removed their shoes and at same time catching hands kept their right legs on the plank..all cheered and clapped..after that armaan kept the plank safely to dry and came back.Ridhimaa then pushed the bowl filled with rice and walked with the altha feet spreading the happiness into the house with her..billy and ananya blesses them both..and so did other elders present there,,

ANANYA:Aaao ridhimaa..tumhare ghar mein swagat hain,,(hugging her)

BILLY:God bless you both..(blessing)

After some of the rituals like anghoothi doondhna which both armaan and ridhimaa won equally and others..ananya asks tamanna to take ridhimaa to her room..

AAYI:Tamanna..bhabhi ko andar le jao..

TAMANNA:Aao bhabhi..

Ridhimaa goes with tamanna carefully with her heavy lehenga floating ..armaan didn't even move his eyes from her until she left the corridor..he sat down on the sofa relaxing back when billy and ananya joined him on either side..

BILLY:So..atlast mere bete ke shaadi ho hi gayi..(keeping hand on him)

ANANYA:Haan billy..aaj mein bahut khush hoon..mere bete ke khayal rakhna wali koi aa gayi hain..(happily then turns sad)warna hum kabhi ammy ko toh..(billy too looks sad and removed his hand from armaan..armaan feels bad )

ARMAAN:Dad its ok..aaj ka din toh senti mat ho yaar..i want my mom-dad and ananya smiles)can I get a hug..(they all have a family hug)

ANANYA:Achcha ab hume chodo aur ridhimaa ke paas jao wooh tumhari intezaar kar rahi hoogi..

(armaan blushes)

BILLY:So..armaan ..enjoy.(winking).and yes good-bye too..hum tumhe kuch dino baad milthe hain..

Getting up..armaan too gets up confused..

ARMAAN:Aaap kahin jaa rahe hain..?

BILLY:Sirf mein nehi..hum..mein aur anu jaa rahe hain..apne second honeymoon par.. (catching her hand)apne risthey ko thoda spice up karne ke liye..ab toh tumhare honey moon ke baad hi lautenge,,

ANANYA:Billy..bete ke saamne,.,tum bhi na..(blushing)

Armaan looks at their parents who actually look like the newly-wedded,,,shaadi meri hui hain..par lag aapka raha hain,,(both of them laugh) I am so happy for you both,,take care,,will miss you..(hugging both)

BILLY:Ab setni mat kar yaar..waise bhi hum hamesha ke liye nehi jaa rahe hain,,(parting) jaa ,,warna ridhimaa teri intezaar karthe karthe so jayegi,,

ANANYA:All the best,,ammy..

Armaan smiles and goes towards his room walking very excitedly..after all he can be with her love ridhimaa he thinks to enter the room tamanna comes infront of the door..armaan sees her and smiles ..he tries to go from one side but she blocks the way and same with other..armaan who was very excited till now gets irritated..

ARMAAN:Tamanna ..(smiling fakely and tries to go again but she blocks giggling)kya hua..mujhe jaane kyun nehi dee rahi hoo..

TAMANNA:Oho..lagtha hain kaafi bekaraar ho rahe ho bhabhi se milne ke liye..(teasing)

ARMAAN:Haan..(getting shy then sees upto her whos laughing)ab tum bhi kya tamanna…ab yeh sab na ho issilye toh maine apne saare doston ko warn kiya ki wooh nehi aaye..ab tum shuru ho gayi hoo..jaane dona pyaari behena..(try to convince her)

TAMANNA:Achcha jaana hain..(armaan nods sweetly)toh pehle neek deni padegi..warna jaane nehi doongi..

ARMAAN:Kya yaar aaj tum ladkiyon ne mere wallet ki waat hi laga di..achcha chalo batao kya chahiye.. (opening his wallet)waise bhi tum meri ek lauti behen ho,tumhare liye toh main kuch bhi doonga..(smiling)batao kitne paise chahiye..

Tamanna looks upto him and says seriously catching his hand..

TAMANNA:Toh bas yeh waaada keejiye aap aur ridhimaa bhabhi hamesha khush rahooge..mujhe aur kuch nehi chahiye bhaiya..

ARMAAN:Tamanna..(armaan catches her hand and smiles)Haan..waada kartha hoon..ek aur waada bhi kartha hoon ki jab bhi iss behen ko iss bhaiyi ki zaroorat padegi toh wooh apne saamne payegi..(stroking her hair lovingly like a brother and then hugs her,few tears flow from both their eyes)

TAMANNA:Achcha achcha jayiye..(parting from hug)bhabhi aapki intezaar kar rahi hain..kahin..

ARMAAN:So na jaaye..right?(tamanna nods smiling)jaa raha hoon..(armaan enters the room thinking)pata nehi basket sach mein so gayi hogi..toh mera kya hoga..(feeling weird)

Armaan's room..

As armaan enters the room he sees it being decorated nicely ..the bed was decorated beautifully with rose petals and flowers hanging all around the bed and room filling with its fragrance,,he tried to smell them but all he could smell was ridhimaa's scent,,he smiled and made his way towards the bed..there was no light in the room except for lights coming from the aroma filled candles which were spread all over the room.

Armaan stopped near the bed and saw ridhimaa sitting with her knees folded and hands kept on it and with her ghoongat,he sat beside her.As soon as he sat on the bed..ridhimaa's hand clung tight to her lehenga with tension,she could feel armaans scent and now he being very close to her made her heart beat fast than ever.Armaan waited for a second for ridhimaa to relax and removed the ghoongat from her face,firstly he thanked that she was not he looked at her beautiful face,her eyes which were fixed down and her lips which were quivering due to nervousness.Armaan lifted her face towards his face,,the moment was like eternity..they both were lost in eachothers eyes..until they heard the sound of window being opened with force of air..both looked at it and then looked at eachother..and smiled..ridhimaa looked down again not being able to meet the intense gaze of armaan..

ARMAAN:Basket..(making her see him)Ridhimaa..tum aaj bahut bahut bahut khubsoorat lag rahi hoon..(he said coming near her)

RIDHIMAA:Mujhe pata hain armaan..(armaan looked confused)tumne ab tak 500 baar bol chuke hoo..(both giggled making the situation at ease)

ARMAAN:Ab koi itna khoobsoorat ho toh kya kare..(ridhimaa blushes armaan took ridhimaa's hand in his..ridhimaa shivered due to his touch.He looked at the mehendi which was very dark..he saw his name on it and kissed it,,making her move back for a second but armaan held her hands tight never want to leave)basket main bas chahtha hoon ki mehendi ki tarah mera naam hamesha tumhare dil pe likha rahe..iss mehendi ki rang ki tarah hamesha hamara pyaar gehra ho..aur(armaan hesitated to say the next words but ridhimaa completed for him)

RIDHIMAA:Aur Kabhi bhi iss mehendi ki haath se chutne ki tarah hamara saath na chute..

Armaan nods he couldn't ever even think of being away from her..that thought alone made him feel like dead..he has waited forever for her to be with him and today the moment was infront of eyes and he couldn't believe it..armaan left ridhimaa's hand and saw her seriously,,

ARMAAN:Mujhe toh yakeen hi nehi ho raha hain tum mere saamne ho..(he touched actually to believe again)Ridhimaa iss din ke liye maine kabse intezaar kiya hainaaj mera adhura sapna poora hua. ..(he said with tears)hamare zindagi mein kitne mushkile aayi par fir bhi hum ek ho hi gaye..

RIDHIMAA:Haan armaan,,muskile toh bahut aayi par hamara saath kabhi nehi chuta,,(with tears)

ARMAAN:Aur na kabhi chutega bhi..bas ridhimaa mujhe aur kissi ki zaroorat nehi hain..tum jo mil gayi ho mujhe..I love you ridhimaa..(hugging her tightly)

RIDHIMAA:I love too armaan..(hugging him back)

They were like that for few minutes after which armaan parted and looked at her .Nervousness was visible in both their eyes..armaan came closer to ridhimaa who kept moving back due to tension.. armaan knew it would take time for her to adjust to his proximity..ridhimaa on other hand was feeling bad not able to take over her uneasiness,she looked at armaan with tensed eyes..who seemed to have understood what's she going through without her telling..

Armaan suddenly looked at ridhimaa and then shouted loudly maiking ridhimaa jump with fear..

ARMAAN:Basket coackroach..coakroach ..tumhare bagal mein..coakroach..(shouting loudly and standing on bed)

Ridhimaa who till now was feeling tensed got scared listening to coakroach and jumped on to the bed with armaan and caught him tightly and hide her face into his chest..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..mujhe coackroach se bahut darr lagtha hain..

ARMAAN:Mujhe bhi..(hugging her sweetly and romantically..)

Ridhimaa notices the change in his hug and voice and lifts her face and sees here and there ..she couldn't find any coakroach and then to armaan who was enjoying the hug..she shakes armaan who doesn't budge at first ..but ridhimaa hits him again and he sees her seeing with eyebrows raised looking at him..he gupled down with fear and tried to divert..they were still hugging so armaan pushes ridhimaa back and shouted again..

ARMAAN:Bachao bachao..(talking tensedly)basket tum mera iss akele kamre mein fayda nehi utha sakthi..akhir maine tumhara kya bigada hain..tumhare ghar mein bhai..baap nehi hain..(he comes near and says normally)oh sorry tumhare ghar mein toh behen hain na..anyways..(back tensely)fir bhi mein yeh atyachaar hote nehi dekh saktha..koi mujhe bachao..bachao.. (shouting at heights)

Ridhimaa looked at him in furiously with mouth open wide..firstlt he shouts saying theres coakroach and now hes shouting back at her..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..tumna..tumna..(potining at armaan who laughs nervously)pehle coackroach kehke mujhe darathe hoon ab ulthe mujhse daar ke ..mera mazak udaa rahe hoo..jao mujhe tumse baat nehi karni..(stomping his foot which he growls with pain anf then tries to get down of bed)

ARMAAN:Basket..(pulling her to him)wooh tum mujhse itni door bhaag rahi toh bas maine mazak kiya..

RIDHIMAA:Mazak..bahut ghatiyaa mazak tha..(she shrugs him and gets down but in process armaan's hand gets scartched to her bangels making them break and hurt her)ouch..

ARMAAN:Basket..(getting down and seeing her scratch)chalo mein tumhari help kartha hoon..(trying to help her)

RIDHIMAA:No thanks..(she shurgs off again and goes near dressing table)

Ridhimaa sits down on table infront of dressing table removing her jewellary..she look at armaan's reflection in the mirror asking for sorry catching his hands to ears..ridhimaa smiles for a second but then turns aside not seeing him..

ARMAAN:Lagtha hain basket mujhse bahut naraz hain..(he smiles thinking of plan)

Armaan goes near the window and winks at the if responding to armaan the clouds drew closer and becomes darker and rain starts falling …ridhimaa sees back to armaan who is now playing with the droplets of rain..she turns back angrily towards mirror trying hard to remove her bangles which are stuck..armaan sees her struggling and comes near her..


Asmaani rang ho ..

(Touching her shoulders making her close eyes with his touch)

Pyaar ki boond ho ..

(Sprinkling the droplets of water on her face making her move back)

Roshni ho dhoop ho ..

(Removing the bangles slowly and kissing her hands)

Chahaton ki gunj ho ..

(Removing her earrings and kissing her ears)

Aanchal mein hai dhanak chandni ..

(Removing her chunari and seeing her reflection in mirror from back)

Haathon mein wooh chaand hai ..

(Removing her necklace and passing his hands over the place slowly)

Gairon se bhi hai vaasta ..

(Removing her maangteeka and touching the sindoor)

Apnon mein pehchaan hai ..

(Making her hair loose)

Tararuptarira Tararuptarira Tararuptarira .. Tu zindagi ..

(Kissing back of her neck making her shiver)

Mera izhaar hai ..

(Coming to front making ridhimaa open her eyes to see him)

Pyaar hi pyaar hai ..

(Moving his hands over her face)

Yaaron ki yaar hai ..

(Moving his fingers over her shivering lips)

Tu zindagi ..

(Making ridhimaa's face lift )

Tararuptarira Tararuptarira Tararuptarira .. Tu zindagi ..

(Lifting her suddenly making her tensed and catch armaan's sherwaani tightly)

Tujhse main kya kahun ..

(Seeing into her dreamy eyes and walking)

Tu hi mera sukoon ..

(Making her place on bed safely as she looks down tensed)

Sang tere rahoon ..

(coming near her face)

Tu zindagi…………

(Kissing her forehead)

Ridhimaa fees his touch mesmerising and wanting for more but it doesn't come..she opens her eyes and sees armaan moving back with a smile..he didn't want anything to do without her permission and which makes her feel uncomfortable and uneasy..but as he thinks to turn around he feels pressure on his was ridhimaa's..rain becomes heavy as thunders and lighting struck somewhere in sky..


Asmaani rang hoon ..

(Catching his hand and making him come near)

Pyaar ki boond hoon ..

(He sits opposite to her)
Roshni ka ang hoon ..

(She sees him lovingly and touches his face)

Main teri dhoop hoon  ..

(Armaan catches her hands and kiss them)
Tujhse hi hai meri bandagi  ..

(Armaan comes near and kisses her left cheek)
Tujhse meri jaan hai ..

(He kisses her right cheek)
Saaya tera mera ashiyaan ..

(He kisses her forehead)
Tu mera armaan hain ..

(He hesitates to come kiss her lips but ridhimaa comes near him completing it to his surprise)
La la la la la la la la la la la la .. Tu zindagi ..
(He sees her with passion)

Mera izhaar tu ..
(Kissing his left cheek)

Mera ikraah tu ..
(Kissing his right cheek)

Pyaar hi pyaar tu ..
(Kissing his forehead)

Tu zindagi ..

(Seeing him passionately)

Tararuptarira Tararuptarira Tararuptarira .. Tu zindagi

(They both lay back on the bed with armaan beside ridhima both staring at eachother)


Tujhse main kya kahu ..

(Seeing her and coming close to kiss her)


Mujhse kuch na kaho ..

(Seeing him and keeping finger on her lips getting shy)

Armaan and Ridhimaa:

Sang tere rah tu zindagi..

(Hugging eachother)

The rain pours heavily and the wind blows harder, all the candles blew off making the room dark. Ridhimaa catches armaan more near scared due to dark and he hugs her tightly making her comfortable,they both come close to eachother now only a inch space left between them.As the thunders and lighting grew in the sky..ridhimaa and armaan comes closer to fill the space between them as they consummate their love making their souls to eachother forever and ever..

{Ok guys as I said I am very bad at romance so forgive me :|}

Next day..

The dark sky was now cleared,sunshining brightly ,roads filled with water,greenary everywhere, birds chirping and water dewdrops falling from the wet leaves indicating the heavy rainfall of yesterday..

Few droplets of water fall from ridhimaa's wet hair who was coming out of the bathroom drying her wet hair..she settles her self infront of mirror looking at herself in a deep red saree suiting the color of her now deep blushing cheeks thinking about yesterday's night events.She wears the ornaments and is about to keep the sindoor when she sees armaan's reflection in the mirror and gets up to see him. She looked around seeing everything in its place in her house..everything neatly settled before armaan wakes up and to surprise him but the person she did so much was sleeping peacefully on the bed.Ridhimaa shakes her head and goes near him trying him to wake up which she has done 2 times before but he didn't move.She decided to wake him up this time anyway.

RIDHIMAA:Armaan utho(waking him up) Armaan tum uth rahe ho ya nehi(armaan drapes the bedsheet over his head now and turns around making ridhimaa angry) ,,theek hain main jaa rahi hoon..

She gets up to go when armaan pulls her back and she falls on his chest..he hugs her tightly..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..tum jaage hoo..(he gets up and opens his eyes)kab se,,(surprised)

ARMAAN:Jab se tumne mujhe subha uththe hi kiss diya tab se..

Ridhimaa blushes remembering that she gave him a kiss after waking up..she tries to divert him and asks him to get up still blushing..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..utho dekho subah ho gayi hain..(trying to get up)

ARMAAN:Sone dona basket..aur tum bhi so jao..(covering both of the with blanket)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..(removing it).pehle toh bade kehthe the..meri subah toh 5 baje shuru ho jathi hain ab kya hua hain..

ARMAAN:Meri shaadi..(ridhimaa blushes)aur waise bhi hum chuti pe hain basket,toh sone do na..(again pulling her to hug)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..chodo mujhe aur jao jaldi se naha ke aao,,(dragging him to bathroom )

ARMAAN:Arre yaar shaadi hote hi patni ki tarah hak jamane lagi ho..toh theek hain jaisi aapki hukum.Mrs.Basket,,(going inside the bathroom but comes back again)

RIDHIMAA:Jao bhi..(pushing him inside bathroom and locking it and smiles to her self)

Ridhimaa is keeping her sindoor as she gets up to go she hears armaan's call from bathroom..

ARMAAN:Mrs.Basket..Mrs.Basket..darwaza kholo..(banging the door)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan kya hain aise chilla kyun rahe hoo,,(opening the door as armaan peeps from it)aur yeh Mrs.Basket..kya hain..

ARMAAN:Basket ..ab tum meri patni ho gayi hain toh officially Mrs.Basket hi hogi na..(teasing her)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..(hitting him playfully)Basket tak theek tha..Yeh..Mrs.Basket..nehi,, please.. (pleading now) you wish basket..(dragging her near him)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..chodo mujhe..(shrugging him)waise tumne mujhe bulaya kyu,,

ARMAAN:Maine bulaya..(getting confused and then recalling)Wooh yes..haan wooh main towel le jana bhool gaya tha..pleas la do na..(sweetly)

RIDHIMAA:Par maine khud towel rakha tha,,(trying to see inside)

ARMAAN:Wooh..wooh..gilla gilla ho gaya..ab jao bhi..kitna shak karthi ho..(pushing her)

RIDHIMAA:Theek hain ek minute..

Armaan tries to catch her but she goes away..he hits his hand on wall irritated then smiles normally as ridhimaa comes back with towel.She gives him towel and turns back when armaan pulls her from waist and locks the bathroom door..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan yeh tum kya kar rahe ho..(getting shocked)

ARMAAN:Romance..(coming near and pinning her to wall)shaadi ke baad aksar log yehi karthe hain..(coming close to kiss her)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan chodo na..please..(pushing him)

ARMAAN:Basket yaar kya hain,,pehle pass aata hoon toh kethi thi shaadi ke baad..ab shaadi ho gayi hain toh fir kehthi ho pass mat aao..aisa nehi chalega..ab toh tumhe mujhse koi nehi bachcha saktha..(he laughs evily making ridhimaa actually giggle ..)yeh kya main yahan tumpe zabardasthi kar raha hoon aur tum has rahi ho..sach sach batao tum meri basket hi ho na..ya fir koi alien..(he comes near and checks her touching her..ridhimaa pushes him back)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan tumhe sharam nehi aati,,(giggling)

ARMAAN:Nehi,,hum bahut besharam log hain..(dragging her and ons the shower making them both wet)

RIDHIMAA:Hey bhagwan mujhe aise besharam pati kaha se de diya..(seeing up)

ARMAAN:Wow..Basket,,tum bhi mazak achchi kar leti ho..hamara sangat ka asar dikh raha hain..(kissing her neck)

RIDHIMAA:Main mazak nehi kar rahi hoon..(pushing him back)

ARMAAN:Ab kahan jaougi (catching her tightly in hug)

Armaan comes near ridhimaa kissing her cheek and then towards lips when they hear phone ring in the room..its rings again and again disturbing him..making ridhimaa giggle..

ARMAAN:Abe yaar subah subah yeh kaun insaan hain jo meri patni se mujhe theek tareeke se romance bhi nehi karne de raha..(getting irrirated)


ARMAAN:Papaa..(leaving ridhimaa with a jerk)

RIDHIMAA:Lagtha hain pappaa ka phone hain..(giggling and telling him)

ARMAAN:Kyun.kyun..(stumbling and getting sacred)maine kya kiya..tumne yeh sab tumhare papaa ko kaahan basket tum..(gettign sacred now)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..tum bhi na..papaa ne padpeere ki rasaam ke liye bulane ko phone kiya..bas..

ARMAAN:Padphere..(thinking)padphere..(remebering the ritual)

RIDHIMAA:Haan padpehere ab jaldi se ready ho jao aur mujhe ghar mein chod..(moving out)

ARMAAN:Tum toh ghar mein ho na basket..(pulling her from back and kissing her hair(

RIDHIMAA:Armaan (pushing him) main hamare ghar ki nehi balki mere maayke ki baat kar rahi hoon..chalo firse mujhe shaam ko pick up bhi karna hain..

ARMAAN:Shaam..(shocked)shaam.tak basket main tumharr bagair shaam tak nehi reh punga…mat jao na please,,(hugging her like small kid tighly)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan bachon ki tara zidd mat karo chodo ..(pushing him back for last time and seeing her wet saree)meri saadi poori gilli ho gayi hain..ab mujhe fir se change karni padegi..(getting irritated)

ARMAAN:Chaho toh main help kardu..(coming rings again)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan,lagtha hain.papaa ka phone hain..unhe mein kya kahu,

ARMAAN:Unse keh do main naha raha hoon..ab yahan se jao basket..yeh ladki ko bhi na bilkul sharam nehi hain..(trying to divert)

Ridhimaa comes out of bathroom to lift the phone thinking..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..jitna bhi kehlo tum ab bhi pappaa se bahut darthe ho,,(giggling)

Gupta's house…

All are waiting for ridhimaa's arrival eagerly..doing the preparations..

NANI:Shashank tumne ridhimaa ko phone kiya wooh log kab tak aa rahe hain.

SHASHANK:Bas maa aate hi hoone..maine unhe phone kiya tha..(to padma)padma saare tayaraiya ho gayi..

PADMA:Haan shashank..(asking anjali whos busy keeping things)anjali beta..pooja ke samna rakh diya..

ANJY:Jee maa..bas ho gaya…

As they were busy arranging the things..they hear the door bell all gets excited..

SHASHANK:Lagtha hain wooh log aa gaye mein dekhtha hoon..(he opens the door eagerly) ridhimaa..kaisi ho..(hugging her)armaan (hugging him)comein..comein..

Armaan and ridhimaa comes in and takes blessing from nanai

NANI:Khush raho dono..apni nayi zindagi ka bahut mubarak ho..

RIDHIMAA:Maa..(hugging padma)

PADMA:Ridhimaa.kitni pyaari lag rahi hoon..(seeing her saree,hands full of bangles,sindoor and magal sutra..also the kangan,payal and ring making her look perfect wedded bride) armaan tum bhi,,(seeing him as usual looking handsome in his clothes)

They also take blessing from her..

ANJY:Hello jeejaji..kaise ho..(teasing her)

ARMAAN:Bilkul theek saali sahiba..(teasing her back)


ANJY:Ridzy..kaisi ho..(hugging and whispering)aur kal raat kaisa tha..(winking while ridhimaa blushes hard)

All sit and chat for sometime..then nani declares its time for puja..

NANI:Pooja shuru karthe hain..ridhimaa beta chalo..

Ridhimaa nods and gets up..

SHASHANK:So armaan theek hain  fir se shaam ko milthe hain..ridhimaa ko pickup karne aa jana..

Armaan shakes hand with him but doesn't move a inch..shashank,padma,nani and anjali see him confusedly..ridhimaa notices armaan still didn't go..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..jao..(whispering to him)

ARMAAN:Basket mujhe nehi jaana..(whispering back)main tumhare bagai,,

RIDHIMAA:(stomping his foot to which he cries all looks at him confused but he smiles)Armaan please jao..

ARMAAN:Achcha main chaltha hoon..namaste naniji..bye papaa..bye maa..bye anjy..

He leaves unwantedly seeing ridhimaa turning back..all laugh at ridhimaa while she feels embarrassed..


Armaan has picked up ridhimaa from her maayka and are going back to their house in car,,ridhimaa is looking angry and not talking with armaan..

ARMAAN:Basket kya hua aise mooh phula kar kyun baithi ho..kuch toh bolo..(innocenlty)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan tum pagal ho gaye ho kya..tum pehle ghar se gaye nehi aur 2 ghante pehle aa gaye..(yes armaan came 2 hours before)aisa laga jaise abhi tum gaye aur abhi aaye,,pata hain dee kaise dekh rahi thi..mujhe kitna bura laga,,(feeling bad)

ARMAAN:Main kya kartha.. main tumhe bahut miss kar raha tha..issilye main wapas aa gaya..(saying with cute puppy face)

RIDHIMAA:Miss kiya..4 ghanton ke liye..(irritated)

ARMAAN:4 ghanthee,,basket aisa lag raha tha jaise 40 saal the..aur waise bhi anjy ki shaadi ho jayegi na tab pata chalega usse mere par kya guzar rahi hoogi...(ridhimaa giggles at his tone and his complain on anjy)waise bhi main tumahre bagair ek pal ek liye bhi ab juda nehi reh skatha tha..(catching her hand with one hand)apne palkon ke saamne hamesh tumhara chehre dekhna chahtha hoon ridhimaa..(lovingly)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan…(melting easily)I love you..

ARMAAN:I love you too…(kisses her hand and gives a envelope from his pocket)yeh loo..

RIDHIMAA:Ye kya hain..(opening the enveope and seeing it)australia ke tickets,,(confused)

ARMAAN:Yep ..honeymoon ek liye tumahre paapa ne diya gift ke taur par..(ridhimaa smiles)maine toh bahut mana kiya par unhone bahut insist kiya..wooh itne pyaar se de rahe the toh main mana nehi kar paya..(armaan says smiling and thanking his father in law whos he scared till

RIDHIMAA:(Smiling then remembering)Par unhe kaise pata chala hum australia jaane ki soch rahe the...

ARMAAN:Ofcourse (smiling)suresh uncle aur karan hain na unhone bataya hoga..waise main tumhare papaa se bekaar mein hi dartha hoon..wooh kitne ahche hain unhone itni achhi gift dee..

RIDHIMAA:Atlast armaan..tumne maan hi liya tum papaa se darthe ho..(giggling)

ARMAAN:Nehi,,main wooh..(biting his tongue)achcha babaa maan liya theek hain..waise tumhare papaa sach mein bahut achche hain,,(ridhima keeps up a fake collar saying its her father afterall.. armaan laughs then says irritatedly)aur ek hamare friends hain..jihnone bas ek dance performance se chala liya aur kuch gift bhi dene ke liye nehi aaye..(Saying angrily)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan pehli baat wooh aana chahthe the par tumne mana kar diya..(angrily)

ARMAAN:Haan..agar aate toh tumhare mere beech kabab mein hadi banthe..issiliye..(thinking "achcha hua nehi bulaya")aur doosri baat..

RIDHIMAA:Doosri toh purane ho jathi hain..par yaadein nehi,,unke performance hamesh hame yaad rehenge ..(smiling..armaan too smiles)samjhe Mr.Husband..(armaan stops the car infront of their house..with jerk as ridhimaa just kissed his cheek)ab chalo ghar aa gaya..(thinking "oyye hooye" he gets down following her)

ARMAAN:Ya chalo chalo waise mujhe bahut kaam hain..(playing with her pallu)

RIDHIMAA:Kya kaam hain..(opening the door)

ARMAAN:Honey moon se pehle uski thodi bahut practise karna jo hain..(hugging her from back)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan…(pushing him inside still hugging him)

The lights suddenly get on and they hear loud voice..


Armaan and ridhimaa move back fastly seeing all their friends gathered in their house ..ridhimaa goes near the girls happily seeing at armaan who is very angry for spoiling the moment..and coming without notice..

SID:Hey dude what's up man..(hugging him)

YUVI:Hye Dr.Armaan…(armaan sees them irritatedly)aap kuch pareshaan lag rahe hain..any problem..

Now all are sitting on the sofa..

JIGGY:Arre yuvi problem kyun hogi..hum sab inke dost hi toh hain..aur waise Dr.Armaan ka raat ko kya kya hua uski detais dena mat bhooliye..

All give hi-fi and tease armaan..

SID:Haan armaan hum sunne ko bekaraar hain..(teasing him again making armaan too much angry now)

ARMAAN:Guys tum sab mere ghar mein kya kar rahe ho..(getting up)

RAHUL:Are yaar itna gussa kyun ho raha hain..

SHUBANKAR:Hum toh bas tumhe surprise dene aa gaye armaan..

J.P:Lagtha hain bhaiya humne galath waqt par entry maara..kyun Dr,Armaan..(laughing)

ARMAAN:Exactly..i mean iss waqt par hume kitne important kaam hote hain pata hain,,(seeing ridhimaa from there)aise bina waqt pe tapak padthe hain kya..(seeing all)

KARAN:Hello ..bina waqt ,,nehi hum bilkul sahi waqt par aaye hain..pehle toh hum subah aane wale the..(subah thank god they didn't came..he was quite busy at that time romancing ridhimaa..thats what was armaan thinking)

ABHI:Waise bhi armaan..hum yahan tumhe gifts dene aaye the..kal kuch zyaada hi busy ho gaya tha na issliyee.(making him sit)

ARMAAN:Gifts..(getting excited) thanks yaar..(now smiling widely)

ATUL:Ye le yaar meri taraf se yeh plant bahut hi achchi flowers dethi hain..bas har roz tumhe isse paani dena padega..aur har hafte rose mix dalna padega..aur har mahine mitti..

All looked at atul and then too themselves and hit their heads.. boys were enjoying their "gift session" which was turning just more and more weird with J.p and Jiggy giving the last gift to armaan..a belan..exactly..a belan which can be helpful for him to make er…rotis..armaan smiles fakely and took it..while they kept telling about it other uses unendingly..

The girls were gathered around ridhimaa and teasing her too..

ANJY:So ridzy bata na kal raat kya kya hua..hume bhi toh bataye,,(hitting her)

RIDHIMAA:Dee,,please aap bhi na..(blushing)

KEERTHI:Waise ridhimaa pehe ki keh dete hoon yeh ladke na shaadi ke pehle aur shaadi ke pehel pehel bahut romantic hote hain..par baad main hume ultha inhe romance karna padtha hain..aur kabhi kabhi toh wooh bhi nehi chalega..(all giggle and look at keerthi in shock she revealing secrets…voo!!)

MUSKAAN:Bilkul sahi kahan aapne Dr.keerthi..rahul ko hi dekhlo..shaadi ke pehle dino mein mujhse meethi meethi baatein kartha tha,mujhe chai bana kar deta tha aur(slowly) kabhi kabhi toh pair bhi dabatha tha..(all giggle hearing it)par baad mein chai kya..paani ka glass tak nehi puchtha,,

All see her with shocked expressions except ridhimaa who shakes her head..

NIKKI:Haan ridhimaa…yeh dono bilkul sahi keh rahi hain..mujhe hi dekhlo…abhi shaadi ke baad toh mera fikar hi nehi kartha..pehle mujhe har do din par date pe le jaata hain aur ab ek mahine se koi date nehi..(sadly)mujhe toh shak hain kahin wooh kissi doosre ladki ke saath chakar chala raha hain..(ready to cry)

TAMANNA:Nikkiji..aapko aisa lagtha hain..(nikki nods)agar bhai aisa hain toh..sid bhi zaroor aisa hi hoga..wooh kuch dino se mujhe I love you bhi nehi kahan..(sadly)

SARAH:Oh that's sad..(consoling tamanna)i too think these guys can't be believed easily.. sometimes karan too talks with someone secretly on phone I too doubt on him....

NAINA:Mujhe yuvi par koi doubt nehi hain,,(ridhimaa feels happy someone believes there partner while all ask why)wooh itna dafford hain ki usse mujhse achchi ladki mil hi nehi sakthi..(ridhimaa hits her head)

ANJALI:Naina itna bhi khush mat hoo..kisse pata yuvi tumhare peeche kya kar raha hoo..(nainas excitement becomes sadness)yeh ladke humare aage kya karthe hain hume pata hain,,par hamare peeche kya karthe hain yeh tooh kissi ko bhi nehi pata.. ,,(anjali says walking here and there ,,a girls listen carefully like shes teaching them a lesson)ab atul mere saamne toh itna sweet aur cute hain..pata nehi mere peeche wooh kissi aur ladki ko dekhe..ya fir..two-timing kar raha ho..kisse pata..isska ek hi solution hain,,(wooh kya)apne pati ya fir boy-friend ho hamesha apne mutti mein rakho..aur apne pallu pe bandhe..warna kya pata wooh kab aur kasie choot jaye..

All girls nod while ridhimaa too thinks that can armaan do something back of her..she shakes her thought and thinks she needs to get out of here otherwise her brain will also be spoiled..

RIDHIMAA:Main abhi tum sab ke liye kuch khaane ko laathi hoo,,(all nod and discuss tips on how to make your husband or boy-friend fulfill your

NIKKI:Chalo mein tumhari help karthi hoon..Ridhimaa,,(getting up with her)

Nikki and ridhimaa goes into kitchen and ridhimaa fills glasses with juices and nikki arranges the sweets and hots..then suddenly she remembers yesterday's incident..

NIIKI:Ridhimaa..(she looks to nikki)tumhe yaad hain kal jiah ne..i mean abhi ki ex-wife ne.. humdono ko ek envelope diya....

RIDHIMAA:Haan yaad hain..par maine usse khola nehi abhi tak..(filling glasses)

NIKKI:Maine bhi nehi,,pata nehi kya hain usmein..(thinking)

RIDHIMAA:Woo toh hume rote rote de gayi…aur kuch keh rahi humdono mahaan hain aur itna bada balidaan diya..pata nehi kya kehna chahthi thi..mujhe kuch nehi samajh aaya..wooh thodi pagal hain kya..(confused seriously)

NIKKI:Thodi nehi poori pagal hain..achcha tumhare paas wooh envelope abhi hain..dekthe hain usne kya diya..(excitedly)

RIDHIMAA:Haan..hain main abhi leek ati hoon..aur tumahra..(going out)

NIKKI:Shayad mere purse mein mera hoga mein bhi abhi leke aathi hoo..(going to get)

They both leave to their rooms and get the envelopes..and meet back in kitchen..

RIDHIMAA:Yeh lo..mera wala..tum kholo..(giving her hers)

NIKKI:Aur yeh mera wala tum kholo..(smiling)

RIDHIMAA:Pata nehi kya diya hoga..(opening it)

What they see in it makes both of them flabbergasted,,both see eachother with mouths hanging..they exchange their envelopes and see again..making them more stunned..their shocked faces soon turned to angry and furious,they walk angrily towards living room where all boys are gathered around..

Living room..

The new gang were discussing some stuff..while others were chatting..

RAHUL:Yeh ladkiyan kya discuss kar rahi hogi,,(seeing girls)

SHUBANKAR:Zaroor yehi discuss kar rahi hogi hum ladkon ko kaise apne pallu se bande..(all laugh)

ATUL:Achcha par anjali toh saadi bahut kum pehnthi hain..wooh mujhe kaise bandhegi..

KARAN:Don't worry atul..wooh dupatte yaa fir hand-kerchief se tumhe badhegi..(laughing and making fun of atul..all see him seriously and bursts out laughing)

ABHI:Cool atul..kuch nehi hogaa..ladkiya hume kya bandhega hum unhe apne isharo pe nachayenge..kyun armaan,,

ARMAAN:Ofcourse..Yeh ladkian bhi na yaar kuch pyaar bhari baatein karlo..ek –do gift dedo jhat se maan jaathi hain..

All discuss the remaining stuff while abhi and armaan discuss slowly..

ARMAAN:Jiaah ko hi dekhlo yaar…kaise mana liya maine..(abhi see with eyebrows raised)humne.. wooh toh easily buddhu ban gayi,,(giving hi-fi to abhi and laughing hard)

ABHI:Haan yaar,,sahi kahan bas ek jaan chuti warna nikki toh mujhe maar hi dalthi..(gettign serious)

ARMAAN:Nikki toh tumhe sirf maarthi basket toh mujhe divorce hi de deti ..(laughing like a mad person)

ABHI:Ab bas bhi kar yaar,,sab sunlenge.. jiah ko manane ke liye humne jitna bhi kiya usse zyaada iss baat ko chupane ke liye karna pad raha hain..(saying seriously then laughing)armaan tumhe yeh stupid idea milla kaha se..

ARMAAN:Stupid…itna brilliant idea tha..(laughing)aur dekha kaise work kiya..(trying to act again as gay)abhi darling kaise ho..jiah baby..mere abhi se door raho..(coming close to him)

ABHI:Armaan..tum bhi na..(shrugging him)par kya acting tha yaar..agar kissine dekhliya toh sach mein yehi samajthe hi hum dono..(pause and laughing)

ARMAAN:Achcha hain na yaar,,hum dono ko Dostana 3 ki offer mil gayi hoti aur abhishek aur john gaye hoonge teel lene.aur hum sexy priyanka ya fir hot katrina ke saath "shut up aur bounce karthe"..bounce  bounce..(now getting up and dancing)

They both laugh like mad people when they hear ridhimaa and nikki's voice making the whole house silent ..all look upto them..



(Shouting at heights)

Armaan and abhi almost fall down hearing voices ..and get tensed.

ABHI:Indono ko kya hua yaar ,,aisi chilla kyun rahi hain..(tensed and gettign up with jerk)

ARMAAN:Chalo dekthe hain..(nervous)

Going near them who are looking furious..and burning..armaan and abhi see and shrug..then try to behave normally..

ABHI:Kya hua jaanu,,(coming near nikki who shrugs)

ARMAAN:Whats up basket..kya hua..(laughing but ridhimaa loos him killingly)

Armaan and abhi see eachother thinking they sure are in some big danger..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan tumne kahan tum mujhe shaadi ke baad har din ek naya surprise doge..yeh hain tumahre surprise..(showing the envelope in her hand)

NIKKI:Abhi.. tumne kahan tum iss duniya mein mujhse zyaad kissi se pyaar nehi karthe aur abhi tak tumne kissi aur ko propose bhi nehi kiya..toh yeh kya hain…(crying)

ARMAAN:Kya kya hain nikki..(coming close and consoling)

ABHI:Ab tum log bataogi bhi..ridhimaa..(going near her)

Nikki and ridhimaa sees eachother and then gives their envelope to armaan and abhi respectively.. hey both take it casually and open the envelope..there were some photos inside it..abhi and armaan sees them and gets bowled over…and look both of them dumbfounded..

ABHI:Oh no!!!(shocked)

ARMAAN:Oh yes!!!(scared)

They both gulp down with great difficulty,,if you are wondering whats in those pics..those are the pics that jiah have taken at the time she came to hotel starlight… "when abhi by mistake proposed armaan",,exactly..jiah have taken pictures that night to prove abhi is "that type"..she has brought with her to show nikki and ridhimaa and prove it..but armaan and abhi says that they "already" know about them and are helping and pretending infront of society,, she realises that armaan – abhi loves eachothere so..when she didn't needed those photos anymore and gave them to nikki and ridhimaa in hurry of leaving..thinking that they both already know..

Abhi and armaan looked again at photos..abhi giving ring to band by side..spotlights on them..ahem short "They are now dead-meat" in hands of ridhimaa and nikki..they both go near girls try to explaing but they seem to be in no mood..

NIKKI:Abhi..(angrily hitting him) agar mere haath mein kuch hota na..toh..(j.p gives the belan he brought as gift to armann ,nikki takes and hits with it)thanks J.P ,,tum tumne aisa kyun kiya..(hitting and crying)

J.P:Arre bhaiya..hume toh yeh upayog pata hi nehi,,(laughing)

JIGGY:Chup..warna wooh belan tumahre upar giregi,,(silenting him)

ABHI:Jaanu meri baat suno jo dikh raha hain wooh hain nehi.. (coming near her)

NIKKI:Jaanu..mat kahon mujhe jaanu..mujhe tumse baat nehi karni,,(shrugging off)

ARMAAN:Basket dekho I can explain..(trying to act smart)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan explain toh tum karoge,,mujhe nehi..(angrily shouting)mere lawyer ko karoge.. because mein tumse divorce le rahi hoon..(shouting in ears)

ARMAAN:Oh no..kal shaadi aaj divorce..basket basket..pleas ek mauka do..(falling on knees now)

ABHI:Nikki please ek mauka do hum tumhe sab samjha denge..please..(falling with armaan)

Ridhimaa and nikki see eachother and then boys..then nods..

RIDHIMAA:Ok..(giving one chance)


Agreeing..after telling the whole story..all are seated,,


All look at eachother and giggle but armaan and abhi are still pleading…

ABHI:Haan..yeh sab ek natak hain..wooh jiah ko bhagane ke liye hume aur koi rastha hi nehi mila..(saying truly)

ARMAAN:Nikki yeh sab maine aur abhi neh tumhare kiya..(trying to make her understand)

NIKKI:Mere liye..(first getting convinced then gets doubt again)mere liye ya fir apne liye..mujhe yakeen nehi hain..mujhe abhi bhi tum dono par shak hain..(pointing)

RIDHIMAA:Mujhe bhi..achcha yeh sab natak hain toh abhi aur yeh ring ka kya matlab hain..(showing photos)aur yeh music band..romantic mood..(seeing pics and getting more and more doubts)

ARMAAN:Basket..(coming near sweetly and shouting) zara apni ankh lagakar dekho..yeh nikki ke haath mein jo ring hain wooh hain..(the ring is not so clear in photo but it seems like its same ring in nikki's hand…nikki looks upto abhi)

ABHI:Haan wooh galthi se maine armaan ko friendship braclet ki jagah yeh de diya..(showing armaan's bracelet which he still wore)tumhe toh yaad hi hoga nikki wooh din jab maine tumhe propose kiya..(catching her hands)issi hotel mein kiya..tumhare aane se pehle maine armaan ko dikahne ke liye leke aaya tha..bas aur kuch nehi..(getting angry)pata nehi jiah ne wooh photo kab liye..aur iss pose mein..(almost in tears)

NIKKI:Haan mujhe abhi yaad aaya maine jiah ko uss din wahan dekha tha..(remembering that she saw jiah while entering)

ARMAAN:See I said you na..uss din ya  fir kissi aur bhi din hum dono ke beech (standing far from eachother suddenly) kabhi bhi kuch bhi aisa waisa nehi tha..yeh sab ek natak hain..uss din hotel mein wooh music band,lights,ring ..sab ek coincident tha..i promise..(catching ridhimaa's hand)please ab tum dono maan jao..

Ridhimaa and nikki looks convinced but they say they need time..

NIKKI:Humne thoda time chahiye..

RIDHIMAA:Chalo nikki..lets go..

They both leave to discuss if the boys can be forgiven or not..while all look at them eagerly.. abhi and armaan both are shaking with fear.,their future is decided by those two girls..

ABHI:Armaan hamara kya ho gaya…(scared)

ARMAAN:Bas wooh na ho jo abhishek aur john ka dostana ke end mein hua hoga..(tensed)

ABHI:End mein Matlab..u mean kiss..yeh dono hume kiss karne ko kahegi,,(jumping making all look at him)

ARMAAN:Abe nehi yaar..(pullinh him back) nehi..wooh jaisse..priyanka bobbby ke saath chali jaathi hain..aur wooh dono akele reh jaathe hain..wooh wala end..(explaining him)

ABHI:Ohk..(feeling relaxed then scared seeingg girls coming)aa gayi wooh..

ARMAAN:So kya decide kiya hain..(excited)

Boys looks eagerly at girls..

NIKKI:Kaafi sochne ke baad hum dono ne yeh decide kiya hain ki hum tumhe ek mauka dete hain.(walking)

RIDHIMAA:Par tumhe iss mauka ko theek tareeke se use karna hain..(walking)

ABHI/ARMAAN:Kya karna hoga hume..(looking innocently)

RIDHIMAA:Tumhe yeh saabit karni hogi uss din tum dono ke beech jo hua wooh ek coincident se hua short tumhe hume uss din nikki ke aane se pehle kya hua hain wooh saabit karna hoga..(both boys look how will they prove it)

NIKKI:Kissi bhi tarah se..koi toh hoga jo yeh sab kuch dekha hoga..agar tumne mujhe usse saabit kiya…then we will forgive you..or else..

RIDHIMAA:No maafi aur no shaadi,,(declaring,,both guys gulp down lump in their throat)

NIKKI:Aur jab tak tum humdono ko saabit nehi karooge tab tak..(seriously)

ARMAAN/ABHI:Tab tak,,?(shocked)

NIKKI/RIDHIMAA:Tab tak……..(smiling seeing eachother)


Ahem ahem..yes girls have dhakka marofy's the boys who are now in garden sitting on the bench and trying to get a way out..all other boys are gathered around not so supporting them..

SHUBANKAR:Kuch pata chala..guys..(supporting them)

ARMAAN:Nehi sir manager ka koi aaata pata nehi..(keeping the phone down)

ABHI:Aur na ho music bajane walon ka aur na waiters ka....(tensed)

ARMAAN:Sabhi ko ek saath chutti lene ki kya zaroorat hain..(getting tensed) ab kya kare yaar abhi..

SID:Karna kya hain..ab toh tum dono yehi settle ho jao issi bench pe..(laughing)

YUVI:Tum dono ne yeh sab karthe hue ek baar bhi nehi socha..ladkiyon ko pata chale toh kitna problem ho saktha hain..

RAHUL:Exactly..ab pata chala jab tumhe mujhe aur atul ko uss din sabke saamne fasa diya..hamari toh faath hi gayi thi..(keeping hand on atul)

ATUL:Haan rahul..agar anjali ne sach mein mujhe uss type ka samajh liya hota..toh mein toh..nehi..(feeling horrified)

J.P:Haan  aur toh aur aaj kal toh yeh sab kanoon ne bhi maan liya toh aapka toh bahut bura hone waale hain Dr.Armaan Aur Dr.Abhi..(oh and abhi look eachother and shake their heads)

JIGGY:Haan theek kahan J.p..mujhe lagtha hain..tumhe aur mujhe bhi na door hi rehna chahiye ,,kya pata log kya samjhe..(going away from him..j.p too nods and maintains distance)

SHUBANKAR:Guys tum dono ne jiah ko try kiya..shayad koi help ho jaaye..

ABHI:Kiya..par wooh  phone nehi utha rahi hain..humne hi toh usse hum se doooorrr jaane ko kahan..aur armaan ki acting dekh kar wooh iss janam mein kya agle janam mein bhi nehi aayegi..(looking at armaan angrily)

ARMAAN:Ab mujhe kya pata wooh jiah itni stupid hain ki jaate jaate wooh photos hume na de kar ladkiyon ko degi..(getting sad)

KARAN:Armaan..abhi..ab tum dono ko koi nehi bachcha saktha..koi bhi nehi..(coming near and laughing)Waise..guys tum dono ko aise saath mein act karthe..kuch kuch hua toh nehi..huh'' batao batao..maa daa ladla bigad gaya..(J.P n Jiggy too joins and tease them while all laugh)

ARMAAN:Guys tum log hamari madad kar rahe ho ya fir chida rahe hoo..(getting really irritated)

ABHI:Isse achcha toh hume akela chod do..(angrily)

At same time..some phones gets messages.

YUVI:Lo..ho gayi tumhari ichcha poori hum jaa rahe hain..(seeign message)naina ka message hain.. aane ko kahan..

SID:Same ..tamanna ka..abhi issi waqt aane ko kahan..(seeing message)

KARAN:Sarah ka bhi..lagtha hain..saari ladkiyon ne plan karke ek hi saath message bheja..(all nods)

YUVI:Ab jaan toh padega.. warna hume bhi inki tarah bhugtna padega..(all laugh)

SID:True yaar inki shaadi toh ho gayi..humari abhi tak nehi hui..aur hume aur "ladkiyan" milegi iski gurantee nehi hain..(teasing them)

KARAN:Yeh toh ladkon se bhi chala lenge..(laughing armaan gets up angrily..while other laugh and tease them )bye armaan bye abhi chalo guys,,faslty..(seeing armaan gettign angry)

J.P:Haan bhaiji ruko ruko hum bhi aa rahe hain..(following them)

JIGGY:Mein bhi..bye Armaan bye of luck..chalo J.P warna armaan ka mood ka kuch pata nehi,,(running away faslty)

Sid,yuvi,karan,j.p and jiggy leaves..

ARMAAN:Saaloon ..maine inki itni help kee..aur ab dekho sab mujhe akele chod ke jaa rahe hain..(acting like dharmji)maa kasam mein in sab ko chun chun ke maaronga..(getting up..abhi pulls backs to bench)

ABHI:Baad mein maarne pehle paani de..(drinking water)tere kethe time maine socha nehi ki hamari life sach mein john aur abhishek jaise ho jayegi..priyanki bhi nehi milegi..(sadly)

ARMAAN:Haan yaar,,(sadly then remembering)par unhe priyanka nehi milli toh kya..real life mein bipasha aur aishwarya toh milli..hum toh dono taraf se tai tai fish ho gaye..(sadly) paani de yaar..(drinking water)

ABHI:Maine toh aaj lunch bhi nehi khaaya bahut bukh lag rahi hain..aur thand bhi bahut tumhare ghar jaa sakthe hain aur na hamare..guys..(seeing others with hope)

RAHUL:Sorry..hume mat dekho..hum koi help nehi kar sakthe..Ab toh yeh bench ki tumhara ghar hain..yeh bedroom..yeh kitchen aur yeh bathroom..(laughing and teasing)

ATUL:Rahul chup kar yaar..main tumhare saath hoon yaar.,(coming near )

ARMAAN:Thanks champ tu mera sachcha dost hain..(hugging him)

ATUL:Pata hain armaan..pehle toh tum dono ko dekh kar mujhe bhi aisa hi laga..aur jab maine tumdono ko ek saath hotel mein dekha toh mere toh hosh hi udh gaye..(armaans expressions changes,..hotel?),pata hain uske do din baad tak mujhe har kisse mein sirf tum dono hi dikhthe the..(laughing )

ARMAAN:Tum hotel starlight pe the..(seriously)jiss din abhi ne mujhe I mean..nikki ko propose kiya..(excitedly)

ATUL:Haan mein anjali ke saath usse hotel par aaya tha date par..(blushing remembering the night)maine tum dono ko wahin dekha…actually main tumdono ko follow kar raha tha..(saying it with smile)

ABHI:Tumne hum dono ko saath mein jaate dekha..(atul nods)nikki ke aane se pehle dekha..(atul nods again)bracelet dete waqt dekha (atul looks confused)

ATUL:Actually na maine tumhe dekha jab tum armaan ko ring de rahe the..par shayad maine uske baad bhi dekha..tum usse koi braclet de rahe the..haan yes abhi yaad aaya..wooh kya hain na.. tumdono ko "waise" dekh kar main thoda sa shock ho gaya tha..pata hain anjali ne agar mujhe wahan se leke nehi aaya hota..main toh behoosh hi ho jata…(smiling)par ab pata chala wooh sab tumne kyun kiya..jiah ko bhagane ke liye..issi liye main tumhare saath hoo guys,,

Atul says it smilingly but abhi and armaan look at eachother and smile wickedly..hes the only source who can help them both…who can make or break their marriage and they both need short..atul is now "dead-meat" in both their hands little did atul know it..

ARMAAN/ABHI:Bingo!!!(smiling at eachother..rahul and shubankar see their expressions changed but not atul..poor him)

ATUL:Bingo..tum dono ko bingo khaana hain ..(abhi and armaan just smiles while atul gets up)main kal le aata hoon..wooh abhi mujhe jaana hain ..(blushing looking down)maine anjali ko aaj dinner promise kiya hain...

ARMAAN/ABHI:Atul..(getting up)tum kahin nehi jaa rahe hoo..(sweetly)

ATUL:Kyun?Par mujhe toh..(trying to tell when rahul hits him and whispers coming near him..)

RAHUL:Atul..(he looks to rahul)mujhe inke iraade kuch achcha nehi lag rahe hain..jaldi se kat le yahan se warna teri toh ho gayi..(atul notices for the first time their expressions and gulp down in fear)

ATUL:Thanks rahul..par mere pass sirf cycle hain..(feeling booked)tumhare pass gaadi hain..(rahul nods)lift please..(smiling)

The next minute we see is atul rushing with rahul towards his car in full speed..armaan and abhi sees eachother shocked and follows both of them..

ARMAAN:Champ!!!!!rukna yaar mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hain..(running back)

ABHI:Atul rukho mujhe tumse baat karni hain..(running with armaan)

ARMAAN:Pehle main ok..(pushing abhi aside and trying to be first)

ABHI:Nehi pehle main..(pushing armaan)

ARMAAN:Abhi..meri kal shaadi hui hain..issilye first meri..(demanding and pushing)

ABHI:Meri 2 mahine pehle shaadi hui hain .,,main senior hoon..issiliye meri..(pushing him)

ARMAAN:Main pehle atul ko ridhimaa ke pass leke jaunga..(pushing again)

ABHI:Nehi nikki ke pass..(pushing)

They both push and push but can't even move a inch..both get tired then they both look at eachother panting..

ARMAAN:Ek minute hum lad kyun rahe hain..dono saath mein le jete hain problem solved..(smiling)

ABHI:Exactly..(smiling )par atul toh..(seeing him go away in rahuls car and waving at them)

ARMAAN:Champ,,(running behind them)gaadi hain..(abhi nods in no)

ABHI:Comeon can do fast..tum yeh kar sakthe ho..(encouraging him)

ARMAAN:Abe oye chup kar aur seedha baith,,

Hehe..yes armaan and abhi have taken the atul's cycle and chasing atul and rahul..poor armaan driving the cycle and abhi seated back of him..hes trying hard chasing the car,,

ABHI:Seedha ok..wowo(falling back here and there making armaans control loose) yeh cycle hain toh kya hua..hum unhe chase kar sakthe hain..chalo..(encouraging)

Armaan and abhi speed up the cycle and go chasing the behind someone..who?let's see..

SHUBANKAR:Doctors yeh sab kya ho raha hain..Main yaha ka senior doctor hoon..aur tum sab logon ne mujhe hi akela chod diya..Not fair yaar..(feeling sad and shouting at them)Ruko mein bhi aa raha hoo..(he too follows them in err..a )

Rahul and atul's car chased by armaan and abhi's cycle which is being chased by shubankar's scooter..the chasing continued and gang chased happily ever after..may be!!!

SHUBANKAR :(Shouting) Rahul…………atul…………………..abhi…………….



Thanks to all who read and commented,"like"d,also silent readers…
Please do comment…or press the "like" button..

Thanks for the support guys..take care..

Keep smiling :)


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"Laye hum Hasi laye hum Khushi jee le phir se zindagi…

Taaron se aage hum jaayenge cheen le ayenge roshni …

Dil ho jahaan dost ho vahaan aisa manzar hain yahan…

Manzil nayi,rasthe naye …

Phir bhi chale,hum saath mein…

Hum toh chale the dost banke…

Jaane kahan dill mill gayye!!!!"

After 3 years..

Gupta's house:

Everyone are seem to be in hurry,,going some where,,

SHASHANK:Padma..jaldi karo..deer ho jayegi..maa…jaldi ayiye..(coming down from stairs)fir mat kehna maine deer kiya..(shouting loudly)

NANI:Shashank chilla kyun rahe hoo..(coming from his behind)aa rahe hain na..padma (whos behind her)anjali bhi aa rahi hain kya..(asking with smile)

PADMA:Haan maaji wooh aur atul saath mein ayenge..(now all are in living room)

SHASHANK:Haan.ab wooh dono pati-patni jo tehre..(stopping and thinking)lagtha hi nehi ki waqt itna jaldi beet jayega..anjali aur ridhimaa itni badi ho gayi hain,,dono ki shaadi bhi ho gayi hain..sasural chale gaye..aur ab toh..(getting tears)

PADMA:Shashank..(consoling him)betiyaa toh hoti hi hain sasuraal ki ..hume toh khush hona chahiye ki undono ko itna achcha sasural aur itne achche pati mille hain jo unhe itna pyaar karthe hain..(shashank nods)armaan ki baat toh tum janthe hi ho wooh tumse zyaada ridhimaa ko pyaar kartha hain..(shashank smiles)

NANI:Arre padma..(remembering) armaan wahan akela hain..chalo chalo..jaldi nikalo..

All smiles and move out the same time..

Atul Joshi And Anjali Joshi:

We see a atul's house and hes watering his plants..his wife..Anjali comes from back..

ANJALI:Atul main ready hoon..(setting her saree)chalo.. ridzy akeli hain wahan..

ATUL:Arre mera bhai bhi toh akela..hain..(anjali sees atul differently)achcha babaa chalo..(taking one of his plants)

ANJALI:Yeh kahan le jaa rahe ho atul..(atul smiles about to say)atul..please abhi mat le jao..chaho toh baad mein jab wooh ghar aa jayenge,,please,,

ATUL:Theek hain anjali jaise tum chaho..waise tum iss saadi mein bahut sundar lag rahi ho..(smiling at her ..anjali blushes)

ANJALI:I know atul..tumhe yeh saasi pasand hain..issiliye toh pehni hoon..(atul looks smiling that she cares a lot for him)ab chale..tumhare bhai aur meri behen ke pass..

ATUL:Chalo..anjali..(they both walk hand in hand smiling)

A very happy married life ..great ,,lets move to on to next house..err..seems not so great too..

Rahul Garewaal And Muskaan Garewaal:

Rahul is struggling with some thing while muskaan is getting ready infront of the mirror..

RAHUL:Bas ho gaya,,(actually he was fixing the diaper of his son,,seeing muskaan still getting ready)muskaan dekh mera beta bhi ready ho gaya tu abhi tak nehi hui hain..

MUSKAAN:Oye main 2 saal ki bachcha hoon diaper se chala loo ..time lagtha hain..(fixing her saree)

RAHUL:Tum ladkiyan itne time aayne ke saamne sajthi ho yaar..dekh mere raja beta ko 2 minute mein ready kar diya maine,,(taking him in his arms and cuddling.while he tries to talk "papaa…")

MUSKAAN:Aee khankajoore..wooh mera bhi beta hain..(taking baby from him)a la..mere mayuu..(if u wondering mayu?yes muskaan and rahul's son's name is mayank!,,she cuddles him and then sees rahul angrily)jab se mayuu aaya na tu mujhe dekh hi nehi raha,,jaa.. tu mujhe pehle jaise pyaar nehi karthe,,(turning around0

RAHUL:Muskaan tu yeh kya keh rahi hain..(facing her)tum dono hi mere liye bahut khaas ho..aur main tum dono se  pyaar kartha kum na zyaada..samjhi..(kissing her and mayank)

MUSKAAN:Hmm..(smiling)chalo ab deer nehi ho rahi hain..pata nehi kya hua hoga..(tensed)

RAHUL:Jo bhi hua hoga achcha hoga..ab chal..(taking him)

A sweet and salty happy married life with a cute little baby is just so great,,same time ..somewhere..

Abhimanyu Modi And Nikita modi:

Abhi is waiting for nikki and shouting at her to come fastly,,

ABHI:Jaanu..jaldi aao..deer ho rahi hain,,(pacing around)

NIKKI:Aa rahi hoon abhi..bas ek minute..(coming from inside)

ABHI:Nikki armaan wahan akela hain..hume jana chahiye,,(getting tensed and calling)

NIKKI:Tumhe armaan ki bahut fikar ho rahi hain,,lagtha hain abhi tak dostana jaari hain..(smiling n teasing)

ABHI:Jaanu please ...(coming near and catching hands)ek stupid si natak ke liye itna bhi tang mat karo yaar..(remembering the day)oh god…uss din pata hain maine aur armaan ne raat bhar atul ka peeche kiya.. tab jaake wooh mila..agar uss din wooh miltha nehi toh..hume poori raat bench pe guzaarna padtha..(thanking god)

NIKKI:Hehe..(laughing)bechara atul..pata hain kitna ghabraya hua tha uss din ..aur tum dono usse utha ke leke aaye ..(laughing at abhi who looked seriously at her and said)

ABHI:Toh fir kya karthe,,wooh bhaag jo raha tha..(saying with a pout)par ek baat achcha hua,,usne tum dono ko sachayi bata diya aur tum dono ne hume maaf kar diya..(taking and kissing her hands)

NIKKI:Waise agar atul nehi bhi batata toh bhi main maan jaathi..(smiling)


NIKKI:Haan,,(still abhi is in shock)achcha ab chalo deer ho rahi hain,,armaan se nehi milna..(teasing and smiling..)chao saare log aa gaye honge..(abhi smiles and walk with her calling again)kisse phone kar rahe ho..

ABHI:Mere stupid se bhai sid ko aur kissko..pata nehi utha hain ya nehi…ab tak,,(trying to call..nikki stops it)

NIKKI:Chinta mat karo..ab uski patni usske saath hain..(smiling)

ABHI:Issiliye toh chintha hain..(nikki looks angrily at him..abhi smiles and takes her hand ad walks)chalo na jaanu,,

Another couple happily married..lets see whats his brother is doing..

Sidhant Modi And Tamanna Modi:

While tamanna is ready ,,sid is still sleeping on his bed peacefully..tamanna sees the room which is in mess and she has cleaned it already two times yesterday..

TAM:Sid..(cleaning room)sid..saara kamra bikher ke rakh diya..aur ab aise so rahe hoo..utho.. (shaking him)

SID:Sone do na..puppy gayab..kal raat theek se soya nehi,,pata nehi resident doctor banthe hi saare duties mujhpe daal diya..(blabbering in sleep)

TAM:Achcha ..saare kaam aap kar rahe the..toh main kya kar rahi thi..ab utho sid..mujhe armaan bhaiya aur ridhimaa bhabhi se milne jaana hain..tum aa rahe ho ya mein akeli chali jao..(tam turns around but sid pulls her to bed)sid chodo mujhe..

SID:Nehi main nehi choddong,,pehle mujhe ek kiss do,,(dragging her near)

TAM:Sharam nehi aati..(pushing him back)humari shaadi jo itna waqt ho gaya hain..aur abhi bhi tum bachon ki tarah behave kar rahe ho..(getting up and folding clothes)

SID:Main bachcha hoon toh tum budhi ho..(angrily)6 mahine bhi nehi hue shaadi ko aur tum aise behave kar rahi ho jaise 6 saal ho gaye hain..(getting up)

TAM:Achcha babaa mujhe maaf kardo..(keeping hands to ears)ab chao..babaa aur aayi pahunch bhi gaye honge,,(looking sad)

SID:Oh shit yaar,,main bhi na,,,achcha chalo..(hugging her)par haan abhi mera kiss baaki hain..(going to bathroom and giving her a flying kiss)

Tamanna blushes ,,another sweet and happy married life on the roll..lets see the next house..

Singh's house:

Aviraaj and suhana are waiting in living room and calling yuvi..

AVIRAAJ:Prince aa rahe ho..ya nehi,,(no response)yeh ladka bhi na,,

Just then naina enters the house,,nain and yuvi are soon to be married,,they are engaged,,

NAINA:Hye bhaiya..hye bhabhi..yuvi abhi tak ready nehi hua..(coming near them)

SUHANA:Nehi naina..ab tum hi sambhalo prince ko,,,hum dono jaa rahe hain..chalo..avi..

Aviraaj and suhana leaves while naina goes to yuvi's room..

NAINA:Yuvi,,yuvi,,(calling)chalo deer ..(before she could take another word someone pulls and pins her to doorand locks it..naina opens her eyes to see yuvi standing..drops of his wet hair falling on her face making her mesmerised)

YUVI:Naina..tum bahut sundar lag rahi hoo,,(keeping a lock behind her ear while naina blushe then pushes him realising)

NAINA:Yuvi..chodo mujhe aur jaldi chalo..hume sanjeevni jaana hain jaldi se..

YUVI:Mujhe pata hain..(taking clothes)ab tum jaougi toh main kapde badal lo..(naina realises at that time that hes just in a towel)

NAINA:Haan toh maine kab mana kiya..main bahar intezar kar rahi hoon..(biting her tongue and going away from room while yuvi laughs and says his usual dialogue)


Naina and yuvi too leaves to meet armaan and ridhima who are in sanjeevni,,why?Wait and see,,,,lol..



J.p who now is a resident doctor and jiggy..whos doing his intership..yes you read it right..after seeing him most of the day in sanjeevni..armaan suggested him this idea,,and he being interested in it took up as his career.They both are sipping coffee ..they were early today and still have time for duty.Suddenly..they see a lot of people smiling n talking pass by the canteen..they are our new gang and old gang …

J.P:Arre bhaiya..aaj toh lagtha hain sanjeevni mein poora ka poora mela jam jayege,,(seeing crowd)

JIGGY:Haan J.P akhir itni badi baat jo ho rahi hain..Dr.Ridhimaa ka delivery kissi bhi waqt ho saktha hain..(smiling)

"Yes guys..ridhimaa is pregnant and her delivery can happen any time all their family n friends have joined in the celebration.."

J.P:Sabke bachche bhi ho rahe hain..hamari abhi tak shaadi bhi nehi hui hain..(sadly)

JIGGY:Shaadi kya hume toh koi achchi mil jayegi..Dr.Armaan ne toh kahan..deer hain par andher nehi..mujhe toh sirf aur sirf andhera nazar aa raha hain..(acting as if he can't see anything)

J.P:Haan jiggy..ab lagtha hain hum kuware hi maar jayenge..(piting on themselves)achcha hum ek aur samosa leke aate hain..(getting up)

JIGGY:Main jaa raha hoon..duty pe ..bye J.P and all the best..(going out of canteen)

J.P:All the best jiggy tumko bhi..(going near the counter)kaash yeh mugal saraya hota toh hume abhi tak ek achchi ladki se toh takra hi jaate..

Before he could anything more..he bumped into a girl..and they had a eyelock..J.P was lost in her eyes for few seconds then helped her to stand up..

J.P:Tumhe chot toh nehi lahi na flowerji..(helping her)

GIRL:Nehi,,main theek hoon,,aap..(dusting her dress)

J.P:Myself J.P…….jitender prasad…resident doctor..(giving her hand)aur aap flowerji..(smiling shyly)

NAYANTARA:Mere naam Nayantara hain..morena se aayi hoon..nayi intern.(shaking hands with j.p whos gets a electric shock from her touch).please J.P aap mujhse zara help kar denge..main yahan nayi hoon na..(sweetly)

J.P:(To himself)Nayi intern..morena se,,haayyee..(coming out from dream)chaliye hum aapke help karthe hain hume sab pata hain,, (helping her and then thinking to himself)bhaiya lagtha hain hamari akhir mein set ho hi gayi..

Jiggy who was going out of canteen saw a girl who just fell down and all her papers were floating in air..jiggy saw her and was mesmerised,, "Tujhe dekha toh"playing at back,he sees her struggling and helps her..

JIGGY:Arre aap theek hain na..(helping her)yeh leejiye aapka file..(setting files and sees the papers)aap bhi naye intern ho.

JYOTI:Haan..mera naam jyoti hain.(smiling).main gujarat se nayi nayi aayi hoon mumbai aaj hi..aur aap.?.

JIGGY:Gujju..main bhi gujju hi hoon..(excitedly )jiggy ..main bhi intern hoon..main tumhari help kardonga jyoti..(smiling)

JYOTI:Sach …jiggy tum bahut hi achche  ho..(giving hand)kya tum mere dost banoge..

JIGGY:Dost..(dreamingly then gives hand and shakes)ofcourse.aao mein tumhe poora sanjeevni ghomathi hoon….(the girl follows him while jiggy thinks to himself)jiggy teri toh hogayi chiggy-wiggy!!(dancing)

Outside the labor room..

Armaan is pacing around here and there..and looking inside the room and then corridor..

ARMAAN:(To himself)Yaar..pehle se mein basket ke liye itna pareshaan hoon..aur saale mere ek bhi dost time pe nehi aaye..(pacing around again when shashank makes him relax)

SHASHANK:Armaan..relax ..baith jao..(sitting)

PADMA:Chinta mat karo beta sab theek ho jayega..(keeping hand)

NANI:Haan padma..yeh toh khushi ka mauka..dekhna shashank main jaldi par nani banne wali hoon..(excited)hey bhagwaan sab theek kar deena..(praying to god)

As armaan too prays to god..he see's the whoe bunch of people entering the corridor..

ALL:Armaan!!!!!!!!!(all gathering around him)

ARMAAN:Guys tum sab log kahan chale gaye the..pata hain main kitna akela tha..(getting angry)

ATUL:Armaan..dekh sab theek ho jayega..(hugging him)

ANJY:Ridzy ko pains shuru ho gaye kya..(worriedly)

ARMAAN:Haan bas abhi abhi,,issiliye toh darr raha hoon..(tensed again)

MUSKAAN:Ismein darne ki kya baat hain..yeh toh achchi baat hain..ab jaldi se tu bhi baap banjayega..(all smiles)tab tujhe pata chalega ki kya kya karna padtha hain..anjy chal mere saathh.. rahul zara mayank ko sambhal tu..(drags anjy and gives mayank to rahul)

RAHUL:Muskaan..kya kar rahi hain..(taking mayank and cuddling while he hits him hard)ouch!! arre beta marthe nehi..bilkul muskaan pe gaya..dekh kya kya karna pad raha hain..

NIKKI:Arre pita hoke itna bhi nehi karega ,,toh aur kya karega..armaan tum chinta mat karo..ok. (supporting him and joins other girls)main abhi aati hoon..

ABHI:Waise ridhimaa ka delivery kaun kar raha hain..

ARMAAN:Dr.Keerthi..Dr.Shubankar bhi unhe help kar raha hain..cessarine karna padega issilye...(getting tensed mor)

TAM:Aap chinta mat keejiye bhaiya..bhabhi ko kuch nehi hoga..aap jo unhe itna pyaar karthe hain,,(keeping hand on him)

NAINA:Exactly tamanna..dekhna armaan jab tum chote chote baby ko dekhoge na toh saari pareshaaniyan jhat se bhool jauge..(smiling..armaan too smiles..but yuvi..ahem ahem)

YUVI:Babies chote hi hote hain naina..aur armaan ko pareshaaniyon jhelna kaafi achchi tareeke se aate hain..(with usual grin..armaan who was tensed till now lost his cool)

ARMAAN:Isse kaun leke aaya re yahan..dekh yuvi main already pareshaan hoon..mujhe aur gussa mat dilaa,,(ready to attack ..all help)sorry..wooh..(coming back..)

SID:Dude..dude relax..i know you are really tensed..(pulling him and making him sit)wooh mazak kar raha hain..(showing yuvi who looks sorrily..but armaan can't see any expression)i know believe karna thoda mushkil hain par kya kare..uska face hi aisa hain..manufacturing defect you see..kuch nehi kar sakthe..

Now yuvi tries to attack sid..but he winks saying hes joking..rahul comes and try to console..but he has mayank in his hand whos beating not only him..but also armaan..

ARMAAN:Kya yaar rahool..mujhe dhaaka de raha hain..(he looks upto see rahul is struggling with mayank)ek bachche ko bhi sambhalna nehi aata ..chal mujhe de..(taking him far) what's up..mummy aur papaa ko bahut pareshaan kar rahe ho...(the boy nods happily)good..good.(all see armaan playing but don't what's he talking

ATUL:Iski toh abhi se full practise ho rahi hain..yeh ek bahut achcha pita banega..

RAHUL:Par ek baat toh hain yaar..bachon ko sambhalna aasan hain par ladkiyon ko bilkul bhi nehi,,

ABHI/SID/YUVI:I agree..(all say at one time while armaan comes back making mayank sleep in his arms so sweetly)

ABHI:Ab subah subah hi dekhlo nikki ne fir se mere aur armaan ka mazak udaya..(shaking his head and feeling upset)

ARMAAN:Abhi,,tumhe toh aaj mazak udaya..uss din ke baad,jab bhi mein basket ke kareeb jaata na..wooh mujhe aise hi chidathi hain..(all laugh while armaan get angry)hason mat guys please.. (looking around)waise yeh J.P aur Jiggy kahan hain..

SID:Wooh do naye "female" interns ko sanjeevni ghooma rahe hain..akhir unki bhi mamlaa fit ho gaya,,(giving hi-fi to yuvi who doesn't give ,,sid takes back)

All see keerthi and shubankar coming out of labor room..armaan gets excited..

ARMAAN:Rahool..pakadna..(giving him mayank and going near keerthi and shubankar) Dr.Keerthi..sab theek hain na..


ALL:Sir..mamm..please batayiye na..(excited and tensed)

ANJY:Ridzy theek hain na..(coming near..atul catches her hand)

SHUBANKAR:Dr.Ridhimaa bikul theek hain..(all smiles in relief)

PADMA:Aur bacha?(getting worried)

KEERTHI:Bachcha nehi..bachche..(armaan smiles knowingly)Dr.Armaan ..judwa bache hue hain.. ek ladki..ek ladka..faternal twins..

Armaan can't digest the fact for the moment..while all shout in excitement..


Armaan sees around and realises and jumps in excitement..

ARMAAN:Main pita ban gaya hoon..hurray!!!!!!!!!!

SHASHANK:Armaan..congrats,,(hugging him)

ARMAAN:Congrats to you papaa..aap nana bangayi aur maa aap nani.(going to padma).aur nani..aap par nani..(to nani)..aur aap saali sahiba..maasi..(hugging anjali and atul in excitement)

ATUL/ANJALI:Armaan..hum bahut khush hain tumhare liye..(hugging him back)

RAHUL/MUSKAAN:Armaan..akhir kaar tu baap ban gaya..(hugging and patting him)

ABHI/NIKKI:Congrats armaan!!!(shaking hands and hugging)

TAM/SID/NAINA/YUVI:Congrats Armaan..!!(all give a group hug to him)

UMAR BHAIYA/AAYI:Khush raho beta,,aur bahut bahut mubarak ho..(blessing him)

AVIRAAJ/SUHANA:Congrats!!(shaking hands)

Enter suresh at same time..he gets really excited hearing the

SURESH:Armaan..sahi time pe aa agaya na..(hugging..)congrats,,mujhe party chahiye iss baar..goa hi beach mein..(armaan hits his head)chalo andar,,main bhi dekho apne pota poti ko..

Armaan gets nervous entering the room..all his friends push him..after the excitement,,happiness.. tenseness hes going through..can't be explained to anyone..he first see ridhimaa whos laid on the bed still unconscious and sighs ,shes most important for him..then he sees the two cradles placed ..the delivery was difficult..but all happened too both mother and babies are fine.Armaan walked slowly towards the cradles..the first sight of his was amazing..purely divine..he took both of them in his hands..the feeling he was going through can't be described..tears flowed down his cheeks..he tried to digest the fact he was father of two cute angels..who are now seeing him with tiny eyes..shashank came near him..and kept his hand over him..

ARMAAN:Yeh kitne pyaar hain..papaa,,maa..anjy..dekho na..(all nodded and took the kids from armaan..he really didn't want to give him..but he gave and wiped his tears)

SHASHANK:Armaan..congratulations..(hugging him again)ridhimaa beta..(going near the bed,,)

Ridhimaa was just coming around..she first saw armaan..

ARMAAN:Basket…ridhimaa..ridhimaa..(keeping hand on her forehead)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..hamare bachche..(asking weakly)

ARMAAN:Bilkul theek hain..ek ladka aur ek ladki,,congrats Mrs.Mother(smiling..ridhimaa smiles at armaan's name)

RIDHIMAA:Toh hum dono shart jeet gaye na armaan..(smiling weakly)

ARMAAN:Haan basket hum dono ki jeet gaye..(kissing her forehead)

PADMA:Shart..kaisi shart..(confused)

All the gang comes forward..all have already seen babies..

ATUL:Armaan aur ridzy ne shart unhe kaunsa baby hoga..

ANJY:Ridhimaa ne kahan ladka hoga..

MUSKAAN:Aur armaan ne kahan ladki..

RAHUL:Ab dono hi hue hain toh.

ABHI/NIKKI:Dono hi jeet gaye..

All smiles and gives back babies to armaan and ridhimaa..who take with utmost care..

ARMAAN:Thanks guys..mere aur basket ka saath hamesh dene ke liye.

SURESH:Dete kaise nehi..akhir tumne humsab ke liye itna jo kiya..hum tumahre liye kitna bhi kare wooh kum hi hain..kyun maine sahi kahan na..(seeing babies)


Someone enters the room at same time..

J.P:Arre bhaiya humne kuch miss toh nehi kiya na..(seeign around)

JIGGY:Wowo!!judwa bachche kitne pyaare hain..(seeing from distance)

All smile while ridhimaa asks..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..maa papaa ka phone aaya..(cuddling baby in her hand)

ARMAAN:Haan abhi tak 15 baar kar chuke hain main phone karke bata deta hoon..(he takes the phone and calls keeping on speaker)hello billy.. mom..judwa bahcche hue hain..ek ladk aur ek ladki..(excitedly)

BILLY:Congrats my boy!!(shouting)

ANANYA:Ridhimaa beta bahut bahut mubarak ho. (excited).apna khayal rakhna..(sweetly)

RIDHIMAA:Jee maa..jee papaa..(smiling)

ARMAAN:So tum dono kab aa rahe ho..

BILLY:Bas apne 7th honeymoon khatam hote hi aa jayenege..apne son aur daughter ko dekhna..(kissing ananya who pushes him)

ARMAAN:Billy.."Grand" lagana bhool gaye..(all laughs)achcha mujhe ek aur call aa raha hain bye..

ANANYA:Bye..ammy..bye ridhimaa..congrats again..

Armaan sees the other call coming and gets excited and shows to suresh ..its karan and he picks up.. are you..

KARAN:Armaan..kya hua ab batao bhi..(tensed)

ARMAAN:Faternal twins..both are sweet and safe and so is basket..(kissing ridhimaa on cheek)


SARAH:Oh I am so so so happy ,,ridhimaa..congrats.

RIDHIMAA:Thanks karan..thanks when are you both planning for your wedding,,(asking slowly)

KARAN:Bahut jaldi hi..hum apne angels ko dekhne ayenge india tab..yeh toh mere peeche hi padi hain..agar nehi leke aaunga toh mujhe maar hi dalegi..(smiling then sadly)aaj kal iske nakhre mein seh hi nehi paa raha hoon yaar..pata nehi shaadi ke baad mera kyaa halath hoga..hey bhagwaan mujhe bacha le..(all laughs while sarah still doesn't understand hindi)

SARAH:Whats he saying..good about me..right?(thinking like last time)

ARMAAN:Bata,,do..(teasing him)

KARAN:Aree,,nehi yaar marwana hain kya..please,,(pleading)

SURESH:Oye khote da putar itna dartha kaiyko hain..ab baatein baad mein sarah aur tu jaldi se india aa ja..tumdono ki band ab bajwana hi padega…(all laugh)sarah dear come soon.

SARAH:Yes papaa,..

They keep the call when shashank talks..

SHASHANK:Dr.Frank ka message aaya aur tumhari bi ki bhi armaan..tum dono ko badahai dee hain..poora sanjeevni ka staff aur patients ne bhi tumhe deedh saari badhayiya dee hain..

All smile..while ridhimaa and armaan feels great to receive wishes from all..

NAINA:So armaan , kya honge in nanhe angels ka naam..(seeing them)

YUVI:Angel..achcha naam haim..hamare bachche ko kaafi suit karega..(hitting her..while naina blushes)

TAM:Batayiye na ridhimaa bhabhi..kya socha hain aapne..(coming near )

SID:Batao dude.(hitting armaan)

Both don't say anything but just smile..

MUSKAAN:Ab bata bhi de, kya socha hain..(excitedly)

RAHUL:Jaldi se bata warna yeh khud rakhdegi..(teasing her)

NIKKI:Let me think..koi modern aur cool naam rakhenge..

ABHI:Kyun traditional names mein kya burayi hain..(fighting almost with nikki)

ATUL:Arre..mein tumko apni saari plants ke naam ka list doonga tum unmein se decide karlo,,(sweetly)

ANJY:Nehi..mujhe lagtha hain indono ne already decide kar hi liya kyun..armaan..kyun ridzy..(with a known smile)

All look at both they were suggesting names and they have already decided..

RIDHIMAA:Haan dee..(smiling and seeing the babies)

PADMA:Achcha toh hame bhi batao hamari pote ka kya naam hain..

SHASHANK:Mujhe apni poti ka naam janna hain..

NANI:Mujhe dono ka bataona..

All asks excitedly…armaan and ridhimaa see eachother and then too babies and say the names..

ARMAAN:Ladki ka naam hoga.. Rima..(rocking baby girl in his hand)

RIDHIMAA:Aur ladke ha.. Ardh..(cuddling the baby boy in her arm)

ARMAAN:Hum dono ke naam se..

RIDHIMAA:In dono ka naam hamesha hamesha juda rahega..

All were happy to hear names but didn't understand what means "naam juda rahega?"..all look at eachother while j.p and jiggy solves the puzzle..

J.P:Arre haan..Armaan se.. "Ar" aur Ridhimaa se "Dh"..bana "Ardh"

JIGGY:Aur..Ridhimaa se "Ri" aur Armaan se "Ma" bana "Rima"..kya idea hain boss..

All understand and smile..and so does armaan and ridhimaa to eachother..

SURESH:Bahut pyaare naam hain..(excited)

Keerthi and shubankar who were listening to now ..too enters..

KEERTHI:Bahut achche naam hain..Dr.Armaan ..Dr.Ridhima..congrats..(both smile while armaan and ridhimaa nods thankfully)

SHUBANKAR:Congrats..(patting armaan)Ab ridhimaa ko thoda aaram karna chhaiye..armaan tum ridhimaa ke pass raho..hume chalna chahiye..

All nod and leave armaan and ridhimaa with the two newly born babies..they both just remain side of eachother not talking and enjoying n feeling the moment..even a small move by the babies make them excited and they smile..ridhimaa sees both of them and tears flows from her pure,devine,lovely they both were,,she couldn't believe she have given birth to two such beautiful angels..

ARMAAN:Basket..congrats..(with tears)

RIDHIMAA:Tumhe bhi..(with tears)armaan aaj lagtha hain hamara parivaar poora ho gaya,,(feeling satisfied,,while armaan being himself cant stop his acts)

ARMAAN:Itni jadi par maine toh poora basketball team socha hain,,(ridhimaa looks at him angrily)sorry …(she laughs again and see the babies)kitne cute hain..yeh bilkul tum par gaya hain ..

RIDHIMAA:Nehi tum pe..ankhen dekho aur yeh naak aur yeh hoth,,bilkul tumhara hain..

ARMAAN:Oyye hooyye..aapko hamare hoth yaad hain..(teasing and coming close to her)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..2 bachon ke baap ho gaye ho…tumhe sharam nehi aatii..(going back)

ARMAAN:Nehi,,bilkul nehi..humtoh inke bachon ke saamane bhi tumse aisi hi romance karoonga..(declaring while ridhimaa shakes her head..)

Armaan comes closer to kiss her..while the baby boy Ardh starts crying..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..alle alle..(cuddling him)dekho mere bete ko rula diya tumne..

ARMAAN:Meri beti tumhari bete jitni rondhu nehi hain..dekho kaisi has rahi hain,,meri rajkumari..(cuddling her)

RIDHIMAA:Wooh toh mein thi na..(pouting)

ARMAAN:Oh..possissive..(smiling)achcha tum meri rani..aur yeh meri rajkumari aur wooh rajkumar..

RIDHIMAA:Aur tum mere dil ka raja..mere dil ka armaan..(kissing his forehead)

ARMAAN:Basket..(falling back)hum toh raj gharane ke ho gaye ab..(both laugh)but seriously main aaj bahut bahut khush hoon..apne bachon ko dekhkar..(seeign babies)aur sab ko iss khushi mein shamil hote dekhkar..sir aur padma maa..nani..aur billy – mom bhi,,bahut khush hain..suresh uncle,umarbhai,,aayi,bi sab bahut khush hain.. sab saath mein rehthe hain toh kitni khushi hoti hain..especially hamare saare friends ko ek saath dekh kar.. (feeling very happy that he got chance to share happiness with all)

RIDHIMAA:Haan armaan..unhone hamesha hamara har sukh aur har dukh mein saath diya..mujhe bahut khushi ho rahi hain sab log apne zindagi mein khush hain,unki zindagi mein sirf khushiya hi khushiyan hain..dee aur atul,rahul aur muski,nikki aur abhi..

ARMAAN:Haan ridhimaa..sid aur tamanna,yuvi aur naina,aviraaj aur suhana,karan aur sarah..pata hain ab toh J.P aur jiggy ka bhi mamla fit hain..(smiling) sabko apne apne pyaar mil gaye..sab bahut bahut khush hain..

Armaan and ridhimaa smiles widely thinking everyone are so so happy in their feels that they are completed with them..ridhimaa remembers something suddenly..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan tumhe yaad hain tumne mujhse ek waada kiya tha ..(pause)jab mein coma mein thi..

ARMAAN:Haan,,(thinking about it and saying slowly)yehi ki main tumko theek kar doonga..aur sanjeevni ko wapas pehle ki tarah bana doonga.... hamare doston ko fir se milaunga aur unhe pyaar sikhaunga..(remembering)

RIDHIMAA:Haan armaan..wahin waada..tumne yeh waada poora kiya armaan..tumne mujhe,apne doston ka aur sanjeevni ka saath kabhi nehi choda aur hamesh unki madad ki..unhe fir se pyaar sikhaya aur unki zindagi mein fir se khushiyan bhara hain..(saying with tears)

ARMAAN:Basket maine toh sirf madad kiya..baaki unhone khud hi kiya..aur mera manna hain ki agar tum sachche dil se pyaar karthe ho toh tumhe apni manzil aur pyaar zaroor mil jayegi ..chache tumhe kitni mushkile aur musibaton ka saamna karna pade..(remembering their journey)

RIDHIMAA:Tum bahut achche ho armaan..tumhare jaise pati milna mere khushkimati hain..(leaning on his shoulder)

ARMAAN:Aur tumhare jaise patni milna meri..(supporting her..when both the babies hit them)ouch..nehi baaba hum tumhe bhule nehi..ab toh tum bhi hamare saath ho.. tumhara milna bhi hamari khushkismati hain..(saying to babies who now smile widely..ridhimaa giggles while armaan sees babies)yeh dekho kaise dekh raha hain…(seeing ardh and saying to ridhimaa)basket mein keh raha hoon yeh tum pe gaya..

RIDHIMAA:Achcha toh isse dekho..(showing rima)kaise haath hilla rahi hain..pata nehi bade hooke basket ball khelegi ya fir boxing karegi ..tumhare jaise..(complaining)

ARMAAN:Ho saktha hain..Par isse dekho kaise dekh raha hain gussa se..bilkul tumhari tarah..gussa naak pe chada hain..(teasing her)

RIDHIMAA:Mujhe gussa hain..isse dekho..kaise mere bete ki ball noch rahi hain..(showing rima)

ARMAAN:Aur yeh uska haath..(showing ardh)

RIDHIMAA:Aur yeh uska pair bhi..Bilkul tum pe gayi,,(showing rima)

ARMAAN:Nehi tumpe.

RIDHIMAA:Nehi tumpe..




Both fight very stupidly and childishly and see here and there and burst out laughing..they embrace eachother and see ardh and rima..

RIDHIMAA:Yeh dono toh hum dono par gaye..(smiling)

ARMAAN:Exactly..dekhna bade hoke inhe hum dono ki qualities aayenge..(ridhimaa nods)

RIDHIMAA:I love you armaan..(leaning on his shoulder)

ARMAAN:I too love you basket..(hugging her)

They both see ardh and rima again..their life was now content..nothing could be asked for more..they both were there for eachother and now two more too add to their family - A picture perfect family..Armaan,Ridhimaa,Ardh and Rima..and lots of happiness and a bright future waiting for them ahead…


We see a sweet picture of four of them on hospital bed on the tableside …theres a cement plank kept beside having armaan and ridhimaa's foot print..someone caress the plank and  photo then the photo is picked by some boy in his late teens looking like a mixture of armaan and ridhimaa..

ARDH:Kitni pyaari picture hain..reems..(seeing the photo frame)

RIMA:Ya bro..(taking it from his hand)hum kitne cute the na..(the girl who is also in her late teens looking like armaan and ridhimaa says)

ARDH:Cute toh hum the hi..par mom-dad ko dekho kaise ek doosre se chipke hue hain..kitna pyaar karthe hain na yeh ek doosre se..(seeing the pic n giggling)

RIMA:Ya..(thinking)Bro..tumhe lagtha hain hume bhi itne pyaar karne wale ..what you call..soulmates milenge..

A couple who nows are in their middle age but age not even touching their skin nor their everlasting love comes from inside to the living room where the two twins are now talking..

ARMAAN:Of course milenge..princess..mera manna hain ki..agar tum sachche dil se pyaar karoge toh..

RIDHIMAA:Tumhe apni manzil aur pyaar zaroor mil jayegi ..chache tumhe kitni mushkile aur musibaton ka saamna karna pade..(completing armaan's sentence he once said)hain na armaan..(looking at him)

ARMAAN:Yes basket..(smiling  and side hugging her)

The two twins see eachother and rush towards their parents..

ARDH:Hey riddhi good morning(giving his mom a kiss on cheek..armaan looks jeaously while ridhimaa giggles)..good morning dad,,(giving him a manly hug)

RIMA:Ammy pops,,good morning(giving her father a kiss on cheek now..ridhimaa's turn to get jealous..)mommy ..good morning(hugging her sweetly)

RIDHIMAA:Achcha chalo tum ke liye deer ho rahi hain..bye bachcha..(to ardh)

ARMAAN:Bye princess..(to rima)

They both bid goodbye and take their bags and shouts from door..

ARDH:Mom..deer ho jayegi..extraa classes..fir byke racing..bye..(waving her)

RIMA:Dad..mujhe bhi..basket ball practise...aur studies ke liye night out..bye..(giving him flying kiss)

ARMAAN/RIDHIMAA:Bye!!!(waving bye at both of them)

They leave..

ARMAAN:Basket..yeh dono toh bilkul humdono pe gaye hain..hain na..(thinking stupidly)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan wooh hamare bachche hain toh hamare upar hi jayenge na..(shaking her head)

ARMAAN:Ya exactly..main bhi na kitna buddhi hoon..(hitting himself)

RIDHIMAA:Buddhu nehi budhe ho gaye ho..(showing him his face in mirror)

ARMAAN:Main aur budha..tumhe pata hain abhi bhi byke par jaata hoon toh saare ladkiyan mujhe dekhe bagair nehi rehthi ,,,tum armaan mallik ko samajthi kya ho..(showing fake collar)

RIDHIMAA:Mere pati..(giggling while armaan smiles at her widely)ab chale warna sanjeevni jaathe deer ho jayegi..fir ussi byke par tumhe akela jaana hoga..(going out of house)

ARMAAN:Basket yaar,,ek minute mein aa raha hoon..(taking his bag)basket..(he looks at her lovingly and kisses her)i love you..

RIDHIMAA:(Kissing him back)I love you too armaan..

They both hug lovingly when they hear two voice from byke going,,,

ARDH/RIMA:We too love!!(giving flying kiss and waving)

ARMAAN/RIDHIMAA:We too love you..!!!(waving back at them and seeing them selves)

We see armaan and ridhimaa waving back to their children ,then going to sanjeevni,meeting their friends who are equally happy in their lifes with their children,enjoying with family after coming back,spending quality time with eachother.... smiling and content with their journey of life.. cherishing their memories.,enjoying with children..and remaining for eachother in eachothers heart forever and ever and ever..

May Armaan and Ridhimaa the ever loving couple always remain for our memories and also in our hearts too as the sweet loving Ridhimaa And Cool loving Armaan!!!!!

"My Prediction For AR rest story END !!!!"

Thank You

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