Tuesday, 14 July 2020

OS : Destinated to be together (Last Part )

It's 12:31 in the afternoon n we all were on the lunch table but still I was missing someone but who??
OMG where is he??he never would misses out his favourites cooked by me I know tat.Has something happened to him.I'm getting worried about him,hope he is fine.
So,I went to his room to call him for the lunch!Entered in to finding him out but I didn't spotted him their.May be he has gone down..but luk wat a mess he has created around!When he'll change his habits,of spreading everything over.
Picked up those clothes,it had still the smell lyk he was near,why I was having still tat kind of attraction for him I have a fear,so I quickly folded them,n was in hurry to go down but accidently my dupatta was stucked in the cupboard wat was it tat still hold.
I found a book out their may be it wanted something to share,opened it up n removed my thread,found our name written in Red!n a heart drawn around with an arrow making us connected n it reflected his luv for me,as a bird humming our song on the tree.I opened it with shiver coming inside me.

Armaan's Diary!!2009-10
I guess now everyone has forgotten my name..
The name which gathered all the frame,is now left out.It's strange!I didn't expected when I entered this career tat a Doctor would turned into a patient lyk this..y did that dreadful night came,here I feel so lonely,soo alone,their is nobody who can I call mine own,living in a corner of the walls waiting for my lyf to just passed by.I'm left out with no dignity n now my identity is only patient no:729.Of a mental asylam mind u all I'm not normally mad,I'm madly in love of my love!Smile
On seeing every new sun rise from this window which still gives me surprise of her sight,I wish to see her by my side,whenever see a flower blooming by,it always reminds me of her smile tat tell I luv u Armaan.I have been kept away from her,hidden in this no luv's land but still feel her the fragrances of her perfume-The magnificant!whenever I see a Rose growing by.Hallucinating her standing near by!
How can I forget the first time when we met,I called her 'Basket' aur woh bas attitude deya kar chali gayi.*smiles*

Woh phelli bhar jab manaye kiya pyaar ka ishar,n when my Basket told me 'I Luv U.'meri zindagi toh jaise 7th cloud pe thi phir ayeh woh pyaar bhara phoolo ka musume kab,kaise kyu najaanaye ayegayi patjad ki hawaaye aur judda huwaye hum..*weeps* woh din hai aur ajj ka din hai..Ajj mai usse kya paas nahi hun.Phir bhi woh Meraye ahasaza mai hai..meri har ek saas mai bas uska hi naam hai..I'm living here alone,I know she must be thinking I'm a coward!to leave her alone in tat condition.But wat can I do can't see a those sour drops falling from her ocean just passing my days carving her name.
She turned out few pages.
Ajj mainaye Ridhima ko dekha she was in search of me,her luv,her life kash,mai ek bar Ridhima se kahe sakta ki mai tumse pyaar kar ta hoo par agar Ridhima naye mujhe ise haal mai dekha leya toh woh nahi shahepayegi,tootha kya bikhar jayegi aur isseleya manaye ek letter mai sab kuch likha diya..now I'll come bak tat day when I'll be perfect for Ridhima..
Armaan tum meraleya humesha perfect tha aur humesha perfect hi rahogaye.
She turned few more n just came to one random page to find out his heart burning on the pan which is getting the fire of her betrayle..
I busted out all my pain but it still didn't get out drained..
She has taken her decision n now I respect it but I'll luv her till the end of my lyf,'zindagi bhar tak tumari kami rahe gi Ridhima,par kabhi nahi yeh tumse kaho ga mai Ridhima,ki Ajj bhi mujhe tumari jarurat hai aur zindagi bhar tak rahe gi,ishi bhat se mai khush ho, ki tum khush ho,aur Apni akhari saas tak tumse,sirf tumse pyaar karta rahoga,marnaye kya bhad bhi yeh tasali rahe gi ki tum khush ho,aur kuch bhi nahi chahiya mujhe'*tears rolled*
Just than the door opened n it was him.*shocked*
U r here I was searching for u everywhere cumon let's go for lunch.I'm damn hungry..
He sees the Diary in her hands n *paused for a moment*quickly taking it from her he went saying it's nothing serious,I had wrote it just for timepass let's go otherwise the kids would eat all the food n I don't want to miss it.I'm too much hungry,u come down quick,otherwise u would be leftout.
Hidding his pain in his heart he went out.."zindagi bhar tak tumari kami rahe gi Ridhima,par kabhi nahi yeh tumse kaho ga mai Ridhima,ki Ajj bhi mujhe tumari jarurat hai aur zindagi bhar tak rahe gi..ishi bhat se mai khush ho, ki tum khush ho...aur Apni akhari saas tak tum sirf tumse pyaar karta rahoga"
The words where now haunting me,lyk a record player who's pause button has broke down..I ran behind him.
He stopped n the winds started blowing from all the sides giving me the courage to tell him...tat...
Looking bak,I have this to regret,tat when I loved,I didn't say so...
Our eyes was creating a new Red sea..Cry
Armaan u were rite I was leftout,from u're luv,u're lyf..n wat did u say it was nothing serious!how can u say this it's our lyf n every moment of it was serious..*catching his coller for a min* u were hidding such a Big pain in u're heart,for my happiness..y..I need an answer y?y did u sacrified u're lyf u're happiness for me*on her kneesCry*
He bends down n says becoz I Care For u!n I still Luv U!she luk's in his eyes n they have a exchange of words through their eyes language..*picks her up*I always wanted u're khush...n*she cut's him*
u wondered how u'd u make it through?rite...n I wondered wat was wrong with u.But how can u give u're luv to someone else,yet shared u're dreams with me? Some times the only thing u r luking for is u can't see..n I was always luking for u....
I hate myself..
Ridhima!pls don't say it.
No Armaan,Let me say it,I won't get another chance.*crying*I hate myself.. It all happened becoz of me..I hated u when u left. So much tat I had started to belive tat I don't luv u n now tat I have realized tat I still Luv U....I don't want u to leave me....I'm being so selfish but I need u,pls...be mine.
I had waited for u to say this in my entire journery with u,n now tat u have told me this I'll never let u go away...*Hugs*
pls don't let me,n if I behave rude lyk before than u can always slap me...n stop with all the right..
I still don't have tat right on u Ridhima.*they move bak*
Armaan turned his face...
Than Ridhima went on her knees again but this time it was for the .
I Dr.Ridhima Gupta luv's Dr.Armaan Malik from bottom of my heart,n wants to stay with him till the end of my lyf,will u marry me!
Armaan turned towards her n picked up her n said the Golden word'Yes,I'll'....n the winds threw red petals on them....as a token of giving their blessing..
Destiny has once again brought them together but this time forever!no one can make them apart n now they'll depart in their world of luv...where no trouble will arise before them n if it would,they'll conquere over again....their luv will always win every once heart...

Luv nidz.. .

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