Sunday, 12 July 2020

OS : Destinated to be together (Part 1)

My mind is disturbed with her thoughts..
Her smile will give me a new beginning,her confused eye still had tat luv for sure..but her fathers decision is wat her destination..and mine I have lost for only goal was u..
But it seems lyk an impossible dream to come true..I may drive alone a new road to start a new lyf..but my soul will remain with u..n some days u'll be mine too!
Father I have taken this decision n this is my final one..I'll be living my lyf alone serving those Angles of God!I'm leaving for the orphanage n that's for one can stop me now..not even u're luv..I'm destinated to be alone n tat fact I have taken without anyones fear!
On my way,my bus had a engine failure,it seemed to me tat in my lyf everything is going to be exting!The road seemed so long n my destination no where around..tried of those thoughts I sat down on the grey floor.
I was driving my way with agony!saw her there lyk waiting for me..was it my dream or was she there for real..stopped the car!It's no dream she is there waiting..wat happened,wat r u doing in the middle of path..

My bus engine broked down n I'm going to the orphanage..
Let me drop u there..u can trust me I won't even talk about wat happened..she *nodded*
we sat besides each other.. There was soo much to ask but I had a promise to fulfilled..
has she finished with those things in her lyf.. The time passed n my heart needed those answer.. So I gathered my courage n asked her tat..
She replied her past is a past..n she won't talk about it..n u're no one to me to ask about it..
Alas!she has took the decision..I can't see her heart broken..has she taken this for me..I needed more courage to ask her this..but my heart is filled with all that greaf n pain tat she was suffering around the lane..asking for the whole world's courage from the God! I asked her tat..
How could u ask me this,u all feel tat I'm a puppet of u're's.. who'll take her move,the way u all want..clear u're ears n listen to me I'm not anyones slave or a puppet.. n I won't be with 'The'..I'll leave my lyf alone!n if u have a problem then I can get down on the street.
Me *shocked* No!stop.I won't ask u tat again pls make u're self comfortable n leave this pain..
The silentls entired between us..till we reached our destination..We reach the orphanage n it seemed lyk this place was untouched since ages!
The silents which always makes it place between us was gone....those little naughty onces, where playing n screaming around lyk never before..
They had no tension in their eyes,not even sacred of the nasty world.
They saw us n came to meet us running n we all Group Hugged...
She still feeling *awkward*..Just than a common frnd of u're came...yes..Bui came in we took her Arshiwaad..together by following the Indian tradition of touching feet our heads dashed n our *eyeslocked* for a moment it seemed tat our eyes were filled with luv..but soon our conscious came again made us realised tat it's not same any more....
Bui took her away..
A night in Sanjivani lonavala orphanage!
My eyes where searching him to tell him tat I have just taken a biggest step in my lyf by singing them n now I'm not ready to start over again.
He was there on the corner of the garden playing with those naughty one's.
His eyes still had tat luv for me,those innocent eyes playing around hidding his gr8est fear,the fear of loosing me.
But I need to tell him tat from now on we r just frnds.
I was playing with my tiny frnds n she was there @the opposite corner staring @me.Wat must be she thinking,may be she won't be mine or may be it would all be fine.I don't know,but wat I know is I can wait for her till my lyf ends.Just waiting for her to accept me again.
Should I go to him n say I'm sorry for being so rude,but wat if he neglects my apology!
Here the Nanny comes n takes the kids with her,than the kids goes to bed n now it's just the silent left between two of us.Silent tat hurt both of them,silent tat has everything to tell but yet unspoken.
He goes near her n said Hi!I'm sorry for asking u tat again.
She replied No,no I'm sorry for being so rude..the silents entered again.
She asked him let's be frnds n forget those days.
He said to his soul Some days can never be forgotten but I'll try my best,if this wat she want I'll give it to her,I will try my best to see her happy..
They shaked there hand as a token of bring their old friendship bak again.
He *yawned* Good night my frnd will start over again..I mean with our old time friendship tat was so pure..
She *nodded* Good night!n thanks for understanding me dear!
They both departed there way to there respective rooms opposing each other..
Will there silent luv bloom again or the friendship would stay lyf long..somethings in this world r not in our hands but yet to decised over again is surely with us!
We r destined to be together..


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