Monday, 13 July 2020

OS : Destinated to be together (Part 2)

The next day
We were treating those little frnds of us..his eyes had more shine than yesterday..something had change between us for sure.
But we r frnds now but still y do I have tat kind of attraction for him..y couldn't I concentrate on my work...y my eyes r still on him..cumon Ridhima we r frnds now I shouldn't be thinking lyk this for him..
She goes towards him n said Hi!n He replied me with a dimpled smile..I's been age's sinces I saw those dimples on his face,he luked so lyk u can't think lyk this's not rite to think about him lyk this..
So she continued treating her patients...
In the evening,a restless kind of Atmosphere was going on in there minds which were now preparing themselves as a 'Frnd'.

Those our little frnds took her with them...for playing..'Hide n seek'
Her Shararati smile which I was finding from past few months has now returned!
Her eyes r glowing now n it seems to me tat this glow will last forever.
Her smile makes my heart beat slow n fast @the same time...dude stop it! She is not u're Basket anymore we r just frnds..tat's it..control u're feeling now!
Suddenly a 12month old started cryingCryn we rushed to stop that flood..
Together we tried everything from giving the little Angle her milk to her toys..we even tried to talk with her in her baby language,but I guess we couldn't speak up tat well n than she suggested me to take her on my bak!she hold her while I cradled..
It was one of our tuffest mission together but even the best too!soon baby got tried n sleeped in my arms...we kept her down to bed she holed us with her tiny little hand..this was another awkward situation to face..but here she *shy*Embarrassed...this was the moment for us to remember our past but this flash bak didn't last long..soon the nanny entered to finish our song!

Days past n our frndship was getting wat we were not lovers but she was with me tat's enough for me..
Somethings were not be..but I still luv her..deeply indeed..
I'm happy tat we r frnd his company my all pain has flew's pure frndship tat will now stay..but still there is something tat reminds me of those good old day..may be the nok jok element tat is still between us....wat can I do,we never give up! I'm loving this color of our frndship..pure white!but still when I see the red from my sight..y it still makes me feel I won't see tat's a danger sign....I may get hurt again..but on the other hand it's my heart's color tat is giving me a new lyf....should I hold it tight..or leave it..y I'm always so confused about my lyf..cumon Ridhima...u r not tat Basket anymore..u're goals have changed for sure..r they??y I'm not always sure...
Here the Bui comes to solve her problems.. Dear! sometimes in our lyf wat we want is with us but, still we search for it around the world...hope u understand n distinguish between everything...
Bui has left me with more confusions than before...wat I have in my lyf now I'm still not sure....just on my way to bed...I was thinking wat Bui said.. dashed with him again.. But we didn't felt tat pain..n his books dropped down too!..we beneded down to fetch those few..suddenedly his hand touched mine..this feeling I cann't define..a moment he luked into my eyes..I felt still the same..somewhere deep inside my heart tat luv still remained..but I know he does not feel the him the books I went to my room..y always our ways meet..if they come to go away...we r the two oppositing poles of earth tat won't stay together...somethings in lyf r not forever..
She was luking different but yet the same..something was changed for sure..has she changed her hair style....may be but in this one she luked really gr8!
It's destiny tat seperated them,n it would be destiny tat would mend their ways...
Somethings in lyf always stays...Here there luv will stay forever..

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