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OS : Made for Each Other

She descended down the stairs clad in a Purple saree designed in sequins and white stones. She had applied light makeup on her face, highlighting her green eyes. She wore platinum bangles studded with small diamonds, her mangalsutra shining in her slender neck, along with a simple diamond necklace, with matching earpiece. Armaan looked at his beautiful wife with open mouth and dreamy eyes admiring her. He was spell bounded by her. Riddhima felt her husband's intense gaze on her and looked up at him. He smiled seeing her cheeks crimson and mouthed "I love you" to her. He blew a flying kiss to her and she lowered her eyes in shyness. Her cousin Anjali's husband, atul, who was standing beside armaan nudged him and said, "Armaan, even rahul is not ogling at his bride muskaan like you are gawking at riddhima. Stop it yaar". "She is my wife, I will stare at her as much as I want. You go to hell" he said irritated by the disturbance, making atul chuckle.


"You are Beautiful Riddhima Mallik" armaan whispered in his wife's ear when she stood beside him after making her little sister muskaan sit in the mandap. She shivered with the closeness and his hot breath hitting her delicate neck. She lowered her eyes mouthing "Thank you" to him. He smiled at his wife and entwined his hands with hers. They both were busy in the wedding preparations from the past few weeks and didn't get much time to spend together. After all, it's her little sister Muskaan and his best friend Rahul's wedding. They wanted everything perfect for the two important people of their life. As the pandit did the rituals and rahul and muskaan took pheras, they looked at them smiling and praying god to always keep them together and happy. Riddhima's eyes moistened as Rahul tied the mangalsutra and filled muskaan's hair parting with sindoor. She remembered her armaan doing the same to her and an enchanting smile formed on her lips which came from her heart and reached her green eyes. She leaned her head on armaan's shoulder and he encircled his arms around her bare waist making her shiver with his touch. He kissed her head. "I love you" she whispered to him. "I love you too" he said bringing her more close to him making her smile shyly.


Armaan pulled riddhima to a room in the mansion not listening to her protests. He locked the door and pinned her to the wall. Without speaking anything, he captured her lips in a passionate kiss. She was shocked at first but then responded to him with equal love and passion. He caressed her bare waist and pulled her closer banging her with his chest. She ruffled his hair massaging his scalp making him groan. He caressed her bare back making her moan. They kissed each other with equal fervour. They slowed down the kiss and released their mouths out of breath. Breathing heavily and leaning their foreheads on each other's, they mumbled "I love you" with closed eyes. Armaan opened his eyes and kissed her eyes which were closed. He tucked her hair strands behind ear and kissed her earlobe and bit it. He planted urgent wet kisses in her neck and shoulder. She ruffled his hair urging him to go on. She caressed his back with her other hand and pulled him up when he bit her shoulder. She captured his lips surprising him and making him smile between the kiss.

Armaan and riddhima broke their kiss breathless. Riddhima slowly opened her eyes and looked at him in a daze. Her eyes travelled on him who wore a white sherwani, half of his chest exposed. Armaan smirked looking at her checking him out. He pulled closer by her waist and she looked into his eyes. "Not fair wifey. I complimented on how you look tonight, but you didn't say anything about me. So, how do I look?" he asked her naughtily. She lowered her eyes and said "As always, My Breathtakingly Handsome Armaan". "Oye hoyye. Kya baat hai? First you initiated a kiss and now this compliment. I am blessed today" he said chuckling. She hid her face in his chest blushing.


After muskaan went to her in-laws home, her new home, riddhima and armaan finished their works and walked towards their car.  They both were exhausted and just want to hit the bed and sleep. Armaan looked at riddhima whose cheeks had tear stains as she had cried on muskaan's bidaai. He held her hand with his left hand and she clutched it immediately smiling and blinking her eyes at him saying she is fine, with her eyes. He smiled at her and drove towards home.

Reaching home, first riddhima went to take a shower. She came out of the bathroom after almost half an hour, wearing her night clothes. "Armaan please take a quick shower and come soon. I am very sleepy" she said in babyish voice making him smile. "I will my baby" he said kissing her forehead. Coming out after fifteen minutes, he saw her sprawled on the bed on her stomach. He sat beside her in the bed and she kept her head on his lap feeling his presence. "My body is aching armaan" she said with closed eyes. He ran his fingers through her silky hair massaging her scalp. He pressed her hand soothing her pain. Smiling, she opened her eyes. She went breathless looking at him. His upper body was bare. She got off his lap blushing and that's when armaan realised he had not worn his shirt. He stood up to take a shirt. He turned and looked at her when she held his wrist stopping him. "What?" he asked. She pulled him making him sit on the bed again and shook her head in "no". "What no?" he asked. "Don't we'wea..wear sh'shir..shirt" she whispered. He grinned hearing her and asked her "You sure?" she nodded. He smiled and lied on his side of the bed dimming the bedside lamp. She lied beside him. He hugged her close to his heart and caressed her hair. She shuddered feeling his bare skin as her hand went around his waist hugging him. She kept her head on his chest. "You okay na riddhima?" armaan asked her worried. She understood he is asking about muskaan's bidaai and looked up at him. "I am fine armaan. I am Very Happy for my sister. She married the man she loves. I cried so much in her bidaai because I got emotional. Now I am fine. I know my sister have stepped into a blissful marriage life. I am happy for her, coz she is going to feel the same happiness and contentment I feel when I am with you. I trust Rahul. He will keep her happy. And I know I don't need to be worried when you are with me armaan. I love you. I love you sooo much" she said smiling at him, looking into his eyes. He listened to her smiling and it kept widening with each of her words. He kissed her forehead and eyes. "I love you too my jaan" he whispered against her lips and captured her petals in a soft kiss. They kissed each other softly and pulled back in few minutes. They smiled at each other and slept in each other's arms in a few seconds as all the tiredness took over them.


The next day riddhima went to the gupta house in the morning. Armaan had gone somewhere after dropping her at her parent's home. Muskaan, Riddhima, their cousins Anjali and Nikita were in the room chatting. Anjali and Nikita asked muskaan about her wedding night making her go red with their teasing. Riddhima excused herself from them and came out of the room. She went to the garden and walked there lost in her memories.


Armaan and Riddhima had an arranged marriage. They both agreed to marry the person their parents choose for them. They met each other for the first time when armaan came to see her with his family. Honestly, they didn't feel anything special when they met for the first time. They asked sometime from their parents and they met and talked, became good friends, get to know about each other in the next two months. Their parents were asking them again and again if they are ready for the marriage. One evening, they met in the beach and talked about it. "I am attracted to you riddhima. I think I am falling for you. I guess this is the early stage of love. I am sure I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me and make my life beautiful with your presence DR. Riddhima Gupta?" he asked looking into her eyes. She stared into his eyes which were showing honesty to her. She herself had started having feelings for him and she felt he is the one for her. She took a deep breath and "I will marry you Armaan Mallik" she whispered shyly looking into his eyes. He smiled wide displaying his dimple making her heart skip beats and hugged her. A shiver ran down their spines as they hugged each other.

When they told their parents they are ready for the marriage, they became so happy and arranged everything quickly. They got married in the next fifteen days. In those fifteen days, they became more close to each other. Their wedding happened with each and every ritual and fuctions. On their wedding night, riddhima sat in their bed nervously waiting for her husband. They didn't get much time to meet each other in person, as they were not allowed by their parents. They had their phone conversations which brought them close, but she was not ready to consummate thier marriage this night itself. She was hell worried how she is going to speak to him about it. She came out of her thoughts as she heard the clicking sound of the door knob. She clutched her lehenga growing nervous as she heard his footsteps coming closer to the bed. He sat opposite to her and spoke. "Can I lift this veil to see My Bride?" he asked her. She nodded at him with a slight movement of her head. He slowly lifted her veil and stared at her lovingly. Her eyes were lowered not looking at him. Her pink cheeks and face glowed in the candle light. He lifted her chin making her look up at him. She looked at him who was smiling to the full depth of his dimple making her heart skip beats.

Armaan moved closer to her and whispered "You are Beautiful Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik" and kissed her forehead. She lowered her eyes blushing as his words and his lips on her skin made her shiver. He felt her shivering and moved back smiling. "Look at me riddhima" he said in a soft tone and she looked up at him blushing. "You don't need to worry about anything riddhima. We will take this slowly. We don't know each other properly. I know you don't want to consummate our marriage tonight. To be honest, I am not ready too. I want to know you more as much as you want to know me. We are friends first and then husband and wife. We have our entire life to spend with each other and we will live every moment of it happily. I promise, I will try to keep try to keep you happy as much as I can riddhima. You can speak to me about anything and everything. I will always be there for you. You have become my first priority from the moment I realized you are the one I want to spend my life with riddhima" he said looking straight into her eyes. Riddhima smiled wide at him. "Thank You Armaan. I had a little doubt if our marriage will work. But after everything you said now, I am sure our marriage will work. We together will make it work. A girl who has an arranged marriage always will be apprehensive about her first night with her husband and a fear will be there in her heart. My condition was the same few minutes before. But now I understood I don't need to be worried about anything when you are with me. You Are The Best" she said and hugged him. He smiled wide hearing her and tightened his grip around her, kissing her head. They felt content and blissful in each other's arms. They felt different feelings in each other's heart and body as they hugged. But they didn't feel uncomfortable, especially riddhima. All her worries and anxieties flew out of the window with his words. She could not have asked more than this from her hubby at the moment.

Armaan and Riddhima stayed in each other's arms for what few minutes. He parted from their hug slowly. "Go and change in to something comfortable riddhima. You carried all these jewels and lehenga all evening and night. You must be tired. You change here in our room and I will change in the bathroom. Hmm?" he said kissing her forehead. She smiled wide at him and nodded. Riddhima thanked god in her heart for blessing her with such a nice man as her life partner. She changed to her night wear and lied down on the bed with a smile. Armaan had changed his clothes, but was still in the bathroom to give her time to change. He came out and saw her sleeping with a smile. He moved towards the bed and kissed her forehead "Good night riddhima" he mumbled and took the pillows and quilt and went to the couch and lied on it. Riddhima opened her eyes after an hour. She saw him sleeping in the couch uncomfortably and got out of the bed. She patted his shoulder hesitantly. He opened his eyes and looked at her. "Why are you sleeping here? You sleep in the bed. I will sleep here" she said. "No riddhima. Its okay. It will not be comfortable for you to sleep in the couch. I will sleep here" "If it will not be comfortable for me, it will be the same for you na? Let's do one thing. We both will sleep in the bed. Get up" "Are you sure riddhima? I mean.." "I Trust You Armaan" she said looking into his eyes. He smiled wide hearing her and stood up. They lied on the bed covered in separate quilts. "Good night riddhima" "Good night armaan" they both said to the other and drifted to sleep with a smile.


Life had never been this beautiful for armaan and riddhima. They started to know each other more with each passing day. She continued practising as a gynaecologist and he was equally busy in his textile business. He will go to his office after dropping her in the hospital every morning and pick up her after she finishes her duty. They will talk about anything and everything. They were opposite characters, yet they were same in one main thing, understanding each other. They found true friends in each other. He will drop her in the hospital if she was called for emergencies in the middle of the night and stay there till she finishes her work and go back to home together. She will sit with him when he had to do office work sometimes in home. He will be with her when she is doing any paper work or studying about a case and ask her about the things which he don't understand. She is more into reading, be it her profession related books or fiction novels, she will be drowned in it when she reads them. Armaan will sit quietly infront of her, staring at her. He so loves the change of expressions in her beautiful face when she reads fiction novels. She will lower her eyes when she feels his intense gaze on her and her shy smile will make his heart skip beats. Riddhima is a cleanliness freak and she wants everything in place in home and is very careful about it. Whereas armaan is the little messy one. They will fight on things related to it and as the days passed armaan started to change because of her. He stayed more in home when he gets free times and they spend time together. Armaan will make breakfast on Sunday mornings, waking up her with her morning coffee. He was more into sports. In Saturdays or Sundays, he will go to play tennis or football with his friends in the morning for three-four hours, after having the morning breakfast with her in their garden relaxingly.

Their Sunday night dinners will be extra special, as they will cook together. Their food likings were totally different from each other. He taught her to cook the Italian food he likes and she taught him to cook the Indian and Chinese food she likes. He will cook for her and she will cook for him. In that manner, they get to spend more time with each other. They will taste each other's favourite foods and as days passed they started to like each other's taste. Not only in food, they accepted the different things about each other, starting from very little things to big things. He gets annoyed at times, when she has Sunday duties or she was called for emergencies in Sundays. But he had no other choice, he will keep quiet and drop her in the hospital. Riddhima knew he was getting annoyed, but what could she do? She is a doctor and these are part of her life. She will make it upto him spending more time with him whenever she can. They had their little fights, misunderstandings, arguments as well. She couldn't stay angry at him for long, when he apologizes sincerely, holding his ears and pouting. They spoke to each other with their eyes, more than their mouth.

Their feelings for each other grew strong as the time passed. They had their weak moments emotionally and physically. Every little thing about her was making him crazy for her and the same was happening with her. They were falling for each other truly. He tried his best trying to keep his desires in control. Once she had seen him shirtless and didn't talk to him properly the whole day because of the embarrassment. He so loved it when she blushes with his little compliments and touches. They had not shared anything above their hugs, forehead and cheek kisses. They started to find happiness and love in the little things they do for the other. They wanted to tell their hearts to the other, but was not sure about the others feelings. They found love in each other's eyes when they were drowned each other's eyes often. 

After nine months of their married life,

Riddhima was leaning on the bed post reading a novel as usual lost in it and armaan was staring at her, lied opposite to her. She smiled wide reading something in it making his heart skip beats. She looked so beautiful with that smile, that he had the urge to pull her and kiss her luscious lips. He got up and kneeled on the bed. He slowly took the book from her hand and she looked up at him. She was astonished seeing something strong in his eyes. He pulled her up making her kneel in the bed like him. He held her by her waist, pulling her closer to him, making her shiver. He whispered softly tucking her hair strands behind her ear and looking into her green eyes. "I never thought I will fall so hard for someone riddhima. As I told you before our marriage, I knew I was falling for you. But after our wedding, I am falling more in love with you every minute. You have become my everything in these nine months of our beautiful married life riddhima. I can't imagine even a day without you. My world revolves around you. I Love You Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik. I am crazily in love with you". Riddhima looked into his blue-grey eyes which showed the immense love he holds for her. His every word made her heart dance in joy. She shuddered as his hot breath caressed her lips. She gazed into his eyes lost in his blue oceans. Armaan who was waiting for her reaction, was disappointed when she didn't say anything. Her eyes showed immense happiness and love for him. But he wanted to hear from her mouth if she loves him. He was afraid if she will say no. Riddhima came out of her trance, when he broke their eye lock. When she didn't say anything for long minutes, he slowly freed her from his hold and looked down with moist eyes thinking maybe she doesn't love him and he was imagining he saw the love in her eyes.

Riddhima held his hand when he left her and got out of the bed. She too got out of the bed still holding his hand and stood infront of him. She cupped his face making him look at her. She was shocked seeing his eyes moist. He spoke in a low voice, "I am sorry riddhima. I guess you don't love me. I am sorry if I made you uncomfortable and hurt you. I didn't mean to. I really love you riddhima. I couldn't keep it in my heart for long and confessed to you. Please don't push me away from you. I can't bear it if you go away from me. I will wait all my life for you to love me. We are still friends na?" She shook her head in "no". Armaan's heart broke seeing her do that. "We are more than friends armaan. I was waiting when you will confess to me. I have seen the love in your eyes for me, but was not sure if I am right. I have fallen for you deeply armaan. I can't imagine life without you. I Love You Armaan Mallik. I Love You Very Much My Hubby" she said looking straight into his eyes with a shy smile. He smiled wide at her, showing the full depth of his dimples, his happiness reflecting in his face. "Say it again riddhima" he said pulling her closer making her bang in his chest. "I Love You Armaan" she whispered blushing. He kissed her forehead and cheeks smiling, making her close her eyes. "Can I kiss you?" he whispered in her ear making her tremble. She nodded her head slowly making him smile wide. He pecked her lips and captured it in a soft kiss. He kissed her slowly taking his time, nibbling and chewing her lip. She did the same to him. He licked her lips asking for entrance and she opened her mouth gladly. They kissed slowly forgetting the world around them and lost in each other. She encircled her arms around his neck and his hands went to her nape waist pulling her closer. They ended their first kiss in lack of breath and leaned their foreheads on each other's. He opened his eyes after a minute and looked at her cheeks red and her lips quivering. He pecked her lips making her open her eyes. "I love you riddhima" he said looking into her eyes. "I love you too" she whispered blushing and hugged him tight.


Riddhima came out of her memories world when someone hugged her from behind. She leaned onto his chest knowing its him. "Where are you lost?" he asked her kissing her cheek. "In our memories" she said with closed eyes enjoying their closeness making him smile. "You just leaned onto me when I hugged you? What if it wasn't me?" "I know your touch armaan, as you know mine" he smiled wide hearing her and said "I love you" "I love you too" she said and turning to face him and kissed his cheek making his dimple deepen. "Shell we go home now?" he asked her and she nodded. They went home after they spent sometime with their family.


Armaan and riddhima reached home around 11 in the night. When riddhima went to open the door of their room he said, "Our room's bathroom heater is not working. You take a shower in the other room. I kept your clothes there". She nodded hearing him and went to the other room. Its their first wedding anniversary in an hour and she was nervous to the core. She wanted to become his wife in every sense. It has been three months to their confession and she was ready to become completely his. But she was shy to say it to him. She decided she will take the initiative tonight and is nervous because of it. They had shared some passionate moments in the three months and his condition was the same. He had planned a surprise for her.

Riddhima saw two gift wrapped box in the bed there. She took it and read "To My Love. I Love You Wifey" written on it both. She smiled wide reading it and opened one box and saw a green saree, embellished with beads and white stones in it. She opened the other box and found a black net saree with silver border in it. She caressed both the sarees smiling. She felt his presence and turned to look at him standing a few steps away from her. "You like the sarees?" he asked her walking towards her. "I love it armaan. Its Beautiful" she said hugging him, making him smile. "Tonight I want to make you mine in all sense riddhima. Wear the green saree if you are ready. And if you are not ready, wear the black one. I will wait for you in our room. Take your time and think of it. What you want is important for me. I will wait if you are not ready" he said and went out kissing her forehead. Riddhima blushed crimson and went to take a shower.


Riddhima opened their room door with a shy smile taking a deep breath. She gasped seeing the room. Their room glowed in the candle light and its aroma filled her lungs as she breathed. She stepped in awestruck looking at their room. The whole room was decorated with flowers and she saw their wedding picture hanging on the wall. It was the same picture which was in their room before, but with a change. The photo is enlarged and is in heart shaped frame now. Even though they were not in love when they got married, they both love this pic, which had them smiling, with the expectation of a happy married life and also a little nervousness in their eyes. She felt his gaze on her and turned to look at him. Armaan stood mesmerized seeing her face glowing in the candle light. She saw he was dressed in a purple shirt and black jeans, handsome as always. He moved towards her locking his eyes with hers. He pulled her closer by her waist not breaking their eyelock. They found immense love and passion in each other's eyes. His eyes moved down her body and he smiled wide seeing her wearing the green saree. He looked at her meaningfully and she lowered her lids blushing deep red. "Happy Anniversary" they both said to the other simultaneously as the clock showed 12 o' clock. "I Love you armaan. You are the Best Husband in this world. You are everything a girl wishes for in her husband. You possess a golden heart which belongs to me now. You are loving, caring, understanding, helpful, patient, respectful to elders, friendly to my friends and sister, a man everyone looks up to, always smiling and making people around you smile and last but not the least, very handsome. You are a complete man armaan. You think of me, my happiness, my comfort and wellbeing first before your own. Not every girl is lucky to get a man like you as her husband. I am lucky you are my husband armaan. I respect you and love you for who you are" she said with all the love she possesses for him, looking deep into his eyes. She kissed his cheek lingering her lips there for a few seconds. "You are Beautiful riddhima, in and out. You are everything I always wished my wife to be. You are my everything. You are my soul. I Love you" he said and captured her lips in passionate kiss. They cut the cake together and fed each other.

Riddhima took an envelope from their cupboard and gave it to him. "What is this?" he asked her. "See it yourself" she said with a shy smile. Armaan opened it and took out the contents in it. He grinned seeing it is the ticket for their Honeymoon trip to paris. He pulled her closer and kissed her forehead. "Oyye hoye!" he whistled saying it seeing her cheeks crimson. "I didn't know how to say it to you i am ready to take the next step in our marriage. So i thought i will it say by gifting this to you on our anniversary" she said hugging him. "I must say this is a romantic gift a husband wish to get from his wife. I love you Riddhima Mallik" he whispered and took her in a loving kiss.


Armaan sat in the bed looking at his wife as she stood talking in the phone to her sister who called them to wish them. His intense passionate gaze on her weakened her knees, making it difficult for her to stand. She cut the call and was going to climb the bed when he stopped her. "Stand there riddhima. I want to look you" he said and stared at her from head to toe making her whole being shiver with his passionate blue eyes. He looked at her as if he will eat her with his eyes. She couldn't take it anymore and sat on the bed with her back to him. She gasped as she felt his breath on her back. He moved her hair to her front and kissed her bare back which was exposed to him, encircling his arms around her from behind. She shuddered and clutched his hand tight. He stood up from the bed leaving her and came to her front.

Armaan looked at her red cheeks and lifted her in his arms kissing her forehead. He laid her on the bed and propped beside her. He kissed her eyes and all over her face. She opened her eyes and looked at him lovingly. "I love you armaan. Make me yours. I want to be Mrs.Armaan Mallik in all sense" she said with a shy smile kissing his cheeks and eyes. "I love you too my wifey" he said kissing her forehead. He planted soft kisses all over her body, making her moan and gasp with his passionate touches and kisses. One by one, he removed their clothes and looked at her naked body. He covered them with the quilt and they made love to each other again and again. Their moans and groans filled the room. Armaan and riddhima laid in each other arms, now being each other's in every sense. He caressed her hair softly. "I love you riddhima" he said kissing her fingers. "I love you too armaan" she said kissing his chest, which aroused him and he turned making her lay beneath him. He kissed her full mouth and took her to their love world again and they were lost in their own world of love.

After a couple of years, riddhima gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and completed their life in true sense. They named her Pari. They named their second baby Payal. Armaan and Riddhima led a very happy life with each other. They stood by each other through everything. Their life was complete and they lived happily ever after. Indeed, Armaan and Riddhima are Made For Each Other.


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