Monday, 9 November 2020

os : Meant to be

A girl opened her green eyes irritated, hearing the loud rock music coming from her neighbour's house. "arghh..this guy.." she shouted frustrated and stormed out of her house to her neighbour's house. She straight away went to his room and turned off the music player and banged the bathroom door. "Stop banging the door basket, I am coming" came a voice from inside. But she kept on banging it. After a couple of minutes, the door opened and came out a very handsome guy in his early twenties, in his white vest and blue tracks. He looked at her dressed in her night suit, her hair all messed up, her green eyes glaring at him and her nose flared up in anger, her hands folded on her chest, she looked so cute to him. He chuckled irritating her more. "Stop irritating me Armaan" she shouted on his face. "I am irritating u? Come on yaar basket, maine kya kiya? I didn't do anything" he said making an innocent face. " don't know what you did?" "Nope" he said innocently and walked towards his bed and sat on it. "Why are you so hell bent on ruining my sleep every Sunday? What pleasure does it gives you?" "It gives me the pleasure of irritating you Ms.Basket. And to think of it, why do you get so irritated when you are waken up of your sleep? Were you dreaming of me all night?" he asked her with a naughty look. "Me dreaming of You? You wish Armaan Mallik" she said with attitude in an irritated tone. "Then how I ruined your beauty sleep?" he asked her coolly, half lying on his bed. Riddhima looked at him getting more annoyed with his cool attitude. She took the pillow from the bed and started hitting him with it.

Armaan laughed taking the pillow from her hand, irritating her more and more. She hit him with her hands, which didn't seem to affect him at all. She glared at him. "I so love irritating you basket" he said in between his laughs. She took his right hand in hers. Armaan looked at her puzzled not knowing what she is going to do. She suddenly bit his hand and ran out of the room laughing. Armaan winced in pain and shouted "jungly billi". He chased her to the lawn. There he saw her with their parents and laughing holding her stomach. Shashank, Padma, Billy and Ananya were looking at her with a confused face. "What happened riddhi? Why are you laughing?" her father Shashank Gupta asked her. "Haan riddhi, everytime he will come out laughing and you will follow him frowning and irritated. But it's the opposite today. Kya hua?" Armaan's mother Ananya Mallik asked her. "She bit me" armaan said and they all looked at him. "What's this riddhi? You bit him?" Padma Gupta raised her voice at riddhima. "He ruined my sleep and I bit him for that. Every Sunday he deliberately put the speakers in high volume to wake up me" she said making a puppy face. "Armaan, why you do that buddy?" billy asked armaan. "Because I love irritating her dad" armaan said smiling. "You both behave like kids at times" Ananya and Padma said together and chuckled looking at their children's faces. Riddhima sat on the ground keeping her head in Ananya's lap and armaan sat keeping his head in Padma's lap. The elders started talking again and Armaan and riddhima glared at each other and closed their eyes.

This was the scene every Sunday in the Gupta & Mallik Mansions. Ananya and Padma were childhood best friends. They studied and grew up together in Chennai. After marriage, like most of the Indian women they were separated and went to different cities. Ananya had a love marriage with Balvinder Mallik and moved to Mumbai. Two years after her wedding, Padma got married to Shashank Gupta and moved to Delhi. They both met again after years in a wedding function. They both were so happy to meet their childhood best friends again. Shashank and Billy were happy that their wives found their best friend again. After the wedding they went to the Mallik Mansion. Shashank said they are shifting to Mumbai and is looking for a house. Billy told him about their neighbour house which is for sale. Padma and shashank saw the house and they liked it. The next day, they showed the house to their darling daughter Riddhima Gupta and she liked it too. Soon, Shashank and Padma settled in Mumbai as Shashank had to start his business there. Shashank had resigned his job when he and his wife took the decision to settle in Mumbai. He started a restaurant in Mumbai. As he had worked in a hotel before, he had the knowledge about the field. He worked hard to get where he is today. After five years, "Olive" is now one of the best hotels in Mumbai.

Armaan and Riddhima didn't start well from the first day. They both always kept on fighting with each other for silly reasons or sometimes for no reason at all. As the days passed they both became friends, but still hadn't stopped fighting like kids. Three years back, Armaan had accidentally increased the volume of the rock music he was listening and dancing on a Sunday morning. In a couple of minutes riddhima stood before him in his room glaring at him with a mix of angry and irritated expression on her face. AAmaan gulped looking at her and stepped back scared of her. Riddhima snatched the remote from him and turned off the music player. "DON'T EVER DISTURB MY SLEEP, ESPECIALLY ON SUNDAYS. I AM LEAVING YOU NOW BECAUSE THIS IS THE FIRST TIME YOU DID THIS. DON'T EVER DO THIS AGAIN" she said in a dangerous angry voice and stormed out of his room. Armaan just stood there startled looking at her and mumbled "jungly billi". An evil plan formed on his mind and he chuckled. After that, every Sunday he will wake up her playing any rock music loudly and riddhima will shout on him, hit him. But it didn't affect him in anyway. He kept on doing it because he loved irritating her.

The Guptas' and Malliks' are more like a family now. As Billy and shashank were always busy in the weak days with their business, Armaan and riddhima with their studies, it was Ananya and Padma's order that they should stay in home and spend with time their family on Sundays. Sunday was their family day. Armaan's friends Rahul and Anjali, Riddhima's friends Muskaan and Atul will also join them that day. They will have a blast that day, cooking in home, watching movies, playing cards or basketball or anything and they go to the beach in the evening. The family avoids playing basketball most of the times, as armaan and riddhima always end up fighting whenever they play the sport.


On Monday morning, Shashank went to the hotel and Billy went to his "Desire Constructions" office. Riddhima is studying Hotel Management and wants to join her father's hotel business after she finishes. Armaan is a medical intern. He always aspired to be a doctor, a Neurologist. They both are very serious when it comes to their studies and are brilliant in it. Even though their fields are totally different from each other, they study together in home. They tell each other about their fields and clear each other's doubts regarding the same. They fight a lot, but at the same time, they care for each other, respect each other for the person they are. They will talk about anything and everything with each other.


Riddhima was working on a presentation in the study room when armaan came there and sat beside her. They smiled at each other and she continued working on her presentation in her laptop. Armaan looked at her tired face and frowned. He went out and came back in a few minutes with two coffee mugs in his hands. Riddhima looked at him smiling knowing what he has in his hands. She badly needed a steaming cup of coffee now. He gave a coffee mug to her and sat beside her. "How many times I have to tell you basket? Why are you so careless? You are working on the laptop continuously for six hours now. How many times I have to tell you it's not good for your eyes, haan?" Riddhima sighed. She knew she is in trouble now. "I am sorry Armaan, I have to this finish this presentation tonight and present it tomorrow morning in class. That's why I was working continuously. I am sorry" she said making a cute puppy face. Armaan smiled inwardly looking at her. Sometimes she is a jugly billi, at times she is a kid, at times she is a responsible young girl. He melted looking at her cute pout. "Okay. I understand. Chalo, Let me help you. Batao kya karna hain" he said taking the laptop from her and keeping it in his lap." "I finished it Armaan, just need to recheck it" she said and they both started rechecking the presentation.


After a Couple of months,

Armaan, Rahul and Atul were waiting for the girls to come down. They were going to a birthday party of their common friend Ranbir. They were waiting for the girls for an hour now. Muskaan and anjali came down dressed in knee length black and orange dresses respectively. Armaan's eyes searched for riddhima. "Where is basket?" he asked anjali. She is coming ammy.." before anjali could complete her sentence, he climbed the stairs and went upstairs. She came out of the room the same time moment he reached her room. He stared at her mesmerized. She wore a white party dress, little below her knees. She left her hair open and there was not much make up in her face. She looked angelic. His trance was broken when atul called them from downstairs. He shook his head and forwarded his hand to her saying "May I" she laughed and held his hand. They went down smiling and their friends stared them smiling a knowing smile.

All of them had a blast at the party. They came back home at 11 PM and retired wishing good night to each other. After freshening up, riddhima lied on her bed lost in her thoughts. They both had danced on a slow romantic song for the first time in the party. She felt different today when he held her close to him. She felt like drowning into his blue oceanic eyes when she looked into them. Something felt different tonight. Infact, she was feeling different about him from the last few months now. She didn't know what was happening to her. She didn't like Armaan at all when they met. But as the time passed, things changed and they became friends, and then Best Friends. From the past few months, she started to notice every little thing about him. His eyes and his dimpled smile always makes her wonder if there is anyone more gorgeous than him. His silly jokes, the way he cares for others, how he always makes others smile and laugh, how he helps others, every little thing he does and everything about him was not new for her. But it started to affect her nowadays. Even though she pretends like she doesn't like him irritating her, she loved it in her heart. It made her feel special. At first when he talks about how girls are crazy about him, she didn't mind it. But from the past few months, she didn't like it when he talks about other girls. It somewhere hurt her and she listens to him not replying anything. Armaan didn't seem to notice it. She didn't know what was happening to her and always ignored the unknown feeling which was rising in her heart.


It was weekend again and armaan raised the volume to wake up her like every Sunday. He was surprised when she didn't come to his room and went to her house. There Padma informed him she had gone to the beach for a morning walk. Armaan was surprised. She never wakes up early on a Sunday morning. He went back to his home and sat in the swing in the garden when his phone rang. He smiled looking at the caller's name and answered the call. "Good Morning" he said and started to talk. There on the beach, riddhima was sitting in the rock staring at the sea with blurred vision. She was trying hard to control her tears. Last night Armaan gave her the shock of her life which broke her heart to pieces.

Armaan and Riddhima were talking in the terrace, when Armaan's phone rang. He excused himself and went away from her to attend the call. He came back after 30 minutes smiling and whistling. Riddhima smiled looking at him. His smile made her smile. "Basket, I have to tell you something. I like someone" he said smiling showing his dimples. Riddhima felt like everything was snatched away from her. "Her name is Samaira. She is also an intern basket. I like her and.." riddhima blinked back her tears and tried to listen to him, but she couldn't. With each passing second, it was getting hard for her control her tears and not to cry in front of him. Armaan kept on talking not looking at her. After a few minutes, he looked at her when he didn't get any response from her. Before he could ask her anything, her phone rang flashing Atul's name. She answered the call and started talking with him keeping her voice normal. After talking to atul, she said she was sleepy and went to her room controlling her tears. "Basket" armaan called her. "You are going without wishing me good night?" he said surprised. She clenched her fists trying to control the tears. "Goo..good night Armaan" she said and went down without looking at him. Armaan looked at her retreating back thinking why she is behaving strange suddenly.

Riddhima had not slept the whole night. She was crying as his words "I like someone" rang in her ears again and again. The moment he said he likes another girl, she realized what the unknown feeling which she was feeling from the past few months. Love. Yes, she was love with her best friend Armaan Mallik. When she thought of it now, she realized she has fallen for him long ago. When? She didn't know. She felt she lost her love even before she could claim it. He likes someone else. All night, she remembered the moments they spent together and cried her heart out. But the tears didn't seem to stop flowing out of her innocent green eyes. As the clock struck 5 in the morning, she left a note to her parents saying she is going to the beach and not to worry about her. She is just feeling tired and wants some fresh air.

Armaan looked at the clock which showed 9.30 AM. Riddhima had not returned home yet from the beach. Shashank had called her at 7 O' clock. She said she met a school friend in the beach and is talking with her and will come home in a couple of hours. But armaan was not convinced. He didn't know why, but he felt strange not seeing her and talking to her from the morning. He missed her smile, irritated angry expressions and her beatings. Not being able to take it anymore, he took his bike key and zoomed off to the beach.

When armaan was nearing the beach, he saw her going towards home. He stopped the bike infront of her and she looked at him blankly. "Sit" he said not looking at her face and she stared at him. "I said sit riddhima" he said rising his voice scaring her. She understood he is angry as he called her by her name. She quietly sat behind him holding his shoulder. She got down the bike as they reached and went to her home. He followed her angrily. Their parents who were in the lawn saw them. "They fought again. These two are never going to change. I will talk to them today" Padma said standing up from the chair. "No Padma. We know they are like this. And looking at their faces, I think its something big this time. They are grownups Padma. They know to sort out their problems. Plus, they are friends and we shouldn't interfere between them" shashank said and Padma sat nodding. Billy and Ananya agreed with shashank.


Here in riddhima's room, she straight away went to the bathroom taking her clothes, not wanting him to see her face. Coz she knew he will find out something is wrong if he sees her face. Armaan quietly sat on the bean bag there. After almost an hour she came out dressed in a casual blue patiala salwar and black cotton shirt. He looked up at her hearing the click sound of the bathroom door and forgot himself. He stared at her mesmerized. She looked So Innocent and Beautiful. "Wow!" he whispered. Riddhima didn't expect he will still be here and stared at him. He stood up and walked towards her locking their eyes. She stood frozen as he neared her. Their trance was broken when his phone rang. He realized what he was doing and stopped. She lowered her lids and moved towards the dressing table. He answered the call seeing "Samaira" flashing. "I will call you later samaira" he said and cut the call. Tears filled her eyes hearing the name. He held her wrist, turning her to face him.

"Leave me armaan. What are you doing?" she said trying to control her tears. "What happened basket?" "Nothing armaan" "You went for a walk on Sunday early morning. It is not normal. You waking up early on Sunday without an important reason is not nothing. Tell me. Kya hua?" "Woh..its just, I had a nightmare and couldn't sleep after that. I wanted go out somewhere and went to the beach. That's it nothing else" she said trying to keep her tone as normal as possible looking at him. "Just a nightmare? You are reacting like this for it?" he said laughing. He knew she was hiding something from him. But he didn't wanted to pressure her with his questions and acted like he believed what she said. She put up an irritated expression on her face as he laughed at her. She hit him and they ran around the room, as she chased him. After a couple of minutes, she pushed him out of the room as he went near the door running away from her. She heard him laughing on the other side and laughed along with him. Tears rolled on her cheeks as she slid down the door laughing and she mumbled "I am sorry for lying to you armaan. But how can I say to you what is bothering me? How can I say to you I am in love with you? I am sorry. Please forgive me. I Love You Armaan. I Love you". "Basket is hiding something from me, her best friend. Doesn't she trust me to say what is bothering her? Am I such a bad friend to her? We never lied to each other. But we did today. Why?" he thought as eyes his turned little moist.


The whole day, both armaan and riddhima was not their usual cheerful self. They both were lost in their own thoughts. Armaan couldn't take that she is hiding something from him. Whereas riddhima was trying hard to control her tears and not look at armaan. The fact that she lied to him hurt them. It is totally new for them to hide something and lie to the other. Others noticed their different behaviour, but didn't ask them anything, as they thought they shouldn't interfere between the two friends. Today armaan and riddhima's friends also didn't come which made the atmosphere more dull.

Next day at late evening, the elders had gone to a birthday party. They asked armaan and riddhima to come, but they avoided going somehow. Armaan was in his study room researching for his case. He looked for a file and then remembered he left it in riddhima's study room the other day. He went to her house and saw the door was already open and went in. He saw riddhima sitting in the table with her head down. "Basket? Kya hua? You look tensed?" She looked at him and said "Nothing armaan" "Stop saying that word to me riddhima. Just tell me what happened" he shouted angrily. She lowered her head and he sighed looking at her. He went towards and held her hand sitting on the table. "I am sorry. I shouldn't have shouted on you. It's just..leave it now. We will talk about it later. Now tell me what happened?" he said in calm voice. She looked at him with blank eyes and said "Woh..i deleted the presentation which I made by mistake. I didn't even copy it to the Cd or memory stick yet. I have to present it tomorrow morning. This presentation is very important armaan. I.." "sshh..stop worrying basket. We will do it again" "No armaan it takes a lot of time and.." "We will do it basket. Come on. Tell me the details about the presentation" he said and she told everything. They both worked on the presentation not noticing the time. The awkwardness which was between them was forgotten as they both worked on the presentation. They didn't notice the time till their parents came back home at 10 O' clock. Ananya gave them their dinner plate scolding them for not eating yet.

Armaan forwarded a morsel of the food to her as she was working on the laptop. She stared at him. It was not new for them. They both had fed each other a lot of times before. But after realizing what she feels for him and knowing she had lost him, it felt different. Controlling her tears she opened her mouth taking the morsel from him and turned to the computer screen before he could see her moist eyes. They finished eating and continued working. After a lot of hard work, they finished the presentation at early morning. She smiled wide and said "Thank you So Much Armaan". He embraced her in a side hug and said "Anything for this smile" pointing to her lips. "But I will punish you for thanking me. When did this "thanks"word come between us basket? You will have to do whatever I say as your punishment" he said and she nodded. "I know something is worrying you basket. But you are not telling me what it is. We will talk about it later. Whatever it is, always remember I am with you. hmm?" he said and she nodded again smiling at him. "Now go, get some sleep. I will wake up you in a couple of hours with your favourite rock music" he said smiling devilishly at her. "No armaan" "What no? I will do it. I missed seeing your irritated face Sunday morning. I want to see your expressions and I will play the rock music" he said and ran away from there laughing, before she could beat him. She laughed and went upstairs to her room. She tried to sleep but was not able to for sometime. She drifted to sleep in an hour as the tiredness took over.


Armaan groaned when the alarm rang disturbing his sleep. He put off the alarm and shut his eyes again, only to open them in a few seconds. "Basket" he said smirking and turned on the music player in high volume. Riddhima sat up irritated as her sleep was again disturbed by him. She went to his room and saw the door open and him sitting on the bed grinning at her. She turned off the player and quietly walked towards him smiling at him. She then patted his cheek saying "Good Boy" and ruffled his hair. He frowned saying "Hey, don't touch my hair and I am not a boy. Okay?" "Yes, you are a boy" "no, I am not, I am 23 and I am not a boy. Understand?" "Oh yes. You are" "Basket" "Armaan" "Basket" "armaan" "baskettt" "armaannn" they shouted and she laughed out loud seeing his cute irritated face. "You look so funny armaan" she said still laughing. He stared at her frowning and few seconds later, burst out laughing with her. They both laughed their heart out till tears came out of their eyes. Riddhima's eyes fell on the clock and she tried to control her laugh. "I should go now. I need to be in college in a couple of hours" she said trying to control her laugh. He nodded at her giving her a side hug.


Riddhima came down dressed ready to go to college. She saw armaan sitting in the living room and smiled at him. They had their breakfast bickering and pulling each other's legs as usual. "I will drop you" he said taking out his bike key. "You will get late armaan. I will go with dad" "I will get late for hospital only if you waste time speaking like this. Come on" he said and went out. She knew he won't listen to her followed him out. As they reached her college, she got down the bike. "All the Best basket" he said giving her a yellow rose. She smiled at him and hugged him. Waving bye to him, she went in. He stood there till she was out of his sight and went to hospital.


Riddhima came out smiling after the presentation and was pleasantly surprised when she saw armaan standing out. Looking at her smile, he knew her presentation was successful. Her smile grew more wider seeing him and she hugged him happily. He hugged her back smiling. He was tensed about her important presentation and came from hospital just to make sure she is fine and the presentation went well. She felt butterflies in her stomach as he tightened his grip around her. His breath on her neck made her gasp and he buried his face in her hairs. He felt different hugging her today. He had hugged her several times before, but from few months their hugs felt different to him. He didn't know why. He inhaled her fragrance, which gave different sensations to his heart and body. He loved the feel of her in his arms. They stayed hugging each other for few minutes forgetting their surroundings. They were brought back to the world when someone patted his shoulder. They came out of the hug and stared at each other for a couple of seconds before he turned and saw samaira.

Armaan smiled at her and said "Basket, this is Samaira and Samaira, this is Riddhima Basket Gupta. My Best Friend". Riddhima felt tears blurring her vision and quickly looked the other side controlling them. The girls smiled at each other and shook hands. Before they could talk anything, his phone rang. "Armaan where are you and samaira? Hitler is searching for you. Come back soon" Rahul said tensely on the other side. "We will be there in twenty minutes Rahul. Don't let Dr.Keerthi know we are not there till then" "I will try armaan. You both hurry up" rahul said and cut the call. "Basket, hitler is searching me and samaira. We need to go now. I will meet you in home" he said giving her a quick hug and she nodded. "Don't ride the bike fast armaan. Be careful" she said. He almost ran out of the college along with samaira, saying "yes" to her. She ran to the girls restroom and cried silently.


Armaan came home happily that night, with a wide smile. Riddhima who was helping Padma and Ananya in cooking the dinner saw him first. He hugged her tight as soon as he saw her. His smile made her smile and she hugged him back. Suddenly, he raised her up from the floor and twirled her laughing. His infectious laugh made her laugh too. Their parents who were in the kitchen and study room came out hearing their laughing. Armaan softly made her stand on the floor after a minute. She stumbled to stand straight, as her head felt like spinning because of their twirling. He hugged holding her in place and they breathed heavily. A minute later, their breath were normal. "So, when do you have to leave for U.S?" riddhima asked him. "How did you know basket?" "Your smile says it all armaan. That your dream has come true and you got the lifetime opportunity to do internship under DR. David Lawson" she said with a big smile. He smiled at her which reached his blue eyes making them sparkle and showed his deep dimples, making her heart skip beats. "You are the Best Basket" he said and hugged her. Then he took elders' blessings and hugged them.


"Can you believe it basket? I am going to do internship under Dr.Lawson. The Best Neurologist in the world. I never felt this happier in my life basket. I feel out of the world" he said smiling wide. The smile never left his lips from the moment he came to know that his dream has come true. She sat there looking at him, who was smiling and sharing his happiness with her. Her heart was singing with happiness. She knows how much he respects and values DR.Lawson. If there was anything which he wished from his heart, than this was it. She prayed god to always keep him happy and smiling like this. He looked at her staring at him and sat beside her, very close to her and embraced her in a side hug. She shivered with his touch. He leaned his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes. "No one can make me how I feel with you basket. I love irritating you. But you are the only one with whom I can share my heart. Kabhi kabhi aisa lagta hai I don't need anything else other than You beside me Basket. I feel content with you. Don't ever go away from me basket. Don't ever leave me" he said as a single tear escaped his closed eyes.

She made him face her lifting his chin and was shocked seeing the tear. She immediately wiped it and asked him, "Kya hua armaan? Why are you speaking like this? Aur yeh tears?" "I will be not here with you for A Year Basket. We never lived without each other in the five years we knew each other basket. How will I live without you for A Whole Year? Without seeing you smiling, without bickering with you, without irritating you, without our daily talks about anything and everything, without seeing your angry face when I wake up you with the loud rock music every Sunday. I will miss you basket. I forgot my dream becoming true will separate you from me basket. I.." "Sshh..listen to me armaan" she said looking into his eyes. "To gain something in life, we have to loose something armaan. We can talk in phone, video chat in skype. We can always be in touch with each other. Aur I am not going anywhere. I will be here only. In our home. I will miss everything you said too. But this is your dream armaan. You always aspired to be a Neurologist. This is a lifetime opportunity for you. This one year will pass before we even know it. Don't worry" she said and he hugged her. Her tears which she was controlling, flowed out of her eyes as soon as he took her in his arms. "I will miss you armaan" she whispered again and again crying in his arms. He soothed caressing her back. They came out of the hug and wiped each other's tears.

He kissed her forehead. They felt shivers running down their spines as his lips touched her skin. They stared into each other's eyes. "I lost you forever armaan. This one year separation between us is just the starting" she thought in her heart. "I will miss you basket. A lot more than I can ever say in words" he thought. She lowered her eyelids before her eyes shows him her heart's secret. The night passed sleepless for them. The next one week, they both were busy in his preparations. They spent as much time as they can with each other. The day before armaan's flight, she asked him, "Armaan, where is samaira? I didn't see her after that day we met in college and I didn't see you speaking to her in phone too. Is everything okay between you two?" "Everything is fine basket. Don't worry. She is assisting Dr.Keerthi this whole week. So she is busy" "But armaan.." "Leave it basket. Come on help me in packing" he said and pulled her to his room. She knew he was hiding something from her. She thought it is between them too and didn't ask him anything further as she understood he doesn't want to talk about it. Everyone came back home after seeing off armaan. Riddhima straight away went to her room and fell on the bed crying. Everyone was sad. A year without armaan with them is going to be Very Long.


A year later,

Riddhima rushed back home and searched for armaan everywhere. A year without each other was hell for them. They missed each other terribly. Their studies, work and the time difference between the two countries took a toll on them. They did spoke to each other through phone, video calls in skype, messengers, but it was not enough for them. They counted every single minute and day. They had not celebrated any festivals, birthdays or anniversaries because he was not there. Finally, armaan had come back today, after a year, in the early morning flight. Riddhima was not able to go to the airport as she had to go to delhi for some urgent work. He came back home and went to the hospital first and met everyone there and shared his experience with them. Riddhima stopped in the backyard hearing voices. Her heart beat rapidly as she heard him laughing. She walked towards him and her heart beat like it would come out of chest any moment now. He smiled wide as he saw her and walked towards her. They hugged smiling with moist eyes at each other. "I Missed You" both whispered to the other as they cried silently in each other's arms.

Armaan and Riddhima came out of the hug after sometime and wiped each other's tears smiling. Her smile faded as she saw samaira sitting along with their friends there. He saw her smile fading and looked at the direction where she was looking. Their friends smiled at them. He pulled her to them and everyone chatted for sometime. Riddhima tried to behave normal. Their friends went after an hour. Riddhima went to her home saying she will come after freshening up. She cried her heart out as she locked her room door. She took a shower and was drying her hair when someone knocked the door. She thought it will be her mother and opened the door. She was surprised to see armaan. He came in and closed the door locking it. She gasped as he hugged her suddenly. Her hands automatically hugged him back. This was not the usual hug they shared before. This was intimate, very intimate. He nuzzled on her wet hair inhaling her fragrance and caressed her waist above her shirt. She gasped and shivered as he planted a soft kiss on her neck. He planted few more kisses on her neck and earlobe, making it difficult for her to stand. She closed her eyes cherishing the moment. After few seconds, she opened her eyes suddenly, realizing what they were doing and pushed him back. She lowered her eyelids as tears filled her yes.

Armaan took her in his arms again. He tightened his grip when she tried to come out of his hold. He made her look at him lifting her chin. He kissed her eyes sucking her tears and kissed her forehead. "I Love You Basket" he whispered looking into her green eyes. She stared at him shocked. "Armaan tum..yeh.." he understood what she was going to ask. "No basket. Samaira is not in my life. She was just a crush basket. We were not in a serious relationship. Infact, we broke up before I went to U.S" Her eyes widened in hearing him. "What? Why you didn't tell me before about it?" "Because I was not sure what I felt for you. I was in confusion what I felt for you. I dated samaira, but then I realized I couldn't get into any serious relationship with anyone because it was you who was in mind and heart all along. I have always loved you. But took time in realizing it. When I did, I had to go to U.S. I thought of confessing to you before I go. And I almost did that night when I came to know I have to live without you for a year. But you didn't understand it basket. I thought maybe you don't love me or didn't yet realize you love me. After I went there, your silent tears when you talk to me on the phone and the smile which don't reach your eyes when I see you in the skype calls, your "I miss you armaan" everytime we talk, every little thing you did and said, everything proved you love me too. I waited and waited to confess to you. I thought to make the confession special, but I couldn't take it when I saw your smile disappearing seeing samaira. I couldn't wait anymore and confessed you. Now, its your turn. Tell me those three words basket. I am waiting to hear it from you" he said everything looking into her eyes. She stared at him for few minutes and suddenly started hitting him. He was shocked. He held her hands and asked her "Why are you beating me?" "I was crying everyday thinking you are in love with samaira. I realized what you mean to me when you told me you like samaira. From that moment I am crying every day and night. And you took so long in confessing. You are an idiot, stupid, I hate you. Don't talk to me" she said angrily and came out of his hold. She sat on the bed crying. He winced seeing her crying. He kneeled infront of her and took her hands in his a tight hold. "That was why you were upset the next day and went to the beach early morning?" he asked and she nodded. He mentally smacked himself for not understanding this all these days. "I am sorry basket. I am really very sorry" he said as tears rolled out of his eyes. She immediately wiped them and whispered "Don't cry armaan. I can't see tears in your eyes. I Love You Armaan. I Love You with all my heart" "I Love You Too Basket" he said and captured her lips in their first kiss. They ended the kiss as they ran out of breath and leaned their foreheads on each others, breathing heavily. He winked at her as they opened their eyes and she hid her face in his chest blushing red.


After three years,

Armaan slowly and softly plugged the head phones in her ear and moved back. He tapped the "play" icon in his phone smirking. In the next two seconds, she opened her eyes throwing the head phones away from her ears and glared at him. He laughed looking at her irritated expressions. She sat up holding the sheet around her with her one hand. She took the pillow and beat him with her other hand. He laughed taking the pillow from her hand and pulled her making her lay on top of him. "Good morning basket" he said controlling his laugh, kissing her forehead. "Good morning? Armaan you didn't let me sleep all night and now you woke up me in your usual irritating way. I want to sleep. Leave me" "No way basket. I won't let you sleep. Honeymoon is not for sleeping. Come on yaar, we are married for just a month now. I want to love my wife" he said and captured her lips. His lips on hers always made her lose her senses and this time was not an exception. He nibbled and sucked her lips. She did the same to him and gasped when he pushed his tongue in her mouth holding her cheeks. They explored each other's mouth with their tongues. He turned making her lay beneath him. She gasped into his mouth as their naked bodies touched under the sheet. He pulled out of the kiss sensing her going breathless and kissed her forehead. "All this seems like dream armaan. Once there was a time when I thought we can never be together. Today we are married for a month" "This is not a dream basket. This is real. I have always loved you basket. You are my best friend, lover, wife, you are my everything basket. I Love You With All My Heart and Soul" he said sincerely, meaning every word he said, looking into her green eyes. "I Love You With All My Heart and Soul Too Armaan. We Are Meant To Be" she said and kissed him. He kissed her back with equal passion. She moaned as his hands roamed on her body under the sheet. They were lost in their love world again.


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