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OS : Mere BF ki Dulhan

A:Basket'tum mujhse pyar karti ho na?

R:Karti thi'Aur, pyar nahi wo 'wo ek aadat thi.Aisi adat jisne mujhe sirf dukh diya hai.And to be honest'mai thak chuki hun shona.Thak chuki hun  tumhari governess banke.Subah uthte hi shona jaldi utho, breakfast theek se karo, gadri dheere se chalao. For god's sake I need some bloody time for myself.

A:(bit annoyed)Ya right'keh to aise rahi ho jaise khud perfect ho. Har baat pe das sawal.(imitating her)Kahan ja rahe ho?Kyun jaa rahe ho? Acha, tumhe pata bhi nahi kahan jaa rahe ho.

Kabhi kabhi to lagta hai mai apni gf nhi nani ma ke sath reh raha hun.Man to karta hai ki'

R:Kya man karta hai haan?Bolo na shona kya man karta hai?Keh kyu nhi dete its not working anymore.

A:Basket I'

R:I love you to bolna mat tum ab plz

A:(looks down) I don't think it's working anymore.

R:What?(moist eyes) You are kidding right?

A:Am serious riddhima'I was wrong when I decided to shift with you babe.Umm'

R:Aur jo sare wade hamne ek dusre se kiye?Jo sare pal humne ek sath guzare?

A:It's over riddhima'bye

With this he moves towards their room n starts packing his stuff.

R:(Comes over)Ek baar firse sochlo shona

A:(not looking at her)Its normal babe' Two ppl get in a relationship, things don't work out, they break up, they move on'simple.

Riddhima was taken aback by his cold behavior'how he could say such a pinching thing with so much ease.

As he proceeded towards the door with his bag, Ridz held his hand.

A: what?

R:ham abhi bhi dost haina?

A:(smiles)haan zarur'yup

Those were his last words to her'they hoped never to cross each other's path again. Little did they know that destiny had some other plans.


"Armaan that is the limit kab tak tum inn saari ladkiyon ko'.kya problem kya hai inme?"

"mom, please''.mujhe inn ladkiyon se koi problem nahi'..par aap kyu nahi samajhti, MUJHE SHAADI NAHI KARNI" He said raising his voice at the last sentence.

"kyu Armaan kyu? You are 29 bloody hell, when are you planning to do so?..." his mother was now highly frustrated she could not take it anymore "''.well you know what? Leave it, ab se mai tumhe kabhi shaadi ke liye nahi kahungi, yeh tumhari zindagi hai jo karna hai karo." And she left from their leaving a guilty Armaan behind.

He stood there still, tears clearly visible in his eyes. He was angry as well as upset.  Fortunately, the agony ripped apart his shirt (dabanng ishtyle), revealing his oh so sexy six pack abs. Not giving a damn he pounced on the kuper lucky floor to do sum pushups.:p

What the heck is wrong with you Armaan 'why are you acting like a total moron! It's all my fault, I am the reason mum is so upset. What's wrong in what she is doing? She wants me to see happy, settled and married then why'..why do I always keep on ignoring this marriage topic?' he thought to himself.


I want you to take over control

Take over control

Take take take take over control

Oh oh oh, I want you to take over control

Plug it in and turn me on

Oh, oh whoa oh

Oh, oh whoa ooh oh

Plug it in and turn me on

Oh, oh whoa oh

Oh, oh whoa ooh oh

Plug it in and turn me on

I want you to take over control

Take over control

Take take take take over control

Oh oh oh, I want you to take over control

Plug it in and turn me on

Oh, oh whoa oh

Oh, oh whoa ooh oh

Plug it in and turn me on

Oh, oh whoa oh

Oh, oh whoa ooh oh

Plug it in and turn me on

She looked at her cell phone as the track on her I-pod and realized that it had been ringing for quite some time now and quickly picked it up without checking the name flashing on her screen.


"Hello?" as soon as she heard the voice her eyes shot up as she knew that voice properly. She yearned to hear this voice for a long time. The last time they met they promised that they will be friends but they hadn't talked for the past three years.

"Armaan'..?" she spoke slowly.

"Bas''Ridhima" he was about to call her basket but stopped when he realized what he was going to say.

Unknowingly a tear escaped her eyes as she missed him like anything. "Ar'.Armaan'.tum'.tumne phone'..kya  hua?" that was a really akward situation for both of them.

"um'.kesi ho?"

"mai theek hoon''tum batao, aunty theek hai na?"

"haan wo theek hai''..basket actually'..i am sorry I mean Ridhima, wo baat ye hai ki''mai tumse kuch baat karna chahta tha.

"haan bolo?"

"darasal basket mom hai na'.wo na'..meri'.meri"


"meri shaadi''shaadi karana chahati hai"

That came as a shock to Ridhima that Armaan was planning to get married she never expected something like this to come so instantly.


"wo baat ye hai na Ridhima mai unhe hamesha mana kardeta hoon, or ab mai unhe or upset nahi dekh sakta or isliye mai chahta hoon ki mai khud hi koi ladki dhundhu or mai'..mai chahata hoon ki tum''"

"par Armaan mai kese?"

"dekho Ridhima please mana mat karna please, dost ke liye itna bhi nahi kar sakti.

"par Armaan yeh koi choti baat nahi hai, ye meri zindagi ka sawaal hai."

"tumhari zndagi? Par mere liye ladki dhundhna tumhari zindagi ka sawal hua ya meri?"


"haan''ab  mai ladke se shaadi thodi na karunga"

"ohhh''toh tum chahte ho ki mai tumhare liye ladki dhundhu?"

"haan toh tumhe kya laga?"

"nahi nahi''kuch nahi, um'..theek hai'.." her eyes became teary as she still loved him and didn't wanted to see him with anyone else, but she knew she had to move on now as it had already been 3 years.

"toh tum meri help karogi?"


"thank you so much basket'..thank you so much toh ek kaam karo please mujhe aaj sham 4 baje CCD par milogi"

"nahi tum mujhe mere se ghar se hi pick up karo and phir hum ladkiyon se milne jaa rahe hai"

"what? Tumne itni jaldi ladkiyan dekh bhi li?"

"naah'..Armaan you see I am really fast maine tumhari pe profile banadi hai aur tumhe teen ladkiyon ki request aa bhi gayi hai and maine meeting ki baat bhi kar li hai'."

"wah'..basket I must say you are fast"

"thanks, okay now bye"

"bye basket" and he hung up.


"mom chaliye jaldi se ready ho jaiye"

"kyu?" she asked with anger in her tone.

"arrey kyu kya kyu? Ladkiyon se nahi milna jaana?"


"arrey''mai toh aapko batana hi bhool gaya'." He held her hand "'..wo maa'.mai aapko ab or dukhi nahi dekh sakta aur isliye mene fesla kiya hai ki mai shaadi karunga"


"much'..ab chale?"

"par tune itni jaldi ladkiyan shundhi kese?"

"wo maa Ridhima ne'."

"Ridhima? Teri ex'..?" she bit her tongue as she realized what she just said.

"nahi mom meri best friend ab chalo."

She kissed her son's forehead lovingly." Mai abhi aayi tayyar ho kar"


Finally they left picked Ridhima up and went to see the first girl.



An old man almost in his mid-40's opened the door with a smile and he understood that they were here for daughters marriage, he warmly welcomed them in and they settled down, they talked for a while and finally it was time for the girl to come out. From the kitchen with a tray in her hand came a beautiful, shy and cute girl in a beautiful white salwar kameez .She gave everyone a cup of coffee and sat down.

"ji yeh h meri beti gunjan"

Armaan couldn't get his eyes off her .She was actually really pretty and looked extremely naive.  All the talking and things happened for some more time and then Armaan and Gunjan were send to talk alone with each other to know about each other. Throughout the conversation these two hadn't said a single word to each other.

"um...hi" He said to start the conversation but Gunjan rather that replying looked away.

"hello?" he said once again but didn't get a reply.

"excuse me...i am talking to you"

"" finally she wisphered slowly. She was actually really shy, she kinda reminded Armaan of some one, but who he couldn't remember (:P).

"so tell me something about yourself?"

"m...mai...mai kya batau? aa...aap hi kuch batayie?"

"um...well mai ek doctor hoon, aapke papa na aapko bataya hi hoga, aur mere interests hai music, dance, thodi bohot clubbing, i hope you don't mind But i promise i don't drink, and yah mujhe dost banana bohot pasand hai. Toh ab aap batayie?"

Gunjan really liked his honesty and i guess she had already fallen for him.

"m...mai...ek  psychiatrist hu...umm I love watching romantic flicks n sing...nahi'bas."

"bas?'arre kahiye na.Aap bolte hue aur bhi khubsurat lagti hai"

"jee?" she said a bit shocked by his words.

"uh...kuch nahi." they talked for some more time and gelled up quite well. Gradually Gunjan became really comfortable and even revealed bout her passion for singing.

.It had been 2 hours but they were still talking, laughing, singing a bit and what not. And when Armaan saw her laughing, boy he had fallen for that.

G:"(looking down) umm' Armaan aap bohot ache hai"

A:(flashing his dimples)"tum bhi (coming closer) bohot'bohot'."

She felt her cheeks becoming warm and ran from there hiding her blush.

"Oyye hoyye" said a mesmerized Armaan



Armaan reached the dance classes where he had been invited by Shilpa. As he stepped out of the car, his eyes fell on an immensely pretty gal proceeding towards him. Clad in a blue tank top n white shorts that ended 2 inches above her creamy white legs 'she looked overwhelmingly beautiful, almost hypnotic. The high heels were adding that extra oomph to her already killer curves.

But to his surprise, the hot chick was checking him out too. Boy! She was already in lov with him. Her heart was singing 'pehla nasha' abhi se hi. As Armaan noticed those large emerald eyes piercing their gaze through his exposed chest, he distracted her by waving a hand in front of her.

A: helooo!!!

S:(coming out of the trance)Oh m sowwwie'but galti meri nahi hai dude!Tussi ho hi inne chikne'koi bhi ladki fisal jayegi.

A:(blushes a bit)Ohhkk'waise, u r pretty as well.

S:Bas pretty?Hawt, sexy'mast nhi?

A:nhi wo mai'mera matlab hai'

For the first time Dr.Armaan Mallik was lost for words. He knew she was gorgeous n he was checking her put too but the words weren't coming out of his mouth.

S:Chaddo'aur sunao?

A:Umm'mujhe yahan kyu bulaya milne ke liye?I mean, Shalimar bagh doesn't lack nice places.

S:Ya ya'bt I just wanted you to know about my interests'my passion'

A:You like dancing?

S:Nope'I lov dancing.


S:Srsli I enjy mi dance class like anithng!!! Dancing is my life!! LOV it more dan any anything'oops  tumhara naam puchna to mai bhul hi gyi'wt is it?

A:Dr.Armaan Mallik

S:ohooo kya baat hai'what a filmy name mann!Socho'mai subah der tak so rhi hu n u wake me up'n I say "goood morning almaan"'awwwie'that would be so *fimly*'nahi?

A:aa'ya'but abhi to mile hai,shadi to bohot dur ki baat hai.

S:huh!tum to bilkul b *filmy* nahi ho yaar'omksg, can u feel the f****ing fimly hawa?Hayyye'suno kya keh rahi hai ye

A:(bit irritated now)What?kaun?kya?...what the hell are you saying gal?

S:tch'dude'ye filmy hawa bhi mujhe batein kar rhi hai'It says ki mera prince charming aake mujhe mere dream house me leke jayega'wo bhi bohooot jald.

A:(think)Dream house?Now what's that?Poochun?Na chuck it'warna phir se adha ghante ki bak bak.

S:kya yaar'kuch to decency dikhao'mere dream house k bare me to pucho'arre pucho pucho'pucho na


S:*sigh*'I want a simple dream house' Want it to be big, yet small' modern, yet simple' it shud have several rooms, but still a single room for (pulling him closer)you n me'

As an instant, they started playing *eye lock eye lock*.

S:(smirks)Kho gaye na meri ankhon me?

A:(steps back)nahi wo'(looks down)ummm'

Suddenly Shilpa cell rang n she picked it up.

S:helllooo'.tussi kahan ho mumma?Ya, will be there in 5 min'ok bye' luv you

A:kya hua?

S:look armaan m really sowwwieee'batein karte karte tym ka pta hi nahi chala' but gotta go nw'coffee phir kabhi pilenge?

A:ya ok' no prob

S:awwiiieee'.(kissing his cheek)u r shoo shweet'bye

With this, Shilpa walked away to search for a rickshaw wala bhaiya coz she didn't find traveling in porsh cars so'''*fimy*

Armaan watched her retreating figure as he sat in his car, the cute memories still imprinted on his mind.

A:(while driving)bak bak karti hai bt her melodious voice is worth listening'stupid hai bt bohot cute hai'.ummm'.*filmy* hai

He gets a text msg frm shilpa which read "ceya:p". Giggling a bit he finally reaches the Mallik mansion.


Final day! Final ladki!Final decision!

Armaan had been waiting outside d DT mall for the past half an hour at the coffee shop and he hated waiting for anyone.But still he stayed calm as he understood that she could be busy with something. Finally he saw a girl with a wide smile on her face, dressed in a beautiful red sundress with a pair of white stilettos and her curly hair open. And Armaan was gaping at her like he had never seen a girl before, she was really sexy and his eyes went up and down, in short checking her out.

"um...Armaan?" she came by and asked him ever so sweetly.



"oh...hey Muskaan please come sit na"

She sat down in front him.

"so Muskaan how are you?"

"ohooo...please itne formal na bano, menu patah lag gaya hai ki tum aise sudhre hue types nahi ho" Finally Muskaan showed her real self .She could not be the sweet, quite & innocent types. NEVER!

"tumhe kese patah" And here our Dr.Mallik istead of offending her is asking her how does she know that he not a sudhara sidha sadha types:D

"wo mene tumhe mujhe banadaro ki tarah tarrte(stare) hue dekh liya...hehehe" Muskaan started laughing at he own lame joke leaving him stunned. His jaws were touching the ground.

"t...tum...tumne mujhe bandar kaha?"

"ohooo...thand rakh yaar thand rakh..."

"kher ye sab chorro mujhe kuch apne...?" before he could complete the question she cut him.

"apne baare mai? mai apne baare kya batau...mujhe na nachna or gaana bohot pasand hai or dosto ke saath ghumna toh aur bhi pasand hai. Meri all time favorite is mohabattien...hayeee kya story thi dill aa gaya tha aur DDLJ dekhne ke baad se toh mai bas yahi sochti rehti hu ki kab mere raj aake mujhe uthake le jayega...wese tum bhi kuch apne baare mai batao...kher chaddo..." and she went on with her unstoppable continuous blabber, But for a change Armaan was not fed up, he was actually enjoying her company.Quite surprisingly, she looked bit cute while uttering all that nonsense stuff.

After she was done with her blabber finally it was his turn to speak.

"arrey ab tum bhi kuch bolo?"

"mai...? nahi nahi...mai kese bol sakta hoon...aap hi boliye na" well now that was an answer from a fed up Armaan.

"hehehe..." she again started with her hyna types laugh "...mai jaanti hoon tum meri bakwass sunke pak gaye ho...arrey tumhe patah hai..." and here she goes again.

"aur tum toh ho bhi itne HOT...ab mai kya batau..." and she bit her tongue realizing what she said and Armaan's eyes shot up.

"ohh...Hot am i?"

" woh..."

"wese tum bhi kam hot nahi lag rahi ho"

"sach? tumhe pasand aaya na mera dress? I knew it aur..." but she stopped realizing she was gonna start her banter again. "ooopppsss...sorry...acha Armaan mujhe lagta hai ab mujhe chalna chahiye hum bohot derr se yaha hai"


They both stood up to hug each other when they bumped into each other and their eyes got locked .But soon muski came out of the trance and they hugged each other, like normal friends do. She was about to leave when she turned back and with the most pleasant smile said.

"I'll wait for your answer" and went away.

Armaan was confused as to what answer she was waiting for and then he realized that he had to choose between the three girls. He was heck confused as to which girl he liked the most. All three of them were just *PERFECT*.


He sat in his purple civic and paved way to his house. While driving, his mind was still bound by the chains of confusion as to who was his dulhan material...was it Gunjan, the sweet, shy, naive, and beautiful. Or was it Shilpa, passionate, hot, pretty n most importantly *filmy*. Or was it Muskaan, blabber mouth, funny, cute and witty...He was rz 2 infinty wala confused but he  gave a lot of thought to it.

Thousands of thoughts still intermingling in his mind, he finally reached the mallik mansion.

Keeping everything aside he just removed his shirt n stepped in the king size jacuzi.' Drops of soapy water were slipped down on his silky hair, broad shoulders and all around his chiseled body'

A:(ruffling his hair) 'Kyu?Kyu decide nahi kar paa raha ki kon hai wo jisse mai shaadi karna chahta hoon?jiske saath mai apni puri zindagi bitana chahata? Kyu? teeno hi perfect thi par...par naa jane kyu mujhe unme kuch missing laga...par kya?

While he was lost in his own world, bichara ice cold water was thinking something else "Ouch'firse jala dia mujhe apni hawtness se":p

Anyhow, finally he had made up his mind'he has decided the one for him.



"basket kya kar rahi ho?"

"FB aur kya karungi...hehe...tum meri choro , ye batao which gal did u choose?

"batata hoon...par iske liye tumhe piche murr ke dekhna padega" She turned around and was shocked to see Armaan standing in her room.

"OMG Armaan tum...yaha kya kar rahe ho?"

"kya kar rahe matlab? tumhe jaana nahi mai kisse shaadi karna chahta hoon" he said trying to act all cool and stuff.

"oh...haaannn...batao na Armaan please batao batao batao?" she jumped with excitement to know who it was.

"wese mai kyu batau shaadi ke din hi dekh lena"

R:(puppy face)plzzz

A:kkk'(coming closer)wo phulo se bhi nazuk hai


A:(holding her by waist)uski batein diwana bana deti hai


A:(brings his face closer)bohot *filmy* b h wo


Before Riddhima could complete, she felt her lips locked with Armaan's. Yes he kissed her. At first Ridhima was taken aback but then she replied to the kiss with more passion, They almost chewed each other's lips and finally parted, panting for air.

" kya kar rahe ho?"

"ye hai mera jawab basket, tum ho wo...tum hi ho phulo se nazuk, sabse pyari batein karne wali'sabseee *filmy*'woh ladki jisse mai shaadi karna chahata hoon. Haan basket mai abhi bhi tumse utna pyaar karta hoon jitna pehle karta tha t...tumhe apna banana chahta hoon..." he stood up and sat on his one knee "...Ms.Ridhima Gupta, would you do mind being Mrs.Basket Armaan mallik?" he asked in the most simple manner.

Tears came out of her eyes. She was speechless.

"Aur yeh mera wada hai tumse basket ki iss baar mai tumhe shikayat ka koi mauka nahi dunga"

"yes..." she wisphered.

"kyaaa?" he asked surprised.

"Yes you idiot  yes...i will marry you..."

He immediately stood up and hugged her tight.

They came out of the hug with tears in their eyes and smiles on their lips.

"kisne socha mai hi houngi apne Bf ki dulhan" said Ridhima making Armaan giggle at her comment and they again engulfed in each  other's arms.

"Yellu basket"

"Yellu 2 shona'yellu 2"

Moral of d stry: "Jab lav jaise gf ho to bahar tym waste mat karo":D


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