Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Part 1 : Dill ki Baat

It's 6am and you hear the alarm ring.

"Good morning to all you beautiful people out there, aaj ki subha aap sabh ki naam. Tho phir hume phone kariye aur bataye ki aaj subha hum ap ki kya kidmat karsekthe he. App soch kar bathaye ga, in the meantime, here's a song for all you beautiful people getting ready to go to work". With that she played 'Ajab se" from Om Shant Om.

Listening to her voice always made him smile first thing in the morning. Life couldn't be better; he was helping people, doing what he loved and still enjoying life. There was something about that sexy yet innocent voice which made him feel good.

The sun trickled in through the gaps of the blind, lighting up his room. He slowly opens his eyes and smiles to himself. Looking around the room you see his clothes lying around the room, trousers lying on top of the sofa in his room, his shirt hanging off the chair next to his desk. He stretched his arms out and took in a deep breath and out with a sigh.

"Armaan" he jumped at the sound of his name, he could hear foot steps coming up the stairs.

"tu mara beta Armaan". Armaan jumped out of bed in his pyjama bottom's (no top),

"mummy ne kya kahta tuje kaal raath ko, room saaf karne, who subha inspection legi, toh tu soh kaise gya", he was swearing at himself while running around his room picking up clothes and shoving them under his bed, throwing books into his wardrobe and shutting the door. He quickly jumped back into bed just in time. The door opens and in walks Muskaan.

Meet Muskaan (aka Masti, you'll find out why she has such a strange pet name), Armaans' little sister. She may be younger then Armaan by 4 years, but they act/fight like they were the same age.

Seeing Armaan in bed with his covers over his face, Masti couldn't help but be true to her name and have some fun with Armaan.

M: "Beta thum abhi tak uthe nahi" putting on her mothers voice and trying to hold back her giggle, "aur yeh kyah meine tumhse kyah kaha ta khal raath ko, apni kamre ke safaya karni ki, to yeh kyah hain, bed ke niche tumhare joothe ke vaja, kapre aur table per kithab ki vaja joothe" she said sounding angry.

Armaan hit himself on the head under the covers, "yeh kya kiya beta, table par joothe?" he muttered to himself.


Then he remembered that he doesn't wear shoe's in his room, because it would ruin his cream soft carpet.

A: "Masti!" he threw the covers off his face and threw the pillow at her.

Masti ran out of the room laughing, Armaan chasing her down the stairs, he shouted "Masti ki bachi, aaj mein tuje nehi chorungi".

He chased her around the living room then into the kitchen where his mum was making breakfast.

Mummy: "Armaan, yeh kya subha subha yeh sabh kya hora hai? Yeh sabh muje bilkul pasand nahi." She looked and saw Armaan with only his pyjama bottoms on, "Aur tum kaphre pehn kar nahi aa sakhte kya" she said angrily looking Armaan up and down.

A: "Sorry mummy" He said hugging from behind, "I'm really sorry".

That was all it took, his mother's anger was gone. Motherly love eh.

Armaan went back to his room to get dressed. When Armaan was finally done getting ready he came down to breakfast.

M: "Bhai, aaj aap jaldi ready ho gaye" she looking at their mum. Masti new very well that their mum didn't like late comers to breakfast. Armaan showed his hands strangling her, then saw his mother and quickly put them down.

Mummy: "apni kaamra saaf kiya" she asked not looking up from her paper.

A: "Ji mummy" He could sense she wasn't happy, but this happens every morning. Mummy gets upset 1st thing in the morning, then Armaan kisses her a good day and leave and her angers gone.

Masti finished her breakfast and got up from her seat "Bhai, mujhe aaj college janha hain, agli saal nahi. Aap ka breakfast agar khatam ho gaye tho hum chale"

Mummy had left the kitchen by now.

Armaan looked around to check his mum was out of ear range, "College ki bachi, aaj chalo, tume toh aaj mein us school ki statue's ke saath mein baandh kar aungi. Mujhe panga"

Masti's laughing at this remark

A: "haan hasslo. Yeh to tumhari zindagi ki aakhri hassi hain, hasslo hasslo"

Masti continue to laugh seeing Armaan getting so annoyed.

A: "Ab hassi khatam bhi karo, college bhi to jaane hain" he said the last part imitating Masti.

Masti hated being imitated and Armaan knew this very well.

M: "Mummy" she shouted "Mummy, dekho naa, Armaan Bhaiya meire saath laar rahe hai"

Masti picks up her school bag and goes to the hall, Armaan follows with his car keys and bag. They both start complaining to their mum about each other. Mum puts her hands up and turns towards Armaan...

Mummy: "Armaan, Masti bachi hain, tum toh baro ho, to phir yeh saab..."

A: "Sorry mummy" he said with head down but eyes looking up. He turned to Masti, "Chale miss 'Bachi'"

Mummy: "Armaan"

Armaan laughed, "Sorry, okay bye mummy", he said as he kissed her on the cheek and left the house.

Armaan dropped Masti of to school and was on his way to work when he received a phone call from an unknown number.

A: "Hello?"

Caller: "Hello"

Armaan knew this voice, it was so familiar, but who was it ...


A: "Hello?"

Caller: "Hello, kya main Muskaan se bhaat kar sakhti hu"

Muskaan khon hai Armaan thought to himself.

A: "Aap koi galath famy hui hai, yeh mera phone hai, koi Muskaan khi nahi"

Caller: "Sorry, khya yeh # number hai" she asks saying out the number she has.

A: "Ji nahi who meri number nahi hain..., Muskaan..." He realizes that Masti's name is Muskaan and the number is Muskaans" He look at the phone and realizes he must have picked up his sisters' phone instead of his. They both had the same handset because Masti always wanted the same as Armaan.

A: "Oh, sorry aap Masti se bhaat karna chahti ti kya?"

Caller: "Sorry mein bhool gayi ti aap sabh usko Masti pukar te hai, who kya waha hain?"

A: "Ji nahi, who aab school mein hai, aap koh meine pehchana nahi, aap ki tariff?"

Caller: "Ji mein Sapna ki bari behen. Sapna aur Masti saath school jate hai"

A: "Oh, actually, aaj subhe accidently Masti shayid meri phone leli aur meine uski. Aap agar chahiye toh phir aap meri number par call karke use bhaat kar lije" with that he gave her his number.

The caller was Ridz, she thanks him and hangs up.

Ridz had just taken a break when she got a call from home saying Sapna wasn't well and could Ridz let the school know. The only number Ridz had on her was Masti's who she decided to call to get the number from.

Ridz hangs up the phone to the school and checks it time fro her to go back on air.

R: "Welcome back gorgeous people of Mumbai; that was our last song for the day and my last show with you all. Don't worry though I'm leaving you in the capable hands of Sanjay Sanj who will be here the same time same place. I'd just want say thank you all for being such wonderful listeners. So for the last time, this is RG signing out from the breakfast show, take care"

With that Ridz left. She had a new start ahead of her, no more Radio jockey, Ridz was finally off to fulfil her dreams and become a doctor. In the past few years things had come in the way of her doing this, Ridz' mum was determined to get Ridz married off and Ridz had done everything in her power to avoid getting married, including going on round the world trips with her friends, working abroad and only a few months ago she decided to come and complete her doctors study.

As every morning, Ridz had come to work dressed on her jogging outfit, this allowed her to jog home after work and relieve the stress of the day. Ridz was jogging when her phone rang for a second time that morning, it was her friend Anjali.

Armaan was in his car, driving back home from the college because he had forgotten some files.  Armaan pulled up at the traffic lights and started turning the radio to catch hear her voice again to relax him, when he heard her voice. He stared at the radio, not quite sure what just happened,

A: "Mujhe kyah hora hain, ise abhi on bhi nahi ki aur uski awaz sunai deri hai? Pagal" he said lighting himself on the side of his head.

Then he heard her voice again, he looked around and all he could see was a girl standing slightly away on her phone with her back towards him.

He smiled,

A: "Armaan, tu bikhul pagaal ho geya hai, uski awaz ab sabh jaga sunai dera hai", he laughed and drove

Hearing someone laugh Ridz turned to see a very nice car driving away. "Ekh din mein bhi aisi hi car mein gumoon gi" she said and went home.

Ridz just got home when her mum (Padma) came into her room and started showing her all these pictures of prospective boys for her. Ridz lifted her nose at the pictures and said "Papa kaha hai, hospital chale gai? Mere beghar?"

P: "Ridhu, mein tumhe kyah kheri hu aur tum, apne Papa ki bareh main puch raheh ho. Ha who hospital kisi zaroori kaam se jaldhi nikhel gai, par to is larke koh dekhna" she said sticking a picture of a boy under her nose, "Yeh Armaan hai, doctor hai aur bohoth hi naik hai",

Ridz moved the picture with her hand without even looking at it or listening to her mum, "Ma, mein abhi doctor bana chahta hu aur uski bhaath shaadi ki bare mein sochunga, aap please aaj subha toh yeh saab mat kidje"

Ridz gets ready and leaves for the hospital.


Ridz walks upto the hospital and looks up at the sign, "Sanjeevani", she reads to herself, "mein aagayi".

Ridz walks into find her father (Shashank) waiting for her at the entrance, he hugs and welcomes her to the hospital

Sha: "Toh miss Dr Riddhima, aaj aap ki pehle din, aap ko kese lagri hai" he asks pointing the imaginary mike at Ridz. Ridz takes the mike

R: "Well Dr Gupta, aaj khi dhin meriliya sabse bari din hai, aur aap janti hai, meri papa ne mujhe aaj subhe bhaat kiye begher chaliya gaye. Ab aap khi hissaab se unonoh tikh kiya yah nahi" Ridz points the mike back at her dad.

Sha: "Sorry betha, who aaj subha bohot kaam ta hospital mein is liye jaldi aana para, sorry" he says holding his ears.

R: "Its okay dad (she smile at him), ab mein kaha jau?"

Sha: "oh ha, tum us locker room jau, apne bag sabh rakho aur phir who meeting room jau, waha tumhe tumhara senior Dr Armaan tumhe 9 baje milenge" he looked at his watch it was 8:454, "Jaldi jau warna late ho jaogi"

Ridz went to the locker room to find Anjali and two other interns there.

An: "Hey Ridz, tum kaha reh gaye, inse milo, she said pointing at the girl, yeh hai Sapna"

S: "Hi"

R: "Hi Sapna, meri behen khi bhi naam Sapna hai, what a coincidence, meh jaha bhi jahti hue k na ek Sapna muje mil ja thi hai" she said smiling at Sapna

The guy stepped up and said, "Hi, I'm Atul. mein bhi yaha naya intern hu"

R: "Hi"

At: "toh tum donho kaise mille" he said pointing at Ridz and Anjali,

R: "who mein kuch saal pehle travelling karehi thi jab Anjali mujhe mil gaye wohi tour group mein, tabh sai hum dost hai"

S: "Wow, travelling, akhele? Meri mummy toh mujhe yaha bhi akhele nahi aane dehti, meri saath wohi auto rickshaw wala bej thi hai"

They all continued making small talk on the way to the meeting room. When they entered the room they were so busy talking to each other they didn't realise there was someone sitting in the chair with their back to the interns...

Armaan was reading a few case notes waiting for his new interns, when he heard her voice again. He stopped reading and looked up, was he hearing things again, he thought to himself...


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