Saturday, 21 November 2020

part 1 : Mohabbat Aapse (ss)

The clock showed 2.30AM in the dim lit hostel room. A petite figure lying in the bed tossed and turned trying to sleep. She sat up frustrated as sleep was miles away from her that night. The Blue Eyes and Dimple Smile was flashing again and again in her heart whenever she closed her eyes. For the millionth time that night, she remembered what happened in the evening.

Riddhima and Muskaan entered the ice cream parlour talking and laughing. Riddhima went and sat in the table there, while muskaan went to place their order. She saw a little girl around 7 - 8 years old sitting in the opposite table to her relishing her strawberry ice cream. The tip of her nose and her lips were covered with the ice cream. The cute smile on her lips made riddhima smile. The little girl looked around searching for someone. "Pata nahi yeh boyfriend kahaan hai. He must be flirting with someone there" she said wrinkling her nose looking around for someone. Her eyes stopped at
riddhima and they smiled at each other. The little girl's smile turned in to anger as she saw the man behind riddhima. He came and sat beside the little girl. Riddhima stared at him mesmerised as soon as her eyes landed on him. He was wearing a fitting white t-shirt showing his perfect body and faded blue jeans. His blue eyes had a spark in them and his dimples will make any girl go weak in her knees. The little girl turned her face to the other side in anger not looking at the man. He chuckled at her expressions. "Sorry girlfriend. I got a call when I was waiting to place the order for your 10th strawberry ice cream. I got late because of it. Sorry" he said cutely holding his ears and pouting. Her anger melted. But she still pretended to be angry at him. The guy saw her lips curving in to a little smile and then her putting up a straight face again. He smiled seeing her cute expressions. "Your reason is not valid. Apology is not accepted" she said in fake anger. He smiled and said, "Then ok, I will eat this special vanilla ice cream which I ordered for you" he said and stood up from the chair. The little girl held his arm stopping him. Her face brightened as soon as she heard vanilla ice cream. "Hmm..its ok. I accept your apology this time. But remember, I won't accept your apologies again" she said. He smiled wide showing his dimples and tickled her making her laugh. After relishing their icecreams smiling and laughing, both the little girl and the man went from there.

All the while, riddhima's eyes were on him. She stared at him awestruck. Muskaan who had come there with the ice cream, shook her friend bringing her out of her trance. "Kya hua ridzi? Where are you lost?" "huh..nothing muski" "Are you sure?" "Yeah" "ok" "here, your Chocolate ice cream" muskaan placed the ice cream bowl in front of her and sat opposite to her. Muskaan kept on talking as usual while riddhima was lost somewhere.


"What is he? Greek God? His blue eyes, those deep dimples, I can stare at him for eternity. God! What is it in his eyes?" she thought lost in the memories of the evening. The night passed sleepless for her as the stranger's image in her heart and mind didn't let her sleep.

Days passed into weeks and months. It was four months since she had seen that blue eyed and dimple smile stranger. Riddhima couldn't get his image out of her heart and mind. Instead, those blue eyes and dimple smile started invading her dreams. She craved to see him again. Wherever she goes, she looked for him. She hoped to get at least a glimpse of him again. She was very disappointed as she didn't see him even once after that. She was sure she was attracted to the stranger.


Riddhima slumped on the bed beside muskaan. Muskaan sat up immediately when she heard her friend sobbing. "What happened ridzi? Why are you crying?" Riddhima hugged her and muskaan let her cry caressing her back.  After few minutes when her sobs subsided, muskaan asked her again, "Kya hua ridzi?" "It's him again muski. I can't get him out of my mind. I couldn't concentrate on anything. I don't know what is happening to me. He is making me crazy. Why is he doing this to me? I am so frustrated. I don't know what to do muski. I.." muskaan interrupted her before she could continue. "You are in love ridzi" she said smiling. Riddhima came out of the hug and stared at her friend. "I..WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY? How can i be in love with a stranger? I had seen him just once. I haven't even talked to him. I don't even know his name. I don't know anything about him" "You have fallen for him at the first sight my dear friend. Sometimes, love happens in a second. Think of it, you will surely get your answers" muskaan said leaving riddhima in deep thoughts.

"How can I fall in love with a stranger? That too at first sight? Yes I am attracted to him. But that doesn't mean I love him. Muski has gone mad. She is confusing me. No, I am not in love with him" she convinced herself and tried to sleep.


Riddhima stood in front of the huge building which belonged to "Desire Music", the number one music company in India. She was a struggling musician. She has sung in the chorus group for some music composers and in some stage programmes. She is a very talented singer who has every quality to be a good musician. But her luck didn't favour her and she didn't get the chance to show her talent to the world. She had sent her CD to "Desire Music" before six months. After a round of voice tests and formalities, they had called her to their office today. "If I get to sign with desire music today, years of my struggle will be over. Please help me god" she prayed in her heart and entered inside the big glass door taking a deep breath.


"Muskiii, I am sooo happy. I signed an album with the Desire Music" riddhima squealed in joy and hugged her friend as soon as muskaan entered their room. "Oh my god!!! Really ridzi? I am sooo happy for you. Congrats" she hugged her back. They both stayed hugging each other for a minute. "Where is my treat?" "Get ready muski. We will go out for your treat" muskaan nodded and went to freshen up. Riddhima closed her eyes and his image flashed. "My struggle is finally over. I wish you were here with me. I want to share my happiness with you. But.." she sighed with moist eyes. She took out her clothes and waited for muskaan to come out.

Muskaan and Riddhima had a fun evening together. They went to the restaurant for dinner and then to the beach. They went to the same ice cream parlour where riddhima had seen him first. Muskaan noticed her friends glowing face becoming dull when they were there and cheered her up.


Riddhima stood beside the window looking at the empty sky. She didn't see any stars or the moon in the sky. It was empty just like her life now. She struggled for almost four years. Every day and night she dreamt of this day. She waited for this day for four years. Finally when she signed the contract today, she didn't feel that happy as she thought she will be. She felt emptiness in her. She wanted him beside her. She wanted to hug him and tell him her dream is finally becoming true. A tear rolled down her cheek. She wished it was his fingers which was wiping the tear. "I don't know where you are in this big wide world. I wish you were here with me. I guess muski is right. Maybe I fell for you in first sight. I don't know what fate has in store for me. I hope we will meet soon" she said to herself and stood there staring at the empty sky for sometime. Taking a deep breath and mumbling a good night as if wishing him, she lied down in her bed. Tomorrow was a big day for her, the sunrise will bring a light in her life changing it forever.


Three months passed. Riddhima had finished recording four songs for her album. One song is left and she will be recording it in a few days. She discussed with the musicians about the song and they had gone out in a break. She was keeping her things in her bag to go back to hostel when she heard footsteps and turned towards the door.

Riddhima stood stunned seeing the man infront of her. It was him, the blue eyed and dimple smile stranger. She didn't know what to do. She felt so happy to see him that words stuck in her throat. He looked at her staring at him with her green eyes. He walked towards her. Seeing her still staring at him, he chuckled and clicked his fingers bringing her out of her trance. She looked down embarrassed realizing she was staring at him. He smiled and said, "So you are the new singer Riddhima Gupta" she nodded looking up at him. "I am Armaan Mallik" he said. Her eyes widened in shock. "He is THE Armaan Mallik. Desire Music's owner" she thought.

Armaan forwarded his hand. She looked at him and shook hands with him. A shiver down their spines as their skin came in contact. "Nice to meet you riddhima" he said smiling showing his dimples. Her heart skipped a beat. "Same here ar..i mean sir" she said withdrawing her hand from his. "Don't call me sir. Call me Armaan" he said smiling at her. His phone rang and he went out excusing.

Riddhima went out of the studio in a daze. She went back to hostel and sat in the bed still in shock. Muskaan looked at her and patted her shoulder. "Kya hua?" she asked. "I saw him" "Who?" "The stranger" she said in a low voice. "What???Really??? You talked to him?" muskaan asked and she nodded. "What is his name?" "Armaan Mallik" "Whattt??? Armaan Mallik? As in the owner of Desire Music?" muskaan asked shocked. Riddhima nodded looking down at her lap.



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