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Part 10 : Dill Ki Baat

Armaan was waiting at the front desk for all the interns to arrive. He was unsure as to whether he should inform the interns about him and Ridz or not. On the one hand he agreed with Dr Shashank that the interns would find out eventually, but on the other hand there was the possibility that the interns are more then likely to tease him, but he had to stand his ground, afterall he was their senior. Armaan decided that he would not say anything to the interns until he had discussed this with Ridz, to ensure she was okay with it.

The interns approached Armaan, he was feeling uneasy as to how to treat Ridz in front of everyone, should he continue as normal or should he be impartial towards her, "Ofcourse as normal" he scolded himself for being so weak. "Abhi abhi toh decide kiya hai, ki kuch bhi nahi badlega jab takh basket ki saath discuss nah karo.... Basket...hmm" he remembered their meeting at the basketball court and started drifting off... he was bought back to his senses when he the interns started giggling.

S: "Laghta hai kissiki kayalo mein koi hai, kyu Ridz" she whispered as she nudged Ridz

Ridz gave her a fake angry "Sapna, shhh" she was having a difficult time hiding her laughter at poor Armaan's state but was adamant that she wouldn't anything upset him, but then remembering their basketball encounter, she couldn't help but be a bit mischievous, she whispered something on Atul's ear without attracting Armaan's attention, but it was difficult, he kept staring at her.

A: "Ehem, Good morning Dr's, aaj koi kaam karnegi iradha hai yah phi raise saab karehue haste rahenge" this made Atul smile even more, he found it hilarious that Dr Armaan was still trying to be serious.

A: "Dr Atul, meine koi joke kaha ki aap aise hasrehe hai" getting annoyed at the interns behaviour, "in logoko kya hogaya hai aaj" he thought to himself getting more annoyed now, but then he galnced at Ridz's face, she looked so beautiful he thought, the way her hair hung loose around her face, the way her eyes were only for him... hold she was looking at Atul non-stop, why is she smiling like that at him. He looked at Atul and Atul was staring back at her, and what the hell, they were holding hands, in front of him.

At: "No Sir.. er.. I mean Dr Armaan" feeling uncomfortable as Dr Armaan no longer looked like he was in a joking mood, in fact he looked quite the opposite. Ridz was holding onto his hand tightly, he was trying to let go, but Ridz just wouldn't budge.

A: "DR ATUL AUR DR RIDDHIMA" Ridz immediately let go of Atul's hand, Atul was looked relieved for a second, but when he saw how angry Armaan was looking, the relief disappeared and fear took over. "Yeh hospital, aur app dono yah ki Dr's hai, aghar kaam par zyada dyhain de aur aek doosra par kum, to app dono kiliye behter hoga" he was looking at Ridz the entire time, what was she playing at, had she forgotten that she was now his fiance, meaning his to-be-wife.
"Dr Anjali, aap cancer ward mein, Dr Sapna aap ICU mein, Dr Atul aur Dr Riddhima ap dono' erm actually Dr Atul aap general ward mein aur Dr Riddhima aap meri saath Aids ward mein assist karenege. Any questions" the interns shook their heads with fear while Ridz was smiling away at him "Okay toh jaye"

All the interns left hurriedly, they had never seen Armaan so angry, and now poor Ridz would have to work with him all day.

Armaan stared at Ridz while she continued to smile sweetly at him, why was she smiling so much, couldn't she see he was angry with her. Just as he was about to speak to her, his pager went off, he looked up at Ridz who was still standing there smiling, she made him so mad, "Dr mujhe apse kuch bhaath karni hai, aap mujhe meri cabin mein 10 minute miliye" and he stormed off.

Ridz just stood there smiling at him for a moment, seeing Armaan so angry made her really really happy. "He really does love me a lot" she thought as she happily strolled to the Aids ward. She was so caught up in her work that she didn't realise when the 10 minutes was up, she was in the middle of checking a patient when her pager started beeping. "Oh no, I'm late, Armaan's gonna kill me" she ran towards his cabin, to find him sitting there looking at a file. He was trying to concentrate on the file, but the strain to do so was so apparent on his face that it made Riddhima laugh out a little. Armaan looked up at her annoyed, how could she laugh when he was so angry. Ridz saw the anger in his eyes and immediately stopped.

R: "Sorry Dr Armaan, woh mein patient ki saath ti aur vakht ka andaaza nahi raha" she was really sorry for upsetting Armaan this time

Armaan walked around his desk and grabbed Ridz by her arms, digging his fingers into her arms, "Vakht Dr Riddhima, hum Dr's ki profession mein bohot ehmiyat rakhti hai, aek hi lamha mein vakht kissiki jaan le bhi sakhta ya phir jaan bacha bhi saakhta hai". Not seeing Ridz for so long felt like a lifetime to him. He felt if he didn't see her for one moment then he would surely have died from his the pain in his heart.

Ridz felt really rotten now, she hadn't intentionally come late, she felt a lump in her throat, she could feel her eyes welling up, but she didn't want Armaan to see her so weak. She turned her face from him, this was the first time she was seeing him so angry and over such a trivial matter. "Sorry" she murmured still looking away, he was really hurting her now, his fingers were digging on deeper, she turned to look at him, the pain was clearly displayed on her face

It was Armaan's turn to feel guilty now, as their eyes met he saw the pain and sadness in her face. He immediately let go of her arms, he noticed he had left little red marks where he was holding only a few moments ago, he gently touched the red marks, "I'm sorry" he turned away from her now, he wanted to hurt himself now for hurting Ridz. He had never behaved on such a manner towards anyone before but for some reason watching Ridz and Atul together made him really mad.

Ridz walked up behind Armaan and gently put her hand on his sholder, to her amazement Armaan immediately turned around and hugged her. He was crying slightly she noticed when he turned around. She hugged him back, "It's okay, please don't cry" hearing silently sob was breaking heart. She had done this to him, she had made him cry and she hated herself for it right now.

R: "Armaan, I'm sorry, meine tumhara dil dookaya" she whispered

Armaan looked, he was confused, why was she apologising, it was him who had hurt her. "Tum sorry kyun kehrehe ho, galti meri hai, meine tumhare akein mein assoo laye" he wiped her tears.

R: "Nahi Armaan, meine tumhare ankhon mein asoon laye, isilye mein rorahi ti" she wiped his and poked his cheek so that his dimples would appear.

A: "Kya karehe ho" he looked at her puzzled while she continued to poke his gently

R: "Meine tumhe rulaiya, toh abh haasana bhi mera khaam hai" he smiled at her childinshness

R: "See, it worked" and she kissed his dimples

Armaan then became serious again, Ridz noticed his sudden change of expression "Kya hua" she enquired

A: "Tum aaj ki bhaath Atul se nahi miloge" and with that he sat on the edge of his desk with his arms crossed across his chest.

A wicked smile appeared on her lips, "Kui" she asked innocently standing infront of him with her hands on her hips.

A: "Kui ki meine mana ki hai, bas" he knew this was a ridiculous request, especially as they were all Dr's in Sanjeevani and Atul and Ridz both being interns meant they would have to work with each other, but he didn't care, he would stop them from meeting

Ridz put her arms around Armaan's neck, "Kya hua, Armaan, tum jealous toh nahi ho" she smiled evily at this

Armaan pulled her onto his lap, "Nahi, mein jealous nahi hu, but its decided tum Atul se aaj ki bath nahi miloge" and he nuzzled his head on the back of her neck

Ridz was blushing like mad, she had never been so close to anyone before and the closeness of Armaan was making her feel very hot, she could feel the sweat collecting on her forehead

R: "Armaan choru mujhe" she whispered

A: "Nahi, pehle promise karo kit um usse nahi miloge"

R: "Armaan , yeh kaise zid hai, mein Atul se kaise nahi mil sakhta, who iss hospital mere jaise Dr hai, toh milna toh parega"

Armaan was annoyed by her answer, he knew very well that what he was requesting wasn't possible but instead of promising him, she was being stubborn, "nahi milogi to kya hoga" he pouted as he held her tighter, he didn't want her to leave

R: "Armaan choro, koi aajayega"

A: "Nahi pehle promise karo ki tum nahi milogi"

R: "Okay, I promise" she was starting to feel faint from his presence and knew she had to get away from him fast, showing him how weak she was wouldn't be a good idea right now. He'd only take advantage of it in future, she felt his grip loosen on her, she took the chance "Tum bohot jealous or possessive ho. Aur meri aur Atul ki beech kuch nahi hora haiso bacho ki taro acting band karo" she jumped up before he could catch her again "Mujhe kaam hai, mein jaah rahi hu"

Just as she was about leave she popped her head around the door "Aur by the way mein lunch ko Atul ki saath jaah rahi hu, bye" she closed the door just as he got up from his desk to go after her

Thoughout the entire Ridz kept teasing Armaan about Atul and poor Atul kept getting the deadly looks from Armaan. Sapna and Anjali thought it was hilarious and instead of teasing Armaan (as he had imagined) kept teasing her instead. Armaan thoroughly enjoyed watching Ridz being teased.

At the end of the shift everyone was in the locker room collecting their stuff

An: "So Ridz party kabh hai, hum sabhko kab aana hain"

R: "Papa ne kaha hai ki party 8 baje shuro hoga to tum sabh 8 kiliye pochjana, okay"

At: "Kya Armaan bhi waha hoga?" feeling scared that Armaan might actually kill him outside of the hospital

S: "Ofcourse duffer who ayega, who nahi ayega toh engagement party kaise hoga", Sapna and Anjali laughed at Atul

R: "Crap meine toh Armaan ko party ki bare mein bolna hi bhool gayi"

An, S, A: "What?"

R: "Mujhe jaana hoga, warna aaj ki party cancelled hojayegi"

Ridz ran towards Armaan's cabin to catch him before he left for the day, she entered the cabin but he wasn't there, she looked everywhere but couldn't find him. She finally decided to call his mobile just incase he had already left.

R: "Armaan, pick up the phone, pick up the phone" she repeated as the phone kept ringing, there was no answer. "Armaan phone kui nahi uthara" she was getting worried now, terrible thoughts kept creeping into her mind, "what if he got hurt on the way home and was no lying in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere, and..and" she was getting very panicky now, where is he. She asked a nurse a if she had seen Armaan anywhere

N: "Haan who kuch der pehle terrace par jaarehe te"

Ridz ran up the stairs as fast as she could, hardly breathing the entire way. She was way past worrying for Armaan, she was now panicking. Questions kept forming in her mind, like, "What if the nurse was mistaken and Armaan wasn't outside in the terrace? If he wasn't there then where could he be? Was he okay? Could something have happened to him?" There were too many questions and no answers.

Ridz burst through the terrace doors, looking around frantically, she was still trying to get a hold of her breath. There was nothing but silence to greet her, a gentle breeze flowed through the air, a gentle breeze which would normally greet her warmly was today feeling harsh against her skin, sending shivers down her spine. The silence and darkness engulfed Ridz as though sucking away any hope and happiness from her soul. Feeling desperately lonely Ridz turned to leave. It was when she turned to leave that she noticed something from the corner of her eye. Ridz strained to see what was there, she approached where she thought she had seen the figure standing.

R: "Armaan?" she whispered into the darkness
"Ssshhhh" someone whispered from behind her, Ridz jumped and spun around fast, someone covered her mouth before she got the chance to scream and pushed swiftly but gently to the side against a wall. Ridz was so scared that out of fear and almost on impulse Ridz stamped on the strangers foot as hard as she could and bit the person's hand so hard that she drew blood. The person immediately let go and jumped back shouting "AAARGH BASKET". Ridz froze shocked, "Armaan tum"

A: "Nahi bhoot, ofcourse mein" he replied bitterly shaking jumping on one foot and holding his injured hand with the other.

R: "Tum yaha kya karehe ho" at that point a kid came running out from behind the wall and stood there laughing at Armaan. Ridz stood there blankly at the kid, why was he laughing so much

A: "Dhoni ke bhacha, rukh abhi dekha ta hu" he went to chase the kid but then tripped over something on the floor. Dhoni just stood there laughing at him. Seeing Armaan fall over made Ridz start laughing as well.

A: "Ha ha, tum bhi haslo, pehle hi mujhko itni choth pochahte ho, phir meri girne par mujhpar haste ho"

R: "Oh ho, Dr itni naadan matt bano, apki iss hallet ki vajje mein nahi app hai"

A: "Kya" he said standing up, dusting his trousers

R: "Aur nahi to kya, mujhe aise darene ki kya zaroorat ti"

A: "Woh, sorry humme lagha nurse Lovely ayi thi isse lenne"

R: "Kya, abh mein tumhe nurse Lovely laghti hu?" she was fuming at him now.

A: "Woh iss Dhoni ki bache ne kaha ki nurse Lovely hai, meine toh dekha nahi ta issliye, I'm really sorry, tum please naraaz matt ho" he said holding his ears

Ridz noticed his bleeding hand and took hold of it instantly to check the damage she had caused. Armaan noticed the concern on Ridz's face and started acting as though it hurt more than it actually did. In fact he had actually forgotten about his hand. Ridz reached into Armaan's pocket and took out his hanker chief and tied it on his hand.

A: "arre yeh mera roomal hai"

R: "haan aur khun bhi tumhara nikhalraha hai na, toh phir" she said smiling back mischievously

A: "Par.. par.." Ridz just stared at him a questioningly

R: "Par kya, hold on a sec, tummhe kya lagha ki filmo ki taro apna duaptta paarh kar tumhare haath me bandoongi. Huh, yeh itni mengha suit mein kyun karabh karo"

Ridz turned to Dhoni now who was still giggling at Armaan "Dhoni, bohot raath hogeya hai, tum abh jao, jakhar so jao" Dhoni didn't want stay and argue with Ridz, she seemed to be really strict, "Aur aap Dr Armaan, mujhe laghta hai ki shayed aap ki duty aaj kiliye kathamh hogeya hai, toh phir aap jaye ghar" with that she took a hold of Dhoni's hand and turned to leave. Armaan just sat there dumb struck, "Basket ko kya hogeya hai" he thought to himself.

Just as Ridz was about to go through the doors her mobile started ringing, she beckoned for Dhoni to go on ahead and answered the call, "Hello, ji Papa... ji abhi athehe.. okay bye Papa" she turned towards Armaan who was now looking at the floor walking towards her... he was walking past her... Ridz reached out and held his hand to stop. Armaan winced in pain as she had held his injured hand but didn't look at Ridz. "Mujhse naraaz ho" she asked cutely

A: "Mein naraaz kui hoga" he didn't even look at her, he just stood there with his eyes closed from the pain

Ridz walked in front him and lifted his chin with her finger "I'm sorry" Armaan opened his eyes and looked at her with pain in them, Ridz looked at him worriedly "Kya hua"

A: "Mere haath mein bohot dardh hora hai, please chordoh" Ridz looked at his hand then immediately let go

R: "Oh sorry, tumne pehle kyu nahi kaha" searching him eyes for answers

A: "Woh kya hai na... tumne pehle bar mera haath pakhra hai na, apni marzi se, isliye" he smiled at mischievously and held her hand with his good hand "Aur mein yeh haath zindagi baar nahi chorna chahta"

Ridz now looked down blushing at Armaan's comments.

A: "Waise, basket tumne kabhi kick boxing classes liye hai kya, I mean tumne iss pehr ki kya bhaat hai, I think mujhe apne pehr ki x-ray karana parega"

R: "KYA?" Ridz looked up immediately ready to argue with him again, but before she knew it Armaan was kissing her. It took her a moment to realise what was happening and then she bit his lip. Armaan pulled back holding his lips. He had let go of her hand, which gave Ridz the perfect opportunity to run away from there. She knew she was in trouble, but he had pulled sly one and kissed her off guard.

A: "Basket, abh mein tumhe nahi chorunga" he chased her down the stairs and caught her just before she reached the doors to the main hallway. He grabbed her hand from behind and twisted it behind her back, so that now she was facing him with her hand behind back

R: "Armaan chodho mujhe" she tried to wriggle her hand free but his grip just got firmer

A: "Nope" his face was getting closer to Ridz, while she was stepping back slowly, she hit the wall and Armaan was still coming closer, not letting go off her hand.

R: "Armaan, sorry, please mera haath choro"

A: "Pehle uphar jo adhori rehgeya ta, usse poora karo, phir chorunga"

Ridz was blushing profusely, she knew exactly what he meant but was adamant she wouldn't give in "Nahi karungi, kya karloge tum" she whispered

Armaan was cm's away from her lips, they were slightly quivering, he knew she was waiting for him to kiss her so just to tease her he let go of her hand and stepped back "Kuch nahi" and he started walking up the stairs.

Ridz was shocked, this wasn't meant to happen, was he mad at her now. How was she supposed to get him to go to the party now.

R: "Woh erm... Papa tumhe ghar par bulahrehe te aaj raath, kuch erm.... important bhaath karna ta. Tum aoge na mere saath... ghar?" she called out from behind him.

A: "ghar" Armaan turned to face Ridz again "Aek shart par"

Ridz looked up at him questioningly "Kaise shart", she regretted this as soon as she said it.

Armaan moved closer to Ridz again, Ridz started moving backwards, she was staring into his eyes not concentrating on where she was going, when she lost her footing on the stairs and nearly fell. Armaan caught her just in time, he held her by her waist. His touch sent a shock down Ridz spine, her breathing got shallower as she felt his gaze on her. She had to look away, scared she would loose herself in his eyes again.

R: "Armaan, ghar jaana hai", she whispered

Armaan was awaken from his trance, Ridz beauty had taken him to another world, "Pehle mere shart" he replied remembering where they were and what had happened.

R: "Armaan" she spoke slightly louder "Okay bolo kya hai"

A: "Pehle tum mujhse maafi maango" he straightened Ridz up know but was still holding onto her by the waist

R: "Kiss bhaath kiliye", she was acting innocent now

A: "Kiss bhaath kiliye" Armaan started tickling Ridz "Kiss bhaath kiliye"

Ridz was extremely ticklish and couldn't stop laughing "Armaan... stop... arre stop" she was laughing the whole time "okay..okay I'm sorry" Armaan stopped tickling her

A: "Aise nahi" he had an evil grin on his face again

R: "Aise nahi... erm toh phir aise", she poked his cheek so that Armaan smiled slightly which made his dimple show, she then kissed his dimple

Armaan had wanted something else but decided this would do for know and kissed her back on her cheek, leaving his lips lingering on her cheek slightly longer then required.

Ridz was feeling very hot know, not to mention getting late "Erm Armaan abh ghar challe, Papa intezaar karehe honge"



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