Saturday, 11 July 2020

Part 11 : Dill Ki Baat

R: "Armaan, merha uss tara hai, tum kaha jaa rahe ho?"

A: "Pata hai, hum mere ghar jaa rahe hai" he said with a grin on his face

R: "Kui"

A: "Basket, mein Papa se iss halath mein to nahi milsakhta, I mean look at me, tumhare vaaje sa mere joothe, kaphre yaha takh ki mera roomal mein bhi ghandhe hogaye"

RIdz thought about it a moment, "Ya your right, mein nahi chahte ke mere gharwalle mujhe aek bikhari ki saath dekhe" she kept a straight face trying to annoy him.

A: "Tabh toh tumko bhi definitely change karna chahye so warna mere change karne ki koi mathlab nahi hai"

Ridz looked at him with daggers in her eyes, "Tum hamesha mujhe tana kui maarte ho"

A: "Kui ki jab tum ghussa hote ho tab tumhare aakein taro ki tarre chamakhte hai, aur tum aur hi khoobsurat laghte ho" he said smiling sweetly

Ridz's anger melted straight away, she was feeling shy and blushing

A: "Aur jabh tum aise sharmakher aakhon niche karte tabh aur hi khoobsurat laghte ho" this made Ridz blush even more. Armaan reached over and held her hand, Ridz shivered from his touch "Kya hua" he asked with a naughty grin "Tumhe taand laghrehi hai" he leaned closer to her. Ridz jumped back,

R: "erm, humme late horahi hai, Papa humare intezaar karehe honge, tum jaa khar jaldi change karke ao"

A: "Basket, tum bhi na kitne unromantic ho, yaha Papa ko beech lanhe ki kya zaroorat ti... Aur what do you mean mein jaa khar change karke ao' you don't think mein tummhe meri car mein akhele chor jaunga, meine dekha tum meri car ko kiss nazre se deckhti ho. Tumhare niyath kuch teekh nahi laghte"

R: "Armaan" she punched him playfully on his shoulder,

A: "No seriously, tum ghari mein nahi rahogi, teekh nahi laghta, andhar chalo"

R: "rmaan, mein aise kaise andhar aa sakhti hu, what if tumhara parivaar andhar hai.."

A: "ummy se dhar ti ho?"he looked at her intently. Ridz nodded her head to confirm. "asket, shaadi ki bhaath kya karogi?" he laughed at his comments. Ridz looked at him not amused. "Sorry baba..." he said holding his ears, Ridz smiled at his childish look. "Okay abh jab madam basket khush hogaye hai, toh andhar challe" Ridz was about to protest again when Armaan added "Mummy, Masti aur Maya Di sabh bahar gaye hai, kissi function pe. Anhe mein dher hoga..." Ridz looked at him not convinced "Saach, Mummy aaj subha hi mujhe phone karke bol rahe te"

Ridz wasn't comfortable with the idea of being alone with Armaan, he could see the hesitation in her face "Aur Ridz mein tummhe warn karaha hu, mein karate mein black belt hu, ghar khaali hone ki vaje se tum mera faida uthani ki koshish matt karna" he said pointing a finger at her. Ridz burst out laughing in his face.

R: "Don't worry mujhe tumse zyada tumhare car mein interest hai"

Armaan rushed up to get changed while Ridz waited in the lounge for him. As there was no-one around Ridz made herself a cup of coffee and decided to have a look around. She couldn't help being nosy, it was one of her downfalls according to some, but Ridz had always found it to her advantage.

Ridz went into what looked like a study room, there were books everywhere and a large portrait of a family, well it would have been family if it wasn't for the stranger standing with them. In the painting there was Armaan, Masti and Mehek (Armaan's mum), but it didn't end there. There was another man standing in the middle of the picture, he looked almost exactly like Armaan, only a little older, his dimples weren't as deep as Armaan and his eyes were dark brown.

Armaan rushed down the stairs expecting to see Ridz in the lounge, he was shocked to see she wasn't. "Yeh basket kaha gayi, kahi mere ghari..." he rushed towards the window to check his car, it was still there. He went around the house looking for her; he was looking for about 5 minutes, when he noticed the study light on "mere study mein kaun hai" he walked into the room to find Ridz standing there next to his desk looking up at the portrait on his wall. Armaan went and stood next to her, "Woh mere Papa hain"

Ridz almost jumped looking hearing his voice. "Oh tum kabh aye"

A: "Bas abhi abhi..." he turned to look at her, "tum yaha kya karehe ho"

Ridz knew she would usually be in trouble at this point by her mother for being so nosy, and was feeling agitated at how Armaan would react if he found she was snooping around his house.

R: "Erm.. woh.. mujhe laga ki yaha koi hai, so meine check karne kiliye yaha ayiti", "there saved" she thought to herself, she could feel the tell tale signs of pain in her stomach, but she managed to hide the pain from her face.

Armaan just smiled at her, "Well yaha humare siva koi nahi hai... to challe" he winked beckoning her upstairs, Ridz opened her eyes in shock

R: "Armaan your too much" she said shaking her head disapprovingly

A: "What, tumhi to itni samai kehrehe te ki dher horahi hai, Papa humare intezaar karehe hai... meine toh sirf tumhe chalne kiliye bola" he smiled at her

R: "Don't try to be innocent, tumhara yeh matlabh nahi ta"

A: "Nahi, toh kya matlabh ta" Armaan made a innocent face

R: "You know exactly what", she messed his hair with her hand and walked towards out of the room "Chalo, ghar jaana hai" she shouted back to Armaan, who was busy trying to fix his hair, irritated that Ridz had messed it up

Armaan's car pulled into the Ridz's drive

A: "Basket, how many cars do you guys own?"

Ridz looked around her drive, it was packed with cars, laughing nervously "Erh, hehe... Papa ko cars ki bohot shokh kai, issiliye jabhi unko koi acha milta hai, who foron kareedh lehte hai"

A: "Aur scooter bhi?" he said looking at the Atuls scooter

R: "Nahi, woh erm... humare ghar mein kaam waali ki hai"

Armaan didn't look convinced but decided to drop it. He got out of the car and went around to Ridz's side to open it. Ridz was sitting there lost in her thought, she looked worried about something, almost in pain.

A: "basket... basket"

Ridz looked up and realized he must have been standing there for a while, "Sorry", she stepped out of the car and started past Armaan. Armaan held her hand

A: "Kya hua, tum itbi pareshaan kui ho" he said turning to look at him

Ridz couldn't take lying anymore, she was never very good at lying, she just couldn't stomach these things (literaly). "I'm sorry meine tumse jhoot kaha" she looked down teary eyed

A: "Kabh" he said lifting her face to look at him

R: "Tumhare study mein meine kooch nahi sunha, woh mere inquisitive nature kiliye mujhe raha nayi geye... aur Atul aur mere beech kuch nahi, woh meine bas tumhe cherne kiliye kia ta, aur.. aur.. yeh saab ghari Papa ki nahi hai... yeh saab guests ki hai" she held her side and let out a big sigh feeling much better. All these lies in one day were giving her cramps.

Armaan burst out laughing when she stopped. Ridz just stood there annoyed at him.

A: "Tum yeh saabh lekhar pareshaan te" he burst out laughing again

R: "Ha ha haslo, tumhe kya patha itne sarre jhooth bolkar mujhe kitna dhard horaha ta" Hearing this Armaan laughed even more, he was holding his stomach laughing really hard. Ridz got annoyed and stormed into the house. She was going to tell him about the party, but was to angry with him to say anything.

A: "Basket rukho, basket" he chased after her, Ridz rushed in, closing the door in his face. Armaan stood there feeling bad at laughing at her, "isse jhoot bhi nahi kaha jahti tikh tare se" he laughed at her innocence. Armaan walked through the doors, to his surprise there standing in front of him was everyone, well almost, all the inters, Dr's, his family and some other people he didn't recognise. No-one noticed him walking in; he quietly walked up to Maya who was standing with Minnie to a side.

A: "Di, yeh saabh kya hai" he asked in a hushed tone

Maya jumped hearing someone next to her, she smiled immediately at Armaan. "Armaan tum kab aye"

A: "Abhi.. Di yeh party.."

M: "Tumhare engagement party hai aur tumhe hi nahi pata? Riddhima ne tummhe bataye nahi kya... jaanu"

Mas: "Hey jaanuu.." Sapna and Masti approached Armaan giggling. Armaan turned bright red, he gathered that Sapna had told everyone about his phone call.

Min: "Boyfriend" she tugged his hand, Armaan picked Minnie up, "Saab tumhe jaanu kui bularehe hai"

A: "Pata nahi, laghta hai sabh paagal hogaye hai" he whispered in her ear at which she started to giggle

M: "Yani ki Mama bhi paagal hai" she said out loud. Maya looked over crossly (acting) Armaan just covered her mouth while her chuckled nervously

A: "Nahi girlfriend meine aise nahi kaha" he said winking at her

Mas: "Di, dekho dekho Bhaia Minnie ko kya kya sikharehe hai"

Sujal now walked over to join them. "Kya sikarehe ho Armaan meri gudiyaan ko"

Before Armaan could say anything Minnie replied "Kuch nahi Papa, mama aur masti boyfriend ko jaanu keh rehete aur boyfriend ne unko paagal kaha". When Sujal looked lost at what was going on Sapna went onto narrate the story of the whole jaanu incident, the entire time Armaan was looking for a gap in the ground to sink into. And to make matters worse all the interns were now gathering around listening to the story. At the end everyone was teasing Armaan to no end.

A: "Yeh basket kaha hai" he thought, only she could save him know, just then he saw the most beautiful sight ever.


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