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Part 12 : Dill Ki Baat

R: "Apne aap ko samajhta kya hai" Ridz tossed a pillow from one side of the room to the other

K: "Arre isme itna gussa honeko kya hai, galthi hogeya bechara ko" Krishna picked up the pillow and placed it back on bed where Ridz was sitting fuming at Armaan. Krishna just sat there laughing at Ridz's state.

R: "Ha ha, tum toh abh uske hi side loge na, tumhari hone wali babhi ki jo cousin nikhla, itne yaad rakhna Maya Di, Armaan aur Shiv, in saab se pehle mein tumhare dost hu". Ridz turned her face pouting

K: "Ridzy jaan, isme humari dost ki baadh kaha se agaya" Krishna sat on the bed and placed her hand on Ridz's shoulder, but Ridz just shrugged it off. "Okay, okay, look I'm sorry, I promise aaj ki baadh mein tumhare aur Armaan ki kissi bhi jaagre mein, mein humesha tumhari hi side dungi... okay" she sat there holding her ears with puppy eyes.

R: "hmm, tikh hai, abh yeh stupid si chehra bhanana bandh karo, aur mujhe jaaldi se taayaar karo, mujhe jaa uss Armaan ki bache ko sabakh seekhana hai" she pulled Krishna's cheek to get her to smile

The girls joked about getting their own back on Armaan and quickly got dressed. The party had already started downstairs and thanks to Armaan, Ridz was already late to her own engagement party. Ridz was wearing a hot pink sari that her mother had chosen for the evening. She also had a simple diamond set to compliment the silver embroidery on the sari. Due to the shortage of time Ridz had to leave her hair out, but this simply added to the simplistic beauty of the entire outfit.

Krishna led Ridz down the stairs, all eyes were on Ridz, she looked stunning.

K: "Armaan toh geya kaam se" Krishna whispered into Ridz's ear. Ridz looked over at Armaan, he was standing there with Maya, Sujal, Sapna, Masti and all the other interns. His mouth was hanging open as his eyes looked like they were about to jump out of their sockets. Ridz suppressed her laugh, gave Armaan an angry look and walked over to her mother who was standing talking to Mehek Malik (Armaan's mother). She bent down and took her blessings

Meh: "Jeete raho beta, meri bahu ko kissi ki nazaar na laghe" she touched her eye then put a black dot behind Ridz's ear. "Saach Padma ji, apki beti kitni pyari hai, mujhe toh yaakeen hi nahi hora ki meri nalayak beta ko itni khoobsurat ladki milegi" Ridz just blushed at this. "Tum jaante ho Riddhima beta, mein Armaan ko keh keh kar takhgayi ti, shaadi karlo, shaadi karlo, you know picking up after him, staying up late to make sure he eats, yeh saabh kar kar keh mein toh takh gayi. Par abh tum agaye ho, toh tum hi usse samaal le na" Ridz just smiled hearing this, Armaan was such a hand full she never knew.

Armaan noticed Ridz talking to his mum and wanted to go over as they kept looking at him when they were talking. But everytime he tried to get away the guys kept stopping him and getting in his way.

May: "Kya baadh hai Armaan, hum tummhe bore karehe hai?"

Suj: "Ha, aab sagai ho chukha hai, toh abh humare company toh tummhe boring hi lagega. Maya tum Riddhima ko yaha le ao, sabh tikh hojayega, kui Armaan" he nudged Armaan with his shoulder at which Armaan just blushed more.

Maya went over to take Ridz and Krishna over to the other guys, but she got kept back by Mehek and on the way over to their Krishna got taken away by Shiv.

Ridz finally walked over by herself to Anji, Sapna and Atul, she completely ignored Armaan. Sujal and Minnie had left by now. "Hey guys"

Anji, Sap (int): "Hey Ridz"

A: "Hey Ridz, wow you look beautiful" Armaan glared at Atul.

R: "Thanks Atul, your so sweet. Tum bhi bohot handsome lagrehe ho" and she hugged Atul.

Armaan pulled them apart, "Atul, tum jaa kar sabh kiliye drinks lao" and he put an authoritative arm around Ridz. Atul looked scared and immediately stepped back, to allow space between him and Ridz. Ridz just looked amused at this.

Sap (lilSis): "Jiju, itne possessive ho di ko lekhar"

Mas: "Yeh bhai, abhi toh shaadi bhi nahi hui aur abhi se hi aap aise"

Ridz pulled herself out of Armaan's grip, "Excuse me, mein apne dost se baath karehi ti" and Ridz started talking to Atul, Anji and Sapna (Intern) again. Armaan felt dejected. Armaan walked away feeling upset with the way Ridz was treating him.

Mas: "Bhabhi, aap bhai se naraaz hai?" Masti asked once Armaan was out of earshot.

R: "Nahi Masti, bas usse sabakh sikhana hai"

Sap (lilSis): "Oh oh, di, jiju ne kya ki joh yeh shamaath agayi"

Anj: "Ha Ridz, Armaan ne aisa kya kiya ki abh tumhare haatho ki sabkah sikhna paraha hai"

R: "Maath pooch yaar, tumme patta hai na ki mein jooth nahi bol sakhta.."

Anj: "Oh god, do I know or what, yaad hai jab humare camping trip par te, tabh toonhe mujhe jooth kaha ta ki tummhe andhere se darr nahi laghta, I swear uss raath teri..." Anji started laughing remembering what happened

R: "yaad hai uss raath meri peth mein itni dard karha ta ki raath bar mein soh nahi pahi aur nahi kissi aur shone di. Aur yaad hai jabh tumne mujhpar uss baadh lekhar hasa ta, tabh meine kya kiya" Ridz was also laughing at what happened next

Anj: "Dude, don't woh frog meri shower mein rakhna was cruel. Meri poori zindagi meine itna chilaya nahi, jaise mein uss din ki ti. Mujhe uss din hi patha chalgaya ta ki tu jitna innocent laghti hai, uthna hai nahi"

The girls continued to talk as Atul went over to Armaan.

At: "Hey Dr Armaan, listen I'm really sorry. Sach mein, mere aur Ridz ki beech mein kuch nahi hai. Aap please mujhe hospital mein punish maath kijiye" sounding desperate and scared

Armaan just laughed seeing Atul in this state. "Dr Atul, relax, apko koi safai dene ki koi zaroorat nahi hai. Mein aapko punish nahi karoongi"

At: "Really Dr Armaaan, mere yakeen kijiye..."

Ar: "Atul, chill, really its okay. Aur tum mujhe Dr Armaan karke nahi Armaan karke address karo, mein yah duty par nahi hu" he puts his hand on Atul shoulder to assure him but Atul winced out of fear causing Armaan to just laugh more. "Relax Atul.. really mein sirf hospital mein strict hu, yaha nahi".

At: "Waise Dr.. I mean Armaan, mein tummhe kuch pooch toh tum mujhe maroghu toh nahi" Armaan shook his head negatively

At: "Tumne Ridz ko kya kehdi ki woh aab tumse badla leni chahti hai"

Ar: "Meine, toh kuch bhi nahi.." Armaan was interrupted in what he was about to say by Shashank who had just announced to everyone that Ridz and Armaan were engaged and today is their engagement party. Armaan was beckoned to centre stage so that he and Ridz could have their first couples dance. Armaan walked over to Ridz who was now standing with Anji and Sapna (int). "May have this dance", the spotlight fell on them two and Ridz had no choice but to accept.

Holding Ridz's hand Armaan lead her to the centre, the song 'Jab se tere naina' from Saawariya started playing.

Armaan slowly placed one hand on Ridz bare mid-drift and the other holding her hand. His touch sent shivers down Ridz, she let out a gasp as his touch sent a sweet current through her, Ridz slowly placed her hand on Armaan's shoulder, almost hesitatingly, Ridz lowered her eyes coyly, she had completely forgotten that she was angry with Armaan. Armaan was aroused by Ridz's presence, the sweet smell of Ridz's perfume was driving him crazy, they were so close that Armaan could hear Ridz's shallow breathing.

Realizing that she too must be feeling what he is, Armaan lightly blew on Ridz's face to move the hair now covering her gorgeous hazel eyes, the blow made Ridz close her eyes, a sweet smile spread across her lips. Armaan saw her smile and in that moment he realized the power he had over Ridz, he smiled acknowledging this. This was going to be fun he thought. The entire dance Armaan kept silently teasing Ridz, he would tighten his grip on her bare waist making her look at him in horror, he would brush his lips past her cheek and ear as he twirled her around, he even went as far as hugging her from behind and stroking her bare back discreetly.All of these things were driving Ridz crazy, she had completely forgotten where she was. All Ridz could feel was Armaan, Armaan could feel Ridz melting in his arms and to be honest if Armaan wasn't there holding Ridz up she was feeling like she would fall.

The dance came to an end, Ridz opened her eyes and realised that Armaan had somehow managed to lead her to a corner of the room where no-one could see them. Ridz looked up at Armaan as he pushed her against the wall, his mesmerizing grey eyes were again slowly taking her away to another world, where nothing else seemed to exist. Slowly Armaan leaned forward, not daring to loose eye contact just in case his invisible hold on her broke. Armaan's hand slowly snaked there way down to Ridz's hands and he held onto them as though his life depended on it. Ridz looked questioningly at Armaan, reading the questions posed in her eyes Armaan answered

"kuch adhoori reh gaye ti, usse poora kar na he" with that his lips gently touched hers. When Ridz didn;t try to fight back Armaan kiss became more passionate, Ridz responded back with as much passion as Armaan.

Everything around them seemed to have disappeared, they were completely oblivious to their surroundings. Her lips parted slightly as if welcoming Armaan, that was all he needed, his was now in her, exploring Ridz in a whole new way. Ridz's hand was now in Armaan's hair, slowly caressing his hair, driving him crazy. She felt his hand slowly take a hold of her waist, she gasped at his touch, Armaan lips now descended onto Ridz's neck, slowly kissing ever inch of her neck, Ridz closed her eyes tighter as Armaan bit her neck. The sweet pain made her let out a low moan.

Hearing Ridz moan, Armaan thought he may have hurt her so he instantly let go, looking in her eyes for, "Tummhe chot toh nahi lagha", Ridz smiled at him, he was so caring, she had never been happier in her entire life. Ridz poked Armaan's cheek and kissed his dimple to show she was fine. Armaan hugged her tightly, he felt so special being around Ridz, he felt he could do and say anything around her freely without having to think about the consequences of his actions. Ridz slowly pulled out of the hug and wiped Armaan lips where lip stick stain was still apparent, "Party mein wapas challe, sabh logh humme doondh rahe honge".

Armaan smiled at Ridz, "Kya karehe ho" he asked with a mischievous smile, he held her hand that was still on his lips.

R: "Armaan, lipstick lagi hai"

A: "So...challo party mein"

R: "Armaan aise?" Ridz was horrified at Armaan's suggestion, "Party mein sabh..."

A: "Hmm... yeh bhi bhaath hai, in that case, maybe tummhe bhi kuch karna chahiye... isse chupana kiliye" Armaan ran his finger along Ridz's neck and left it to rest on where he had left his mark. Ridz immediately flushed a shade of deep pink and started to leave from there. Armaan grabbed Ridz hand just as she turned her back.

R: "Armaan, haath chodo" she whispered, barely being able to bring the words to her lips

Armaan slowly pulled Ridz back to him, so she was now against his chest, still facing away from him with her eyes closed. "Basket... I'm sorry about before". Ridz turned around and hugged Armaan tightly with tears in her.

R: "Armaan..." Armaan stood there hugging her and stroking her hair. He was lost in the moment.

R: "Armaan.." slightly louder this time, Ridz lifted her head

A: "Hmm.." he wiped Ridz lone tear which had now made its way down Ridz's cheak. Ridz smiled at his gentle touch. Ridz leaned closer to Armaan's ear

R: "I love you" she whispered, before Armaan could register what had happened, she ran away.


The night came to an end, all the guest's had left. Ridz stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom admired the mark on her neck. It had turned a deep colour of red now.

Ridz jumped at the sound of a knock on the bathroom door, "mere dupatta, mere dupatta kaha hai" Ridz hit her head as she realised had left the scarf on top her bed in the room

Knock knock... P: "Ridhu beta"

Ridz gasped, "Erm... ji Ma, ayi"

Ridz quickly wet her hair (making an excuse for why she was in the bathroom for so long), threw the towel in the bathroom around her shoulder trying to cover her neck and stepped out.

R: "Ji Ma, aap yaha? Kya bhaath hai?"

P: "Nahi mein bas aisehi tumse bhaath karne chahti ti" Ridz looked scared, had her mother seen her again. Ridz walked over to her bed, dropped the towel and picked up her scarf trying to cover her neck. Padma picked up the towel and made Ridz sit on the edge of the bed while she slowly dried her hair.

P: "Ridhu, tum mujhse abhi bhi naraaz hai" Ridz turned to look at her mother, she held her hand's

R: "Aap aise kyu pooch reheha Ma, mein aapse kyu naraaz hongi"

P: "Mujhe maaf karde beta, meine uss raath gusse mein..." Padma was overcome with emotion now, tears started falling down her cheek. Ridz immediately got up and hugged her mum.

R: "Ma please aap roye math, Ma please" She sat her mother down on the bed and sat next to her. "Ma, aap ka pura haq bantha hai mujhpar gussa karneke, maafi toh mujhe maangne chahiye, mere uss harkat ki wajese Papa aur aap ko sharminda hone para. I'm really sorry Mama, please maath roye.. please" Ridz bent her hear head on her mum's lap and silently cried. Padma affectionately stroked Ridz's hair. While doing this, Ridz's hair moved and Padma noticed the mark on Ridz's neck.

P: "Ridhu, yeh tere gala mein kya hua". Ridz closed her eyes in her mother's lap, she couldn't look at her mother and lie,

R: "Kuch nahi Ma, party mein machar ne kaath liye". She could feel the pain in her stomach immediately take a hold of her. She winced in pain, this went unnoticed by Padma who was still inspecting the mark on Ridz's neck.

P: "Kaafi baara machar ta na" Ridz smiled in her mother's lap

R: "Hmm.. kaafi bara ta"

Padma left Ridz leaving some ointment for the mark and kissed her goodnight and left

The following day at Sanjeevani...

As usual Armaan handed out the duties in the morning. He tried to speak to Ridz all day but she kept avoiding him, she would make an excuse whenever he called her, he couldn't understand why. On the other hand the pain in Ridz's stomach was killing her now but she couldn't face being laughed at again, especially by Armaan, she was also angry at him because it was his fault she was in this mess.

It was now coming up to lunch and the pain Ridz's stomach was so bad she was finding it difficult to stand. To make things worse, she hadn't slept all night because of the pain so ended up waking up late, causing her to miss breakfast and was basically starving now.

R: "Oww" Ridz let out a low moan in the locker room, no-one else was around and Ridz was sitting on the bench with her back towards the entrance, holding her stomach tight. "Stupid Armaan" she muttered under her breath. "Sabh uski vaje se hua hain... oww"

A: "Meine kya kiya" Armaan had crept up behind Ridz and hugged her from behind as she said this. He hadn't noticed her holding her stomach on pain yet. He snuggled up to her and started to kiss on the back of her neck.

R: "Chodho mujhe, yeh saabh tumhare hi vaaje se hua"

A: "Kya" Armaan snuggled up closer Ridz with his head now sitting on her shoulder while he hugged her. "basket tumhare gala mein kya hua" he kissed the mark. smiling mischievously as he remembered the previous night.

R: "Chodho mujhe Armaan..." she whispered, going into a trance "me...mein tu... tumse bhaath nahi karaha"

A: "Bhaath karne ko kaun kehraha hai, meine toh aise hi teekh hu" he smiled in her neck, he could feel Ridz going hot, her breathing was becoming shallow. She was really turning him on.

Just as Armaan was about to completely loose all sense and control, Ridz pulled away from him and went stood next to her locker. Armaan was slightly taken aback by her sudden move. "Kya hua basket, tum teekh toh ho na" he turned Ridz so she was looking at him and held her hands. Ridz had tears in her eyes, Armaan got really worried.

R: "Doofus, mere peth mein bohot dardh horaha hai, aur tum ho ki..." Ridz was sniffing as she said this to him

A: "Kyu kya hua? Dardh kui hora hai? Tumne check up karwayi"

R: "Itna bolle hona ki koi zaroorat nahi hai, tumh jaante ho tumhare vaaja se meine kal raath ko Ma se jooth bolli aur tabh se meri peth mein itna dardh hora hai.. owww" she remembered the pain again and had to sit down.

Armaan threw his head back and started laughing, he tried to go and hug her. Ridz tried to get up and walk away but the pain was so overwhelming that she had to sit back down. Instead she just pulled away from him and turned her back on him. Armaan looked worriedly at Ridz "Bohot dard hora hai?" he asked concernedly.

R: "Tummhe kya, tum hasso". Armaan got up and walked around in front of Ridz, he squatted down and picked lifted her head so she was looking at him.

A: "Sorry, I didn't mean to laugh... it's just... tum jab gusse hote ho toh bohot pyari laghti ho" he gave her a cute smile and winked at her. For a second Ridz forgot about her lie and the pain it was causing, she was about to smile back then remembered the lie and the pain came shooting back in her stomach. She winced in pain, this time the pain evident on her face and Armaan saw this.

A: "Bohot dardh hora hai?" he asked again, Ridz just nodded her head. "Challo meire saath", Ridz tried to get up but then had to sit down again, the pain was too much. Armaan felt helpless seeing this, he couldn't understand what to do, how could he help, he then recalled a conversation he had with Sapna (lilSis) at the party the previous night,


Armaan had asked Sapna why Ridz felt pain in her stomach when she lied

S: "Don't ask Jiju, uski peth mein koi dardh nahi hoti, it's just her conscious. Unhe laghta hai ki uske peth mein dardh, she even tell a small white lie without her conscious kicking in" Armaan started laughing at this, "basket was so innocent" he thought amused by the idea

S: "Aur aghar koi galthi se bhi yeh bhaath ko lekhar uss par hasse toh woh bohot gussa hojati hai. Badla liye bina woh kissiko maaf nahi karti"

Armaan remembered he had laughed at her just before she stormed off, he had to make it up to her before she took her revenge.

A: "Sapna, mujhe aek bohot bare galati hogaya hai"

S: "Jaanti hu, Di toh abh aapko nahi chorne walle"

A: "Please meri pyari saalli sahiba, please mere madhat kijiye, mein kya karu"

S: "Hmm... tikh hai tikh hai, no need to beg... erm.. aek raasta hai, aghar di uss jhoot ki baare mein bhuljaye, toh phir dardh bhi chalajayega aur gussa bhi"

*End Flashback*

Armaan knew exactly what to do, at that point Armaan's stomach growled. He looked down at his stomach and felt a bit embarrassed, Ridz looked up at him with one eyebrow raised. His stomach grumbled again. Ridz started laughing looking at Armaan standing looking annoyed at his stomach and embarrassed at the same time.

R: "bhookh laghi hai" Ridz got up from the bench and took a few steps towards Armaan.

Armaan turned away from her pretending to act angry "Nahi", his stomach betrayed him again, and it started to rumble.

R: "Armaan..okay sorry, mein nahi hasrahi.. see" she went and stood in front of him again, he looked away from her, Ridz put her hand on his face and made him look at her again "Okay tumhe nahi, mujhe bohot bhookh laghi, canteen challe kaane kiliye". Armaan immediately started smiling

A: "Hmm... lunch date?" he circled his arms around Ridz's waist. Ridz just started blushing, "I like it, par canteen mein nahi" Armaan remembered the intern's teasing him at the party and shuddered at the thought. Ridz suppressed her giggle

R: "Kya hua? kuch yaad aygaya"

A: "Kuch nahi.. hum caf chalte hai, paas mein hi hain, hum jaldi ajayenge"

It 9pm and Ridz had finally finished her shift. She had never felt so tired before in her life. All the other interns had already finished and left for the day and Shashank had the day off so she had to make her own way home. As soon as Ridz stepped outside it started raining really heavily.

"Great, it had to rain now" ridz pulled her scarf off and tried to cover her head with it, the wind started blowing making Ridz's hair fly in her face, she tried to move it with one hand while with the other she was still holding the scarf. Suddenly a car pulls up and honks at her. Ridz initially ignores it, the car keeps beeping, Ridz finally looks at the car, the driver winds down the window...

R: "Tum..."


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