Monday, 13 July 2020

Part 13 : Dill Ki Baat

Ridz was shocked to see the person in the car "Armaan... tum yaha kya karehe ho? Tumhari toh night duty taa na"

A: "Hmm, lekhin meine bhadal di. After all senior Dr hone ki kuch toh faide hone chahiye, right jaani" He winked at her saying this.

R: "but..."

A: "Offo basket, yeh saab bhaadh mein, jaldhi andhar bheth jao, baarish bohot horahi hai" he stepped out of the car and went around and held the passengers side door open. Ridz quietly sat inside and Armaan started driving.

R: "Erm Armaan, hum kaha jarehe hai, mera ghar toh uss tarah hai?... Aur tummne apne night duty kui change ki"

Armaan rolled his eyes, "basket paata hai, tum bohot sawaal pooch ti ho, kabhi chup nahi reh sakhte"

Ridz immediately became angry: "Oh toh aisi bhaath hai, mein bohot bhol ti hu na. Ghari rukho... Armaan meine kaha ghari rukho"

Armaan pulled over to stop his car. Ridz was fuming now, she opened the door and stepped out into the rain. "Urgh, Armaan chup nahi reh sakhta kya, abh dinner kiliye bhi late hojayenge" he mentally kicked himself.

Ridz had walked off quite a bit now. Armaan jogged upto her and held Ridz by her hand from behind. "Basket.. meri bhaath suno to... sorry yaar" Ridz was struggling to get her hand free.

R: "Armaan mera haath chodo..."

A: "Nahi chodunga, kya karlogi" Armaan now spun Ridz around so she was facing him, she wrapped his other hand around her waist and held her tightly against his chest. They were both standing in the middle of the road in the rain.

R: "Meine kaha chodo" she tried to use the other hand to free the hand Armaan was holding, Armaan simply tightened his grip.

A: "Basket mere bhaath to suno" he whispered to her.

R: "Kui suno, mujhe toh sirf bhaath karne ki aadhat hai, sune ki nahi. You know mein bohot sawaal karti hu" she was mimicking his voice now. She stopped struggling trying to get her hands free, it was obviously not working.

Armaan simply smiled at Ridz's childishness. "You know basket tummhe tikh tarre se larna bhi nahi aata"

R: "tikh tarre se larna nahi aata" she mimicked again under her breath. Armaan laughed loudly this time at her.

A: "Tum yeh bacho jaise haarkat kui karte ho?" he smiled his million dollar dimpled smile

R: "Oh toh mein abh bhachi hu... ha", Ridz started to hit Armaan, as hard as she could on his chest but he simply continued to laugh at her, her small hand's and force didn't move him an inch. Armaan's constant laughter infuriated Ridz even more, she gave him one final shove, it took Armaan by surprise and he lost his footing, he fell back into a puddle of water right behind him. For a moment Ridz was very happy that she had managed to shut Armaan up, the small smile flickered on her lips as she saw Armaan fall backwards, then before she realised she found herself falling too. Armaan was still holding her hand and instead of letting go to get his balance he pulled down with him. They both landed with a thump.

A: "Hai, mere kamaar todh di basket ne" he moaned louder then required while throwing her cheeky smile, pretending to be in pain. "Basket, utho mere saase rukhrehe hai... yah phir zindagi bar aise hi rehna hai?" he slowly reached up and moved the hair that was now plastered against Ridz's face. His touch bought Ridz out of her trance, she quickly tried to get off Armaan, but was pulled back again. Her chain had gotten tangled in Armaan's shirt button. Ridz struggled to get up while Armaan just stared at her beautiful face... the rain had washed away almost any makeup on her face and the beauty that was now before him was all natural. Her skin looked so soft... so delicate with the beads of raindrops now making there way down her cheek to her neck and getting lost somewhere... her eyes, those hazel eyes now reflected the midnight sky with a sparkle in them... like the sparkle from the stars' her lips quivered in the cold as the rain drops caressed them. All in all he had never seen someone look so beautiful without making any effort at all... this was the real Riddhima he thought.

Ridz felt slightly uncomfortable lying on top of Armaan in the pouring rain in the middle of the road, she could feel his piercing gaze on her, her clothes were all wet and now clinging to her every curve, she felt vulnerable and conscious of her current attire, there was nothing for her to hide behind, it was just her and Armaan. Armaan was still holding one hand, against his chest now so trying to untangle her chain with the other free hand was proving to be very difficult. "Armaan" she whispered not looking up, she was concentrating on her chain. She could feel the warmth radiating from his chest, the shirt was so wet it seemed like another layer of skin, a thought popped into her mind, he must work out to keep this fit, will he continue to keep this after we're married, and she immediately blushed at her thoughts. Armaan seemed not to hear her. "Armaan mere haath chodo" she whispered, when again he didn't respond Ridz finally found the courage to lift her gaze slowly to look at him, she was shocked by what she saw.

There was Armaan plainly able to see her discomfort and he was lying there with that to die for dimpled smile, looking every bit the handsome creature that made her fall in love with him at first glance. Ridz tried to get of him again, this time remembering to try and free her hand from him, she looked at him shocked, he wasn't holding her hand anymore, she hadn't realised when he let go of it. Ridz turned red with embarrassment, she was almost up now when Armaan pulled her back down again. He had managed to slowly snake his arms around Ridz's waist and now held her securely against his chest.

Ridz fell onto his with both hands now placed on his chest, her cheeks flushed a rosy red and her eyes automatically lowered themselves. "Ar... Arma... Armaan... chodo mujhe" she finally stammered out. Swiftly Armaan turned her over so that now he was on top of Ridz. Ridz closed her eyes and turned her face biting her lower lip, "Chodo" she whispered.

She felt him touch her lips, "tch tch..." he slowly leaned forward and kissed Ridz lower lip softly "inne sirf mein choo sakhta hu" he whispered, his lips brushed against Ridz's as he said this, "kabhar darr inkho choth pochaye". Ridz turned her head away, she felt the heat rise from her cheeks, regardless of the cold wind that was in the air she felt small beads of sweat gather on her forehead. She felt Armaan's fingers trace the lines of her collar bone, his fingers slowly traced the path of the necklace leading from his short to where it was hanging on Ridz's neck. Ridz's closed her eyes tighter as Armaan's touch made her feel like she was on fire.

With one final kiss on Ridz's cheek Armaan got of Ridz. He had managed to untangle the necklace. Ridz opened her eyes and looked up at Armaan who was now looking down at her with the cutest smile holding out his hand for her. Feeling embarrassed Ridz slowly got up, not looking at him or taking his helping hand. As she stood up trying to cover herself up she felt Armaan place his jacket around her shoulders... "thanks" Ridz mumbled still not looking at him. They both went and sat in the car silently. Armaan started to drive in the direction of Ridz's house.

They soon pulled into Ridz's drive. They both sat in the car silently as Armaan tried to find his words.

A: "I'm sorry for getting annoyed at you before... woh... erm mein tum dinner par lene kiliye jaldi karaha ta" he now turned to looked at Ridz "I'm really very sorry"

Ridz reached over and gently poked Armaan's cheek so his dimple was apparent and kissed it. "Thank you" she whispered and walked out of the car towards the house. Armaan sat in the car stunned. He put his hand on his cheek and with a broad smile on his face. "This was way better then dinner" he chuckled and drove home.

As Ridz walked in through the door she was faced with Krishna.

R: "Krishna tum yaha... kya bhaath hai? Sabh kuch tikh hai na?" Before Ridz could rush towards her friend, Krishna rushed towards her and hugged her tightly. Ridz was confused, she gently patted her friends hair "Kya bhaath hai, you ok?"

Krishna pulled away from the hug and beamed at Ridz. "Mein bilkul tikh hu..." realizing Ridz was all wet "Par tum itne bighi hui kui ho, phir se bearish mein naachne lagaye kya" she narrowed her eyebrows at Ridz with her hands on her hips. "Aur yeh jacket, I don't think yeh tumhara hai.. kui?" Ridz blushed remembering what happened a few moments ago.

R: "Woh bahar bohot baarish hai isiliye mein beegh gaye, aur yeh jacket... erm jacket... Armaan ka hai, usne mujhe ghar takh drop ki"

K: "Oi hoi... toh Dr love ki saath ti, isiiye toh.. mein bhi soch rahi ti ki itni dher hohaye aur Ridzy abhi takh ghar nahi ayi"

R: "Krishna... okay yeh sabh choro, batai tum yah kaise" the girls walked towards Ridz's room. Krishna sat on Ridz's bed while Ridz went into the bathroom to get changed.

K: "Well bhaath aisi hai.. Ridzy tum sunrahe ho na..." she shouted slightly louder so Ridz could hear her.

R: "Hmm... kaho sunrahi hu"

K: "jaan meri shaadi doh haafte main hain aur meine abhi takh shaadi kiliye shopping nahi ki. Aur tum jaanti ho ki mein tumhare beghar yeh saab nahi karungi" Krishna sat there pouting with her arm's crossed across her chest.

R: "Krishna honey", Ridz came out of the bathroom and sat on the bed next Krishna "I swear mein tumhare saath shopping jaongi par kal subha meri hospital par duty hai, aur bohot raath hochuki hai, mujhe sona hai sweets"

Krishna started the car and started driving again towards her house,

R: "Krishna, I'm serious mujhe ghar jaana hai, duty hai, smjha karo yaar". Krishna had dragged Ridz out of her room, out of the house and into her car.

K: "Kaal tumhare duty nahi hai" she said matter of factly

R: "Kya matlab"

K: "Meaning sweety, meine Shashi uncle se bhaat karke tumhare chooti leliye hai, abh tum meri saath doh haafte kiliye rahogi. And before you start, meine already Sapna ko bolkar tumhare saaman yaha bulwaliye hai. And this.." Krishna took the mobile phone from Ridz hand which she was playing with "Yeh mobile meri paas rahigi, mein nahi chaati ki koi bhi humme disturb kare" Krishna turned the phone off and put it in her bag.

Armaan lay in try to call Ridz, the line was always unreachable. He had sent a few sms but Ridz did not reply. All night he couldn't sleep, why wasn't she replying to his messages. Tossing and turning he finally managed to get to sleep, deciding he would speak to her in the morning.

Armaan woke up to his phone ringing, still half asleep he managed to answer his phone

A: "Hmm" this was his attempt at saying hello

R: "Morning jaanu" Ridz whispered


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