Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Part 14 : Dill Ki Baat

R: "Morning Jaanu"

A: "Hmmm, morning beautiful" still half asleep

R: "Kya bhaath hai, poora din sonne ki iradha hai kya"

A: "Honey... iss mein mera kya dhosh hai... agar tum sirf meri sapno mein hi mujhe milne aogi to main to hamesha aise hi sota rahunga" Armaan snuggled further under his covers with phone still on his ear.

Ridz bent over and whispered in his ear "Sirf sapno mein hi mujhe miloge". Her warm breath tickled his ear as she whispered this.

Armaan's eyes shot open. In one swift move Armaan turned around and pulled Ridz into bed. He started tickling Ridz who was in turn laughing and wriggling to get out of his grip. Armaan stopped after much begging from Ridz side.

R: "Hmm... Armaan tumhe sona nahi hai?" lying in his arm she played with the loose strand of hair that was misbehaving on Armaan's forehead.

A: "Mein sirf tumhe milne kiliye sota hu, aghar tumh mere paas ho to phir sapne dekhne ki kya zaroorat hai" he leaned forward to kiss Ridz but Ridz put her hand in between. Armaan raised his eyebrow questioningly,

R: "Uh uh" she shook her head, "Pehle ja khar fresh hojao". Armaan grabbed Ridz's arms and held them behind her back tightly. "Armaan chodo..."

A: "Nahi, pehle mera kiss"

R: "Armaan..." Ridz rolled her eyes "Tikh hai, pehle akhen bandh karo aur mere haath chodo"

A: "Nahi tun baagh jaogi"

R: "Nahi jaongi... promise" Ridz crossed her fingers behind her back. Armaan reluctantly closed his eyes and let go off Ridz hands. "No peaking..." Ridz slowly lifted her hand and let her finger run along Armaan's lower lip, a smile played on Armaan's lip, he tried to bite her finger but Ridz pulled it back just on time. "And just for that..." Ridz poked Armaan's cheek, kissed his dimple and jumped out of bed before Armaan could catch her. Armaan tried to grab her but ended up falling out of bed and onto the floor.

Armaan opened his eyes lying on the floor. The soft carpet had cushioned his fall and stopped him from really hurting himself. Armaan looked around the room looking for Ridz "hospital mein kaam ti abh sapno mein bhi tang karti hai", Armaan chuckled and hit his head.

R: "Abh bas bhi Krishna, mein aur chal nahi sakhti". Ridz and Krishna were shopping for 5 hours flat now without a break, and honestly her feet were ready to fall off.

K: "Just one more shop..." and she started racing towards another clothes store.

R: "One more shop, one more shop keh kekar mall ki saari shops mein hum jaa chuke hai. Please hum aek break le le. Waise mujhe bohot bhook laghi hai, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaseee"

K: "One last shop, phir hum lunch karlenge... please" Ridz sulked and walked behind Krishna dragging a million shopping bags.

Krishna had spent an hour already in the store looking at different outfits and matching jewellery. "Yeh joomke kitne pyari hai na" she turned to show Ridz a delicate pair of sapphire stoned earrings.

R: "Hmm" she agreed without really looking at them, Ridz was to busy looking at a young couple who were out shopping. The guy was trying to pick a suit for the girl; he kept lifting one up, putting it against then putting it away shaking his head disapprovingly. The girl was just standing there smiling lovingly at him while he continued. Ridz thought about Armaan. She hadn't spoken to him since yesterday and was really missing him.

Ridz thought about last nights events and how Armaan had untangled her necklace. Most guys in that situation would immediately think about taking their relationship that step further, but Armaan... he was kind, caring, affectionate, considerate, and understanding and so much more. Words just failed to describe how perfect Armaan was. Remembering Armaan Ridz felt upset and lonely... Krishna clicked her fingers in front of Ridz's face

K: "Ridhu kaha ko gaye... jaana nahi hai kya?"

R: "Hmm? Oh... ha, challo". The girls made there way to the food court where Krishna ordered burger and chips while Ridz only ordered a latte.

K: "Kya hua Ridzy, tumme toh bookh laghi ti na"

R: "Nahi.. Ha.. erm abh nahi hai" she sat there stiring her coffee not really drinking it.

Krishna just watched her friend and smiled at her pathetic situation. "Hmm, kissko miss karehe ho?"

R: "Nahi toh, mein kiss ko miss karungi",

K: "Oh I don't know... Armaan shayad?"

R: "Pelease... mein usse kui miss karungi" Ridz face had turned red, "Am I that obvious" she thought.

A: "Jhooth maath bolo, pakrijaogi" Armaan whispered in her ear. Ridz jumped, she immediately turned around to see Armaan standing behind her seat with the biggest grin on his face. Ridz jumped up and hugged Armaan really tightly. Armaan hugged her back tightly, allowing her fragrance to surround him while he felt the warmth radiating from Ridz take a hold of him.

K: "Awwww, you did miss him Ridhu" Krishna cooed. Ridz realised what she was doing and let go of Armaan immediately, she turned away blushing at her action. "Awww Ridhu dekho Armaan sharmaraha bhi hai, dekho kaise uske chehra sharam se laal hogaya hai". Ridz gave Krishna a killer stare which made Krishna stop laughing at Armaan immediately. "Okay chill... I'm done, mera shopping hogaya, Shiv mere liye intezaar karaha hoga, mein chalti hui, bye", Krishna got up to leave when Ridz held her hand to stop her.

R: "Mein ghar kaise jaongi"

Krishna cocked her head "What do you mean, Armaan hai na, woh tummhe drop kardega... kui Armaan, drop karoge na" and she winked at him. Armaan smiled and nodded his approval while turning pink in the face.


K: "Yea wala kaise lagega sangeet kiliye? In jhoomke ki saath..." when she didn't get a reply Krishna looked up to see Ridz daydreaming, she had a small smile playing on her lips. "Ridhu... RIDHU!" Ridz jumped as she heard her name being shouted. She looked at Krishna alarmed

R: "Kya hua?"

K: "Meine boli hi jarahi hu, boli hi jarehi hu aur tum ho ki... kaha ko gaye te?"

R: "huh... meine woh..." she bit her lip nervously, "kaise batao usse, aur aghar nahi batayi toh bhaad mein mujhe hi bugatna hoga" she thought. "Mere barre chodo, tum kaho kya kehrehe te" noticing Krishna was holding up some suits and jewellery she gathered what they were supposed tobe discussing "Awww yeh suit bohot pyari hai, I think tummhe yeh suit tummhe mehendi par zaroor pehna chahiye" she gave Krishna the biggest smile ever hoping this would make up for not paying attention earlier. When Krishna didn't recipricate the smile Ridz she had said something wrong... "Er... ha ha ha.. I mean yeh suit itni achi bhi nahi hai, pyari hai par itni kaas nahi hai, right?". Krishna was really mad now and Ridz noticed, she mentally hit herself on the head.

K: "2 minute kiliye Armaan ki barre mein sochna bhand nahi karsakhti aur mera bhaath nahi sun sakhti". Ridz just laughed nervously,

R: "Nahi Krishna... woh mein..." feeling uncomfortable about lying to Krishna

K: "Sochna bhi maath" jhoot bolkar kudh nahi so sapaogi aur mujhe bhi nahi sone dhoge" aur waise bhi tumhare aakhein mein yeh saaf nazaar araha ki tum Armaan ki hi barre mein sochrahe te... kui meine saach kaha na?"

R: "Okay yeh saabh chodo abh, kuch aur bhaath kartehe" trying to compose herself

K: "Yeh kya Ridhu phir se tum sharmarehe ho... it's me, Krishna, mujhse kya chupahna aur sharmana? Waise hi jabh takh tum Armaan ke barre mein sochna bandh nahi karoge tab takh tumhara mann kissi bhi kaam par nahi lagega". Ridz got up from where she was sitting and went over and hugged Krishna really tightly. "Ridhu, kya bhaath hai", Krishna stroked hair comforting her.

R: "Kuch nahi... mein tumhe bohot miss karungi jab tum shaadi klarke challe jaogi. Tumhare tara koi aur mujhe nahi samajhta". Ridz started sobbing quietly

K: "Arre pagli" Krishna released their hug and wiped Ridz's tears, "mein sirf London jarehi hu, space nahi... waha phone hai, emails hai aur tum toh aoge na holiday kiliye... phir?" Krishna now had tears brimming her eyes.

After a long hug the girls parted, K: "Yeh leh, jaa kar Armaan se bhaath karke aa, hum baadh mein outfits discuss karlenge... waise bhi mujhe Shiv se bhaath karni hai" she winked at Ridz as she tossed her mobile and walked away smiling

Ridz sighed and went to her room.


A: "Hmm toh mujhe bohot miss karehe te"

R: "Nahi toh, mein tummhe bilkul bhi yaad nahi karehe ti" with a cheeky smile on her face

A: "Jhoot maat bolo, bhaad mein pachtawoge"

Ridz held her stomach "Mein jhooth nahi bolrahi, mein sach mein tummhe miss nahi ki"

Armaan got out of his seat and walked the table to sit next to Ridz "Sach mein" he said taking her hand from her stomach and holding it in his hand with a cheeky grin on his face

R: "Armaan chodo... please" Ridz tried to take her hand out of Armaan's grasp but he held on tighter. Ridz let out a small cry, the pain in her stomach was becoming sharper, "Armaan please" she winced in pain

A: "Pehle sach batao warna yeh dard nahi jayega" he gently put his hand on her face and caressed it

R: "Fine, ha meine tummhe miss kia, kush" she blushed as soon as the words escaped her lips.

A: "Hmm, feel better?..." Armaan winked at Ridz. Ridz playfully hit Armaan on the shoulder with her free hand, "Okay, okay sorry... erm hum yaha se challe" he looked around at all the people now looking at them

R: "Kui, kya hua"

A: "Nahi woh bas... logh dekhrehe hai" he whispered into her ear

R: "Are you embarrased of me?" Ridz was ready to blow at Armaan

A: "Well... kaise kaho..."

R: "What!" Ridz completely freaked at Armaan, she jumped out of her chair and was now towering over Armaan "Your embarrased of being seen in public with me!"

A: "Meine aisa toh nahi kaha" he tried to reach out and take hold of her hands, but Ridz just pulled away and stormed off. Armaan hang his head and let out a big sigh "girls" he muttered under his breath and got to up go after Ridz.

Ridz had stormed out of the food court and went towards the ladies; she no longer had control over the tears that were now shooting down her cheek. Armaan saw Ridz rushing into the ladies.

A: "Great abh mein kya karu", he waited outside for a bit for Ridz to come out. Armaan was becoming desperate now, he tried to call her but she kept cutting the line.

Ridz was sitting on the sink top crying non-stop, "Armaan's embarrased of me? His embarrased to be with me" the thought kept playing over and over again in her mind and the tears kept welling up with every thought. She remebered the times they met, when ever they had an intimate moment they would always be alone, there was never anyone around.... There was never anyone around.... and whenever they were in public he would always act so normal, almost distant. "I'm going to have to end this realtionship... if his too embarrased to be with me in public now then what's going to happen after we get married..." Ridz wiped her tears and was getting ready to go out and break up with Armaan when a little came running into the toilets holding a bunch of roses.

LG: "Aap ka naam Ridd..Riddi..Riddhima hain na?", the girl was struggling with Ridz's name. Ridz nodded her head. "Yeh aapke liye" she handed the flowers over to Ridz and ran out before Ridz could ask her any questions. Ridz looked at the flowers and smiled, she was about to smell them when another little girl came running in to the loos.

LG: "Aap Riddhima hain na", Ridz again nodded. The girl took out a cute teady bear from behind her back and handed it to Ridz and ran out

R: "Yek kisne di hai" she called after the girl but the girl was long gone. "Yeh sabh kaun de raha hain".

Holding the flowers in one hand and the teddy in the other Ridz walked out of the toilets still confused. Ridz froze... there floating in front of her was a huge bunch of baloons spelling out I LOVE YOU... slowly from behind the balloons a face appeared, it was Armaan and he had painted his face to look like a crying clown face. As soon as Ridz saw him she burst out laughing, the tears of sorrow had now turned into tears of joy.

Ridz ran towards Armaan and hugged him tightly, all the balloons slowly drifted up and Armaan let go of them to hug Ridz.


Ridz sat on the window seat in her room and dialled Armaan's number.

A: "Hello beautiful"

R: "Armaan" she smiled at his comment

A: "Kya tumhara naam Armaan hai? mujhe bataye kui nahi? Mein sochraha ta koi aur hai"

R: "Armaan, mein rakh rahi hu"

A: "Nahi, nahi sorry sorry basketl, please phone maath kaatna"

R: "Hmm, abh bolo kya karehe ho"

A: "Mein, oh you know, tumhare window ke bahar kara hu, aur kuch nahi"

R: "Kya" Ridz pulled back the curtains and peered out of the window trying to spot Armaan. "Kaha, I can't see you"

Armaan started laughing down the phone "basket....tummhe lagha mein..... oh man that's hilarious" Armaan was laughing the entire time

R: "Armaan... mein sach mein iss bar rakhrahi hu"

A: "Okay okay, I'm sorry baba, mein bas mazaak kar raha ta, mein sach mein tumhare room ke bahar hu..."

R: "Kaha meine toh nahi dekha... tum jhoot bolrahe ho"

A: "No seriously, mein car ki andhar hu, dekho" Ridz looked out of the window and Armaan popped his head out of his car window waving at Ridz.

R: "Armaan tum yaha..." before she could finish her sentence Armaan had hung up the phone and was now coming out of his car walking towards the house. "Yeh abh kya karaha hai". Ridz ran down the stairs to the front door, but before she could open it Krishna opened the door.

A: "Hi Krishna"

K: "Hi Armaan"

A: "Kya who tayar hai?"

Krishna peered over her shoulders and saw Ridz standing there looking confused "2 minute mein hojayegi" Krishna winked at Armaan whike taking a bag from his hand.

A: "Tikh hai, toh phir mein car mein intezaar kartahu"

K: "Arre aise kaise, andhar ao, behto"

A: "Nahi, woh uncle ghar par hai na, toh mein car mein hi.."

Krishna started laughing.. "Don't worry Armaan, Dad ghar par nahi hai, woh kich kaam kiliye barhar gaye hai, kaal takh nahi ayengi, tum arram se andhar intezaar kar sakhte ho"

Armaan walked into the house and took a seat in the lounge while Krishna dragged Ridz back up the stairs.

R: "Krishna yeh sab kya hai?"

K: "Chup... abh sawaal maath poocho aur jaldi se tayar ho jao"

R: "Par kui, aur Armaan yaha..."

K: "Armaan ko meine yaha bulaya hai, aur tum dono aaj dinner par jarehe ho. Waise bhi aaj Shiv araha hai, aur aaj ki bhaad hum shaadi mein milenge, so you know I want spend time alone with him. Issiliye no arguments and get ready... fast". Krishna left the room leaving the package from Armaan in Ridz's hands.

Ridz slowly opened the bag and peered inside...


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