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Part 15 : Dill Ki Baat

Ridz was shocked by what she saw in the mirror, it seemed like this was the first time she had really looked at herself properly. The young woman smiling back at her looked so mature and grown up, dressed in a simple white sari with pink embroidery, there was an innocent beauty about the woman. Ridz reached forward to touch the soft skin of the woman in front of her; she was amazed that the mirror could lie so well when she had such great difficulty. Ridz lifted the earrings that Armaan had bought with the sari and gently put them on, the long pink and crystal stoned earrings seemed to glimmer from behind her hair, looking in the mirror she felt something was missing, but what...

Krishna walked up behind Ridz and hugged her tightly,
K: "My sweet Ridhu, aaj aap bohot khoobsurat lagrehe hai". Ridz blushed back as tears of affection came to her eyes.

K: "Uh huh, no tears, tumhe pata hai na mujhe tum sirf haste hue achi laghti ho, abh chalo smile, smile" she started tickling Ridz until she finally started laughing. "See that's better, abh jaldi karo Armaan neeche bechan horaha hai apne dulhan ko milne"

R: "Krishna..." Ridz blushed and looked down shyly. "Mein kaise laghrahi hu?"
K: "hmmm... kuch missing hai, kya, kya, I know" she reached past Ridz shoulder and picked up a cute small bindiya and placed on Ridz forehead, "Perfect, abh chalo, mujhe bhi toh tayar honi hai, Shiv kiliye, mein tumhe raath main milthi hu, have fun" she kissed Ridz on her cheek and walked out of the room closing the door quietly behind her.

Walking down the stairs she was suddenly became hesitant, she would be alone with him at tonight, remembering what happened last time they were alone Ridz was somewhat apprehensive of what would happen tonight. She knew that when she was Armaan, her mind stopped working and impulse took over; there was a mixture of fear of what the night would bring and excitement at the thought of being with Armaan. She could feel his piercing gaze on her, she could picture Armaan standing there staring at her, completely awestruck, the thought made her laugh out loud, the nervousness had now erupted and she couldn't control her laughter anymore. Ridz sat on the stairs holding her stomach laughing, tears started coming out of her eyes from the sheer pain of how hard she was laughing. All of this made her more nervous and laugh more. Ridz looked up at Armaan for some help but the look on his face was exactly as she had imagined and this only made her laugh more.

"Get a grip of yourself" she kept telling herself, but the laughter wouldn't stop, "It's only Armaan, you know Armaan. And you've done this before, you've been out with guys before" she felt her cheeks turning from pink to red as panic started creeping in, "I know its Armaan, you don't have to tell me, it's because it's Armaan". Ridz closed her eyes and covered her face with both hands, the truth was although she had been out with guys before it was never on a date, it would always be a social gathering, with a large group of friends and the relationship had never gone past the stage of holding hands. This was completely new for her, not only had she fallen head of heels for Armaan from the moment she saw but they were now engaged due to be married in a few months.

Watching Ridz come down the stairs Armaan was lost for words, in that spilt moment he went from nervous Armaan sitting waiting for his fianc to get ready so they can on their first official date to the luckiest man on earth who had the pleasure of taking this angel out on a date. Armaan was lost in her beauty when her sudden eruption of laughter bought him back to reality and confused at what he saw. One moment he saw Ridz walking down the stairs looking beautiful in the sari that hugged her figure in the all the right places, every thing he could ever dream of and more then he saw her laughing like mad sitting on the stairs in tears.

Confused and worried Armaan went forward and placed her a hand on Ridz's shoulder, to his amazement his touch made Ridz freeze, she seemed to stiffen at his touch, the laughter that was echoing in the room had abruptly stopped. Worried Armaan slowly lifted Ridz up from the stairs holding her shoulders, "Kya hua", Ridz kept her gaze on the floor, she couldn't bring herself to look at him, she just felt so silly and embarrassed. Armaan lifted her face with his finger, worry was written all over his face as he saw tears still streaming down Ridz's face, her eyes were closed, her cheeks burnt pink and her lips twitched, she looked so beautiful and vulnerable, he just wanted to take hold of her and protect her from the world. "basket, kya hua"

Ridz's eye's flew open, the love and concern she saw on Armaan's face made her melt, she kicked herself for being the reason for Armaan being so worried. Ridz smiled at Armaan weakly and hugged him tightly. Armaan was slightly taken aback by this sudden gesture but hugged her back tightly. "Kya hua basket, tummhe mera gift acha nahi lagha" he whispered in her ear. Ridz smiled into Armaan's shoulder, "bohot achi laghi" she moved out of the hug and saw that Armaan still looked worried, he seemed to be searching her eyes for answers as he gently wiped her tears with the back of his hand. Ridz smiled at his cute show of affection, "mein teekh hu" she assured him, she gently poked his cheek so that his dimple was showing then kissed his cheek. The smile she loved to see on his face once again graced his gorgeous face.

Ridz stared out of the window looking at the moon smiling down at her, she was so happy, life was perfect, she was with the one person she loved more than anything in the world and knew he loved her back just as much, she closed her eyes while the wind swept across her face, she could smell the seaside, her favourite place in the world. This was the one place in the world where she felt she could let all her worries wash away... where she was able to talk to god directly without all the noise of the world. It was just her and god, Ridz pictured herself and Armaan sitting on her beach with no interruptions, just sitting hand in hand around a fireplace on the beach. A smile played on her lips, the beach was her place to dream and since meeting Armaan she hadn't been there. There just seems to be no worries or dreams that she needed to tell god about, she was living her dreams.

A: "Ahem... ahem (louder)" Ridz opened her eyes, she hadn't realised that Armaan had stopped driving and had parked the car. But where were they, it was completely pitch black outside, no tree's, no street lights, no humming of busy roads just a gentle sound of waves... waves! Ridz shot up in her seat and looked out at the beach, they were at her beach. "he couldn't possibly have known about this place" she thought, Ridz turned in her seat to look at Armaan but he wasn't there, the passenger side door of the car opened and Armaan held out his hand for Ridz. Ridz slowly reached out and took a hold of his hand, unsure whether she was still dreaming Ridz stepped out of the car, the smell of the sea immediately engulfed her senses and the gentle breeze kissed her face. Ridz closed her eyes praying for this dream to never end.

A: "Pasand aya" Armaan's lips gently brushed past Ridz's ear, she shivered at his touch, Armaan wrapped his jacket around Ridz's shoulder thinking maybe she felt cold. Ridz opened her eyes,

R: "Bohot" she took the jacket off and gave it back to Armaan "mein teekh hu..." when she saw Armaan looked a bit rejected she added "Waise tumhare jacket iss sari ki saath kuch jamhta nahi" she winked at Armaan and smiled which made him smile.

A: "Aisi bhaath hai toh" Armaan wrapped his arms around Ridz, "Yeh suit karega?". He affectionately placed his head on Ridz shoulder, closing his eyes to count his lucky stars.

R: "Armann, hum yaha kya karehe hai?"

A: "Dinner" he replied matter of factly and took a hold of her hand and started walking towards a tent Ridz had failed to see till now. The tent seemed to be glowing in the middle of the deserted beach, beautiful tiny Chinese lanterns hung from the edges of the tent glistening behind the white mesh which draped around the sides of the net. As they approached the tent Ridz noticed a satin white sheet on the ground, covering the entire ground inside of the tent, the sheet was covered in rose petals. There were millions of cushions covering the sides of the tent, it actually looked quite comfy. Ridz turned to look at Armaan confused when she saw him hold a picnic hamper in his other hand.

A: "Woh... erm... meine nahi chahta ta ki koi aur yaha humme dinner serve karke disturb karre so I packed us a picnic" he lifted the hamper and smiled weakly at Ridz, unsure of what her reaction would be, "is that okay?"

R: "It's perfect" Ridz lifted the hand Armaan was holding of hers and kissed the back of it. "Challe bhook laghi hai"


Part 27

A: "Aise nahi" Armaan picked Ridz up in his arms and started walking towards the tent, Ridz carried the picnic hamper in one hand while the other hand safely wrapped itself around Armaan's neck

R: "Armaan, mein kudh chal sakhti hu"

A: "Mere hote hui tumme kahi bhi nahi chalne parega"

R: "Armaan... tummse nahi hoga"

A: "Kui, tum itni moti hogaye ho"

R: "Armaan" Ridz started hitting Armaan playfully on his chest

A: "Is that the best you can do Ms basket"

R: "Nahi, this is" she started running her fingers up and down the back of Armaan's neck. Armaan started to melt, he looked at her shocked,

A: "That was a cheap shot, abh meri baari" he smiled at her mischieviously. He continued to walk towards the tent with Ridz struggling to get out of his hold, he just kept going

R: "Ridz kuch kar, kuch kar" she had an idea and dropped the picnic hamper on the beach "Armaan, rukho, basket ghir geya"

A: "Basket, woh toh meri baho mein hai" he continued smirking

R: "Armaan, mein nahi, picnic basket"

A: "Oh toh kehna ta na" he put her down and went to pick up the basket, as soon as he put Ridz down she picked up the basket and started running away from him. "Hey basket, not allowed, come back here" and he started chasing Ridz around the tent.

Armaan finally managed to catch Ridz from behind and picked her up and spun her around, the picnic hamper luckily landed safely on the cushions in the tent

Ridz echoing laugh slowly stopped as she felt Armaan stop spinning her, she hadn't realised that Armaan's hand's where holding her bare waist, the heat of his hand's slowly made there way up to her face as she felt her face turn pink. Ridz lowered her gaze as Armaan slowly lowered Ridz, he felt the sudden change in atmosphere and for once he wasn't nervous about the change

Armaan gently put Ridz down and held her closer to his chest, they slow danced to the music of the waves, neither Armaan nor Ridz wanted to let go of the moment, Armaan slowly spun Ridz around so she was now facing him and held her close to his heart. The joy of the moment made him completely forget that this would be last time he saw her until Krishna's wedding was over.

Ridz buried her head in Armaan's chest listening to the music of his heart and the waves was a magical. Armaan slowly lifted Ridz face so he could look into her eyes, she looked so delicate and magical, he couldn't believe how lucky he was to have her in his arms at that moment in time

R: "Kya hua" Ridz asked frowning slightly

A: "Kuch nahi" he ran his fingers along her forehead to smooth out the creases on, Ridz closed her eyes smiling at his touch, Armaan really wanted to kiss those lips, but didn't know how she might feel so left it "Erm kana kahle, meine banaya hai" he smiled at her. Ridz nodded and they say down to eat

R: "Armaan, tumne yeh sab banaya" Ridz looked at all the food amazed, there was Paratha's, aloo tikki, saag aloo, biriyani, fish kofte (and my favourite) gajjar ka halwa

A: "Koi shak" he lifted his hand with biriyani for Ridz to eat,

R: "Armaan, yeh kya karehe ho, mein khud kasakhti hu"

A: "Tum na, bohot hi unromantic ho, pehle mein khud chalsakhti hu aur abh mein khud kasakhti hu, kya yaar meri hote hui tumme takhleef uthane ki koi zaroorat nahi hai" he sulked sitting there looking away from Ridz

R: "Okay baba sorry" Armaan still look at her, "Sorry kaha na, abh tum bacho jaise harkate maath karo aur jaldi kilao, mujhe bookh lagi hai", she sat there with her mouth open ready to eat

A: "Mein bacho ki tara harkate karta hu" he continued to feed her with his hands "mein tumhari senior hu, bacho jaise harkate tum karte ho",

R: "Acha, mein bachi hu" Ridz bit his hand

A: "agh" Armaan shook his hand acting as though he was in pain, after a few minutes of laughing Ridz thinking she had really hurt him stopped and took a hold of his hand

R: "I'm sorry, bohot dard horaha hai" she asked genuinly concerned. Armaan nodded in agreement. "lao mein tummhe kiladeti hu" she took the plate from Armaan's other hand and started feeding him while Armaan just stared at her in awe.

After dinner was over it was time for desert - gajjar ka halwa

R: "Abh chalo jaldi halwa kao, aaa karo" Armaan kept his mouth shut tight, "Armaan, kya hua, kao na"

A: "Nahi, mujhe yeh desert nahi chahiye"

Ridz looked around puzzled at all the food "Toh phir kya chahiye, yaha toh aur kuch nahi hai" she looked at him confused. Armaan slowly leaned closer to Ridz, Ridz was now bending backwards "Armaan, kya karehe ho"

A: "mujhe meri desert chahiye"

R: "ha toh kao na, gajjar ka halwa" she lifted the spoon feebly, she hadn't realised how much she had leaned backwards, as soon as she lifted her handed she fell on the cushions backwards

A: "Woh wala nahi" Armaan know moved so he was towering over Ridz

R: "Toh..." she barely managed to whisper, Armaan was now inches away from her face and she knew what was coming, she closed her eyes waiting for the touch of his lips, when it didn't happen Ridz opened her eyes to see Armaan staring at her with that gorgeous smile on his face "Kya..." before she could finish Armaan caught her offguard and kissed her hard.

Ridz's hand slowly reached up and started caressing Armaan's cheek, tracing his jawline, moving gently towards his ear, Ridz's touch was driving Armaan insane, he took a hold of her hand and put down beside her, they both kissed each other passionately lying on the satin covered cushions, Armaan's lips trailed away from Ridz's lips to her ears, he nibbled her ears while Ridz melted, she tried to move her hands but Armaan's grasp just got tighter. His lips slowly made their way down to her neck, the soft skin tasted like coco butter, her scent was driving him insane

R: "I love you Armaan" Ridz whispered, she didn't even know how the word's slipped out, she hadn't meant them to, they just came out. Her words bought Armaan back to reality, he stopped immediately, resting his head in her shoulder's "Yeh mein kya karaha ta" he thought as tears of guilt started forming in his eyes. Ridz felt a lone tear escape from Armaan's eyes and fall on her neck. "Armaan" she whispered worried

Armaan slowly lifted his head in shame, "I'm sorry" he whispered back and started moving off Ridz. Ridz put her hand on his shoulder when he sat up

R: "Kya hua" she turned his face towards her and wiped the tears away

A: "I'm sorry, mujhe yeh sab... I'm sorry" Ridz hugged Armaan tightly

R: "I'm okay, really... tummhe maafi mange ne koi zaroorat nahi hai". Ridz stroked Armaan's hair gently till she was sure he had calmed down.

R: "Abh chalo, yeh sabh jaldse pack karo, ghar bhi toh jaana hai" they packed the remainder of the food away and sat there for a bit talking

R: "Armaan, tummne mujhe yaha kui laye" she asked resting her head on his shoulder as they sat there watching the moon over the gentle waves

A: "Yeh mera saab se favourite jaaga hai, mein yaha akhsar aata hu, socha iss bar tummhe bhi yaha le ao"

R: "Kya tum yaha akhsar akhele aate ho, yah phir kissi ki saath" she entwined her fingers with his.

A: "Ha akhele aata ta, par abh mein tummhe hamesha apni saath le aongi. Isse koobhsurat jaaga tummne kabhi pehle dekha hai"

R: "Nahi" Ridz thought about telling Armaan that she also visited the exact same beach often, but then thought again, she didn't want to ruin his moment

Armaan swiftly lifted Ridz and made her sit on his lap, "aur mene iss se koobhsurat lamha kabhi nahi dekha" he snuggled his chin into Ridz neck, while Ridz closed her eyes and enjoyed the comfort of their realtionship.


Ridz snuggled closer to Armaan as the sun rays hit her face, a smile played on her lips as familiar cologne took over her senses.

Feeling someone lightly breathing on his chest Armaan slowly opened his eyes to find Ridz curled up next to him, his arm was over her waist while Ridz had her hands under her head like a pillow. Armaan smiled at how cute Ridz looked while sleeping, he gently moved the hair that was sitting across her face, Ridz smiled at his touch,

A: "Basket utho, subah hogaya hai"

R: "Nahi, mein nahi uthungi"

A: "Basket..." he starts tickling her slightly on her stomach

R: "Armaan" she opens her eyes, "not fair, aaj ki bhaad mein tumse kabhi bhaat nahi karungi" she rolled over looking the other way

A: "kui" he pulled her closer, so her back was now pressing against his chest and wrapped his arms around her

R: "Tumne Krishna se kui promise ki hum uski shaadi ki baadh hi abh milenge"

A: "Oh toh yeh baath hai, basket samja karo, uski shaadi horahi hai, aur woh chahti hai ki woh apne sabsi pyari seheli ki saath kuch waqt betaye London jaane se pehle, ab mein usse manna kaise karta"

R: "Par woh akeli kaha hai, mein toh uski saath abh rehti hu, aur vaise agar woh phirse Shiv se akhele mein milna chahe, like yesterday, tab mein kya karungi", she turned around and started playing with his shirt buttons

A: "Shiv toh kaal Krishna se mila hi nahi, woh to Sujal jiju ki saath Shimla geya hai"

R: "Par Krishna ne toh.." she realised Krishna must have lied to her to get her to go out with Armaan and silently thanked her caring friend. "okay challo, humme ghar jaana hai, Krishna ghar par akheli hai"


Krishna blasted an air horn in Ridz's ears

Ridz jumped up and nearly ended up head butting Krishna's head  because of the sheer speed she had jumped up at "KRISHNA" she held her hand's tightly against her ears while she tried to fumble out of bed. In the rush she tripped over the covers and fell face flat on the carpetted floor

Krishna fell on the bed now rolling with laughter.

Ridz got up from the floor with one hand against her forehead, rubbing it slightly, looking livid at Krishna "Krishna yeh kaisa mazaak ta? Koi subha aise jagate hai kya?"

Krishna was still laughing at Ridz...."mein aur kya karti, puri raat tumhari bak bak kiliye soh nahi payin aur subha tumhare karathe ki vaaje se... aur koi shaam ko 3 baje soh ta hai kya?"

R: "Kya 3 bajgeye" she ran to the bathroom without a backwards glance. Shouting from the bathroom "Tumne mujhe pehle kui nahi jagaya... " she ran out of the bathroom with a towel rapped around her to find Krishna sitting on her still unmade bed going through her phone... hold on that was my phone, Ridz thought, on closer inspection she realised it was. "Krishna tum mere phone ke saath kya kareheh ho" she went over to Krishna to take her phone, but Krishna just moved away with it...

K: "Saari raath tum sapno mein aakar sathati ho, aur subah hoti hi mujhse dhur chali jati ho... yeh kaisi insaaf hai" Ridz realised that Krishna was going through her text messages and tried to snatch her phone back

R: "Krishna stop, mein kehrehi hu, stop there..." she chased Krishna around the room while Krishna kept reading

K: "3 din nahi mille toh laghta 3 janam hogaye, abh tumhare bin aek din bhi nahi guzara jaye..." "Oh so sweet hai na Ridz"

R: "Krishna, mujhe meri phone do" she chucked a pillow at Krishna who ran out of the room, Ridz went to chase her out

K: "Arre Ridz kapre toh pehenlo, tab takh mein yeh sabh parleti hu" she winked at Ridz and ran down the stairs again

Ridz quickly put on a pair of tracks and a sleevless top and chased Krishna down the stairs. Her was still wet sticking to her face as she ran down. Ridz chased Krishna around the couch, around the dining table, around the garden and Raj uncle who was sitting there having his afternoon cup of tea

K: "Papa, bachao mujhe yeh bilkul pagal hogayi hai"

R: "Uncle bolo Krishna ko meri phone dene kiliye"

Raj was looking from Krishna to Ridz, Krishna was standing behind Raj while Ridz was in front, if Krishna would try to move to the right the Ridz would go in that direction, so Krishna would try to go the other way but then Ridz would also go that way.

Raj: "Yeh sab kya lagaraha hai tum dono ne, Krishna Ridhu ko uski phone do"

K: "Par Papa issme kya likha hai yeh toh parlu pehle"

R: "Krishna don't I swear, agar tummne meri phone nahi di na bohot bura hoga"

K: "Oh ho, aise kya karlogi, Armaan ko bataogi" she winked

Raj smiled at his daughter and small tears of happiness sprang to his eyes. Ridz noticed this...

R: "Uncle aap ki aakhon mein aaso" she stopped trying to catch Krishna and knelt down on front of Raj

Raj: "Nahi kuch nahi" he tried to wipe his eyes before Krishna saw him. Krishna bent forward and circled her arms around her dad's shoulders from behind with one arm and with the other she made him turn his face slightly so she could see his face. raj looked into his daughters eyes and one lone tear escaped. Krishna shook her head at him and wiped it away affectionately.

K: "Papa, aap bhi na, dekho mujhe bhi ruladiya" she too now had tears in her eyes. She hugged Raj tightly from behind and Raj patted her arms affectionately

Raj: "Sorry beta, dekho mein nahi rohraha, abh tum bhi bandh karo" he patted Krishna's head to sooze her and get her to stop.

Ridz took her chance and snatched the phone from Krishna's hand "Na na, I've got my phone" and she tried to run away but bumped into the coffee table landed with a thud on her bottom.

Raj: "Ridhu beta tum teekh to ho na"

Krishna hugged her dad tightly and laughed at Ridz, "patha nahi Ridz meri jaane ki baad kya hoga, humesha aisi girti rahi gi kya?"

R: "Meri chinta karni koi zaroorat nahi hai" she stood up and brushed away the grass from her trouser's

K: "Ha, abh to Armaan jiju hai na tumhare chihnta karne kiliye"

Raj: "Okay bacho yeh sabh abh chodo, shaam ko sangeet hai na, toh kuch kaam nahi karna kya?"

R: "Arre ha, Krishna tu bhi na... dekh tere vajese meine abhi takh apne bhaal bhi nahi sukai"

K: "Sangeet aur teri baal ka kya lena dena, sangeet par tum apni balo se meri mehendi lagayegi?" she smiled teasingly at Ridz

R: "Duffer ofcourse not, abhi bhi tori shopping bakhi hai, mujhe mall par jaana hai"

K: "ha to meine kaha tummhe subha 4 takh phone par baath karne kiliye? waise tum kisse bhaath karahi te" she winked at Ridz knowing exactly who it was but didn't want to say anything to her dad as he wouldn't approve.

R: "Krishna, tu bhi na.... mein kisse bhaat karahi ti" she was blushing like hell, how could Krishna do this to her infront of Raj uncle. Krishna had done her a huge favour by not telling her dad about the night Ridz went for dinner and didn't return till the morning, but ever since that day Krishna had been using it against her to blackmail her and tease her.

Raj smiled at Ridz, he remembered the days when he too had fallen in love with Krishna's mum and how they would talk endlessly on the phone at nights and meet each other in the mornings. Not wanting to make Ridz feel uncomfortable any longer "Krishna meine kaha na tummhe ki Ridhu ko tang maath karo, jao abh jaldi shopping karke aow, sangeet 7 baje shuru hota hai, mehmaan bhi aate honge... jaldi karo"

Krishna and Ridz went to the shops and picked up the final things, like jewellery and shoes, it seemed no matter how many sets of bangles and shoes they bought, something always seemed nicer, so they would buy that as well.


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