Friday, 17 July 2020

Part 17 : Dill Ki Baat

Ridz stared at her phone sitting lifelessly next to her on the sofa, "Aek bhi phone nahi kiya" she thought miserably to herself. Ridz looked up as she saw Krishna laughing uncontrollably watching some programme on tele. She let out a long quiet sigh feeling depressed, Ridz had agreed to stay home all day with Krishna so that she doesn't feel lonely but was now kicking herself for being so nave to think that she could stay at home all day without missing Armaan once, thinking about Armaan she quickly got angry. Unable to control her emotions she punched the cushion which was lying innocently next to her. Krishna raised an eyebrow questioningly but didn't look at Ridz, she knew exactly what was wrong with Ridz but wasn't in the mood to put her out of her misery any time soon. Afterall it was all thanks to Ridz that Krishna was stuck at home, Padma had almost agreed to let Krishna go out shopping, but then Ridz had jumped in and said there's no need to go out, she will stay home with Krishna and keep her company.

Getting up from her seat Krishna walked into the kitchen and made a call, Ridz who was sitting in the lounge feeling more and more helpless by the second watching her lifeless mobile decided to call Armaan herself while Krishna wasn't there' half expecting a dial tone, she was disappointed to find it engaged. Feeling more frustrated with herself she chucked the phone to aside and sat there hugging a cushion

"Usse agar mujhse baat karni hai toh who khud phone karlega... "Mujhe kissi se baath nahi karni Dr Malik" she stuck her tongue out at the phone picking it up momentarily then chucking  it back on the sofa. Krishna who had been watching quietly from the kitchen entrance giggled silently to herself "Pagal baath karni hai toh itna bau kyun dekhati hai... abhi sabak sikhaati hu"

Calling from the kitchen "Ridu babes, yaha ao toh zara" upon hearing Krishna's voice Ridz slowly made her way to the kitchen, entering the kitchen she put on her best fake smile, trying to be as convincing as possible "Kya baath hai, aaj bohot pyar se pukar rehi ho mujhe?"

Krishna immediately saw through the act, although the girls wont biological sisters they had a strange bond neither of them could deny, without having to say anything they could tell exactly what was going through the others mind, "mujhse jhoot" she thouht and smiled back

"dekho na babes, mujhe cereal chahiye aur ghar mein doodh nahi hai' abh mein toh bahar nahi jaasakhti aur ghar mein koi naukar bhi toh nahi hai na' sabko joh tumne chooti de di' erm toh kya tum meri liye doodh le aogi pleeeeeeeeeease" she made a pleading face at Ridz knowing very well Ridz can never refuse her.

Ridz reluctantly got her bag and headed out the door, turning the corner from the house she noticed a car drive past and the driver looked uncannily like Shiv, looking confused she took a few more steps towards the house when it struck her what Krishna was upto. Immediately turning on her heels she ran towards the house, "Mujhe bevakooph banarehi ti' abhi seekati hu", just outside the house Ridz saw Shiv's car was parked outside the house, getting an idea she sat on Shiv's car bonnet and took her phone out of her bag

"Hello mama... nahi mama kuch teekh nahi hai' Krishna ki tabiyat bohot karaabh hogeyi aur mujhe kya karna chahiye kuch samajh nahi araha' haa aap please yaha forun aajaye' acha bye ma" Putting the phone away Ridz sat on the bonnet of the car patiently for about 10 minutes before her mother reached there.

P: "Beta tum bahar kyun ho, andhar Krishna ki paas kyun nahi ho?"

Kicking herself for being so silly, how could she forget that her mother would be wondering why Ridz wasn't inside with the 'sick patient', thinking quickly on her feet and already feeling sharp pains in her stomach Ridz had no choice but to lie "Ma mein dar geyi ti toh socha bahar aakar aapki intezaar karlu"

Looking slightly convinced Padma made her way into the house, Ridz cautiously followed smiling from ear to ear waiting for her revenge' "Krishna actually thought she could lie to me and get away with it?" Ridz smiled evily to herself

Padma abruptly turned around and stared at Ridz suspiciously, "Sach sach batao yaha kya horaha hai?" Ridz stared dumb founded at her mother, stumbling on her words she managed to spit out

"k..k.. kya matlab ma' mein' wo ' erm Krish.." before she could finish her sentence Padma raised her hand to silence Ridz. Ridz stopped immediately, just then Krishna and Armaan walked into the house from the garden.

"Laghta hai iss larki ne phir se koi garbar kardiya, uff" Krishna mumbled to Armaan and went forward to save Ridz from Padma. "Aunty'" Krishna rushed forward, turning Padma to face her with her back towards Ridz she hugged her tightly "aap yaha kaise aunty", Krishna raised her eyebrow "What have you done?" she mouthed silently to Ridz. Ridz just stood there looking down ashamed of herself, there she was trying to get Krishna in trouble and ended up getting herself in trouble.

P: "Bas aise beta" they parted from their hug and Padma raised an eyebrow at Ridz to suggest "I'll deal with you later". The look of doom was not missed by Krishna who very well knew what the look meant; anxious to save her best friend Krishna was left with no choice but to make up one of her very convincing lies. "Aunty aap jaante hai, Ridz ne aaj aapko kitna miss kiya? Poora din woh aise hi udaas hokar beti ti' sach mein, mujhe company dene kiliye chor ta na aapne ta ki mein bored no hojao, laghta hai Ridhu mujhse zyada aapse pyar karti hai'" looking at Padma putting on her most convincing smile, Padma's eyes travelled from Krishna's sweet angel like face to Armaan's who was still standing next to the garden doors

P: "Hmm toh Ridhima mujhe miss karehi ti' phir Armaan yaha kya karaha hai?" she smiled at Armaan as his cheeks flushed pink. Krishna had completely forgotten about Armaan for a second, thinking quickly on her feet she continued

K: "Woh Armaan, ha erm woh Shiv ne mujhe tofe kid or uski car dedi so Armaan wahi drop karne aya hai' kyun Armaan" Krishna turned away from Padma and winked at Armaan to play along.

Smiling from ear to ear Armaan approached Padma and bent down and touched her feet, "Kaise hai mama aap?" he got up and slightly hugged Padma, while hugging Padma he looked at Ridz who was now staring at him confused, there was a mixture of anger, happiness, love and surprise all on her face, he watched her face change from one emotion to another in a fraction of a second. He smiled at her animated face, seeing it finally settle on anger he winked at Ridz, watching her face turn from pink to red, he let out a little chuckle

P: "Kya hua" Padma broke their hug and looked at Armaan, seeing him concentrating his attention on Ridz and smiling she turned to look at Ridz, there was Ridz standing with a face the colour of a tomato motioning she was about to strangle Armaan. "Ridhima yeh kya karehi ho tum" she laughed slightly at her mental daughter's actions, to think that Ridz was going to be married in a few months she still wondered what possessed a well mannered mature man like Armaan to want to marry her pagli daughter

Krishna who had been smiling from afar, genuinely happy to see the love in Ridz eyes for Armaan, the same she felt for Shiv felt it was yet again time to interrupt, moving closer to Padma, she casually swung an arm around Padma's neck and put the hand on her own hip, "Aunty mujhe iss pagal ki saath bakhi din nahi bitana, kya pata, yeh mujhe bhi pagal banadegi' agar aisa hua to Shiv kya, koi bhi larka mujhe shaadi nahi karega" Padma and Krishna both laughed at Ridz

R: "Kya? Mein pagal.. abhi rukh' shaadi ki bachi" Ridz grabbed the closest object to her, luckiliy for Krishna it was a cushion, and started chasing her around the room while Armaan and Padma just stood there laughing at the pair

K: "Ridhu yeh tu kya karehi hai'" Krishna shouted behind her

R: "Dikhai nahi dera' aaj toh mein tumko maar kar hi chodungi"

K: "Ridhu' Armaan dekhraha hai!"

Ridz immediately stopped chasing Krishna, she glanced over Armaan who was now watching her lovingly with a huge smile on his face while Padma was still laughing oblivious to this little interaction between the two

Krishna took her chance and came hugged Ridz from behind, "Sach mein aunty, mein aap logho ko bohot miss karungi" she hugged Ridz tightly, feeling Ridz was getting a little sentimental Krishna decided to lighten the mood up again "Aunty, aap ko pata hai, Shiv ko gajjar ka halwa bohot pasand hai' par afsos mein aap jaisi tori na bana ti hu" Krishna made a fake upset face and walked towards Padma now

P: "aaa meri bachi, aise nahi kehte' chal mein aaj hi tumhe sikhadeti hu' teekh hai" she gently patted Krishna's face and led her towards the kitchen

Finally getting a chance to be alone with Ridz, Armaan snuck up behind Ridz and swiftly taking hold of her he kissed her shoulder gently "I missed you so much basket"

 R: "Itna miss kiya toh phone kyun nahi kiya" Ridz closed her eyes leaning back into Armaans' arms, feeling the warmth of his hold surround her, inhaling the masculine cologne she loved so much

A: "Mujhe lagha ki shayed tum busy hoge Krishna ki saath, issiliye tumne bhi abhi takh phone nahi kiya" he kissed lightly on the side of her head. Seeing a small smile light up her face Armaan got an idead "Agar tummhe bura na lage toh kya hum bahar kahi chale?"

Ridz lifted her head and looked up at Armaan "Aaj hospital se chooti hai kya?" she asked with small smile praying silently that Armaan had managed to take time of work, seeing him slowly nod his head in agreement Ridz let out a little whoohoo and turned around and hugged really tightly.

A: "Shhhh, kya karehi ho' koi sunlega" he chuckled while hugging her back, gently stroking her hair, unfortunately for him Padma had already heard

P: "Kya hua beta?"

R: "Er' kuch nahi ma" Ridz answered back quickly moving away from Armaan. Padma and Krishna came into the lounge worried thinking what could have happened to make Ridz yell like that.

Armaan was no sitting on the couch reading a magazine while Ridz was standing slightly away studying some pictures, everything would have looked normal to a passer by but not to Krishna, Krishna sat down next to Armaan "Armaan tum kya parehe ho?" she asked sounding genuinely interested

A: "Woh mein toh bus aise hi dekhraha ta" Armaan flipped the pages a few times to show he was just browsing

K: "Wow, Ridz ne toh mujhe kabhi bataya nahi ki tum Dr hone ki saath saath yeh bhi karsakhte hai" Armaan looked over Krishna looking slightly confused by her odd comment, Ridz peered from the corner of her eyes to see what Krishna was on about, Krishna took the magazine out of Armaans' hand and turned it the right way round and gave it back to him

Armaan looked sligtly embarrassed as Krishna did this, Ridz also let out a little laugh seeing the cute look on Armaans face,

K: "Aur aap kyun hasrehe Ridhimma ji" Ridz stopped laughing immediately and knew she was in for it next "yeh zaroor tumhari kasoor hai"

R: "Woh kaise?" Ridz turned around and put her hands on her hips looking slightly annoyed at Krishna

K: "Kyun ki meri cute behena koi sirf tumko milkar hi aise pagal hosakhte hai"

Feeling the girls were going to get into another little playful argument Padma decided it was time to stop this now before Ridz really made a fool of herself in front of herself and Armaan started to think twice about marrying her

P: "acha bohot hogeya, Krishna tumhe gajar ka halwa kaise banate hai nahi seekhna kya, arre kal tumhari shaadi hai, agar ab nahi seekhoge toh kab?"

Remebering she was getting married tomorrow Krishna immediately became quiet and shy, Ridz took her chance and put her arm around Krishna's shoulder,

"Hmm jaani, abh kya hogeya? Shiv jiju ki baare mein sochrehe ho" she whispered in her ear

K: "Ridz" Krishna pushed Ridz away and rushed to the kitchen to hide her pink face.

A: "Mama agar aapko bura na lage toh ky amein Ridhimma ko tore der keliya bahar leja sakhta hu"

P: "Arre beta isme itna formal hone ki kya baath hai" Padma affectionately put her hand on Armaans face "Jao, bas ghar jaldi wapas aana"

Ridz hugged her mother affectionately "I love you Ma"

Pulling into the open field Ridz turned to look at Armaan, "Hum yaha kya karehe hai?"

A: "Shhhh" Armaan stepped out of the car and walked around to Ridz side and helped her out "Acha abh aakhein bandh karo"

R: "Par..." before Ridz could say anything further Armaan placed his finger on her lips to silence her

A: "Do you trust me?" Ridz nodded her head slowly "Toh phir kuch math poochna" Armaan turned Ridz around and blindfolded her. Holding her hand they walked someway into the field, hearing some voices and a loud booming voice Ridz grip on Armaan's hand tightened. Feeling the sudden urgency of the hold Armaan turned to look at Ridz, seeing a worried expression on her face he realised maybe he noises she could hear were slightly frightening her, letting go of her hand he went to untie the blindfold, Ridz immediately caught his hand again

"Don't worry jaan mein hu na", his words seemed to calm down Ridz's nerves, she knew nothing could happen to her with Armaan around, feeling the blindfold come away Ridz winced slightly in the bright sunlight, closing her eyes again a shadow fell over her, opening them again in a rush Ridz was amazed at the sight infront of her.

Watching the giant balloon grow with every second in front of her eyes, Ridz eyes just kept getting bigger and bigger, feeling her hand being gently tugged Ridz stared at her hand for a second and then at Armaan who was pulling her hand, realising he was taking her towards the hot air balloon Ridz immediately put the breaks on "Oh no' mein uss par nahi jarehi, no way" Ridz shook her head looking at Armaan as though he was completely mad

Looking at her adorable face and childish antics Armaan couldn't help but laugh, he picked her up in his arms and carried screaming Ridz towards the basket. Placing her inside he went to have a word with the instructor, seeing Ridz was making her way back out of the basket Armaan stopped her "Don't you dare' tum wahi raho aur agar yaha se hila toh mujhse bura koi nahi hoga"

They were soon floating off into the sky, with Armaan handling the steering of the balloon and Ridz sitting in the basket with her eyes closed, huddled in the corner of the basket. Getting slightly irritated by her behaviour, once Armaan was sure he was safe to do so he left the ropes of the balloon and knelt down next to Ridz,

A: "Kya bhaat hai, tum aise kyun bethe ho?" He put his hand on her shoulder, as soon as he put his hand on her shoulder Ridz hugged him tightly as though holding on for dear life and started sobbing. Getting worried by her sudden reaction Armaan couldn't understand why she was crying

"Kya hua jaan, tum aise kyun rorehe ho?" He gently stroked her head and held onto Ridz tighter

R: "Mujhe neeche jaana hai" she hiccupped in between her sobs, unfortunately for her Armaan couldn't understand a word as her face was buried in his chest and her hiccups made her words even more inaudible.

A: "kya?" Armaan raised Ridz face and saw fear written all over it, her ocean deep eyes were red and swollen, her angelic was tear stained, it broke his heart to see her like this, feeling a lump in his throat he slowly tried to calm down Ridz. "I'm sorry yeh sab mere vaje se'" unable to complete his sentence Armaan turned his head as tears brimmed his eyes on the verge of over flowing. Controlling his emotions Armaan turned to face Ridz again "pagal agar surprise acha nahi lagha toh batadeti' tum ro kyun rahe ho?" he gently wiped her tears away  and kissed her hand, planning to make it up to her when they reached the ground Armaan started to get up but stopped as soon as Ridz grabbed his hand

R: "Please mujhe chor kar math jao, mujhe bohot darr lagraha hai" she wimpered, trying to hold back her tears

Armaan was shocked at what she just said, "Tummhe uchai se darr laghta hai?" he asked solemnly, Ridz nodded her head slightly almost ashamed of herself. Armaan kicked himself mentally, why hadn't he for once thought that perhaps Ridz may be scared of heights.

Hugging her tighter now, Armaan apologised a million times for being so insensitive and for bringing her up there. Listening to his repeated apologies melted Ridzs' heart, Armaan was trying to share one of his most loved hobbies with her and she was ruining the entire surprise.

Slowly reaching up she started to get up to see what Armaan wanted her to see,

A: "Kya karehe ho?" Armaan grabbed Ridzs' arm and pulled her back towards him. Placing a reassuring hand on his cheek

R: "Tum mere paas ho toh mujhe kuch nahi hosakhta"

Standing up in the basket Armaan wrapped his arms around Ridz securely reassuring her that he would always be there. They watched the sun set over the distant hills, the red rays of sunshine kissed the coming night sky goodbye as the sun left for another day to rest for the coming morning. Feeling Ridz shiver slightly Armaan wrapped his jacket around Ridz and held her tight, if only this moment could stop there and then he sighed. Feeling Ridz so close to him Armaan never wanted to let her go, kissing her lightly on her forehead "chaho toh hum abh neeche ja sakhte hai"

Loving the concern he had for her, Ridz was falling in love with Armaan all over again, "Mein bilkul teekh hu" Ridz poked Armaan cheek slightly then kissed his dimples as that gorgeous smile spread on his face


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