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Part 18: Dill Ki Baat

"Baarat ageyi" a girl shouted from the distance. All the girls went rushing out of the room to welcome the baarat. Ridz sat down next to Krishna who had been unusually quiet all day, not understanding what had bought on the sudden change in character Ridz decided to interrogate further

Placing a hand on her shoulder Ridz stood behind Krishna in front of the mirror fixing her pallu at the same time. "Kya bhaat hai Krish, tum aaj itni udaas kyun ho?" she stopped what she was doing and gazed into krishna's eyes in the reflection of the mirror, to her amazement and shock Krishna's face lit up with a beautiful smile while her eyes filled up with tears. "Hey kya hua" Ridz turned Krishna around and hugged her affectionately

Laughing slightly at her friends madness and cute affection Krishna pulled away from the hug slowly as she wiped the tears that had already begun making their way down her cheek "Kuch nahi hua' mein bas sabko bohot miss karungi, aur tummhe sabse zyada" she pulled Ridz cheek at this last comment like a loving mother or aunt would do to a child. As quickly as a kid pulls their cheek back Ridz pulled hers back and made a cute annoyed face, but then seeing this put a smile on her friends face Ridz gave her other cheek forward. Krishna laughed a little at this and lightly slapped her cheek laughing.

Sitting down on the dresser ridz helped Krishna with the remainder of her jewellery,

R: "Ma humesha kehti hai ki shaadi ki bhaat aek aurat ki sabse keemat gehna uski chehre ki muskurahat aur uski mangalsutra hai" pausing for a moment she looked at her friend meaningfully "mujhe yeh bhaat kabhi samaj mein nahi aya, par aaj tummhe dekhar joh muskurahat dekhai derahi hai isse zyada keemti gehna ho hi nahi sakhta"

K: Mujhe dar lagraha hai" Krishna held onto Ridz hand

Smiling Ridz placed her other hand on top of Krishna's hand "kiss bhaat ki dar hai sweety, tum London pehle reh chuki ho, so desh toh anjaan nahi hai, aur Shiv, woh tumse bohot pyar karta hai, tummhe humesha pyar karega' aur tum chinta maat karma meine Shiv se already bhaat karli hai" she winked "Sab kuch teekh rahega, tummhe chinta karne ka koi vaja nahi hai, mein hu na" she smiled at Krishna

K: "oh no abh toh double chinta horehi hai, tummne Shiv se kya kaha?" Krishna put on a fake worried look on her face

R: "Jaani, meine sirf usse aek gentle warning di hai, abh kya karre, hum dono ki bhai toh nahi hai joh yeh sab keh sakhe so'"

Not letting her finish "So tum who bhai banker Shiv ko warning dedi na?" seeing Ridz nod with a stern serious look on her face Krishna burst out laughing "Ridz tummhe pata hai na ki koi bhi tumhari bhaat seriously nahi leta' tumse zyada toh who bachi Minnie scary hai"

Hearing a commotion outside both girls went to the balcony to see what was happening, lost in their laughs as usual they had both almost forgotten there was a wedding today and the baraat were waiting outside. Looking down Ridz saw Armaan in front of the crowd with Minnie in one arm refusing to pay Sapna who in turn refused to let the baraat in. There were other girls there too, like Anjali but Armaan was keeping up his side of the fight very well. Getting annoyed at Armaan Ridz decided it was time to put an end to this, as she turned to leave she saw Krishna lost somewhere, following where her gaze was Ridz saw both Shiv and Krishna completely lost in each others eyes. Both seemed oblivious to the commotion around them, not wanting to disturb them Ridz turned to leave when all the commotion went quiet and all you could hear were girls laughing.

Looking up for a moment Armaan saw the most angelic face ever, there was Ridz standing looking like an angel from the heavens in her pink and blue lehenga he had picked out for her. Her hair slightly blowing in the breeze while the delicate tikli hanging on her head shimmered in the moonlight; the simple makeup added to her simplistic beauty. Seeing her turn to look back their eyes met for a brief moment, in that split moment Armaan died a million deaths, knowing deep down that he'd have to wait till this angel could be by his side forever.

M: "boyfriend kya hua?" Minnie pulled Armaans' face around to look at her

A: "huh? Oh kuch nahi" turning back quickly he realised Ridz had left,

Sap: "Kya hua jiju?" she winked "Kissi ko doondh rehe te?" all the girls giggled as Armaan's face looked away slightly embarrassed. "Kissi se milne kiliye aapko toh humari maange puri karne parenge' aur abh toh maang double hogeye hai"

A: "Double kyun? 25000 hi chahiye ten a?" he took out a bundle of notes and gave them to her without counting

Sap: "Too late jiju, pehle toh sirf Krishna di kiliye 25000 ta, par abh aapko andhar jaane kiliye 50000 dene parenge, itna time waste karne kiliye"

Not wanting to be away from Ridz a moment longer Armaan handed the money over without any hesitation, only making the Sapna and Masti who was from the grooms side giggle more.

Ridz and Anji bought Krishna down the stairs and sat her at the mandap, Armaan had been trying all evening to get a moment alone with her but to no avail, everytime he thought he had her all to himself something would always come in between, whether that be Minnie popping out of nowhere (mischieviously sent by Sapna and Masti who were enjoying the look of death from Armaan immensely) or Ridz being called away to do something.

"Abh dulha dulhan pehre kilye kara hojaye" the pandit called out, seizing the opportunity Armaan swiftly captured Ridz's arm and pulled her to a secluded room he had been eyeing all evening

R: "Armaan yeh kya karehe ho? Waha sab'"

A: "shhh" armaan placed a finger on her lips, feeling her lips quiver from his touch bought a smile to his face, he loved the affect he had on her, if only she new what she did to him when she wasn't there. "Koi kuch nahi kahega, sab waha par busy hai, perhe abhi shuru hue hai.. kam se kam 10 minute toh lagjayenge, aur woh bhi tab agar Shiv Krishna ki haath pakar kar mandap par baagna shuru karde"

Ridz laughed at Armaan's calculations but she knew he was right, all day her eyes searched for him, to catch a glimpse of him even though this wouldn't be possible as Armaan wasn't even in the house, and all evening they had been just watching each other, unable to spend any time alone.

R: "Acha toh batao, kuch kaam ta mujhse" she asked cheekily walking away from him towards the balcony

A: "Ha" he held Ridz hand and pulled her back into his arms, "Tum aaj bohot khoobsurat lagrehe ho" he whispered in her ear, letting his lips kiss ear as he spoke. Feeling a sudden shiver down her spine Ridz closed her eyes from his touch. Slowly walking towards the balcony Armaan managed to take Ridz there without her realising she was moving, Ridz was too lost in her senses, feeling the warmth of his body touching her, feeling his heart pound against her back, letting his cologne surround he;r Ridz was in a world of her own.

Feeling the breeze on her kiss her face Ridz opened her eyes to see the moon shining down on them, the moonlight playing in the water from the fountain gave the entire garden a dreamlike effect. Turning around she found Armaan already looking at her, staring back at him, lost in his eyes and the moment Ridz found herself reaching up to his face, slowly caressing his cheek, poking his cheeks slighty so his dimples showed as a smile kissed his lips.

Leaning in Armaan kissed Ridz gently on her cheeks, feeling her soft warm cheeks burn up with his touch Armaan left his lips to kiss them slightly longer. Feeling Ridz shiver slightly Armaan wrapped his arms around her as he pulled her closer to his body.

Feeling Armaan nuzzling her neck Ridz was loosing her senses, this slow torture was killing her, feeling Armaan's lips gently kissing her shoulder, trailing up her neck Ridz let out a low moan of ecstacy.Unable to resist the urge to feel his lips on hers Ridz turned around around pushing her lips on Armaan's. The urgency of the kiss was felt from both sides. The passion overwhelmed them both, kissing each other so passionaetly neither of them realised when they had moved back towards the bed on the room, taking another step back Armaan tripped on the bottom of the bed

A: "Aa" Armaan gasped as he fell backwards; still holding tightly on to Ridz's waist she came crashing down with him landing safely on his chest.

Giggling non stop Ridz couldn't bring herself to face Armaan, turning red at their currnet position Armaan was starting to feel very hot.

A: "Abh hasna bandh karo aur utho, koi ajayega" Armaan moved Ridz so she landed on his side on the bed while he quickly got up and straightened his sherwani.

R: "Pakar jane ki itna dar hai toh mujhe yaha kyun laye" Ridz stood up next to Armaan and tried to sort out her palu, unfortunately for her she wasn't very good at these things, Sapna had helped her get into place.

Seeing Ridz struggle with her palu Armaan lent her a helping hand and tucked the palu back into place. Feeling his fingers tickle her bare stomach Ridz let out a little shriek, unknown to Armaan Ridz just happened to be the most ticklish person anyone could ever come across, it only took a slight touch and Ridz would be in stitches laughing

A: "Shhh, kya karehe ho?" he whispered looking alarmed, looking back and forth from the door to Ridz. Feeling Ridz lips kiss his hand, he moved his hand from her lips and stared into her ocean deep eyes. The innocence and love in them was overwhelming, feeling himself loose sense of reality again Armaan leant in to kiss her again. Ridz seemed to have this hypnotic power, everytime Armaan looking into her eyes he was lost, the same way when he heard her voice everything else seemed to die away.

Seeing Ridz giggle and pick her hand up to cover his eyes, Armaan frowned a little and pushed Ridz hand behind her back so she was now pushing into his chest.

R: "Armaan koi ajayega, kya karehe ho" she smiled cutely back at him

A: "Toh aanedo" pulling her towards him he kissed her again, softly first nibbling on her lower lip, gently sucking on her lip tasting the sweet strawberry gloss she was wearing. Feeling her lips trying to move so she could speak Armaan took hold of both lips with his mouth and silenced her at once.

Feeling her knees go weak Ridz felt Armaan's grip loosen on her hands, scared of falling her hands automatically reached up and circled his neck. Unsure of how long they stood like that in each others hold Armaan and Ridz drifted into a world of their own

Hearing a commotion outside the doors Ridz and Armaan parted, A: "Laghta hai pehre khatam hogeye" bringing hands upto his lips he kissed them gently "Chale"


"Yeh kya hogeya hai mujhe... Armaan kabhi mere saath aisa kuch nahi karsakhta"

Seeing the closeness and proximity of their bodies as they swayed to the music made Ridz sick to the core of her stomach, how could he use her like that, and that too only weeks before their wedding turn around and kick her to the curb. A silent tear made its way down her cheek as the salty air kissed her skin, stinging her eyes.Feeling so cheap and used Ridz closed her eyes trying to block away the harshness of reality.

Feeling the wave's crash against her bare feet Ridz let out a sigh, how the beach had always been her way of running away, letting go of everything and finding the answers to her questions... but the waves of Goa seemed to intensify the rejection. The soothing touch of the water in Mumbai which calmed every corner of her soul seemed to feel desparately lonely and lost from the touch of Goa. But she couldn't go back, not while he was still ther, the bitter thought crossed her mind as she remembered all the sweet moments they had shared with each other. How he seemed so genuine in all his actions and words' was it all an act? This was the million dollar question, agreed she was always a bad judge of character, always looking for the best in people she often overlooked any shortfalls, but had her family been so gullible too, her father had always been such a good judge of character unlike her and to think he was taken for a ride too hurt Ridz a lot.

After months  of excile from her family because of Vivek,  Ridz had managed to go back to them and home building a wall around her, but Armaan's charm had bought down all her defences, and when she was the most vulnerable he did what every man does, crush her.

Slumping down on her hammock under a palm tree Ridz tried to clear her mind, the water had become too angry for her with the constant splashes bruising her skin, the sand burnt her soles and now the gentle breeze was becoming too harsh for her face. The entire world had turned against her it seemed... even god.

WIth the painful reality eating away at her, she drifted off into a deep slumber...


"Papa Raj ka phone aaya ta, woh kal hi aaraha hai London se shaadi kiliye" Ridz jumped and danced all around the house the entire morning waiting for the flight to arrive,

R: "Mamaaaa' Mamaaa"

P: "Kya hai, ghar ko chilla chilla kar demolish karne ki iradha hai kya?" Padma was panting at the doorway as she had run up the stairs to see what was wrong with Ridz. "Yeh kya horaraha hai Ridzy" Padma stared shocked as her daughter was pulling clothes out of the cupboards looking for a needle in a haystack

R: "Mama, mujhe who blue wala salwar kameez nahi milraha" Ridz continued to destroy her once organised room as she threw yet more clothes over her head.

Padma picked up a blue kameez from Ridz's bed, burried under a pile of jeans and tops "Erm yeh wala?" Padma grinned at her sheepish looking daughter. "Kitni baar kehna padega tummhe, kapre teekh se rakha karo phir zaroorat par sab kuch miljayegi" Padma twisted Ridz's ear playfully while she lovingly told her off. She was still amazed and overwhelmed that her baby would be getting married in a few weeks.

In the all the excitement Ridz's mobile was buried under her clothes and she didn't hear it ringing, neither did she remember she had a lunch date with Armaan.

"Yeh basket phone kyun nahi utarahi" Armaan hung up the phone after his upteenth call' neither did Ridz answer her phone, or reply to his text messages.Panicking at the thought there might be something wrong Armaan raced to her house, leaving his work half finished.

Knocking at the door Armaan patiently waited for someone to answer, hearing no signs of life inside Armaan almost gave up hope when the work lady popped her head around the corner of the door and informed him no one was in.

"Kya aap baata sakhte hai sab kaha hai?" silently praying for her to skip to Ridz and forget everyone else,

"Ji sahib bari memsahib bazaar pargeyi hai, bakhi sab pata nahi"

Loosing patience at the work lady Armaan let out a sharp sigh and walked back to his car, trying to control his anger. Banging his hand against the steering wheel Armaan put his head down in frustation, briefly closing his eyes.

"Agar usse kuch hua nahi, toh woh kaha hai'" getting irriated at himself for being weak Armaan sighed in frustation again, why was he soo possesive he thought bitterly.

In the past few weeks Armaan had become concious of the way all the interns were so close, although deep down he knew that they were only friends, the friendship between Ridz and Atul had started to niggle at the back of his concious. They were so comfortable with each other, sometimes too comfortable and then hearing the ward boys discussing Ridz and her looks had been the last straw. Armaan had never lost his cool at work before, but discussing Ridz and her features had been enough to make him loose his senses. Luckily not many people were aware of his reactions and any damage done had been rectified almost immediately but the thought never quiet left him. Ridz was attractive, afterall that was what had drawn him to her, but could the attention distract her and take her away from him? Afterall she was young and innocent, and the biggest issue was she was a girl... flattery worked with any woman; it only took a little bit to get them where you wanted them.

Coming back to his senses Armaan mentally kicked himself again, Ridz wasn't like that, she loved him and he loved her, as young as she was, she wasn't like the other girls' or is she a voice questioned in the back of his head. Starting up his car Armaan decided to just go back to work and keep himself busy, and keep away from such evil thoughts when his phone rang

Seeing Ridz number flash on the screen Armaan jumped to answer the phone, "Hello"

"Kya bhaat hai, aaj muijhe bohot miss karehe te? Itne saare miscalls?" Ridz asked teasingly on the other end

"Nahi nahi, mein kyun miss karo, woh toh mein apni girlfriend ki number lagaraha ta aur galathi se tumhara number lageya" Armaan smiled cheekily down the phone knowing what was coming next

"Armaan tum' aaa Raj" Ridz squeled on the phone as it dropped out of her hands and disconnected landing on the floor.

Every muscle in his body tensed up, "Raj..." Armaan repeated

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