Sunday, 19 July 2020

Part 19: Dill Ki Baat

"Raj, yeh kya kardiya dekho mera call be cut geya uff tum bhi na" Ridz playfully hit Raj on his shoulder

Raj: "Ouch, laghta hai yaar" rubbing his shoulder with a fake hurt expression on his face, while keeping his eyes on Ridz to see her reaction. Witnessing the her face turn from angry to worried in the matter of second  Raj smiled at her cuteness "Tum abh bhi waise ki waise ho" he playfully hit Ridz nose as she stared back at him shocked'

Ridz: "Tum mazaak karehete" she mumbled as the reality of being made a fool again by Raj sank in, rolling up the paper in her hand she started chasing him around the airport adamant on getting him back. Being the klutz that she was Ridz lost her balance and went hurtling towards Raj, who moved out of the way in the neck time to allow Ridz to gracefully fall with a thud on the ground.

Ridz: "Aaaaaaaaa" she screamed staring at the tiny cut on her elbow which was bleeding. Sitting on the ground inspecting her cut Ridz cried her heart out like a spoilt brat expecting an apology from Raj, who in return grabbed his trolley and started walking away hoping no-one would notice he was speaking to this mad woman only seconds ago.

Watching Raj walk away without so much as helping her get up Ridz forgot her pain in a split second and jumped to her feet. Storming towards Raj Ridz barged past him so hard Raj almost went toppling over and nearly the couple walking past him "Oi Madam dekhar nahi chal sakhte kya?" Raj shouted after Ridz who was continuing to storm out of the airport without so much as a backwards glance'

Fuming at Raj's cheek Ridz abruptly turned around and marched back towards Raj, grabbing his collar she hissed in his face "Dekha ne ki layakh hote' toh dekhar chalti' samjhe" shoving him with her all her force Ridz stormed off towards her car.

Raj on the other was used to Ridz temperamental side, growing up together had trained him well. Remembering their childhood together always made Raj smile, Riddhima Gupta was the sweet girl next door who everyone loved and adored and Raj Kapil was the bad boy of the neighbourhood; always starting fights with the neighbourhood kids, but because of his sweet and caring faade in front of the adults he always got away with murder. Fighting with the other kids was always boring, no-one ever stood up to him, Ridz was the first child to stand her ground and fight back. Remembering their first fight Raj smiled away'


"Oi Gattu, kaha jah raha hai' yeh cake mera hai" a little Raj snatched a chocolate chip muffin from a fat kids hands and went to stuff it in his face when another hand snatched it out of his, leaving Raj to eat air

Handing the muffin back to the Gattu, the little kid ushered the fat kid away and started to walk away herself' running up behind the girl Raj pushed the girl hard so she went flying forward into a heap of mud nearby. The girl jumped up as quickly as she had fallen and ran head first towards Raj who was busy holding his stomach laughing and noticed only when he was sitting in another mud puddle next to the road, while it was the girls turn to stand their and laugh.

Staring up shocked Raj stared at the girl laughing, her laughter was so contagious, it was the kind of laughter which made you forget everything and laugh with her, those green eyes were dancing with her laughter. Staring at the wild haired mud covered pink dressed laughing girl Raj laughed along realising how silly they both looked covered in mud on the side of the road.

Bending the girl offered her hand to help Raj up, "Hi, mera naam Riddy hai" she smiled sweetly as she helped Raj up.

Raj:  "Hi mein Raj, naam toh sunna hoga" he winked at her, Ridz was to nave to understand his cheeky gesture so just stared back at him stunned.

Ridz: "Nahi meine nahi sunna' sunna chahiye kya?" she looked puzzled, her naivety made Raj laugh again.


Still angry at Raj pulled up in front of the airport and revved her engine in front of Raj, when he didn't get into the car Ridz looked up to see Raj lost somewhere dreamily smiling away to the heavens.

"O hello, introduction karna padega kya? Yeh ghari hai, undar bheth jao" she shouted out of the passengers' window to get Raj's attention.

Raj: "Hi ghari, mein Raj, naam toh sunna hoga" he winked at the car as he opened the door to sit down, bursting into laughter all of Ridz anger melted away as her laughter filled the car while they zoomed off towards the house.

Walking into the lounge after a draining day at work and his earlier hysterics Armaan found himself being greeted by the melodious laughter of Ridz, but she wasn't alone, sitting next to Ridz was some guy laughing but staring at her in a way which he didn't approve of. Everyone was so busy laughing no-one noticed Armaan walk into the house and up the stairs to his room.

Determined not to jump to any conclusions Armaan freshened up and headed back downstairs to get acquainted with the new guest accompanying his fianc. Sliding an arm around Ridz as he sat down next to her Armaan noticed the look on the guys face' his laughter stopped as soon Armaan had done that. This guy definitely has a thing for Ridz, bas abh usse batana padega ki Ridz meri bhi kya laghti hai, Armaan thought to himself.
"Good Morning Riddy, toh aaj ka programme kya hai?" Raj grabbed the toast from Ridz plate and took a bite out of it as he sat down in the chair next to her

"Kuch nahi, mein kaam par jarehi hu" Ridz pushed her plate towards Raj sarcastically offering him to eat more of her food

Raj: "Matlab? Mein itni dinno ki bhaat ayi hu sab ki saath waqt guzarne kiliye aur tum ho ke' sheesh"

Ridz: "Kebab" Raj stared at her confused to her response "Its Sheesh Kebab' kehna hai toh poora naam toh bolo na" Ridz stuck her tongue out at Raj and got up to leave from the table.

Raj: "Great idea!" Raj jumped up from his seat as Ridz turned around looking confused now

Ridz: "Kya great idea?"

Raj: "Aaj hum lunch saath karenge aur woh bhi humara woh poorana kebab shop par' kitne din hogeye Kabir chachu se mille hue, issi bahane unse bhi mulakhat hojayegi"

Remembering the Kabir chachu from her childhood Ridz smiled ear to ear, she used to love going to his shop after school and college, his kebab shop was one of the best in the city according to her, the laid back friendly atmosphere, friendly Kabir chachu always there to talk to and joke with. Agreeing instantaneously Ridz left for work.

Lost in he memories of her childhood with Raj Ridz bumped into Sapna, catching her off balance and nearly knocking her over

Ridz: "Oh sorry Sapna, meine dekha nahi, tum teekh toh hona?"

Sapna: "Ha ha humme kyun dekhoge bhai, hum tori na woh dashing and handsome Dr Armaan hai' hai kaash koi humare khayalo mein aisa koya rehta" Sapna sighed dramatically as she pretended to be day dreaming about someone

Months of friendly banter and constant teasing formal her friends still hadn't stopped Ridz from blushing profusely every time someone did it again. "Chup pagal, kuch bhi boldeto ho' mein kissi ki kayalo mein koyi nahi ti.. woh bas' mein'"  thinking over what Sapna had said Ridz realised this was the first time since she had met Armaan that she wasn't thinking about him' she was thinking about' Raj'

Sapna: "Yeh mein mein abh kya laga raha hai? Bakri bangeye kya? Hai yeh ishq insaan ko kaha se kaha takh le jaata hai" winking at Ridz she took a hold of her arm and walked into the hospital together.

All the interns stood together at the nurses station listening patiently as Armaan handed out the duties, after Armaan and Ridz had gotten engaged they found it a lot easier to talk to him as a friend rather then a senior Dr whom you always had to be scared of, this internship had turned out be quiet fun, a sharp contrast to the first couple of weeks where they felt the internship was going to be an life sentence to hell!

Armaan: "Dr Anjali aap cardiac ward mein, Dr Atulaap OPD mein,  aur Dr Sapna aur Dr Riddhima aap dono general ward aur out patients ko samal lenge. Any problems? Toh aap jaa sakhte hai" with that Armaan left the interns to get on with their duties.

Ridz: "Sapna tum jao, meine apna stethoscope locker room mein chor kar ageyi' mein abhi athi hu" tucking her stethoscope deep in her pocket Ridz went to his cabin looking for him. She had sensed that Armaan hadn't quiet been himself since last nights dinner with Raj, there was something awkward in the way the two guys behaved with each other all night, they were cordial but there was something that didn't seem quiet normal, their smiles seemed strained, or that's how it had to seemed, however no-one else had apparently picked up on it. And when she had later questioned Raj about his first opinions of Armaan although the normal nice and charming compliments were given they didn't seem quiet genuine.

Hearing a gentle knock on his cabin door Armaan knew it was Ridz, "Come in" he answered without looking up, trying act as though nothing was the matter. Hearing the door gently shut behind her Armaan struggled to keep his eyes on the report he was so consumed with moments ago. It was as though he knew the moment he looked she would be able to read him like a book, struggling to keep his emotions under control Armaan looked up to find Ridz already sitting in front of him.

After a moments silence Ridz decided to break the apparent ice between them "Kya hua, tum itni tense kyun ho?"

Armaan: "Nahi, mein bas iss report ko lekhar tora pareshaan hu aur kuch nahi" placing the report down he leaned back in his chair, keeping a safe distance from Ridz. Placing her hand on top of his, gently caressing it Ridz continued

Ridz: "Pata hai, tummhe jhoot bolna bilkul nahi aata' joh kaam teekh tarah se nahi hota usse math kiya karo" smiling sweetly at him she tried to lighten his mood.

Armaan: "Tum na bilkul pagal ho" he shook his laughing getting up from his desk taking her hands into his to pull her into a soft cuddle. Circling his arms around her waist while Ridz played with the collars on his jacket he went on "Hmm abh batao kya bhaat hai, meri pareshaani ki wajah toh tummhe pata hai, abh tumhari pareeshaani kya kya mein pooch sakhta hu?"

Ridz: "Armaan tummhe Raj kaisa lagha?" not daring too look up Ridz was too scared of the response she might get, she didn't want to loose the friend in Raj or the love from Armaan, one was her past she held close to her heart and the other her future she couldn't see herself without.

Watching the drama unfold in the language of expressions on Ridz face Armaan cursed himself like he'd never done before, he could see she was fighting a battle within herself and it was all his doing. Deciding to put Raj in his place without letting it affect Ridz in any way Armaan traced his finger on the frown that was playing on her her forehead,

Armaan: "Phir se chinta?" kissing her forehead lightly "Raj tumhara bachpan ka dost hai, acha hi hoga na aur joh tummhe pasand hai who mujhe na pasand hone ki gunjaish hi nahi hota".

Looking up finally Ridz found herself falling in love all over again, how could anyone be so handsome, understanding, supportive, loving' basically perfect in everyway possible. But there was one flaw in his perfect face at the moment, poking his cheek slightly so his dimple showed Ridz kissed it softly, "Thank you" she whispered as her lips left his cheek and with that she left the cabin, leaving behind a mesmerised Armaan.

As lunch drew nearer Ridz was soo caught up in her duties that she completely forgot her lunch date with Raj. Raj on the other who wasn't the most patient person in the world couldn't wait in the car any longer and decided to go into the hospital in search of Ridz.

Armaan: "Hey Raj, tum yaha kya karehe ho?" almost bewildered and definitely not happy by the sudden intrusion of Raj into his professional life as well as personal.

Twitching with jealousy at the site of Armaan Raj put his picture perfect fake smile for sakes of pleasantries "Oh Armaan, tum bhi yaha kaam kartehe ho" gritting his teeth and mumbling under his breath "Yeh sewer yaha bhi hai, grrr abh lunch ki bare agar bola toh yeh bhi saath aana chahega, kuch math bol beta Raj warna Riddy ko bahar lekhar jaana bulja"

Armaan: "Kuch kaha tumne?" leaning in a little acting as though he hadn't heard anything

Raj: "huh oh nahi nahi, mein bas' yeh.. erm Riddy.. ha Riddy ko milne aya ta' woh erm uski duty' ha duty kabh katham hogi poochne kiliye aya ta' mein usse pick karne kiliye ajaunga" smiling and trying to act cool raj hoped this had done the trick, while in his head he kicked himself, deciding that would hurt too much he mentally kicked Armaan for coming in his way, a thought popped into his head, "Why the hell couldn't I lie properly' itni saalo ki practice hai, jhoot bolne mein mahir hu oh aaj kya hogeya" he scratched his head not realising Armaan was still standing there smiling away at his stupid acts and poor attempts to cover up whatever he was hiding.

Rushing out of the labs with her report Ridz looked up from her file to see Armaan and Raj standing together taking like 2 strangers. "Yeh Raj yaha kya karaha hai?" she mumbled before imeediately realising her lunch arrangements, rushing towards the two without listening to what was being said she blurted out "Raj, doh minute mein ayi, mein abhi locker room se aati hu, tum jakhar car start karlo, bohot bhook lagi hai" Watching the colour drain from Raj's face she became a little worried "kya hua? Tum teekh toh hona?" touching his forehead with the back of her hand then his neck, "mujhe laghta hai humme aaj lunch cancel kardena chahiye, tum jakhar ghar par aaram karo, mein maa ko phone karke batadungi mere haane takh  tumhara kayal rakhne kiliye"

Raj: "Nahi nahi, mein teekh hu, who bas tora garmi lagraha ta, aur kuch nahi" he looked back at Armaan who was no longer even acting to be friendly, "Fine, abh pata chalgeya hai toh shuru hojaye khel?" thinking to himself Raj smiled wickedly back at Armaan. "Armaan hum lunch kiliye bahar jarehe hai, tum bhi humare saath chalo"

Ridz: "Ha Armaan, chalo na, hum kebab kaane jarehe, I swear aek bar Kabir chachu ki kebabs kaoge toh kaate reh jaoge"

Armaan: "teekh hai, chalo, waise bhi mera bhi lunch ka waqt hogeya hai" sliding his arms around Ridz waist again Armaan led Ridz to Raj's car while Raj stood their clenching his fists, he had always felt very protective of Ridz and this guy touching her every chance he got was not pleasing in any way.


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