Thursday, 2 July 2020

Part 2 : Dill Ki Baat

Armaan turned around to see his new group of interns, all to busy to notice him there.

Armaan stood up and cleared his voice, Sapna was the 1st one to notice and stopped talking, everyone stopped talking apart from Ridz who had her back towards Armaan, she was really getting into the mood of things, talking away like she would on the radio. Sapna pulled Ridz sleeve and hinted towards Armaan. Ridz turned around and stopped in mid sentence with her mouth slilghtly open.

She had never seen anything as like it in her life. He was standing there looking like a greek god. Those gorgeous grey eyes, that cute little beauty spot on his left cheek, that god like body (too bad its covered with clothes, she was thinking to herself). Ridz was in a world of her own, when he spoke to her...

Armaan had walked upto Ridz by now and waved his hand her face, "Hello" he said trying to see if there's any sign if life in her.

Ridz shook her head and came back to reality, "Sorry, uh sir"

A: "Aap logho ki badh katham ho gaye" he said moving back slightly so he could see all the interns. "Yeh kya chalra he yaha, aap lok yaha Dr's bane aye hai ya phir yeh aap sabh kiliye koi field trip jaha aap apne friends ke saath gaaphe larra ne aya hai?" he said addressing everyone.

All: "Sorry Sir..."

A: "Dr, Dr Armaan. Aap sabh is saal meri interns hoge, aur mein joh cases aap logo ko dete hu, un saab khi reporting mujhe subha subha chahye. Clear? Any problems Dr?" He said looking at Anjali, who was looking a little annoyed at the fact that she would have to work under such a young Dr, she wanted the best and this guy didn't seem like he was much older then themselves so couldn't possibly have enough experience to be taking charge of them.

An: "No Dr Armaan, Koi problems nahi hai"

A: "Tik hai, toh phir aaj khi aaj khi programme hai 10 baje aap main hall me milenge, senior Dr's se aap sabh ki introduction hogi, phir 11:30 baje aap koh apki pehle group case diya jayega. Aap sabh ab canteen mein wait karsakte hai". With that he gathered his papers and left the room.

At: "Wah kya Dr hai, pehle din mein hum sabh ko canteen mein wait karne kiliye bhol raha hai, arre Dr bana kitna ehsaan, hai, kaam par jao, canteen mein wait karo phir ghar jau. Brilliant"

Sa: "Nahi Atul, mujhe darr lagh raha hai, pehle hi din mein hum sabh ko case derahe, aur sabh cases ki report har subha chata hai. Yeh toh hume bohot kaam karwaega".

An: "Don't worry Sapna, yeh Dr naya naya banha hai, tumne dekha nahi who kitna young lagraha tha, like uski abhi Internship khatam hua hai, woh hume kya sikaenge".

While all this was going on Ridz was in a dream of her own, she was remembering the way his eyes looked, how his mouth moved when he spoke, how his clothes moved over his arms as he walked/moved.

An: "Ridz, Ridz"

Ridz snapped out of it, "Huh? Who kaha gaya?"

An: "Kaun?"

R: "Who..., erm, koi nahi" she said blushing slightly and remembering she was talking to biggest blabber mouth she new (after herself)

An: "Toh chale?"

R: "Kaha?"

An: "Canteen!" she said as she dragged Ridz out of there with both arms wrapped Ridz' arm.

Armaan was on the terrace thinking about the events of the morning, "Uski awaaz mujhe haar jaga kew sunai derah hai", he asked himself. "Pehle to kabhi aisa nahi huwa, tor phir aaj ajanak, kuew?". Armaan was lost in his thoughts when his pager went off. He looked at it still lost in his thoughts. It was Shubankar asking his where he was, its time for the meeting.

"Oh crap, I'm late" Armaan said to himself as he ran down the stairs to go to the assemble hall.

Ridz was walking down the corridor (with Armaan finally out of her mind), happy she finally had the chance to fulfil her dreams, when out of nowehere BANG... She was falling. She closed her eyes anticipating the pain that was bound to coming next... when it didn't she opened her eyes...

In his rush Armaan had accidently knocked Ridz over, she just happened to come in front of the stairs as he was about to jump down. It was all in slow motion, first he saw the stairways was empty, he jumped and out of nowhere Ridz came in front of him, he couldn't stop, then bang, he had hit her, her hair flew up and he saw he falling, falling, just as she was about to hit the floor he caught her. She had her eyes closed, her hair was in her face and he could see the fear and anticipation of the pain  in her face.

"wow" he thought to himself, he had never seen anything as sweet and sexy in his life as he did in that split second. Her face was like an angel's face, so innocent and beautiful as the same time.

Ridz opened her eyes and saw these gorgeous grey eyes looking at her, with concern and there was something else, she couldn't put her finger on. She now saw that Armaan facial features were a lot sexier then she had first thought. "Sorry" he said, with a really sexy and gentle voice that it made her smile. "It's not a dream" she thought to herself.

Armaan collected himself as he helped her up, he didn't want to let her out of his arms. He felt something when he caught her, it was like something inside of him had suddenly awoken and he could feel goosebumps as he held her. He could smell her perfume and it engulfed and took control of all his senses for a moment.

Armaan helped Ridz up and apologised. She was just staring at him smiling.

A: "Er, I'm really sorry, meine aap koh dekha nahi. Lagi toh nahi?" he asked with genuine concern in his face.

R: "Ji nahi" (smiling)

A: "Meine aap logo se aap ki naam nahi puche subha, aap kah naam?"

R: "Riddhima" (still smiling)

They walked to hall without saying another word to each other. There was an awkward silence as they walked, they were so lost in their thoughts, that making small talk didn't occur to them. "uski awaaz aur iski awaaz bilkul milti hai, par... iski naam to Riddhima hain, aur uski (he thought recollecting the voice on the radio and smiling to himself) naam to RG hai", he looked over at Ridz who was still smiling to herself as the senior doctors carried out the morning presentation. Armaan couldn't understand what was happening, why was he hearing RG's voice when ever Riddhima spoke, nothing made sense.

In the meantime, Ridz was thinking back at the moment she opened her eyes and saw him look at her. She sighed at the thought of those eyes. In that moment she decided, if she would marry anyone, then it had to be Dr Armaan, no matter what she had to do.


A: "Aap ki pehli case hogi Ms Mihini Deshpande ke, aek accident mein unki severe 3rd degree burns, however yeh koi mamuli case nahi hai, Mohini ki diabetes hai, isliya hum usse normal cases ki tara har dawai nahi de sakhte. Clear? Mujhe is case ki report subha chaya. Woh abhi ICU mein hai, isliya aap logh unhe waha par milsakte hai". He avoided looking at Ridz when he said this. Everytime he looked at her he felt a weird sensation inside of him which made him feel warm and happy, he felt the same hearing RG's voice in the morning. This confused Armaan a lot played on his mind, stopping him from concentrate on his work.

A: "Ab aap sabh yahe ku kare hai, jaye kaam kijiye", with that they all left.

At: "Yaar, abh kya kare, is jaga ko hum ache tara se jaante takh nahi aur yeh hume ICU bech raha hai. Ab ICU kis taraf hai"

R: "Atul, idhar udhar dekne se ICU nahi milega, koi nurse yah doctor se poooch te hai". Ridz looked around and saw her dad.

R: "Papa" she walked towards him, "ICU ward kis taref hai?"

Shashank looked at her angrily "Dr Shashank, aap mujhe Dr Shashank kehkar address karenga yaha, is that clear clear Dr Riddhima".

Ridz realised her mistake and apologised looking hurt, "Sorry Pa.. er Dr Shashank"

Atul, Sapna and Anjali started at Ridz as she walked back towards them looking at the floor.

S: "Woh tumhare... I mean tum Dr Shashank ki..."

R: "Bethi hu" she finished off looking down.

They were all in to much shock to say anything else.

R: (lookings up now) "Hey guys, mein nahi shahti meri Dr Shashank ki bethi hone se tum logh mujhe alaag se treat karo"

At: "Nahi karungi yaar, hum baas sun karh heraan hogeyete tore vakht kiliye, but its cool"

An: "Ha aur is ki vaje se hume kum se kum koi real Dr ke saath mula kaath hogi, unlike woh 'wanna be' Dr Armaan".

They all laughed at this and went to visit the patient.

It was 11pm and the shift had finally come to an end. All the interns were in the locker room.

At: "Yaar mein toh takh geya, kahan subha 9 baje aaya tah aur abh raat 11 baje katam. Upar se us Dr Armaan neh kal duty subhe 8 baje bulaiya

hai" he lets out a loud yawn.

S: "Mujhe samajme nehi aara ki doctor log soothe kab hai agar woh aise hi duty par rehte hai".

R: "Guys, tum logo ko apni need ki pari haii, socho jab hum proper doctors banjate haut oh phir kitni logo ki ilaaj kar sakhenge, kitni dua'e hume milenge" she smiled, helping people had always been a lifelong dream of hers. Seeing her father help so many people and the love and respect he got from his patients inspired her.

A: "She's right, aur uphar se hume is top hospital mein khaam karne ki mocha mila hai, har kisi ki bhaat nahi yaha aa kar kaam karna". Anjali only ever thought about one thing, how good she would look, whether that be her physical looks or her prestige in society. Anjali was one of those people who always liked to be talked about in society and for people to envy her, this was the only she wanted to become a doctor as she found doctors had a status in society, and one day thought of opening a hospital so she could get rich from it.

At: "okay guys, mujhe jaana hoga, agar mein jaldi nahi so jahta to phir kaal mein shaam takh nahi jag paunga. Chalta hu, bye" and left.

Sapna's phone rang, "Hello... kya, bahar ho, tik hai mein abhi ayi". She put the phone down, "mujhe bhi jaana hoga, mera auto rickshaw wala agaye, see you tomorrow".

An: "Ridz tum ghar kaise jaa rehi ho, mein tume lift de du?"

R: "Nahi, mein dad kiliye wait karunga, hum saath chalenge, tum jau, bye"

An: "okay, bye".

Ridz was in the locker room by herself now sitting on the bench waiting for her dad.

It was now midnight and Shashank still hadn't come, Ridz was getting restless, "Yeh Papa kaha hai, mujhe neend arehi hai" She went looking for him.

She bumped into Shashank on his way to an emergency operation, "Papa, aap kaha jarehe, ghar?"

Sha: "Oh beta, I'm so sorry, mein bilkul bhool geya, tum aek kaam karo.." Armaan had just finished his shift and was walking past, "Dr Armaan" Shashank called out, "Aap please Riddhima ko ghar takh pocha denge, mujhe emergency operation karni hai aur mein nahi chahti ki woh ghar is waqt akhele jai, please"

A: "Of course Dr Shashank, aap chinta matt kijiye mein Dr Riddhima koh ghar takh pocha dunga".

"Great!" Armaan thought to himself, "Saara din uski avoid kiya, aur ab jabh mein ghar jaraha hu, toh phir is budha mujhe kehta hai, usse mein ghar takh chordu"

A: "Chale Dr Riddhima"

R: "Erm, chaliye. Bye Papa" she said hugging Shashank.

"****, yeh is budha ki bethi hai. Great, ab toh uski saath baadh bi karna parega. Chief Dr ki bethi joh tehri" he thought to himself slightly irritated that he was trying to avoid her as much as possible and now Dr Shashank had collared him to talk to her.

They were walking towards the car not saying anything to each when Ridz looked up from the floor and recognised the car.

R: "Yeh, apki gari hai?" she said turning to look at him. She couldn't believe it, it's the car from the morning, does that mean, it was him...

A: "Ha, aap se mathlab?" he looked puzzled, "Yeh meri gari koh aisi kya dekh rehi hai" he was thinking.

R: "Aap yeh gari chalate hai?" she couldn't believe her luck, could this guy get anymore perfect. He had her dream job, he looked dreamy and now he has her dream car. Wow, she thought, I definitely need to marry him now, but how, think Ridz...

A: "ha..." okay she was really worrying him now "kyun?"

R: "This is like, mera mathlab what a coincidence, yeh meri dream car hai, aur yeh gari aap ki hai. Wow"

"Huh?" Armaan was really confused, she seemed so excited by finding out he had a black Aston Martin, she really looked like she had fallen in love with car, she was running her fingers along the body of the car looking at with so much admiration. Do that to me, he thought. "What, yeh mein kya soch raha hu" Armaan was shocked and confused to find himself thinking/feeling such aliens fellings. He was confused.

A: "Aa, er... aap ki agar hogeyi to phir chale?"

R: "oh sorry mein kahi koh gaye ti, ha chale"

Armaan held the door open for Ridz to get in the car, she was so close to him that he could feel goosebumps on his arms as she walked past him. That perfume send electric shocks down his spine. He didn't realise but he had closed his eyes as she walked past, he was engulfed by the sweet smell of her.

R: "Erm chale Dr Armaan" she said smiling looking at him as he stood holding the door to the car. She could tell from the look in his face that he was thinking about her, getting him was going to be easier then she thought.

A: "Er ha" and he closed the door. He got in the car and started it, turned his head to look behind him so he could reverse when he found their faces were a centimetres away from each other.

Ridz had turned her head at the same to look behind, when she found herself looking into those gorgeous grey eyes, they seemed different in the dark, they were a different shade of grey now, they were more intense and seemed to look straight into her soul.

They were staring at each other... everything around them had melted away into the distance, it was only them...


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