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part 2 : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

so here she enters...DR.LAVANYA CHADHA in her favorite blue dress which almost five fingers above her knees and a lot of make up,well she is extremley beautiful,talented,but unfortunatley very dumb. NOW you must be wondering if she is not so smart how come she was able to pass the medical exams...well she never did. Her dad is actually really rich so she was easily able to get an internship in sanjeevani by false means. Basically she is a rich spoiled brat who always concentrates on things like make up,dresses etc.etc.

so now here he comes in his black pajero wearing a white t-shirt and his designer jeans with his favorite ray ban glares. AND the girls were just continously staring at him as he was too hot!!!!!!!!...DR.NISHANT GROVER!!!!
He enters the locker expecting some mini skirt types girl but...what does he sees...a behenji????????

wearin a pink salwaar kaameez with her lab coat.BUT as she turns he is shocked to see her as she was the same girl who broke the mirror of his car while plyaing cricket with her small-small friends...DR.SAMICA MEHTA.

N-tum hi ho na jisne kal meri car ka sheesha toda tha?
S-nahi!!!!!! mai tumhe jaanti bhi nai
N-jooth mat bolo mai achi tarah jaanta hu vo tum hi thi!!!
S-dekho MR.mai naa hi tumhe jaanti hu na hi jaana chahti hu to just get out of my way
N-chala jaunga jab tum mere paise de do gi
S- arrey!!!!!!!!! tum itne ameer hote hue bhi itne kanjoos ho
N-acha, agar tumne meri car ka sheehsa nahi toda to tumhe kaise pata ke mai bohot ameer hu???

samica realizes her mistake and widens her eyes

S-ummm...vooo...mai...voo...haaa tumhare kapde dekh kar itne ache branded kapde pehene wala ameer hi to hoga!!!!!!
N-ohhh really????? waise mujhe pata hai!!!!
S- hmmm!!!!! chalo ab mai chalti hu mujhe briefing ke lie jaana hai...biee. she leaves and nishant suddenly realizes that she made a fool of him and calls out for her but she leaves

scene shifts to ridhima's office armaan is also there

R- armaan tumhe yaad hai jab hamara sanjeevani mai pehla din tha!!!! aur tumhari wajah se mujhe DR.KIRTI se daant bhi padi thi.
A-meri wajah se???? ab isme meri kya galti hai agar tum itni dumb thi to??????
R-kya kaha?...mai dumb????? DR.armaan malik aap shayad bhool rahe hai ki hamare first case mai maine tumhe galat saabit kar dia tha and pehla intern of the month bhi mai hi jeeti thi.
A-ha to!!!!!!phir bhi tum mere saare pranks mai fass jaati thi
Ridhima stands up and goes to him and says-ARMAAN!!!!
Armaan pulls ridhima close to him and again says-ridhima!!!!
ALL her anger was gone as soon as she looked in his eyes and again they were lost into each others eyes. Armaan goes more and more close to her. OR vo apne pyaare haathon se uski latte piche karta hai...and she blushes and on seeing this our DR.armaan says the two words the girls would die for

A-"oye hoye!!"

scene shifts to the entery of another intern...

DR.ankit khurana...well he is actually very serious types and does not like to interact with people. His main goal in life is to become a very succesfull doctor. SO he can accomplish his father's dream. HE enters the locker room all the other interns are there except samica.

Nishant goes to him and says-"hey dude!!!!! i am nishant and you???" he said taking his hand forward trying to shake hands with him but he ignores and moves away!!!!!

Deepika and nishant give each other a confused look and just ignore him

N- lagta hai thoda sadhu types hai!!!!
D- zaruri nahi may be thoda nervous hoga and jiss tarah se tum baat kar rahe the uske hisaab se reply aane ke koi chances nahi the now just look at me!!!

deepika goes to him and says-hey!!! hi i am deepika!!!!!
A-to mai kya karu?
Deepika was shocked and said-excuse me!!!!! how dare you talk to me like that?
A-"kyu mera muh hai mai jo bhi kahu tum kon hoti mujhse ye puchne wali????"he says and leaves

D-how rude!!! ye samjhta kya hai apne aap you just wait!!!! dekhti tum yaha kitne din rehte ho!!!

ALL the interns reach ridhima's office

R-good morning interns!!!! aaj aapka pehla din hai to mai aap sabko bata doo ki mujhe sirf or sirf discipline chahiye. Yaha ke kuch rules hai jo aap sabke liye follow karna bohot zaruri hai:

rule#1 duty hours mai aapke cellphones aapke locker mai hone chahiye
rule#2 aap apni duty kisi exchange nahi kar sakte and final
rule#3 aap kabhi bhi late hue to ek hafte tak rectell exams dene i clear????

interns-yes ma'am

R- ok ab aapki attendance ka time hai

she opens her file and calls out the names of the following:
A-yes ma'am!!
S-yes ma'am
N-am here!!!!
ridhima stares at him and says-DR.rohan
no reply!!!! she again says-DR.rohan
R-where is he??????
suddenly a guys comes running and says-HANJI MADAM!!!!!
Ridz-aap late hai DR.rohan
RO-vo madam jee kya hua ki na
RIDZ-(cuttin him in between)-mujhe koi excuses nai chahiye aaj apka pehla din hai isliye mai aapko aaj maaf kar deti hu par kal se ye sab nai chalega!!!!! ab aap apne pagers or stethoscopes lekar mere saath chaliye,mai aapko baaki ka hospital dikha deti hu

the interns do that and follow her..
NOW ridhima showed the interns the hospital.

R-so interns now i have shown you the hospital now it's time for your briefing so you should quickly report to the reception,DR.armaan will be waiting for you there.

the interns leave from there

The scene shifts to the interns reporting to Armaan

As soon as lavanya sees ARMAAN, she was like fallen for him at the very first sight. She was continously staring at him like anything.

A-good morning interns!!!! welcome to sanjeevani, aaj apka pehla din hai and i am sure DR.ridhima ne aapko achi tarah se brief kar dia hoga. Well now aap sabki duties...

DR.samica and DR.nishant---children ward
DR.rohan aap DR.ridhima ko general ward mai assist karenge and DR.lavanya aap mujhe MR.rai ke case mai assist karengi.

After hearing that she will be assiting armaan she was very happy.

SCENE shifts to the cafeteria

ARMAAN was sitting there alone having his coffee and ridhima comes there and sits next to him,

A-hey baskest kya hua bohot pareshaan lag rahi ho?????????????/
R-nahi vo kuch nahi vo naya intern jo mujhe assist kar raha hai bohot dumb hai vo,mera to bohot sarr dard ho raha hai!!!!!
A-hmmm...well pata hai vo jo intern hai lavanya she is actually very promising and interesting, i liked her.
ridhima was confused and felt a little jealous and said-kya matlab???
A- arrey basket mai to bas ese hi keh raha tha!!!!
R-acha!!!! waise rohan bhi kaafi acha hai bohot impressed thi mai usse...ridhima said this trying to make armaan jealous
A-kon rohan??
R-vo intern jisne aaj mujhe assist kiya,jo bade bade chashme pehenta hai,geek types dikhta hai
A-acha!!! vo jiski wajah se tumhare sarr mai abhi dard ho raha tha...
R-'shit!!!!' she whispers to herself "nahi aisa ksine kaha?"
R-haaa to!!!! jo bhi ho. Bye mai jaa rahi hu mujhe tumse baat karne mai koi interest nahi hai
she was just leaving when armaan held her hand and pulled her towards him and now she was sitting in his laps
R-armaan choddo mujhe ye tum kya kar rahe ho sab dekh rahe hai??
A- ha to dekhne do!!!!!
R-armaan mujhe jaana hai mai late ho rahi leave me!!!!
A-nai pehle promise me tum mujh par bharosa karti ho and kabhi mujhpe shakh nai karogi!!!!
R-i promise armaan ab choddho mujhe

when armaan was about to leave her rahul enters

RA-abey yaar!!!!! aashiq bas bhi kar bichari ki jaan khata rehta hai
A-abey tera kya jaa raha mai jo bhi karu apne kaam se kaam rakhna
RA-ha ha !!!!! ter maamlo mai interfare karne ka waise bhi koi shok nai hai mujhe

suddenly muskaan enters and says-bilkul sahi keh raha hai tu rahul aaj subah mai jab inn dono ko dhoondhne gai to ye fire exit mai lage pade the. Dekh abhi bhi usse pakad ke baitha hai

armaan and ridhima look at each other and armaan suddenly leves her

A-acha!!! to phir mai batadu tu or rahul uss din rahul ke office mai kar rahe the or uss din vo trial room mai!!!!

RM feel embarrased and were looking down and then rahul said-ummm..vo...mai..vo...
then ridhima cuts him and says-bas guys ab tum ladhna band karo!!!! and ab mujhe jaana hai biee!!!

the scene shifts to the corridor

armaan was walking there and lavanya was coming from the other side...suddenly lavanya trips over and falls into armaan's arm she was just staring into his eyes but armaan was not and ridhima sees this


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