Friday, 3 July 2020

Part 29 : MY prediction for AR rest story

"Laye hum Hasi laye hum Khushi jee le phir se zindagi…

Taaron se aage hum jaayenge cheen le ayenge roshni …

Dil ho jahaan dost ho vahaan aisa manzar hain yahan…

Manzil nayi,rasthe naye …

Phir bhi chale,hum saath mein…

Hum toh chale the dost banke…

Jaane kahan dill mill gayye!!!!"


Yuvi reached the fire-escape tensedly,he was sweating,his hands were wet.He sat on the steps and thought what he did..there was a smile on his face but it didn't last even for a second .he got tensed..he felt scared,sad,he felt wrong..his smile turned to guilty..

YUVI:Mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hain ki maine kuch galath kiya..kyun..(he tries to cover himself) ..maine koi galthi nehi kee hain…maine bas unhe unki galthi ka sabak diya hain..bas,,

He was struggling with his "conscience"..after few moments it replied him back..

"Par ismein Dr.ridhimaa ki kya galthi hain.."

He first didn't knew who asked and looked here and there,,but later realised it was his mind..then realising the question he answers it..

YUVI:Galthi Dr.Ridhimaa ki..(thinking)..kuch nehi..(hesitantly)

"Usne tumhare saath ya tumahre bhaiyi ke saath kya galat kiya"

YUVI:Kuch nehi,,(nervously)

"Toh fir usse sazaa kyun mil rahi hain,,jab uski ismein koi galthi hi nehi hain.."(this time the sound was loud)

YUVI:Toh kya..Dr.Shashank ne galti kee hain..aur wooh uski beti hain..(he tried to justify his act)jaise mere bhaiyi ki wajah se mujhe dukh pohuncha ussi tarah ab ridhimaa ki wajah se Dr.shashank ko dukh milega..tabhi mera badla poora hoga..aur Dr.Shashank ko unki saza ,milegi ..(he said getting up and trying to cover himself)

"Kaisa badla yuvi..kaisa badla?tum kaun hote ho sazaa dene wale..tum bhagwan nehi ho..(after a pause he heard the voice again this time slow)tumne kuch galthi nehi kee?"

It was a question to himself..he tried to answer himself ..

YUVI:Maine ,,maine kya galthi kiya?(shocked n confused)

He heard the voice say just a word..slowly..


YUVI:Naina?(not understanding)

The voice spoke again..loudly..

"Haan naina..tumne naina ko istamal kiya,, apne bhaiyi ke naam lekar uske aur kareeb gaye aur usse pyaar karne ka natak kiya,,usse file liya aur kaam hote hi,,chod diya..uske dil dukhaya,(yuvi remembered all he did with naina and felt irritated and mad,he didn't know why he could answer this question,he tries but nothing came from his mouth..yes he did wrong..he did wrong..the voice spoke again)Dr.Armaan..sahi kethe hain..tumne kabhi kissi se sacha pyaar nehi kiya hain,,issilye tumne aaj kissi jaan lete waqt ek baar..ek baar bhi nehi yeh galat hain ya nehi.."

He was startled,,he spoke again slowly..

YUVI:Nehi maine koi galthi nehi kee..

"Tum galath ho yuvi.."(loudly)

YUVI:Nehi main galat nehi hoon..(more slow)

"Tum galath ho.. pehle tumne naina ka dil todha hain,fir sabka bharosa toda,Dr.Shashank ka,Apne bhaiyi ka,Tumhari maa ka,sabka…..."(more loud)

YUVI:Nehi..(very slowly)

"Tum khooni ho..tumne kissi ka jaan liya hain" (shouting)

YUVI:Nehi..(almost whispering)

"Haan..haan..haan..tumne galth kiya..tumne kisi jaan lee,tum galath ho.. ,Tumne Dr.Ridhimaa ka khoon kiya hain,tum khooni ho yuvi..tum khooni hoo,,"(it was deafening loud that he covered his ears to stop it but it didn't stop)

He didn't understand what was going on..his head spinned ,,he heard each and everyword his mother said..armaans ..his promise to his brother..but this time he heard nainas words too..

"Tum jaise insaan se pyaar karke mujhe khud se nafrat ho rahi hain…….i hate you yuvi….i hate

You.. ,,u are sick…I hate you….."

Did I hurt her so much that she hates herself..whos he to decide someones fate..whos he to give punishment to a girl who has not even done mistake.. whos he to decide Dr.Shashanks fate ..why did I do this..who am I do this…he was feeling sad,irritated,shamed of himself for doing something like this..he was disgusted of himself..sick of himself..he was guilty,,he hated himself..he hated himself for doing all this..he shouted to his conscience or say more to himself..

YUVI:Haan..haan..haan..haan..main galath hoo..main galath hoo,,maine naina ko dukh pohunchaya..maine Dr.Shashank ka bharosa toda hain..maine ridhmaa ko maut ke muh mein dakhel diya hain....par main..(he remembered ridhimaa who was getting conscious when he stopped oxygen,he catched his head..he remembered the his conscience's words- "Tumne Dr.Ridhimaa ka khoon kiya hain,tum khooni ho yuvi..tum khooni hoo,,")Par..main..par main khooni nehi banna chahtha.. nehi,,main kissi ki jaan nehi le saktha..yeh maine kya kar diya,,mujhe aisa nehi karna chahiye tha,,mujhe abhi jaana hoga..main aisa nehi kar saktha..nehi,,kar saktha,,mujhe ridhimaa ko bachana hoga..

He realised his mistake and was repenting ,he knew what he did is wrong but want to correct it..he didn't wait and rushed as fast he could towards the I.C.U,,but little did he knew that he was late.


Yuvi came running towards he entered it he saw all stand still..and the only thing which could be heard was monitors beep..he saw it and was shocked..tears came to his eyes..what had he done..he killed ridhimaa..he killed her..he wanted to shout it but nothing came from mouth.

Someone came running to the I.C.U  at same was NAINA..she saw everyone and was shocked..ridhimaa was laying motionless .no one still moved..everything was stopped for them and armaan he didn't talk nor move..

Everyone got out from the shock with naina's voice..

NAINA:Kyun kiya tumne aisa yuvi kyun..(She was catching hold of yuvis collar and shaking him,he was first shocked to see her..but then it didn't make him any sense..he killed a person thats what he was thinking,naina continued) tumne Dr.Ridhimaa ki jaan le hain..tumne aisa kyun kiya..

Yuvi saw naina with shock,how did she know,but he still looked down..but those words made everyone see towards two of them..naina holding yuvi furiously and yuvi looking down with tears.. why is naina reacting like this and what is she saying,shes gonne mad,,here they were sad and crying on ridhimaa's death and shes making things more complex..sid was first to react..he came near naina..and removed nainas hands from yuvi..

SID:Yeh tum kya keh rahi hoo naina..

NAINA:Main sach keh rahi hoon..yuvi ne hi ridhimaa..

Now others too came near her..

ATUL:Yuvi..nehi tumhe galat fehmi hui hain..yuvi aisa kyun karega..(thinking naina's mistaken)

ABHI:(nodding with atuls words and trying to help yuvi)Usine toh ridhimaa ka surgery bhi kiya..wooh aisa kyun karega..

J.P:Haan flowerji..yuvi bhaiya dikhne mein gusse waale hain..par wooh kisi ki jaan galthi se bhi nehi le sakthe..(he said what he thought)

JIGGY:Haan naina..

Yuvi looked at all of much they believed him even after knowing that he was the one who called and said to shashank about party..he didn't deserve it..he looked down..

NAINA:(was mad here she was trying to tell all and no one believed her at first she saw yuvi in disgust)Dekha yuvi ..yeh log tum par kitna vishwaas karthe hain aur tum..tumne kya kiya..kya kiya tumne..chee..(she shouted at him with digust)

Shashank and padma were shocked why was naina doing this,shashank came near them..yuvi cant do this....yuvi is a great doctor..he always believed him.. naina is surely mistaken..he being older there need to handle it.. others were in deep grief to even listen to her..he controlled his tears and came near her..

SHASHANK:Naina .dekho.yeh waqt...

NAINA:(Catching his hand and telling him)Sir meri baat suniye..yeh sab yuvi ne hi kiya..yuvi ne hi Dr.Ridhimaa ki jaan lene ki koshish kee hain..main bata rahi hoon sir,,yuvi ne.hi.

SHASHANK:Naina..naina..(he saw her she was loud and also angry,he needed to control her and then make her understand)achcha maan lete hain yuvi ne kiya hain..par koi doctor ek patient ke saath aisa kyun karega..usse karne ke liye koi wajah hona chahiye,,

NAINA:Wajah hain Dr.shashank..wajah hain..(she shouted looking at yuvi)

ABHI:Kya wajah hain naina..(coming near her)

NAINA:Badla..(slowly )

NIKKI:Badla..(she too came near her)naina tum yeh sab kya keh rahi hoo..

SHASHANK:(Trying last time to make her understand)Naina..dekho meri beti ke saath jo hua hain wooh ek badnaseebi hain..hum sabko pehle se hi pata tha ki yeh surgery mein kitna risk tha..humne yeh baat maan liya hain aur tum bhi maan lo..aur aise yuvi par galat iljaam mat lagao wooh bhi kisse saboot ke bina..

ABHI:Naina hum sab pehle hi sadme mein hain ab tum hume aur pareshaan mat karo..(trying to stop it )

NAINA:Par sir..(pleading)

All were getting irritated with this conversation which is going no where..anjali gets irritated with all the drama done by naina..and shouts in anger still crying..

ANJY:Pappa please isse yahan se jaane ko kahiye..hume ridzy ke baare mein dekhna chahiye…kisse aur ke baare mein nehi..(shashank tries to stop anjali but she gets up and goes near him and asks to get naina out)papaa please..

Seeing this all try to get naina out of the room..

J.P:Naina flowerji..aap chaliye yahan se..

TAM:Chalo naina..

NAINA:Meri baat suno..(she tries to say something but everyone takes out of the room and are now standing in the corridor)

Outside the I.C.U..

Padma is crying and shashank consoling her..same with anjali –atul and nikki-abhi..all happened in just few minutes that neither anyone is ready to accept ridhimaas death or naina blaming yuvi..Naina is still trying to talk but tamanna and J.P are stopping her and making her cool while sid is with yuvi.. Yuvi is looking down still..

SID:Yuvi tum naina ki baaton ka bura mat manoo please..(casually)

Yuvi sees sid and then walks forward to shashank,he looks up and so does all,, yuvi looking down says to him..

YUVI:Naina ne jo bhi kahan wooh sach hain..(all see yuvi with shocked expressions,he takes a sigh and continues)maine hi Dr.Ridhimaa ka oxygen band kiya hain..(loudly)

Everyone were shocked to hear this..why is yuvi saying he gone mad..but the most shocked was ,nikki and abhi because they knew that ridhimaa was struggling for breathe and karan said that oxygen was off..

ABHI:Haan,,karan ne jab dekha oxygen off tha..

Now everyone looked at yuvi questioningly..if yuvi didnt do it how come he will know that oxygen was its he who did it..everyone circled yuvi.naina came in..

NAINA:Maine kahan na sir..(she said with tears in her eyes)

Shashank tried to ask yuvi again but when he saw him looking down he understood that yes yuvi did it..padma sank down in chair beside her..while shashank came near yuvi..he needed to know why did he do it?why?for gods sake why did he kill her daughter whos been struggling for a year as a comatose patient and today when she was getting recovered,,why?why did he do it?

SHASHANK:Kyun yuvraaj ..kyun?kyun kiya tumne ..maine hamesha tumhe sabse kaabil doctor samjha..tumhe sabse zyaada ehmiyat di..tumne aisa kyun kiya..kiss liye kiya..(he asked with tears)

Yuvi looked up for first time and said slowly but the truth..

YUVI:Kyun ki main aapse badla lena chahtha tha..

SHASHANK:Badla..(completely shocked,even naina said the same..all saw naina who nodded)kaisa badla..kiss liye..kya?(confused totally)

YUVI:Haan..badla..aapki galthi ka badla..main apne bhaiya se hui na insaafi ka badla lena chahtha tha aapse..(angrily)

All got shocked with yuvis words except naina..shashank didn't understand whats going asked yuvi ..

ABHI:Bhaiyi?kaun hain tumhara bhaiyi..

He looked at abhi and replied..

Yuvi:Aviraj singh ,,mera bhaiyi..jisse Dr.Shashank ne14 saal pehle operate kiya..(now facing and pointing shashank)aur uss operation main aapki ek galthi se ..aapki ek galthi se..wooh paralyse hooke coma mein chale gaye…aapki wajah se..(he said firmly)

All saw eachother confused..Dr.Shashank and mistake – Impossible..yuvi was sure mistaken deeply,,

ATUL:Yuvi..tumhe zaroor kissine galath kahan.yeh ho hi..

Before atul could complete shashank spoke..

SHASHANK:Aviraaj..tum aviraaj ke bhaiyi ho..(remembering)

All got shocked again..shashank knew is it true..anjali looked shashank whose face turned sad..did her father did something like that ,,no he can never do it..yuvi spoke back..he needed to tell the truth now..yes what he did is wrong and cant be justified but its time he admit his acts..and reason them..

YUVI:Haan..main aviraaj singh ka bhaiyi hoon jo pechle 14 saalon se aapki galthi se.. aapki laparwaahi ke kaaran se chal saktha hain.. na bol saktha hain..aapki ek galthi ne mere saare parivaar ko bikher kar rakh diya..meri zindagi se apne bhaiyi ka pyaar door kar diya..(now tears flowed from his eyes and anger grew)kyun kiya aapne aisa doctor shashank..kyun..

SHASHANK:(he was startled by sudden declaration,he didn't knew what to say and how to react)Yuvi maine ..meri wajah se..aviraaj..(he stumbled)

Yuvraaj continued and told him everything..all listened with attention..

YUVI:(coming near him)Aapki wajah se..aphi ke wajah se mere bhaiyi ka yeh haal hua,aapki wajah se meri maa mujhse jaldi door ho gayi..aapki wajah se aaj mein anadh ho gaya..(he remembered the flashback)yaad hain doctor shashank jab meri bhaiyi apne brain tumor ke treatment ke liye aapke pass aaya tha..aur aapne usse aur meri maa ko bharosa diya ki,,waada bhi aap mere bhaiyi ko theek kardenge..par nehi aap apne waada se mukar gaye..operation ke baad..jab aapne mere maa se kahan aap mere bhaiyi ko nehi bacha paaye aur wooh coma mein chala gaya..toh meri zindagi hamesha ke liye tham gayi..mera bhaiyi jisse main iss duniya mein sabse zyaada pyaar kartha hoon wooh ab bas apni poori zindagi ek laash ki tarah bitayega. mein apni kismat par bahut royya..

All were shocked listening to it..yuvi said it all with tears..he has never shared all this with anyone..

YUVI:(Yuvi voice which was sad till now turned to anger and he came near shashank)Par jab maine aapko meri maa se kehthe suna ki aap ne mere bhaiyi ko bacha sakthe hue bhi nehi bachaya.. mujhe bahut gussa aaya....aur toh aur aapne janthe hue bhi uski zindagi ke kuch bache din usse cheen liya.. mein apne aapko rok nehi paaya.. tabhi ussi din ..ussi pal.. maine thaan liya main aapse badla loonga..(shashank face turned to shock..)

YUVI:…14 saal 14 saal main bas issi maksat se jee raha tha hi main aapse badla loo..(his voice was now loud)issiliye maine doctor banna chaha..issilye itni mehant se pada..issliye sanjeevni mein join hua..sirf sur sirf issilye..(he paused and sighed and continued in slow voice)issilye aap par impression jama kar aapke aur kareeb aata gaya.. issilye maine Dr.Armaan ki party ke baare mein aapko inform kiya..taaki aap mujhpar mujhpar vishwaas kare.. aur koi kabhi mujhe par shak na kare..

All were shocked again especially shashank..he beileved in yuvraaj from the very first day and he turned out to be what?he never imagined it ..never..

YUVI:(He continued saying his plans to him..)Maine aapse badla lene ke liye bahut baar socha. par har baar har baar koi na koi beech mein aa jata…kabhi naina,toh kabhi koi aur..(shashank saw at naina..and naina looked upto yuvi)jab mujhe laga ki naina ko mujhpar shak hua..toh main uske kareeb gaya aur maine naina ko bhi apne fayde ke liye istamal kiyaa,usse bhaiya ka file leke aane ko kahan..jisse main aapki galthi sabke saamne khool sakoo..

Nainas eyes filled with tears of getting betrayed by the person who she loved the most..everyone looked to naina..while tamanna ,nikki and anjali came near her and supported her..all looking at yuvi with deep loathe in their eyes..yuvi talked walking..

YUVI:Par main yeh nehi kar paaya..main bas mauka dekhtha raha..jab maine aapke car ka break fail kiya tab maine socha ki mera badla poora ho jayega..par khushkismati se aap bach gaye..

Now it was turn of naina too be shocked with them..padma caught shashanks hand tightly not to loose him and thanked god for saving him in the accident..otherwise..she couldn't even think..anjali was shocked and got scared imagining it..atul came to her support..everyone looked eachother with shocked expression ..what are they going to hear next ,,is going to be more worse than this..and everyone looked with fear this time..

YUVI:Par iss baar mein koi galthi nehi karna chahtha ..yeh mere liye akhiri mauka tha aur main issi kissi bhi kimat par khona nehi chahtha..aur kismat ne mera saath diya..mujhe Dr.Ridhimaa ke baare mein pata chala..wooh aapki beti hain aur coma mein hain..mein bahut khush hua akhir aap bhi wahin mehsoos kar rahe honge jo maine kiya..par jab mujhe… mujhe pata chala ki Dr.Ridhimaa ki surgery ho rahi hain..toh mujhe yeh baat khatkne lagi..(he came near to shashank and talked hysterically)aap ko aapki beti wapas mil jayegi par mera bhaiyi..wooh toh mujhe wapas nehi milega..aapki beti theek ho jayegi,,par mera bhaiyi..uska kya..haan..uska kya hoga..main yeh nehi hone de saktha tha…tab maine ek plan socha..main operation success hone ho nehi dooga..(he acted like a mad person) issilye maine surgery assist karne ke liye aapse permission manga..par pata nehi kyun..main sugery mein kuch gadbad nehi kar paya..balki main toh ultha madad karne laga..stupid huh'(he laughed crazily)

All looked at him.he looked like a crazy person..

YUVI:Jab operation success ho gaya..aur aap sab khush hone lage..main yeh khushi dekh nehi saka..issiliye jab Dr.Nikita phone par baat kar thi..main I.C.U mein gaya aur  maine ridhimaa ka oxygen off kar kar diya maine..(he repeated it madly) main aapko dikhana chahtha tha ki jiss tarah aapki galthi se (pointing shashank he said shouting) meri bhaiyi ka yeh haalat hua aur mujhe aur meri maa ko dukh pohuncha,,,ussi tarah aapki galthi ki sajaa se aapki beti ridhimaa aapko pata chalega ki jab koi apne ko khota hain toh kaise lagtha hain.. (he finished telling every thing..but he felt something left still..he was also guilty for doing it..he said everything he did bad easily and also accepted easily but when it came to say he was guilty he couldn't do it and stammered)Par pata nehi kyun..mujhe yeh laga ki maine jo kiya.. nehi karna chahtha tha,,maine galath..main..main..

Before he could say any word..he received the hardest slap ever on his was from padma..her eyes were filled with rage ..yuvi looked down with hand on his cheek..

PADMA:Tum aise kaise kar sakthe ho..tum kaun hote ho,,meri pati aur beti ki zindagi ki faisla karne wale,,huh'..kaun hote ho tum..tumhari badle ki aag mein maine(tears flowed )maine.. apni beti kho diya hain..

Shashank came to console her..and hugged her..yuvi looked up and folded hands..

YUVI:Aunty..mujhe pata hain maine galthi kee hain..mujhe maaf kar deejiye.. aapko jo bhi sazaa denge mujhe kubool hain..

Padma looked up to him with teary eyed..

PADMA:Tumhe kadi se kadi sazaa de kar bhi mujhe meri beti wapas nehi aayegi yuvraaj.. tumne yeh sab karne se pehle ek baar ek baar.. bhi nehi socha..agar sochthe.. toh..aaj meri beti..

She turned around unable to see the killer of her daughter..

YUVI:Main aisa karna nehi chahtha..(he said with in his sobs)main kissi ki jaan nehi lena chahtha..par jab bhi main apne bhaiyi ko dekhtha hoon..toh mera khoon khaul jata hain..mujhe uss insaan ka chehra yaad aata hain jisne mere bhaiyi ki aise halat banayi hain..jiski galthi ki wajah se mere bhaiyi aise hain..(he saw shashank with fury eyes)

No one talked ,,they hadn't expected this all to happen..never..the day which was to be turned happiest of all turned the most sad day..naina walked forward to yuvi making all surprised..she turned yuvi to face her and said to him slowly.. Yuvi turned to see naina..he felt sad to hurt..he thought to apologise her but what she said made him angry..

NAINA:Yuvi..tum jo samjh rahe ho aise nehi hain...


NAINA:Haan Yuvi jo tum samjthe ho..wooh sab ek galatfehmi hain..Dr.Shashank ki galthi ki wajah se tumhare bhaiya coma mein nehi gaye..

YUVI:Huh..(shocked)naina..Tum jhoot bol rahi ho..mujhe pata hain...

Shashank came near naina and cutting yuvi said ..

SHASHANK:Nehi yuvraaj ..naina sach keh rahi hain..

NAINA:Yuvi,,Dr.Shashank ne yeh sab nehi kiya hain..

Yuvi looked at naina and then shashank unbelievably,,,this person made his life hell and saying he didn't do anything and naina supported him..few minutes back she was telling truth even though blaming him ..then why is she saying a lie now..he moved away and yelled..

YUVI:Naina ..(angrily pointing shashank)Inhone mere bhaiya ko ek zinda laash bana diya..mere maa ki maut bhi bhaiya ki gham se hui hain..inhone mere poore parivaar ko barbaad kar diya..aur tum keh rahe ho inhone kuch nehi kiyaa..(pause)main maantha hoon maine galthi kee hain..main isski sazaa bhugtne ke liye bhi tayar hoon..par yeh manne ke liye tayaar nehi hoon ki inhone yeh sab nehi kiya..mujhe pata hain,,inki wajah se hi..

NAINA:(cutting him)Kisse bataya tumne huh?tumhare maa ne ya fir tumhare bhaiyi ne..huh'..

YUVI:Maine khud apni ankhon se dekha hain ..Dr.Shashank ne khud meri maa se kahan hain..

NAINA:Yuvi jo tumne suna wooh jhoot hain.. aur tumhe meri baat manna padega.. (trying to shake him)

YUVI:Nehi main nehi mannonga..main kissi ki baat nehi manoonga..(he backed off)

NAINA:Tum tab bhi nehi manoge jab tumhare bhaiyi khud kahenge..


NAINA:Haan yuvi mujhe yeh sabhi baate khud tumhare bhaiyi ne mujhse kahan hain..

YUVI:Tumhe main pagal diktha hoon naina..(he laughed )mera bhaiyi inki wajah se paralyse stroke se coma mein hain..aur tum keh rahi hoo..(he turned around not facing her)aise nehi ho saktha..tum jhoot bol rahe ho..jhoot..

We hear a voice..


Yuvi didn't listen nor turn and blabbered again,,

YUVI:Main yeh nehi maan saktha..nehi maan saktha main..nehi..(not seeing)

AVIRAAJ:Prince kya tum mujhe dekh kar bhi nehi maanoge..

This time he heard voice clearly ,he turned back in utter shock ,he saw his wheel chair..being wheeled by naina..he ran to him..and hugged him once..he had never seen his brother talk for such a long time,he touched him again and again to make sure he is his brother..and hugged what he heard back at aslyum while leaving is not his imagination and truth..his sure recovered..



All looked at the duo in shock..shashank too was startled seeing it,,

YUVI:Bhaiya aap..aap.. theek ..theek..ho gaye bhaiya..(kneeling infront of wheel chair)

AVIRAAJ:Haan prince ..(catching him)mein coma se bahar aa gaya hoon..dekho main tumhe dekh saktha hoon..tumne chu saktha hoon..par..(he saw his legs sadly,he still couldn't walk ,yuvi saw and smiled..)

YUVI:Dekhna bhaiya aap kuch hi dino mein chalenge bhi..(he said excitedly forgetting everything which happened before)

AVIRAAJ:Haan..prince mein jaldi hi chaloonga..(he said kissing his forehead..he was so happy to see him grew so big,his eyes became wet)

YUVI:Main bahut khush hoon bhaiya..aaj main bahut khush hoon..aap theek ho gaye..(he hugged again and got up and saw around and came back to reality..but still he said casually)ab mujhe kuch nehi chahiye..bhaiya.. main khush hoon ki maine aapke gunegaar ko sabak sikhaya ab mujhe kuch bhi ho mujhe kuch nehi farak padtha..ab mujhe apni galthi ke liye jo bhi saza mille..isse mujhe koi farak nehi padtha..bhaiya..agar mujhe maut bhi aa jaye toh..

Naina who was catching wheelchair for a second forget everthing and came forward to stop yuvi say those words..but before she reached aviraaj stopped him by keeping his hand..she backed off and stood with all..looking down..she didn't know why still she cared for him..

AVIRAAJ:Prince..doobara aisa mat kehna..(suddenly he looked up and his voice changed)yuvi. ("yuvi",,he says yuvi very rare and when he says then somethings not right for sure..yuvi saw with fear in his eyes..he sighed and talked)tumne itni badi galthi kyun kiya..tumne apne bhaiyi ke badle ke liye bina soche samjhe,,kuch jaane pehachane..baat ko jaane..itna bada..itna bada kadam kyun uthaya ..(yuvi looked surprised and shocked but mostly confused whats his brother saying about..yuvi tried to talk but his brother laughed at himself and continued wheeling to shashank) badla..?kaise badla..badla jo kabhi tha hi nehi..(yuvi looked at him) badla jo hotha hi nehi agar main bol pata..aisa badla jiska koi kaaran hi nehi hain..aisa insaan se badla jisne kuch kiya hi bilkul nirdosh hain..(he said pointing shashank)agar koi gunegaar tha to wooh main tha..jisne tumnse aur maa se yeh baat chupaya hain..aur agar koi galath hain toh wooh halath the jisse mujhe aisi beemari di aur tumhe majboor kiya yeh maanne ki  Dr.Shashank ki wajah se meri yeh halath hain..

He went near shashank and looking down said..

AVIRAAJ:Mujhe maaf kar deejiye Dr.Shashank..yeh sab meri galthi hain..sab meri galthi..(he looked up)Dr.Shashank main apni bhaiyi ki taraf se aapse haath jodkar maafi mangatha hoon(he folded his hands)…isse saza mat deejiye..agar kuch deena hi hain toh mujhe deejiye..waise hi aadhe zindaagi maine ek band kamre mein bitaya hain..aage bhi bita loonga..meri bhaiyi ki naadani ke liye usse itni bada sazaa mat deejiye..main aapke pair..

He tried to touch his feet when shashank stopped him..and lifted back to chair.

SHASHANK:Nehi aviraaj nehi mere pair pakade ke mujhe sharminda mat karo..ismein naa tumahri galthi hain ..naa yuvraaj ki ..shayad haalth ke haath mein hum sab majboor ho gaye the..issiliye yeh sab hua..(he looked at I.C.U door)aur maine apni beti ko kho diya hain..main yuvraaj ki bhavno ko bhi samajh saktha hoon,,usse sachayi ka pata nehi tha..shayad issiliye yeh sab hua..(suddenly something striked him)par mujhe ek baat samajh nehi aaya maine toh tumhare maaji ko agle din ki sab kuch bata diya tha aur tumhara chitti bhi de diya tha..fir bhi yeh sab..

Aviraaj looked down..while yuvi was stunned with the converstaion..what does this mean..shashank didn't do anything..even his brother is saying same..and whats this with his mother and letter..

YUVI:Letter.. (he came near his brother.).yeh sab kya ho raha hain..galthi..bhaiya.. (he looked confused)

AVIRAAJ:Haan yuvraaj jo ab tak tum samaj rahe ho wooh sach nehi hain ..(after a pause)sach toh kuch aur hi hain..

YUVI:Par maine maa ko khud kehthe suna tha..(protesting)

SHASHANK:Haan tumahre maaji ne uss din gusse mein yeh sab zaroor kahan tha par uske agle din hi wooh aayi thi..

Shashank told them what happened while yuvi listened shockingly..

Flash back..

After the operation..shashank comes out ..

MRS.SINGH:Kya hua doctor…(anxitedly)

SHASHANK:Mrs.singh.. aviraaj zinda toh hain…par ….par ……..usse paralysis stroke hua hain aur ab wooh coma mein chala gaya…

MRS.SINGH:Aisa nehi ho saktha…aisa nehi ho saktha…

SHASHANK:Hume puri koshish ki par hum usse bacha nehi sake..i am sorry ,,..usse (yuvi never heard after this he went to see his brother)humne kahan bhi tha par..

MRS.SINGH:Kya matlab hain aapka..(not understanding)

SHASHANK:Wooh baat aisi hain ki..(he said hesitantly)aviraaj ka tumour kaafi complicated hain..usse yeh baat pata tha,,par wooh jeena chahtha tha..wooh zindagi ke diye hue akhiri mauka ko gaavaana nehi chahtha tha..kyunki agar usne yeh operation nehi hota toh wooh zyaada se zyaada 2 mahine jeeta…

MRS.SINGH:Kya??par usne hume nehi bataya..

SHASHANK:Haan wooh yeh baat aapko bathana nehi chahtha tha..wooh aapko pareshaan nehi karna chahtha tha..isliye usne mujhse kahan ki wooh yeh operation karna chahtha hain,,maine usse kahan ki agar yeh operation success hotha hain toh fir se normal life jee saktha hain..par operation success nehi hua toh usse paralyse ho saktha hain..aur coma mein bhi jaa saktha hain..fir bhi wooh yeh karne ko tayaar ho gaya..wooh do mahine ki zindagi nehi chatha tha wooh aapse aur prince se apni poori zidnagi saath mein rehna chahtha tha..

MRS.SINGH:Kaisi zindagi ..(crying)ab toh wooh bas ek zidna laash hain..usske sapne,usske armaan,uska pyaar.. (she cried harder thinking of it)ab wooh sabse door ho jayega..sabse..aapko aise nehi karna tha,,kyun kiya aapne..

SHASHANK:Maine kahan tha batane ke liye Mrs.singh..par usne mana kiye..main kya kartha.main toh.

(yuvi came out from room at this time and he heard from here)

MRS.SINGH:Kyun kiya aapne..kyun..apne pehle kyun nehi bataya tha mujhe..agar wooh kuch din hi jeeta toh hum saath jee leete..aise zinda laash hone se achcha tha wooh kuch din hamare saath jee bhar ke jee leta.. (crying)

Shashank didn't say anything seeing her condition..while yuvi misunderstood..

MRS.SINGH:Kyun itni badi baat chupaya aapne..kyun…

MRS.SINGH:Aapne galat kiya Dr.Shashank..maine aap par bharosa kiya..aur aapne yeh kya kiya..mere bete ko.. mere bete ko mujhse cheen liya…aapne galat kiya Dr.Shashank..

SHASHANK:Mrs.singh meri baat suniye..(trying to talk)

MRS.SINGH:Mujhe kuch nehi sunna..(she came near yuvi)chalo..yuvi..yahan se chalthe hain..hume yahan nehi rehna..nehi..rehna..

They left from there while yuvi created a hatred for shashank..

Next day..

Shashank's cabin..

MRS.SINGH: Hame maaf kar deejiye..kal maine aapse gusse mein kya kya keh diya.. mujhe pata hain agar aap ne hote toh aviraaj aaj zinda nehi rehtha…aaj wooh zinda toh hain..

SHASHANK:Jee koi baat nehi..ek maa ke dil ko main samjah saktha hoon..aur mera manna hain ki aviraaj ek na ek din zaroor theek ho jayega..aur haan aviraaj ne operation se pehle mujhe ek chitti dee thi..usne kahan agar usse kuch ho jaaye toh  aapko de,,yeh leejiye..(he handed over the letter to her and she read it )


Agar aap yeh chitti pad rahi hain toh zaroor mera operation kamyab nehi hua hoga,,Maa,Mujhe maaf kardena..mujhe pata hain yeh baat chipa kar maine badi galati ki hain..par main aapko aur prince ko yeh baat bata kar aur takleef nehi dena chahtha tha,,maa maine apni saari kamayi Dr.Shashank ko dee hain..aap unse le lena..main nehi chatha tha ki aapko aur prince ko meri bina koi takleef ho..main prince ki padayi achche se hote dekhna chahtha hoon..par shayad dekh nehi paounga..

Maa,main prince ko doctor hote dekhna chahtha hoon..jisse wooh mujh jaise logon ko jaldi se theek kar sake..karogi na maa..yeh mera akiri kwaish hain..prince ko meri taraf se bahut pyaar dena,,usse meri kami mehsoos mat hone dena..

Aur haan maa agar suhana ne mere baare mein poonche toh bolna ki main usse chod ke chala gaya..mujhe uski nafrat manjoor hain par mere liye takleef nehi..main usse bahut pyaar~~~(tear drops)

Maa,,mujhe fir se maaf kar dena..aapko bahut takleef dene ke liye..



She hugged the letter and cried ..

SHASHANK:Dekhiye..Mrs.singh..(she looked up)aviraaj ne mujhe uski ab tak ki saari kamayi mujhe di hain..

MRS.SINGH:Jee haan usne likha..(wiping tears and thinking how much did he think for them)

SHASHANK:Jee..yeh leejiye..uski saari kagazath,bank account ke details aur baaki sab ismein hain..(he gives a small bag)ek aur baat,,wooh chahtha tha thi ki uska bhaiyi ek achcha sa doctor bane..mujhe khushi hogi agar ismein main aapki koi madad kar saktha hoon..jee yeh mera number hain..(he gives her number and address)main aviraaj,prince aur aapka har tarah se madad karne ki poori koshish karoonga..aviraaj ko hum achche se achche hosiptal mein rakhenge aur prince ko achche se college mein padayiye..aur ek achche se doctor bananiyenge..main hoon in sab ke liye..aap chinta mat keejiye..

Shashank was saying he will help her and yuvi and he also did a lot to aviraaj..Mrs.singh felt bad for saying bad words yesterday and not understanding him..hes really a great person whos helping them without expecting anything back..

MRS.SINGH:Jee maine aapko kal bahut bhala bura kahan mujhe maaf kar deejiye..aapne mere aur mere beta ke liye itna kiya main aapka bahut shukr guzaar hoon..(she folded hands)

SHASHANK:Nehi iski koi zarrorat nehi hain..bas ek baat yaad rakhna ki main aapke madad ke liye hamesha tayaar rahoonga..

Flashback end..

Shashank finished the flashback while padma and anjali felt happy that shashank didn't do anything wrong even by a mistake..the most shocked was yuvi..he was wrong..he was completely wrong and was trying to take revenge without any reason..shashank didn't do anything,,he instead helped could he do did he do this..why was he chasing after a baseless revenge,,why?he felt stupid of himself for misunderstanding a great doctor like shashank,,he even offered to help him study medicine and him ..he used the same to take revenge..…

Shashank continued..

SHASHANK:Uske baad maine aapki maaji se bahut baar phone par hi baat kiya..par kuch saalon ke baad,,mujhe unka phone nehi aaya..jab maine aapka ghar doondhne ke koshish kiya.. toh mujhe pata unka dehant ho gaya aur baaki ghar chodkar chale gaye..maine dhoondhne ki koshish kiya par uske baad mujhe fir se aap logon ki khabar nehi mila..

He finished his part of story..while all looked at yuvi..he saw others staring at him probably wanting to know what happened next..and how did he came here and till now where were they..

YUVI:(slowly looking down..)Jee uske baad main bhaiya ko lekar yahan se door chala gaya ..mujhe uss ghar mein maa ki yaad aathi thi..bhaiya ko main aslyum mein join karke..subah padayi aur shaam ko kaam kartha tha…meri scholarship se meri padayi poori toh ho gayi ...par haan bhaiya ka iljaa karna muskhil ho gaya tha..par maine himmat nehi hara..maine mehnat se padayi ki aur mujhe sanjeevni mein admission mila..bas uske baad jo hua aap janthe hain..

All now knew what happened and were still not able to react,,but yuvi knows he should react now or never..he had been doing everything wrong till now and its time for him to correct it..he might not change what happened but sure he can ask for forgiveness..otherwise he himself cant meet his eyes..he first needed to ask sorry from his brother who always has confidence in him that he will never do wrong..and what he did ..his biggest mistake in his life..he killed someone..that too for a reason which is now proved as wrong..he went near his brother..

YUVI:Bhaiya maine aapko bahut takleef pahunchyaa hain na ..aapki sir sharm se neech kar diya hain na..apke dil ko thesse pahuncahya hain na..(He said with tears)main ek achcha doctor nehi ban paya bhaiya..jaise aap chahthe the..maine jaan dene ke bajaya lee liya..maine maa ka kiya hua waada bhi tod diya bhaiya ..tod diya..mujhe maaf keejiye..mujhe maaf keejiye.. bhaiya..(hitting himself)

AVURAAJ:Nehi prince..(stopping)tu mera bhaiyi hain..tumne mera hamesha khayal rakha ..main tera sapna tuthne nehi doonga..tu abhi bhi ek achcha doctor ban saktha han..main tujhe kuch hone nehi doonha.. kuch nehi..Dr.Shashank..

Aviraaj tried to talk to shashank but yuvi stopped him..

YUVI:Nehi bhaiya..pehle mujhe baat kar deejiye.. (he went near shashank and folded hands before him and said genuinely)Dr.shashank mujhe maaf kar deejiye..(to padma)aunty mujhe maaf kar deejiye..(to everyone)sab log mujhe maaf kar deejiye..(all looked away from him with anger,he felt sad for doing this with his brother,shashank and friends who believed him)mujhe pata hain maine itni badi galthi ki hain iski maafi nehi ho sakthi,,par mein badle mein andha ho gaya..pata nehi maine kya kya kar diya..par mujhe apni galthi ka ehsaas ho gaya hain..aap jo bhi sazaa de mujhe manzoor hain..agar aap mujhe jail bhejna chahthe hain toh main uske liye bhi tayar hoo..(aviraaj and naina were first to react..jail?)par bas mujhe maaf kar deejiye..agar aap mujhe maaf nehi karenge toh main apni hi nazron mein gir jaonga..please,,

He looked at each with hope but no one forgived him..he did a mistake that can never be recovered and that is unforgivable..he killed she will never come back..never..

ATUL:Yuvi tumhari galthi itni choti nehi hain ki tumhe itni assani se maaf kar diya jaaye..(he said with fury)

J.P:Haan yuvi bhaiya humne aap par vishwaas kiya aur aapne..(he looked away in disgust)

JIGGY:Vishwaasghaat kiyaa.(completing it)

TAM:Yuvi..tum aise kar sakthe ho maine kabhi nehi socha..(she said with tears)

SID:Aur haan..Hamari nazaron mein tum already gir gaye ho yuvi..(he says looking around angrily)

Yuvi knew he deserved it but still he cant live a life without their forgiveness,,it mattered them..they were his friends..

YUVI:Mujhe pata hain maine galthi kee hain..par,,yeh meri galatfehmi hain..

Before he could complete anjali barked in..

ANJY:Tumhari iss galthfehmi se maine apni behen ko kho diya hain yuvi..kya lee aa sakthe ho usse wapas..(yuvi looked down knowing that he cant do the impossible thing..) Tumhe pata bhi hain yuvi ..ridhimaa ka theek hona..hamare liye kitni badi baat hain..wooh ek saal se..ek saal se,,coma mein hain..uss galthi ke liye jo usne kee hi nehi.. uss terrorist attack mein..(she cried remembering the brutal incident which is the main root for all these problems,atul controlled her)

ATUL:Anjali..(seeing yuvi)yuvi tum kya samjhoge..tumne apne khud ki bhaiyi ko kabhi nehi samjha..(he taunted him)

ABHI:Humne bahut muskil ke baad yeh surgery ke liye tayaar hue hain yuvi..yeh janne ke baad bhi ki ismein sirf sirf 5%chances..(he said as matter of fact) jab sab kuch theek ho raha tha,,jab kuch deer mein ridhimaa ko hosh aane wali thi..tumne..(he looked away)shayad usse kabhi aaya hi nehi hoga..

YUVI:Dr.Ridhimaa ko hosh aaya tha..(he said slowly all almost looked up with shock)jab mein I.C.U mein gaya toh shayad wooh hosh mein aa rahi thi..

No one reacted …they couldn't have expected anything else from him..

NIKKI:(she looked up to him and said)Kya?? Usse hosh aa raha tha,,Phir bhi.. tumne usse hosh mein aate dekh kar bhi,uski jaan le li.. tumne kuch mehsoos nehi hua,,tum..tum itne gir sakthe ho..ek saal baad usse hosh aa raha tha..ek saal..tumne ek baar nehi socha ki ridhimaa ki zindagi se kitni zindagiya judi hain..hum sab ke liye wooh kya mayne lagthi hain..aur wooh insaan jo ridhimaa se khud se bhi zyaada pyaar kartha hain..uske liye apni jaanse ridhimaa ki jaan zyaada maine lagthi hain..(she said after a pause)armaan..uske baare mein..uske baare mein,,(she controlled her tears)waise bhi hum tumse aur expect bhi kya kar sakthe hain..

Yuvi was looking down with guilt..naina talked..

NAINA:Theek kahan Dr.Nikita..hum aur expect bhi kya kar sakthe hain..Isne toh ek baar bhi socha hi nehi hogaaa.,isse sirf apne badle ki jo padi hain..isse kya samajh aata hain pyaar ke baar mein..ristoein ke baare mein,,isse toh sirf dil todna aata hain..har kisiko dukh pohunchana aata hain..aur kuch nehi..kuch nehi..

She said with tears others tried to control her..shashank heard enough,,he said loudly..

SHASHANK:Bas honaa tha wooh ho gaya,,yuvraaj ko kuch keh kar ..kuch sazaa de kar..hum ridhimaa ko wapas nehi lee aa sakthe..shayad yeh hona tha aur ho gaya..bas..

ANJY:Par papaa aap is insaan ko aise kaise chod sakthe hain..

SHASHANK:Anjali..dekho hume ab yuraaj ke baare mein nehi sochna chahiye ..hume toh ridhimaa ke baare mein sochna chahiye..hum toh usse aise chod ke aa gayee..wooh iss duniya mein nehi hain par hamare dil mein hamesha rehegi..chalo..

All nodded leaving yuvi with his brother and were walking to door..when they saw karan coming out running..then they realised that they haven't seen karan till now after coming out..may be he was inside with ridhimaa..they felt happy that someone were with her atleast while they were all busy..shashank was about to talk to karan and thank him..when he came running towards them panting and said ..

KARAN:Ridhimaa..ridhimaa..(he said in his breathes)

ANJALI:Kya hua ridzy ko..(worried)

KARAN:Ridhimaa..ridhimaa ko..(after pause)hosh aa raha hain..

ALL:Kya??????(shocked completely)

ABHI:Karan tum pagal ho gaye kya..(coming near him)

ATUL:Ridhimaa toh ab iss duniya mein,,(sadly)

Before he could complete the sentence,,

KARAN:Ridhimaa zinda hain..(excitedly)usse kuch nehi hua hain,kuch nehi,,aap sab aayiye andar…jaldi,,

All ran into room as fast as the could not believing what karan said..what they saw made them stunned..ridhimaa was breathing normally and even she was moving her hands and legs..but her eyes still closed..all looked at eachother and smiled..padma hugged shashank with happiness..they were happy out of words..

SHASHANK:Yeh sab hua kaise..(happy yet unconvinced,he reaches near ridhimaa)

ABHI:Usske breathing mein toh problem thi na..

ANJY:Haan..uski sasein toh..(remembering that she wasn't breathing)

NIKKI:Aur monitor..usmein toh..

Karan sees them and cuts nikkis words and speaks up happily telling how all it happened..

KARAN:I know..main bhi yehi maan gaya ki ridhimaa ab iss duniyaa mein nehi hain..par..jab aap sab log bahar gaye hue the…main yahin tha..suddenly maine monitor mein moment dekha..i was shocked..mujhe laga main koi sapna dekh raha hoon..par maine jab ridhimaa ke passs gaya aur uski pulse dekha toh wooh normal tha aur uski breathing bhi fir se shuru ho gayi thi,..she was alive ..main bahut khush hua,,(he said with tears of happiness')shayad humne is gadbad mein notice hi nehi kiya wooh kab normal ho gayi..(happily)

ATUL:Toh fir tumne hume pehle bataya kyun nehi karan..

All looked at karan for answer..

KARAN:Mujhe..mujhe khud kuch samjah nehi aaya ..main kya karoo..main khush tha aur shocked bhi..issilye main kuch deer tak kuch nehi kahan..aur main khud confirm bhi karna chahtha tha ki main jo dekh raha tha wooh real hain ya nehi....tabhi ridhimaa ke haath hile..also legs mein bhi moment aaya..when I felt she's completely out of danger and main fauran tum sab ke pass chala aaya batane ko..

He said with a big smile..all were happy atlast..atlast everythings is fine and they cant ask for better..

SID:Thank god..(sid said with a smile)

J.P:Yeh toh koi ajube se kam nehi hain..martha hua aadmi maut ke mooh se bach nikela..yeh toh sab bhagwan ka chamtaker hain..hamare mugal saraye mein kabhi bhi aisa nehi hua..pata hain..

KARAN:Ya this is just a miracle..(agreeing)

All nodded..afterall its no less than a miracle..

TAM:Shayad bhagwan bhi yehi chahthe hain ki Dr.Ridhimaa theek ho jayee…yeh sab toh sirf aap sab ki dua hain ka asar hain..(she said pointing all and added)aur armaan bhaiya ka pyaar..

Before she could complete padma spoke ..

PADMA:Par ab sab kuch theek ho gaya...mujhe toh laga ki main apni beti ko phir se kabhi zinda nehi dekhoongi..hey bhagwan ..aapka bahut bahut shukriya..(she folded hands and looked up to pray)bas ab jaldi se ridhimaa ko hosh aajaye..

SHASHANK:Padma,,tumne theek kehthi hoo..bhagwan ke ghar mein deer hain par andher nehi.. dekha usne hamari bachchi ko fir se hamare pass bhej diya..

PADMA:Haan shashank..main bahut khush hoon..(they both hugged)

Everyone were really happy,,,yuvi the most.. but one was figuring out how did it happen..and talked..

NAINA:Par yeh hua bhi toh kaise..yuvi ne toh oxygen supply band kar diya hain na..

All looked at yuvi and  he bowed down..

ABHI:Hmm,,(thinking)yuvi keh raha tha hi ridhimaa ko oxygen supply band karne se pehle hi hosh aaya tha..shayad issi wajah se yeh hua..

KARAN:Ya it could have been happened..ridhimaa ko oxygen band karne se pehle hi hosh aa gaya hoga..suddenly oxygen band karne se usse breathing mein problem hua hoga wapas recover hone mein..may be after sometime she would have revived..and then she shes peferfectly fine..

NIKKI:Yes,,that's it..(smiling)

They all smiled at eachother,atlast the storm which made everyone shaken from evening to now nearly night has ended on a good note..ridhimaa is saved..after few minutes padma and anjali sat beside ridhimaa holding her hands..the moments in her hands and legs would come in between and go..

PADMA:Ridhimaa beta..(she sees her lovingly and looked around to karan)iss hosh kab aayega..

KARAN:Aunty.. uske haath aur pair mein toh abhi bhi movement aa rahe hain.. i think usse kuch deer lagega apni ankhen kholne mein..shes just recovered right..

All smiled happily..and hugged ,,atlast the surgery which was impossible became not only possible but also a great success..yuvi saw all happy he knew that he doesn't deserve to be a part of him..he silently moved his way out to room..all were too happy to notice him..but shashank noticed it..and stops yuvi..

SHASHANK:Yuvi..ek minute..

All turn to the voice as shashank reaches near yuvi..yuvi bows down and says..

YUVI:Sir I am sorry ..i am sorry..i am sorry,,main yahan rehne ke layak nehi hoon..yahan reh kar main aapki khushiyon ke beech nehi aana chahthe hoon sir..main khud jaake apni galthi kubool karoonga..aur jo bhi sazaa mile.

SHASHANK:Yuvi ..yuvi..(catching his shoulders)ab sab kuch theek hogaya ..ridhimaa bhi theek ho gayi hain..ab kiss baat ki sazaa..kaisi sazaa..aviraaj aur tum mere liye paraye nehi ho..padma..(he looked at padma,she nodded)

PADMA:Haan beta..ab sab theek ho gaya..aur hume kissi se bhi koi shikayat nehi hain..tumse bhi..maine tum par haath uthaya uske liye..

Before padma could talk..

YUVI:Nehi aunty..galthi meri hain..agar meri maa hoti toh bhi woohi karthi…maine bura nehi manna..mujhe maaf..

PADMA:Maine tumhe maaf kar diya hain..

SHASHANK:Aur maine bhi..

They both smiled at eachother and then to yuvi..all looked at them with surprise how could they even think to forgive him..who killed their daughter..yuvi looked them stunned ,they both are indeed very great and heartful to forgive a slaughterer like him..he folded hands before them..

YUVI:Aap dono bahut achche hain..sir ..maine aapka jaan lena chaha..aapko dukh pahunchana chaha..aapki beti ki zindagi ko daav pe lagaya..fir bhi aapne mujhe maaf kiya.. aaj mujhe pata chala sab log aapki itni kadar kyun karthe hain..shayad main ho aaplo pehchaan nehi paaya ..meri itni badi galthi ko aapne maaf kar diya..(he bowed down infront of them,shahank patted him)

SHASHANK:Its ok yuvraaj..galthiyan insaan se ki hoti hain..hum bhagwan nehi hain..aur insaan ko insaan maaf nehi karega toh aur kaun karega..(he remembered armaans words once he spoke for naina,naina too recognised instantly and looked up,he continued)ab toh ridhimaa bhi bilkul theek hain..hain na...(he smiled and looked at all who were confused seeing him amused,he knew that others still didn't forgive him,seeing yuvi's sad face he tried to help yuvi,saying to all)haan ..main chahtha toh hoon ki aap sab bhi yuvi ko maaf kare..(to all, looked shocked)mujhe pata hain aapko yuvi ne jo bhi kiya wooh galath laga..par usne khud galthi maani,,hum sabke saamne usne himmat se kahan..wooh apni galthi ke liye sharminda bhi hain..aur toh aur khud sazaa bhugteno ko tayaar hain..kya isse badi prayashit kuch ho saktha hain..nehi na..aap isse maaf kar deejiye..

Yuvi looked up to shashank thankfuly,when no one spoke he spoke himself..

YUVI:Dr.Atul,Dr.Anjali..Dr.Nikita..Dr.Abhi..Dr.Karan..(facing all)I am sorry..maine aap sab ko dukh pahunchaya..(now facing his friends)sid,tamanna,J.P,jiggy, I am sorry..mujhe aap sab maaf kar deejiye.. (folding hands and seeing down)

Anjali reacted first..

ANJY:Dr.Yuvraaj..main papaa ki baat ki izaat zaroor karthi hoon..par shayad mujhe aur waqt chahiye apni behen ko marne wale insaan ko maaf karne ke liye…(pause)tumhe maaf karne ke liye..(she said rudely.not looking)

SHASHANK:Anjali..(trying to speak)

ANJY:Papaa please.mera dil aap jitna bada nehi hain.(as a sister she couldn't do it)

Shashank tried again..but yuvi stopped..

YUVI:Nehi sir its ok..

All felt bad..after all it was not fully "just his" mistake..there were also many other reasons behind..atul spoke up..

ATUL:Yuvi.(yuvi saw him smiling n felt happy).tumhari galthi jo bhi ho..tumne sabke saamne sach kahan aur apni galthi ki sazaa bhi bhugtne ko tayaar ho gaye ho..aur kahin na kahin poori tareeke se yeh sirf tumhari galthi nehi hain  .issilye (pause)main tumhe maaf kartha hoon.. (yuvi felt happy,atleast one of them have forgived)

Abhi came near yuvi.. are guilty aur hume isse badi baat aur kuch chahiye..kyun nikki..

YUVI:Haan..abhi,,aur ab toh sab theek ho gaya hain..aur tumhara bhaiyi bhi ..jab sab kuch theek ho jaye to hum kyun purani batoon ko yaad karke ab ki khushi ko barbaad ok yuvi..

Yuvi smiled at the couple..karan came near yuvi..

KARAN:Waise wooh kya kahawat hain hindi main.. "all that happens for good"..

ATUL:(answering it)Jo hotha haina achche ke liye hota hain..karan..(smiling) jo hua ahcche ke liye hua..ridhimaa is all good..and yes I forgive and forget..ok..

He said patting his shoulder..yuvi smiled while the new gang felt bad that when others have forgiven how could they be behind..and yuvi was more close to them..and they knew that yuvi is not bad at heart just mislead by situations in life..that's it..tam came near yuvi..

TAM:Yuvi..(yuvi looked up to tam)tum dil ke bure nehi ho..mujhe pata hain.. shayad waqt aur halaat se tum bhi majboor hue hoonge..tumne hamesha hamari madad kee hain.. sabse zyada meri aur sid ki..(tam saw sid and he joined her)

SID:Haan yuvi..tumne hamesha hamara saath forget all things dude..after all we are friends right?(shaking hands)

Yuvi smiled at them and looked at j.p and jiggy..who came near..

J.P:Arre..yuvi bhaiya yeh bhi bolne ki baat hain..(he hugged him)aapne apni galthi maan liya hain naa..hum toh mugal saraye mein bhi sabko aise hi maaf karthe hain..aur aap toh hamare dost hain na..hum bhi aapko maaf karthe hain..(smiling)

JIGGY:Haan yuvi..hum sab dost hain..aur doston mein kaisi maafi..tumhe toh khud galat fehmi hui thi..ismein tumhari bhi kya galthi hain..(yuvi smiled while jiggy added seeing a not-so-interested naina)haina naina..

Naina gave a shooting glare to jiggy who gulped..yuvi know he had to do this..after all he hurted her the most and getting forgiveness from her is toughest..

YUVI:Naina.. (he tried to talk to her but she stopped showing hand)

NAINA:Yuvi ..yeh sab log tumhe maaf kar sakthe hain..(pause)shayad bhagwaan bhi… par mein nehi kar sathi..tumne mere saath jo kiya so kiyaa..par Dr.Ridhimaa ka jaan baat ke liye main tumhe kabhi maaf nehi karoongi ..kabhi nehi,,(firmly)

Yuvi looked down and sighed and saw others who looked pitily at him,,he goes out from there ..outside the room where his brother was listening to whole conversation and felt sad seeing his brother like this..yuvi came sadly..

AVIRAAJ:Prince..(seeing him worried)

YUVI:Bhaiya..(he saw him and smiled fakely)hume yahan se chalna chaiye bhaiya..raat bahut ho chuki hain..aur hume kal mumbai se bhi jaana hain..

He had decided to leave sanjeevni and mumbai the next day as he thought..he cant be in a place where hes haunted by the memories of his bad deeds especially he cant face naina anymore..he knew he deserved it and sighed and tried to wheel aviraaj when he stopped..

AVIRAAJ:Nehi prince ,,(yuvi saw his brother confused) tumhe naina se baat karna chahiye..


AVIRAAJ:Prince..main sab suna..aur haan..mein coma mein zaroor tha..par main sab dekh saktha hoon aur sun bhi saktha hoon..maine naina ko dekha hain..usse ankhon mein tumhare liye pyaar dekha hain..jab pyar khote hain toh kaise hota hain mujhe pata hain yuvi..main nehi chahtha ki tum bhi meri tarah..(he paused thinking about his love who he lost after his opeartion or ratehr he avoided her so that she doesn't waste her time for a paralysed person like him)jao ..

YUVI:Par bhaiya wooh mujhse naraz hain..mujhe maaf karne le liye tayaar hi nehi hain..

AVIRAAJ:Toh jaake..usse baat karoo..usse manao..kuch bhi karoo..prince..par usse manao..agar aaj tum hath gaye toh tumhe wooh kabhi bhi nehi milegi..tum zindagi bhar uske liye tadpoge ..aur mein yeh nehi dekhna chahtha..

Yuvi was still in dilemma when his friends joined him..he looks upto him..

J.P:Haan yuvi bhaiya ..aapke bhaiya jee..sahi keh rahe hain..

JIGGY:Tumhe jaana chahiye..abhi issi waqt ..jaake usse manoo..

YUVI:Par main kya karoo..(confused)

Tam and sid comes near looks at eachother..

TAM:Tumne hame aur sid ko milane ke liye toh plan banaya,,ab kya naina ko manane ke liye koi plan nehi bana sakthe,,(she said smiling while sid kept hand on his shoulder and spoke)

SID:Dude armaan hamesha kehtha tha..(he said remembering those words)agar tum sachche dil se pyaar karthe ho na toh kuch bhi haasil karoge..aur pyaar karne walon ki hamesha jeet hoti hain ..haar nehi..kyun..mujhe dekhlo.,(he said hugging tamanna who blushed..yuvi too remembered armaans words)

AVIRAAJ:Tum usse sachcha pyaar karthe hona prince..?

YUVI:Haan bhaiya..(smiling and determinedly)

AVIRAAJ:Toh jao..go get her..(he pushed him)

JIGGY:Yuvi naina terrace pe hain..(informing him..)

YUVI:Thanks jiggy,,(he smiled thankfully,that hes helping him even after liking her)

JIGGY:Ab wooh tumhari hain uska khayal rakhna..(he hugged yuvi)

J.P:Haan Yuvi bhaiya..naina flowerji ab aapki hain poori tarah se..all the best..(he too hugged)

ALL:All the best yuvi..

YUVI:Maine aap sab ko bahut takleef diya hain..i am sorry..(he said sadly)

SID:No yuvi infact we r all sorry,,humne tumhara saath nehi diya,,aur tumse rudely baat kiya..

Yuvi hugged sid and said..

YUVI:Nehi ,,Its ok..(to all)

TAM:Achcha ab jao..aur naina ko manoa..

JIGGY:Usse manaye bagair mat aanna.theek hain…

He said smiling..yuvi saw seriously while jiggy feared but yuvi smiled at him and patted and ran from there to terrace..

J.P:Bas in dono ki love story bhi jaldi set ho jaye bhagwan....(praying)

SID:Ho jayega ho jayega..(smiling)

All prayed that everything should happen well between yuvi and naina..



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