Friday, 3 July 2020

Part 3 : Dill Ki Baat

They were slowly leaning forward towards each other, eyes locked, Armaan didn't dare blink just incase this dream broke. They were so close to each they hear each other breath, the intensity was getting to much for Ridz, she closed her eyes... they were about to kiss when ... when Armaan's phone rang... the moment had passed and everything was now coming back, it was no longer just him and her, reality had set back in. Armaan answered his phone,

A: "er, he... hello... hi hunny, tum kaise ho... awww... I love you to sweety... ha mein abhi arra hu ghar. Bye. Mwah" He put the phone down.

Ridz was shocked, "woh shaadi shuda hai? 'Love you sweety?...,' iska matlab, mera sapna, sapna hi rehjayega?" The phone call had really kicked her in the guts. She was feeling embarrassed and annoyed at the same time. "Why, I've only known this guy for like 14 hours, so why does it bother me that he might be married. I mean meine yeh pehle kyun nahi soche ki itni good looking aur perfect guy ki shaadi bhi hochuki hogi" Ridz said to herself. She was more angry at herself than anything, that she had let her one meeting with Armaan make her feel so much.

Armaan glanced at Ridz in his mirror as put the phone down, something had definitely happened in that split second, something they both felt but what. And now when he looked at her, she looked completely different, it was like a shadow had been cast on the face of the angel in front of him. Armaan felt to weird to say anything and the rest of the journey to Ridz was spent in silence.

"Yeh loh, tumara boyfriend aa gaye", a little girl went running towards Armaan and jumped up as he bent down to scoop her up.

A: "toh sweety, kaisi ho" he said planting a kiss on her right cheek.

Little girl "tumse kaathi hu, itni der kyun laga di aane mein". She looked away acting angry.

"Minnie, aise bhaat nehi karte apne chachu ki saath", meet Maya, Minnie's mum and Armaan favourite cousin in the world.

Mi: "yeh meri chachu nahi, boyfriend hai mama", Armaan pulled her cheek,

A: "ha, di, mein iski boyfriend hu, tum bhi naa..." Armaan put Minnie down and went towards his cousin and hugged her.

A: "Tum dono yaha? Kya hua, jiju se jagra ho gayi kya?" he said winking at her

Ma: "Nehi dude, mein baas aise hi teri liya khala ki paas aek rishta lekhar aayi hu"

A: "What? Di phir se, mein aap logo ko kitni baar samjau ki mujhe arranged marriage nahi karna, aur waise bhi mujhe ab apni career ki bare mein bhi to soch na hai"

Armaan walked towards the table to pick up an apple, Masti grabbed it and ran off.

A: "Mummy, Masti ko bolo na..."

Mu: "Armaan, woh bachi hai, anyways, tume kyun shaadi nahi karna chahte. Agar tumhari biwi ayegi, to phir mujhe itni raath takh tumahari intizaar nahi karna parta, woh karleti, ghar par meri madhat bhi karegi aur agar yeh saab nahi karsaki atleast tume to sudhar sakti hai"

Everyone sat around talking slightly longer then went to bed.

It was 2am and Armaan was in his room thinking about what happened in the car, "mujhe yeh kyah hora hai, usse mille hue 1 din bhi nehi hua aur already mein uski aur kisiki bari mein soch bhi nahi raha", Armaan got up from his bed annoyed with himself. He couldn't get to sleep. Not realising what time it was he got dressed and went to the local basketball court (not to far from his house). This was the only way Armaan was able to relax. When playing basketball Armaan would completely loose track of anything around him and play non-stop.

Ridz on the other hand was lying in bed crying. She couldn't understand why she was so upset, there was just something inside of her which had completely broken and she couldn't stop herself.

Ridz woke up in the morning with a severe headache, all the crying the night before had made her feel unwell, so she decided not to go to the hospital. Shashank checked on her health and agreed also that she wasn't well enough to attend to patients.

"Okay to aap sabh ki burn case ki report mujhe meri cabin mein 10 minute mein chahiye. Clear?" Armaan said as he looked at the four remaining interns. "Aap ki 4th saathi aaj kaha hai" he asked looking around for Ridz. He had decided while playing basketball the night before that he would make it clear where they stood, although he couldn't quite understand why he had to do this. Armaan could feel there was something there between him and Ridz which although it felt right, it also sounded wrong, she was his junior and he her senior so he felt he had to make this clear. It was the only sane thing to do (or was it? He kept asking himself, why do I have to do anything...)

All the interns looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

"Tikh hai, aap sabh jaa sakhte hai", with that all the interns left, leaving Armaan feeling weird, he was worried about Ridz, he couldn't understand why.

Armaan was on his way to his cabin to call Ridz when he received a page from Shashank.

(Knock, knock)

Armaan entered Shashank's cabin

A:"Apne mujhe bulaiya Dr Shashank"

Shashank looked up from the case file he was looking at

Sha: "Yes, come in Dr Armaan, bethiye"

Armaan took a seat looking slightly worried, he wasn't sure what was going on, was he in trouble, had Rhiddima said something to her dad...

Sha: "Itni gabrahe mat Dr Armaan, mein apko yaha bulaya hai kyunki mein aapko inform karna chahta ta, ki Riddhima aaj nahi aa payagi, uski tabiyat kuch teekh nahi isliye"

A: "Kya hua usse? Woh teekh to hai na" he said sounding worried

Shashank heard the worry in his voice but decided to put it down to his being a Dr, he would be worried about anyone's health

Sha: "Woh kuch nahi, baas torri si saard mein dart hai aur kuch pale lagrehi thi, shayed kaal lambi shift ne usko taakadiya hoga, major kuch nahi"

Armaan finished his chat with Shashank and left the cabin feeling more uneasy and worried about Ridz then he was going into the cabin.

As soon as Armaan had a break, he left work to go and visit Ridz, he needed to know she was okay. Through out the morning he kept worrying about Ridz and kept asking himself why.

Armaan pulled up outside of the gates leading to Ridz's house, "Armaan tu yaha kya karaha hai, woh ghar par hai aur bilkul tikh hogi, nahi usse dekhe beghar nahi jounga" Armaan was arguing with himself, the latter part won. He was just about to step out of the car, when he saw...

It was raining slightly and the sun was shining, perfect weather for a rainbow. Ridz opened her eyes slowly and looked towards her balcony. She was feeling better now. She got up went out to the balcony; the light raining was hitting her face, tickling her. It made her feel like a child again and she started jumping about dancing on her balcony. Ridz was completely lost in her the rain that she didn't notice someone looking up at her from the gates.


Part 7

Ridz was dancing on the balcony and didn't realise Armaan had walked out onto the balcony to join her. Ridz was turning around on her heels without a care in the world with her eyes closed when she slipped and  Armaan caught her just before she the floor. He stared at her, the rain was hitting her face lightly but she was to mesmerized by Armaans' eyes she couldn't blink. Armaan could hear her pound from the dancing, he could hear her shallow breath. The wind blew Ridz' hair as she blushed slightly and was shimmering in the sunlight because of the rain falling on it (like littele twinkling stars in her hair). Armaan slowly moved the hair from her face with his hand, her skin was so soft, Ridz closed her eyes, the touch had sent sweet shivers down her spine.

Armaan leaned forward and kissed the rain from her eyelids, Ridz was melting into his arms, Armaan slowly touched her lips with his hands, Ridz's lips quivered from the touch. Armaan couldn't hold back any longer, he leaned forward to kiss her... they were millimetres away from each other when...

"Di...", Ridz was abruptly woken from her trance, she was gazing at the sky imagining all this. Ridz ran back into her room and jumped under her covers hiding her face, she couldn't understand what was going on her with her, she was in no fit state to face Sapna right now.

S: "Di?" Sapna whispered as she peered around the door. Sapna had finished college early today and came home to be informed her sweet sister wasn't feeling well.

Rhiddima was in bed shivering, Sapna was shocked, was Ridz really ill this time? She went to take a closer look.

S: "Di? Aap ki taniyat kaisi he, aap teeck to ho na?" Sapna sat down on the bed to look at her sister. Rhiddima was crying uncontrollably, shocked and worried "Di, kya hua? Aap aise kyun ronrehe?... Mamma!" Sapna shouted,

Rhiddima grabbed Sapna's hand, "Shhhhh, please Ma ko matt bulaw yaha" Ridz said still crying. "Mujhe kuch nahi hua hai"

S: "Toh phir app itne kui ronrehe" Sapna was really worried now, the last Ridz cried like this was when there Nani had died 10 years ago, Ridz had never cried since, even if she hurt herself she would never cry. She was always busy making those around her happy, so what happened today.

R: "Patta nahi, yeh aaso rukhte nahi, no matter what I do, yeh aaso aathe rehte hai..." she said sobbing. Deep down Ridz knew why she was so upset but couldn't bring herself to except the truth.

S: "I know Di, kyun na hum shopping chale, aap ka mann bhi teekh ho jaega aur mujhe kuch free kapre miljaenge"

R: "Free?" Ridz was confused

S: "Kyun aap mere liya kapre karedenge" Sapna was trying her hardest to make her sister smile if not laugh

Ridz pushed her off the bed and smiled

S: "Ow, aisi bhaat hai, fine, ab aap mere liya kapre ke saath lunch bhi treat karna parega" She said rubbing her bottom (where she had landed)

Sapna and Ridz got dressed and went to the local shopping mall. Sapna was constantly trying to cheer her sister up, Ridz just smiled and mumbled a few replies to Sapna's questions.

S: "Di, shopping hogaye, ab mujhe zor se bookh lagi hai, kuch lunch hojaye"

Ridz was so busy in her thoughts that she forgot she hadn't eaten anything all day and now that Sapna mentioned it, she was feeling rather empty. They went to small fish & chip shop in the mall and ordered chips with cod covered in batter.

They got their orders and sat down to eat, after a few moments Sapna noticed Ridz wasn't eating much, "Kya hua Di, aap koh bookh nahi hai? Me kha lu?" She said smiling mischievously Ridz. Ridz never shared her food, she loved her food to much to share with anyone.

R: "Mujhe bookh nahi hai, kha lo" she said pushing her plate towards Sapna. Sapna was shocked "What!?!, aap kho bookh nahi hai, yeh aap kya kehrehe ho. Di" she reached over and shook her sister, "What's the matter with you?"

Ridz looked up with teary eyes, "mujhe pyar hogeya hai" she whispered

S: "huh... sorry meine suna nahi, kya hua?"

Ridz got annoyed at her sister "MUJHE PYAR HOGAYA HAI!" she said loud enough this time for everyone in the mall to hear.

Everyone stopped and looked at her. She was burning red now with embarrassment.

S: "Di iss mein chilane ki kya zaroorat hai, sabh dekh rahe hai" she said looking around looking embarrassed but smiling at the same time because her sister had finally snapped out of modd and was atleast responding to her.

R: "er...uh...erm... Sorry" she whispered, then started giggling. She was laughing at herself, all this time she was crying because she couldn't accept the fact that she had fallen in love and now that she finally accepted, she had to inform the world. Great.

People started getting on with their own business now, S: "Oooh Di, kaun hai? Dikne mein kaise hai? Kya karta hai? Aap dono ki pehle mulakat kaise hui? Aap koh usse kaha hai ki aap usse payar kar te hai?... hang on, aap koh pyar hogaya hai, toh problem kya hai toh phir aap itni upset kui hai, problem kya hai Di". Sapna was really happy and confused at the same time, her sister had finally fallen in love and instead of being happy about like in the numerous films Sapna had watched all her life, Ridz was upset.

Ridz laugh's, "Hang on, hang on, mujhe kuch bolne bhio degi yah phir aisi hi sawaal karte jaegi"

R: "Voh mere saath kaam karte hai"

S: "Oooh, 'voh' vah vah Di, already so much izzat, so cute"

R: "Shut up" she said nudging her sister playfully

R: "Uska naam Armaan hai aur voh mere saath Sanjeevani mein kaam karte hain"

S: "Hmmm, aur?" she said smiling at her sister who was looking more and more like heself speaking about Armaan

R: "Dikhne mein... (she got slightly shy thinking about how he looked the 1st time she saw him)

S: "Hai hai, mein mar java, Di aap usse itne pyar karte hai to phir problem kya hain?"

Ridz face turned upset again now "uski shaadi ho chuki hai", admitting that fact hurt her a lot.

S: gulp "oh... I see... never mind Di, uski pathni koh kidnap kardenge aur unki shaadi tordenge, Kyun kaisa laga mera plan?"

Ridz smiled at her sister, she was trying so hard and here I am looking miserable she thought. "vaise idea bura nahi hai" she said looking at Sapna with a mischievous smile growing on her lips.

S: "That's better Di, get what you want" Sapna knew Ridz was only joking so this was fine.

They finished off their shopping and went home to find Shashank had finished early to come and check on her.

Armaan was sitting in his cabin thinking how beautiful Ridz looked dancing in the rain, never had he seen a girl look so good without any makeup on, there was something magical about her face that seemed to make him feel good everytime he thought about her.

Armaan was lost in his thoughts when he got a call on his cell from his cousin Maya.

A: "Hi Di, kya bath hai, aaj itni jaldi Minnie koh meri yaad aageyi kya, usse bhol do ki meri duty abhi katham hone mein 2 ganthe hai" (it was 6pm)

Ma: "haan woh toh tume bohot miss karehi hai paar yaha kuch aur logh hai jis ke saath woh ab vaqt kaat rahi hai"

A: "Kuch aur logh? Kaun Di?"

Ma: "Who Masti ki seheli Sapna ayi hai"

A: "Oh, anyways apne kui phone kiya mujhe"

Ma: "Baas tume yeh batane kiliye ki aaj hum sabh meri devar ki engagement party mein jaenge, tum ghar jaldi aana hai Shaam ki party hai, 7:30 don't be late. Okay"

A: "Par Di meine abhi abhi aap koh kaha hai ki meri duty 8 baje katam hotha hai, toh phir mein nahi aa paunga"

Ma: "Tum kaam ke baadh seedeh yaha aajana, it okay agar tum tori late hui, waise ring exchange ceremony 8:30 shuru hoga. Time par aana, mein rakhti hu"

A: "Par Di..."

Maya had hung up before he could complain.

A: "Great, mein waha kisiko jaanta takh nahi, phir bhi jaana hoga" with that he sighs



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