Friday, 18 September 2020

Part 3 : In My Heart

Armaan and Riddhima had reached the villa in time to have their breakfast with kids. Riddhima got to know how much Armaan loved allu parathas and gajar ka halwa, he just couldn't stop praising Dadi's culinary skills even after the breakfast was over.They all settled in the lounge to decide the action for the day. After lots of arguments it was decided that they'll first play outdoors. Armaan went out with the kids to play basketball. He taught them a few tricks to do a basket and after a warming session, they decided to play a match. They divided into four players on each side. But one player was short. Harsh jumped with an idea to call Riddhi di to join them for the play. "nahi beta ap log khelo main abhi busy hun. I'll join you later." She was not really inclined on going out because she wanted to talk to her friend back home. Armaan did not like the fact that she wasn't paying much attention to him after receiving a call. "Let's go guys; we can do very well without her." Riddhima suddenly looked up from the laptop on hearing Armaan's irritated voice. "And besides she doesn't
know how to play, that's why she's not coming." He moved out saying this. Riddhima bid bye to her friend and marched towards the garden. She went and stood in front of him, "what were you saying that I don't know how to play, haan, ok let's play and see who knows to play." He stood up and smirked "tum rehne do, tumhare bus ki baat nahin hai, you know no can beat me." Kids also supported Armaan as they had seen him playing before. "Di, Armaan bhaiyya to champion hain, inhe koi nahi hara sakta" Gappu stated."Oh really is that so? Let's see who the champion is then." Riddhima said with a raised eyebrow and threw a challenging look towards Armaan. "We shall see." He said accepting the challenge. They both decided to play a match, the one doing 5 baskets frist would be the winner. Riddhima tied her duppatta on her waist and her hair into a loose bun. Both of them stood in the middle of the garden, Armaan bounced the ball in the air and Riddhima caught it. She moved quickly with it and did her 1st basket. Riddhima covered Armaan while he dribbled the ball so that he couldn't do a basket. After a few minutes thescores were Armaan 2 and Riddhima 4. Armaan noticed that Riddhima was v good at handling the ball and aiming for a basket. At last Riddhima did her 5th basket and jumped up high clapping her hands at her victory. The kids surrounded her and congratulated. She then noticed that Armaan was standing in one corner, she went up to him and asked "kya keh rahe they tum, haaan, mujhe koi hara nahi sakta, ab kia hua?" "ziada khush mat ho, tum jeeti nahin, maine tumhe jeetne dia k kahin bachhi ka dil na toot jaye" he replied. "main bachhi nahin hun, samjhe Looser!" Riddhima said keeping one hand on her hip and a
finger pointed at him. She twisted her nose in anger and turned her back on him. Armaan smiled seeing her get irritated and moved in front of her saying "congratulations.I must say you play really well." She smiled at him and muttered thanks. They then played a match with the kids and this time also Riddhima's team won. "kya Armaan bhaiyya, ap ne phir se Di ko jeetne dia. Ab ye girls poora din hamara mazak urati rahen gi " Harsh, Thruv and Gappu were frustrated that they had lost against the girls. Where else the girls were hugging each other happily on their win.

Snacks were served in the lounge, where everybody was sitting on floor cushions in a circle. Dadi put the last chit she had made in the bowl, "lo bhai tumhara kaam ho gaya." She said to Armaan. he stood up taking the bowl along with him "see now we'll play Chinese whispers. I assume you all know the rules?" he asked,"yes" everyone replied. "Ok then we begin with Minnie picking up a chit and she'll give it to Dadi after reading." With that the game began and the whole villa was echoing with sounds of laughter as the last person spoke and the chits were disclosed. They continued playing for a long time before they realized that it had become dark. Armaan called it a day and moved out of the villa bidding bye to everyone, followed by Riddhima. He stopped near his car and asked pondering "I was thinking of what can I give you as a gift?" "Gift for me, why?" she asked confused. "Yes a return gift for you." Armaan said. "Oh please you don't need to, really its" she was cut in between by Armaan "no is not an option Basket, what if I say I want to get something for my new friend,then?" he said looking at her intently. Riddhima looked around her and then asked with a frown "what's Basket?" "You are Basket, since you play basketball so well, I've given you this name, don't you like it Basket?" he answered her. "I have a name already if you don't know, RIDDHIMA, so call me by it." She replied irritated. "Oh of course I know but I'm going to call you Basket only, now please don't argue and tell me what you want." He ended his sentence in a soft tone. She closed her mouth that she had opened to retaliate on hearing his soft voice, "What if I ask you for something later when I need it?" Riddhima asked him genuinely because she didn't need anything at the moment. "That's absolutely fine with me. Ok then good night." He replied opening his car's door. "Good night Armaan" she replied with a smile. Armaan drove away from the villa waving at her.

Where once the kids would wait for Armaan bhaiyya to turn up to play with them during holidays, things were different this time at Shanti Nagar. They were having a blast withRiddhima. They played and learned new things from Riddhima Di. Their day began at 9 am with exercise and a few dance steps in the garden daily. They then did the holiday homework and Riddhima helped them with the difficult lessons. After an hour or two of study, they worked on a task Riddhima had given them, that was expressing the different forms in which water existed in our universe using arts & craft. She would teach them how to make gifts and cards from spare stuff at home, glass painting; fabric painting, she also gave baking classes to girls. Now basketball had become a routine for them since they played with Armaan. They would play outside for long hours but return inside before the sunset due to the chilly winds and continue with board games indoors. For Riddhima in particular, these ten days brought relaxation and fun. She would wake up at 7 am and go for a jog and then stop at her usual spot at the sea side, which had now become her favorite place. She would have breakfast with everybody and the remaining day went with teaching and playing with kids. At night when everyone retired to their rooms, she would settle down with a cup of hot chocolate to complete her assignments that she had to mail to her university before the winter break began. Being one of the brightest students, she was granted a leave earlier only on the condition to submit her tasks along with the class. Riddhima spoke to her family back in UK as by that time they were back from their offices too. She would then lay down with a book in hand or her iPod plugged in ears till she felt herself drown in a deep sleep.

Armaan had been extremely busy in Office these days as he had the closing date of two important deals around the corner. Although he was the Boss, he always maintained a friendly relationship with his employees. He would often have lunch with them in the canteen and discuss everything in general. He believed in treating everyone as a coworker rather than on their designations. It was important for them to know each other if they wanted to work together in peace. He and his team were working day & night to complete the projects with perfection and success. Armaan would be at office by 7 am and return late at 10 or 11 pm. He had his dinner with his family who waited till he returned. After a small chit chat with them he would hit the bed. Today was Sunday and it being a holiday Armaan was lazing around the mansion. He was so exhausted after long strenuous working hours that he wanted to just sleep. But his dearest sister, Muskaan was in mood of some quality family time, and he couldn't decline her request as she was leaving soon for her studies. But now it was just him and his father in the mansion, sitting on the settee switching channels, because his mother had to go out with a friend to help in finding a wedding dress for her daughter as the one selected was ruined and the wedding was just in a week and Muskaan had happily accompanied. "urrgh.. I don't understand how these women take so long to select a dress." Armaan said out of boredom. Anurag who had been observing his son's sulking expressions said "tu bhi chala ja kahin bahar kyunki mujhe nahin lagta wo log shaam se pehle lautengi. We can then go for a dinner and long drive perhaps." Armaan just nodded but was in no mood to go out with his friends, so he just kept staring at his cell blankly. Then few minutes later he smiled widely remembering something. He quickly got up and rushed towards his room. Within a few minutes Armaan was downstairs dressed in black denims and a white and gray striped shirt with a jacket hanging on his shoulder. He informed Anurag about his plan and left the mansion. Armaan drove through the busy streets of Mumbai towards his destination in his black Land Cruiser. It being a weekend, the roads were jammed with traffic, many were headed the same way as him to relax with their family and friends. Finally after a drive of 45 minutes, his car came to a halt in front of Shanti Nagar. He entered the villa to see a beautiful site in front of him.

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