Sunday, 5 July 2020

Part 31 : MY prediction for AR rest story

"Laye hum Hasi laye hum Khushi jee le phir se zindagi…

Taaron se aage hum jaayenge cheen le ayenge roshni …

Dil ho jahaan dost ho vahaan aisa manzar hain yahan…

Manzil nayi,rasthe naye …

Phir bhi chale,hum saath mein…

Hum toh chale the dost banke…

Jaane kahan dill mill gayye!!!!"

After 1 month..

The sun rays fall from the window of a hospital room as someone removes the curtain..of it..the girl laid on the bed awakes with the light and sees the person and smiles ,,the person comes near and sits beside her and wishes her..

ARMAAN:Good morning…basket..

RIDHIMAA:Good Morning ..armaan..

They both smile at eachother,their lives were now back to normal ..all bad things gone like the dark night and good things waiting like this warm rays of mornings sunrise..

ARMAAN:So basket jaldi se yeh soup pilo aur yeh tablets le lo..(he smiled giving her soup and placing tablets beside her bed)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..mujhe soup nehi peena..(she pouted like a small kid)

ARMAAN:Basket agar tum piyogi nehi to jaldi se theek kaisi hogi.. haan?lo..piyo..(giving soup and sitting on table beside her bed)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..iska taste chaka tumne ,,(trying to smell it taking it)kitna ganda hain..yuck..

ARMAAN:Basket yeh koi chocolate icecream nehi tasty hoga,,

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..Please mujhe nehi peena..(giving it back)

ARMAAN:Basket..yeh sab nehi chalega..tumhe peena padega(little angrily) aur yeh Dr.Armaan ka order hain..

She saw armaan being strict..and unwantedly sipped the soup making faces,

RIDHIMAA:Dr.Armaan..nehi..Dr.Khadoos..kahin ka.. (under her breathe but armaan heard her)

ARMAAN:Kya kahan tumne.. (coming near)

RIDHIMAA:Kuch,,kuch  nehi..(smiling fakely)

ARMAAN:Kuch toh kahan..(seeing with eyebrows raised,ridhimaa sees him and gets angry) tum bahut khadoos ho..jao mein tumse naraz hoon.(turns that side)

Armaan comes that side but she turns the other side ,,armaan realises shes angry...

ARMAAN:Basket ..(facing her)mujhse naraz ho,,dekho tumhe jaldi se theek hoke ghar jaana hain na...(ridhimaa sees and nods sweetly,suddenly armaan tone changed and he orders her)toh chup chaap yeh soup piyo aur yeh medicines dalo..(giving her)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..(getting irrirated)tum na.tum na..

ARMAAN:Kya main ..main.huh'

RIDHIMAA:Chodo tumhe meri fikar hi nehi hain..mujhe kuch ho jaaye iss tumhe kya farak padtha hain..

ARMAAN:Ridhimaa..(shocked n sad that she said like that)

Ridhimaa says it not realising that she hurt armaan with her words..

RIDHIMAA:Tum toh bas yeh soup..armaan..(she sees him and realises she has been extra rude and now hes looking down guiltily may be remembering past incidents )armaan,,I am sorry main toh bas..(armaan still looks down,while ridhimaa thinks she has do something ,so eats soup fastly and gulps the tablets)achcha dekh lo maine soup bhi khatam kiya aur medicines bhi daala ,,(making him face her)ab toh baat karo..

Armaan sees ridhimaa and easily melts..her innocent face and beautiful smile can't make anyone angry for long time at all..armaan sees her smiling but then feels sad remembering her words again and then says catching her hands..

ARMAAN:Ridhimaa..(she looks upto him whos very sad now) tumhare operation ke baad pata hain mein kitna wait ka raha tha tumhare hosh mein aa ne ke liye..par jab maine dekha ki tumhari saasein ruk gayi hain,,(pause remembering the horrible moment)toh mujhe toh laga ki main marr ki gaya,,(ridhimaa looked upto him in horror)pata nehi main kahan jaa raha tha..bas anjaan raste pe chal raha tha..achanak mujhe yeh mehsoos hua ki tumhe kuch nehi hua..kuch nehi,,kyunki..kyunki meri saansein chal rahi thi..main zinda tha. (he said with intensity)mujhe pata tha jab tak main zinda hoon meri ridhimaa ko kuch nehi hua hoga.,

He remembered it..he was walking aimlessly on road when he felt that nothing can happen to ridhimaa as long as he is alive..he smiles and turns around,but at same time truck comes face to face him but yuvi saves him..ridhimaa looks upto armaan whos remembering the incident still and grips his hand hardly..armaan looks her ..

RIDHIMAA:Sorry armaan,,main toh bas mazak kar rahi thi..(he smiles)mujhe pata hain armaan tumpe kya guzari hogi..kyunki mujhe bhi wahi hua hain..(she recalls)jab main hosh main aayi toh sabse pehle tumhara naam hi liya tha..armaan....jab dee ne kahan tumhara accident ho gaya toh aise laga..(pause) jaise phir se meri saansein rukk gayi..(armaan looks upto her,)par thode deer ke baad jab papaa ne aake mujhe kahan tum bilkul theek ho aur tumhara hosh bhi aa gaya ..(sighs)toh meri jaan mein jaan aayi…

They both recollects the incident..


Ridhimaa's eyes were filled with tears and she was trying to get up to see armaan…she heard of armaan's accident and was worried..she need to see him safe and sound,she spoke with great difficulty..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan!!!!(anjy came near her and stopped from getting up)Dee,,mujhe armaan ko dekhna hain..uska accident?(pause and catches anjali's hand)mujhe uske pass le chalo..

ANJY:Nehi.ridzy abhi nehi..tumhara operation hua aur armaan..wooh toh abhi OT mein hain..uski accident hua hain..papaa hain uske pass..

RIDHIMAA:Nehi ..mujhe abhi issi waqt dekhna hain..armaan..mujhe uske pass le chalo… mujhe usse dekhna hain..mujhe armaan ko dekhna hain..(trying to get up crying,padma comes near her)

PADMA:Ridhimaa beta dekho meri baat suno,,(trying to stop her)

RIDHIMAA:Maa..armaan..main uske bina nehi reh sakthi dee maa... Armaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She cries hard taking his name and others are not allowing her to get up of bed..

Armaan who was in unconsciousness till now suddenly woke up as if he heard ridhimaa taking his name..he opened his eyes..shashank,abhi n yuvi all were happy to see him back..shashank checks him..

SHASHANK:Armaan..ab kahtre se bahar hain.. bas thode deer ke liye unconscious  ho gaya tha..weakness ki wajah se..bas.. hes perfectly fine now..

All rejoyed at the announcement..abhi went and said to atul n karan who passed to all..meanwhile armaan too regained and saw all around,he realises hes in hospital and he see yuvi beside him..

ARMAAN:Basket..(catching his head)

YUVI:Dr.Armaan..aap theek hain (armaan nods and says "Ridhimaa?"slowly,yuvi understands and says)Dr.Ridhimaa bhi biklul theek hain,unhe hosh aa gaya,,

Armaan gets excited and smiles widely,he tries to get up..but yuvi stops him questioningly..

ARMAAN:Mujhe uske pass le chaloge (yuvi says "Par..aapki..",armaan looks up to him and says trying to sit with great difficulty)..please..mujhe usse dekhna hain..please yuv..(he couldn't say more and yuvi understood the urgency in his voice..he knows how much they both love eachother ,so he smiles and nods)

YUVI:Ek minute..

He gets a wheel chair and shifts him to it with great difficulty and made way to I.C.U..where shashank has already reached to see ridhimaa..

SHASHANK:Ridhimaa beta,,(seeing her and getting all happy,)tum theek ho gayi ho..(he goes near her )

RIDHIMAA:Papaa..(catching his hands)papaa…armaan mujhe armaan ke pass jaana hain..mujhe usse dekhna hain papaaa.uska accident..(crying)

SHASHANK:Ridhimaa..wooh ab bilkul theek hain..main khud usse treat karke aaya hoon..bas kuch hi deer mein usse hosh aa jayega..

PADMA:Achcha hua shashank tumne yeh baat bata diya,,warna hum bahut ghabra hi gaye the,,

ANJY:Haan papaa..thank god..sab theek ho gaya.. (she said smiling)

RIDHIMAA:Papaa..(now stopping crying but still between her sobs)mujhe phir bhi usse dekhna hain,,please mujhe uske pass le chalo..mein apni ankhon se dekhna chahthi hoon..

SHASHANK:Dekho..ridhima tumhari tabiyat theek nehi hain..aur armaan ka bhi,,usse hosh aate hi main usse leke aaoounga..theek hain..(he tries to make her understand)

RIDHIMAA:Nehi mujhe usse abhi dekhna hain..(she looks at all so that anyone could take her when no one says anything she tries to get up herself)aap nehi le jayenge,,toh main khud ,,oahh!!(catching her head due to pain)

All gets worried ..

ARMAAN:Ridhimaa..nehi..(coming into room in wheel chair along with others)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan…….(seeing him at distance with watery eyes,,she feels happy and sad ..happy to see him safe and sad to see him like this)

Armaan sees her and then comes near her wheeling the chair while yuvi stays back still feeling guilty seeing her..

ARMAAN:Ridhimaa…tum kya kar rahi thi,,main aa raha hoon na..(catching her hands)tum bhi na ab bhi bilkul ziddi ho..(he said smiling,while ridhimaa felt like eternity seeing him and was gazing him lovingly,her eyes filled tears again..she was so happy to see him,she thought she would never see him again..  )

RIDHIMAA:Armaan,,tum theek ho..tum..

She said touching his face and body too feel hes there alive..and then takes into a deep hug tears flowing..all see down,armaan knowing her insecurity,hugs her back but then gets into himself ..

ARMAAN:Ridhimaa..sab dekh rahe hain..(he said looking at all who were giggling,but ridhimaa didn't notice them nor listen to his words..)

RIDHIMAA:Tum ..(parting from hug)tum..mujhe chod ke kyun chale gaya huh'..tumhe pata hain jab maine tumhari accident ka khabar suna toh,,agar tumhe kuch ho jata toh,,huh'(she said crying and hugging him again)tumne kaise maan liya armaan tumhari ridhimaa tumhari bagair zinda reh sakthi…

ARMAAN:Aur tumne kaise soch liya ki tumhara armaan uski basket ke bagair zinda reh saktha hain..(she saw his watery eyes parting from hug,he loves her so deeply)jab tumhe hosh nehi aaya..tumne toh meri jaan hi le li thi..

RIDHIMAA:Nehi armaan..(not wanting him to say those words again)tumhare bagair meri duniyaa bilkul adhuri hain armaan..

ARMAAN:Aur.ridhimaa...tumse hi meri duniyaa poori hoti hain..

They both hugged again deeply never wanting to part again forever..all saw the duo with tears in eyes..after a whole long year of combat against difficulties atlast they both have atlast met and all hoped that they never ever get apart..all saw eachother and completed the sentence for them..

ALL:Aur tumdono se ham sabki duniya poori hoti hain....(they said unitedly with all love and affection)

Ridhimaa parted the hug and saw atul,abhi and nikki infront of her..atul and abhi came near armaan and hugged him and nikki to ridhimaa..ridhimaa was all smiles seeing them after a longgg time..

RIDHIMAA:Atul,nikki,abhimanyu..kaise ho tum sab..?

ATUL:Bilkul theek.. ek dum first class..(he said smiling)

NIKKI:Bas tumhari yaad bahut aati hain ridhimaa,,(catching her hand,ridhimaa smiles)

ABHI:Ab tum theek ho gayi ho na..sab pehle jaise ho jayega..(ridhimaa looks at armaan whos smiles)

ANJY:Haan..ridzy..dekhna sab pehle jaise ho jayega..(coming near her to that side where all are standing)

The gang was again complete and six of them looked at eachother cherishing the moments again..all smiles..All look at the gang's friendliness and smiled..J .p comes and joins them..

J.P:Haan haan..flowerji ..sab theek ho jayega..

The new gang comes near bed ,while ridhimaa notices that there are more people that she didn't saw before..all were smiling at her like knowing her..who are they and why are they here..she looked and asked them..

RIDHIMAA:Aap sab log kaun hain?

J.P:Jee myself Dr.J.P..jitender prasad..naya intern..(he said with all excitement)

JIGGY:Aur main jiggy naina ka dost,,

NAINA:Main Dr.Naina mehtha..yahan ki nayi intern..

SID:Main Sidhant modi..naya intern,,

She recalled that abhimanyu's surname was also "modi",


ABHI:Haan..yeh mera cousin hain.. (keeping hand around sid's shoulder and smiling,)

TAM:Humara naam.Tamanna patil hain...naya intern..

She looks at all of the new faces trying to remember them..then she sees a familiar face between them,,umar bhai..and she smiles at him..he comes near her..

UMAR BHAI:Ridhimaa beta kaisi ho..

RIDHIMAA:Umar bhai..(smiling seeing him after a long time)jee main theek hoon..aur aap?

UMAR BHAI:Jee beta mein bilkul theek hoon..aur ab toh meri beti bhi yahin doctori karthi hain..(ridhimaa looks questioningly,he goes near tamanna)tamanna.. meri beti hain.. ..(she smiles seeing umar bhai's dedication and how hard he worked to make her daughter become a intern here)

JIGGY:Jo jaldi hi Mrs.Tamanna modi banegi.. (jiggy said smiling while tamanna blushed and so did sid)

RIDHIMAA:Modi?matlab abhi aur tamanna?par nikki..

Ridhimaa was confused nikki and abhi love eachother then how come tamanna come between them.. isn't everything solved between them..sid was first to react to her words..

SID:Nehi..iska matlab mera aur tamanna se hain..(he said trying to cover before she even by mistake think anything else.all laughed while sid gets angry on jiggy)jiggy..tu poora naam nehi bata saktha kya..would be Mrs.Tamanna "sidhant" modi..dekh kitni confusion ho gayi..(all laughed again and sid and tamanna got embarrassed all laughing at them,he tried to divert)waise Dr.Ridhimaa..abhi bhaiya aur nikki bhabs toh ek doosre ke liye bane hain..Jiah bhabhi bhi inhe alag nehi kar saki..u see..(he said smiling)

Abhi and nikki got a bit uncomfortable hearing Jiah's name..ridhimaa looked at all new interns interns?when and why were there joined?What about their internship?

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..naye interns..?Hamara intership mein toh abhi kuch mahine baaki hain na?(all looked at her knowingly..but she confused and worried..)Mujhe kuch samajh nehi aa raha hain dee,,(she looked to anjai,who made her relax)

ANJY:Ridzy..tumhara accident hoke 10 mahine ho gaye hain..aur hamara internship bhi poora ho gaya hain.. 4 mahine pehle ki naye interns join hue hain..

RIDHIMAA:10 mahine..(she tried to remember what happened again closing her eyes..the terrorist attack came to her mind and she got shot by bullet but what happened to her after that,she opened her eyes and saw all)

ATUL:Haan..ridzy..10 mahine..tumhe goli lagi thi..aur tum coma mein chali gayi thi..

RIDHIMAA:Coma..?Main coma mein thi in 10 mahino se..10 mahine..

10 months passed,,that was a shock to her..what happened to her in these 10 she got recovered now..what happened to her family,friends and armaan?what happened to him..he too fell on table ..what happened to him..wait..armaan had memory loss how could she forget..she looked at him again…he seemed to recognise everyone..did he got his memory back..yes ..he seems too..she catched his hands and asked excitedly..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..armaan..tumhara yaaddash waapas aa gaya ?tumhe sab yaad aa gaya,(She looked at him with all love),tumhe .armaan..(she was so happy that tears flowed in her eyes with happiness)

NIKKI:Haan..ridhimaa armaan ka memory ussi din waapas aa gaya..(pause)jis din tumhari goli lagi thi..(she said with a strained smile)

ABHI:Uske sir par chot lagne ki wajah se hi uska memory usse phir se aa gaya..

Ridhimaa looked at armaan who nods and then hugs him again..knowing that he remembers everything now..and she can't ask for more..but armaan was sad remembering the same day..where ridhimaa went far from him for 6 months..ridhimaa parted from hug..and noticed didn't take time to her to realise he was sad remembering how she was in coma.. she smiled and took his hands to her lips and kissed them..armaan looked upto her..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..main theek hoon..dekho tumhare saamne hoon.(he smiled realising she was safe and sound out from coma).aur yeh kuch mahino ki judai meri ..(pause) "hamare" pyaar ko kam nehi kar saktha ..hain na.?

ARMAAN:Haan..ridhimaa..(he said nodding)

All look at them..they have gone through a these 10 months..which no one ever have gone through..especially armaan..padma saw shashank with tears who took her in hug and consoled..that everything was fine now..ridhimaa saw armaan and tried to divert him.. 10 mahino mein kya hua..

ARMAAN:(he smiles knowing shes trying to divert him)Bahut kuch aur kuch bhi nehi,,tumhare bagair kuch ho saktha hain kya basket..

RIDHIMAA:Bolo na armaan..(she asked anxitedly wanting to know what she missed)

KARAN:No yaar..armaan ab nehi..baaki gupshup baad mein..ab Ridhimaa ko rest lena chahiye aur tumhe bhi..

Ridhimaa and all looked at the was karan..he came near with suresh..

KARAN:Oh..myself..Dr.Karan mehra,,(gives hand to ridhimaa ..she took it and shakes it..)suresh mehra ka proud son..

SURESH:Oye nalayak,,(removing his hand from ridhimaa and asking to stop flirting through his eyes) tu aur mera proud son..wooh toh tu nehi armaan hain..(he said proudly while karan looked down and all giggled)

RIDHIMAA:Suresh uncle,,aap?(seeing him n recognising)yeh aapka beta hain..

SURESH:Haan haan yeh nayalak beta aur kissi ka ho hi nehi saktha..(all laughes again)tum aaram karlo beta..warna tabiyat kaise theek hogi…(remembering that he didn't take care of armaan which led to his accident)aur karan..chal tu bahar abhi hamara divorce ka case tala nehi..  (all laughed loudly)

KARAN:Papaa..sab sun rahe hain.. (embarrassed)

SURESH:Toh..(asking with fake anger)

All laughed at it again..while ridhimaa remembered someone who talks like that..

RIDHIMAA:Uncle aap toh bilkul muskaan ki tarah baat karthe hain..(she said recalling muskaan's punjabi slang)

KARAN:Muskaan kaun ..(getting excited)sunder dikthi hain ya fir meri tarah cool..(showing off)

ATUL:Agar rahul ko pata chala na..toh tumhe cool se hot hot bana dega..(all laughed remembering them)

KARAN:Yeh bhi booked hain..cha..(getting sad)

All laughs while ridhimaa asks..

RIDHIMAA:Waise muskaan kahan hain..uski awaaz nehi sunayi de rahi hain itni deer se..nehi toh ab tak saara hospital sar pe utha leti..(remembering her bubbly acts)

The old gang looks at eachother and takes a sigh..making ridhimaa worried..she sees armaan..

ARMAAN:Wooh yahan nehi hain ridhimaa..wapas bhatinda chali gayi hain..,,bahut din hogaye uska koi contact bhi nehi hain..(he said sadly)

RIDHIMAA:Oh..(that's all ridhimaa could say ,she knew that muskaan couldn't have stayed here long without rahul and how much they both love eachother and her parents always force her to take her to their village back..she smiles hoping that where ever she is she should be happy..she scans the room again to see if theres anyone else when she finds two in wheel chair n other standing at the door..she looks upto them and asks)wooh kaun wahan khade hain.

All look at the direction ridhimaa pointed..shashank smiles and nods them to come in..

SHASHANK:Yeh aviraaj hain aur yeh yuvraaj uska bhaiyi.. yahan ka intern..

RIDHIMAA:Oh (recalling nikkis words she heard being unconscious)aap hi hain na jisne armaan ko bachaya hain ..maine suna..thanks a lot..agar aap nehi hota toh aaj armaan nehi hota,,(she says smiling)

ARMAAN:Ya..Thanks yuvi..(he says smiling while yuvi looks down and all looks differently at ridhimaa and armaan,)kya hua sab aise kyun dekh rahe hain..

After hearing ..

ARMAAN:Kya??yuvraaj ne ridhimaa ka oxygen band kiya?(not believing)

YUVI:I am sorry Dr.Armaan ,Dr.Ridhimaa(folding hands before them) maine jo bhi kiya wooh bahut badi galthi hain,,maine Dr.Ridhimaa ka jaan lene chaha..i am sorry main,,

Ridhimaa stops him and says smiling..

RIDHIMAA:Bas yuvraaj its ok ho gaya so ho gaya..humne tumhe maaf kar diya,,(she looks at armaan who nods and smiles thinking how well she knows him)tumne meri jaan lena chaho toh bhi nehi le sakthe wooh toh armaan ke pass hain aur usse bacha kar tumne mujhe bhi bachcha liya.. issilye koi baat nehi.. hain na armaan..(smiling)

ARMAAN:Haan basket(nodding) aur ab toh sab theek ho gaya na..aur hume kya chahiye..(yuvi looks up smiling to eachother thankfulling ..armaan comes near and smiles at him..then he sees naina.and knowing how much she loves him and after knowing such a big thing how did she react and are yuvi-naina together?..,,he asks her)waise yuvi..naina maan toh gayi na..(he asks teasingly)

NAINA:(hearing her name)Armaan main toh kabke maan gayi wooh toh yuvi hi tha jisne..(she says fastly not realising..,all look at her and laugh..she looks at yuvi who winks at her..she looks down embarrassed)

JIGGY:Naina toh yuvi pe jaane kab se fida thi..(naina gives him a killing look)

SID:Aur yuvi thoda kam hain kya..(coming near him)wooh bhi toh naina ko apni angry young man looks se pata hi liye.. kyun yuvi.(yuvi too gets embarrassed and looks down)

J.P:Boliye na..yuvi bhaiya(teasing him)

All laugh..and ridhimaa to sees that all here are happy and love eachother here..she remembers armaan's faint words he said to her when shes in coma..that he will make her recover and also make sanjeevni back filled with friendship and love..She sees at him happily realising that he has kept his promise..

PADMA:Ridhimaa beta (shashank and padma comes near,ridhimaa smiles looking at them and hugs both of them)

RIDHIMAA:Maa..papaa..(she sees them with teary eyes)

SHASHANK:Bas beta,,rote nehi..(wiping her tears)doobara kabhi apne papaa aur maa ko itni badi muskhil mein mat dalna..tumhare bagair hum..(he could go further and anjali comes and all have family hug rejoicing their moments,all parts from hug)

PADMA:Tum ab aaram karo ridhimaa..baaki baatein baad mein..(she nods)armaan tum bhi...

ARMAAN:Padma aunty..main ridhimaa ke saath kuch deer akela rehna chahtha hoon..

Padma sees shashank who nods and so does all..

ATUL/ANJY:Bye ridzy..

ABHI/NIKKI:Bye armaan..


All say bye and leave armaan and ridhimaa smiling at them alone ..armaan looks at door for some time thinking how the day has turn out and how everyone have supported them..ridhimaa meanwhile doesn't move her eyes from armaan..she remembers all moments with him and he had risked his life to save her..she was happy to be again with him..armaan sees at her crying..and gets worried..

ARMAAN:Basket..tum ro rahi ho..kya hua..(catching her hands)

RIDHIMAA:Kuch nehi armaan,,(smiling)yeh toh khushi ke aasun hain..tumhe dekhne ke liye toh mein itne dino se taras gayi thi..(armaan too smiles)

ARMAAN:Aur sunne ke liye..

RIDHIMAA:Main toh tumhari awaz har roz sunthi hoon armaan,,(she said in flow not realising,armaan looked upto her questioningly and ridhimaa recollects),,pata nehi par armaan..par aisa lagtha tha ki tum mere pass ho aur mujhse bahut deer tak baatein karthe ho..yeh sach hain ya mera vyaham mujhe nehi pata ..par jab bhi tum mere saath rehthe the mujhe achcha lagtha tha..ek ajeeb sa sukoon mehsoos karthi thi main..(she said what she felt in past few months armaan came to visit her in I.C.U and talk to her..)

ARMAAN:Kya sach mein tum mujhe sunthi thi..(ridhimaa nods not so surely..but she feels it,armaan doesn't see her strangely,but smiles..)Dr.Keerthi sahi kehthi hain..comatose ke patients ke saath baat karna chahiye..wooh hamare baaton ka reaction deta hain..aur issliye shayad tumne mere awaz ko mehsoos kiya hain basket....aur maine tumko..(ridhimaa smiles at armaan's words,then she remembers that armaan took Dr.Keerthi's name..)

RIDHIMAA:Dr.Keerthi..wooh..kahan hain?

ARMAAN:Arre..wooh maternity leave pe gayi hain..abhi tak toh unhe ek chota sa bachcha bhi hua hoga..(armaan says excitedly)

RIDHIMAA:Wow.. (ridhimaa smiles)mujhe bhi dekhna hain..kitne cute hote hain na chote chote bachche..bilkul tumhari dimples ki tarah ..(she said pinching his cheeks)

ARMAAN:Oyee hoyye basket .agar tumhe bachon ki itni hi jaldi hain toh..mujhe koi problem nehi hain..

Armaan comes near her and leans on bed while she backs of..but shes on the bed so she cant move more back..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan kya kar rahe ho tum..(uneasily)

ARMAAN:Kyun kissi ko chote chote cute cute bache chahiye the na..(coming near her)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..(seeing him coming more near..she catches her head suddenly and acts like its paining)ouch..

ARMAAN:Basket kya hua..(getting worried..he tries to get up and calls all)atul nikki… karan.. ridhimaa..tum..(he see her worriedly but she laughs at him)

Armaan realises shes been joking and comes near her..

ARMAAN:Basket..(seeing him eyebrows raised)tumne toh meri jaan ki nikal di..agar mujhe kuch ho jata toh..(teasing her)

RIDHIMAA:Tch..tch..tumhe kuch nehi hoga..(armaan looks at her questioningly)kyunki..(coming near him) tumhari jaan toh ab mere pass hain na armaan..(armaan smiles at her)



They both hug eachother…

ARMAAN:I love you basket..

RIDHIMAA:I love you armaan..

They remain like that for sometime feeling eachothers presence and taking all their sadness from eachother ..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..(still hugging)

ARMAAN:Hmm..(asks what?)

RIDHIMAA:In 10 mahino mein kya..Kya hua..

Armaan departs from hug ..while ridhimaa waits eagerly for armaans answer..

Flashback end…

Ridhimaa remembers what armaan said after that,,how much everyone has gone through to recover her-her father,mother,sister and friends and most of them all– armaan.. who has been away for 6 months from her because of shashank's misunderstanding..and then how he got to know that she can be cured and all went against him..atlast the operation was success then came yuvis revenge and everyone thought she was dead and armaan's accident..

Ridhimaa looked upto armaan with tearful eyes ..she got her love who suffered a lot for her now.. she can't even hurt him jokely if she looses him again can never ever get back again..she hugged armaan tighly recalling what he has gone through..armaan patted her understanding her ..

ARMAAN:Basket..(she didn't part and hugged him more tightly..)Ridhimaa..(she broke the hug and looked upto him sobbing)Please ro mat ..ab sab theek hain na..chalo smile karoo..(she smiled a little,she saw him a bit sad)

RIDHIMAA:Hmm..aur tum armaan tum bhi haso na.. please..(he saw her and smiled)

Ridhimaa saw him smiling and kissed on his cheek..armaan smiled while ridhimaa blushed realising what she did..

ARMAAN:Oyye hoyye..hum par itni meharban kab se ho gayi,,basket..

She looked down..while armaan too kissed her cheek and proceeded towards her lips..when ridhimaa tried to move back..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan koi dekh lega..

ARMAAN:Dekhne do..(coming near)

RIDHIMAA:Koi aa jayega ..

ARMAAN:Aa jane do..mujhe kya…(coming more near and catching her shoulders)

VOICE:Ahem ahem..(someone enters)

Armaan was facing ridhimaa and his back was facing door..ridhimaa saw some one at door doing voice and gets shocked....

RIDHIMAA:Armaan chodo mujhe..(shrugging)

ARMAAN:Kyun..(getting irriated)

RIDHIMAA:Tumhare peeche..,,(she thinks and say)papaa!!

Armaan gets scared listening to "papaa" from ridhimaa..and gets up fastly from bed and adjusts himself and looking down says..

ARMAAN:Sorry Dr.Shashank wooh main bas..basket..ko..s..(thinking of a reason)ya soup pilla raha tha..hain na basket..

He sees ridhimaa who is now giggling..

ABHI:Jiska bowl bilkul khali hain..

NIKKI:Haina na armaan..(teasing)

He looks up from ridhimaa to door to see nikki in a nice green chiffon saree with lots of bangles in her hands with mangalsutra in neck and sindoor in forehead..showing shes recently got wedded,abhi was in his usual clothes..armaan came back to sense hearing ridhimaas laughter..

ARMAAN:Nikki..abhi..uff..(getting cool) basket tumne mujhe dara hi diya..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan tum papaa se itne darthe kyun ho..(smiling still)

ARMAAN:Wooh toh bas ,,main..main unki izaat kartha hoon..(seeing down)

RIDHIMAA:Izzat huh'(smiling) dekha nikki..kaise jhoot bol raha hain..yeh toh papaa se bahut dartha hain..darpok,,(teasing)

ARMAAN:Very funny basket.. mujhe fasa kar tumhe achcha lagtha hain na..(going near nikki)aur waise bhi ab yeh nikki nehi..Mrs.Nikkita Abhimanyu Modi hain..uff kitna bada naam hain..(placing arm on abhi's shoulder)abhi koi chota sa naam nehi rakhthe iska..jaise koi chuunuu,munnu,gunnu..

ABHI:Jaanu..(nikki looks up,while armaan asks "what?")main nikki ko jaanu bulatha hoon. (nikki looks in shock that abhi revealed their secret nick name)

ARMAAN:Interesting..(coming near nikki and saying romantically) jaanu..

Nikki sees him with frown while armaan runs away and nikki back of him..

NIKKI:Armaan ruko tum..

Nikki tries to catch him but can't due to her saree and sits near ridhimaa panting.. while armaan reaches to abhi panting..

ARMAAN:Haha..nikki tumhe in sadiyon ko na bilkul handle nehi kar sakthi ho..(nikki sticks out tongue,while armaan looks at abhi)abhi yaar..apni patni ko band ke rakh.. dekho shaadi hoke 1 mahina bhi complete nehi hua..kaise paraye mard par tooth pad rahi hain..chee(he says teasingly which make nikki angry)

ABHI:Haan yaar,, yeh ladkiyan hain hi aisi..(agreeing him both gives hi-fi to eachother making the two girls angry)

NIKKI:Armaan ,,(angrily)


ARMAAN:Marr gaye ..chal kath le yahan se abhi..warna ho jayegi hamari pitayi aaj..

ABHI:I am ready..

While they both try to get out from two angry girls our new gang enters making things lite..

ALL:Hye!!!(all see them and smile)

AR/AN:Hye sid,tamanna,naina ,yuvi n J.p..

TAM:Ab kaise ho aap ridhimaa bhabhi..(coming near her)

RIDHIMAA:Main theek hoon tamanna..

ARMAAN:Itni theek hain ki mujhpar zor zor se chilla sake..(complaining).


ABHI:Yuvi..(seeing him standing away)wahan kyun khade ho aao..

He still feels a bit armaan drags him ..

RIDHIMAA:Yuvi hum sab kuch bhool chuke hain aur tum bhi please bhool jao..

ARMAAN:Haan yuvi please..waise aviraaj kaise hain..

YUVI:Wooh bilkul theek hain ..ab toh wooh chal bhi sakthe hain.. bhaiya ko chalhe dekhkar bahut achcha lag raha hain..itne saalon se unhe sirf ek hi kamre mein baithe dekha main toh apna umeed hi haar gaya..(naina supports him)

NAINA:Haan..armaan..waise..thanks to your treatment and tips ..

Yuvi-naina and all smiles..while armaan gets into naughty mood again and goes in between sid and yuvi and keeps armaan on them says..

ARMAAN:Hmm..agar kuch aur tips yaad rakhna hain toh yeh yaad rakho..(yuvi and sid look at him)yuvi tum naina ko rakho,,aur sid tum tamanna ko..(they blush)Kyunki yeh ladkiya na choti choti baat par bigad jaathi hain,, ladkyon ko handle karna mushkil hi nehi namumkin bhi hain..(all girls turn angry while boys agree)

YUVI/SID:Wooh toh hain..(agreeing armaan)

NAINA/TAM:Kya?(shocked and almost ready to pounce)

YUVI/SID:Kuch ..kuch..nehi..(scared)

ARMAAN:Dekha..kahan na maine..(armaan laughs how girls handle the guys just with their words)

J.P:Haan Dr.Armaan ..pata nehi hum kab in ladkiyon ko samjhege aur hamari gaadi kab nikalegi...(he says sadly)

ARMAAAN:Ho jayega ho jayega..deer lagega par milega zaroor..waise Armaan ka coaching classes always open hi hain..(j.p and others get excited listening to it,while girls get all angry)

TAM:Armaan bhaiya..aapna in sab ko bigad rahe hain..(sadly)sidhant ko zyaada..(sid looks at her

Pleading not to say anything)

NIKKI:Nehi tamanna..sabse zyaada toh abhi ko..

NAINA:Arre par maine toh socha yuvi ko..

All three girls looked at confusion who did armaan spoil more with his coaching classes and realises all three are equally spoiled..all looks at their partners angrily who look down..

RIDHIMAA:Armaan..dekho tumne kya kiya..(angrily looking at others too)

ARMAAN:Arre maine kya kiya..hum toh sabka udhar kar rahe hain basket..

He shows his hands like blessing all..

KARAN:Udhaar what udhaar?

All look karan entering the room..

ARMAAN:Bas issiki kami thi..lo aa gaye..barkhudar..

KARAN/SID:What does that mean..?

They both look at eachother the way karan still didn't get the meaning of previous both words..

ARMAAN:Huh..(all hit their heads again)phir se shuru ho gayi inki doubts ki potli..ab bas champ ki kami hain..

All look around realising atul isn't there..

SID:AJ hain kahan.?Kisine dekha?

YUVI:Nehi maine nehi dekha..(remembering)

J.P:AJ bhaiya ko.. maine bhi nehi dekha..

RIDHIMAA:Waise Armaan..dee kahan hain..

NAINA:Dr.Anjali ko maine bhi nehi dekha..

All think where they both could have gone morning..while armaan remembers something atul said on day of operation in fire-escape..

ARMAAN:Uffo..abhi yaad aaya ..its been a month guys..


ARMAAN:Aaj ke baad atul intern nehi balki poori tarah se Senior resident doctor ban gaya hain..aur ridhimaa bhi jaldi hi ban jayegi…

Armaan smiles at ridhimaa who the way ridhima gives a special exam to complete the internship with help of friends and ofcourse armaan and she got passed and within few days after her discharge she can join as resident doctor..

NIKKI:Wow!!thats great..par Atul ne exam kab diya..

ABHI:Haan..main bhi wohi soch raha hoon..

ARMAAN:Sid aur tamanna ki engagment ke din yaad hain..wooh bahar gaya tha..(all remember the day..atul was missing)wooh exam likhne ke liye gaya tha..aur usne mujhse kahan tha ki wooh sabse pehle yeh baat anjali ko kahenga..aur(pause)usse propose bhi karega..(remembering and getting up excited)


NAINA:Chalona dekhthe hain..(getting ready to go)

ABHI:Pata nehi dono kya kya kar rahe honge..

J.P:Akele akele..(laughs thinking about it)

YUVI:J.P..(hitting him)do log akele kaise honge..

J.p laughs and so does all..

NIKKI:Hey..chalona hum bhi toh dekhe atul kaise propose kartha hain..

TAM:Wooh toh khud hi bahut sharmathe hain..(she says blushing herself)

All nod and try to go while karan hears all this..

KARAN:Guys that's not fair hume aise nehi dekhna chahiye I mean wooh do logon ki personal moment hain..(all looks upto karan with eyebrows narrowed listening to his nonsense..karan sees all and laughs and says shrugging)waise wooh abhi honge kahan..(he asks excitedly,all laughs)

All look at eachother while armaan gets a mischievous smile and he says..

ARMAAN:I know champ aur anjy kahan honge..(all looks up excitedly)follow me..

All go near door following armaan..when armaan hears ridhimaa's voice..


ARMAAN:Kya basket..(coming near)

RIDHIMAA:Mujhe bhi aana hain..(sweetly)

ARMAAN:No ways..tum yahin ruko..(ordering)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan mujhe aana hain ..aana hain..

ARMAAN:Zidd mat karo basket..(trying to make her understand)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan ek hi kamre mein rehke mein bore ho gayi hoon..mujhe bhi aana hain..main bahut dino se bahara nehi gayi..(she said folding her hands)

ARMAAN:Jhooti..(coming near)roz to walk ke liye chalthi hoo..aur abhi-nikki ke shaadi par toh 3 din bahar hi thi..(saying as matter of fact)

RIDHIMAA:Armaan tum mujhe le jaa rahe ho ya nehi..(ordering when he doesn't move she pleads) atul ke liye.. dee ke liyee...please please.. (armaan looks at her and smiles)

ARMAAN:Ok chalo..(she smiles) par haan tum wheel chair pe are not well..

RIDHIMAA:Ok..ok..(atleast he agreed,,she feels happy)

Armaan helps ridhimaa sit on wheel chair..

KARAN:Armaan ..wheel chair kyun ..ridhimaa ko utha ke leke aa jao na..(all laugh)

ARMAAN:Mujhe koi problem nehi hain..kyun basket..(trying to lift her up)


He keeps her on wheel chair and they move out..


As armaan thought atul asked anjali to come on terrace and blind folds her and takes her....

ANJALI:Atul tum mujhe kahan le jaa rahe ho..(not able to see through blindfold)

ATUL:Chalo na anjali..batata hoon..(smiling)

He takes her to the terrace corner where he arranges a small table with lots of flowers written "I love you anjali"..and some candles flowing in the water in small water bowl..and a card on the table..anjali feels being morning and sunrays falling looking so nice..

ANJALI:Woow!!this is just so beautiful,,yeh sab tumne kiya atul ..mere liye.. (she asks excitedly)

ATUL:Haan anjali.. (atul nods and asks her to come near table and gives the card on it to her,she takes it and reads it..she feels very happy and looks at atul)

ANJALI:Its so beautiful atul..(getting happy)

ATUL:Anjali…mujhe pata hain tum bahut dino se chahthi thi ki hum dono ka ristha aage bade..issilye maine socha ki main aaj tumhare liye kuch special karu..tumhe khush karu..i am sorry anjali wooh..main itne dino se issilye yeh sab kar raha the kyunki main (trying to say he did for completing internship)main hamare pyaar I mean..(stumbling..)

Anjali feels that atul still doubts her and her love and now is just trying to compromise and make her happy with all these....

ANJALI:Atul,.tumhe yeh sab mere liye karne ki zaroorat nehi hain..(she keeps the card back angrily and remembers atul words that he needs time..she didn't know main reason and felt that may be he still didn't believe in her love ,may be she deserved it for never understanding his love before..and she felt hes trying to do all this for her sake just to make her happy..she loves him truly and if he doesn't want this relation to go on..she will happily accept it..but she knows it will hurt her)atul mujhe pata hain tum kya kehne chahthe ho..(atul sees her shocked how she knows,anjali sees him sadly n turns back)Atul maine hamesha tume ignore kiya hain..tum mujhse kitna pyaar karthe ho maine kabhi realise hi nehi kiya hain..I am sorry atul ..(Atul smiles) par ab main tumhe aur tang nehi karna chahthi hoonn..(atul gets confused)haan atul main tumse pyaar zaroor karthi hoon..par tumhe karne ke liye majboor nehi karoongi..shayad maine tumhare pyaar ko pehchane mein deer kar diya hain..(atul is still confused)agar tum chaho toh main tumhari zindagi se hamesha ke liye chali jaungi..aur tum apni zindagi phir se shuru kar sakthe ho..mujhe pata hain tumhe mujhse bhi zyaada achchi ladki miljayegi…(she said with heavy heart)

ATUL:Anjali yeh tum kya keh rahi ho.(confused)

ANJALI:I know atul..tumhe abhi bhi lagtha hain mera pyaar sacha nehi hain..aur shayad yeh mera badluck hain..(crying)

ATUL:Nehi anjali aisa nehi hain..(facing her)

ANJALI:Aisa hi hain atul..(loudly)nehi toh tum kyun itne din wait karne ko kehthe huh'..i know.. (not listening to him)

ATUL:Anjali…(shouting at her,she looks at him)anjali..(now slowly)meri baat suno..jaisa tum samajh rahe ho aisa bilkul bhi nehi hain..(she looks upto him unbelieving)haan anjali..mujhe tum par tumhare pyaar par khud se bhi zyaada bharosa hain..tum tum meri jaan ho anjali..(we hear a giggle,atul looks around but can't find anybody whie anjali is still amazed to notice it)aur tumne aisa soch bhi kaise liye ki main tumhe chod kar kissi aur ladki..(pause n remembering)tum hi ne ek baar kahan na ki tumhe bahut log milsakthe hain par mujh jaise pyaar karne wala nehi..toh mujhe tum jaisi itni pyaar karne wali ladki aur kahan milegi..(he says blushing..)

ANJALI:Par,,wooh..tumne mujhse..uss din.(anjali sees him smiling but gets confused)

ATUL:Wooh..anjali wooh baat yeh hi,,uss din. Kuch din wait .(trying to tell her,while she eagerly waits to know whats the reason..)

ANJALI:Atul koi problem hain..(worried)

ATUL:Nehi anjali..wooh toh main..yeh batane ki koshish kar raha hoon ki....(he takes a sigh n says)anjali main itne dino se wait karne ke liye raha tha kyunki main apni internship poori karna chahtha tha,,

ANJALI:Internship?(anjali has totally forgotten about it..)

ATUL:Haan anjali..main chahtha tha ki issi pehle hum dono ka ristha aage bade,,main ek doctor ban jau..main nehi chahtha tha ki tum meri wajah se koi neecha dikhaye..aur main yeh bhi chahtha tha ki 

tumhare pappa se apne baare mein baat karne se pehle main khud kuch ban jao..main nehi chahtha ki koi tumhare choice par ungli uthaye..tum sabse achchi ho anjali ..u r the best,,(he says with all love) uss din..jab sid aur tamanna ka engagement hua..main internship ka exam dene ke liye hi gaya tha anjali.. aur mein yeh baat sabse pehle tumhe batane ke liye leke aaya hoon aaj..main tumhe surprise dena chahtha tha,,issilye main tumse itne dino ke liye nehi kaha..i am sorry agar maine tumhe itne din hurt kiya ho toh..sorry anjali..,,main toh bas...(atul feels sad for hurting her while anjali looked at him in awe,she was very happy that atul thought so much about her,her family and also their future..she can't get a better partner than him)

ANJALI:Atul..i..i am sorry..main bhi na pata nehi kya kya sochne lagi..(coming near him and smiling)Congrats atul..

ATUL:Thanks anjali..tumhe pata hain.. aaj hi main resident doctor ki tarah sanjeevni mein join ho raha hoon..

ANJALI:Wow!!Thats great news,,toh itne dinno se tum iske liye wait kar rahe the,,maine toh..anyways..thanks a lot aur mujhe yeh surprise bahut achcha laga..(looking around again)

Atul hits his head remembering the most important part he forgot...anjali looks around again and takes the card which she kept back rudely,she sees it lovingly..while atul calls her..


ANJALI:(turning around)Kya hain atul..(smiling)

She turns around smiling and sees atul smiling too..he takes out a small velvet box outta his pocket..anjali looks at it..may be she knows what wil happen next..her heart beated fastly and so does atul's..

ATUL:Anjali..(he comes near her and opens the case where there is a small diamond in a beautiful ring,anjali looked to atul and the ring)Anjali..(taking out ring and catching her hand nervously he kneels down,yes we hear a "oww'' sound in a whisper)main bahut dino se tumhe yeh kehna chahtha tha,,par kabhi himmat hi nehi kar paya..main..(pause..takes a sigh and closes his eyes and says with his heart)Anjali..jab se maine tumhe pehli baar dekha se hi main tumhe pasand karne laga tha..tumhari har choti si choti baat meri liye bahut mayne rakthi hain anjali..main tumhe kabhi dukh nehi dekh saktha aur tumhari muskurahat dekhne ke liye main kuch bhi karoonga..main tumse bahut..(trying to confess,he opens his eyes and sees directly into her eyes and says lovingly)Main tumse bahut pyaar kartha hoon anjali..i ..i you..kya tum..mujhse..mujhse s..shaadi karogi..meri saath hamesha ke liye dogi..

Atul looked at anjali waiting for an answer..she was too stunned to answer..never she expected something like beautifully set up and that too by "Atul"..NEVER EVER..she smiled how much did he effort to do it..she remembered all moments with him from the very first day,to jungle,to camp to recent safala trip..tears of happiness flowed from her eyes..she never understood him and he ..he understood her so well..she was waiting for the same thing to happen from many days..and now when he proposed she was awestruck ..not able to think or say anything..

Atul was worried did he say anything wrong..or did anjali didn't like the way he did..his hands were getting wet,he was sweating..

ATUL:Anjali..tum theek hoo,,(getting worried seeing her without a moment)

The suns rays fall on the small diamond and its reflection on anjali which made her come out of trance..she looked at atul who's waiting for an answer still kneeling down..her lips formed a wide smile..and she nodded as tears flowed her cheeks..atul smiled and slipped the ring into her fourth finger..and got up..he saw anjali who still has tears in eyes seeing the ring in her hand and atul in disbelief.. she has a daimond ring which was given by the man she loved most in this world..

ATUL:Sorry anjali ..wooh mujhe isse bada diamond ring kharidene ke liye paise nehi the..(he said bowing down)

As he looked up he saw anjali who was laughing at him and came fast and hugged him tightly,he was first taken aback..then hugged her nervously..

ATUL:Tumhe ring pasand nehi aaya..(still doubting if she liked it or not..anjali was always a perfectionist so getting a gift that to for proposing is very difficult)

ANJALI:Stupid..idiot..(still hugging..atul looked confused why she was scolding him)tumhe kya lagtha hain mujhe diamond ka size se lena hain..mujhe toh usmein chupa hua tumhare pyaar se lena hain..(parting ..both smile)aur haan..tum mujhe agar diamond ke bajaye paudhe ka ring bhi pehnathe bhi mein haan kehthi ..kyunki I too love you a lot atul aur main tumhare bagair jee nehi sakthi..i want to spend rest of my life with you atul.. just you..(she hugged him again)

ATUL:Thanks anjali..(parting away he asks nervously)anjali,,kya tumhe sach mein paudhe ka ring chahiye wooh kya hain na..tumhe pata hain ki main mere plants ko kattha nehi..aur unse ring.?

Anjali looked at him confusedly..she was just saying it jokly to tell how much he means to her and he seems to have taken it seriously..somewhere near people hit their heads for seeing atul so foolish but anjali didn't mind it at all..for her he was "her" atul and she liked everthing about him..even his sweet and silly innocence..

ANJALI:Nehi..atul tumhe mujhe paudhe ke ring deni ki zaroorat nehi hain..aur na hi kissi aur ki..yeh kaafi hain(showing ring)aur sabse zyaada tum mujhe kaafi ho..

She went near him and kissed his cheek making him blush and he too nervously kissed her cheek..which anjali was surprised at..he proceeded towards her lips while anjali closed her eyes in anticipation of it..atul was very nervous and was going near her slowly..

But suddenly their most romantic moment was spoiled by our whole gang's entry…


Atul hearing his name backed off..and anjali opened her eyes and they both saw the whole gang coming near him and looked down embarrassed.. and mostly shocked why the hell they all are here at one time..

ARMAAN:Aree.. champ (coming near and keeping hand on him)tu toh bahut hi romantic nikala yaar(he blushed as all look around by his lovely arrangements)congrats yaar..

RIDHIMAA:Dee..(coming near and hugs her)wow..akhir aapka dream proposal poora ho hi gaya na..congrats dee.congrats atul..

Both atul and anjali blush..

J.P:Arre AJ bhaiya humne toh socha ki aap bahut sharmile hain..par aap..

KARAN:Bilkul cool dude nikale..(completing)

SID:Meri tarah..(raising his collar,all look at him seriously)ok meri tarah nehi nikala..(scared)now fine..(tamanna sees and giggles at him)

All laugh and tease atul while girls tease anjali..

NIKKI:Aur anjy..tum yeh atul ko itni pareshaan kyun kar rahi thi apni baaton se..

NAINA:Bechara AJ kitna darr gaya tha pata hain..(laughing)agar tumne mana kar diya na..toh AJ ka toh heart ki fail ho jata ..(she says smiling)

ABHI:Aur tum atul.kuch kam nehi ho..kya kya line bole anjali ko aur pataya hain..arre hum bhi itne achche tarah se nehi bol pate..(patting him)

Yuvi started ..

YUVI:Waise har koi Dr.Anjali ki tarah shant nehi hoti na..kuch naina ki jaise Miss.Attitude bhi hote hain..pata nehi mujhe kya kya papad belna pada issi terrace pe isse manane ke liye..(he said with frown naina got angry and came near him pushing J.P whowas side to him)

NAINA:Kya kahan yeh toh yaad karo uss din kisne chath se khuden ka dhamki diya..aur kahan "naina..i love you main tumhare bagair marr jaunga"(imitating him)

YUVI:Aur tum kam thi..tum bhi toh mere peeche khudne wali thi..aur fir kahan ":agar wahan jiggy bhi hota toh main usse bhi bo deti"..(imitating her),,nautanki..

NAINA:Main agar nautanki hoon toh tum kaun Mr.Angry young man..achcha hota wahan sach mein jiggy hota atleast tumse toh chutkara pati main..(folding her hands and seeing angrily)

The place became a small battle field while all were trying to make the duo cool..atul looked at anjali who nodded to move away from this mess as soon as possible..atul and anjali tried to slip away before they attack them next..they reach near door of terrace moving backwards catching eachothers hands..when they hear a voice,,they get startled..

VOICE:Ahem ahem..

All looked upto was shashank..all get shocked and yuvi – naina who were fighting left eachother and smiled fakely and all too stood normally as if nothing happened and looked here-there..shashank was confused seeing whole sanjeevni..also karan present there..he looked to atul and anjali who were catching hands..they leave immediately as they see shashank seeing them..he moves near them who are very nervous especially atul..

SHASHANK:Dr.Atul joshi..yeh sab kya chal raha hain..(seeing with eyebrows raised)

All look at atul and anjali and shashank at atul who gulps with great difficulty..

Shashank's cabin..

After listening to the whole story..shashank looks upto atul..all are tensed what will happen ow and how shashank will react..

SHASHANK:Hmm…(getting up)so Dr.Atul joshi..aap anjali se pyaar karthe hain..

ATUL:Jee..sir(nervously looking down)

SHASHANK:Aur usse shaadi bhi karna chahthe hain..(seriously)

ATUL:J..jee s.sir..(sweating,armaan supports him)

SHASHANK:Aur anjali tum..bhi..

ANJALI:Jee papaa..(looking down..ridhimaa supports her)

Shashank walks here and there and sees both seriously making them more tensed..

SHASHANK:Kab se chal raha hain yeh sab..?

He looks at both anjali and atul for answer..but armaan and ridhimaa comes for help..

ARMAAN:Sir..wooh atul anjali se bahut pehle se hi pyaar kartha hain..(shashank nods and sees anjali)

RIDHIMAA:Dee bhi atul se pyaar karthi hain ..bas thode time laga pehchane aur batane mein..(anjali nods)

SHASHANK:So atul..(he nods and comes near him)tumhe lagtha hain tum meri beti ko khush rakh pauge..(atul nods)uski saari zarooraton ko poora kar pauge(atul nods)usse koi kami ke bina rakh pauge..(nods again)ab kuch bolo bhi..

ATUL:(Gathering all courage)Yes sir..main anjali ko khush rakhoonga,usse kissi baat ki kami mehsoos hone nehi doonga,, agar maine kabhi galthi kiya toh main usse sabse pehle maafi magoogna .. wooh gussa karegi toh manauga..aur agar wooh khush hogi..toh aur khush rakhonga agar usse mere plants se allergy hain toh main unhe bhi apne ghar se nikal doonga..,aur mein usse aap sabse bhi zyaada pyaar karne ki koshish karronga..sir..i promise..mein usse koi bhi takleef nehi doonga..main anjali se bahut pyaar kartha hoon aur ..aur(closing eyes and saying fastly)usse shaadi bhi karna chahtha hoon..(he says fastly looking down)

All get startled that atul said all infront of shashank ..mostly shocked was anjali who was seeing him with open mouth..atul looks upto see all staring at him and so was shashank..

ATUL:Wooh..sir mera matlab hain..(nervously trying to cover)

All look at shashank who laughs suddenly and pats atul..all sighs a relief otherwise today could be disaster..

SHASHANK:Its.ok Atul ,,I can understand ,,main toh bas aise hi poonch raha tha..hmm..anjali great choice..(anjali blushes)aur atul you too are a great doctor..mujhe aaj hi pata chala ki tum resident doctor ban gayye ho..congrats..

ATUL:Thank you sir..(smiling)

ANJY:Papaa..aapko pata hain..atul mujhse kitna pyaar kartha hain..(she need to say how much atul cares and loves her)wooh itne dino se issiliye wait kar raha tha taaki wooh resident doctor ban jaye..aur tab mujhe ko propose kare..taaki koi mujhe aur usse saath dekhkar bura na maane.,,mujh par koi ungli nehi uthaye..,,jabki ham sab ko pata hain uski internship na hone ka kaaran kya hain..wooh mujhe bahut khush rakhega pappa..aur main bhi poori koshish karrongi..(she saisd hugging her father)

Atul looks down while anjali gets tears again thinking how much atul cares for her..

SHASHANK:Atul..(parting from anjali and catching atul's hands)mujhe aaj ehsaas hua tum meri beti se kitna pyaar karthe ho..tumse achche daamad aur anjali ke liye pati mein nehi dhoond saktha tha..(he calls both near and keeps their hands on eachother)Hamesha khush raho..(blessing)


NEW INTERNS:Congrat AJ..congrats..Dr.Anjali..

OTHERS:Congrats.. atul..congrats anjy..

RIDHIMAA:Dee..main aapke liye bahut khush hoon(hugging her)

ARMAAN:Champ akhir teri nika hi padi anjali ke saath..(hugging him)

J.P:AJ bhaiya..ab toh aapki band baj hi jayegi..(excitedly)

ABHI:So..sir band I mean shaadi kab fix kar rahe hain in dono ki..

In all this mess one person realised something..

KARAN:Band matlab shaadi?yeah I got one!!!(to himself)

All look at shashank and atul-anjali bows down shyly....Someone enters the room at same time saying..

PADMA:Koi mujhe batayega yahan kya ho raha hain..(confused)

ANJY:Maa,(coming near and hugging her)

After hearing..

PADMA:Arre yeh toh bahut khushi ki baat hain..(blessing anjali and atul)ab mujhe apni dono betiyon ke chinta karne ki zaroorat hi nehi hain..(anjali and ridhimaa blushes)

SHASHANK:Haan..padma..aur hame itne achche daamad jo mile hain..(atul and armaan blushes)

PADMA:Arre main toh bhool ki gayi..jis baat kehne ke liye aayi wooh toh kahan hi nehi..

ARMAAN:Kaun si baat aunty..,,

Padma sees shashank who nods..

SHASHANK:Padma..tumne panditji se baat karli hain..(padma nods in yes)


PADMA:Haan..aur unhone ek mahine ki baad ki muharat rakha hain..(pause and smiling)woohi din jo pichle saal humne tay kiya tha inki shaadi ke liye..

Some look confused..but some understood what they meant..shashank smiled at her..armaan and ridhimaa who were smiling became stunned hearing it ..same day?

KARAN:Aap kya keh rahe hain aunty..

J.P:Jee..haan..hume kuch samjah nehi aaya..

The new gang looked confused..

PADMA:Hum Armaan aur ridhimaa ki shaadi ki baat kar rahe hain beta..(coming near ridhimaa) and Dr.Ridhimaa congrats..

TAM:Bhaiya,bhabhi..bahut bahut mubarak ho..

SID:Dude atlast … congrats yaar..congrats Dr.Ridhimaa..

YUVI:Dr.Armaan,Dr.Ridhimaa congrats…

J.P:Dr.Armaan,apko hame bahut badi party deni padegi..

All laughs and karan comes near armaana n hugs..

KARAN:Exactly J.P mujhe bhi..(he sees armaan who doesn't seem to be happy)Armaan tum khush nehi ho..

They see ridhimaa who is looking the same..

NIKKI:Ridhimaa ..kya hua aise kyun ho..

ABHI:Armaan..koi pareshaani hain kya..

They didn't know what happened and why were they not excited..armaan and ridhimaa looked at eachother sadly.. atul and anjali saw eachother and nodded they knew what happened to them..same day making them remember those incidents which happened nearly one year back making their lifes a disaster..

ATUL:Guys..yaad hain na pichle saal kya hua..ussi din armaan aur ridhimaa ki zindagi badal gayi..uss terrorist attack se..

ANJY:Shayad issilye yeh dono katra rahe hain..hain na ridzy..

Ridhimaa and armaan nods..all remember and feel bad that their most happiest day was turned to most sadest day last year and marriage again on same day..if anything happens again?they don't want again to happen anything like this.. ho gaya usse bhool jao..ab tum dono ko ek nayi zindagi shuru karni hain..

PADMA:Haan..beta..(coming near them)Aur shayad bhagwan chahthe hain ki tum dono phir se apni zindagi ussi mod se shuru karo..mujhe yakken hain yeh sab bhagwan ka racha hua hain..aur humme isse shub manna chahiye..(she said catching ridhimaas hands)

All look at eachother and nods..while armaan and ridhimaa looks upto all..

ANJY:Haan..ridzy..iss baar tum dono ko koi alag nehi kar saktha..

ATUL:Bhagwan bhi nehi..(anjali smiles)

NIKKI:Aur..waise bhi hum sab tumhare saath hain..haina abhi..

ABHI:Bilkul akhir dost kiss liye hain..tumne meri aur nikki ki shaadi ko success kiya ab hamari baari..kyun guys..


YUVI/NAINA:Hum ready hain..

TAM/SID:Aur hum bhi..

All support them..

SHASHANK:Maan jao beta,,(to ridhima)

PADMA:Armaan tum bhi,,

Armaan looks at ridhimaa who nods and armaan too nods agreeing..

ARMAAN:Theek hain…agar aap yehi chahthe hain toh yehi sahi…(armaan and ridhimaa smiles)

All gets excited and claps and then starts for marriage plans..

KARAN:Guys…hum sab ko milke armaan air ridhimaa ki shaadi yadgaar banana hain..hamare liye bhi aur especially in do ever loving love birds ke liye bhi..

NAINA:Guys..chalo humko abhi se saari preparations shuru karna hoga..

All laugh and gather around disussing stuff and shashank-padma about marriage preparations....

Ridhimaa and armaan sees eachother,ridhimaa asks armaan to take her out and armaan takes ridhimaa out of the place to talk to her alone while are very busy..

Fire escape..

Ridhimaa is sitting beside armaan kneeling her head on her shoulder on they remember various moments spent here..

ARMAAN:Ridhimaa..(sees him)tum khush toh hona is sabse..

RIDHIMAA:Haan,,Armaan..(pause,,armaan catches her hand)shayad maa sahi kehthi hain..bhagwan hame doobara mauka de raha hain.. fir se wahin se apni zindagi shuru karne ke humne ek saal pehle shuru karna chaha..aur jab tak tum mere saath ho mujhe kissise daar nehi..(gripping his hand)iss baar maut bhi tumhe mujhse alag nehi karegi armaan,,(she said hugging him)

ARMAAN:Haan..basket,,tumne bahut dukh dekh liya ,,ab sirf khushiyon ki baari hain..iss shaadi se mein tumhari zindagi khushiyon se bhar doonga..tum mere saath hona..(hugging her tightly)

RIDHIMAA:Apni poori zindagi..aur tum..?(seeing him)

ARMAAN:Apni har janam mein,,(seeing into her eyes)

Ridhimaa smiled at armaan with tears,,how could one love so much,,she felt her love is nothing compared to him,,but she knows that without her love and without his love..their love is never completed..they took hand in hand hoping all goes well..and looked into eachothers eyes thinking of their future life as a couple..



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