Saturday, 4 July 2020

Part 4 : Dill Ki Baat

Sha: "Rids beta tum Sapna ko ja collect karlo please beta, hum sabh ko Raj ki ghar jana hai, aaj Krishna ki sagai jo hai"

R: "Sure Papa, mein abhi ayi usse lekhar" she said smiling sweetly at her dad.

With that she went grabbed her keys and left the house.

Raj and Shahshank had been friends since childhood and grew up together, wen to school together even graduated as doctors together, but due to some family commitments Raj was unable to pursue his doctors carear and joined the family business.

When Padma was pregnant with Ridz, Raj's wife was also pregnant and they decided that if Raj had a son then Shashank would get his daughter married to him. They picked a name for the boy before he was born, Krishna, but as luck would have Raj had a daughter. They still named her Krishna and both the girls grew up together to be the best of friends like Raj and Shashank.

Krishna was sent away to study in London which is where she met Shiv and today was their enagement.

Ring Ring

S: "Hello Di"

R: "Sapna, tum ready ho jao mein tumhe collect karne kiliye arrehi hu"

S: "But Di, mein abhi abhi to ayi hu"

R: "Sorry sis, but Papa kehrehe hume aaj Krishna ki sagai mein janahein, remember?"

S: "Crap, mein to bhool hi gayi, okay hold mein abhi Masti ko bol kar nikal jaongi"

R: "Rukho, rukho, rukho, meine kaha na mein arehi hu"

S: "Okay Di, mein apka intezar karungi, bye".

Ridz was really happy for Krishna, Ridz remembered when she had visited Krishna a few months back in London, she had introduced her to Shiv. Shiv was very caring and affectionate towards her and they both seemed to be very happy together. Ridz smiled at the thought of her friend being happy.

Ridz reached Masti's house and called Sapna from the car.

R: "Sapna mein bahar hu, tum jaldi aa jao"

S: "Di, aap please 2 minute ki liye andhar aa jaye, Masti really wants to meet you"

R: "kui?" she answered slightly surprised at this request. Ridz had picked Sapna up from Masti's house on several occasions but never went in, she felt weird as she didn't know these people.

S: "I kind of... meine usko bataya ta ki aap RG hai from Mumbai FM aur who aapko milna chahti hai, please..."

R: "Sapna... (sighs) okay, par sirf 2 minute kiliye, hume Krishna ki sagai par jana hai remember"

With that she parked her car and went pressed on the door bell

Ding dong... the door opens and a really pretty lady opens the door, it was Maya.

by the way I forgot to mention before that Maya's character is played by Aamna Sharif ' aka Kashish)

R: "Namaste, mein Sapna ki bari behen, usse collect karne ayi ti"

Maya was taken aback by the sweetness and simplicity of Ridz and couldn't herself but smile

M: "Namaste, andhar aye"

Masti came running down the stairs closely followed by Sapna

Mas: "Hi, can I have your autograph... please" she was slightly out of breath, partly from the running and partly from being so excited about meeting RG

R: "Erm... sure" she raised an eyebrow at Sapna

Sapna burst out laughing... "Doofus, yeh meri behen hai, koi film star nahi" she said slapping Masti on her back

Mas: "Chup, I know, par she's ..." turning back to look at Ridz "so great, apne radio kui chordi Di ... erm... can I call you Di?"

Ridz laughed, she had never encountered such behaviour towards herself before and was slightly surprised that anyone actually knew her from the radio show.

R: "Ofcourse you can, isme poochne ki kya zaroorat hai" she said as she ruffled Masti's hair.

Maya was just looking on and smiling at them, this girl is perfect she thought.

Minnie ran into the room thinking Armaan had come, she pushed her way past Masti and was about to hug Armaan when she saw Ridz instead and stopped letting her arms fall down.

Ridz noticed the happy look disappearing from Minnie's face. "Sorry, meine apko disappoint kiya, aap kiski intezaar karehe te?" she said bending lifting Minnie's chin to look at her face.

Min: "huh, meine socha meri..."

M: "Minnie beta, meine kaha tah na usse aana mein late hoga, aur yeh kyat um abhi takh tayar nahi huwe, chachu ki party mein nahi jana?"

Minnie was happy at the thought of meeting her favourite chachu (after Armaan) and said "meh 2 minute mein aati hu, mama aap bhi jaldi ready hojaya, kay" and ran from the room to get ready.

R: "Toh hum bhi chalet hai, aapko kahi jana hai"

M: "Arre aise nahi, aap humare ghar pehli bhar aye hai, to kuch kha kar jana hoga"

Mas: "ha, aur mujhe apse bohot kuch poochna hai"

R: "Phir kabhi, hume bhi kahi jana hai aaj", With that she was turning to leave when she noticed a small frame on the coffe table next to the stairs Masti and Sapna had just ran down.

Mas: "Please Di, 2 minute kiliye rukh jayeh"

S: "Di, come on, 2 minute rukh jayenge to hum late nahi honge"

Ridz agreed, partly because Masti was asking so sweetly and partly because of the picture...

Maya went to get them all coffee's and Masti, Sapna and Ridz sat down on the couches. Ridz kept stealing glances at the picture while smiling and talking to Ridz and Maya. She couldn't believe what she saw, the picture was of Armaan hugging Minnie. They looked so happy together.

That's when it dawned on her that she must be in Armaan house and this is his family, Masti his little sister and Maya... Maya must be Armaan's wife and Minnie his daughter, the thought just made her more upset but Maya was so nice to her that she couldn't help but like her and feel happy for Armaan for having such a sweet wife, whom he was definitely happy with.


Maya had just finished dressing Minnie and was looking for Armaan's mum to talk to her.

Ma: "Khala... khala... aap kaha hai, mujhe aap se kuch zaroori bhaat karni hai" she entered Armaan's room and saw his mother taking some clothes out of his cupboard for him to wear when he came back from the hospital for the evening's event.

Ma: "Khala, aap yaha hai, mujhe aap se kuch bhaat karni hai. Yeh aap kya karehe?"

Mu: "Kya hua, itni zaroori kya bhaat hai, oh yeh, Armaan ko kapre choose karneme dher na hojaye isliye, bolo kya bhaath hai"

Armaan had just finished duty and was getting into his car to go home when his phone rang

A: "Hello"

Mu: "Armaan beta tumari kaam khatam hogaya? Meine tumhari bed par kuch kapre rakhe hai, tum wohi pehen kar jaldi yaha aa jao"

A: "Okay mummy, love you, bye" and hang up the phone.

Meanwhile at Krishna's house the party was in full swing, there was lots of singing and dancing, old women eyeing up propective boys and girls for their children/grandchildren, men making general conversation, children running around playing... everyone was having a good time and complimenting the decor and the evening preparations.

Rhiddima came rushing into the house, she had stopped off at the shops to buy her best friend an engagement present and had let her family go on ahead without her.

Riddhima was wearing her normal clothes (jeans and blakc sweater) as she had not gotten dressed yet, she went up the stairs and into Krishna's room.

R: "Wow, meri jaan, I swear agar mein koi larka hota to tume isi waqt baga kar leja ta"

We see Krishna turn around from the mirror laughing at this remark (its Anjali from KavyAnjali) looking very pretty in a turquoise coloured lengha with gold beaded embroidery all over it.

K: "Ridzy, tum bhi na..." and she rushed forward to hug her friend "Tum kaise ho, my god, it's been so long"

R: "Mein achi hu, kya bhaath hai jaan aaj itni sundhar lagrehi ho, kuch khaas bhaat hai kya aaj?" she raised an eyebrow at Krishna with a mischievous smile on her lips. "Aur what do you mean it's been long, humari kal raath hi to baath hui"

K: "I know, but I missed you"

R: "Awww, give me another hug"

And the hugged again, after a few minutes there was a knock on the door, Maya entered the room.

M: "ahem"

R: "Mayaji, aap yaha?"

Ma: "Oh Hi RG, tum yaha kaise?"

K: "Aap aek dusre ko jaante hai?" she said looking at Maya 1st then Ridz

Ma: "Actually hum aaj hi pehle bar mile, iski behen Sapna Masti ki saath college jahti hai"

K: "Oh, Ridz, yeh Shiv ki bhabhi hai, aur yeh meri best friend Rhiddima"

R: "Oh" and smiled, "Great, yeh yaha bhi hai, to phir Armaan bhi zaroor ayega" she thought to herself.

Ma: "Actually mein tume niche lene ayethi, sabh tumhari liye niche intezar karehe"

R: "Mayaji, mein use lekhar aati hu"

Maya agreed and left to join the rest of the guests downstairs.

Armaan didn't know the address so he called Maya to get the address.

Ma: "Hello"

A: "Hi Di, apne toh mujhe sagai par invite kardi par address nahi di, mein aab kaise aonga"

M: "Dude, address meine tumhari dresser ke uphar rakh diya hai, tum jaldi aa jao, Okay bye"

Armaan found the paper with the address and left the house.

Ma: "Khala, meine jis larki ki baath ki ti, RG, woh yahi hai"

M: "Kya, woh yaha kaise, aur kaha hai mein bhi to dekhu usse"

They both looked towards the stairs and saw Krishna and Ridz walking down together. Ridz was wearing a yellow lehenga covered with intriquete gold embroidery, her hair was loose and she had a matching jewellery to go with her outfit. She looked stunning thought Armaan's mum.

Everyone turned to look at Krishna coming down the stairs, they came down and Krishna went and sat next to Shiv (played Iqbal Khan). They started talking to each other and Ridz walked away to get herself a drink. All the guests were now focussing their attention on Krishna and Shiv.

Ridz was walking past the front door to get to the drinks bar when the door opened and a gush of wind came in causing Ridz's hair to fly into her face, she struggled to move it from her face, as some strand were stuck to her lip gloss.
Suddenly she felt a hand on her face slowly moving the hair from her face, Ridz's eyes closed with the touch, she felt a sweet shiver down her spine as the hand brushed past her lips.

Ridz opened her eyes to see Armaan looking into her eyes, Armaan was lost in her green eyes, she looked so beautiful struggling with her hair.

As soon as Armaan had walked in he had seen Ridz's face, the hair had automatically covered her face as though trying to hide her from him. He had stood there at the entrance for a few second's not believing she was really there, she looked like an angel, Armaan reached forward to move her hair half expecting her to disappear with his touch. When she didn't he was confused but then mesmerised when Ridz opened her eyes. Those green eyes were like an ocean and he was willing to drown in them just to be with her. He was arrested by her eyes, unable to move or think. They were in another time and place, oblivious to there surroundings.

"boyfriend..." Ridz and Armaan snapped out of their trance, Minnie ran towards Armaan and hugged him tightly, he looked down to see Minnie hugging his waist.

Armaan looked to see Ridz but she had disappered.

M: "Itni der kui kardi aane mein, chalo mein tumhe kisise milana chati hui" and led him away.

Ridz had rushed away to the rest rooms, "Uski shaadi ho chukhi hai, uski beti hai" she sobbed remembering these bitter facts.

Minnie had taken Armaan to meet her other favourite uncle, Shiv who was sitting Krishna, Masti and Sapna, the latter two were enjoying teasing the both of them.

Min: "Chachu, meet my boyfriend" she said introducing Armaan to Shiv.

Sh: "Minnie, itni umar mein tumhari boyfriend, great toh agle sagai tumhari" he chuckled turning to Armaan, "Hi, I'm Shiv, Minnie ki Chacha" holding out his hand

A: "Hi, I'm Armaan, iski boyfriend and mama"

They chatted some more and got to know each other when Ridz walked over to join them. She had not noticed Armaan standing there.

Mas: "Bhai, inse miliye, Sapna ki behen, the famous RG, from Mumbai FM, you know woh subha wali" she chuckled at the end, she very well knew that Armaan would wake up every morning listening to the show.

Armaan turned to see who she was talking about, when he was shocked at what he was... Ridz.

As soon as Armaan turned to look at Ridz she froze, she didn't know where to turn or look, h elooked confused and she didn't understand why. Krishna noticed something was wrong and walked forward and took Ridz closer to the group holding her hand, "Aur meri best friend, Riddhima"

Armaan was shocked, "Hi", "yeh RG hai...? Par yeh to meri saath... Dr... isiliye uski awaaz humesha... " Armaan was asking himself a million questions in his head, Riddhima was RG, why had he not figured this out before.

They were all standing together talking and laughing with Armaan stealing glances at her whenever he got a moment, "I'm in love" he thought looking at Ridz, she was his dream girl. He tried to catch her eyes but she was completely ignoring him, she wouldn't even look in his direction.

Ridz made an excuse of needing to talk to her mother and walked away, Maya was standing at a distance watching all this, "yeh larki Armaan kiliye perfect hai" she thought.

Ridz walked off to Krishna's room, she didn't want to be in the presence of Armaan, she couldn't trust herself or control her emotions around him. Ridz was standing at the window silently sobbing when she couldn't believe what she saw.

A car had just pulled up, the door opened and handsome man stepped out. A woman ran towards the man, it was no other than Maya. She hugged the man tightly as he lifted her from the ground and spun her around.

"Oh my god, she's cheating on Armaan" the thought exploded into Ridz mind as she witnessed this from the window. "#!?*$, how could she cheat on him, poor Armaan" there were more tears running down her eyes now, Maya was cheating on Armaan and he was unaware of it. She felt so bad for him, she had to tell him, he had to know the truth. She was rushing down the stairs when she nearly tripped at what she had just seen. Armaan was standing there with Maya and the man, he was hugging the man and then the man held Maya by her waist while Armaan stood there smiling and talking to both.

"What's wrong with him, Yeh kuch karta kui nahi, Armaan ki samne uska patni kisi anjaan adhmi ki saath hai aur woh hasraha hai" Ridz was shocked while thinking this to herself.



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