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part 5 : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

In armaan's car
AR have reached ridhima's place
R-thank you armaan kal milte hai
A-well!!!aisa to ho nahi sakta kyunki kal hame chutti Mili hai bhool gai???
R-oh!! Ha
A-iska matlab hum kal nahi mil paenge? oh no!!!!!
R-chalo armaan ab Mai chalti hu or plan yaad hai na tumhe?
A-ha ha
She was going out of the car but armaan held her hand and said-oye basket
A-tum kuch bhool nahi rahi
A-yaad karo dhang se
R-mai kuch nahi bhool rahi armaan
Armaan gets angry and telss her to leave
R-or ha armaan...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

and she planted a kiss on his cheek which brings a biggg smile to armaan's faceBig smileand says-tumhe yaad tha??
R-ha mai kaise bhool sakti hu?  chalo armaan ab mujhe jaana hai bye
A-i love you basket
R-i love you too!!!
And she leaves

scene shifts to armaan's room

armaan picks up the phone and shashank was on the other side
A-sir aap...good evening sir!!!
SH-armaan abhi hum hospital se bahar hai aur hospital se bahar mai aapke hone wala sasur sir nahi,dad!!!
A-jee sir...i mean dad
SH-pehle to happy birthday
A-thank you sir...uhh dad
SH-aur doosri baat armaan vo aapki kal ki chutti cancen ho gai hai vo darasal hume aapki zarurat hai
A-par sir
SH(cut him in between)-i know DR.armaan kal aapka birthday hai aur aap ridhima ke saath rehna chahte hai par i am sorry aapko kal aana padega
A-okay sir...biee sir
he cuts the phone
A(to himself)-abey yaar ye sasur hai ya sher hai???

scene shifts to sanjeevani the next morning

samica was walking in the corridor and nishant was coming from the other side.
Water was spilled on the floor when suddenly sam slips and falls into nishants's arms they were lost into each others eyes and they felt something they never felt for each other...samica for the first time in her life was able to hear her heartbeat as her heart was beating very fast,,,,,,,nishant could the innocence in her eyes which he had never seen. All this was going on,they were lost into each other so much that they could not see anyone else until they were interrupted by a sound

"aeee maine 10 films or 24 plays kie hai or mai yaha ka disaplenarian hu aur tu mujhse puchti hai ki mai kon hu...nahi tu mujhe bata tu kon hai????"

sam and nishant come to their real worlds
AND ya the one who was shouting was our one and only...NANA
armaan came running hearing the noise and was so happy to see nana, he went to him
N-kon bola be(he turns around) arrey apple tu!!!!
They hugged each other and were jumping happily
A- nana aap aa gaye what a pleasent surprise
N- ha ha...or HAPPY BIRTHDAY
A-arrey nana aapko yaad tha?
N- to tujhe kya lagta hai mai bhool gaya?
A-nai nai
N-acha ye sab chor or bata ki teri setting vo bulbul kaha hai?
A-arrey nana aaj uski chutti hai
N-aur tu yaha betha hai ja ja nikal apni bulbul ke paas jaa
A-par mai kese???
N-abey tu bhool gaya mai yaha ka disaplenarian hu/
A- ohhh ha
N- chal ab ja
so when armaan entered the house he was so shocked to see all the decorations and stuff and was thinking who would have done all this? well who else it could be? the  one and only armaan's basket!!!!

well he was lost in his thought when he saw the most beautiful woman standing in front of him it was ridhima standing at the center in a beautiful pink saree she was looking sooo pretty that armaan couldn't stop admiring her

R(walking towards armaan and singing)-happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you,happy birthday dear armaan,happy birthday to you
A(shocked)-basket ye sab...?
R(cut him in b/w)-ye sab maine tumhare lie kia hai...ab sawal jawab band pehle andar to aa jao

as they move forward there was a black suit hanging on a rod in front of armaan
armaan was confused he looked at ridz an pointed his index finger towards the suit
R-tumhare lie hai jao aur ye pehenlo armaan did as she said

armaan came back wearing that suit
A-to kaisa lag raha hu mai?
R-bahut handsome
A-well wo to mai hamesha lagta hu koi nayi baat hai to batao
R-ha ha bas bas ab hero banne ki zarurat nahi hai chalo ab cake kaate

they go in front of the table
it was such a big and beautiful cake that armaan was really shocked to see it, he never imagined that something like this was planned for him mean itna bada cake?
R-well armaan mai tumhare lie jitna karu utna kam hai kyunki tum mere lie bohot special ho!!!
it brought a biggg smile on his face and then he bent forward and blowed the candles he was about the cut the cake but he stopped
R-kya hua kaato,ruk kyu gae?
he doesn't reply he just holds her hand and starts bringing it close to the knife ridhima looks at her hand ang gives a confused expression. armaan makes her hold the knife as he wants her to cut the along with him the both cut the cake and armaan was so happy that while cutting the cake armaan planted a kiss on ridhima's cheek,ridhima was surprise as well as feeling shy for what armaan just did she turned her face towards him and armaan does the same and the were deeply lost into each other's eyes!!!!!

they both come back to their senses
R-armaan tu yahi ruko mai abhi aai
A- kya hua basket kaha jaa rahi ho?
R-tum ruko to mai aa rahi hu and she leaves

after sometime she comes back and tells armaan to close his eyes
R-armaan ab apni aakhien band karo
R-arrey tum bas aakhien band karo sawal jawab baad mai
he closes
R-ab kholo
he opens his eyes and sees a gift in ridhima's hand
A(confused)-basket ye kya hai?
R-gift hai
A-mere lie
R-tumhara birthday hi to tumhare lie hi hogi na ab kholo isse
he opens the gifts and it was an expensive watch armaan was impressed to see it but but not that happy as ridhima expected
R-kya hua acha nahi laga?
A-bohot acha hai i love it par basket iski koi zarurat nahi thi
R-zarurat thi...or ha iski bhi zarurat thi
and she pulls out another gift
A(suprised)-ek or gift? basket ab bas bhi karo
armaan unwraps it and was realy happy to see so many comics
A-wow comics...thank you basket!!!
and he starts reading them ignoring ridhima
R-oh hello mai ye comics islie nahi lai thi ki tum inhe abhi padho
A-oh i am sorry basket
and he leaves the comics
R-armaan chalo let's dance
ridhima takes him to dance with him
they both started dancing and they were so lost in each other that they didn't realized how half and hour passed like this
R-acha armaan batao tumhe apne birthday ke lie kya chahiye?
A-basket mujhe or kuch nahi chahiye tumne mujhe bohot bada surprise diya hai!! and waise bhi tum mujhe gift de chuki ho
R-ha par vo to meri marzi ke the na ab tum kya chahte ho?
A-maine kaha na mujhe kuch nahi chahiye mujhe tum mil gai ho mere lie vo hi sab kuch milne ke barabar hai
Ridhima simles at this and says-armaan please batao na tumhe kya chahiye?
A-agar tum itna hi insist kar rahi ho to...
pehla to ek kiss
ridhima thought to give a kiss on his cheek right away so she aproches his cheek but armaan dorges her
ridhima was confused
A-miss basket gupta mai iss kiss ki baat nahi kar raha tha
R-kya matlab?
A-mai to...lips ki baat kar raha tha
R-kya?...ok theekai or?
A-well dusra...ummm...vo basket...ummm
R-bolo armaan!!!
A-choro rehno do
he turns his face to the other side in such a way that his back faces ridhima
R(putting her hand on his shoulder)-bolo armaan kya chahiye tumhe?
A-ummm...rehno do na basket...kuch nahi aise hi
R-nahi armaan ab to tumhe batana padega
A-acha to mai jo kahuga tum mujhe dogi?
R-i promise
A-ridhima isse decision ko baad mai regret mat karna
R(with a scred expression)-armaan tum bolo to tumhe kya chahiye?
A-ummm...basket...mai vo...

scene starts in sanjeevani
samica,nishant,lavanya and ankit were walking in the corridor very angry and embarrassed that rohan got selected

L-i bet ye rohan zarur koi na koi garbar karega i mean ye surgery hai kisi ki zindagi ka sawal hai aise hi thodi na kisi se bhi assist kar walo
A-aaj mujhe pata chala tum kitni jealous ho
L-what? mai koi jealous wealous nai hu mai bilkul theek hu
A-ha vo to dikh hi raha hai
L-kya matlb?tum na za...
S(cut them in between)-guys ladhna band karo,hume to apne dost ke lie khush hona chahiye na ki ladhai karni chahiye!
N-ohhh,ohhh miss behen ji ab kisi ki zindagi se zada dosti important hai? matlab vo itna bevakuf sa hai vo kya surgery mai assist karega?
S-tum na chup ho jao hamara dost pehli baar ek surgery mai assist kar raha hai  uske lie khush hone ke bajae tum usse jealous ho rahe ho...shame on you

they were just fighting when lavanya and ankit
 were fed up of all this and they left they both were going to the locker room and lavanya was walking and texting also she was lost in her phone...and a war boy was coming from the front holding a strecher and suddenly he looses the grip of the strecher and it was going away and the ward boy was running after it and it was just gonna hit lavanya when ankit held her and pulled her close to him in such a way that ankit was against the wall and lavanya was standing very close to him

and they both were lost in looking into each others eyes...they were so much lost that don't know for what reason it brought a smile to lavanya's face and she didn't even realize it...they couldn't stop looking into each others eyes and suddenly it was broken by the ward boy
WB-thank you sir aapne ma'am ko bacha lia and i am sorry ma'am!
A(angrily)-tum dekh nai sakte the agar isse kuch ho jata to?
lavanya was confused that why was he taking a stand for her?why was he trying to protect her?

scene shits to ridhima on the phone with shashank

R-papa mai vo aaj raat ko ghar nahi aaungi'
SH-kya hua beta?
R- vo darasal papa meri car kharab ho gai muskaan ke ghar ke paas to mai uske ghar jaa rahi hu
SH-tumne armaan ko kyu nahi bola tumhe chorne ke lie?
R-papa aap to uska naam mat lee jie
SH-kyu ab kya hua?
R-mujhe uske baare mai koi baat nahi karni papa armaan bohot bura hai!!!!!
SH-phirse ladhai hui?
R-ha papa...matlab ek to maine uske lie itna acha surprise plan kia or vo mujh se hi ladh raha hai vo bhi apne birthday ke din...urghhh i hate him
SH-acha theek hai beta ab mai rakhta hu aur muskaan ko kahe ga ki aapko kal ghar jaldi chorde
R-jee papa! biee good night!!!!

ridhima was very upset after the call and as she turns around armaan was standing there...yesss she was not at muskaan's place she was at armaan's place only and was feeling very guilty as she had to lie to her father
A-basket agar tum ye nahi karna chahti to no problem mai tumhe ghar chor deta hu
R-nahi armaan i am fine mujhe tum pe pura vishwas hai


R-armaan ab tum bologe bhi ki tumhe dusra gift kya chahiye?
A(after so difficulty)-basket mai chahta hu tum
R-ki mai?
A-ki tum aaj raat mere ghar mai merese saath mere bedroom mai raho i promise mai kuch nahi karunga
ridhima was shocked hearing this and was just making herself believe what armaan just said
A-agar tum ye nahi karna chahti to it's fine...mai tumhe force nahi karunga
R-armaan mujhe sochne ka time do
A-sure,par ek baat yaad rakhna agar tum na bhi bolo to bhi tumhe uss faisle mai support karunge

after sometime she says yes and calls shashank

flashback ends

scene shifts to ridhima coming out of the bathroom in armaan's clothes she was feeling shy and was a bit embarrassed
armaan walks towards her. She gets scared and keeps looking down
armaan went to her and held her from her waist and pulled her close and ridhima was staring in his eyes
A-oyye hoyye meri tom boy basket!!!
she smiles and blushes
R-armaan tum bhi na!
and she goes and lies down on the bed as she was tired and armaab sits beside her
A-thak gai?
armaan holds her hand and says-basket thank you sooo much tumne aaj mujhe bohot acha surpeise dia hai thank you or ye iss cheez ne mujhe bata dia ki tum mujhse kitna pyaar karti ho
R-bas karo armaan iske lie thank you bolne ki koi zarurat nahi hai
A-i love you basket
R-i love you too
and they both hug each other in such a way that armaan was on top of ridhima as they were still lying on the bed as they come out of the hug they were lost into each others eyes and
A-basket tum mera pehle gift bhooli to nahi na?
R-nahi armaan mujhe yaad hai
their lips were getting closer,closer,closer,more closer ridhima's heartbeat became very fast,her breath was also very deep she was feeling very shy and was ready to kiss armaan when armaan passes her lips and kisses on her cheek
ridima opens her eyes in shock as she thought that he would kiss her on her lips and this loyalty of armaan brought a smile to her face armaan then gently kissed on her neck and he was about to kiss her on her shoulder when he remembers his words

"i promise mai tumhare saath kuch nahi karunga"
and he stops
R-kya hua armaan?
A-yaad hai maine tumse promise kia tha toh...
his sweetness brought tears in ridhima's eyes and she hugged him

after getting out of the hug
A-basket tum bed pe so jao or mai zameen pe so jaata hu
he was leaving when ridhima held her hand and slowly pulled him towards herself indicating him to sleep on the bed close to her
A-kya hua basket?
R-armaan tum bed pe so jao
A-nahi ridhima tumhe neeche thand lag jaegi
R-to mai kaunsa niche so rahi hu?
A-ha to tabhi to mai neeche...
he realizes what was she trying to say and he goes close to her ridhima shifts to make spaca for armaan she gave him the quilt they hugged and slept cuddling into each others arms

the next morning

armaan wakes up as his sleep was interrupted by the sun rays  and as he turned to his right he saw such a beautiful sight there. It was ridz sleeping right next to him, she was sleeping like a small baby in his arms. Armaan smiled at this as he found it cute...the hair were falling on her face and he removed them from her face with his hand and placed a kiss on her forehead on which ridhima wakes up with a smile on her face

A-good morning,princess!!!
R(yawning)-good mornin my prince charming
A-basket,...vo kal raat jo hua...
R(cut him in between)-mai jaanti hu ki tum sorry kehna chahte ho par kall raat kuch bhi aisa nahi hua jiske lie tum sorry kaho
A smiles at this
R-oh no!!!! armaan hum to bhool hi gaye!!!
R-rahul muskaan
A-arrey ha,plan to yaad hai na tumhe
R-ha,or ab mai late ho rahi hu mujhe jaana papa meri wait kar rahe honge
she was leaving when armaan holds her hand and pulls her back

R-kya hua armaan choro mujhe.mujhe jana hai jaldi abhi romance ka time nahi hai
A-i'll miss you basket, and i love you
R(blushing)-i love you too
he leaves her and she leaves
in sanjeevani (canteen)

R(to armaan)-armaan tum na apne aap ko zada smart mat samjho

A-correction miss basket mujhe apne aap ko samrt samajhne ki zarurat nai hai kyunki mai already bohot smart hu...get that!!!

R-smart hone ke lie na dimaag ki zarurat nai hai jo tumhare pass nahi hai

A-ohhh pahlease tumse to zada hi hai

ridhima opens her mouth in shock-armaan tum...tum...

A-ha bolo basket maiii...mai kya?

suddenly muski enters from one side and rahul from the other side at the same time. They look at each other and feel kinda embarrassed.

Ra-kya hua guys tum ladh kyu rahe ho?

A-mujhse kya puch raha iss basket se puch na

M-kya hua ridhima?

RI-acha hai muski tu aa gayi,batao iss armaan ko ki tumhare break up mai saari galti rahul ki hai

A-mai jab keh raha hu iss muskaan ki hai,tumsaari ladkiya hoti hi aisi ho...ladhaku

RI-tum kehna kya chahte ho ki tum ladhke bohot ache hote???

they both were busy fighting while rahul and muskaan were quite and embarrassed

scene shifts to the locker room

nishant was sitting on the bench thinking about samica

N(thinking)-uss din jab maine samica ko girne se bachaya to mujhe kya ho gaya tha?

Uss...uski aakhien itni sundar unme kho jaane ka mann karta hai,uske chehre ko hamesha dekhne ka mann karta jo bhola pan uske chehere se jhalakta...haaye kitni sundar hai vo

Suddenly he comes back to his senses-abey tu ye kya soch raha vo bhi samica ke baare nishant no you hate her vo baohot buri hai...kahi mujhe no no never aisa kabhi nahi ho sakta...impossible!!!

On the other side lavanya was also thinkin like this about ankit

L(thinking)-usne mujhe kyu bachaya? Vo to mujhse nafrat karta hai to vo aisa kyu karega?par uske strong manly haathon ne jab mujhe chua to pata nahi kyu mere dill bohot tezz dadhakne laga kahi mujhe usse...(she comes back to her senses) kya nai lavanya aisa bilkul nahi ho sakta uski shakal dekhi yukkk aisa lgata jaise kisi bhoot ko dekh lia ho no lavnaya you hate him

She was walking thinking about all this when armaan passes by and she was just looking at him

L-OMG he is sooo handsome...or mai uss pagal ke baare mai soch rahi thi DR.armaan is sooo hot kash mai iski GF hoti!!!!

She blushes at her thoughts and goes away

Scene shifts to muskaan in her office

M(talking to herself)-Lagta hai mere or rahul ki wajah se armaan ridhima ke beech ladhai ho...sab sab rahul ki galti hai,par unki ladhai ka kaaran mai bhi to ho sakti hu na...urghhh i am sorry AR kash mai tumhare lie kuch kar paati!!! Kya mujhe rahul se maafi maangni chahiye? Nahi nahi mai kyu maafi mangu galti uski vo maafi maan ge mai kyu?????

She was thinking about all this when ridhima enters in anger armaan itna irritating mera bas chale to mai to na usse...urghhh

M-ab kyu hua ridhima?

R-kya hua tu ye puch kya kya nahi hua!!! I hate him

M-lekin hua kya??

R-wahi jo ter or rahul ke beech hua

M-kya? Iska matlab tum dono ka...

R-break up ho gaya!!! And thanxx to you and rahul tumne meri aakhien khol di

This side ridz and muski were busy in there conversation on the other hand armaan and rahul were talking

R-kya? Kya? Armaan tu sach bol raha hai?

A-ha mere bhai mera or ridhima ka break up ho gaya

R-par tu aisa kese kar sakta hai armaan?

A-thank you so much rahul aaj tum aur muskaan na hote na to mai aaj ridhima ka asli roop kabhi na dekh pata

R-matlab tumne hamari wajah se ye kia?

A-nai yaar tum na hte to pata nahi mera kya hota

Scene shifts to

Ridhima walking in the corridor when hand snatches her to the fire exit

It was our armaan only

R-armaan tum ye kya kar rahe ho agar rahul muskaan ne dekh lia to?

A-arrey yaar ye rahul muskaan ne to na saare romance ko paani mai mila diA hai

R- armaan vo hamare dost hai unke lie hum itna to kar hi sakte hai

A-hmmm...or wese  muskaan ko tum par shak to nai hua na?

R-nai  abhi tak to nahi or rahul ko tumpe

A-naaa  usse abhi tak nahi pata chala ki hum uske samne ladhne ka naatak kar rahe hai wese tum ye sab choro ab jaldi se ek kiss de do na!!!


A-  Kya??? Pleasee basket ek kiss please!!!

R-nahi armaan choro mujhe jaana hai

He doesn't leave her but ridhima being ridhima slyly got out of her hold and ran away

General ward

Muskaan was doin her duties and feeling very guilty for AR when suddenly her pager rang to go armaan's office...she was thinking why was she called to armaan's office when on other hand rahul's pager also rang to go their she heard it ringing and thought he also must have been called their so she changes her direction to go to his room

So muskaan was coming from one side and and rahul from one side

So when muski was walking there was water spilled on the floor(well that was armaan's idea only,he had spilled water over the floor)when muski skid cz of it and rahul held her she closed her eyes as she thought she would fall down but realizing she didn't fell she slowly opened her eyes and the person who was holding her was rahul only she was just lost in his eyes and rahul to they both started coming closer to each other more close more close there was a distance on an inch b/w their lips.


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