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Part 6 : Dill Ki Baat

R: "Armaan" she whispered

Armaan put his finger on Ridz lips to stop her from talking. Ridz lips quivered with his touch, her face tingled with his touch, her breathing became shallow.

Armaan was lost in her eyes again, searching for answers in them, answers he couldn't understand the questions to. Its only been 2 days since they met and already he couldn't stand to be away from her, she had aroused a desire in him that he couldn't understand or control, or was it he didn't want to control.

Ridz was suddenly overcome with shyness, she couldn't look into his eyes any longer, his intense gaze was making her feel uncomfortable? No not uncomfortable, she was feeling... she couldn't understand the feeling, having Armaan stand there staring at her made her feel special, warm inside... warm or hot, she was feeling hot all over. She could feel her face was turning red, she could feel the heat rise from her lips, from his touch all over her face.

Armaan lifted Ridz's face with his finger under her chin, she looked so beautiful he thought, he stepped closer to her, leaning forward slightly, still unsure of what he was doing, when Ridz lifted her gaze to his eyes, Armaan stopped, trying to read her eyes, was she okay with this he thought to himself. Then to his surprise Ridz kissed him first. He was taken aback by her sudden reaction, only for a split moment. The soft touch of her lips on his made him stop thinking, he kissed her back, slowly at first then applying more pressure as he placed one hand on her cheek and the other around her waist to hold her. Ridz responded to his kiss and touch by placing her hands around the back of his neck, not letting there kiss end.

"Di", they pulled away from each other, not looking at each other feeling confused as to what just happened.

"Di, aap yaha hai, aur sub aap ko andhar doondh rahe hai, chaliya ab warna Krishna di ki sagai nahi hogi, chaliye" with that Sapna dragged Ridz away holding her hand.

Ridz looked back over her sholders to see Armaan with his back to her, looking up at the sky.

When Sapna approached them, Armaan didn't know where to look, he was so happy, he turned around so Sapna couldn't see his face, he had this really cute smile playing on his lips.

Lips, he remembered their kiss, he let a sigh and continued to stare at the sky. He licked his lips, still tasting her lips on them. Wow, he thoughth what a kiss, remembering the soft touch of her lips sent shivers down his spine as he continued to smile at the sky. Only the moon was witness to what had just happened.

Meanwhile inside...

"Ridzy, tum kaha chale gai, tum jaante ho no ki mein tumhari beghair Shiv's se sagai nahi kar sakti, sweet's I'm so nervous" Krishna rushed up to Ridz as soon as she saw coming into the house looking really nervous.

R: "Honey, don't worry mein ageyi na, chalo ab jaldi karo aur Shiv ko angooti pehnaw, bichare dekho" she pointed towards Shiv who was really looking worse for ware being teased by Sujal and Maya "dekho kabse tumhara intezaar karahai, jaa ke bachao usse"

K: "Hey, meri koi dosh nahi iss mein, saari galti tumhari, mujhe chor kar kaha chaligayi ti tum?"

Ridz where she was a few moments ago and smiled remembering the kiss
"woh.. mein... woh"
S: "Krishna di, Di garden mein gayi ti, shayad apki sagai usse boring laghi ho isliye" she said with a cheezy grin at Ridz, Ridz was so going to get in trouble with Krishna now

K: "What? Boring? Meri sagai tumhe boring lagrahi hai" she was sounding slightly angry now

R: "Krishna meri jaan, meine aise kab kaha" she turned to Sapna "Iss madam ki bath par barosa matt karna, yeh to aise hi hai, hur jaga jooth bolti hai" she said hitting Sapna slowly on the sholder

R: "mein bas aise hi garden mein walk par gayi ti, you know aisihi"

Raj and Shashank who had been talking some distance away seeing the girls together approached them now,

Ra: "Ridhimma beta tum agaye chalo, abh jaldi karo, tumhari dost ko lao aur uski sagai karwao, pitha to mein hu par intezaar tumhari horehi ti"

Ridz smiled and led Krishna to the centre of the room where Shiv was standing with Sujal and Maya. Shiv had the biggest smile on his face as he watched Krishna walk towards him.

R: "Laghta hai Shiv ko agar hum aur tori si bhi intezaar karwahte toh bichara tume yaha se baga kar aaj hi shaadi karleta" she whispered in Krishna's ear, who in turn looked down in embarrassment.

They approached a very embarrassed Shiv who was still being hassled by Sujal, continuosly whispering things in his ears making him turn red in the face.

R: "Eh hem, agar aap ki masti katamh hogayi ho, to kya hum angooti ki rasam shuru kareh?" she said smiling at Sujal

Su: "Itni kya jaldi hai? Tori aur rukh jate hai" he could feel Shiv getting angry at this remark and just laughed looking at his brother

R: "Humme koi problem nahi, par kya aap ki bhai intezaar kar sakenge?" It was Krishna's turn to get annoyed now at Ridz

S: "Bhai aap yeh kya karehe?" Shiv whispered to Sujal so no-one else could hear

Su: "Waise bhaat apne saach kahe, mera bhai ka itna bura hal mein nahi dekh sakhta, isliya chaliye angooti pehna lethe hai, par ha aek bhaath hai" he now turned his attention to Krishna "meri bhai ko shaadi ki din itna intezaar matt karaiega please, bechara shayed mar jayega"

Everyone laughed at this

Sha: "Okay bacho, chalo abh angooti kaha hai"

Armaan walked up behind Shiv now holding the two rings that Maya had asked him to pick on the way here.

Sha: "Oh Dr Armaan, thankyou" he said taking the rings and handing one to Ridz and the other to Maya

The couple exchanged rings while all the time Armaan kept staring at Ridz with a smile plastered on his face

The ring ceremony was now complete and the couple were asked to take centre stage for their 1st official couples dance. The lights dimmed as a spot light focused on Krishna and Shiv, everyone was looking at Shiv and Krishna including Ridz, who couldn't hide the smile on her face. She was really happy for her friend, but the smile wasn't only from the happiness she could see on her friends face, she was happy from knowing that Armaan wasn't married.

Armaan stood next to Maya and Minnie who were busy looking at the couple, but his eyes couldn't look away from Ridz.


Unknown to them both, that night apart from their eyes looking at each another pair eyes were watching them and saw the entire incident.

The following day at Sanjeevani the atmosphere was very tense between Armaan and Ridz. The duties to the interns were handed without so much as a glance at each other, the whole experience was making Armaan feel almost guilty.

"Why should I feel guilty", thought Armaan, "she kissed me first, but then she was upset before that and maybe I took advantage of the circumstance" this thought left him feeling very disgusted by himself and he just wanted to apologise to her, explain to her... "explain what, mein usse kya kahunga" Armaan couldn't think what to do, Ridz had avoided him like the plague all day even when he called her to his office, she didn't show and her later explanation had been she had gotten stuck with a patient.

Little to Armaan's knowledge after reaching home last night (after the party) Ridz was also very happy from that evening's event, but the happiness was short lived.

* Flashback *

They all walked into the house very quietly, Padma had been very quiet the entire journey home. Infact she had been very quiet during the entire party.

As they walked in through the doors, Padma slowly turned around, Ridz and Sapna froze at the anger evident in their mothers eyes, they had never seen such anger in her eyes before, she was always so cheerful and a fun loving kind of person.

Sha: "Kya bath hai Padma, tum itne gusha kui ho"

Padma raised her hand to Shashanks face to silence him, she walked towards Ridz and Sapna slowly, the anger escaping her eyes in the form of hot tears,

P: "Sapna tum apne kamre mein jao"

Sa: "par ma..."

P: "JAO"

Sapna ran up to her room with tears in her eyes, Padma had never raised her voice at Sapna, as Sapna was the baby of the house and loved by everyone especially her mother most dearly.

Ridz watched her sister run up the stairs, she wanted to go and comfort her baby sister, she couldn't see any of her family members ever upset, but at this point it was more important to calm her mother down and find out what had caused her to be so angry.

Ridz turned to look at her mother when... SLAP... Ridz held her left cheek in horror as tears ran streamed down her face

R: "Ma..."

Sha: "Padma, yeh kya karehi ho"

P: "Riddhima Gupta ab jao apne kamreme jao"

Ridz ran to her room with her hand on her face crying non-stop. She couldn't understand why her mother had slapped her, she didn't even give a reason for being so angry.

Sha: "Padma, yeh kya hai, tumne Rhiddy ko mare kui aur Sapna ko istara...?" Shashank was shocked at his wife irrational behaviour, they had never hit their children, ever. Threats were enough to keep the girls on the straight narrow so far and all of sudden out of nowhere Padma slaps Ridz.

P: "Meine to usse bas aek chata mara, usne jo hamare chehra hi kala kar di, uska kya"

Shashank was getting angry now "Yeh sabh tum kya bakwas karehe ho, Rhiddy kabhi aisa kuch nahi karegi"

P: "Kar chuki hai, usne bari mehfil mein humara mu kala kar chuki hai. Aap jaante hai, aaj uss party mein usne kya kia?"

Sha: "BAS... ab saaf saaf bolo kya bath hai, Riddhima ne aise kya kia"

P: "Usne..." Padma was choking back tears now, the emotions were getting to much for her. Seeing her pathetic state Shashank melted, the sweet caring side was showing through and he couldn't stay angry at her. He took her by the hand and made her sit down on the sofa

Sha: "Ab bolo kya hua hai"

Padma took a gulp and looked up and Shashank and narrated the entire evening's events to him. Shashank stayed calm through out her entire narration and once she had finished he again placed a her hand on her hands which were fidgeting with her saree in her lap now.

Sha: "Padma isme itni tension lene ki kya bath hai, mein kaal Armaan se milkar usse uski aur Riddima ki baremein puchoonga, Mrs Malik se milkar undonno ki shaadi ki bath bhi karlunga" he turned to look at his wife's worried and questioning looks, putting a comforting hand on her face "Tum chinta math karo, mein samalunga"

Sapna had been standing there listening to everything. She remembered standing there when Papa had called Masti's brother Armaan, Dr Armaan. She had known Masti's brother for so long (as long as her friendship with Masti) and he had always seemed like such a nice person. But when Shashank had called Armaan, Dr Armaan she figured out that Armaan must be the same Armaan Ridz was talking about. Sapna was lost in these thoughts when Shashank had said he would speak to Armaan that she didn't hear this part and instead went into their room to find Ridz slumped on the bed crying.

S: "Di..." Ridz didn't shift, she just kept crying "Di... aap roye math, please warne mujhe bhi rhona aajayega"

Ridz was so upset that she couldn't stop her crying, she got up and hugged Sapna tightly "Ma ne ... mujhe ... kui mara..." she continue cried hard while trying to get these words out. She couldn't understand what she had done wrong for her mother to hit. She remembered the slap and cried harder.

S: "Sssshhh" Sapna coed in her sisters ear as she lifted her face and wiped away the tears, "mama ne aapko garden mein Armaan Bhaiya ki saath dekhliya ta"

Ridz froze, she couldn't believe what she was hearing. "kya... ma..." Sapna nodded her head slightly.

S: "Don't worry Di, sabh kuch tikh ho jayega" with that she got up and went to her bed. She didn't know what else to do. She couldn't hide the truth from her sister but she couldn't there and give her false hope, she didn't know if there mother would be okay in a few days as she had never seen their mother so angry.

All night Ridz lay in bed not moving just looking out through the gap in the curtains, "mama hume dekhliya" the thought kept playing through her mind continuously.

The alarm clock rang and Ridz came out of her trance, she had not slept a wink and all of a sudden felt really tired. "Mujhe Armaan se dhoor rehna hoga, mama aur papa kiliye"

* End of flashback *

Everyone had once again left for the day and Ridz was in the locker room by herself. She was lost in her thoughts, suddenly she felt a presence in the room. She immediately turned around only to find Armaan right behind her. As she turned aroud her hair had flown across his face and he was now standing there with his eyes closed (looking really cute)

R: "Armaan... tum" she whispered as she struggled to get the words out of her mouth. His presence was making her feel nervous.

A: "Rhiddima" he whispered, the was he said her name gave new meaning to it, her name had never sounded so beautiful before.

Their eyes were locked, minutes seemed like hours as they stared at each other, not moving nor blinking, holding the moment when a the sound of a trolley boy going past the locker room woke them from there trance.

R: "Woh... Erm... mein..." Ridz didn't where to look, he was standing so close to her that if she tried to move from their then she would have to brush past him and she couldn't trust her feelings at that point to have any physical contact with him, even looking at him was becoming difficult for her.

A: "Ssshhh", he sensuous voise sent chills down her spine as well as calming her nerves. She dared to look up into his eyes once again

A: "Kya hua Riddhima, tum mujhse avoid kui karehe ho"

R: "Nahi..., mein bas..., woh patient ki saath busy ti" she replied as she looked away nervously.

Armaan lifted her face with his finger under her chin so he could see her, tears were rimming her eyes, she closed her eyes ot avoid eye contact and the tears flowed down her face. Armaan wiped her tears away with his finger.

Just then Armaan's pager went off, he looked at it.

A: "Er, mujhe jaana hoga, Dr Shashank ne bulaiya hai" and with that he left the locker room



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